Baby Stories - 100


Corbyn is 9 months old! 😭 he loves to be out side, shake his head no, give high fives, and eat lots! Haha Corbyn hopes to win so he can get lots of fun toys for his birthday in 3 months and outside toys for his new house. 🥰
Aidan is a happy go lucky 4 month old. He loves to sit up and observe every thing . He absolutely adores his puppy Princess and they have a unique bond.
He’s such a sweet and happy boy. Loves smiling at mommy and daddy. Also loves his food.
Isla is a milk monster who loves cuddles with daddy and warm bottles of milk, she has the nickname smiley isley because of all the smiles she gives to everyone.
This is baby Zarina. She's 3weeks old and is always smiling in her sleep. She's most content when her big sister is fussing over her. Zarina is still in tiny/preemie baby clothes and has the cutest permanent, natural mohawk 😍
A word about kahealani (beautiful)😍🥰. what she likes most is to stand up by herself and clap and say yay . she loves to be in arms when shes tired .
Eddie is a very happy chappy! Always smiling and giggling! He likes to play with his favourite toy at the moment which is a little cow with a bell inside! He absolutely loves it and giggles every time it is shown to him! He is still breast feeding so favourite food is boob lol but can't wait to start him on some foods in a couple of months so very excited for that, as I know he will really enjoy trying new things.
Easton loves to scream and talk to his momma. He loves eating it’s probably his favorite thing ! His laugh is very contagious and he loves laughing at his grandma everyday
Jack loves attention! He enjoys being read to, taking rides in his stroller, taking baths and he LOVES his 2 older sisters!
He like to watch tv he like to play with kids that around him he the happiest baby u every meet ❤️😍🥺
She loves to be outside, likes putting makeup on herself and others! She loves animal's. Most of all she loves her mommy and daddy! She loves music and dancing!
Baby ilan loves his cheese puffs loves walking around the house while exploring everything And loves his cocomelon cartoons while breastfeeding He's a very sweet smart baby
Leyash is a sweet little princess👸 that loves fashion and princesses💁‍♀️... she's so smart and very talkative 😍💖
Amariona has her own personality
Serena loves to play with her older sister💗
She’s loves to smile, and laugh also loves to give kisses and love to tell stories!!! Can I also mention that she loves her big brother!!❤️☺️
Baby Bry is the sweetest most cuddly little baby always smiling and loves absolutely everyone!
Hi my name is Harper I’m 3 months old I enjoy talking to mommy and daddy I love my brothers and eating and bath time are my favorite 💜
Hi. I’m George. I am a very special baby. I was born at 26 weeks weighing only 1 pound. I have fought hard my whole life to survive. I am seven months old and have spent six of those in various hospitals. I am on oxygen and feeding machines but I don’t let any of this stop me. I am a very happy giggling little boy. I love to play with my older brothers and my parents. Due to covid I have not been allowed to spend time with many people or even meet half of my family. Only my mommy could stay in the hospital with me and that was only for part of the time. I look forward to meeting them all as soon as it is safe enough for me.
I love rainbow 🌈 colors, love unicorns 🦄, my favorite food is fries 🍟 and nuggets, i love to ran around outside and play basketball 🏀 with my sisters but most of all im a aunt to a handsome baby boy named Zion (go check out his page and vote for him as well)
Orion is a rainbow baby who loves snuggles with mommy, eating, and watching anime with daddy.
Vera loves to dance, watch cocamelon and loves to play with her baby brother
Daisy Mae
Daisy loves to play outside! Favorite food is cheese puffs! She’s obsessed with her dada! ❤️
he loves to dance sing and loves dogs
Aleczander is just amazing he is so sweet and loving he is very determined strong willed toddler who can light up anyone's worst day!
Nevaeh is a very loving outgoing princess she is truly a piece of heaven sent down!
Nolan's almost 7 month's and loves to kick and bounce around
Just a little girl living in this crazy world 🌎
Andre Jr
Andre is 2 yrs old he's very smart he loves little babies it doesn't matter who's baby it is he loves all babies hes very gentle with babies he just a sweet loving baby 🤩💝😍🥰😍🥰😻💘
Ryleighs smile can change the mood in the room instantly. vote for little miss ryleigh!🧡🧡
Well her father calls her supernova because while I was pregnant with nova I almost died 4 times. In and out hospital nova also had a gap in her heart, but now we both are better. Nova loves music, car rides,her pacifier, and being held by her daddy. She’s my little bundle of joy and I just think she’s the cutest thing ever.
Scarlett is 2 months old almost and the happiest baby ive ever met. She is a ray of sunshine and will make your day so much better when around.
He loves to be talked to.
Beautiful Baby with a Bright Smile & Happy Spirit...Not To Mention She’s A Mini Fashionista Who Loves To Show Out For The Camera
He loves riding his four wheeler and he loves being outdoors
River is an incredibly goofy little guy he is 7 months old and loves dancing and climbing on anything and everything. His favorite food is bananas, pumpkin and squash . His favorite show is bluey. He loves chasing his puppy around and getting into any trouble he can find. Please vote for River any money we win will go into his college fund ❤️
Lee is so smart and kind. He’s super athletic and masters just about any sport he tries. He’s extremely creative and has an incredible imagination!
Zimora Rae was the best addition to our life. She already shows such a spunky attitude and is so full of laughter. Zim is sprouting tooth #3 as we speak but is still in wonderful spirits! She is the sweetest baby we could hope for.🥰
Chloe is outgoing and loves to make everyone laugh. She’s curious about everything and loves learning new things. She’s so sweet and makes friends wherever she goes.
Serena is always happy and loves to dance. She adores her puppy cinnamon. She loves to give hugs and is super sweet.
My angel baby loves to dance, box, and most importantly water the grass!! He’s a very sweet little boy welling to help others! He just turned 2 on the 29th also!! His Italian & Native American! 🇩🇪🇮🇹☺️♥️ Just look at that smile!😍🥰 We really need this it would be highly appreciated!♥️
Aremis loves tractors. He also loves to spend time at his Aunt Tammi's horseback riding. But most of All he loves spending time with his sister.
Naomi loves sports and playing dolls with her big sister aswell as teaching her little brother new things! She has a big heart and a smile to light up a room. Things she loves the most are dancing, singing and, helping mommy with her little brother.❤️
Tucker is the happiest little ham out there and has brought so much joy to his momma heart ❤️
Aaliyah is a fearless 2 year old who loves to rough house with her older brothers. But, she has a whole other sweet side. She is spunky and loves cuddles.
Jai'renzen is a very active toddler that loves to attempt to flip, dance or play pic a boo.