Finn loves cuddle time with mommy and daddy. Even though he can't reallt see whats going on he likes to watch tv with mom too
My happy, bubbly lovey bug ♥️
Elsie was born on June 22, 2022 and weighed 4lbs 12oz! The most precious little peanut, please vote for her💗
I’m a very happy baby. I love to be talk to and I smile all the time
Hi! This is my son Hendrix Kai. He absolutely loves swimming in the ocean and being an outside boy! He has albinism as to why he has such lovely white hair! He’s 7 months old full of love, life, and happiness. Vote for this sweet chunk!
This is my very first great grandson. He loves is little stuffed lamb and his mommy
Ryleigh is very alert and talkative, she's also very independent! she loves being outside, especially when the wind is blowing! she gives the best cuddles 🥰
Lexi-Leigh is now 15 months old and has bloomed to a beautiful little girl. Her intelligence is super smart and she is a happy go lucky outgoing girl who has a bright and beautiful future ahead of her mummy daddy and big sister Destiny are so proud of her
This is charles he is 4yrs old he is a lovable kid he is outgoing and loves his mama so much and his little brother and daddy
Grayson is 8 months old love to be outside on the swing ,loves to swim,loves to play with his big sister , always happy and laughs a lot
Timia is a 7month old baby girl! Happy sassy and full of life💕 She loves her binky and playing with her sisters. She can sit up crawl and even says dada, baba, and finally mama😁 Timia was born with CHD she had open heart surgery at 5days old❤️‍🩹 She is nothing short of Amazin that’s why we named her Miss Amazin💕 Our little warrior🥰 Bills Mafia ❤️🦬💙
Julian loves getting right up from the bed in the morning just to smile. He loves everybody, if you love him!
Kyla Hall
My name is Kyla, Im 8 months I love the camera im very Photo genic and always smiling. Im a happy baby, A people person, and Loving! Please vote for me xoxoxo🫶🏽
This wild child loves her mommy and daddy. She loves to be outside. She also loves her some baby shark.
Love to bounce,eat, and sleep🥰
Hi, my name is Nash! I am 5 months old! I love eating and making noises. If you talk to me I love to talk back!
Tucker loves playing with his big brother, he loves to smile and laugh at everyone. He is always a happy baby. He loves his mommy and daddy. Tucker is smart. He likes being at daycare and playing with the other babies.
Gage is our beautiful baby boy who is 8 months old. He is full of joy, laughter, and love! He enjoys being outside, playing in water, playing with mommy and daddy, and watching his daddy drive the racecar! He never meets a stranger and we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful baby boy!
Makenzie is 3 years old she has the biggest personality ! She always so happy.
Deklend is seriously the best 9 year old i know! He's kind and loves to help people. He wants everyone to be friends and get along with each other amd help each other. He loves minecraft and his babybsister!
Harmonii Nevaeh Lenora Winn was born 6/22/22 weighing 10lbs 10oz. Harmonii is a sweet baby who is very peaceful and only wants to sleep and eat
Sweet baby girl Ella Rose is only a week old and is as happy as can be. She enjoys downing her milk and sleeping a lot. Ella is the the definition of an angel😇
Zylus Caine is already a smart baby boy! He enjoys trying his hardest to hold his head up and look around him almost as much as he enjoys hearing Momma and Daddy sing! He is so full of wonder and my whole heart❣️
Sephera is my rainbow baby I've had 3 miscarriages before her and when I least expected it she came into my life and made it complete and now she’s the oldest of 4!
Hi! My name is Brooklin, I am two years old. I have a rare Genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1. There is no cure for my disease and my doctor's didn't expect me to live past 6 months of age. Because of treatment I received for my disease I am now doing things never expected such as talking, sitting up with my brace, rolling over, and bearing some weight on my legs with help. I have had many struggles in my short life because of my disease. I have been intubated and on life support 3 times just for regular common colds but no matter what life throws at me I am always smiling. I am the happiest little girl you will ever meet.
Rhiannon loves eating and napping and talking to mamma. Cuddling with mamma is her all time favorite thing though
Lawson is our first born and is loving life at the lake! All pictures taken by dad!
Adrian is a happy baby he loves bath time, cooing, and kicking his feet.
The best baby around!
Scarlett is 2 years old, she is very funny, smart and outgoing! She loves cows and puppies, and fishing with her dad🌼🎣
George Jr
Hello everyone this is George jr he will be 3 months on the 27th of this month he loves to eat fuss and laugh with his siblings
My name is kahlayni kelleher my favorite word is Dada of course. I love to eat my favorite food is chicken nuggets which is also my mommy’s nickname for me. I’m very flexible and love to stand and flip around.
Our little miracle baby. 7 months of loving this sweet smiley girl! She loves anything with flashy colors. Loves mommy and daddy and her fur sister. She's currently in love with looking in the mirror 🥲🥰❤
Liam Jace is 9 months old and the sweetest little boy ever. He loves watching Ms Rachel, going on walks, and hanging out with his grandma. Liam is always happy and so full of life! Please vote for Liam
My baby boy has big blue eyes and here at home we call him baby blue he was a big baby 8lb.9oz he loves elephants he loves when people talk to him or play with him he loves his baths every night he started lifting his head as soon as I gave birth and started turning around from his stomach to his back at 2 months loves watching tv as well please vote for my baby blue
Little Miss Madeline Jean loves her beagles and goats on the farm. She is just now learning to smile and coo.
Declan is a silly, spunky little boy. He loves giggling with people and cuddles. He enjoys tickles and listening to people sing to him. But he loves mommy the most!
My name is Meílani which means Heavenly Beautiful 💕 I'm a beautiful, bubbly, joy-filled baby girl who enjoys playing with my brothers the most . I'm definitely a mommys girl 🤞🏾 Please vote for me , thank you 😘
He's my handsome boy
Amir means little prince and he definitely is a prince .He has the most amazing personality He loves dinosaurs and monster trucks he is a blessing more than you can explain.Amirs smile will light up a whole room come vote for my little prince
Look at that beautiful face. How couldn’t you vote.
Jayla is smart and FUNNY. She absolutely loves all of her sissy’s. Peppa pig and Minnie Mouse are her absolute favorite. Vote for her! ❤️
Hi, I’m Noah! I’m 7 months old and the happiest baby in the world! I love to laugh, smile and play all day! I love meeting new people and exploring new things. Vote for me! Any winnings will be saved and put towards my future! Thank you!
OPEN TO VOTE EXCHANGE ❤️ Ophelia loves snuggling with mommy, taking naps, nursing, and looking at shinny things or lights, she loves her bath time and she's starting to smile more but be careful they come with a smelly price!
Arian loves being outside, hanging out with his family and loves attention from people 😅 He loves when people compliment him on his big blue eyes. What he likes most is playing with his kitty and eating snacks. Arian would love to win and get himself some new toys ❤️ Please vote for Arian!