Baby Stories - 93


Mateo is our double rainbow baby after two losses and we’re so blessed to have him. His eyes and smile light up the world. He loves to be up and alert. He hold his own bottles already and can move himself from one side of his crib to the other!
Kaylyn is a very smart baby girl always smiling and trying to talk to anyone and everyone. Such a sweet soul
Maleynigh Jewls
Maleynigh is very self centered, she keeps to herself but loves her big brother. She has deep dimples, and a gorgeous smile! she absolutely loves to watch her COCO, and wear BIG BOWS. 🎀
Eli Noah
Eli is a charming baby! He loves to be rocked to sleep with the sound of nature! He also loves tummy time❤️
Willow loves to talk, smile,laugh and play with her toys. She doesnt like tummy time but rolls over on her back after she is done on her tummy. She loves her daddy and loves her aunts,uncle, her pop pop and her Mimi
Our beautiful babygirl was born a month premature she has shown a lot of growth, she has such a unique personality. She truly is a blessing
She is always laughing and smiling
She loves her mommy and daddy and she likes watching her daddy play video games and tv.
Javian is super outgoing & has such a kind heart
Princess LOVES music , especially from Cocomelon. 💙
The most joyful baby you may come across! Ayden has an amazing burst of energy that can brighten anyone’s day. He enjoys to play with musical instruments 🥁And no matter what you can always find him with a big smile on his face 😊
He is a Tiigger kind of baby -
Sweet, spicy and cute this little girl has us on our toes. Vote for Smiley Riley❤️
soy una pequeña calabasita
My handsome grandson 6 months old
James loves paw patrol and enjoys watching finding nemo, up , cars and lion king. His favorite thing to do is color with chalk or running around the house. He loves balloons
Alice Caitlin
alice is so adorable🥰
Hi I'm Jimmy, I'm a country boy. I love watching monster bucks and meat eaters with dad, love playing in the dirt, love my dog, and playing with my tractors. I love my momma and dancing with my 3 big sisters..
Hi my name is Maizleigh, I love to watch Garfield and talk to my doggies! I’m a mommas girl but love to pull my daddy’s beard❤️
Hi I’m Halston! I like to splash in the bath, play with my Cookie Monster, & stand up with help from my parents! Help me win so mommy and daddy can add the money in my piggy bank for when I am older!
Alaysia is my 🌈 baby and she’s so full of life 🥰 shes 6 months old and intuitive!! She loves chewing on everything and her favorite person is her daddy ❤️
Quinley is always smiling and laughing.! Her favorite thing to do is cuddle with mommy and watch the cat in the hat or watch daddy play his video games.
Sweet baby Joseph has the sweetest laugh and eyes that light up a room. He loves cuddles and kisseys he loves to hear music and loves to munch Cheetos just a sweet baby angel
Just trying to make my parents proud
Clementine is a little cutie! She loves to giggle In her sleep, and loves to cuddle with her mama. She must think she is really cute because she can stare at herself in the mirror for hours.
Kai is only 3 weeks old and tiny but has a big personality! He loves music and listening to his big sister read to him.
I’m his big sister he’s not my son but I’d want to get him to vote because he’s the most handsome boy you’d ever seen with bright pretty blue eye very loving and always smiling, laughing and love to be held on. He had a crush on every one of my friends lol and he’s such a good baby. Rarely cries, he has such a personality
Baby Landon is such a joy! He loves baths, swings and, dinosaurs!
Nova Josephine
Baby Nova is a super chilled baby. Born during a pandemic and growing beautifully. She loves to watch everything around her. You can find her relaxing in bunny ears and bouncing to baby tunes during the day. She sleeps all night in her new crib in her own room now. Amazing! She giggles if you hold her high like she knows she’s a star! But other then giving off the best baby cuddles she’s been an angel of a baby. I adore her so much already. Plus she looks like a real baby doll with her soft lightweight dark brown hair. Or her long fluttering eyelashes that melt your heart. Her super soft baby kisses mixed with her perfect lightly sun kissed skin tone she’s absolutely stunning! I can’t stop looking at her get to know her. Trust me you’ll love her. Follow Nova on Instagram @ novajosephine2020 and if your able to give us a vote we appreciate you! THANK YOU xxx
Naya is a happy little girl who is half danish and half African American👼🏼🤍
Amy will marvel you with her infectious smiles all day.
Miss Felicity is such a happy baby that’s full of chunky rolls and smiles :)
Baby Valois is just s blessing. And angel from above!!
Jayceon is an all around ball of energy ... Never a dull moment & such a big personality , mommys own personal gerber baby!
Blakeli had open heart surgery at 11 days old she is a strong little girl and has overcome several life threatening procedures and surgeries in just over a month. Some of Blakeli’s favorite things to do are being held by mommy and daddy, especially skin to skin, she loves mommy cuddles and daddy kisses she loves to hold mommy and daddy’s Finger why they talk or read to her. She loves when they read to her she loves music, Legs and butt patted, being rocked, and she really loved being nursed when she could do that.
Landon loves being talked to, and enjoys looking at everything. He also likes being in his swing and on his play mat.
Harrison is the funniest guy around! He loves talking to himself in the mirror, his kitten Marti, and smiling at everyone he meets! You can count on this little boy to make everyone’s day brighter.
Jackson is my little miracle. He makes my heart melt. He loves baths and looking around at everything. He smiles at everyone and his dogs.
Christopher is so beautiful and allot of fun! He was born weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce and went home the very next day and he’s been so full of life Since!
James is the best big brother to two other brothers he loves pokemon,cooking shows, and learning. He wants to grow up and make video games. He does dance, piano, taekwondo, scouts, and is in a bowling league, he loves learning new things and meeting new people. Please vote for him :)
She is always bright eyed and deffinetly a Mama's girl but loves her daddy. She has the prettiest will see
Atticus is 4 months old and loves cuddles with mommy, daddy, and brothers he loves his blankey and dinosaur binkey he is now trying to scoot and giggles
She is very smart and always smiling very active, she is already standing and military crawling lol, She is truly very special.
Miller is a mamas boy for sure. He’s just now starting to smile and coo and melts our hearts with his pretty blue eyes.
I love my mummy she is my world❤️