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Hakeem loves to be held and talked to, you will almost always get that beautiful smile.
Hannah is such a Happy Baby. She starts her day with a big smile, her bottle & the baby channel!! She loves her playmat gym & loves to kick the piano keys. Her legs go a mile a minute!
Kasey is a happy go lucky little girl.. She is super sweet, she is figuring out her hands, loves to talk(no words just baby talk). seems to like football, when crying and when she sees it on tv she calms down..
Gracelyn is our precious baby girl who loves to snake and talk all the time. She loves baths and music and hates sleeping at night 🤣
This gorgeous girl loves to mesmerize you with her big beautiful eyes she's definitely a daddies girl all the way🥹
This beautiful little girl is the happiest baby you could ever see she loves to wave and say mama and dada she absolutely loves her toys and loves to laugh at the most randomest times.
Colson is happy and very inquisitive. He is very smart and lovable
Gabe is the happiest baby l! He loves smiling at everyone and loves going on adventures with his puppy.
She is so sweet and loves to cuddle with her mommy
Lucas Jay
He loves to be cuddled and held and in all is just a little sweetheart. ❤ Hes a very smiley boy who loves his food. His favorite thing to watch right now is bluey! He knows what the word jump is and has two teeth poking through!
His smile would break your heart. Azariah loves his big brother, and he is so smart. He learns so quickly and he loves bathtime, and splashing. He loves to let himself be heard, he is gonna do big things. 🥰
Aiden loves bath time and is always smiling
Kamani is a loving, enthusiastic, and not bashful. He loves dogs, and enjoys waving at people wherever he goes. He loves to dance. He was dancing, and bopping before he could walk. Baby shark is his favorite song right now. 🥰
Sweet Baby Bo is just a ball of love. He LOVES his mama and wants her to hold him all day long. He has the biggest little cheeks that are so kissable!
Aspen is an energetic, fun, loving middle brother who keeps us on our toes. He has the most contagious laugh and can make any bad day that much better.
Happiest baby you’ll ever meet!!
Natalie is almost 3 months old! She loves to smile and suck on her hands! Baby Natalie is the happy baby you’ll ever see, she’s been full of smiles and coos since she was a month old.
baby doll is what we consider her only 5pounds 7 ounces grey eyes one of a kind
Ar'Nylah is a very special beautiful child she loves talking and having conversations with me so cute she loves smiling and watching TV she's my twin as family and friends says fun to be around I call her B baby bote for her
Paisley likes keeping mommy and daddy up late, taking baths, watching video games or movies with me and her daddy, spending time with her nana and cuddles.
Kross Miller is 7 weeks old and already showing interest in music and enjoys talking with everyone
Miss Mia is always happy and smiling, she is the youngest sister of five girls. She just got home from the hospital with RSV after two days of being home she is back to her beautiful smiling self. She loves to laugh and play with her older sisters an is a sweet girl.
Winter Raye
Winter is a one month old little girl who loves to eat, be close to mommy and daddy and be wrapped up in a warm blanket💙
Full of attitude & loves Disney princesses😚
Jaxiel Morales
Jaxiel is 2 months 🥰 he's a Happy baby he loves to smile and laugh he's just adorable 🥰
She such a good girl.. now learning to sit up and very responsive, we love her so dearly.
Skylar is such a Happy Baby!she love’s lots of snuggles & loves to cuddle!
Pantera is defined a daddy’s girl her father and her have been inseparable since the day she was born. She sassy and independent and loves to sing she’s got a beautiful voice and wants to be a singer someday. She loves to sing dance and loves to make you laugh!
Lelani is a smart silly loving baby girl she’s got a laugh that will just make you laugh with her. She loves to dance she loves to sing. She will absolutely brighten your day. She’s very silly she loves to play outside.
Lola was due August 22nd but decided to come a little bit early and made her way into the world on August 9th. She wanted to be my early birthday present, my birthday is the 10th. Lola is almost 2 months old now and she loves being on her playmat trying to roll over already and sooo mad she can't. Loves hanging out with her Pitt mix Avocado.
Skyler loves to crawl all around and get into things, she has so many toys but her all time favourite toy is her hands .. she gives the best hugs and kisses… she loves her morning cartoons with a nice baba 🍼and cuddles from mommy…she says momma and mom…she loves hearing how beautiful she is, it really brings out her big smiles..showing her big adorable chipmunk cheeks. 🥰
She loves cuddles, smiles and music!
Kief Roscoe Collins born 6 pounds at 36w5Days due to preeclampsia and complications from my pregnancy from a pulmonary embolism he's the sweetest guy u'll ever Meet he loves to eat and sleep and watch his big sister play he makes cute smiles and he loves to be held by his daddy
My oaklynn is about to be 7 months old!! She has one tooth popping through on the bottom. She is full of smiles and babbles. She absolutely loves food and will stare you down and yell at you if you don’t share with her😂
My oaklynn is about to be 7 months old!! She has a tooth popping through on the bottom. She moves and grooves in her walker and is full of smiles and babbles.
Harlyn Gail Is 10 months old!! ⚡️We call her Harley Girllll and she’s a very happy sassy catogeorgy 5 hurricane 🌀 she ❤️S GRU on despicable me and her favorite snack is anything banananananassss 🍌
Zayden is a happy, bubbly 2 year old who loves to dance and play with trucks. He’s recently become a big brother and is the best big brother !
She’s a happy go lucky baby, all the time my smiley girl! she loves watching her mobile in her crib & “talking” to the little animals. she loves her bottles & snuggles with her mama! Vote for my BEAUTIFUL baby girl. Thank you, much love from us! 💕
Hi, I’m baby Robert but my friends call me Bo. I love to eat, sleep, and roll over.
Alaya is four years old she loves anything to do with outside.. she is smart and very sassy.
Everleigh loves tummy time and she loves to play with her toys. She enjoys hello bear and spending time with momma and daddy. She is just the happiest baby.
Very smart lil girl she could say full sentences before she turned 15 months. She so loving and loves to play
Mielah is the happiest baby! Mielah loves to talk, laugh and play. She has a strong personality and has no problems letting the world know what she’s thinking. Mielah loves to play with other kids and her puppy. Mielah crawls, stands and is learning how to walk. Mielah is definitely miss independent and loves trying new things on her own. Mielah loves to watch, touch and feel new things. She is always intrigued and ready to learn new things.
Khalan is a ray of sunshine his smile will his blue eyes will have you dazed he's my two month about to be 3 month on the 4th he's such a good baby me an dad are so proud of his development so far
He is the sweetest baby ever loves kisses very affectionate child.. always smiling.. drayden is a miracle rainbow baby as well..
Ryleigh is a spunky 2 year old who loves being outdoors and playing with her sisters.
Scottie is so outgoing. She loves playing outside. She has a heart of gold and her smile is so cute.