Gio is a happy baby boy , he loves jumping, loves food 🍲 , and music 🎶
She is so sweet!!!Now she is teething,and we have a difficult time! But all day she is active and happy 😃.
My baby boy is only 6 months but swears he’s grown and has better eyebrows than most adults. He loves showing off his 2 teeth, eating, looking out the window, and watching the powerpuff girls.
He Goes By KD. He Loves To Have Fun. Take Pictures. He Loves Babies. He Is A Happy Child. He Very Playful. He’s Curious About A lot Of Things.
He likes too eat lol
Legend said heyyy everyone! No seriously, he speaks to everyone in his path! Such an cool and energetic kid. His favorite hobby is eating, he just loves food. But he’s also super smart! He’s being doing things early since he was a little baby. Like holding his bottle at 3 months old. I just love my little guy. Hope you enjoy all his lovely pictures.
Roman is a very happy, energetic baby.He loves the attention and loves the camera.
Leo was born at 33 weeks and 3 days weighing 4lb 6oz very tiny premmie but was very strong and brave throughout his time on neonatel hes such an amazing content little man 🥰
Kaiori is a handsome, happy, baby boy who has 2 nubs growing in. He says dada and is actively learning to crawl he loves dogs and reading whats not to love !
Happiest baby girl with the most silliest personality!
Shes a serene green bean!! And shes 9 days old!. Shes not much of a cryer, and loves to be bundled. Shes a very quiet but sweet babygirl. Stuffed with hugs and kisses! yall give dahlia grace some love!!
Livie Grace
Mama's little sassafras penguin ♡ Sassy, beautiful, and loving
León is a very friendly and loving boy. He likes to share toys with everyone! He likes doing sports such as soccer, swimming, basketball, etc. 🥰 Above all, he loves playing with his sister!
My name is Renly and I love both my mommy and daddy (but I’m a mommas’s boy). I love car rides, bath time, watching TikTok, and talking. I hate when I get the hiccups and when no one is paying attention to me.
Paysley Raine
She has a big imagination, loves taking pictures, enjoys being outdoors. Fun happy little girl 💕
Asher loves to smile, eat, and cuddling. He’s starting to learn how to laugh. When he’s not hungry or wet he’s a pretty chill baby!
im hunter i love eating apples and strawberries i was born with alots of hair nit that much. i love christmas
Alana was born at 27 weeks premature and was in icu for 3 months a little fighter
My handsome little man is such a sweet heart and a little wild too !! Loves cocomelon . His favorite food is sopita !
Hi, this is Sabal. I often like to go outside. If I don’t see anything interesting outside my parents call for Bella. She is our neighbor’s dog. On hearing her name Bella comes outside and she starts wagging her tail as soon as she sees me. I also like listening to baby rhymes and I dance along with the music. Right now I have almost 12 teeth. Please vote for me 😊 ❤️❤️Sabal ❤️❤️
Silly and loving
Bonnie Mae
The most smiley happy giggly baby ever! Nearly 5 months old and I love my gorgeous girl 💞
Hello world meet my beautiful energetic and talented babygirl Naylani Carter ! She enjoys running around the house screaming mommies name while learning to be independent! She is an only child for now but that deosnt stop her ! She enjoys minnies boutique , Bo on the Go and singing her abc's and 123's ! Voting for Naylani would mean a lot to us we look forward too you guys support 🤍
LEILANI is sweet and sassy! Loves to sing and dance to Disney songs. Playing with her dolls and rocks is her absolute favorite. Lol
Armani is the baby of 4 children. He has 3 older sisters. His daddy is his favorite person as he likes to mimic everything daddy does! His favorite place to be is at his Paran’s mechanic shop where his daddy works! His favorite things to play with are things he shouldn’t, of course; for example tools, cars and balls. He’s such a happy baby. His eyes and smile will brighten the worst of days!!
Leon is my first and only son he bring light into the dark times in my life. You may not see it but he is unfortunally delayed with having Dandy D Walker syndrome but he doesnt even let that bother him. Leon loves to smile and have his father hold him with his feet on the ground and bounce him from place to place which we like to call Ninja Baby! Another thing he loves is blowing rasberries and throwing his toys. I hope you could find it in your hearts to vote for him and show him that people DO CARE about him thank you and god bless
Kayson is 7 months old and he is such a ball of joy! He has been so happy and so sweet since the day he was born and we couldn’t ask for a better baby! He LOVESSS banana baby food and bananas in general 🍌🤩 He loves to talk gibber and laugh and be on the go AT ALL TIMES! Vote for this banana loving baby 💛
Maria wakes up smiling and loves to smell her own socks in the morning! She loves to dance cumbias and sing opera! Vote please! Let's win this for the gorditas!!🍕🍤🍩
I’m a 4 month old that loves the spotlight, my favorite is smiling and talking
My daughter loves playing with her animals and singing to them. She also loveeeees playing dress up in her lil princess costume. Her and Shrek (her brother) get along great!
Caleb Gabriel is the sweetest baby boy! He’s smart, loving, goofy, & has so much personality. He has so much love & makes everyone around him smile. I’m extremely proud of my one year old boy!
Iris is in love with the sound of other people laughing, and music makes her happiest. Her closest pals are her furry friends, a dog and 4 cats.
Ezia LOVES to dance!
Brayden is slightly autistic, but is an extremely happy kid. He loves Batman and captain underpants. He does amazing in school despite everything and loves giving hugs and kisses whenever he can.
I’m a 4 month old that loves the spotlight, my favorite is smiling and talking
Kason is going to make a month in a few days he was born at 36 weeks!! He likes swinging and loves to be held !
Jurnie was born on Easter Sunday at the residence after being sent home from hospital two times. He loves to laugh and smile. Very photogenic Lil one. Favorite food is ice cream. Loves Cocomelon and being around family. Should vote for him because he is a “miracle baby” who brought nothing but sunshine and hope to his mother, father, and entire family.
Cooper loves to laugh and is constantly finding his voice. He also loves music and when we dance with him.
Hes my 10 month old chunk who loves his big sissy and to play with his kitty. Hes the happiest baby ever and always has his cheesy little smile on his face❤
My first born.. My baby who will forever be my baby. My only girl... Has an attitude to drive you up the wall but her heart is pure gold.. Loves horses, and being a big sister to her brothers..
Ruger is such a sweet and energetic little man! He loves playing outside, help working, John Deere tractors or mow mows as he calls them, dinosaurs, and monster trucks.
My grandaughter is so adorable..loves to be held ..very smart and alert!! I just love her so much!!
Kaique is my third baby, my boobie baby. My two month, wearing 6month clothes, hair that won't stay down, Loves laying in his cradle board, listening to mama sing, enjoys sitting and tummy time baby...
Oliver was born with Tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresia, severe forms of congenital heart defects. Sense birth he has gone through one open heart surgery (one month), and lots of different appointments! He is one of the strongest, bravest, and sweetest babies I've ever seen 🥰 he has overcame so much already and is so ready and brave to take on whatever comes next! 💪🦸 He loves to play with his two big brothers, who help him learn to walk and talk 🥰 vote for our #ollieottley! 😊
With his button nose and baby blues Liam Matthew born 7.15.20 will captivate you with his cheerful smile! *Visit more photos of Liam on Instagram with his family! Kaylee.t95*
Braylen.... My second born, So loving, and caring but Wild in so many different ways.. Has a big, and wonderful imagination, and that smile, got to love his smile..