Baby Stories - 100


You ever see a one year old who can do anything? a one year old who is smarter than most adults I know? Well look no further because here's the only baby genius you need to know about 😉😂😏
This is Kailani, she likes being talked to, listening to rain sounds to calm her down or to sleep. She loves to sleep with mommy for her naps. She hates being naked too long. Kailani loves warm hugs and cuddles 🥰
Bonnie Louise
Had enough of crawling so finding my feet
Elijah loves playing with his toys even at such a young age! He’s smiley, cute and aware of what’s going on around him
Lucas is my little man nearly 11 months old an is so funny an love to be outside or with his friend the family 6 month old cane corso dog
Natalee is always smiling, laughing, and being silly! She is the sweetest and most friendly baby! She brings so much joy to everyone around her! 💓 She can clap, blow kisses, say several words, and can wave! She loves to eat, dance, and play with her big sissy’s and also loves to be outside!
Ryder is almost 4 months old he is so full of personality . He loves his mama and his big brothers . He smiles and coos all day long .
Oni Isabella
Oni’Isabella is the most funny, smart, gentle and loving baby girl. Her favorite is Moana. She loves to dance to Baby Shark. Her favorite snack is Cheese Puffs and she loves drinking water then playing with the empty bottle afterward. Oni’Isabella loves spending time with her family.
Nova is incredible! She has been rolling over to her back since 6 weeks old! She loves sticking her tongue out at mommy and daddy, she talks up a storm in her playpen all day long, and she is really trying to sit up on her own now. She wakes up every morning cooing and giggling and is such a little snuggle bug.
Akari enjoys watching movies with musical scenes, playing with cars and trucks, and being a helpful big brother to his baby brother. He also loves the minions.
Quadir enjoys cooing at everything around him, with an infectious smile. As well as watch Elmo’s World with his older brother.
Austin Jr
Hi I'm Austin Jr. I love to smile and observe everything around me. My laugh can light up a room.
Ar’Jay loves sitting up and observing his surroundings , he also loves to smile and play.
Jeffrey is a very happy and content baby. He loves his mommy, daddy, and big sister. He also enjoys his tummy time and watching shadows on the wall.
Marvin loves to eat and and being held constantly, he loves to wave an throw his arm around in the air; he also loves chewing on his hands and is very talkative with his dad and I, he’s also full of smiles and laughs an is constantly making faces.
1 week old! He likes snuggling with his mommy, daddy, and his siblings. He loves when people talk to him. He likes to sleep and gets up about every 3 hours in the night. Doesn’t really cry unless he’s in the bath. Just all around a great baby that likes cuddles and love.
Terri-Ann is a funny loving girl she enjoys watching youtube and playing with her toys:)
Anays is a beautiful girl and a very good sister. She likes to sing and dance, but mostly to explore.
Braxton is a energetic, Funny and very smart 11 month old!. Braxton loves cuddles, Baths and animals. He is always discovering new things and is always on the go.💙👣
Such a smiley and happy little dinky dot 💕Born at 5lb 2 and at three months she’s still my little cherub fitting in newborn still! 😎💕 never a dull day with this ‘Rae’ of sunshine ☀️
My baby Diego is currently in that stage where he does not want to be held, being on the floor has become his favorite hobby.
Wyatt is such a spunky little fella! He loves all the attention and has the cutest little smile! His personality is bright and infectious! He keeps mommy on her toes but he is just the sweetest little boy!
Meet Kamira she loves watching you tube learning dance moves and being goofy
Hey meet arieuna she likes to draw dance sing and play with her dolls she loves meeting people being autistic just brings out her loving side
Storm is full of wonder. He loves to color and he is a VERY helpful big brother to his baby brother snow.
Logan is very happy baby he likes to play peekaboo and likes going in his jumperoo he loves his older brothers he’s always smiling
Hey meet Anthony he likes playing outside watching paw patrol and pj mask and playing with his toys
She likes animals hugs and music being autistic don’t stop her from making you smile and being lovable
Vote for Makaela she just the cutest little diva she like food music dancing and trying to climb stairs she likes to laugh and be silly
Hi I’m Emersyn. I love to giggle and fake cough. I think it’s hilarious.
Harper was born February 13, 2021 at 5:58pm weight 6 pounds 11.9oz she was born 4 weeks early then she was planned to be born. She is a happy go lucky girl. She is loved by so many. She a bright eye little girl 90% of the time. And she love her great grandma so much and love when her grandma talks to her an hold her. Harper has 3 Guardian angels she will never meet which is her Great Grandpa who was a US Veteran, her grandma who passed away when her mom was 1 year old, and her Great Uncle Gerlad who passed away when her mom was 6 months pregnant with her. She is love by so many and has some amazing angels watching over her.
Isabella 3 years old fun loving crazy girl
Hello my name is Athena I was born January 16th 2021. My mommy and daddy think I am the most beautiful girl in the world 🌎 they think I can win this so please please please vote for me 💕
Kaileo is 21 lbs of fun! He stays smiling and growling all day! He loves his naps, his cuddles and most of all he LOVES to eat.
She loves to babble, dance and laugh!
Gianna is a super happy, loving baby girl that loves to give open mouth kisses
Harper is 3 months old and loves to look at herself in the mirror, and have tummy time! She’s a daddy’s girl and always looking for him when he’s talking. She loves mommy too and cuddles often! She’s holding her head up already so we’ve got a mature little girl here!
My name is Jonathan ill be 1 next month i love to play with my big sister and mommy im adventurous and loud
Na’Shawn Amari ❤️
Cayden loves to be spoiled, and of course as an only child he is! He loves to smack his lips and eat food like a little fattie!!
Lucas is 2 years old!! He has a huge heart and he loves to play. He always has a smile on his face and loves to riding his dirt bike!! He's such a daddy’s boy and won’t stop growing!
Camila Rose loves to smile and chat A LOT(baby talk) her favorite days are when we go to the park SHE LOVES SEEING THE DUCKS AND GEESE 🥰
Mason Blaine is almost 3 years old. He loves riding his tractor and four wheeler. He knows his colors very well and can talk up a storm. He’s my best friend and my handsome son ❤️
My beautiful blue eyed baby is so fun and love able I love it vote for her !!!!
Jason is a such a kind, smart and strong baby boy. He is the sweetest baby and light up anyone’s day with his smile. He loves to giggle and just discovered his tongue.
Deacon loves to talk, he loves his snoopy blanket. He has a big heart and loves to cuddle.
Legend was born on February 12, 2021 weighing 8.4 pounds. He loves his Mommy's milk, listening to music, taking naps, being snuggled and is a 100% Daddy's boy. He has been smiling from the day he was born and is the happiest, most pleasant and sweetest little fella ever! Please vote and share! 😁
Aarya is a sweet little girl who loves to giggle with his 9 year old brother. Curious, loves board books, specially when her brother read it to her.