Baby Stories - 92


Greyson was born on July 12th my sweet pride & joy. He’s such a happy baby and is meeting all milestones. I’m so proud to be his mommy 💞
Meet Baby Lee. He is 2 months old. He's the sweetest baby boy, and would love your vote!
She is 6 months old, she loves all 3 of her brothers very much. She already says dada, she’s learning to sit, she’s trying to crawl & she has a great personality 💕💕 please vote for this beautiful baby girl🥰🥰
Atreus is an amazing young boy who LOVES his favorite show pocoyo! He also loves cars , dinosaurs and going outside to play!❤️ But be careful his smile is contagious 😆
Josiah Just Turned BIG ONE September 17th 💙 I am so blessed to be able to call him son 🤞🏽 He Has Grown So Fast 🥺 hes Walking , has tons of teeth , Says A Few Words , Loves Playing Peek A Boo , And Loves Clapping His Hands 💙 I Have Never Seen Such A Happy Baby Like Josiah . He Gets So Excited About Everything 🤞🏽 As long as he is happy I will be too 🥰
A killer monster baby
Hi my name is Ma’Layah and I love to play with my sissy and walk around like I own the place cause I’m the princess🥰 I’m the sweetest sour patch you’ll ever meet 😘
Delena Noel Grace
Delena is 9 months old and the light of her parent's lives! She is always laughing and smiling and showing off her big beautiful eyes! 😍
Leo like to eat and sleep he a very peaceful baby he good baby very smart and he loves to be around he family
I’m in the process of trying to walk, I love Dr.Pepper & to eat anything edible and able to chew . I love Mickey Mouse and love to be tickled. Most of all I love my family and friends ❤️
Josephine has been the biggest blessing in my life, saving me from myself at my darkest time. She loves to go outside, snuggle with her momma, and crash into everyone and everything with her walker. She’s one happy girl with a sassy attitude to go with it.
💕💕Mama Squad💕💕Accepting advance votes! 🌹💙Grayson is such a happy baby! He is 15 months old. He loves Mickey Mouse, music, and cars! Grayson also likes Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. Anything with colors and music definitely catches his attention! He is always on the move ever since he learned how to walk. He loves walking around, chasing his cats and dog, and cuddles!! He’s also learning sign language and knows 8 different signs! His smile is definitely contagious. Please vote for our little man! 💙🌹Like our page!! Comment when done and put your link so we can return the favor!!
A curious mind with a soulful smile. He easily gravitates toward people and any outdoor activities.
Niyah Love Her Mommy and Daddy
Griffin is a very active little boy who loves pizza, playing outside, & puppies…. Most of all his dog Shaq!
Leah is 2 months old very active baby. Loves being outside and loves the camara she is a very happy baby.
Hello please vote for my precious little peanut maliha. She is growing so big so fast and loves to smile.
Sadie is the funniest little thang! Persevere should've been her middle name❤️ #NICUGRAD she loves hot relaxing bubble baths, chewing on those hands and playing with her newly found little toes! 🤗
Alison is happy talkative girl she likes to make sure she is heard by getting as loud as she can. She is happiest when all the attention is on her!
He's Such a happy baby, enjoys Canticos Nick Jr , Loves to dance
Atlus can hold his own head up, sit up almost by himself. He loves snuggles with mommy and morning talks, he loves to watch coco melon and Mickey Mouse.
Elizabeth Jones
She loves to smile,she always put a smile on everyone’s face because she is the cutest.
Aria is our sweet and carefree rainbow baby. She loves anything pink, mermaids and unicorns. She also loves playing with her big brother.
Ember is a miracle baby an also a rainbow baby when my daughter in law found out she was pregnant with her they said she may not make it.long an behold she is a beautiful healthy baby girl
Cayleigh is 10 months learning new milestones and more! She loves being independent and loves to laugh. She brings the most out of people with her beautiful smile. Loves playing with her toys and loves to work on her baby steps. Vote for my little girl.
Addy LOVE cocomelon and snuggling with mommy and daddy!
Loves candy
Jameson is almost three months old and is the happiest baby boy! He is very vocal and loves laughing at being tickled and LOVES to yell at me to tell me he HATES tummy time!
Maybelline love smiling and talking to mommy and daddy 💞 loves tummy time and loves sleeping alot
Aubrielle was born early on September 15th 2021! Her life although short thus far has been full of love and snuggles by family and friends. Her best friend is her older brother who loves kissing on her all day!
Elijah is blessed to always be joyfull always happy .He literally dont cry for anything.
Tristian loves heavy equipment and cartoons. He also loves motorcycles and playing outside!
Braxton is such a sweet baby! He loves to be loved and his smile will light up anyone’s world ❤️ He loves his bottle and of course is swaddle blanket 💙 this baby is a blessing
Luca Brayden is a sweet, funny, charming little guy. He loves Blippi, Spider-Man & Thomas the Train. He loves to travel with mommy, daddy, Gigi and his uncle. He likes big trucks & he’s all boy. His attitude is as big as his hair sometimes 🙄😂 but he’s incredibly smart & intuitive.
Oaklee is 2 months old, he is the happiest boy. He loves curious George and his paci💛
Octavia loves Mommy holding her and she absolutely loves being rocked. Octavia also loves when mommy breast feeds
Stealing your heart in one smile .
Very loving baby boy, loves to cuddle and watch cocomelon! He loves play time with mommy and daddy
Daxton is the happiest baby! He loves dogs, cuddling, toys that make noise, anything he can chew and of course his mama & dada!
She is a fighter she was born premature and is the cutest thing ever
Cecelia is such a happy baby with a funny personality!! She loves mornings, baths, snuggling, outdoors, talking, laughing, and her 2 fur brothers 🐶🐶 She thinks they are hilarious!
He loves to laugh ❤️
💕💕 Mama Squad 💕💕Lilliana is a loving 2 1/2 year old sweet baby girl! She is the light to our life, and her siblings ADORE her! As do us! If anyone wants to Advance to her we’d gladly accept! Happy voting! 🖤🧡🎃🍁
My names luka and I love my mommy💙, and chewing on everything but my toys, I love tubby time and I love my blanket.
Zhuri is 7 months & full of smiles, laughs & happiness! She enjoys hugs, kisses & Mickey Mouse. She’s learning how to crawl and is very busy. She’s a very happy, lovely baby!
Zion is a month old, loves to sleep, roll his eyes and grunt😀