Karaleen is 2 months old and is a very happy and alert baby. She’s always got a smile and will have a Baby talk conversation with you. Country music is her soothing music and loves it!! Karaleen loves her mommy and daddy.
Hi! i’m Olivia & i love food & spending time with family and friends at school!
Jax is a very loveable baby who loves to cuddle. He is such a sweetheart with a heart of gold already. He loves mickey mouse, his mommy, and most of all his papa!!
Maze is just A very happy and content baby. She loves paw patrol and relaxing in her swing.
Izzy is a beautiful, sweet, loving baby!
Bonnie is a rumbuxious toddler who knows what she wants and doesnt want. Shes a huge fan of paw patrol and loves her brothers very much!
Gabriel was born 15 weeks early his due date was February 24 2023 Gabriel was born November 11 2022 he is a fighter and has fought everyday being in the nicu he came home on Valentine’s Day ! He loves cuddles and his mama he’s such a happy boy ❤️
Jonathan Jr
Very entertaining
A sweet babbling 6 month old sweetheart of a daughter and the younger sister to Anastasia! Loves all animals and watching people
Hudson is always happy and Constantly trying to figure things out very determined little man.
He loves his motorbike 🏍️ loves going to school outdoors very kind kid
Hi I am miss elayani i am two month old ,I love taking pictures with my mommy, I love music , I love to listen to ms Rachel! I lovee eating, I also love sticking my tongue out ,My little Capricorn ♑️ beautiful blue eye baby, most sweetest babygirl ever!!
Athena loves to play with her dolls and do there hair. She loves fashion and to play dress up. She is a beautiful, kind, loving little girl. Please vote for Athena!
Isabella loves going to school she loves outdoors loves playing with her sister
What a wild boy we have here. Absolutely loves the outdoors (except for winter) and has such a personality that everyone loves on him immediately.
Scarlett Mae loves attention 💟 she likes to jump in her jumper and look around at everything. She also loves to eat and never misses a meal. She loves both of her older brothers and her older sister. Scarlett Mae is a happy baby all the time she loves to smile 😊
Amerie Rose
A’merie 🌹is the best little girl ever , very smart , loves to laugh a smile. She loves Ms.Rachel ! Her favorite thing is having her tongue out it’s so cute ! She loves food ! My colored eye baby! Loves to sleep with her mouth open ! My Leo ♌️ she’s such a cool kid 🥹
Kaylani is a very happy baby and full of love. She loves to be held and talked to.
Alaia is 5 months old and loves chewing on anything she can get her hands on. She just discovered her feet and she loves applesauce. Everything is her way or no way.
My boy jayce is now 7 months old ! He has duplicated tubes from his kidney to his bladder and undergone surgery last month due to blockage & now he’s doing great! This is one of my favourite pictures of him at 10 months old sitting in a pumpkin 🎃
Our handsome boy Maddox loves to smile his always happy he loves looking a fish 🐟 loves moving an rolling everywhere 💙💙
I love to smile & laugh all the time.
Jianalie is a happy bit funny baby. Always smiles and always shouts her dada. She crawls around when seeking for her daily dose of Jiji attention.
He is the most smiley little man you will ever see. Let me tell you he is an absolute ladies man!!
Greyson loves to play ball, eat good food, and hang out with his older sister!
Everleigh is a sassy, 2 month old. Her favorite things are tummy time and frozen sing alongs. Her favorite food at the moment is milk of the breast or enfamil variety. Grandpa is definitely wrapped around he finger. She coo’s when she is happy and lets you know when she’s not
She loves to take naps and give smiles to mom and dad
He loves to help with his little sister hes a sassy loving caring little boy ❤️
Gilbert is 2 months old and he likes to smile
Zel is so funny and she is very much a girlie girl. She loves all princess movies and playing with her siblings.
Hi my name is Logan!! I just turned 4 and I am spontaneous, funny and a smart little boy! I love riding my snowmobile, horse back riding, going to the playground and trampoline parks! Monster trucks is what I collect and play with all day long!
Hi my name is Aceyn, I just turned 1 on Valentine’s Day! I am loving real food, Lucky charms are my favorite! I love to walk around the house now that I know how to work these feet. I’m 26lbs and love riding my bike!
Harper is the Happiest baby, always smiling. She loves her peeps, getting more vocal. Loves her big brother, he can make her crack up laughing.
I'm a NICU baby! 10 weeks early but stronger than ever. I love cuddling, staring out the window, smiling and sleeping on my mamas chest ❤️
Keona is a loving and happy 9 month old he loves his family and he especially loves his big brother Kimo. Keona is very loved and blessed by everyone he meets.
Mylah is a bundle of energy. She’s always smiling and loves to listen to singing and music.
Tyran has a great personality he is 1 years old he loves playing he is a very jolly baby. He is a mommas boy he love Mickey Mouse and Cocomelon 🫶🏽
This is my almost 8 month old. She loves waffles,to walk along the couch and tv remotes lol. Ain’t she cute ?
Kenzie Jo
Very lovable, outgoing and sweet girl! Loves make up and doing Tik toks. Enjoys cheering and gymnastics.
Nevaeh is a very bright and clever baby girl , she loves to play with musical toys and whenever we are around people the first thing they notice is her beautiful eyes 🥰
This little daredevil loves bananas and to drive mommy nuts. Hes an outside boy and the minute you try bringing him inside he throws the biggest fit.
Robert loves to play outside. Watch mama clean and sometime try to help mama to. He loves playing with his toy firetrucks alot.
Vivian is active, always on the move with her big smile. She loves talking and exploring the world around her.
Dellie Bean is our 11 week old Rainbow baby! She was born the day after Christmas, 5 weeks early and has turned into our big girl so fast! She loves tummy time, the bath, and laughing.
Her smile and laugh makes my day way better and spending time with family.