Baby Stories - 91


Asher is the happiest baby! Always smiling and giggling. He loves babbling and blowing bubbles and being talked to. He almost never cries!
Arianna is a very happy baby she always smiles with every body it does not matter what shes going thru
My name is Naemi and I love the ceiling fan and tv! I am one month old and I am honduran/american. My favorite drink is milk and I love blowing bubbles with my mouth, smiling, chewing my fingers, and hugs with family.
My name is Kynnedi Reign Sanders🥰 I’m so excited to introduce you to the new possible “bidiboo” or “gerber” baby! So this is my Actual Invitation to the “cutest BABY GIRL on EARTH “ BABY KYNNEDI 💜
This girl is so energetic and loving. ❤️
Kali is a beautiful butterfly full of life. She is a happy baby that loves to smile and laugh
Israel is the happiest baby ever !! All he do is Smile,Eat and laugh all day. He LOVES taking pictures!
I’m Payton. I’m 6months old, I love bananas, riding around, bouncing, and making funny faces. Outside is my favorite place! I’m cutting my first tooth! I’ve learned how to sit up on my own, I don’t really care for naps, but I love to snuggle. I’m a tad spoiled but don’t tell my mommy and daddy I admitted it. Thank you for checking out my link. Please it the vote button!
Addison loves to laugh she loves rolling over playing with her feel she is a very happy baby her favorite word is Dadda
Ollie is almost 2 . He has such an amazing personality and the most beautiful smile ever in the world . He really knows how to make everyday day . His favorite thing to do for people is smile and growl :)
Camire And Camira
Girl and boy Twins Camire and Camira loves to laugh. They literally laugh at any and everything. Such happy babies and very alert at just 3 months old. So much personality in such little bodies 🥰🥰
Daveon jr loves to laugh and he will sit and have a whole conversation with you. He spends the day taking naps and smiling at people.
Gwendolyn is a very bubbly very happy baby. A joy to be around. Her smile will make your day.
Jaylen is my loving, happy,playful,rainbow baby! He loves playing outdoors and his kitty!
Jaidyn is an outdoorsman, he loves building things and experimenting!!!
Cameron is the funniest and sweetest 2 year old I know. He loves everything sports related and he is all BOY. He constantly lights up a room with his smile and infectious laughter and never meets a stranger.
I’m been told I’m really funny, a good dancer, and a natural ball player.
Riaan is our god sent child. He brings so much love and joy in our life. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He is mommies boy! ❤️
Darius Damian
We love to smile😀☺️
Kaisyn goes to bed smiling and he wakes up smiling ... those beautiful blue eyes speak for themselves‼‼
Jerzi Jahzi
Their only a month old and I noticed I can not separate them for too long without them acting up .😍
I love naps, eating, and cuddling with mommy.
Grace Elizabeth
She is our little miracle child a surprise but a nice one 🥰
Lily is a bright young gril who is very smart shes always climbing on stuff and love to feed the dogs her food before she eats lol
Hello World Im Baby Herman 👶 Im 5 months & I like to play with my hands and i love watching blue clues ! My Smile Lights Up A Room , dont believe me ask my mommy and daddy 🤍
This sweet little spunky girl it such a blessing to our family she loves to wave take steps and get into things she’s not supposed to ☺️
My Name is Bronya, I am 2 years old, i like Peppa Pig and Spongebob Square Pants. I really like spending time with my family as it makes me happy. I love yoghurts but i make a lot of mess with them. I play with my toys all day, my favourite toys are my babies and my princess dolls. I sing songs and like to count to 10.
Cain is a miracle from God,he was born 2 months early, he has beat every odd against him his first year of birth.He is a tremendously happy baby boy.Never cries always smiling and making noises,he keeps us smiling 24/7. He melts everyones heart that comes across his path in life.
Jaiven is very jovial she loves music, singing, pets and always wants to help whether its walking the dog or assist baking cookies, she also enjoys a game of hide and seek.
Freya is three months old, she is filled with smiles and giggles. She is determined to already try and do things on her own, she is my world
Alyssia was born on August 8 2020. She likes playing peek a boo, bouncing in her bouncer and crawling and listening to mommy and daddy read books!! Her favorite show is cocomelon 😁😁😁
Maizy is 2 months old and is already so curious about the world around her. She loves walks on the beach and falling asleep to songs by the black eyed peas (so random, we know!) Her eyes are as blue as the ocean and she is the sweetest little angel around.
Ja Leayah
Ja’Leayah is 3 months old. She loves to laugh, talk and put her tiny fingers in her mouth . She loves everyone she come a cross. She love strawberry ice cream flavor . She likes to be tickle . She also loves mommy so much . She loves to kick her legs and scream from the top of her lungs . She loves action movies and to dance
Casper is a loving little boy, he’s always happy, always playful and always making everyone laugh he’s a gorgeous little boy and makes mummy proud every day
Zayden is a sweet baby boy who loves hugs and likes to eat. Even though he was born 3 weeks earlier he is already holding his head up and able to open his eyes completely.
Lennox is the sweetest baby. Always giggling with his big brother and sister.
Amarion A
Well you can see I’m the cutest baby in the world without trying I get it from my parents 👶😊 come vote for me and see my Charmy side of being the cutest baby 👶 🍼😊 #newpage
She loves to be held to where she can see everyone, she is so strong already and love to watch cartoons, she is growing so fast! She is becoming very smiley and is a happy baby❤️
Adelaide is only two weeks old and already has such a fun personality and is so beautiful. We’re proud to be her Parents.
Adrian is turning 4 on April 4th! He loves playing outside, playing with toys and dancing!
She loves to eat all the food she can get . She love to smile and now learning how to laugh. She’s very talkative . She loves to kick her legs and throw her arms up in the air
Christopher is a very outgoing, loving ,vibrant child. He loves to play with his baby sister and big trucks. He will light up the room with his smile he is very caring and thoughtful.
Elias Quenten Mariscal, he is my secound born son, he loves the outdoors! He loves to show off in fromy of the family but is super shy around anyome else.
Kayci McKinley
I love to talk, sing, and cuddle. I seem to never stop smiling
Jess is such a funny and happy boy. He loves to stand and talk to mommy and daddy!!!! His favorite tv show is Rollie pillow ollie.
Jaxon loves smiling, crawling and talking. He is trying to walk... he is perfect in every way❤️