I’m Octavious ,I where born at 10:03pm , 6pounds 3oz 18inches On Dec 4,2022
Asher loves to smile, and roll over. He loves listening to music. He's all around just a very happy pleasant baby
Everleigh Kate
Everleigh is the sweetest and happiest six month old she loves to watch her daddy and big brother play. She loves her Binky and loves unicorns.
Considering Dylan’s ongoing medical conditions he absolutely loves life and takes everything in his stride! He loves bath time, sitting by the sea and playing with his books ♥️
Bella......aka Bell Bell loves to giggle and jump in her bouncer or on someone's lap! She loves to play zombie and make scary noises with her momma and daddy! She's a tomboy at heart but loves to look like a princess!
Ruben likes squealing randomly & he loves seeing his dad come home from work. How can you resist that smile?🥰
Eduardo (lalito) Is 5 months old. His favorite things are his stuffed giraffe and he loves to watch dancing fruits. Lalito is a little warrior baby, he was born prematurely and born with a rare blood disorder (hemophilia) that limits his abilities everyday but that never stopped him from the happy strong little baby that he is everyday!
She is a very intelligent girl, she loves her older brother, she likes to be brave and daring at her young age.
I was born at 6lb1oz and I have just learned to roll over from front to back. I love my milk and playing on the play mat. I'm a very happy smiley baby and everyone has fallen in love with me ❤️
Colt is the happiest of toddlers and is always trying to make others smile and laugh. He loves “piderman” (Spider-Man) and “roars” (dinosaurs), going to the farm to see all the animals, and vegetables (his favorites are tomatoes, black olives and bell peppers).
Millee Grace
Millee Grace aka Punkie, is the best big sister a girl could ever have! She loves her sissy more than anything! She’s smart as a whip. She loves cows 🐮, pigs 🐷, and Dinosaurs 🦖!! She can name many of them ESP her top 3 favorites! She loves to dance and play mommy with her babies. She’s definitely a little firecracker 🧨. Watch out boys! Daddy already has this girls heart ♥️
My son waylon likes to play with toys and he loves his dog
Layla Rose
Layla Rose 🌹 is a warrior princess 👑 she’s has been through some of the unimaginable since birth and came out happy, healthy, smart, and beautiful! She loves her food and her mommy! She loves watching her big sister play and tries to go play with her already. She has 2 teeth and green eyes 👀 & we always say: “The bigger the bow the closer to Jesus!!” 🎀
Louanna loves people, she’s always smiling, always laughing a little diva. Full of love and life and mischievous.
Our gorgeous Delilah full of smiles and personality. One who we adore 🥰
Camellia is 6 months old and loves to play! She has lots of fun at the park and the library ❤️ everyone who meets her falls in love with her beautiful smile and spirit!
He loves food always so smiley. He’s young but he’s definitely got his own personality 🤗
Thorin loves having long, serious conversations with his grandpa and enjoys cuddles from just about everyone!
Loves cuddles, kisses, Liquid Gold and to interact with whoever is interested. He is a miracle baby who has beaten the odds and is striving . Thanks in advance for anyone who will take the time to vote.
Grayson is happiest when trying to stand and kick his legs or playing with a balloon!!
Georgie is the biggest snugglebug, he is recovering from failure to thrive due to gastric complications. He is 5 months old and weighs 10.5lbs. He has just discovered his voice and loves to babble and squeek!
He is a very lovable and active boy! His character is naturally funny and loving.
She is such a happy little girl. Absolutely loves mommy. Loves watching Powerpuff Girls and Ms Rachel. She loves car rides but only if the car is constantly moving lol. She always loves to babble on and on.
Sebastian is a smart fun loving baby who loves to learn and play
Hi I’m Leighlin! I’m the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet, if my smile and my dimple doesn’t brighten your day my laugh surly will. My mom says I’m a pretty handsome little feller. I don’t care about any of that though, give me a good bottle and some curious George and I’m happy.
Im Ryder-Gene Duran im 7 months a lil go getter i love keepin my mommy on the edge lol
Tylee loves Elmo. She thinks the song “Once Upon A Dream” from Sleeping Beauty is the funniest thing ever. She’s in love with our dog Chloe.
Hi im Amira, mummy & daddys little blessing, im 5 months old on 18th sep, i have a big, bright, funny personality, i have a funny and silly charactar, always make mummy & daddy laugh, i have many different facial expressions but my favourite thing to do is smile & laugh, i love my milkys and love when mummy educates me, im learning lots & love to play peek a boo. I love family time all the time, love going for drives, i love trees and scenery and anything that moves, love sensory and just lots of attention but i also love my naps.
Kason is my first born son!! He taught me what true love really is. He's very hyper. Loves Sonic! The Hedgehog! He's the best big brother in the world. He's 5 years old going on 30 and loves to play outdoors
Oh my goodness he is so dramatic and loves being the center of attention!!! He's the most kind gentleman ever he loves to help and to be of service to people. He's never met a stranger and he greets everybody he meets.
Eleanor was born at 34weeks, weighed 3lbs 12oz. She is now over 6lbs! She loves bathtime and kisses from Mama! She is our miracle baby!
He loves his daddy. He is the most beautiful boy in the world!
Daniel has DiGeorge syndrome and a twin brother named Jameson. He’s had his first and only open heart surgery almost 3 months ago. He was diagnosed with a heart defect that’s less severe than his brother’s and he will most like only need one surgery in his life which he has already had. He’s so funny and he loves to talk. He loves carrots, his mama, and his brother. 💙
Jameson has DiGeorge syndrome and is recovering from his first open heart surgery. He was diagnosed along with his brother when I was 5 months pregnant and he has a more severe defect than his brother and will most likely need another open heart surgery. He is very spunky with an attitude but he’s also the sweetest boy and he loves to snuggle. He has a twin brother Daniel and he loves him and his mama. 💙
Hiiii... I'm Willow Jean, Do you know a picture can tell a 1000 words?... I'm the most happiest, clever little Bambino! I have my Aunty Tezza's smile, but mines way cuter! I love to clap hands, talk, giggle & I'm always singing with my Mum. My most Favourite is Facetiming my Nanny's, Poppies, Aunty, Uncle & My Daddy.. when he's gone to work on a big Aeroplane.. Cuteness overload!! Please Vote for me, I'm too adorable to ignore. Thank you 💕 Willow
Jagger is the funniest little guy you'll ever meet, he's definitely a character! Jagger love spending time with family and friends and playing at the park.
Johnathan is 3 months old, he loves his voice, his uncle and his momma most and is always happy
She is a little kicker she is energetic and loves to babble my little jojo is full of love and life everytime she is seeing someone she gives a big smile
He is a silly boy, who loves to be wild and loves the love ❤️ he loves to eat and loves to play
Anthony Octavious Leach
Anthony was born at 24 weeks he has overcome all obstacles. He says dada, bubbles and loves to learn he is very smart for him to be a preemie. He has amazed the doctor's on how smart he is. He learns quick and a very happy baby. I call him sunny because since he been born he had to fight for his life and no matter how dark it is he will make it shine my Sunny boy.
Ali loves his Milkies and Naps. He is never short of a raised brow or 2 if he is unhappy; but when he smiles he lights up the room with his tiny dimples...😊
Hi I’m Harrison I’m 6months I love to play with my toys and give my mummy cuddles I think I’m pretty cute please vote for me
Michael is a happy baby boy he has four older siblings that are all 16 months apart, he enjoys laughing and watching his siblings play, he loves bananas and snuggling his mama
Araya is a very adventurous little girl, she loves her animals and family, she is an only child but that doesn't stop her from being outgoing when other kiddos come around, she is good at sharing and making sure everyone is being included, and she has a top tier imagination! But even being our little princess she has always loved being outside and playing in the dirt ☺️ in my opinion she'd rather be outside than in 😅
Nate is loveable and friendly. He loves music, singing and dancing and looking at books But most of all he loves his two moms