Loves being outside. Is very bossy and smart as well
She's very smart. Loves to play and is very eager to start preschool next year
Mckenna Rose
My little miracle. We love u so much babygirl!!!
Garrett is a happy baby all around. The moment he opens his eyes to the moment he closes them. He loves to keep mommy on her toes!!
Gabriella loves attention and will give smiles to everyone she meets.
Brayden Karter
Brayden is the most smiley and happy 5 month old ever ! He’s always laughing and bouncing around! He loves applesauce and loves playing with his lion soft book!
Carsen Is a smart blue-eyed boy he loves the out doors and has a warm heart❣️ and he Is fearless and a momma's boy❣️
Hello this is Ryder Jaye😊. He loves to act all grown watching his favorite show,will scream out loud for no good reason at all,for minutes at a time!🤣 He sure loves sweet taters and of course cant help but to crack a smile at every little thing,especially when pooping🥰 Can down his bottle of milk like it is no ones business and has a very strong relationship with and only with his LEFT foot😜🙄
Ashley love to dance . She say hello to everyone that past bye her . Always singing anything she hears. Love her smile .🥰🥰🥰🥰
Monica-millie came in to the world fighting on the 25th of July and she is the happiest little girl when she is cuddled up in her daddy arms. Or having her her lovely dark hair put in bows but doesn't like to get dressed..and that is our little star thanks for any votes xxx😍 ✨️
Oh the so many things you can say about this awesome little boy. He is a true gift from God that amazes us each and every day. He love his cars, dinosaurs, and anything outdoors. We cannot wait to see what he becomes!!!!!
Kye Legend
He's very entergetic happy and will make you laugh loves paw patrol has a pet named rubble !
I’m almost 1 month old ! I weighed 6 pounds and 6 oz when I was born. I love to eat & sleep; they are my favorite daily activities. My favorite thing to do is suck on my pacifier or my thumb.
Little Niklaus Cooley was born on July 21st, 2022🥰 he loves to smile and is very cuddly with chubby cheeks❤️ keep the votes up and thank you!
He loves sharkdog and food ❤️
Keenan Malik Hernandez
My name is keenan, Im a happy, loving baby, I like watching boss baby❤️I’m a very good boy I don’t cry much but I sure love to sleep
Kendrick is super spunky and goofy and loves to make you laugh. He has had a lot of health issues all of his life but that doesn’t stop him! He is truly amazing!
Remington was born 6 weeks early and weighed 4 pounds 6 ounces. Now he is a month old weighing over 8 pounds. He is a healthy happy baby boy. He is super cute loves you be held.
She loves the outside She likes animals Loves cuddles
Lucas loves music, exploring outside and splashing in the bath! He is so precious and so loved 💙
dawood is 2 yers old now always smlieing hes very smart boy hes so loveable and i love him so much . good luck everyone . xxx happy birthday to u on thursday 8th sep ur 2 yers old
Ricky love his family and friends everyday ❤️ loves to play, laughs with u, love to read, also loves animals just like his brother's, sister.
Rosemary is a very spontaneous little one . She’s loves outdoors and getting muddy. Muddy puddles are her favorite other then tasty fruit!
Oakley is a very active baby. She loves to try to achieve crawling and rolling over . Also enjoys trying new foods.
Henry Jr
Jr my first baby boy he loves animals friends and family, loves to play with other's and love's music, art's jr my everything 💙 love him everyday what matters what 🥰
Isabell loves her family and friends everyday ❤️ love to take pictures with me, loves to play my first baby girl can't believe she is 2
Tekla is a independent, strong, intelligent little girl who loves the color blue, walks in nature, and dancing to her favorite jams. She is also an Aquarius ♒️ 💜🦋 She loves everybody and is a mamas girl !!
Just a happy spoiled baby 🤍
Meet Kyle my 26 day old son. He’s the sweetest an loving baby ever. An when you see his smile you’ll catch baby fever
Emmett likes to make people laugh. He loves his dogs. He loves to dance to 60’s music. Emmett loves to explore his grandparents Blueberry Farm and loves to eat them as well!
I just turned 7 months old! I love rolling around and getting into stuff now that im on the move! I can screech so loud you’d think im a pterodactyl! I love being outside and always doing something, never can sit still!
I'm baby Louie im a energetic, smiley, funny boy with a big personality already! At only 6 months im super active and silly! I love snuggles and love Ms. Rachel where I get early learning. She brings a smile to my face every time we turn it on. I sleep all night and play all day! I'll catch your eye with my big smile!!!
Happiest baby in the world. 🤎
He is such a sweet baby boy full of joy and smiles how could you not vote for him?!
I love the beach, and making new friends to play with at the sand parks. My mommy takes me on the airplane, and I have so much fun traveling and seeing new places. I am mixed with Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish, Filipino and Colombian. I love all types of food but my favorite is fresh pita and hummus, and some yummy watermelon on a hot day! One day I hope to be a great musician, I love music and playing the drums.
Our beautiful baby boy who was born 6 weeks early! Now a healthy loving 6month old boy, vote for my baby as he’s not had it easy and trying to come out the other end stronger than ever before….my little fighter
Please do not vote ahead with daily exchanges so that we know who we owe advances to and who is daily thank you! She loves to draw and wants to be an artist. Very involved in academic team. I am a proud mommy! Straight A student.
Anthony loves his little brother & loves his family lots. He’s hilarious for a 2 yr old & incredibly smart. 🫶🏻
Yariahz is 9months he loves to crawl , and play with his grandma and dad , he also loves watching bubble guppies on his spare time , Yariahz is a very active baby and growing very fast , he loves his strawberry puffs , and loves to eat Yariahz also loves the camera and phone he is not camera shy . Thank you and good luck to all the others
Avery is a very intelligent girl who just turned 3! She loves interacting with people and keeping the conversation going! She always has something to talk about. She loves to sing the songs from frozen, the number song(in Spanish as well), & also the Spanish color song!
Camron is the sweetest boy. He loves snuggling and has such a kind heart. And his smile can melt the toughest heart
Brayleigh is the sweetest baby and so quite! She loves to spend her days laying on mommy’s chest and breastfeeding! She also loves to hang with her daddy and dogs! She is a ray of sunshine to everyone that loves her!
Ranaya is 3yrs old and is very outgoing,very happy,loves babies and doggies,and a tremendously smart toddler 🥰🤩if your having a bad day I promise she would make it 10x better❤️her heart is pure,sweet,and loving😘😘VOTE FOR MY PRINCESS I PROMISE IT WORTH IT 🥰🥰
I love cuddles with my mom and gaming with my dad :)
Hi My Name Is Esmeralda , Im 9 Months Old I Love To Crawl , Play With Mommy & My Sisters . My Favorite Food Is Bananas & Cheetos Puffs 🤞🏼My Favorite Movie Is Turning Red 🍓 Please Vote For Me & Good Luck To All Others Participating 💕
Liam loves dinosaurs and dragons! Also loves the outdoors!
Yaran Ahmed
My cute little girl loves eat fruit . ❤️❤️❤️ -------------- Exchange and Accepting Advance votes 600 Max i will return your votes please remind me before your contest start ... Thank you ...💕