Baby Stories - 8


Alaia loves to chew on her teethers, take baths, relax in her swing, and cuddle with mommy!
Priscilla loves kisses and snuggling up with mommy and daddy. She loves to smile and make funny sounds.
Hi I’m brogan I am 8 weeks old and 5days old , I love lots of cuddles of my mummy and I really really love my food .
I love Remy and Boo, chocolate pudding and cuddles with Daddy.
this boy is wilddd baby jack jack he climbs jumps runs skips and never sits his butt down
Freddie was born 5 weeks early, he spent a few days in NICU. He loves Peppa Pig & playing with mummy’s face x
Kimberly is the most sweetest out going baby there is.she’s very smart in loves other daughter is one of the playfulness babies I know.
Beautiful lovely charming little lady
Zahmier is a happy and active boy ! He loves dinosaurs,monster trucks ,& cars ! Favorite snack pizza ❤️
My names Bentley, I am 11 months old. I love cheese puffs, I love my doggie duke, I enjoy playing outside on my swing. I enjoy going on walks with my mommy and daddy!
Camari is a very lovable baby she loves to laugh, play and love to be the center of attention
He loves bottles and binkies! Haha he is a very intelligent baby, advanced is what people say as soon as he came out he was already holding his own head up which is pretty crazy to do for a newborn baby he also has his own little personality/ attitude, he is very alert, curious, and can stand when he wants to....most of all he has a big heart with a big smile and he loves everyone he comes in contact with❤️🌎🥰😍
I’m almost 2 months old and I’m trying to hold my head up and reach out to mommy and grab her. I felt grass the other day. I guess I like exploring new things like mommy and daddy does. I’m very loved and cared for and not to be too conceited (like mommy) but I have the cutest face (better than mommies actually but don’t tell mommy that).
Hayden is a wild child! He loves to put on a show for the camera.
Raelyn loves to watch peppa pig and dora. She lovesss spaghetti and she loves to play with mommy and daddy
Hi! My name is Grant and I'm 5 1/2 months old. I love to roll on my tummy and explore everything around me. I laugh and smile a lot especially with mom. My favorite chair is the crab seat in this picture😁
Hi I’m reardon! I love cuddles with my mommy and I love my milk. I like to have dance parties with my family. I love to laugh with my grandma
Amiyah loves her swing and is starting to become alert.
Braxton is always trying to make somebody laugh, he has such a big personality!
Landyn loves to give knuckles, his favorite word/phrase is "uh oh", he loves to tackle mommy while she is laying in the grass, and he enjoys saying good morning to the neighbor's chickens daily 😊
Georgie Jo
Georgie-Jo is a energetic little one who has a ton of character. His cheeky grin will get anybody and everyone smiling. He loves to sing,dance and most of all he loves the camera flash.
Lilly spent her first 2 weeks in NICU fighting pneumonia and sepsis, however she still has the biggest smile on her face
She adorable 🥰. After 23 years and two sons , I was sent this beautiful angel. My mini me Luna 🥰❤️
Prestyn is such a happy baby. He loves being outside, loves playing with his toys, & will talk & smile with you all day if you let him🥺🥰
Daxx Robinson
Daxx is very loveable at just a few days old! He loves to eat, sleep and smile in his sleep!
Always such a happy little girl. 9 months old. Loves to crawl around and get into anything she can get her hands on. Bath time is definetly her favorite time 😀
Mac is a sweet smiley boy who loves music, bath time and his daddy.
Jakobe is a very happy baby smiling all the time, he loves being on his play-mat. He also loves being all snuggled up with blankets.
Iliana has already grown a lot a lot in her first almost 9 months of life. She loves baths, massages and kisses almost more than she loves her mommy. Shes a busy body who never stops crawling on stuff! She’s really wanting to walk and we won’t be shocked if she does it well before 1! We love watching her little personality grow, even if most of it is attitude.
Our little cheerleader in the making! 💜
Logan is so goofy! Right now his favorite thing to do is eat everything he sees and clap his hands. He loves reading and pulling his mama’s hair! His favorite noises are anything crunchy. He has the longest record of blowing spit bubbles within one day LOL. Happiest most sweetest baby boy I know.
I’m 6 months old, I’m a whopping 21 lbs,I have blue/hazel eyes, and 2 teeth! I love jumping in my bouncer, going for walks and splashing in the bath. My favorite word to say is poop, and I’m a total ham for the camera!
Hiya my name is tallulah, i love smiling and laughting,
This is Nevaeh Mae she is 6 months old and the youngest of 3 girls. She is such a little character, always happy and her smile and laugh are infectious. She brings so much joy and happiness to our lives ❤❤
My boy is 14 months old and always finds way to put a smile on everyones face, hes full of energy and always on the move. He loves playing outside with all the animals and going on walks to the park . His favorite shows he loves to watch is dino ranch,puppy dog pals, t.o.ts
Sammy is full of life. A curious boy who loves to play and bounce. His favourite thing to do is listen to music with his daddy.
Hi, my name is Nevaeh and I always have to get my way no matter what. I’m goofy, a drama queen at times and love to play.
Emma Jaide
She is so loving and sweet, she loves to be around her brother and two sisters she lays her little head on them and kisses them she’s so smart and just adorable she is the sweetest little baby!
Alaya is a bundle of joy, such a beautiful and fast groing little lady. Everyehere she goes she brings smiles and happiness and has the most cheekiest smile. She loves playing with her baby's and all her family.
Nas is very out going he’s Goofy he loves to smile and love meeting new people
Jacob is 8 months old and a very happy baby most of the time. He loves is bunny stuffed animals and loves to be sung to. He loves playing peekaboo and loves to get down and crawl. He has the cutest smile ever and has curly hair with a curly q right in the front of his hair ❤️ He loves to eat and say Dada . We would absolutely love for him to win❤️
Hi! My names Donnie! Also known as Donnasaur (I really like dinos!). I LOVE camping and being outside!! At night though I like to relax and cuddle with my momma while watching cocomelon!!
Ridhvik always enjoys spending time in the outdoor environment. He loves annoying his brother. He is so creative and active 24*7.Loves to play peek-a-boo. Please do vote everyone!!! Thankyou😍😍😍
Avionanna is a sweetheart. She loves bubbles and she's very smart. She's helpful and loves everyone she meets
Mason is the happiest baby that likes to watch the magic school bus and Garfield ❤️