Dekklynn is such a sweet little soul. She enjoys playing with her toys and being outside. Mommy is her favorite and so is minnie mouse! She is always so playful and happy. She greets you with a smile every time you look at her❤️
Ivy turned 3 months the 31st of March. She is the most precious girl in my eyes. Loves to talk, eat, and loveees her daddy! She’s very smiley most of the time and loves to kick around when she’s excited. 💕thank you for voting if you do!
Cypress Rose is 5 months old. She loves to play with anything. She also has a personality of her own. She definitely get amazed by anything that catches her eye.
Natalie Isabelle
This is Natalie 17 months old & Isabelle 6 months old. I thought to try something different and enter my girls together in the contest.
Danny loves snuggles and his big brother!! He's all about that snack life and stealing hearts! 💓
Baby Juan is 2 months old! He love to smile, laugh and talk to everyone. He is very out going and has the sweetest goofiest personality!
Brantley is a busy kid, has an amazing imagination. He loves Paw patrol, his dog Roper and his baby sister Brooks.
Brooks loves her momma, her daddy, her big brother and her dog Roper. Dislikes tummy time and when people are not lying attention to her.
Christobal is all smiles and is the happiest baby in the world.
Amelia is a month old and such a lover🥺💜💜
Memphie moo is our sweet girl who loves to eat everything she can get her hands on, she has no fear & loves to climb! She knows quite a few words & is very good with sign language. She also loves to sing!
Hi, my name is Kemai! I like to play with my toys, crawl all over, and since I’ve gotten two teeth trying new foods is my favorite!
Madison is a 12 year old girl who is smart, beautiful, kind, and athletic. She is in 7th grade and has made honor roll every year of her schooling. She does track, cheerleading, and competitive dance, continuing to excel in all of them!
Calleigh is definitely a daddy’s girl, she loves chewing on everything she can put in her mouth, she loves playing with her feet, she loves her Bubba and sister, and she loves her food!❤️
Lily Gray
Hello little miss Ameliana, Milie for short loves to smile an laugh. Since the day this little baby was born she has been the light of so many people’s life. She loves to play an run around. At just 14 moths old she can understand Spanish an English. She also speaks an even amount of words from both languages.
Cooper is the sweetest and happiest baby!! He is constantly smiling and can brighten up anyones day no matter what!
Jaxson is a very adventurous little boy who loves everyone for who they are he sees no differences in anyone has no problems making new friends! He’s a sweet heart who deserves some votes 🗳
This is 9 month old Aliana💗 she loves being talk to., loves to crawl and loves her big bubba💙 she looovvvesss food you have to be fast at it or she’ll yell at you😂
Much like the GOT character she is named after, Arya is fierce and a force to be reckoned with. A personality that can and does light up the entire room wherever she may roam. Dont let the baby blues fool you, she could run her own army!
Dominic is the funniest, caring, loving little boy you will ever meet. Hes always making us laugh and loves to be silly.
The happiest boy! Loves his food and pugs!
Maddox Grey loves to laugh and is always trying to talk to everyone. He enjoys all the attention he can get. If he’s not rolling around with all his toys, taking a little cat nap, or being held he’s usually jumping in his jumpy jumpy.
Elizabeth lights up every room she runs into, she loves her family, animals and being in nature🖤
My granddaughter loves music, dancing and loves to laugh.
Finn is the sweetest, and sassiest little man. Finny loves spending time with his mommy and daddy. Snuggling is his absolute favorite. His hobbies include talking to the ceiling fan, laughing at silly faces, and melting hearts.
He is 3 yo going on 30 he loves dancing eating and riding bikes he has the best personality and is a huge flirt 💙
Amelia is 15 months old and full of love and joy! She absolutely loves all animals, especially her two dogs, and being outside!
Brodie is a very bubbly happy baby. Who loves everything he can get his hands on. He has a smile that will light up the whole room. Never a sad face when brodie is around ❤️
Adley loves to smile, but she also can have a very serious and inquisitive look that we call her “grumpy cat” face. She is a sweet and sassy little girl who loves to stare at her big brother and watch his every move. And sometimes it seems as though they have toot contests….her nickname is bean for a reason.
Rayne is tiny, smart, and sweet. She's is raised by her Grandparents and she's her Nana's Princess:)
This is Cameron, he is a ginger blue eyed baby who loves to laugh and play outside.
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Willow is the happiest sweetest baby. Willow is always cooing and smiling:)
Violet LOVES her kitties. Her favorite movie is My little Pony new Generation 😂 she loves to make silly faces and smile! And this girl is a foodie🥰 she loves any and everything edible
Phoenix has a one of a kind personaility and alot of it. She loves to laugh and hear others laugh as well with her antics and witty personailtiy. She loves her brother and always want to help take care if him. She enjoys being outside, going ti parks, and playing all types of games with siblings and friends. I couldnt of asked for a better little girl!
Shes a happy go lucky baby who loves to sing and dance and of course puppies
He loves to smile, laugh, and play. He loves Pooh bear and Thomas the train.
Sharmill is loving daughter.She loves watching YouTube like baby sharks,Diana,Peppa pig etc.
Paisley is 4.5 months old and loves life! She is such a happy little baby, loves to roll constantly, loves to squeal and loves to cuddle with mom and dad. She loves her 2 doggy brothers and loves to watch any type of water running. Anything won from this contest will go in her savings acccount ❤️
Maya loves her doggies. She enjoys watching Baby Shark Space Adventures and likes her Minnie Mouse stuffed animal. She loves to eat all sorts of food. She’s always smiling no matter how she’s feeling!
Ava was born February 8 2022 and she loves to sit up and she loves to smile a lot she also loves to look at sunsets and sunrises
Our sweet boy is very energetic & sweet. He loves being sang to, talked to, played with, & playing in his jumper car! Most importantly his favorite thing is taking baths & absolutely loves his butternut squash😂 Liam can brighten up anyones day & his family loves him so much❤️
He does enjoy looking at him self in mirror and singing to him by his mom
Brandon loves to play outside loves cats. His favorite shows are Bluey, dino ranch, PJ mask, spiderman, coco melon. Hes a very smart sweet baby!
Emberlee is one of a kind, she’s got the bluest eyes and reddest hair ❤️ Her hair color only shows in her attitude sometimes😳🤣