Baby Kayden is a tiny little 3 weeks old peanut! He is the sweetest angel baby I've ever known - he only cries when he's hungry & sleeps for 4-6 hour stretches already! His favorite thing to do is to stare into the eyes of whoever is holding him 💙
O’Nisty was a nicu baby. Born two months early, she beat the odds and was able to come home two weeks after being born.She loves to be talked to. She is also very observant or should I say nosey.. Nevertheless she is definitely a miracle
Liam the Leo ♌️ Deputy son 💙 Miracle baby 🌈
Such a happy baby! Loves watching his movies while eating a snack and drinking his cup. Loves cuddles and playing with the pots and pans and cans of food in the cabinets.
Christian loves his stuffed candy corn toy, his PopPop and his daddy. He loves being outside too!
Izabella is almost 2 months old. She’s happiest girl in the world. She loves Elmo and hates tummy time!
Zander loves his little brother more than anything, he can tell name any type of dinosaur there ever was. He loves to play video games and is his teachers pet.
He loves dogs and fishing
This is Leevi, he is an expert at rolling around and terrorizing the kitty. He is such a happy boy, he loves his vegetables, especially peas, and he has a big brother who he adores. He has two favorite toys, Mr. Ucky ducky and a singing and dancing penguin.❤️
My name is Khyha! I love to munch on my little fingers! (Which drives my momma crazy!) I’m also a star at posing and smiling for pictures!
Braiden Korbyn is his nene little man. I never thought I could love like I love him and good big sister. He loves napping and eating and his big sister
RaeLynn had a rough go at life starting out, she was born with Pierre Robin Sequence, had to have a trach and feeding tube plus multiple surgeries on her jaw and also to fix her cleft palate. But now she is happy and healthy and has a baby brother that she loves and adores
Atreyu loves dinosaurs and Pokemon. He is super sweet and a social butterfly.
Maizee is already on her way to walking. She is outgoing and is a happy baby. Loves spending time with her brothers. She also enjoys the outdoors,going on outings.
Ezra is almost 7 months & already scooting around everywhere! He is such a bundle of joy! ❤️
My little sweet heart of a baby boy is the definition of adorable . He loves to grab his mommy’s face and embrace her with plenty of slobby kisses which she finds gross but heart warming . This little boy’s laugh is so contagious that you can’t help but want to make him laugh even more to get that same joyous feeling all day long . So Please Vote For Charles!!
Alessandra has 2 big brothers. She loves the outdoors and long walks in her stroller. Her favorite thing to do is visit the ducks at the pond. Headbands are her favorite accessory! 🫶🏽🎀
She loves her pit bulls and her farm
She loves het pit bulls and her farm
Tylen was born 8 weeks early and from birth he became a fighter beating all the odds. I describe him as a blessing and an over acheiver, so please vote for Tylen!!!
He is such a strong baby we had a scare when he was first born the drs said he wasnt going to make it since hes standing strong. He hardly cries he is a happy baby loves being held an getting lovings an loved on. He has had so many surgeries an is still pushing through showing us everyday his strengths mommy an daddy loves you lil man
Breclynn is a happy little girl alwaus smiling ...loves to rep for small businesses
My little bundle of joy is smiley and fun to play with. His giggles are contagious!
Kingston is the sweetest little boy he’s the biggest blessing I could have ever asked for besides his big sister ❤️ he loves spider man dinosaurs and anything that has to do with food or his mommy
Atlas loves to smile! He’s just now realizing what an adventure he’s on and he is always having a blast!
Abby is our miracle baby her mom was not supposed to be able to have kids and here she is always smiling and happy she definitely has given us so much
Kolbee evens our family out perfectly.
Reagan Rose is SUCH a happy &’ smiley baby! She literally wakes up out of her sleep smiling! She never meets a stranger for sure lol. She loves watching Ms Rachel, playing with her doggies, &’ playing patty cake!! Just talking to her makes her soo happy! Please vote for us!!!💛💛
Rylan is an active toddler who is fascinated with colors, numbers, and music. His favorite foods are rice, french fries, & ramen. He enjoys watching Ms. Rachel, Sparkabilities, & Talking Tom. Rylan is a natural behind the camera; this picture says it all.
This is my son Kayden. He loves playing outside and with other kids! He is always making someone laugh or hugs them when they are sad. He always wants to help someone! I don’t know how I got blessed with such a caring child.
She is 7months old and a cutie 🥰
Kieran loves to dance and color in his coloring book. He is a bright light in this world and we need more of that!
Jaylee loves to dance and watch Mrs Rachael plus she’s just totes adorable so vote, vote, vote
Reina may be small but she is certainly developing her unique character! She loves her naps and meal time but when she’s awake, you’ll catch her trying to laugh at daddy and smiling at bluey which is her favorite thing to watch. She has the sweetest, gummiest smile and the funniest “what the heck” face I have ever seen lol
sianna-marie love's fruit , and is just the most content baby ever , ❤️
Ryder Jackson
Little RJ is our Little snuggle bug. He love's to snuggle. Loves to smile and laugh he wakes up with a smile on his little face. He love's his sister Layla. But is best friend is our 4 year pitbull Chase. MOM, DAD AND SISSY LOVE'S YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK RYDER JACKSON.
Tyler is 10 months old, he is the happiest little boy, loves people will smile at anyone :) he has a big brother who he adores. Please vote for Tyler ❣️
Lucas is a very outgoing boy! He loves to crawl around and make a mess! He sure is a hit with the ladies already at this age!
Eleanor Grant
Eleanor is a very smart bright sassy almost 3 year old who loves playing with her toys her puppy and older sissy she loves being outdoors that beautiful smile will melt your heart ❤️
Hi I'm Levi. I'm a month old. I love cuddles, spending time with my family, and my four legged best friend Whitey. I just learned to smile and I now smile at everyone.
Grayson loves crawling around and getting into everything. He loves to see what everyone is doing. He loves smiling at everyone and laughing.
Jhyri Loves To Sing & Dance , He loves making people smile and eating delicious sweet Treats and reading silly books !
Blessyn loves watching Gracie’s Corner & JoJo and grangran! Blessyn is a happy baby who also love to baby talk to others.
Lacey is a sweet yet very particular baby girl!! She loves when her daddy does his ric flair impersonation 😂😂😂