Journee is my 2 month old baby. She love her bed time. She is very active trying to move around already. And what she loves the most is cuddle time with mommy
Damon Rogue
Damon loves to talk to his mom and dad and is even trying to say “I love you back” He is already rolling over and sitting up with support and is infatuated with his and mommy’s hands. He loves his milk and his furry sissy, Suede. He’s always happy and ready to cuddle
Our precious rainbow baby Amelia is most happy when shes being held by her momma. Her 4 year old brother just lights up her world and puts the biggest smile on her face. Shes an outgoing and social baby that gets giddy and excited meeting new people.
Maverick is such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing. He loves animals and his momma is his bestfriend.
Mason is 8 months old.He is a very happy Baby.Almost always smiling.He loves being around his mom and dad.He loves his dog.Mason loves eating baby pears and peaches,loves holding his toys and playing patty Cake and head and shoulders.
Ivyana love’s watching tv and being in her swing she also love’s Jazz music …. Her favorite people are Mommy and Daddy
Qaaria is 10 months old and loves dancing learning and most of all eating!! She is my chunky baby and very smart!!
Noah is the sweetest little baby! He is starting to smile & giggle! He loves his mommy, daddy, & siblings very much!! His hair & dimples are to die for!! Vote for Noah!!!! 💙
Ja'Colby will be 4 months old this months on the 27th. He just learned to hold his head up. He loves his tubby time. Loves spending time with grampa and grammy. Loves just being in his diaper.
Amairani is full of life! This sweet, spunky, smart 8 month old loves being in front of the camera. She is absolutely gorgeous (and she knows it) Vote for my sweet girl!
My boy is so happy and he like the sound of music
Luca loves smiling and giggling at mommy and daddy and making them laugh. He loves his kitties; Milton, Mary, Hendrix and Stinky. He loves watching Hey Bear videos and especially loves the blueberries. He squeals everytime they come on the screen.
Colton loves giggling, cuddling with mamaw, and eating applesauce!
She is a very content and smart baby girl! Right now she loves to eat and sleep LOL.. even though the pregnancy was full term she was preemie size but she is very Mighty for how little she is! Also a very happy baby!
Because she’s funny nice loving caring and she’s a great entertainer this is why you should vote for her
Rowan is an energetic, sweet, loving, to smart for his own good little man. He loves to keep us on our toes and make everyone around him laugh. He brings joy to everyone he comes around. And can always brighten your day 💙
Jackson aka gecko is 2 years old and has a twin brother that he loves o so much jackson loves to play with his brother jackson loves to watch pj mask and pretend he is Gecko while his brother pretends he is spiderman
Jax-Antonio has an amazing personality, his smile brightens everyone’s day. He makes the funniest facial expressions and enjoys making raspberries!
She loves being loud & the center of attention. She is spunky, but so sweet. 🫶🏻 and she’s photogenic 🤪
Ayana loves clothes and fashion already she was picking her own outfits out at 4 1/2 months old ❤
Layla is the happiest baby and loves having dance parties in her jumper!
Damien aka spiderman lol is a twin he is 2 years old he is so funny and full of energy and loves his brother so much What he loves to do is swing around the house all day pratice shooting his webs
Waylon is 5 days old and he is very fiesty. He loves to eat and scare his mommy.
He just wants to win, he has big plans for the future and winning will help him because his winnings are going up for his schooling
Rayna is a very happy soon to be big sister. She has an older brother who she adores as well. She is well behaved until she’s hungry. Enjoys tummy time and play time with her toys. Already says Dada and mama.
Rainbow baby with 8 brothers and sisters in heaven. Loves to dress up and sleep through photos. Loves to smile. Favorite drink is milk from the tap.
Mia is a funny girl who give her absolute all in everything she sets her mind to shes such a strong independent girl im so so proud of her
Heart baby with a bright smile and beautiful laugh :)
My names Isla-rose and my mum constantly takes photos of me and I’ve had enough! I also love to eat absolutely everything, in my eyes everything is food😂
He loves his cuddles! His smile will melt your heart and have you feeling the best, even on your worst days.
Daddy's girl; our rainbow baby.
Lailani is a happy toddler!🥰💕 she is very smart! She knows her ABC's. She is very much into Cocomelon🤷definitely loves her bath time! 🛁 she's walking ALL over the place! She can count to 10!💕 She loves to sing nursery rhymes 💕 she knows most of the basic colors and body parts...💕She loves her cuddles and watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse in the mornings. She's learning everyday and I couldn't be more proud to be her mommy.
Isabel is a cheeky girl, who loves Paddington bear! She loves to make people laugh😂 we would love for her to win !
Everitt is officially 6 months old! he was born a premie baby, 3 weeks early and 2 weeks behind in growth, but was extremely healthy. i was worried he wouldn’t fully be normal because he was in the nicu for a bit but as he’s gotten older he’s been learning how to roll, sit up on his own. he tries to crawl but right now can only scoot. he loves everyone and everything and his favorite show is octonots!
Dominique enjoys laughing, playing peek-a-boo, and spending time with his big brother.💙
Anestasia will make you laugh without a doubt she farts like no other and does the funniest most adorable things ever she’ll even give you baby fever just being around her
Awesome big sister and very unique she's smart and determined she shines like a diamond in all she does and the best is always bright
Malakai is the happiest little boy you’ll ever meet. He has been through so much, from being born premi, and had 2 holes in his heart. He still somehow to always manages to smile and keeps kicking on! He’s now 6 months old and smashing goals!
Amber it a Special little girl she has a heart issue that is called TOF go next week for open-heart surgery
Daivik Gagain
He is unique baby
Dexter is a fun loving little boy who loves fire trucks and trains.
Miss Kaisley was born 10 weeks early and is a fighter! She loves snuggles with her mommy and she loves eating! She’s a little chunker🥺💗
She’s a year and 2 months she’s very sweet and loving she does have an attitude she’s the light and joy of my life and i have never loved anyone more then i love her shes very smart and strong has a very big but don’t be the reason she throws a tantrum. She’s pretty and sassy.
Loves to snuggle and eat snacks