Hi. I’m Hazon as you can see. I’m 6 months and full of life. I love watching cartoons and hanging with my hero, my dad. Playing is my thing and boy do I talk lol. My mom is my go to when I’m all tired out of fun and need to relax. I’ve been told my smile just lights up the room. My personality for a 6 month old is quite unique and different and I’m loved for it.
Rebekah is my little fighter with so many health issues already but keeps smiling everyday
He likes his binky, and his bear.
My gorgeous boy... Mason loves cuddles and loves his big brother...
With only a two percent chance of conception, Brilee entered this world gleaming after a rough delivery. Brilee has eyes and a smile that brightens the darkest room! She loves Blues Clues, Minnie Mouse, and running after her older siblings!
Hi, I’m Seven! (Seaven) I was born on October 7th 2019. I weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces when I was born, and my mommy and daddy’s anniversary is July 7th 2017! Crazy, right? I love muppet babies and playing with my daddy!
Such a happy baby
He is such a fun loving boy. He is adventurous, wild and fearless. He loves to play outside. He likes to play with bouncy balls as well. He is so fun to have around.
Nicholas is the sweetest and happiest little boy ever! He such a blessing!
Nevaeh is a cheeky but happy little girl who loves to smile, play and make a lot of noise 🥰
Lincoln is the happiest baby ever! He’s always smiling and loves playing with mommy💙
Brair Christian Spiers is super sweet lovable baby ... he's always smiling and kooing 😇🥰😇🥰 thank you for your vote !
Hi,Everyone as you can see my name is zayla but everyone call me ayla and as pretty as i am i decided to do the challenge even if i dnt win its ok god put everyone on this earth to look different and everyone is beautiful in the world and im 5 months almost 6 months i will be on the 19th yay!!!!vote for me im fun im loveable i love to play with kids my age or up i love to talk i love to eat if you vote for me i will love you forever and if you don't i will still love you now take your time to vote for me god bless everyone and have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!
She's a very happy baby girl! Never gets mad or upset. Just now learning to laugh and has the cutest dimples! 😍🌻🧜‍♀️⚓🤟
Phoenix loves nothing more than snuggling up with Mummy and Daddy and his 5 Fur-Siblings.
Cora Rose is an amazing little girl. She will brighten your day with just her smile and silly personality it purely intoxicating. Cora loves her mommy and daddy of course but most of all loves to hear her own voice and giggle at the silly faces people make, oh and I can't forget her giraffe pacifier. She is such an over achiever for a 4 month old little baby. All I hear when I post a picture of her is how cute she is and that she looks like a little dolly. I just want to share her cuteness with everyone and i hope everyone sees the same beauty that I do!
This is KaBreyia ' she's my freshly Fiesty 1 year old . She LOVES food As well as Cocomelon ..but over she's a doll and I'm proud be her mommy ❤️
This is KaBreyia ' she's my freshly Fiesty 1 year old . She LOVES food As well as Cocomelon ..but over she's a doll and I'm proud be her mommy ❤️❤️
My name is Kellin. I talk to everyone, I love to eat my hands, watch mickey mouse club house, and kick, kick, kick! I'm also learning how to reach for things I want (including mommys hair) and I love to be happy!
Mister loves taking naps with mommy and snuggling up with daddy. He loves holding hands and looking around
She is so happy all the time. Smiles and smiles for days.
Jiannah Rae loves to be held close to your heart. Stare inside her moon shaped eyes where you can see the stars inside of them. Loves 90s R&B music and riding in the car. Such an incredible baby girl!
As you can see edison loves his food!
My name is dilyn Wade & I love all tings music & dance!! I haven’t really found my voice yet but singing might be my thing too!
7 weeks old, Hes the younger of a twin! He currently wears braces on his feet due to a club foot; well fixing it! He doesn't let this hold him back on cuteness! These chubby cheeks and sweet eyes will melt even the coldest of cold
Malachi is a sweet chubby baby full of laughter and smile. He enjoys napping and cuddling. He loves his Enfamil lol and he seem to like apples!
Lincoln is the most incredible little boy I’ve ever met. He’s full of so many smiles and has so many stories to tell. I can’t wait to see him grow more and more every day.
Mckenzie Lee Tucker
This is mckenzie he is sooo Cheeky and mischievous please vote for our handsome baby boy 😍👌
Maeve loves her "fur"mily (4 cats, 1 dog). She loves smiling at dad and cuddling with mom.
Zi is 5 months old his favorite people are his bubba and his bubbie how could u not vote him
Granger has just learning to walk, and is loving the new places he can explore. He loves to play with his big sissy, and spend tine with his mommy and daddy!
Emilia is 9 months old. She is a very goofy/smiley baby. She loves dogs and cats, even Reptiles!! She’s the sweetest baby you’d ever meet
Braxton James
Braxton is a verry smart loving child that loves trucks and aminals
Brody is an amazing little boy. He loves playing with his cars. And playing fetch with our dogs. He was the best suprise i could ever ask for. He saved my life and continues to help me grow each day into a better mother, friend, and person. His laughter is bound to make you smile, along with his personality. He is pretty darn amazing!
I love bath time, going for car rides and spending time with my mommy and daddy
Caden loves to dance.
She loves to laugh and play with her big brother
Nate is a twin and is full of energy he loves to play with his brothers and sister on the PS4 and he loves his mum
Chevelle is the happiest little girl you'd ever meet! Sweet, spunky and full of smiles. ❤️
Dainton is a intelligent young man who is capable of being anything he wants to be so proud of him
Ariee Brown
She loves to sit up,eat, & smile she’s a happy baby... love outside the camera & to reach for everything & she love to be talked to 💕♥️ Makes the most funniest faces 😂😭
She loves out doors . Loves her family and most of all shes one of a kind could never trade her for the world
Aleigha is one of the happiest babys ever she says hi to everyone she sees!
She is a happy baby. Always smiling!
Aurora loves playing outside, playing with her chickens, swimming, and when her Daddy pulls in from work is her favorite time of the day. She has overcame a lot in her short little life and works hard daily to do things dr and specialist said she would never achieve, so far she has proved them all wrong. She is our little miracle.
She was a premature baby weighing at 4lbs 8oz. She’s over came so much and still more to come. She’s my little fighter and the reason i get up in the morning
She is a good baby. And has a big brother Jordan that loves her to death!