Baby Stories - 78


He’s the sweetest boy! He loves truck and his daddy! He is definitely his daddy boy but his mommas world!
Genesis Zye Maurice 💙
She is 11 month old. She loves to smile and laugh. Loves animals and being outside. Loves her mommy and daddy and bub and nana. We will be celebrating her first birthday this month. She is a strong willed baby with a big personality.
Brody is named after a campus complex that his father stayed while at Michigan State University. It was where 6000 people from all corners of the world came together to learn from each other and created a sense of camaraderie no matter what the background was because everyone has their own stories of where they came from and where they are going.
Jensen is such a handsome and smart little man! He enjoys playing with dinosaurs, balls, and stuffed animals!
My beautiful little boy just has made my life complete and now want to share him for everyone to see he absolute cuteness at only 2 months he has stolen my heart ❤️
Bringing Joy to all whose path she crosses!!
Jax has a heart of gold and a vocabulary out of this world. He loves videos games and his momma ❤️An amazing little guy!!!! I saw mostly baby entries!!! But 11 or not I’ll show him off!!!
Ematias loves socialising with people, starring deeply into your eyes and smiling at you. He loves music and people talking about him. He’s a good listener and gives the best cuddles!!
Sammy is such a little bundle of joy, such a good baby and such a gift!!!
Evie, always has a smile on her face! She is the happiest little girl! She’s always ready for some cuddles!
Miles is one month old, he LOVES to eat, loves to stare at himself in the mirror, and is a swaddle escape artist.
He loves both of his mommies going on adventures all types of foods and loves all fur babies
Londyn is so smart! She just learned to say daddy. She is such a happy baby, she is always smiling. She almost never cry’s. 🙂
Truly may look like a delicate flower but is anything but! She is one fiery little girl and can nothing stop her! She knows what she likes and doesn’t and isn’t quite about it. She loves to play with her four brothers and her best friend is her 5 year old brother. Truly is a twin and they couldn’t be more opposite but regardless they are very close.
Za'rion Is a Happy & Loving 4 Month year old🥰 his smile will light up a room and His Laugh ? Will make your heart skip a Beat. Za’rion is a cool & chill baby as people Would say. Za’rion is a healthy chunky baby full of excitement.
Blu is a teddy bear he is a chunky big boy but soft at heart🥰 he has a twin sister and together they rule the world. Blu was born prematurely and him and his sister were in the nicu for a few months. Unfortunately Blu had a harder time breathing on his own at first but has since made a full recovery to a healthy baby boy!
Mayan loves napping, knocking down his stacking cups, sledding with his papa, and petting his feline brother, Hunter.
Bronson came into the world dramatically by emergency c section while mom had a brain bleed repaired. We each spent 15 days in icu & nicu.
He like trying to talk
Ya’Myla is a very smart baby she loves listening to gospel musics she love laughing and playing
Tracey is the most loving caring big brother. He always has to get something for his little sister if anyone gets something for him. He’s smart, loving and definitely curious. The love of my life ❤️
tiago 7months
My rolly polly loves to play with his toys and find things to get into even though he has not yet learned to crawl. And can not get enough food lol
Novalee is my name but people call me nova. I’m curious, a spit fire and already know how to tell everyone what I want. My big brothers are my favorite people besides mommy ❤️ Nova started walking at 9 months and already has a full vocabulary. This girl is going places 🥰
Leonardo Terence Edmond Ashworth- born on the 1st february 2021 at 10.14om weighing 6lbs 5oz. He is still so tiny! He is our beautiful blue eyed boy with the most cutest little cheeks and smile!
Hi everyone. My name is Sofia. I’m almost 2 months old. I just started to smile at my parents faces recently and I think they are very happy about it. I love to learn new things and explore the small world around me. Also I love my dog Benjie.
He is so adorable and he deserves it alot mommy and daddy love him
Daniel loves it when his mom tickles him. He loves baby food. He loves being outside. He gets excited when you say good morning or when he sees his dad after he gets home from work.
Lando is a happy 3 month old who loves to smile, eat, and watch the Lion King. He is attentive and loves to be talked to and he even talks back!
Noah loves learning. He can read, spell , and speak Spanish. He loves animals, especially elephants. He can name every animal including ones that are extinct.
Happy and smart baby. Loves playing with others.
Please vote for my handsome little man
Kamden is a happy outgoing baby. He loves to hangout with mommy & daddy throughout the day and lots of snuggles ❤️
Trinity is 1 year old and she loves to play and the most things she love is Cocomelon
Life of a 2 month old isnt too hard for Roman. He loves to hang out with mommy daddy and his big brother. He loves watching little baby bum and his light up turtle named Frankie. He pretty laid back and well behaved. He is like a sour patch kid when it comes to his food though, first he is sour then once he eats he is the sweetest thing ever.!! We appreciate every vote received. 💕
He's a very sweet and quite baby. Smiles alot
Hi my name is audrina and I’m 2 almost 3months.I like to talk (babble). I love music and when my uncle goose sings to me. Not a big fan of bath time 😂. I love being the center of attention and I love being held and loved on.My best friend is pinto my aunt samey’s chi weenie he is always by my side. I am a very loved and special girl. My family is the best ever cause they spoil me.
We love to play patty cake and sing songs. We learned to roll over because we don’t like tummy time❤️😂we take trips to grandmas house to play with kittens that are as big as us💙We like bubbles and lights. Hope you like all those things too🤞🏻❤️
Jaiden was born at 14 weeks early and 1lb 14oz. He is 2 months old and weighs in at 4lbs! He is still in the NICU but is a fighter!
Hello! Milo is 4 months old and full of love:). Some of his favorite things to do are talk and babble at daddy and mommy, roll around and try to grab what’s around him. Chewing on whatever daddy let’s him. His favorite genre of music and metal! Slipnot all the way. And boy is he absolutely perfect in his own way. So happy and so talkative. He’s about to start crawling around that’s how strong he is🥺 his smile is priceless❤️
Josiah loves to eat food, always smiling and loves attention. Hes always happy 💙💙
Greyson is 1 month old he loves to smile and spend time with his family and pups
Hello, I’m Greyson. I love my mommy and daddy and all I do is eat, poop and sleep ❤️
Little Miss Leighana loves to smile and coo ..She has a genuine personality and a strong love for her Mimi😂💜
Kyree loves to smile and laugh. His favorite shows are Scooby Doo and Word Party. Vote for him:)