Baby Stories - 91


Sebastián loves watching coco melon 🥥🍉 && his favorite pal is Woody ❤️ He is a big cuddler 🥰
She is beautiful smart and a very special baby...She has came along way from being premature..My lil princess is Truly a blessing/gift from God😍💚😘🙏🏾🙏🏾💪🏿
Steven Jr
Steven is a very smart little boy he knows all his planets his abcs and knows how to read and spell
Journey is funny n loving .She is very smart🙏💖😉
Mahylah is a very laid back happy baby she live getting attention from all her family
Malcom is a lovely and caring little boy. He is my world and i love him xxx
Rian Karter 💞 is a loving baby boy with a big personality. He loves to smile and laugh. His big brown eyes and smile will light up a room and your heart ❤
Lorenzo is such a happy and joyful baby. His smile is so bright and you can’t help but to fall in love with him ♥️
Emit is 5 1/2 months old and he loves to hear himself. With that being said he figured out he can change the tone of his sounds and we have the most screaming conversations ever. He loves when mommy reads to him and over all a happy, healthy baby.
Hi im troy, i love baths and being warm. I hate the cold. Im named after my grandpa troy who lives in heaven. I love laying on my momma. Thank you for stopping by pls hit the vote.
Kingston loves smiling, talking, and his Mama! His favorite is bath time with his rubber ducky 💛
She’s very smart, bad and has a bad attitude but she’s so full of life. Every moment she has to make you smile she will. She’s so goofy it’s cute
Loves a tickle and a giggle
Emitt turned two months on Halloween 🎃 He was born a month early, but didn't let that stop him. He came out strong and happy. He is the sweetest, happiest boy! Always smiling, and never fails to make his mom's melt in a big puddle. Help this beautiful blue eyed boy get some votes.
Loves to cuddle with mom and watch cartoons
Hi, I'm James and I'm two months old! I'm a little on the small side right now because I couldn't wait to meet my family, and was born over 3 weeks early. I had a little trouble breathing at first, but I'm doing great now! My favorite things to do are snuggling with Mama, making my big brother giggle, and cooing at Daddy. I would really love it if you voted for me and I hope you have a blessed day!
Remy is a sweet face boy. He’s about to be 3 weeks old. I love his tiny nose n sweet chubby cheeks
Ja'Kavion is a sour patch kid. He a hard headed lil boy with a bad attitude, but has a heart of gold. He loves to play with others and has a great imagination.
Ryder is 6 months absolutely the sweetest baby. Says Da da, ma ma, hi,ya, can roll and scoot,very happy loving baby with cutest smile and laugh.
Carter is such a happy, loveable baby with the cutest dimples. He will make u smile with awesome personality. Vote for him!
Kobe might have been born over a month early and spent his first 2 weeks in NICU but this boy is full of so much energy and love and is growing so much he loves kisses and loves to make spit bubbles
Jasiera likes to make noises while she's sleeping she can also turn a bad day into a good day. She loves when you talk to her. She jumps at every loud noise weather awake or asleep 😂. She has the most precious smile ever.
Moses loves to watch coco melon & play with his toys 🥰
I maybe tiny but boy am i cheeky
Jamera is full of energy. She loves to dance and be a great big sister.
Phoenix loves to bounce and go on long car rides. He loves it when u make funny noises or shake his favorate fox toy at him. He loves to show everyone that hes got lots of love and big smiles
Lily likes the beach and swimming.
Braydon has so much personality it is awesome. He is the baby of the whole family with the next to youngest being 11 so everybody makes over him so much. He loves to dance but it is so funny because it looks like he is flexing his little baby abs when he is..
Cody is a kind boy he has adhd so he's always excited and he loves to play fortnite and and Roblox
Aracelia is outgoing, loud, silly and so smart! She loves to eat and get into anything she can at the moment! She’s always on the go! Vote for this beauty ❣️
Emoree is the sweetest little bundle of joy. She loves her daddy's voice and him talking to her. She loves cuddles and loves to eat!
She loves to smile !very happy baby ! She loves to play with others 😊
Enzo “Ballz” loves to go on adventures with mommy and daddy. He also enjoys chewing on everything he can reach. His favorite animals are dinosaurs and cats.
Lillian is the happiest baby! She loves everybody, and I just want to give her everything in life ❤️
Marshall loves to take pictures, eat, play peek a boo, and watch Little Baby Bum! My sweet boy is gonna be a year old next month! 😭😍
Larissa is top of her class and incredibly creative! She aspires to be a culinary chef some day and own her own restaurant. She's my blessing
She is such a calm and sweet baby
My grandson came early and is a good baby that melts my heart. Father Corey SR
My boy is so happy an lovable. You'll love with him in a heart beat!
Camila is the sweetest and happiest little baby around! And she loves to laugh!
Jaxtyn Carter
Our sweet miracle baby is almost a month old!! He loves to be held by mommy, loves when daddy dances with him & loves his Big Bubba 🖤
My name is Annabelle I’m 9 months old!! I have blue eyes and I love eating but I definitely love my big brother
Kaiser is a sweet little boy who loves to be held, country music, car rides and going to church💕
My name is Skylynn heavenly Marie. I’m my mommies first full term baby. Im 5 months old and I’m full of love. I’m smart funny and very out going for my age. I have 2 teeth and big blue eye