Football. 🏈🤍❤️🖤 All Day Every Day. He playing or watching constantly. & says when he grows up that hes going to play for Kansas City Chiefs. Of course he's got his mama & 2 sisters always supporting him. ❤️
Arlie June
Hey y’all! I’m Arlie and I’m a spitfire 11 month old! I love to dance and talk! My favorite thing to eat is chili cheese tots and potato salad!
Morgan loves to smile and giggle at everyone. He loves his puppies and Mickey Mouse.
Tripp is one month old! He loves to play under his light up turtle canopy, watch baby trucks, bath time and going to the race track with daddy!
Hi my Name is cammeron im 5 months and i love to smile and laugh .i love watching mickey mouse club house and playing with my brother and sister
Elijah likes mimicking noises; playing ball; his baba; & rolling around in his blankets! He has 7 teeth! Says momma & Dadda; he also loves playing outside & being around people! Oh & watermelon is by far his favorite thing to eat!
Isabella is extremely sweet and fun loving she's very expressive even with a small vocabulary.. she may be small in stature but her personality is 6ft tall
Nova is 8 months old and full of smiles! She is such a people person, loves being at cheer practice with mommy and is a total daddies girl!
Hi I'm Tobias, my Mommy Calls Me T-REX I'm a Mischievous 3 year old who love playing hard
Emersyn is 3 months old! Loves her to talk, watch her puppy, and to eat her hands! We are practicing rolling over. Emersyn or EmmyLou as her family and friends call her is such a happy baby!
Shaelyn is my wild child, the youngest of 3. & thinks she's the boss of all of them. Her Favorite thing in life is food. Shes always eating something. Next to that, bubby, sissy & mommy. 🤍❤️
Marley’Jaye loves everything about life! She loves being outdoors, she loves attention, and she’s growing to be such a sweetheart! Her smile warms our hearts daily!
Gabriel is the greatest little boy. He’s so helpful and loves to be a role model to his cousins and siblings. He loves soccer and playing video games a little too much. He is my heart and I want other people to see him the way I do.
Hello, my name is Emilia, I have an extremely cheeky smile and an infectious giggle. I love music and playing with my musical instruments. I have a big fur brother called Rupert who is my best friend (dog) I love looking at my reflection in the mirror and my favourite food is mango!
I’m Nicky! I love watching Bluey with my big brother and big sister! My hobbies include staring at the fan and side of the refrigerator and standing on my mommy! I love to have my feet kissed and tickled and snuggle with my mommy!
Ja’Niyah loves to eat Cheetos, love to listen to music. She is a very happy baby💜
He is such a sweet little boy with the biggest heart he loves to play outside eat everything lol and absolutely loves his Elmo
Elijah is 9 months old. He says “MAMA, PAPA, BA BA & BYE BYE”. He tries to say “LOVE YOU”. Elijah will pop your hand after you pop his, he shakes his head “NO” & loves to try & sing when mommy & daddy play music in the car. He is a sensory baby, so anything with light. He loves *hey bear*. He sits up. He crawls. He pulls himself up. He loves mommy, daddy, nannie, nene, aunts & cousins. He is always a happy boy. Sleeps all night long. Just a very loving, happy, & healthy growing boy!💙
Niklaus is a sweet baby boy. He loves to cuddle with his mama and his big brother. He's a daddy's buddy though. He prefers to be held and loved on by daddy. He loves his alpaca pacifier.
Sweet boy very loving and helpful ❤ 😍
My name is Gianna Rai My smile is very contagious. I love Listening to music. My favorite movie is Sing 2. Sometimes I try to sing along with the movie. I love vanilla maple cheese puffs, and mostly anything that Daddy is eating lol.I am a fashionista and diva in the making I love crawling and following my family around especially my fur brothers mylo and Garfield (cats). Vote for me please how could you say no to a face like this I promise You won’t regret it.
He is the happiest baby ever! He loves animals and is so sweet. His smile lights up a room.
Bentley is such a character with his facial expressions. He's sooo smart, funny, and just a handsome whittle man 🥰 loves to eat and porch sit with mommy 💕
Kevin Robert-James is our wild child! He loves to play with his big sister Fraya. He also shows his love by giving lots of hugs and kisses to everybody💙 Kevin also enjoys his sleep and loves to eat!
Jolie loves playing with her big brother and big sister. She sour but sweet at the same time and runs the whole family! She's a firecracker !
Fraya Morisa has the sweetest and kindest heart. 💕 She is sassy with a huge personality. Her favorite thing right now is using her imagination and watching Dora & Diego.
Wyatt first Halloween
Jaclynn is such a happy baby. We are so blessed. She loves to play with toys and her pups♥️
Mr. Personality! Declan can always be found smiling! Such a happy baby, loves to be sang to, being tickled and most of all hanging out with his big brother! ❤️ Will exchange votes!
Bryson has the best personality and sense of humor a One year old could have! Bryson loves watching Sing 2, playing ball, and cuddling with mommy and daddy!
Knoxli loves every kind of fruit you can think of! She loves to be in her jumperoo and she loves doc mcstuffins!
He likes to laugh and cuddle and watch Mickey Mouse and try to talk to u and hold your hand while he sleeping
Myla is very outgoing & has a huge personality🥺💓! Her favorite thing to watch is blues clues💙. She also loves to spend time with Mommy & Daddy along with her dogs Jax & Lilo🐾.
Teddy loves cuddles and being chatted to! He's very smiley! He was born 5 and a bit weeks early! He is such a happy little bubba boy who lives his milk and his sleep 😂
Delilah is such a happy girl! She LOVES to talk and is constantly on the move.
Myles loves school, & loves to play in the dirt with sticks and cars
He learn first languages is sign languages. He met his great great grandpa which is his middle from his grandfather first name as honor
I'm New to the Alabama state and I have the best mom and dad and grandparents ever
Sunni is a sweet, loving, baby with a huge personality. She has the biggest laugh and is always smiling!
Layla loves to play on the trampoline & pick on her brother.
Jayden is a very smart boy, he knows his ABC's and numbers. He is currently learning his additions and subtraction. Jayden says he wants to be voted 🥰🥰🥰. Will exchange votes 💚💚💚 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD LINK TO WALL SO WE CAN RETURN THE VOTES 😃😃😃😃😃
Elias was born on August 10 of 2022 he likes his tummy time and loves to make new faces at mommy and daddy and loves to smile and sleep 😴
She's so happy and loves being upside down, playing peekaboo and saying ooooh!
Wyatt is a little man who is curious and love playing and chewing on his feet
Jaxon loves tummy time, talking with mommy and daddy and loves making faces and grabbing blankets!! He loves car rides and going for walks in the evening
Wyatt is happy and is very outgoing and he loves his mom
Georganna, my precious baby girl ,she's smart,fun ❤️ loving