Baby Stories - 84


Natalia is a sunshine child who is so loving! She loves singing songs like Rudolph the red nose reindeer and kicking all over the place. she has such a kind gentle soul that I can’t wait to watch grow 🥰
Asher loves to smile, laugh and talk talk talk. Loves to be held and moving round. Enjoys bike rides and stroller rides.
Hi my name is oaklynn! I am 4 months old! I have beautiful baby blue eyes and blonde hair! I LOVE laughing and smiling. You should definitely vote for me💗
Prince loves tummy time and holding his head up all day ! He loves the camera and posing for pictures 📸 He’ll love if you voted for him.
Izabell is a 4 month old sweet, happy girl. She loves to laugh, kick her legs, and eat.
Cequan who’s also know as “June June” is 1 years old and loves to watch Cocomelon. He is the only and youngest boy in the midst of three older sisters, but he’s so energetic you wouldn’t even think he was much younger than them. Aside from cocomelon crawling on the floor is another one of his favorite activities, as soon as you allow him to freely crawl around he is all laughs and giggles. His laugh is the cutest and the dimples that shows when he smiles are irresistible.
He was 5 lbs when he was born, now he weighs almost 10 lbs! He LOVES his daddy. Seriously every time he comes into the room, Grayson immediately finds him and gives the biggest smile. He has one big brother who he absolutely adores. He loves bath time! He loves to sleep approximately 6 hours at night without being interrupted, we try to wake him and feed but he won’t take as much as he does during the day. During the day, he is ALWAYS hungry. He loves his nose to be booped! And he loves snuggles with mommy!
Leo-Joshua is the happiest baby always smiling💙 vote for me👶🏼
Miguel loves to dance and sing along with everyone to any song! He loves playing with cars and footballs. Miguel wins everyone over with his smile and giggles!
Hi I’m dazzere and I’m 3 months old I love to puke on everyone who holds me and laugh and smile at everyone, in my free time I like to sleep and eat and cuddle with my mama
Ivy-Bleu is a very content baby who loves cuddles. She has 2 big sisters who adore her🥰
Emmie is a sweet, spunky little girl with the most beautiful big blues eyes 🥰
Proper little poser who loves the outdoors, animals and reading books with his brothers and sister!
Joshie is a happy and contented little man who loves cuddles and bubble baths and any form of attention 🥰
Rylan River
Rylan loves his puppies and any animal he sees. He loves to give everyone hugs and kisses, he loves to ride his motorcycle and play in the dirt.
Loves making friends, he is an outgoing little boy with a beautiful soul 💙
Not so preemie anymore ❤️ he loves to smile he’s got the cutest little laugh. Today he’s 6 months and still growing ❤️
Aléna-rae is our little sunshine ☀️ she is the happiest baby I have ever met. We call her Ladybug because she has a beautiful birthmark on the side of her head. She loves to smile, laugh and roll over. Her bestie is her big sister and together they take on the world and have so much fun. She is 6 months and is learning to explore the world around her, she loves being outside in nature ♥️
Dolly-mae is a fun loving girly girl 2 year old full of life
Wayland has the biggest personality of any baby I’ve ever seen he’s always happy and smiling he loves to see new people. He is my little gift from heaven.
He has big blue eyes and a head full of dark hair. He is a fun loving 3 month old with a lot of personality. He hardly ever cries only when he's hungry really. He loves being held and loved on. He loves to coo and kick, and he plays with his hands all day long. ❤️
Zavaya loves to eat, and stand on things, we can say hi, mama, dads, hi, and uh-oh 🥰🥰
Benjamin is my smiley boy who loves to play peek-a-boo and have lots of cuddles ❤
Hi! I’m Molly! I love reading, dressing up, hunting, fishing, camping and playing with my dolls and brothers.
I’ve got a HUGE heart and an even larger wild streak. I love to drive everyone crazy wondering what crazy antic will come next.
Hi, I am Eve Elizabeth! I love spending time with my favorite sister, and all my big brothers. 💞 I love music, and my favorite show is Cocomelon. I especially love spending time mommy, watching her build a garden, and our visits to grandma and grandpa.
Lauren is such an outgoing little girl she loves to play crawl eat and even tries to sing always smiling and Def always has a poker face. She is the best little girl a mother can ask for she lights the whole room up.
Sam loves food, his big siblings, his doggos, and having fun! He’s sweet as can be and a fun dude to be around.
Jayanie is the most loving and happy baby. She brightens up the room as soon as she enters. She is truly the best baby
Our brand new lady love has quite the spunk of mom and dad. She loves to listen to our laughter and can always detect one of us in the room just by our laughs. Even at such a young age she will click her tongue, and smiles from ear to ear!!
Jeremiah loves to eat animal crackers while watching Cocomelon snuggled up with a fuzzy blanket.
Antwain Jr
He will melt your heart just hearing him say please and thank at 2 years old. He is so kind hearted and generous.
She is a very smart and intelligent 3 year old!
Maxdale IV is our handsome little boy. He loves to smile and laugh. He almost loves to play with he's toys and jump in his bouncer. Maxdale was born premature at 32 weeks but he's been doing so good and getting so big.
Keyon loves playing with his bog brothers and little sister and dog he enjoys school and game’s playing outside
Amaya-rose was born 2 weeks early she is currently 10 weeks old, she loves cuddles and being held close. Amaya has 4 older siblings so is the youngest of the bunch and absolutely adores them all. Her little smile can brighten up anyones day 💖
I like animals and watching Secret life of Pets
Dakota Taylor, he loves bouncing in mommy's lap! He loves bananas! His favorite show is Kung Fu Panda! He loves kisses and laughs really hard when you kiss his cheeks a bunch! He's a very smiley baby!
7 months loves lights and tickles
I love mommy and daddy. I love to play with my stuffed octopus. I can almost walk. My mommy gave me a lemon slice and I love it.
Nikko is a week old born at 2:02am at 9 pounds 8oz 22inches! All natural birth! Nikko is the most calm chill baby who already just loves life ❤️ Already loved by so many! Show Nikko some love and vote for him ♥️
Malcom was recently diagnosed with autism. He does not speak ,but he has his ways of communicating. He loves cheetos,Macdonalds fries,milk and yogurt.I call him ya ya 🙂.
My name is Kendra Milani , I love love to dance! I love to talk on the phone as well ,I like going outside to play my doggie Star likes to chase me around🙄
Im cute and cuddly, i have such a big personality already!