Baby Stories - 10


little man with a plan! always making trouble!
August is our first baby! He loves to pretend he’s in a rocket ship, sit in his boppy, suck his binky, and talk to his dad. He has a rare genetic disease called Hypophosphatasia. We are 6 months strong in the NICU with quite a ways to go, but that doesn’t stop August from smiling and flirting ALL THE TIME!
Ezra loves music, especially Khalid and Michael Jackson
Isabelle loves snuggles! She’ll instantly have a big smile on her face when you hold her tight!
Maybre is a happy, chunky little girl. She’s always laughing and smiling. She has a big personality already. Her first word was momma 💗
Olivia is such a sweetheart 💕
Milan is such a sweet baby she’s very relaxed and has a smile that will literally brighten anyone’s day she gives me the best hugs they are so protective and loving she will rub my face and smile at me she sleeps so peacefully and she loves to make song sounds and repeats it until we sing along with her, she loves when you ask her for a high five she is a blessing and I’m lucky to have her such a happy gentle soul she beautiful she deserve your votes
Cillian is a super happy, content little boy. He started life very poorly in the NICU but even then, he never cried and he is an absolute trooper! His favourite thing in the world is mummy cuddles, his play gym and staring at the wall (don’t ask!)
Declan loved us to sing and dance around him it makes him giggle and snort lol
Sabrina is the only girl out of 3 boys. She loves to play with her toes. She loves to scream and talk to mama and daddy.she also loves the bath.
Leighton was 7 weeks early and has had a bad 4 weeks, he is honestly such a strong little boy who is fighting through every problem he has!❤️
Baby Richie is a happy healthy baby who loves to smile and babble! He has such a soul about him!! Who couldnt love his face
Mateo is a super happy baby that loves cocomelon, twinkle twinkle little star and his mommy and daddy.
She’s the happiest baby ever! She loves to talk to mommy and laugh. She’s very alert and gives hugs and kisses all day.
River is the cuddliest, fun, crazy, little baby boy who loves his older sister, loves to play cars, climbs on everything and loves to keep his mama on her toes!!!
Karsyn is 1 year old . He’s always a happy baby and loves to play . He also loves Cocomelon 🥰😂
I am one of a kind. I love to eat like my daddy😅. My favorite words are poop 💩, hungry 😋 and good morning 😁. I love taking my head and looking back and forth to make myself look silly. My smile really lightens up the room. I’ve learned a lot from my cousins and can’t wait to play with them soon😊.
Luna is a fighter! She fought hard to be in this world. She deserves to win!
Weston is 3 months old and has over come a great obstacle. He was born with a struggle to latch(eat). With a lot of help and practice Weston is now healthy, giggly, and a very happy baby. His favorite thing to do is eat! Imagine that :) He is a bundle of joy!
Robyn likes to talk and play! She’s a very excited and wiggly baby who adores attention and lovings
She loves to talk to mommy 💕 She is achieving milestones and very attentive to her surroundings.
He is 4 months with a beautiful smile and the perfect eyes, and loves to play!
Brianna Nicole is 4 months old. She is such a strong little girl and has been threw a lot already. She was in the NICU when she was first born and was there for 2 months. She's been home now for alittle over a month. She's had 2 surgeries done. She had a TEF repair and now has a G-Tube. I am so thankful that god has blessed us with Brianna. She is such a smiley little girl, she loves cuddle time and watching cartoons.
Zeek is a wonderful baby boy love to smile and play with his siblings. And love to listen to music while he’s sleeping best way to put him to sleep ..
Amelia Esmè
Amelia is a happy 3 month old baby! I love dolphin videos and playing with my family! Vote for me to see more cuteness!
Rohen loves to smile, coo, and he is always a happy boy! He loves when his momma and dada talk to him 🤍
Hod is 13 months old and as happy as can be! Hes got 6 teeth, always trying to talk, starting to switch from walking to running, and is oh so curious about everything! He’s always on the go and constantly laughing, smiling, and playing with animals or siblings! Hod loves the Magic school bus and getting a bath!
Jariyah was born with one Artery and has a hole in her heart but yet she is strong and beautiful loving sweet and chill
Dakota is absolutely mommy’s little model. She loves to take pictures and smile in the camera!! She’ll definitely steal your heart with her cuteness!!
My name is Zayvier I am 8 months old I love to eat. I have 2 teeth that just came thru I can crawl sit up and stand (with help) I’m learning new things and growing more and more everyday I would appreciate it if you vote for me❤️
Christmas Eve baby, I love a snuggle, always smiling, I’ve learnt how to laugh now so I always put big smiles on everyone’s face
Ali is the smartest and a handsome kid ! he have his own expressions to express his feelings
He likes to play basketball 🏀, loves pillow fights, likes to laugh with his favourite his mum, ice cream near the beach, bedtime stories and cuddles from mum 🙂
Goes by the nickname Juice. He’s a 27 pound 5 Month old. He loves to stand, cuddle & laugh. His smile is the biggest right along with his heart ❤️ & Appetite 🤣. He’s an only child but has a God sister. He’s warmed many hearts & has Nothing but Support. He’s EVERYTHING TO ME and My Biggest Blessing 🧸💚 Mom Son TEAM Forsure 🤞🏽
Owen loves waking up the biggest smiles ever and is always wanting a bottle no matter what. His favorite cartoon so far is Elmo and we love love love taking our baths. Owen was born early but you couldn’t tell by looking at him🥰
Kylen likes to swing in his swing and lay on his belly. He is already so smart
Ariela Filomena
Ariela is an amazing big sister who loves to dance, sing, color and be outdoors!
Adriana Alessandra
Adriana was born preemie. Through her early.struggles she now has done everytbing before my other children. She loves to dance and cuddle and chase around her big sister Ariela
Hello, My name is cameron! I love to play with my brother zyzy as i call him. If im not playing with him im playing on my ipad watching blippi that i LOVE! I love to eat fruit, salad, and cheese. I love to be silly love to jump every where and make mommy crazy!!! Really Not much to know about me and brother zyzy! Only thing to know is that we are great loving kids silly and a handful lol. Vote me please and i will make sure to share with baby ZyZy. Thank you guys
Olly loves to be held and loved on and will give the best cuddles in return! If you are having a rough day a hug from this little man will cure all ❤️
I am a very happy baby
Christian still sleeps most of the day, and loves snuggles with mom and dad ♥️
For only being 2 months she has such an amazing personality! You can’t ever find her not smiling at anyone who gives her attention!
Zendaya is the most happiest baby her smile is priceless her favorite thing to do is watching coco melon on youtube and she loves to clap
Nya loves to climb and explore everything she can get into. She loves to watch Elmo and Paddington bear she also loves playing with all types of animals. She has a big brother 19yr and sister 16yrs as well as a little sister 5 months who she loves very much apart from her mum and dad. We are very happy to exchange votes with you and keep voting as long as you do the same for me thank you.