Hey I’m Walter I’m 10 months old I love paw patrol and naps and my family and I’m one happy baby
I am 2months old I love eating playing with momma and bath time! I have two front teeth coming in and I think I’m ready to eat solid food but mom won’t share yet! I like screaming at my momma if she doesn’t have my food ready! I also enjoy going on walks as long as you don’t stop the stroller other wise I might scream at you!
Cameron is so sweet and has a smile that will bring joy to your heart ❤️
Hello everyone, my name is DayVon, but my parents call me poohman as a nickname. 👨‍👩‍👦Whenever someone sings a song to me weather its with a beat or not I can’t help but to smile and to try to sing along ! 💙🎤 I love walks to and around the park & love ALL toys that rattle and light up! 🚨I am currently 5 months, but love to eat so much my mom cals me her chubby wubby bear because i’m so snuggly. You should definitely vote for me because every since the first day I was born 👩🏽‍🍼 i’ve always had the biggest smile and loudest chuckle plus i’m full of cuddles and love ! 🫶🏾
Javi loves all food and pulling himself up on furniture. Dad is the funniest person to him. He knows how to fake cry to get what he wants
My name is Finley James I love chatting to people and I’m a big cuddley bundle of joy!
Lexie is a very happy newborn who loves cuddles with her mummy and daddy & loves to watch Paddington bear already!
She loves swimming. She also has a power wheels jeep she loves to drive. If Olivia wins it will be put into a college fund.
Sweet Rosalee is never without a smile… unless she’s hungry or sleepy! She loves anything that plays music, is colorful, or can easily be chewed!
Parker is 8 months he is so sweet and happy most of the time his smile will steel your heart and his baby blues will light up the room he loves Mickey Mouse and would rather walk then crawl he’s rotten to the core and is loved so very much
Brooks is the best baby boy! He's so smiley and talkative and loves the sound of his own voice. He also loves dogs and being outside, and when daddy comes home from work ❤
When Leo sneezes he flings his little arms in the air then chuckles to himself 🥹♥️ He is so chilled and loves his sleep! In fact, even his passport photo is of him sleeping!
Phoenix is a sweet and loving 1 year old. He has a way with making you smile just looking at him.he loves blocks and loud toys. He loves his siblings and playing with them.
Kayson loves to chew on his hands, he even holds his bottle by himself ! He’s such a great baby, happiest one I ever seen 🥰
Sage Lee
Sage Lee, the best baba chugger, smash cake smasher, and food thrower! This gives him something to talk to his doggy about other than what they can get into together.
Meadow is 9 months old!! She loves singing with mommy, loves eggs pancakes and fruit! She is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet, her smile is vibrant and she enjoys being around everyone she meets! Her favorite show is bluey and her favorite color is pink💗
Sawyer is 3 months old , he loves to smile and kick his tiny feet.
Hi my name is Brice I'm a very loveable person...
She very smart funny and love's to play with her siblings
Everliegh is eleven months old. She loves her big sister and cousins. She smiles and is happy all the time. She loves crawling. She loves to laugh.
Dougie is a cheeky little surprise that we didnt think possible. He is full.of laughter and joy every single day.
An all round happy little soul who loves to walk around singing her favourite nursery rhymes.
Hello this is my beautiful son alfie jay. Alfie is 1. He will be 2 in december. Alfie is a very checky,loveing and care boy. He loves cuddles and loves to shake his bum. He loves cars and toy story.
Albie is a funny little boy always on the move. He loves his big sisters balls and all things that spin.
Jay’Veon is the sweetest and funniest boy you’ll ever meet! You can catch him. Hanging out with his mama on the couch drinking a bottle in her arms same times every day. He’s just the coolest little dude
The most bubbly , loving , Funny and sweet baby ever . She is heavenly protected by her daddy ; she is his twin . She has an old soul in a baby body and has the ability to change lives ✨
Neve is a beautiful 4 month old baby girl, who is cheeky, smiley, happy, chilled and loves to explore
Hey everyone, my name is baby Sky 🥰 I was born 8/10 . I’m a Leo baby who loves to sleep and get milk wasted
Lizzie loves to fart on her daddy, eat, poop and wake up mommy with her tiny punches to mommy's face. She spent 3 weeks in the NICU for a little "vacation" before coming home to mommy & daddy.
Juliana is such a happy baby, she loves to cuddle with her mommy, and she loves car rides, seeing people and her Cinderella toy.
Gabriel loves to smile and have fun with his mommy and daddy!
Chance is a sweet little baby who loves cuddles bath time and getting his head rubbed
Brutal is an 8 month old who loves to climb, crawl, sing, and laugh. He is always finding a way to entertain himself and loves his Grandparents☺️
Elias is a sweet, happy and chubby boy who loves to be tickled and play with his chewy rings, his momma and music toys❤️
Aiyden is a very sweet and loving baby. He will melt your heart whenever he's around and he's also a blessing from God!
Skye is 2 years old! She loves swimming, playing at the park, and following her big brother around! She’s the sweetest baby but has a sour side to her! My very own sour patch baby!
Hello, My name is Madisyn Love OrleansLindsay. At this time I’m practicing with my mom using my eating utensils. I am sitting up alone! I’m full of laughs and giggles! Especially when mommy sings the wheels on the bus song with me! I appreciate you taking the time to read and vote! Thankyou all =]
Kingston is 5 years old! He loves playing baseball, playing games on his Xbox, and being a big brother! He started school this year and ended head start at the top of his class last year! Very excited to see where life takes him!
My Name is nash and I’m goofy and love to smile and laugh❤️
This is Sofía Roo Jimenez, she is the happiest little baby! She loves eating peas, watching Ms.Rachel, and crawling all over the place! Sofía was born in California and is soon gonna be a Hawaii girl ❤️
Aarna is Christmas 🎄 baby as bright as Christmas 😍. She loves her big sister a lot and giggles a lot with her. She loves to explore things and loves going out