Baby Stories - 92


5 Months Old ❤️ He loves to be silly lol
He loves his mickey mouse && his mommy !😂💙 he soooo sweet 😩 hes such a blessing!! he makes my day alot better !:( he such a good baby. Hes so happy all the time. Im so thankful for him 💝🙏
Rasim 😊 happy boy, love play with him brother and doggie 🐶. like spiderman story. like dancing and singing 🎤. make parents live happy 😃
Rustam big boy. love play ps4, play in yhe park with friends.
Baby Ry... 2 months old ... loves to listen to someone talking to her !
My name is Aurora, I love bananas and apple sauce, and I’m the cuttest thing ever 🥺
Cattaleya Herrera
She loves to dance the song that gets her dancing is baby shark she always has a smile and is laughing
Payton loves her cocomelon show every single morning at 8 A.M. She loves to talk to mommy and cuddle with her when she wakes up, and she’s such a squiggle worm in the morning. She likes to tell you hey and give you high fives the best way she can. 😂❤️
Wyatt is a happy, healthy, active baby! He has already held his bottle all on his own and has rolled over from back to belly twice. He is a deeply loved little rainbow baby!
Auggie Jo. He enjoys long walks on the beach and dreaming about cheeseburgers.
Leora is currently 7 weeks old, she loves to smile as you will notice in some of her pictures. She’s such a happy and content baby & im so lucky! She Enjoys walks outdoors and Tummy time is her favourite. 💗
Ezra keeps trying to explore the world around him and is already turning himself on his side! He's a snuggle bug and he's been making friends with his fuzzy brother and sister
He loves to eat, sleep during the day, and he loves to be held by his family. He also smiles and coos a lot. He is a happy little boy.
Everly is going on 14 months and she loves bananas and milk! She’s independent and so playful. We love our Everly!
She is so sweet and calm, she is beautiful and bright eyed already. She loves to snuggle and listen to music.
Prince is a loving, calm little one. He loves snuggles and kisses to the forehead. He loves when you sing to him.
She loves her sister and she loves her brothers and she is always so happy and she is nains and taids girl we love her so much
Bryson Hand
My favorite show is Garfield!! I love cuddling with my mommy and new baby brother 💘 I also love playing outside.
Hes the happiest most loving and affectionate handsome little man 🥰
My name is Skylar i am a happy 2month old that loves to play with my mom and dad and my brothers .im always smiling and talking away
I am 8 days old!!! I love snuggles with momma!!! I have a BIG brother and I mostly eat and sleep right now!!!
Rayshon, Boss Baby, Baby RJ or Sweet Baby Ray are some of his titles. Rayshon is a big ball of energy, he loves bath time, cuddling with mama and dada 🥰 and singing and dancing! He is always on the move.
D’Areigh is such a happy baby, she loves to laugh, “talk”(allday), relax in her swing and tries to crawl already lol. She’s only 2 months but she’s definitely full of life
I love cuddles with my mommy & watching daddy talk. I love sweet potatoes!!
This is Easton.
My favorite thing is to cuddle with my mommy & watch daddy talk. My favorite thing to eat is sweet potatoes. I’m growing so fast!
Magnus is super lovable and will love you! He loves playing in his gym and looking for Daddy when he's at work❤welp hello from Minnesota der
Hi this is declan and he loves to cuddle with his mama and sleep in his swing. My hair is snow white and is the first thing people make comment on!!!
She already is showy her feisty personality!
Miguel loves playing and listening to music ❤️ My big 1 year old loves smiles and cuddles vote for him
Xander is an absolutely amazing baby boy. He loves to run around and be chased by mommy and daddy. He enjoys a variety of foods and loves getting messy. His favorite things are the outdoors, music, his family, and dancing. He has the most beautiful smile and is always as happy as can be.
He loves boss baby & playing outside 🥰
He loves his family, his Mobile and The little Einstein’s 🥰
My sweet princess, my happy little mamas!
Lilith is a gtube baby living life to the fullest! She loves her sister and dog, and talks all day long.
Aviyan is 2 months old and full of smiles!
This is Thomas, he is a fun loving baby who always has a smile on his face!
This is Kalli! Our little miracle baby was born on May 18th at 7:34 PM weighing at 8 lbs, 5 oz, and 12 1/2 inches long! Kal is the happiest baby you could ever meet! She smiles, laughs, and even crawls already! She loves her babas, her toys, lights, and snuggles with her mama and dada before bed❤️
Vote violet-rose please because every baby is beautiful in their own way so all the babies on here deserve votes
She's very energetic, loves to play outdoors, if your feeling down she's the one you can rely on ,she's very caring person ,she loves to make friends ,she's very friendly
Harmony-Grace is 13 weeks old and such a little character, she was born very small at only 4lbs,4 and still really is quite small x
Jazier was born six days before his mommy’s birthday. He has an older brother that adores him and he loves to smile at the silliest of things.
Case Wayne has blue eyes and red hair. He was born with a rare genetic defect called Poland syndrome but that doesn’t stop him from being an active little boy! ❤️
Hiii, I’m Avyon Reece!! I’m almost a big 3 month old. The time is fying by and I can’t wait to talk to my mommy and daddy! Mommy says I’m a pretty great cuddler & I also love car ride! All you gotta do is talk to me and I will give you a smile! I’m such a happy boy! 💚
A beautiful ray of light, that shines bright, our Breille.
He loves playing football also loves wrestling he loves to cuddle and hang out with his mom and dad
A little rock star who sings and dances. A couragous climber. She loves fruit, flowers and destroying block towers. A walking enthusiast with a lot of pet rubber ducks. 🎶👣🍑🦆