Joseph was born 2 weeks early he had stayed in hospital for a week after he was born,love watching his 4 yr old sister Elizabeth play around, he wants to do everything his alredy sitting up on his own his eyes are green, his hair starting to get curls also has the cutest little laughter
Fred loves to bounce and shout ‘daddy!’ All day long ♥️
Aurora was an early rainbow baby who just made it into the world but is a fighter nonetheless. She has a smile that could light up the darkest of spaces and her name definitely was chosen well. She’s the light of her families lives. When she’s not smiling for her mum, she’s wiggling and trying to learn new things the best she can. She loves talking, though she doesn’t have words yet that still won’t stop her from trying to hold full babbling conversations with anyone who will listen. She’s just the sweetest little baby.
Happy smiley little diva!
He is super cute baby boy... so charming and happy baby 👶
Hallie is the most kind, caring, happiest little girl ever! She loves the beach, every animal and being outside.
Romeo loves to give his mama kisses.. and mama loves giving em’ back! ♥️
Juliette loves to give hugs, kisses, read books and watch. Little girl loves to smile!
Desiree is so sweet, caring, loving, smart, and a shy little girl. Once she gets to know you she will always make sure you feel loved and have a best friend.
Scarlet is such a joyful baby always happy and full of smiles loves nap time but not as much as dinner time
Luna loves dancing in her jumper swing and mama snuggles and also enjoys music of all kinds
Isla Jade
6 months old and putting a smile on everyone’s face 🤍🤍
Baby Sunshine loves to clap and sing. This little drummer boy is always smiling and the biggest ray of sunshine 🌞
He's the happiest chill little boy! He's not walking yet but he's just about to. I think he'll skip walking and just start running! He's a very busy boy! Very determined and very curious!
Dom is a playful and always happy baby! His smile is so very contagious! He never fusses or gives mommy a hard time. He loves watching Pocoyo and going to the park to play on the swing.
Tony is a happy boy, full of life and always warms the room with his smile.
He loves paw partol, he's a like vegan lol not really but loves his veggies and fruit. He's learning to walk/run and he's a big fan of the outdoors. Even the snow. He is also learning to talk nothing crazy yet but he's getting there.
Cute 🥰,Smiling 😊, sharing, happy laughing, , music lover and very handsome boy ❤️❤️
Colton has a twin sister that he absolutely adores he has to be by his sister at all times & when she cry’s he will cry to. He loves to be held & cuddled at all times. He loves to drink his milk & he knows when it is feeding time. ❤️ #mymrchunkyboy ❤️
Jolene is very smart a loves being a big sister. She is so helpful and sweet. Being the oldest out of her siblings she loves helping with the baby sister and her baby brother.
Ash is a twin she is a strong little girl that has already been through way to much that just keeps fighting, she loves to stay up at night & sleep durning the day, she loves to be held and to snuggle with anyone ❤️
Adam is a very smart and outgoing little boy. He loves spiderman and baby Yoda (grogu). He's a good brother and loves his family so much. He's the Sweetest little guy that I've ever came across and I'm not just saying that cause he's my son.
Kingston loves to watch donkey hoddie, cocomellon and teletubbies. He loves tummy time and loves to laugh and he loves family time.
Gracelynn is a wild one already, she loves to get everyone’s reaction and to laugh and she thinks it’s the most funniest thing ever, she is smart, silly, outgoing and the best big sister ever she loves to help with her brother & sister that are twins. She helps out by giving them their pacifiers, she loves to hold them and best of all she loves to give them hugs and kisses. ❤️
He loves early 2000s Elmo. A big applesauce and beef fan. He’s brilliant and already funnier than most comedians. 💚
Charlie is a refluxy baby, who has his challenges but his cuteness makes up for it.
Kennedy is a happy baby, loves food and lots of snuggles
Alina is a sweet little girl. Even when she is sick she is happy and smiling. She is starting to walk, knows a few words, but more in sign language. She has not found a food she doesn't like. She is just our perfect happy little potato. ❤️
Jenesis Rayne
Our sweet Rayne is the sweetest, chunkiest & definitely happiest baby ever. She hardly ever cries, she's always smiling and cooing. Vote Jenesis Rayne Perkins 💕✨
Arthur is the sweetest little boy. Squaks like a bird and snorts like a piggy when he's excited. Loves his big brother the most. Has orange hair.
Jaiyah Londyn
Jaiyah Londyn is a strong, independent, and sassy baby. She is the light of our world. She has overcome so many things in her short year of being here. Her bright blue eyes, big smile & dimples will make anyones day better. Vote JaiLon 💓💓💓
He likes to dance to the wheeled on the bus and loves baby shark song
Brantley is a Super Happy baby and loves to make noises and talk to people<3
Asher is a sweet little boy. Loves telling people I love you and walking around.
Maddox is our pot of gold baby boy! The best “surprise” to ever come our way! He is a mamas boy and loves snuggles, his 2 big sisters, and blowing kisses!
Atlas is an extremely smiley baby. He loves any type of bread and pasta. He loves all of his pets(5) and exploring everything 🤎
Mateo loves to sing and all things music. This boy starts dancing to any music. His smile lights up a room.
Atley is my photogenic baby! She loves her picture being taken and she is the life of the party as soon as she has warmed up to the situation! She is our rainbow baby after 4 back to back losses and she is everything we ever hoped for! She loves singing songs that she makes up and she loves all water and water toys!
My baby was born February 6th. She loves sucking her thumb already and she is so strong. Loves holding herself up all the the time and is just such a happy baby girl❤️
Tommy is a mummy’s boy he is like an only child as his siblings are a lot older. He loves being outdoors
He loves everything , he loves mommy and daddy he loves to play with his uncles and cousin Kingston
Vienna is always smiling and laughing. She is the happiest girl who loves her bows.
Barbara is such a smiley little girl that can brighten anyones day. She loves to bounce, roll, scoot around backwards, watch her big sisters and laugh.
Jaycob is a very smart 2 year old his father barely even know the kids has maybe made a attempt to see him 4 times in his life and now don’t even contact us or anything .. jaycob loves animals he loves to share and play
William is 13 months and is our rainbow baby! He is starting to get the hang of walking and loves his puffs and goldfish crackers. He loves spending time outside with Mama, Daddy, and his pups.
Max loves playing outdoors and enjoys being around other kids. He likes to cuddle also.