Thomas is a cheeky, playful, lovable little rainbow baby who deserves the world 💙
Joris loves to go outside, play and adores swing
Arthur is a cheeky one year old with a smile that lights up the room. He loves his food and his favourite toy is a ball ⚽️💜
Lilleighan is 10months old, she loves animals, playing outside in the dirt, and fishing 😅 she’s daddy’s girl and mommy’s world.!
Ashkan was named 13th in United Kingdom and 163rd in the Bidiboo world contest at age 2 months. Here this cute champ is back again to get some more love and attention. He is 4 months old now and already stealing hearts. Ashkan is named after a Persian famous Prince and he is reflecting as exactly what his name means. Very social, thoughtful, cuddle and food lover, loves to laugh and spread joy among his people. He has shown some great strengths in just a short period of his reign in our life. He has such a special characteristic and is a brave boy. I am sure he deserves a lot of votes ♥️🥰
Mason loves to smile a lot , he’s a daddy’s boy during the day and mommy’s boy during the night , his disability doesn’t stop him from being himself..
This is Hunter he’s such a happy smiley little boy so advanced for his age
Very active little girl.
Rayna is almost 4 and she excels at learning. She loves to explore and use her creativity and imagination.
Ava is an outgoing and bubbly girl. She enjoys playing outside and playing with her dolls.
My name is Khloe I’m 6 months old and I love meeting new people and just bringing a smile to everyone’s face.
Nikkiea Claudia Marie Powers is a playful amazingly intelligent 8 month old young lady,the youngest of a dozen siblings Her personality is so colorful. Put your sunglasses 😎 on cause the future is blinding bright for this girl. Nikkiea is a gravitated to all music 🎵🎶 from Rock to bluegrass country... She is her Daddy's Royal Princess and her Mother's Beautiful disaster.. please give Nikkiea a vote.This is not only Future Miss America but Nikkiea is gonna be a word leader some day with her cat mittens by her side
Hi my name is liberty I am 1 year old I have the biggest smile u will ever see I am full of love an ready to give it I have so much personality in just one tiny body I’m full of laughter love an Curiosity I’m one of the most upbeat out going baby’s you will ever come in contact with if you would please leave a vote for me 🧡
Fun loving and bubbly baby!
Jaxston loves to eat, play with his toys & is now crawling. He's loves to say "mama" & "dada". His favorite movie is “Luca”, he goes crazy when he hears the opening song lol. You will always find him with a smile on his face!!
Ryker is almost 8 months old! He loves to hold peoples hand and babble all day long & also loves Mickey mouse😂❤️
Hey Everyone my name is Magnolia Madilen and I am a sweet little 1 month old!!🤍🌸
Hello world! This is Nina, cutest and wildest baby around lol. She just turned 7 months old, she LOVES pictures, music and people! She’s definitely a daddy’s girl but she’s mom's little twin. Also, she loves calling her abuelos over the phone every day ❤️. We thank you for your votes!
Ezra loves to laugh and smile! He loves sweet potatoes and petting our kitty cats!
Ayden is a unique, intelligent, handsome boy. Loves Pizza Rolls and showing off how smart he is. He is full of love to give. Has such a big ❤️ Loves the out doors and fishing. Maybe loves his tablet a little to much 😂
She loves baby food and peek a boo. She's got a natural gift for making people smile. Belly full of giggles. She loves being the center of attention. She's mommy and daddys happy baby and whole world.
My baby girl is full of life. If she knows you she's a social butterfly. She absolutely loves being outside and playing with the neighborhood kids. She's the true definition of a diva. She's very intelligent and loves to learn.She's her Mommy's and Step Dad's Princess.
Deshon Jr.
Deshon is an extraordinary little bundle of joy!!! He enjoys cooing, pooping, and tummy time!!
Zoey is the brightest and cutest girl❤️ She loves anything ducks!
Jah’Zaria Is 17 Months Old She Is The Sweetest Baby Ever She Bring Joy To Everyone
Deacon likes to eat, play with mommy and give lots of kisses !! He’s spoiled by his grandparents a bunch but also by mommy ☺️ He also loves trying to talk to you and loves going outside. Stops crying automatically when we step outside with him. He’s a very loving, cuddly, and cute happy baby ❤️🥹
Weston likes to watch paw patrol and play toys with his older brother Michael!
Michael enjoys watching Mario, paw patrol and pj masks
Hi I'm Prince Bryan, I'm a very smiling and happy baby. and I would love for you to vote for me to make me smile even more.
My name is Serenity, I’m 2.5 years old but I tell everyone I’m 5 or 9. I like baby shark(baby shark backpack, baby shark pull ups, baby shark bed. I like taking pictures because “I look pretty!” I like making people smile and laugh. Please vote for me ! 🥰 Thank you
My Aaliyah baby is such a happy baby always smiling and laughing. She loves watching baby shark and jumping in her bouncer chair. Overall she can brighten up any room with her beautiful smile.
Hi i’m Cooper & im the sweetest one… at least that’s what my mama always tells me. I’m only 3 months old, but i’m told im very advanced for my age. I’m raised by my single mama & my gigi which just means I’m never without snuggles or attention. I love to smile & i love eating. Being outside makes me very sleepy, i think because of how calm it feels. I enjoy watching bluey & mickeyyyy while bouncing in my jumper. My mama pinches at my cheeks i think way often. but she adores me! how could you not?
Hi, I’m Callie! I love you play out doors, watch cartoons and play with my puppy’s!
Hi my son name is Brentley James. He is 1 year old and such an outgoing little boy. he our blue eyes blonde hair little guy❤️
Declan had a rough start, he’s doing much better and we love him so much!!
Ariah is a sweet SASSY girl who’s Always happy , she loves to swim and be outside ! , can’t forget about mermaids those are her favorite ! ❤️👑
Jeramiah is my sweet mommas boy he likes to be silly and play with dinosaurs & can’t forget about blippi !
Olivianna is an absolute sweetheart! Loves to bite everything, smile, and laugh! She is an amazing happy baby!
She loves to eat and play she loves baths and her bestfriend her doggie otto
Kinsley love fishing, swimming, singing and making friends with humans and animals. She has pretty blue eyes and a big smile thay will brighten your day!
Greyson love to laugh and play. Poor little guy is getting surgery next month, he has a disorder called hypospadias so the surgery will hopefully fix it.
This amazing little one is never without a smile! Wakes up with one and goes to sleep with one! Always brightens everyone’s day - we hope she brightens yours as well! ❤️