Benjamin is sweet and lovely boy. He love bath time, eat what ever he likes, always smiling, and playing. He has cheeky smile and loves talking to every one.
Ezariah is a bundle of fun. She loves singing and copying her brother. She also gives the best cuddles
Eziah is a Big Fan of Cars. He loves being a bossy big brother to his litlle sister.
Brayden might be tiny, but hes got such a mighty personality. Hes 19 lbs of adorable and will guarantee to make you smile on your worst day. He loves cuddles and watching Bluey ♥
Sierra is a cheeky little girl that loves going to the park on the swings and loves interacting with other children !
Beautiful fairy💕🦄 Faelyn is our 4.5month old babygirl who is such a bright ray of sunshine! We had prayed for a child and our prayers were answered, our princess is so smart, bright, happy and giggly! She loves chewing on anything she can get in her mouth, loves to laugh an smile, loves her family and really loves food❤️
Charlie is almost 3 and loves to sing, dance and swim. He’s a proud big brother to Frankie and is super affectionate.
Meronica Elesha
She like to smile and play
Dasan is a character always smiling and laughing giving out kisses
Quinn is a beautiful girl who loves to sing and dance and loves to talk to everyone
He’s the newest to our family. Hes 2 months old. He’s one loving and happy baby. Loves outside and loves cuddles with mommy.
Kyson is 4months old LOVES to play and laugh . 🥰
Oakley is such a sweet little girl that has stolen the hearts of everyone that knows her. She was born at 29 weeks and had a twin sister that is an angel now she loves to eat, sleep, and tell us she is good. She absolutely loves bath time. Oakley is a true gift from GOD to our family ...
This is our little miracle! We tried to get pregnant for almost 2 years during which I found out I had PCOS, after the struggle we were finally blessed with this amazing little guy last year! It was a long wait, a rough pregnancy, and a scary labor and delivery but this boy was coming into this world no matter what. I can't imagine my life without him! I wanted to enter the contest to share our story and bring hope for those struggling to get pregnant. He is a happy and joyful little boy that had blessed our lives abundantly.
My girl is strong, smart and funny as can be , filled with feist and facial expressions that could make a grown man cry!
Hiii my name is Malachi, I’m turning 7 months in a few days, I’m the happiest little boy on the verge of crawling and discovering the world! My mama is my best friend. I love being outside, Mickey Mouse and anything apples and bananas!
Karter is the most amazingly, animated, beautiful baby boy you will ever set your eyes on. He loves smiling, lights, dancing, and making the people around him laugh.
My remmi boy is so sweet caring and loving 🥰
I’m my mommy’s 2nd child 1st boy💙 I am still learning the word but get to see mommy every day! Eating and sleeping are my favorite hobbies so far.
RaeLynn June is 8 months old. She loves her daddy and puppies are just clowns that Miss RaeLynn LOVES to laugh at! RaeLynn has 4 older sisters and she loves them with her whole self ❤️❤️
greysons almost 2 months and loves smiling , he loves his bathtime and talking w his momma ❤️
Hardyn loves to be adventurous, playing with his cousins, and learning new things everyday! He’s the craziest most lovable boy I’ve met!❤️
Luca is a gorgeous 1 month old boy! He is the most happiest and cheeky boy. Loves cuddles, his Mumma and Daddy, baths and sleep!
He is a smart handsome baby boy who likes buz and paw patrol
🌻🌈🍃🐥🦄🌳🌲🍄🌸🌼❄️🍓🥭🍠🍳🫘🛁🧸 I don’t even know where to begin describing this beautiful little bean. She loves her snacks almost as much as she loves her Grammy. She is the happiest little human. She loves all of the animals and going on walks through the trees. Just being outside in general. She is silly, sweet, smart and so so strong, Just like her daddy ❤️ Curious about EVERYTHING 👀 I thank the universe for giving her to me. She is the most amazing ray of sunshine in what have been such dark, weird times ☀️
My name is Montgomery! I am always smiling and I love being around my brother, Boston!
I’m Maverick and I love cuddles and talking!
She is a smart beautiful baby girl who loves to dance
Hello my name is Elijah. I just came into the world on December 12th. I love hanging out with my big brother and my mommy. I love it when people talk to me, I get so excited.
She loves her sissy, shes smart and loves music
Dreya Ann Mimikwas , she was born September 15,2022. She is half cree, she loves to giggle and watch sunny bunnies 🐰 ☀️ she loves bath time 🛁 she’s also super independent and holds her own bubba 🥹
Nevaeh is our Blessing baby . She loves to sing , smile and clap her hands .She also loves drawing and likes playing video games.
Skhi is a happy baby she love laughing she love attention she will give u a funny look If she don’t know u but she loves everyone
Omri loves to eat, smile, and relax with music! He spends a lot of time smiling at his big sister! His name means "The Lord is my Life!" 😎
Ryker And Ryder
Ryker and Ryder are 2 year old twins.. They are the youngest of 9
My name is Boston! Monster trucks are my favorite toys and I love going to the racetrack! I am a super funny, energetic, happy go lucky kid!
Mommy's rainbow baby ♥️ I love tummy time, breastfeeding and watching ninja turtles with daddy :)
His eyes are very attractive.
Hello! I’m blyde, I love snuggles and hugs, I always smile and laugh, I love bluey and Mickey Mouse❤️ and I love eating big boy food🪶
His eyes are very attractive.
Jind is very innocent girl. Her smile is the best.
Everyone needs an Avery (like mine) in their life! She is the cutest and the most sweetest little 4 month old that you’ll ever meet! In her free time, Encanto is on repeat. Judge Judy is her idol. Her true love is a toss up between Max from the Goofy movie or her Daddy. Her Mommy is her favorite 🥰 Actually her older brother Cameron is her favorite, Mommy just cleans the dirty diapers 🤭 Sometimes my girl rocks the piggies or a pony tail. Other days, she’s rocking the crib hair look. Vote For Avery !
Anasia is 7 years old and is very adventurous and loves exploring everything, she is non-stop.Anasia is also spontaneous and has a mind of her own. She loves being outside. Anasia is so smart, and a quick learner. She loves reading,doing arts & crafts, drawing💚💜Please vote for me
I'm Makiyah I am 1 yr old I'm very playful and love showin love and affection 🧸❤️and gettin new toys and clothes
Hi, my name is Nathaniel but my mom calls me tinker bug (cute way of saying stink bug) I love smiling. I am just a happy baby and love to make others smile with my smile ❤️