He’s a country loving boy… loves being outside. Chainsaws and Tractors are his favorite! He’s a sweet, funny, and cuddly little boy! He’s the great addition to our family. He has two older sisters that love him to pieces!
Journey Blaze loves to smile and loves to koo
Kyshawn aka ky he loves to ride bikes and always be outside
She loves to play with her fingers , such a happy baby always smiling . And let me not forget her beautiful blue eyes !
Kieran Jr.
KJ is the sweetest baby, loves to make all types of noises, as if he’s having a full conversation with you. Always smiling & laughing and lovesss his fur brothers, Winston & Benson!
Mikaela aka moo loves to do TikTok and spend time with family
Anastasia aka Anna loves to sing and dance
Baby Vince is our blessing and most precious gift. He’s the carbon copy of his dad and a little prince of expressions. He can make any soul dance with joy and happiness. His smiles and laughs are so cute and we can’t get enough of it. He’s a born star and so photogenic 🥺 he loves books being read to him and loves expressing himself 💙
Sweet, Sassy & smart as ever 4 year old
Baby Brixton was born Christmas morning at 28 weeks, weighing 2 pounds 15 ounces. After an extended stay in the NICU he was able to come home on February 28th. He loves to eat and is getting so big now.
Hey im Nina…Im kinda new here.I love making my silly faces! I also LOVE my food☺️
Marcus Jones
Handsome boy loves to play loves being a big brother
Slade Ray Winfrey
Levi’s such a mommas boy! He loves his daddy!He loves to babble on and on especially in the mornings! I never met such a happy boy! He loves to sit in his bouncer and to look at the ceiling fan! Bath time his is favorite part of the day!
Hermione is just over 2 years old. She loves her sister, her dog, Raya, and Encanto. Dance and music make her so joyful. She will boogie to any song with a good beat. Her favorite stuffie is her tiny unicorn just her size.
Zyaira is a 7 month old happy baby who loves Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. She loves her family. Very photogenic, loves to smile.
Adaline Alora is an absolute angel and call me biased but I think she is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen from day one. She is so loving and so loved 💗
Andreas , is such a happy baby. He is so active and smart . He loves everyone he meets. And He has beautiful bright blue eyes, That make you fall in love . He is so silly , and likes to hum like he’s singing to himself.
Jiraiya is 9 months old , he loves paint brushes , watching mickey mouse & spongebob squarepants ! he’s a joy to everyone . He likes to go on walks with his mommy and mimi ! Go to the park and go on the swings watching other children play 😊he loves it ! he’s such a bright star in everyone’s life !!
This little cutie has a smile that melts your heart and lights up a room!!
Ace is one of those kids who can warm and melt your heart while also driving you crazy. He loves his older brother and playing outside. His favorite thing is blowing the horn on the car.
Jac is a very comical & outgoing little guy ,he loves to be silly and run around, he enjoys cars ,balls ,Sonic & PJ Mask ♥️
Isaiah is our little stinky butt! He loves being with mommy and daddy and being around people, he loves attention! Obviously we can see how cute this little man is
Our little fighter before her full MRI scan to check on her shunt 🤍
She's a beautiful, smart, and one of the most brave girls I've ever met. She loves horses and playing with her cousins more than anything.
Hattie is our sweet little stinker! She loves spending time with Mommy, Daddy, and her big sister & brother.
My baby girl Phoenix just turned 15 months and loves to be outside and play with our many animals she’s so perfect please vote and get this adorable girl to the top
Karci is 7 months old she’s 4 months gestational due to being born 3.5 months early. Karci is very friendly loves to play and has a smile that will brighten up the room
Loves to smile nonstop and bounce in his bouncer. Always happy and doesnt let others moods get to him, if the mood does. He throws his toys or stuffies at the person and smiles at them.
Amarey loves Mickey Mouse, Dinosaurs, cars, and trains. But Amarey also loves to be outside. Outside is his favorite place to be.
Taveare Jr
Hello I’m Taveare Jr , I can crawl an I’m trying to walk . I also say Dadada 💙
Averi is our sweet, sweet 5 month old! She LOVES LOVES Daddy (Mommy too, of course), and is very interested in what our cats are all about (the cats on the other hand, terrified, maybe). She smiles almost 24/7, and loves to dance around to some good music ♥️♥️
Brynlee Ray is 4 months old! She is such a happy baby and loves spending her days with her Mama ! Brynlee is almost always smiling and laughing !
Hazel is a beautiful, smart, funny and sassy little girl. She loves princess and fishing with her mommies and brother.
Esther’s presence is pure joy. She lights up a room with her smile and she is as adventurous as she is beautiful. We’d love to give her the world, as she’s made our family complete.
I am almost 4 years old. I love getting my hair done and I enjoy watching tv with family. I enjoy helping my little brothers whenever I can. I also like to paint and color.
Everleighs is such a sweet and loving baby. She has the biggest personality and is so animated with her expressions. She loves bubbles and looking at her books. She also loves walking around exploring.
Florencio is a happy healthy 4 month old baby boy who loves Mickey Mouse and lounging around with his blue stuffed elephant. He loves being talked to and smiles at just about everything! He’s my precious little boy who would absolutely adore your vote! Please vote for him!
Jaxon is almost 3 years old. He enjoys watching movies and giving hugs. He likes being outside and he has a lot of energy. He is very lovable and he loves to dance whenever a song comes on.
Carter is 13 months old. He loves to play patty cake and he loves being around friends and family. He enjoys baths and he shows you he loves you by coming up to you and clapping. His favorite word right now is Mama and he likes to scream loud in excitement when we go for car rides.
This very happy baby boy who loves to smile all day will definitely melt your heart
Camilla is our tiny princess warrior! Coming into this world 5 weeks early she’s been nothing but our biggest blessing!
Knuxie, Knuxer, Knuxie Dean, our little Knux Zanetti-Dean Russell is a special little miracle baby. He’s constantly smiling, giggling, and intrigued with everything in life. He’s a little chunker who loves absolutely everyone he meets! He’s got a smile and giggle that lights up any room. He loves his reflection, reading with Grandpa and Grandma, cooing and telling his Nana and Papa everything, and putting absolutely everything in his mouth (a drooler by trade). He’s a water baby by heart and can’t get enough of all the flavors of the world! I’ve never seen a baby more boy in my life, he loves the sound and rumble of Daddy’s truck and yelling at him for no reason but to smile at him. And he absolutely adores his big brother and all his cool toys he shows him. He’s a very smart, loving, and sweet baby! He loves giving hugs when he knows you need it most. I’m extremely blessed to have this love in my life and I can’t wait to see him explore all there is out in the world. He’s gonna do wonders! Hopefully he at least puts a smile on your face and helps brighten your day! ❤️Thanks to everyone😊
Adallea loves to watch movies & cuddle with her mommy. She is very active and crazy 😜 Adallea is just like a sour patch kid💓
Laikyn was born at exactly 1:00pm! She loves tummy time and grabbing her toes! She is mommy’s twin and she LOVES her daddy, he is her favorite person. She is the light of our lives❤️