Baby Stories - 84


Davian is 5 weeks old. Loves his mommy & daddy. Also his favorite place to be is on mommy’s chest. He’s the happiest baby ever 💙 Please vote for my sweet boy!
Haielly lights up the room as soon as you lay eyes on her! She’s a smart,funny, happy baby! Please vote Haielly Anavaeh 🥰
Emma is the best baby, full of smiles so energetic.. She loves her big sister and brother and her mama so much.she loves lots of cuddles and kisses from the doggies.
10 months old he’s very silly, filled with laughter and love ❤️❤️❤️
Alaia is one smiley baby 😄she loves laughing and smiling all day🤩she loves being outdoors 😊she is just a dream 💕
Jamalik Mack
My baby is very outgoing to be 1years old i learn and laugh everyday he is the love of my lifee
Colson was born almost two months early due to HELLP Syndrome. He’s catching up super quickly, and is an extremely happy baby. He loves his nom-noms and his favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! He lives with his mommy and daddy and his big sister, a pitbull named Storm, who absolutely loves watching over him!
Baby Drixxy 💖
Teddi is such a sweet and happy baby. She melts everyone with her sweet little smile! She loves making noises, chewing on her toes, and absolutely loves animals!!!
Everleigh, is a strong independent lovey baby, she is not your typical “girly” girl she loves trucks ,getting dirty, and playing with her cows.
Mariana Perez
Mariana is a smart beautiful girl! She loves to draw color & most of all love to get ready, & have her hair done and always want to look presentable . Please vote we appreciate it 🥰
Hello! I'm Jirah May, a smiley girl half English and half Italian! I love the colour red and cuddles with mummy and daddy!
Chandler is a very happy baby! He loves music and dancing. He likes getting into everything(safely of course) and watching Sesame Street. Chandler favorite thing to do is play with his “MeMaw”.
Wilhelmina is such a sweet natural beauty inside and out. Willow is so calm and content and already has a great sense of humour. Willow loves cuddle and having nelly the elephant sung to her. I believe that willow is going to be very smart as she is advanced for her age. Everyone stops me to say how beautiful and relaxed willow is. I’m truly blessed to have such a darling daughter 💜💗💕
Everly Rae
Everly was NICU born at 1 lb 12 oz. She is now almost 8 months old (6 months adjusted). She has CLD but doesn’t let that hold her back, she is healthy, thriving and the happiest girl!
He is the most goofiest baby ever! He likes to watch football with mommy daddy. Khi favorite movies are Secret Life of Pets 2 and Angry Birds 2.
Landon is a sweet, happy, and funny little boy. He is a big brother and he ADORES his little sister! Landon likes to play in his truck at his Monkey’s house and he also enjoys fishing.
I love to eat apples and bananas 🍌, I’m always smiling and crawling to get to my next destination 🥰
Ida is a complete joy. She is constantly smiling and making us laugh with all her faces. She loves to play and be entertained. She keeps us on our toes but we love our little girl.
my joyful sunshine which we call maddipooh
Hello! My name is Zoë. I love my swing and long car rides. Mommy says my smile is so contagious. She calls me her little China Doll. 🧸🌼
Antonio Jahseh. He loves Elmo & Baby Shark. He enjoys music, his stuffed dinosaur, he loves tickles! & he adores his grandpa! 🥰
I’m a very happy girl who LOVES my mommy & meemaw ! I like to play & yell , and nap time is my favorite part of the day!
I love time with my daddy I love to smile and giggle Cuddle time is my other favorite with mommy
Im in dance class and I love it 🥰
Well for one my baby is a loving baby and will show that to anyone he come incounter with. He love to watch TV. His favorite TV shows are law and order and football. I have all so discovered that he like chocolate because his great grandpa let him have a taste. My baby is my baby with an outstanding personally alreayd. Oh and he likes to hear himself talk and yell it's so cute to watch.
Brooklyn just turned one at the end of October and she loves her show Mother Goose Club. Shes been obsessed with that show since she was 3 months old and still lights up with the biggest grin whenever we put it on for her. She's one of the happiest babies ive ever met. She loves playing peek a boo with her mama and dada and loves to sing. She also loves clapping lol. She claps if she loves whatever new food she tries, she claps when she is mad, and she claps when she is proud of herself. Haha she is one amazing little girl and she is SO CUTE!
Happiest baby ever my addie ❤🥰😘
Beau is a very happy boy. He loves playing outside and loves his mommy/daddy. He loves animals and cars. If he won we would love to take him on a fun trip for his 2nd birthday 😊
Hiya! I'm AJ, its lovely to meet you. I am a very happy girl who loves it when people sing to me, I love colourful lights and being nosey. My mummy and daddy say thay I am so adorable and charming that I can make anyone smile! If I make you smile then please vote for me😁
Hallie is 9 months old, she is such a happy little girl! She loves nothing more then to be on her feet trying to walk(even though she's just mastered crawling!)
Bella Ray
Bella Ray is a Blessing she is growing everyday she has transformed my life she so beautiful and smart. She loves her Mom and Dad to peices.
Alyvia does nothing without her big protector, Monte
Hi im Madalin. Im a year old. I love to be outside. I love movies and food and i love waiting for daddy to come home for work. Im a daddys girl. I talk a whole bunch and laugh even more. Im very playful and loving. I love to smile and laugh.
Meet Tamen. Tamen is happy, sweet and super adorable! He’s always wanting to cuddle and spend time with mommy and daddy. We’re trying to make Christmas happen for this little guy!
Serenity is 7 weeks old. She loves food, sleep and cuddles, and when shes awake she loves looking around and being in her swing.
Jessie is the happiest baby,and learning new things daily.. She loves being outside.. playing with her siblings and mom and dad.. she also loves playing with any type of ball. Shes such a joy to be around.
Howdy! My name is Astrid, I’m only 3 months old and yet I feel like I’m already 1 year old! I love to look up at the ceiling fan! I just want to touch it 😂 mommy and daddy are my best friends 😍
Well early on last year me and my husband where told that we werent gonna be able to have kids on are own. Then two months before i was due to go in to have my uterus scraped i found out i was pregnant. She has been such a blessing to our lives and i couldnt ask for nothing better. She loves to chill out with mommy and daddy.
This is Demarcus he’s a handsome boy that loves to take baths and go for runs with his mommy and daddy
She is our Halloween baby, she is very precious and lovable. She is a Libra and she is going to be very smart
Hi. My name is Craig”jr”. I’m 5 yrs old and a ball of fun. I love legos and hot wheels.
Rowen is an energetic 2 year old who loves dinosaurs, firetrucks and his family!