Presleigh is a very outspoken 3 ywar old who has mastered the eye roll perfectlty😂 she loves being outside and is obsessed with Spidey!
Ariana is a lovely 5 months old girl who lives with her family in South East London & she likes to attend all the kids events that her sisters attend.
Vivian Elaine Faye is such a happy baby. She is a daddys girl for sure. She already rolls from front to back and almost back to front. She is also starting to sit very well without support. Give this sweetheart your vote!
Graysen has the empathy of an adult. He knows when you need hugs and boy are they great! He always goes out of his way to help momma however he can!
Jace is 2 months old❣️ he loves attention and is very alert. He spends weekends with grandparents when Mom and Dad have to go to work. As soon as Mom or Dad come pick him up he gets this huge smile on his face and is excited to see them! We love his expressions and active behavior. He wants his snuggles as much as he can. He enjoys Disney movies and definitely likes Alvin and The Chipmunks. Such a joy to have in our lives💕
Myles is a key participant in the real estate business. While houses are being shown he makes sure the customers stay happy with his smiles and laughter
Nila is very sponky girl! she is very smart, shes potty trained, knows her abcs and can count to 15. She reps for a small buisness in our town!. if you are instrested in bows/clothes Go to Pretty Little Things Boutique on facebook and get ur order in!
Kingston is a very cheeky and loveable adventurer. He enjoys playing peekaboo and hide and seek! He loves being outdoors and exploring his surroundings!
Joy is very loving and super friendly! She enjoy playing in the park and taking pictures with her mommy! We put God 1st, & then everything else falls into place 🙌🏾🙏🏽🤗
7 months old 💕
Loves tv remotes, watching twerlly woos Very happy little treasure
My little preemie baby has turned into the biggest lover and mess maker 💙
Hi! My name is Vivianna Marie, I’m 10 months old and I’m a climber at heart. I’ve mastered climbing out of my crib and over obstacles that Mommy and Daddy put up to keep me contained but no one can contain this cuteness!
Kazen loves to laugh and kick his feet all day!
Logan was born 6lb 11oz‼️
Grayson is our miracle …. He loves his Mickey and has a laugh that melts hearts.
She is my 1st Grand daughter! She is an awesome lil girl
Hi! My name is Nate. I love watching cocomelon and playing with my siblings. Cuddles and kisses are the best and i just cant get enough of them! Bright colourful lights and musical noises keep me happy and entertained (until i get tired)
My name is Olena and I’m just starting to find my voice and learn to crawl. I like papayas, cruising in my carrier and playing in the ocean! 😊💗 I hate tummy time, car seats and sleeping alone 🥺😥
Sterling is an adventurous little girl that loves animals and food!
Kase is the happiest baby and loves to laugh and giggle at us!
Our little cutie Ashton loves to cry and being cuddled 😂❤️
Love to smile and sleep 🧡
Aeneas is such a happy baby, he loves smiling and talking. He also enjoys spending time with his big brother Amari. Overall he’s just a great baby ❤️
Alyssa Le Guillou
Hi I'm Maisie My favourite thing to do is play with my cat brothers. I love splashing in water too!
Logan is a happy baby who loves snuggle time and long walks to the store. He's my whole world. So cute he doesnt even need a filter XD
Haydin loves his brother's, and is absolutely obsessed with music he loves to dance!
James is the most happy baby, he is always smiling and laughing at everything. James likes to watch his big brother play with toys and do his homework. James loves to play with his elephant toy.
Alena Jean is our little sassy pants that always makes us laugh. Love this girl with all my heart.
Yolan is a smart 18 month old baby boy. .He is my blessing after 17 years. He loves any show that is about learning he loves to sign to express himself. He a lefty an the most happiest little boy . He truly is my blessing
The baby of the family, younger than her twin sister by only 6 minutes! She loves being independent, eating yummy food and taking life at her own pace!
6 minutes older than her twin sister and not afraid to show it! This little lady is always on a mission - she just started taking her first steps with her walker at almost 9 months old ♥️
She loves people and animals, just seeing others happy makes her smile so big!! She's absolutely adorable!!
Elijah is the happiest baby, he is always smiling. He loves spidey and his amazing friends, baths, bouncing, and to be held! He will be 5 months in 3 days 😢😭
Jackson can make anyone smile he waves at everyone where ever we go. He likes cars trucks and dinos . Even though hes extra special he doesn't let that stop him .
Jaxxon is full of life. He’s happiest out in the mountains somewhere and loves trying new things.
Amylio brightened up our world August 11th 2022. He’s the happiest baby ever and lights up every room he enters. Amylio loves food, bath time and doggies lol. He’s enjoys playing with everything and anything he can get his hands on and watching baby’s first tv along with Ms.Rachel.
Cooper was born on Christmas day and the second baby in Northern Ireland to be born that day. He weighed 7lbs 2 Oz. He is the happiest and most smiling baby. Cooper loves bath time and playtime with mummy and daddy.
Abel, loves playing with trucks and cars and everything to do with the water 💦 Our beautiful blue eye baby boy ❤️
My name comes from the Latin meaning “fair haired warrior” They certainly don’t come any blonder than me. 💙
Shamiyah is very outgoing person loves be silly love dancing and post for pics
Ciara is so advanced for 3 months, doing more everyday & extremely beautiful
Astras a strong child. She was in the nicu and got stronger everyday. Now she’s a brave little girl already trying to sit up.
Elijah is a very cheeky, smiley boy who loves his family and Mickey mouse
Bonnie the Brave!! Our BonBon is not only beautiful she is so brave, on the 31st of January this year she was diagnosed with Bilateral WILMS tumours , a rare type of children's kidney cancer, PLEASE do look it up because it's not easy to pick up on and if it wasn't for me noticing the lump we still would not know until this day because there were no other symptoms present ! . She's currently receiving chemotherapy and she has just been so brave my heart could burst with pride , she's handled it all so well , i just look at her and wonder how as she's so tiny , but she's Bonnie the brave 💪 🧡 she is such a cheeky and happy little cherub and if you don't vote can I ask you please keep her in you're prayers 🙏 thank you for reading 🧡