Baby Stories - 13


Zaylen is a VERY intelligent 5 month old baby who loves his mommy daddy and 2 brothers to pieces💙💙💙💙
Mason is a happy baby. He smiles and laughs at EVERYTHING. he is a big Flirt with the ladies lol
Ayleen is such an active baby she loves to play with blocks and just makes my day
Hello my name is Tao, I like to eat, sleep, poop and repeat! I love Disney especially Moana! I’m only 6 weeks old and such a happy baby.
Wyatt is full of energy and compassion he is 3 years old. He loves trucks, tractors, trains, and dinosaurs! He gives the best hugs and kisses. He loves to be a helping hand around the house and is learning so much. Hes the cutest little blonde hair & blue eye boy. 😍
Rylee is such a happy smiley baby and such a blessing to our family. She brings so much love and happiness to our family. Help my baby win. 🥰
Hi I’m Jaxon, but my family calls me Jax for short! I love to eat and sleep all day, but when you catch me awake, I’m a fun time! My favorite things to do are cuddle with mommy, hangout in my swing, and listen to music on car drives with family.
Bryson is a 4 month old happy baby. He love to sit up and look around the room, loves to be talked to. It took my husband and I 7 years to get This precious bundle of joy and we couldn’t be any happier he is the cutest most sweetest baby I have ever seen and met. Our journey was a very long one lots of testing and several fertility treatments. Please vote for our cute baby
Zander is a very mature, tall, 4 year old going on 16. He loves his monster trucks, cars, Hawkeyes (where he wants to play football), hunting, and being with his daddy, his Alaina, and grandma/grandpa, aunt/uncles. But, wait till you see his 4 wheeler, because he will surely show you how to “take the motor out” 😊
Ellaina loves to eat, sleep, take baths and go on car rides. She also loves to cuddle her mommy and daddy.💕
Illeànna loves,milk, mama , daddy and, taking pictures !!
I love to play with my toys all the time and chew everything on my hands 😂
❤️ “A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.”
Jaiden is very smart. Always creative and building things. He loves snakes and lizards. He is such a great older brother.
Manuel loves school! We call him Manuel alot sometimes just by his full name. We love him as much as his little brothers. The best little dude i've got!!!
Perfect lil angel, Jay’Aire like to eat & watch Cocomelon 😍 his favorite thing to do is making spit bubbles & cooing at his mommy ☺️🥰
Bella is quite a character! She loves to dance and wear princess dresses. She is such a good little mommy to her baby brother. She is a sweetheart and always smiling.
Hello, My name is Lylah Dawn Marie. 💗. I am 9 months old. I can crawl and I can almost walk. I do walk while holding on to thing. I can walk while pushing my toys. I am a eater, well that’s what everyone says. 😂. I am 18.5 pounds and 28 inches long. 💗. I love my mommy. & sometimes my daddy.
This is Asher he loves music some of his music that he listens to is Khalid and juice world play songs by them and he’ll have the biggest smile on his face. Loves interacting with people and seeing new faces
Tyler is a sweet, loving, smiley little guy. He is such a happy baby. Always brightens the room with lots of little giggles. His baby hugs will melt your heart.
Denny is a unique baby, tends to giggle and laugh when he farts. He loves his cow and gate milk but loves sucking his daddy’s nose more.
Funny & a cutie pie.
Rilynn is a sweet funny always happy little girl. She is trying to sit up on her own she does not really like tummy and she is always laughing she loves when you talk to her
Curious, sweet, happiest little baby girl 🤍
I am mom's sidekick but I look exactly like my dad. Ginger life consists of laughing, eating, and getting into things I shouldn't.
I'm 17 months old, I love to learn new things ❤️ I love to play with other kids 🙂
Maylanie has a huge personality. She’ll do anything in her power to make someone feel better if she knows they’re upset. She loves playing video games, coloring, and helping with her baby brother!
He is the youngest of 3 kids a very loveable baby loves to smile at his brother and sister. He loves his mommy and daddy too.
Bentley is soon to be two weeks old, and already has a huge personality! He can light up anybody’s day with his smile alone. He is the sweetest baby boy. 💙
Declan is always on the move! He loves to be tickled, look at fans, and dance to music. We traveled all the way to Barbados to do IVF to be able to have this little angel. Him and his brother, Dexter bring so much joy to Mommy and Daddy's world!
Dexter is ALWAYS happy. He loves to scream, eat peas, and watch his daddy make funny faces. We traveled all the way to Barbados to create this little peanut and his brother. We love you Dexter Michael!
Abbie is the sweetest, most beautiful little girl in the world.😍 she loves everyone and she's such a good girl, she loves her brother and she loves playing with animals. Shes just the cutest.🥰
Rishaan is a sweet bubbly boy who is always on the go! He has a crazy amount of energy even though he barely sleeps!
He loves paw patrol. To smart for his age. Very well mannered. He love cars
Everly is a very smart little girl! She is a sweet girl that LOVES to be mobile. She rolls, scoots, crawls, stands and she’s just all over the place! She’s always happy! She’s always smiling! Please vote for my cabbage patch baby!
I’m 6 months old. I love to crawl and play with my toys (my favorite is my drums)
Our gorgeous rainbow baby 👶🏼
Giovanni loves to listen to music and cuddle. He loves animal noises and loves to chuckle. He is a family man and a born gentleman. He is the best thing to happen to our family and such a joy.
Hi world my name is Valoree. I was supposed to be born February 14th but Drs. decided I needed to come 1 day earlier but I’m still a love child. I love to make my family smile. I LOVE to dance!! I’m just like my mommy and big sister so I LOVE ice. My favorite show is Ni Hao Kai- lan. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is my big sister. Unfortunately I was only 3 weeks old when my state shut down so I only know my immediate family and get amazed when I see new faces. Who knew they existed?
Jaxon is a typical 4yr old active young boy, with a heart of gold.. He’s a protector of his one and only baby sister. Jaxon also has 3 brothers..
Aurora is a bright little 4 month old, she loves to laugh and play.! She is a mommies girl right now but don’t let her fool you she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger
Dalielah is a peaceful tiny human who enjoys sleeping and eating! She loves jamming out to the lion king sound track! Born Nov. 2020 she not even a month old yet! Thank you for the votes!
Harrison is the miracle we waited for for 6years
Xavier is two months old! He loves to eat an talk your ear off!
Azhai likes to laugh , smile and tummy time ❤️
Kenneth is such a morning baby, he loves hugs and kisses and his favorite word is papa.