Cody Dean
Cody will be 4 months on the 4th! He was practically a miracle, his dad & I both got told we couldn’t have kids! He loves watching tv and is wanting to set up really bad!! He hates laying down and is the happiest, sweetest baby ever.
Hi my name is Damian and i love strawberries. I love dancing but i dont communicate much which worries my mom. But im different and being different is okay.
Hello! I am Amadeus. I am a happy and curious baby boy; who loves music, adventures, warm milk and cuddles with my mommy and daddy! 💚Please vote for me💚
Kaia loves the camera 💕
Alaya is a such sweet loving and incredibly intelligent baby! At 8 months she dances, stands, snaps her fingers, even is able to feed herself ! She’s very calm but also energetic. She loves to watch learning videos and anything else that’s active!
Very loving & smart. She loves her mommy & daddy 🤍 Also already counting to 10 🥳 loves to learn. My sour patch kid literally. VOTE FOR DEMI’TRU 😘
Hello world! 🌎 My name is Celeste Rosalie! ⭐️ 🌹 Demanding but extra loving 6 month old Taurus baby. I gots a big head but a bigger ❤️. I love jumping and moving my feetsies to dance. My hair hasn’t come in yet, but it’s okay! When it does, I’ll have all the hairstyles done by my momma! Please help me win so my mom can buy me some bows and dresses since I outgrow them REAL FAST!
Addison is 7 years old and has such a big heart. She’s very girly, loves doing her hair and makeup.
Hi my name is Karlee Lorí! I am 4 months old and I am such a happy baby. ❤️😆
Jakayah is very energetic and photogenic she loves having her picture taken and being the center of attention.
Clara can make anyone in the room smile. She is the sweetest girl who loves her mommy & daddy & of course her puppy brothers as well!
Coolest 1yr old you can meet. She’s very smart. Loves to eat. ❤️
Kalvin loves to be very caring, he’s a very lovable boy and he loves playing outside and just being able to do things on his own. When you’re sick, he will be the one right there by your side to make sure you’re okay. He’s very independent and loves playing with other kids especially his brothers and soon he will have a sister to play with as well.
Ashton is a very active kid, if I didn’t have a bedtime for him he would stay up all hours, he loves his fruits. He’s very outgoing and loves to play with other kids and he also very caring and loves to make sure you’re always smiling.
Kai’Sen is the soo handsome & smart ! He is very alerted and active !! Vote for Kai’Sen 💙💙
Erin is such a social little girl and absolutely loves the camera and posing!
Savannah is kind hearted and loves to learn. She knows as much as a kindergarten student and continues to amaze us every day
A’Marii’s two months old he’s loves to smile and talk. His favorite hobby is sucking on his fingers as he’s starting to teeth !!
Jocelyn is the most loving and caring little girl! She loves her barbies and babies!
Wyatt is 4 years old he is very funny he loves to ride four wheelers and play with his siblings
Athena Joan, named after two powerful women in history. She is all talk and play!! Her favorite shows are Pooh Bear and This is Us!! She loves watching momma and daddy play games, future gamer here!! Her favorite musician is Frank Sinatra!! She is never without a smile!! 💖
He loves cuddles more than anything and listening to ‘Madness’ seems to calm him and help him sleep! 💙😁
Very loving and smart. She loves to count & learn new things ☺️ Sassy but sweet
Thomas is such a happy baby. He loves’s his favorite!
Steve is 8 months old and he loves to play and laugh, he is the most happiest baby I know and he loves to dance and watch cocomelon while he eat his teething cookies
Hi ! I am a very happy and energetic 3 month old ! I looove laughing and playing with my family & I love when mommy sings to me . Help me get to #1 ❤️
I dont know what i like. Im curious an learning new things daily. I just started crawling. Now im trying to stand so i can chase my brothers.
Remia Louise
Hello world! My name is Remia Louise. I’m half Canadian, half American.. in other words the best of both worlds! My mom was born and raised in Canada and my dad was born in the United States. My parents met in Canada and it was love at first sight, well so they thought, and then they seen me... now that’s REALLY love at first sight. I’m almost 3 months old and I’m already changing so much. This voice I have has come out of nowhere and when I get excited I can really make some funny noises. I love that warm water that my parents put me in before bed time, I like to splash my feet and smile, I wish I could stay in there longer. My parents said that during quarantine and lockdowns they kept busy getting my room ready, I feel bad for them because I don’t love it... I just prefer sleeping in their room, and I don’t think I’ll change my mind any time soon. I recently travelled to Canada from the USA, my grandparents were dying to meet me and I was getting mad always looking at them over a phone. Having family in two countries has made me a little travel bug, well that’s what I’ve been called anyways. The plane ride was great, there was no where for my parents to put me down so they were forced to keep me in there arms. I wish we could of stayed on there forever. I have been told I was born in a pandemic, and the world isn’t the safest place right now. So I’m wishing your family a safe holiday, while I spend my first Christmas with mine.
Hunter loves Mickey Mouse and to be outside!
Malaysia is the funniest she loves Cocomelon and word party she also lovesss her chicken nuggets ❤️ Help Malaysia win her first contest for a great Christmas this year 💕
Beautiful baby boy always smiling a little greedy too but what baby ain’t greedy.
Kyro Elikya (pronounced: Aye-Leek-Ah) !✨🇨🇩 RoRo is super smiley and will smile at just about anything | he talk SO much and is very impressed by the noises you can make | Ro still love his sleep and is already sleeping through the night | Ro love chewing on his hands and in particular his two fingers (which Mommy also did when she was younger!) | Ro starting to LOVE to eat meals with mama, and is turning into a little foodie, trying new foods almost daily 🥦🍌🍳 🥩⠀ ⠀ ⠀
Keira is a very cheeky toddler and loves her little sister so much!
Daisy is a very smiley happy baby And loves her big sister lots!
Maggie loves her stuffed giraffe and playing peek-a-boo with Dad.
Bethan is a beautiful baby who is miracle baby, she loves her sister lillyrose
Nevin is a fun loving boy who enjoys playing xbox, soccer and hi 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother and his baby sister
Maddilyn is the happiest easiest baby to have as a “first baby.” She just learned to clap her hands when she’s happy. This is a relief on her parents. In the past she had discovered her vocals and screamed when she was happy. This tiny human is a sponge and learns more every passing day. She is the light to our scary world right now.
Kraven is a fun loving kid who loves to play football, xbox and play with his older brother, 2 younger brothers and his baby sister
She love pop smoke music and to chill & vibe she like to talk she starting to learn hi
Beautiful baby boy... always smiling always happy.. a little greedy too but what baby ain’t greedy.. vote for papa
Mommy’s Says I Am Her Miracle Baby Laeana Wasn’t Going To Make It But Thank God My Mommy Instincts Popped On An I Was Able To Make It To The Hospital In Time For A Emergency C-Section She Was Born 2Pounds. But My Beautiful Baby Made It An Is Stronger Than Ever ❤️Laeana Loves To Play & She Enjoys Helping Take Care Of Her New Little Brother 💕
Natalie is a newborn baby who loves to eat and sleep. ♥️
Roric is a happy,loving and energetic boy who loves playing with his 3 big brothers and his baby sister.
Always happy That just about sums it up Joyful baby
Emma has the most goofy and sassy personality! She loves her stuffed animal and seeing her family members. Also look how beautiful those eyes are!!