Ava Jai
Ava loves to smile. She enjoys morning conversations with her mommy. She loves bath time.
Osiris loves fuzzy blankets, evening walks, bathtime and his new favorite thing is baby elmo
Amira is 3month old baby, very smart and intelligent, not afraid to be around cameras
Autumn is a happy, calm baby that LOVES to cuddle and smile! She LOVES soft blankets and tummy time.
Amani is a very happy baby. She is happy 25/8 and very active and so many more things at such a young age. She loves to play and laugh and most definitely loves to eat.
She’s a wonderful free spirit.
Amelia is 2 months old! Her hobbies are eating, pooping, sleeping, crying and smiling lol
Amari is 1 years old! He’s a lovable smart little boy that loves cocomelon everything! He’s always smiling and love his family. Amari knows how to count to 10 and knows his abcs. Help Mari win the contest! Thank you!
Hi my name is Noah I’m 5 months and I’m a big boy I’m 27.6 pounds and 30inchs long I was born April 15,2022 @2:28 am I had a little difficulty when I was born my cord wrapped around my neck and swolling my ambodic fluid that protected me in mommy’s tummy I was givin time to get my breath back and to work they went on me they handed me to mommy who noticed I didnt sound or feel ok I was place in to the nicu where I had numerous tubes an I’v In my head oxygen in my nose tube ran down my throat! I am a happy camper and a blessing for my family! Vote me and I’ll share the love back!
Trucks and toys! There’s nothing like this little boy!
One of the happiest little boy ever loves to be outside and loves to stay into things but I wouldn’t trade him for the world 💙
Shiloh loves to smile, she has won the hearts of everyone who meets her!
The happiest baby! She brings joy and smiles wherever she is.
Caylee loves cheer & gymnastics 🤸‍♀️ 📣 She loves mini brands ❤️ Caylees super social 🎶 super helpful 🧼 & best daughter 🥰🦋
Hudson is a smiley boy who loves his mama and daddy!
Thea is a beautiful, sweet, very happy baby. Sleeps through the night. Looks adorable in any color. Look at that hair!
Little miss Aubrey loves to be outside! She is full of giggles and also loves bathtime!
Riley is a happy baby. She very playful and loves to smile. With those big blueish/greyish eyes you can't help but smile when looking at her.
He loves to sleep, and he's very cute
Ember Grace
Ember says you should vote for her because she knows at least 1 picture made you smile ☺️😎.
Harley Rae
I am sassy thing , and very demanding.. I eat just about anything you feed me . I have blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair .. I am very loud about how I fell .. my favorite person is my aunt Rae Rae but when I am done I want my momma .. I love to play with my brothers & being held . I am very very spoiled and 95% of the time I get my way .
Cooper is Very adventurous and loves being outside! Crawling is what he loves most And saying mama and dada are his new favorite words!
Diosa Von
Diosa meand "Goddess" and Von meand "Hope". She is smiling all the time, eat a lot 🤣 and play more 🤣🤣🤣
Alanii is a very happy loveable baby. She loves music, dancing, talking and any kind of foods.She also enjoys the outside. Loves Gracie’s Corner her favorite song is Apples & Bananas.
Rose Cosper
My name is rosy i like prince stuff i like to ride my bike make jokes and i say high and thank you to every one
❤️My boy is a sleepy smiler❤️
Lakelyn is the most happy baby always smiling and making noises.. she likes to blow raspberries..she is adored by her big brother and big sister.
Lilith is my strong willed, tough 10 year old girl. She is beautiful smart and gonna do something big in her life.
Huge personality!! He may be small but loves to smile and coo. He’s an excellent snuggler.
Trinity is my beautiful 12 year old. She has autism but she doesn't let it define her. She is smart. Loves wrestling loves animals and is her own person...
Arianna has a smile that can melt anyones heart!!! she loves being outside with her big sister🥰
Evelyn will tell you how she feels by her facial expressions 🤣
Amalthea is a very curious girl who loves exploring nature. She is a very happy girl when she gets in her jumparoo. She loves her books. She loves her music.
Lukas has the brightest blue eyes that just melt your heart he has so much character already. He is always full of smiles and giggles . He can brighten anyones day with his baby charisma...
James was born two months early he likes music and his favorite toy are cars he's a very smart baby and always has a smile on his face.. y'all go vote
Hi i’m Kolton and i love to be outside and i love to smile and eat and i love to pick stuff up and throw it on the floor and i’m a happy baby all the time
Waylon is 19 months old and a heart warrior. His laugh and smile both are contagious. He’s full of energy and loves to talk to everyone!
Jaxon was born premature and is currently in the NICU. He is a fighter and is currently 2lbs 13.9 oz.
This smile melts your heart, his little eyes sparkle ✨ when he’s smiles, those smiles are contagious <3
Jasmine Vallee
Hello My name is Jasmine and I was born a preemie and I came at 35 weeks and I was in hospital for 12 days and had a feeding tube and sugar issues but other than that I was healthy as could be and I still am
June is an excellent communicator. Whether she’s excited or angry, she loves to scream. Moments after being born, she let out her first scream (not to be confused with a cry) and she’s been happily screaming ever since!
Ailani Walton
Ailani loves to dance and color . Ailani has so much personality.
Juniper is a very sweet little man! He loves to smile, laugh and say mama! He seems to love all foods but really likes avocado 🥑 He loves to sit up, stand, jump and especially loves being held and cuddled for naps and bedtime. His 3rd tooth is coming in🦷 He loves crinkle books, anything he can chew on and his jumper!
Jacob love to swim he is a dare devil. He love his mommy, daddy, sisters and baby brothers.