Baby Stories - 13


I’m a mamas boy who is running and walking everywhere. I love to play with cars and I need my blanky everywhere I go.
Our son cody is level 3 nonverbal autistic. He is very energetic and fun loving. He loves to swim and the outdoors. He always has a sense of adventure and mischief. He loves to laugh and especially loves slime!!
He loves to talk to the tv and he loves to cuddle with mommy and hes cannjust brighten up your day with his smiles ❤
Madilyn is such a happy baby! She loves to smile!
She likes smiles and giggles and will blow rasberrys right back at you. She likes to be tickled and loves her butterfly rattle.
Brandon is a happy little boy with a 2 year old sister, has beautiful blue eyes, hes always on the go trying to go after anything he can.
Carter loves to dance, listen to music, and play outside. His favorite movies are Toy Story, Cars, and Shrek.
Kimberlee Rose is the happiest baby ever. She is 5 months old but acts like she’s 3. You’ll never meet another baby like her🥰 she is the most sweetest little girl❤️
Hi I'm Carter and my favorite things to do is eat my feet, baths, and be outside but most of all I love my family and love their attention.
Grayson just turned the big One years old! Hes been struggling with psoriasis All over his body and head/face for the past 10 months but has been a trooper through it all! Grayson loves trucks/cars, animals, FOOD, and being up mamas tail lol. You should vote for Grayson because hes the shyest, sweet and loving baby boy who will brighten anyones day!❤️
Waylon loves toy story, paw patrol and spending time with his mommy & daddy❤️
Kla’von is the happiest, wildest boy i know. Loves his village & his momma bunches! Give us a vote 🥺
Bailey is 2 years old will soon be 3! Hes had a hard life starting off in the nicu being born at 34 weeks. Bailey loves trucks, animals, Blippi and the beach as you can see in his picture! You should vote for bailey because he has the sweetest and gentle heart and will appreciate any votes he gets!❤️
Miss Vichara is an adorable 4 years old that enjoys exploring the outdoor like fishing 🎣 and camping 🏕 out even when it’s only in the living room her imagination has many wonderful creations. She also loves to go shopping at Target.
Willow is the most happiest layback chilled baby loves laughing and smiling at any one she see very contented makes every one smile 😊 xx
Ember is the sweetest little girl! She’s such a good baby. She loves her two big brothers so much. Ember loves snuggling & falling asleep on mom. 💤 🥰
liam loves just about anything and is always a happy baby❤️
Elliott is one of the most happiest babies! He loves to eat, nap and play. His laugh is the cutest.
My name is Robert, I go by Boo. I’m almost 8 months old. I’m the youngest of two boys to my mommy. I’m love exploring + dancing. Dada is my best friend. I’m a Cystic Fibrosis warrior + I love my mommy, daddy + big brother so much! ❤️🤍💙
Hello I’m Elayah I’m 3 years old, I have a little brother called kylo, and I love to go nursery and play with my friends, I also love cuddles, please vote for me :)
Ellie is 6 weeks old, who loves to cuddle!
She loves her big sisters,She always has a big smile oh her face,and she loves momma’s Milk.
I like waking mummy up multiple times in the night, watching football with my daddy, blowing bubbles, tummy time and smiling at and chatting to the panda in my panda book.
Ryder Nichole
My 1st child..she's 3 months old turns 4 months on the 28th. Ryder is Such a good and loving and happy baby...she literally loves any and everyone. She loves to just babble away to me all the time and always nothing smiling...she wakes up with big smile on her face just bout everytime. I love it. She LOVES to sit around and kick them legs just as shes running ALL the time. Getting ready for the awesome basketball player she is gonna be and whatever sports she choices to play. So please hit that vote button for little miss ryder nichole and also smash that like and share button! Much thanks.
My name is Skyler, I’m almost 2, I’m a single child, and I love to play! I especially love helping my mommy with cleaning and cooking and I love to play outside. So much so that I stare out the windows with my furry friends, our cats. I’m a woodsy boy with a heart so big! Please vote for me!
Kameron is a super happy always smiley baby! He loves the ceiling fan, reading, bath time & kisses from his mommy! 💛
Jayven born 9 wks early & spent 9 wks in nicu. He has down syndrome & Had to get a colostomy as he has Hirschsprung disease. But he's our super trooper! Loving, smiling & perfect with all his imperfections! ❤his sister & brothers & daddy!
Kehlani is always happy and her laugh is so contagious. She is a busy body and definitely keeps me on my toes. When she isn't watching Cocomelon or Garfield she is my little helper around the house. Because mommy is never allowed out of her sight. And just like her mama she loves herself some mashed potatoes.
Alyssa loves to smile and laugh, she's a very happy baby. She love to be tickled and play peek-a-boo.
Esme Beatrice
Esme is 3 months old
Hale is 10 months old he loves the water he’s also has a smile on his face.
The sweetest and most polite 3 year old you’ll ever meet! ❤️
Kalonni is FULL of giggles and laughs . She enjoys playing with her brother & spends most of her time crawling behind kids . She loves to dance and be cheered on by her mommy . She counts all the way to Five and her get aways included riding out with her Glam 🧚🏽‍♀️ Ma .
Nala loves cocomelon and being with her family. She is a foodie and loves being outside 💞
The coolest and sweetest blue eyed boy, who loves to travel with his mama and watch football with his daddy but his grandparents are his favorite people 🖤
Conner Rae is such a happy go lucky daddies boy!! He loves his animals! He loves being outside and we can't forget about the jumping! His favorite food is bananas and he hates strawberries!
This is Rayden, he loves fruit, music and dancing!
Loves his baths 🥰
Haven is such a happy baby. Always smiling. Loves kicking her feet, watching anything that moves
Emmitt Jaymes
Emmitt's the sweetest little guy. He's a true miracle boy.
Amberlynn is a very happy content baby always full of smiles
Jaevoni is the most happiest and most beautiful soul god has put in my life along with my other children who are no longer babies Jaevoni can light up a room and make anyone smile and laugh his loan laugh is mesmerizing and the cutes sound ever my baby boy makes me so happy and glad to be his momma he put the pieces to my heart back together with the touch of his hand life is now complete with this little angel
Ryder will be turning 2 in just a few short weeks. He absolutely adores his little sister and loves helping out with her. He loves riding four wheelers, mini bikes, really anything with a motor! He is such an adventurous boy.
18 month's got promoted to big brother and amazing at it! Super intelligent loves giving his little stink face! Every morning when he wakes up he goes "sissy" absolutely just an amazing little boy🥺🤞🙏
Hi I’m Milli’Ana im full of energy, I love watching everything going on around me, i love playing with my toys, laughing and eating (especially my hand). Im very observant and smart ❤️. I’m rolling, scooting, trying to sit up, making all sorts of noises and teething all at the same time. I get bored easy and like to bounce from one thing to the next quickly. I love being held and baby shark is my favorite. Don’t wear your nice clothes around me because I will puke on you but I’m cute so you can’t help but laugh and love me 🤗 🥰
Hi my name is Mia I have long dark hair and an adorable little smile😊
I’m Mason! I was born 4 weeks early in 10/02/21. I love nursing & sleeping & smiling 😊 Mommy & I are just doing this for fun❤️