Cuteness is his super power
This precious little boy made no day ordinary again! He is brave, sweet, funny, SMART! I love being his mama❤️
Harlynn was due May 6 and she decided to come April 15 being 3 weeks early when I got to the hospital I gave birth in 9 minutes the nurses delivered her cuz the dr didn’t have enough time to get there ! She was ready to be born I’d say :)
Ollie (oliver) is a 1 year old with Down syndrome. He was a NICU baby for 54 days, Born at 36 weeks, has had two surgeries, has had Covid three times but yet he is the happiest little guy you’ll ever meet! He is currently into music and instruments! (The backpack in his picture has his instruments in it) 🥰
This is Brantley, he is my second born child and my one and only baby boy. He is very rotten and will push every button you have but he is also the sweetest boy you will ever meet. He loves dinosaurs and paw patrol and he loves setting all his cars and trucks side by side in a straight line. His smile with the cutest dimples will warm your heart every time!💙
This is Bexley she is 5 years old and my first born baby. Bexley started kindergarten this year and she absolutely loves it, her teacher is always saying how much of a joy she is to have in class. Bexley loves to sing and dance, she is starting her second year of hip-hop this fall! She is super friendly and doesn't know a stranger! She wants everyone to know that her favorite color is yellow! 💜
Hi my name is Ethan Ryan Focht please like and share my photo thank you so very much❤️
Hi my name is Lucas Allen Focht please like and share my photo thank you so very much❤️
Hi my name is Hayden Michael Focht please like and share my photo thank you so very much❤️
Hi my name is Ethan Ryan Focht please like and share my photo thank you so very much❤️
This is Arabella she is my second girl out of my 3 children and she is my last baby. She is 3 months old, she loves to smile and laugh and she does the cutest little nose scrunch when she does both! She loves being held and she loves to stare at all the pretty things! 💜
Coen is a sweet, smiley baby who loves his brother, his doggy and anyone he comes across. Vote for Coen!
Maverick is named very appropriately! He loves to be outdoors, playing with trucks, and cocomelon! Vote for Mav!
James is a very happy baby he loves to be in the car and to talk to his siblings
Noahs a very energetic baby who just loves to laugh and he just loves his food he laughs being called chunky boy and you can tell he favourite colours red he goes for it way more then other colours oh p.s in the photo he just finished eating eggs
Jordie is fun, creative, loving and a typical boy full of adventure.
Banks is almost 2 months old. He loves smiling, crying, and tummy time! He has mastered his mean mug that he gives often. But he is such a happy baby.
My sweet first child who is usually stuck with the serious face, but when he does smile, he is absolutely beautiful!
Damien is ten months old. He’s such a happy baby. He loves to scream❤️ He would appreciate everyone’s vote. Thank you all ❤️❤️❤️
Born on June 26th, 2022, Aiza is a very sweet and outgoing baby who is always wanting to try to talk and play! She is very adventurous and loves being outdoors.
Amelia-mae loves to smile and have tummy time in Mammy’s chest, she is starting to lift her head🥺
Christian is very independent and outgoing. He will make it known that he is in the room singing ABC’s to all! He’s just a lovable little guy all around!
Irha was born premature at 32 weeks. She had to stay in NICU for one month. She is fighter and strong. She came a long way and now doing so well. She loves to eat, play and being cuddled.
Violet is a gorgeous cheeky girl. She has the warmest smile that brightens up everyone’s day, she has the most beautiful greenest eyes and the longest of eyelashes
Scarlett Rose. Such a happy baby she has the sweetest smiles! She loves bath time, tummy time, her face rubbed, and to be cuddled! Thank you for your votes!!
Dean is the sweetest boy. He likes to watch “Little baby bum” on youtube. He loves animals. No one is a stranger, he loves meeting new people. He hates the noise of a vacuum but can sit on a running Harley no problem.
My miracle IVF baby. Very cheeky boy who loves his mummy. ❤️❤️
Mia is half Spanish half English. She can be adorable and grumpy both at the same time! She started crawling at 6 months old and it’s now trying to give me a heart attack every time she stands up! She adores women and children but in unsure about men (we don’t know why 😂)
The most funniest happy little girl who loves to be adventurous ❤️
Oakley loves tummy time, she also just discovered her hands and they keep her entertained, she likes watching her fur siblings play
Cars and trucks
William loves cocomelon and loves to spend time with his mommy and Mimi (my mom) he loves to try to walk on his own and crawl around!!
Everleigh is a crazy 3 year old girl, that loves the paw patrol, SpongeBob, exploring new things and getting into everything! She’s a cheerful, happy go lucky little girl that’ll light up your day if you meet her❤️
Weston is about to be 4 months on September 22 ,he was born 4/22/2022 in room 222 at the time 2:22 pm ,he very happy baby smiles all the time and loves attention
10 months old, loves unicorns, movie home loves to smile looking at her mommas eyes
Little Billy was born at 28 weeks and 6 days. He loves to mimic noises, he smiles all day long and loves to eat.
Lennons smile is contagious! She’s the happiest, sweetest girl! 100% going to swallow before she crawls!
One walking , smiling , attitude having , perfect little girl 😍
Jaxon loves to play, laugh, and smile!! He loves to eat and snack too
She is 2 and loves baby shark and peppa pig!she’s loving sweet and keeps everyone laughing and never meets a stranger. She is sweet with other kids and loves to share whatever she has. And LOVES water! ❤️
Hi! My name is Alyson but everyone calls me Aly. I love to play in water, walk around and try to run! Some of my favorite words are dada, no, gentle, stop and sometimes I like to say mama! I love playing with other kids and animals (my mom never lets me really pet them because she says I’ll hurt them when I’m just trying to play)! I also love trying new foods!
Loves to laugh and always so full of energy and he absolutely loves to jump.
ZaNova loves mashed potatoes and kisses! Brights up the room with her smile every time!