Baby Stories - 10


Haedyn is 5 months old. He is a rainbow baby. He loves his two big sisters and love to laugh and play with his toys. He is such a quiet and sweet little boy ♥️
Xavier is one of the happiest baby’s. He’s so sweet and loving, he has the cuties laugh. He loves his feet, and he is a water baby since he’s was 2 weeks old he loves water. It seems like everyone he meets falls in love with him.
I love to play with everything that i'm not supposed to
Hello! My name is Hezekiah and I love eating, smiling, and trying to grab my puppy Moose 🐶
Andrew is a such a sweetheart. He loves cuddles. No matter where or when he just wants to snuggle up and be cozy. He's sensitive and a complete momma's boy. He has the biggest smile and calming happy vibe. He loves nature and being outside.
My little hurricane baby is full of spunk and personality. Besides sleeping and eating, he loves to make the most cutest and random facial expressions! He is sure to be a heartbreaker as he grows older!
Damien Kash
Damien is a happy 5 month old baby boy! He’s always smiling and loves all his siblings and mommy & daddy ❤️
Za’mya was born a premiee at 3lbs 3oz she wasn’t suppose to be here but here she is full of life ❤️
Elijah is such a sweet and loving little boy. He loves to play and eat. Whenever we go out, he’s waving and smiling at everyone.
Bowan is a happy 3 month old baby! He loves tummy time and swimming. He loves being read before bedtime.
He’s so sweet and loving. He loves taking baths and listening to music. Everyone is always telling me he is such a good baby. He loves chewing on his hands. He’s always laughing and making everyone around him smile!
Hi, my name is Kingston and I’m 5 months old. I love to jump in my jumper and rock back and forth. I’m trying to crawl but still can’t fully get the concept yet. I am always smiling but I do have a mean mug occasionally. I love bath time 💙 and I love my dads and think he’s hilarious 🤣 Please leave a vote or two for me
Kenleigh loves everyone, she loves to smile, and talk to her momma and daddy… she loves her tv, especially when football is on. Kenleigh is the sweetest baby!
Sloane is 2 months old. Loves her sleep and loves being talked to. Her siblings are crazy about her. She loves lights and sounds.
Abbie loves pokemon. She is the sweetest girl. She loves playing outdoors.
This handsome boy is so full of Life and love! He loves his family, his dog and food!
She is very silly , brightest smile ever !
Austin Jr
He loves watching rug rats He loves mommy and daddy His best friends name is rebel (hes our cat) He loves anything that swings
Na Sii
He loves to eat, laugh and play!
Hi, I’m Izzy I’m almost 3 months old I’m one happy little bundle of joy all the time. Mommy and daddy are my best friends and I’d love it if you gave me a vote! 🖤
Victor is a sweet, adorable little man who lives his mommy and daddy very much. He loves walks and animals and is always smiling and full of gentleness and love! 💕
Celeste is 4 months old, she loves her big sister and being held by her mommy & daddy 💜 she enjoys being outdoors & going on car rides 💜
Achilles is the happiest most lovable little boy ever!! His favorite foods are strawberries, pizza and eggs! Hes always content playing and Watchung cocoa mellon. Hes learning to walk, and, just lightens a room.with his laugh.
Verona is this sweet, smart funny little girl that always brightens a room with her smile. Verona loves Elmo, Care Bears. She is very strong willed and determined to face any challenges that may come her way. She is so funny and she will make you laugh. Verona is a bit shy and I love all those things about her. She loves to play at the park with her friends and slide down the slides. She loves jumping on her little trampoline and she's quiet the little artist with her crayons & coloring books. I hope you vote for Verona. Thank you!
Brynnlee Rose is a one of a kind girl ❤️ She loves coco melon, talking to mommy & LOVES to eat 🥰
Hello! My name is Brayden and I’m 3 years old! I like running and playing, going for walks in my car and going to the park! I love our dog Layla she’s my best friend☺️ Giving mommy trouble is always fun especially when I make her chase me🤗🤭 I love candy almost any food but I’m also picky when it comes to food also🙄 I love making my brother laugh, he’s also my best friend❤️ Mommy is my favorite and I love being around her all the time, when I’m sad angry hungry sick or anything mommy is always right there for me🥰 I love going on rides in the car, I love playing with mommy and playing in the dirt and catching FROGS 🐸 😂 I take them for walks with me🤫🤭 I love my family and I wouldn’t wanna change anything 🥰
She’s very outgoing and Caring she always puts others before herself. She’s very intelligent.
Cooper is the sweetest little pumpkin in the patch, and a blessing from God!
My 2nd granddaughter. Beautiful as the first. Lets vote for her too.
Tyson is 18 months old, he is a very happy baby, always smiling! He definitely is my wild child, loves to run an enjoy the outside. Tyson also is a very huge fan of cocomeleon an paw patrol! Please vote for my boy! 💙
Hes very sweet. Such a mommas boy. Loves puppys and dinosaurs.
Hi! My name is Jaxon, I’m mommy’s rainbow baby l, spent two months in the nicu after I was born, once I got home I knew it was time to give mommy trouble 😂 I’m very hard headed but I love cuddles and I’m the happiest baby there could be most times🥰I like to play with brother he’s my best friend❤️ Although we don’t always get along he makes me laugh so hard I can’t even breath! 😂 I love cuddles with daddy when I get them. Oh and I love Cheetos 🤫. My family isn’t perfect but they are perfect for me❤️
Izabellea is a smart compassionate loving little girl. She is a very creative inspiring individual. She is a very helpful big sister. Loves dressing up and taking pictures of herself. Loves riding bikes and playing outside with her cousins. Likes singing to music and dancing.
Kole is the sweetest baby ever wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy! Got a smile worth a thousand words!! He loves Mr.Ricky the most it seems and he loves hulk our dog!!! He loves all food lol!!! He loves playing patty cake and he loves music!!!
Naya is a beautiful little girl. She loves making noises when she sleeps and farts a lot. She loves to give you the look of “I’m spoiled and I know it”
My name is Eli and I love to smile. Wake up-I smile, eating yummy food-I smile, even when mama yells at me-I smile. So please vote for me, I am a happy boy!
He loves to cuddle 🥰 , eat 🍼& will talk to you all day long ❤️
vote for our little angel, happiest baby! she obviously loves when mama takes her pictures!
Magnolia is my 8mo old miracle baby. I am disabled with Spinal Muscular Atrophy causing me to be wheelchair bound. It was nearly impossible for me to conceive but 4 years of trying lead me to her. My saving grace loves to roll and crawl everywhere, play peekaboo, & she LOVES to talk your ear off. 8 months of pure perfection
Zy'Jer was born the day before valentines day weighting 5lbs 5oz! Now he is 7 months wearing 12-18 months and a size 4-5 diapers hes my BIG baby !! He loves to scream and jump and always has a smile that lights up a city with big beautiful brown eyes!!
I’m Casey. I am a year and 9months old. I love being outside, riding horses, feeding the chickens, and playing with other kids. There’s nothing that I don’t like to get into.
Brooklyn Claire is 3 years old. She loves outdoors, dressing up, and playing doctor.
Ms. Abigail is the happiest baby! She had an early start in life at 6 weeks premie! But she’s strived ahead and she continues to surprise us everyday!
My sweet, sassy, baby who loves to be outside, loves to laugh, and is “dada” obsessed. 💖
Lily is 21 days old she loves her daddy and loves to be held her smile makes you want to melt 💕 she also loves her Binky 💕 💖 she was mommy's gift from above
When she arrived she lit up my life!! She is the happiest baby!! Loves to laugh and smile!! She lights up the room every time!!