Baby Stories - 88


I was truly blesed with such a wonderful happy baby. This little girl. loves to smile and, music, and laugh with her babie sister, and give hugs to mommy and daddy. Callie for her age has long beautiful black hair and those beautiful blue eyes. 🌟💜
He just turned 6 months he is a very happy baby he loves to meet new people and he loves tummy time😁🥰.
IZZYANA, is a blessing. She loves to watch cartoons. She gets really angry when she’s hungry. She will steal your heart.. vote for her please
Zayli is a cheerful, lovable and strong baby girl. She loves to jump in her jumper, take casual walks in her walker and eat what ever comes across her way. Anything can make her smile just look her way and she would return the favor.
Adrianna Susan
I love going to the park with my mama:-) Also love CoComelon! I love dancing and painting.
This is Romano he is 3 months and the light of my life he is so goofy and loves to laugh and already has so much personality he is my miracle baby. He loves to listen to me sing lullabys and read to him and also loves to sit in his swing and staring at himself laughing he's literally the love of my life and I'm so blessed to be his mommy♥️😇🙏🏻
Amari loves music 🎵 his favorite songs are ride by 21 pilots, and over the rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole😇 he loves yo gaba gaba and moana , he loves to play outside and swing at the playground! he loves toys!
River is 6 months old! He LOVES his bottles & baby popsicles!! He is always laughing & has a huge personality already!! Thank you for voting for Riv!!
Nova is such a happy smart out going lottle girl. She loves minnie mouse. She loves doing things to make you laugh. She is a huge mamas girl as well. Thank you for voting for Nova !
Lah’Niya loves smiling cooing kicking and definitely eating! She loves interacting with her brothers.... and she seems to just have the cutest LiL laugh!!!
Jay is a lively curious sweet sweet little boy. He loves big smiles and seeing new things . He gets so excited when he someone is sweet to him.
I’m David Bigoni I love take a shower, play in my little gym, hear my dad’s and mom’s voice, I enjoy watch Cocomelon
Xianette Lee
Fun and smart. Never a dull moment with her 💕
Dariana came into this world at 30 weeks with her twin brother. She's a very energetic little princess. She loves to be held and get dressed up.
My daughter Hazel was born March 9th 2021. She’s not even a month old yet and I’ve seen so many personalities in her. She already moving her head , smiling etc. her eyes are so big it lights up everyone’s day. She likes to eat and sleep, mostly EAT lol. She came into my life at the right time in my life!
Montana likes to take chances at new stuff, she loves her family very much, she is a little dare devil. She is very smart she likes to listens to her abc, colors, numbers, and more, she is a very active baby
Very active and funny baby. She makes silly faces and noises all the time. Loves to eat, not a picky eater. She like high beat music, kitchen utensils to play with and chasing her puppy.
Rosemary is the sweetest mamas girl. She is a quarantine baby so she loves meeting new people since it’s so rare.
Briyonce Lewis
Briyonce is an very active baby. That loves music and dancing💕 she also loves watching akili and me
Loves to spend time with family and have play date
A very cute loud little baby, happy, smart , loving,
Nick named “Chun-Li” for her major leg kicks during play time. She is the happiest baby to be around. Friendly social baby who greets everyone with a smile, it’s not hard to get her to smile back! She also likes to play her tummy time piano during play time.
Spunky little girl with a lot of sass! Those blue eyes will just melt your heart ❤️
Skyler is a fun loving and spunky baby. He loves his kitty cats and he loves food
Paisley was born on Oct.26 2020 to Greg and Kelly She is such a good baby sleeps well and already showing off her personality with the cutest facial expressions this is one of her serious looks! Thanks for your votes!
Mia is seriously the kindest, sweetest, purest soul I’ve ever encountered. Her mommy is her favorite person, because it’s us against the world. She loves jumping, standing, getting chased, crawling & all her baby friends. Everyone loves this little girl. ❤️
Griffin King
Hi world my name is Griffin i am just so happy to be here and i love everything and everyone i meet. But i love my mommy and daddy the most they are so silly they have to do everything i say because my dad made me a king my three favorite things are to sleep eat and kick poo at my mom she doesnt find as funny as i do but thats ok i dont know what else i like to do yet im still new to this place but i hope you vote for me Griffin king, i love you all
She is such a sweet baby she melts my heart with her smile she loves watching trolls she’s such a happy baby always smiling and such a good baby
Cayden is a very alert and observant baby! He’s also very advanced for his age. He loves Motown Music on Netflix and loves to laugh with his family and friends. Vote for this handsome little guy 🥰
Ezra John was born November 14th. He is the most smiley baby. He loves going for walks, jumping in his bumper jumper, and exploring all the sounds he can make.
Issac is a joyful little boy that is always smiling running around he is my world
Liam is a happy, playful, devious little monster that is the cutest little man in town and will make your heart melt with his precious laugher & smile!😊💕 He is my angel and I am entering him into this contest to try and raise extra money for my family and to pay the bills😇 I have a shattered ankle and am temporarily disabled, just doing my best to be the provider for my family while his daddy is away at inpatient rehab to surrender himself to the lord, cleanse himself of his sins, and to learn how to be a good father for our son, a good husband to me, and how to live an honest life abiding by the law.
Ayva is a super sweet girl! She is unique in her on ways. She has beautiful red hair with stunning blue eyes. She loves to dance,go on bike rides, walks and enjoys playing with her dogs.
Brooklyn is a sassy little thing! She is very independent and knows she is cute!!!
Benett is 8 months old! He is just learning how to crawl, loves his food as you can tell!
Benson really loves his grandma and grandpa. He loves to throw up on me. He loves car rides, he also really loves being held. He is starting to smile a lot more than he normally did and it just brightens up my day! He likes to be in his belly for belly time. He hates having his clothes off!
Liam likes to monologue and stick his tongue out.
Jackson is his mommy’s second baby and she loves him so very much. He is a very snuggly but very bouncy baby. Loves his food and to chew on literally anything he can get to his mouth.
Lucas is his mommy's first baby and is her pride and joy. He loves his milk and loves to watch tv with his mommy and daddy and his fuzzy 4 legged brothers and sister.
Nataleigh is a beautiful, sassy, and an adorable one year old! She loves to play, eat food, watch tv and be around her family!
Arais is 2 weeks old and currently he is still trying to figure out his days and nights. He loves to see things and eat all the time.
Traylan is the most loving baby. He loves people and loves attention. He always trying to talk.He loves to smile and make people laugh 💗