He loves mickey mouse hes a very smart baby for 3 months hes very advanced, hes sweet amd loving and hes alwys happy and smiling
Hi im Micah i am a 3 year old boy with a killer curly red mullet. I love dinosaurs and bluey, i have an older brother Seamus and a little brother called Finley who is my partner in crime mumma and dadda call us seek and destroy. My favourite thing to do is have a bath and drive my older brother crazy 🤪
Grayson is the happiest, silliest, sweethear ever! His smile is infectious. His personality lights up a whole room. Hes very active and playful. Loves baby shark and cocomelon.
The sweetest little baby boy !!
She is my granddaughter. Very sweet and smart. She loves her cat and watching baby first. She loves her food.she can be very sassy she is just so precious!
Tianna Joy
Shes a a very loving little girl that loves cuddles and everyone that holds her.
Hi! My name is Katerina. I enjoy making messes, and creating a fun space everywhere I go. I have 6 teeth and counting and my very first birthday is coming up on March 30! I have a baby brother on the way and I cannot wait to meet my little best friend for life. Thank you for reading!😊💗
Giavanna is a sweet fun loving adventurous little toddler. She’s very curious about life and explores all she can .
She likes watching daddy play video games, she’s very talkative, she loves smiling
EmerieRose is 12 months old. She is the silliest and most sweetest girl. She loves watch Ms. Rachel, anything she can see her reflection in and playing outside.
Mareena is a very outgoing person she loves art, to play outside & be around friends & her family. She is very silly & loves to dance and sing as well please vote for my baby girl
Lilly-Ray is a wild hearted soul, full of smiles and laughter with a daring attitude. She loves being on the motor bikes with mum and dad, the feel or sound of water is her happy place. Lilly-Ray has a big personality, loves painting, books and climbing. Before she could walk she was able to climb to the top of her sister's bunk bed, after taking one of the bars out and that not stopping her mum just took the ladder off.
All I can say about this sweet girl is she is beautiful and healthy. Very much Loved.
Harper is our beautiful 3 month old who has just learnt how to smile 🥰
Reagan is a very happy little girl. She loves her kitties, and her family very much! She also loves visiting mommy and daddy at work and seeing all the other first responders 🚑🚨
She loves pacifier. Loves saying bye oh baby and he brothers and sister.
Oaklynn is almost 3 months old, she is the happiest baby an the sweetest ❤️
Penelope River is our little bundle of joy! She enjoys dance parties, splashing around during her bath time and has lots to say.
Tobias loves to smile and giggle all day long 🥰
Hey I’m Roman, I love spending time with my mommy and daddy. And let’s hope to win this time!🥰
Miyah will be 2 on April 29th. She is a very sassy, spunky girl who loves her family and doggy Milo. She loves being outside and dancing. She saved my life and that’s the honest truth. I was a addict knocking on deaths door. I have been sober since the day I found out I was pregnant, she is my miracle from God.
Ethan loves his puppy whom he chases after daily. He loves yogurt, and his favourite thing to do when he sees something interesting is to point and say “oooo”. He has a big sister who he gets the most exited for out of people. He is a cuddle bug, and loves books!
Kamdyn loves to play with mommy daddy & his big brother. He loves bananas, watching sunny bunny’s and visiting with his big sissy’s.
Preston Cody! The happiest little guy ever. Always smiling, giggling and full of drool! He was born with 5 brain bleeds but you'd never know it, he's the strongest and cutest there is!
Graycen Hobbs
Hi I’m Graycen Hobbs, I am 1 year and 11 months old. I am a lady magnet and I love to shake my curls at them. I love to play at the beach, rub my toes in the sand and splash in the water. I like to give my momma a heart attack by going down the slide head first. I also love my race track it makes me so excited when the cars go really fast. And most of all I love my family and mostly my papa he’s my superhero, my rockstar and my role model.
🥰🥰 PLEASE LIKE MY PAGE🥰🥰 🚨🚨🚨LETS EXCHANGE DAILY OR ADVANCE VOTES UP TO 1000 MAX!!! 🚨🚨🚨Makiyah is a happy baby who love playing and talking with her brother, mom and dad. She loves watching Gracie’s Corner 💞 Her smile lights up the atmosphere. Makiyah is my Gift from God 🙌🏾🫶🏾💞
Erikson is a happy, wild, and curious 8 month old. He loves him mama and follows her around. He also loves being tickled and loves watching daddy play video games.
Tatum loves his puppies, toys, the movie Cars, his mommy and daddy.
He’s a happy baby, loves his feet, can roll over, speak his mind and loves momma too much☺️😘
Archie loves to go camping and fishing with mum and dad and loves swimming! Watching his puppy dogs play in the backyard and laughing at them is one of his favourite activities.
Hi I'm Briella- I go by Brie, chunka, chunkarella I'm always smiling & laughing I love my family so so much! Oh and food. I love my food!
Kaiden is a very energetic, funny and loving little boy! He is so so smart, loves pizza, dinosaurs and minecraft. When he grows up, he wants to be in the army and become a firefighter!
Lane loves to be in the shed with daddy he also loves working on cars with daddy and being outside, we also love swimming
Always adventuring, creating havoc and loves his mama, dada and sissy ❤️
Ms Adalyn is the sweetest, cuddliest, cutest baby you will ever meet! She loves her Elmo and smiling at everyone when she has the chance! Please vote for my sweet girl!
Addie absolutely loves her daddy! She is obsessed with cheese!
Gabby loves to do flips and run around the yard. She loves bluey and her sisters ❤️
Isla is a happy little girl who loves her parents ❤️
Phoenix is stubborn and strong willed and keeps us on our toes 24/7
STOP WITH THE CHEATING ❗️PLEASE BE HONEST -Will be keeping ss of everyday !❗️PLEASE Post Your Votes once done not 1/2 days later , Keep votes on one post & Dates/names ty ! ANY Votes done with out agreement will be seen as gifts 🎁 You can contact me on messanger Kaz Hayward.😊Aurora is is the most PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE little girl 😊
Maya is very cheeky girl, she do smile a lot and is very active. She loves crunching toys and mommy.
Mila is my beautiful granddaughter.she is so cute and she loves smiling ,i can't get enough of her.
Scarlett brings joy to everyone around her. She is a happy baby who loves bath time, playing with her light up toys and her mommy and daddy.
I was born november 3rd. I was born 33 weeks early so there for i was a preemie weighing 4lbs and 5oz. Now i am 10lbs 10oz. I love to talk to my daddy and giggle with my mommy. Love to lay on my tummy and doing tummy time. I love to be held and love to sleep in your arms. I love my food and my sleep. When its nice out i like to go outside and look at all the new colors. On the weekends i will sit in my rocker and watch cartoons in the morning, sit there and laugh and giggle. Lilo and stitch, tom and jerry, also bugs bunny are my favorites.
sweet playful adorable 🥰