Greyson❤️This handsome man is such a happy, crazy boy who is in LOVE with food(BANANAS), climbing on everything, bathtime, and Cocomelon 😊
She’s absolutely adorable has the most bubbly personality loves being a little glamour girl doing her hair an nails loves makeup as she always states she’s a princess that indeed she is she has the most beautiful curls and mesmerising blue eyes and her gorgeous olive skin 🤎 please vote for Tahlee
This cheeky girl loves to eat, give her any new food she will happily put in her mouth
Joel Emmanuel
He's our Beautiful Son, a Little Brother, a Nephew, a Special Grandson, a Cousin, And future U.S. Military 🎖️🪖🇺🇲✝️🧸🍼❤️👪🌅
Zachary Jr
Zachary Jr is 6mo he's a happy baby loves paw patrol and spending time with his 2yo sister he's just a amazing lil baby boy
Lukka is a very happy and smart bubba, he is a water baby. He loves cuddles with his family and is always on the move. He has the cutest laugh and the most adorable smile, he is the most loving little baby 🥰
Miss Charlie loves cuddles and is very snuggly! Her giggle makes everyone smile. Very loving and full of life and energy 🥰❤️
Big sister to 2 siblings at 1 & 2 yrs old she's like lil momma always helping grandma with them .she loves outdoors fun playing with her animals singing dancing and watching animal lil girl who loves teaching her brother and sister.
Baby brother to 2 sisters. He always playing running around always happy .he loves outdoor fun playing in the dirt mud and with his sisters .
Loveable lil country girl with i dont give a heck face and mostly cheerful she loves her siblings and animals and outdoor fun .She always sassy helping grandma. Loves singing and dancing .and helping baby brother.
Bryson loves to play with his cousins, aunts and uncles and often enjoys a snack…or two ❤️
Yuno is not one to sit around he loves to be constantly on the move and seeing new scenerys
This is my cheeky girl, Koah 🤍 She is the sweetest little bubba who loves learning the world around her, and can make everyone happy with her infectious laugh and smile!
He likes trains
Larrissa-mae is the most happiest girl going. She love playing with her toys and trying to sit herself up. She loves her kisses from her big brother. She sleeps a whole 7 to 8 hours a night and loves getting milk drunk ♥️😍
Martin Borg
Martin EnJoys Lots of Fun with other children. He’s a very happy boy.
Super happy Lu
Ryder is 10 months old he has a huge personality and he loves listening to music and dancing.
Hii I'm Chase Ralph Focht and I'm 2 years old, vote for me thank you
Maisie Belle
Loves animals, nature and generally being outdoors
Hello my names Oliver! I’m a cheeky happy 8month old baby boy who's personality has just started to show, Vote for me please & I'll vote back
Born 6 weeks early, this little fighter has stolen so many hearts, not even 2 weeks in the NICU could get her down! Nayeli loves music and giving the biggest smiles for mommy and daddy!
He has the kindest and purest heart i have ever seen! He lights up the room!
She loves to dance and model! She will pe participaing in the Toronto kids Fashion Week
Lara even though so young she already has passion for music, she loves to dance and sing!
Born 10.5 weeks premature weighing 2lb 7 oz now 3 years old with no fear Full of character and doesn't like the word no.... Loves diggers,trucks and cars... Beat the odds and survived.... My miracle
Serious little baby who loves outdoors and is very curious of everything around her
Barbara is a happy little girl, who has a bright personality & love her food 💕 she loves going on adventures also 🥰
Ace has recently just turned 4 months old. And the reason why you should vote for him is because he's just to adorable to not Vote! He likes to sleep & eat. Has the most cutest smile and loves his Talks.
Noah is 6 months and a bundle of joy He’s not had it easy since birth with health problems. But look at that face 😍
Little Hudson loves playing on his trampoline, running around with the pups and swimming in his pool. This kid is always smiling always laughing making everyone laugh aswell, he’s a character for sure
Hi I’m Freya, I love to wave, clap and give kisses. I’m super cheeky and when everyone else is laughing I like to join in.
The biggest sweetheart alive. She is all about love.
Hello my names Kaison! I’m wild like my mama and have a outgoing personality like my daddy, I also love pizza! Vote for me & Thanks to all!
I’m 9 months old, and I love getting up to mischief!
Madison is a very sweet and caring little girl she loves everyone and love's to ride her pawpaw's motorcycle with him and likes to ride her scooter's and love's listening to jelly roll She has to go to the hospital every so often to get iron and blood infusions she's our little princess
My handsome boy loves music loves to dance!!!He loves being in water he wants to take 50 baths a day lol he very kind hearted and loves animals!!!
Maeve is an adventurous little toddler who loves everybody that enters her life. She is very photogenic and fun loving.
Not in competition!!! Here for achievements. 💙❤️🤍💙 Kamdyn is our miracle baby, he is 21 months old. He is always happy! He loves playing with his big brother that is 18 years older. He is very independent and all boy. Kamdyn loves outside he loves the water and the four wheeler. He is into everything. He loves animals, climbing, and playing in mud puddles and water. He loves outside. We love this little guy so much! He’s our miracle!!💙🤍💙
Ryder is a handsome little boy he is two months old his favourite thing to do is smile cry and feed all day 🤣
Dallas love cuddles with nana and papa, big brother
Arthur is 5 months old he is our first. 💙 when he was only 2 months old he had surgery on his heart. He is doing wonderfully now, but our family is struggling to make ends meet. His favorite thing is his blue teddy bear pacifier and his light up elephant. He loves bright colors, snuggles, and kisses. 🥰
Hi my name is Brooklyn , I was born 2 weeks early, I am almost 2 months old I was so excited to meet mommy nd daddy , I love listening to music I love looking cute for mommy nd Daddy
Jaxton (who also goes by jax) decided he wanted to make new years a special one and came 2 weeks early , born on December 31st 2022. He is such a happy baby and I was truly blessed for my first 🫶🏻
He is a charming little boy who loves helping people. He has an outgoing personality and everyone who he comes in contact with lights up. He loves dogs and tools
Maia is a happy loving little girl. She is always smiling and laughing, loves her food and playing with water and her toys and books