Wrenley is a bright eyed baby🥺 she loves cooing and talking to her mommy she loves to snuggle with her and she has her favorite teddy!
Kaylen is bubbly 3 year old who loves the water and sand he is a very happy loving little man and always down for a swim
Hardhaan loves smiling and laughing with everyone. His favourite word is “mumma” and he loves playing outdoors a lot. He is a 15 months old toddler and is very cheeky sometimes. But most of the time is adorable and lovable always❤️😘
Jaxson is a five month old happy chap. His favourite things are blowing raspberries and having a bath, although he isn’t too keen on getting out. His smile lights up the room, and he’s recently started having the giggles 🥺
Emilee is a sweet little girl that loves to sing and dance. She also loves all animals but her favorites are horses and her chickens. She’s a big helper with everything and she loves doing karate!
Florence Joy
She’s funny, happy and knows what she wants. Loves her Teddys, family and food. She’s ready to smile for the camera!
Beauden is 6 months old. He loves avocado and crawling to his big brothers. Hes a cheeky lad thats full of the biggest smiles.
Vicente loves the camera 🎥, loves exploring and he loves snacks.
Antwan, born in July of 2022 was born with complications and unfortunately had to be in the nicu for about a week. He lost a pound while in there. Since he was able to come out and come home he hasn’t stopped thriving and is such a healthy boy now and I couldn’t be happier. Antwan is such a joyful baby boy. There is not a time where he isn’t happy. He wakes up smiling. At almost 8 months old his personality is out of this world, you would be surprised. He loves bananas, peanut butter, books, colors, music and has even started to dance. If you love seeing handsome, stylish, smiley babies and would love to see & hear more, then please vote for Antwan😁
Römë is 3 months going on 4 on the 30th of this month. He’s such a smart and goofy baby with a big personality! He loves his family and FOOD lol! He has the most amazing smile in the whole world and his whole family adores him so much🥰
Pyper is a happy little baby who enjoys singing song with her mummy. She loves her Nanny’s dog Brodie who makes her smile whenever he’s near. She loves to go for walks in the pushchair with Mummy🥰
Our sweet 6 month old boy Gregory. Everyone falls in love with his beautiful blue eyes 🥺❤️ he is our little blessing. His favorite things include, going for car rides, bath time and daddy's hilarious comedy.
Hi I’m Robert. I got my name from my grandpa who pasted away when my mommy was little. I’m 11 months old about to be one years old on April 8th. I learned how to walk at 6 months and got my first four teeth at 3 months. I also love baby shark and Mickey Mouse. I also love bright colors and shining things. I love to eat food. I’ll eat any kind of food. I was born in Oregon City, Oregon. Moved from Oregon to Florida to Kentucky mommy and daddy travel a lot. I’m also Filipino and white. I look more like my dad tho. But anyways enough about me, how about you what do u like?
Freya is 2 and half months old and is such a happy smiley baby! She adores her big brothers and loves her toy bunny and toy doggy 🐕
Watch out he is a fire ball but at the same time he will melt your heart with his charm And his blonde hair and blue eyes. What he likes most is being outdoors! Very adventurous with a no fear attitude.
Georgia is sweet and sassy and loves everyone she meet! She loves scooby do, spirit, and mrs rachel!
Hogarth is a happy little boy who is learning to crawl, eat, and who loves his big brother Lincoln! He loves to laugh, and loves watching Gabby's Dollhouse!
The most smiley aussie redhead baby - a ray of pure golden sunshine
Myalina is the biggest blessing. She has made me a mum and in my opinion that is the biggest achievement you can have.
She’s my princess she’s always smiling and playing she likes to touch our faces, and she loves a lot her daddy Mexican - Salvadoran Baby girl
Aloha! my name is Braze and I love you! 💙 Thank you for all of your love and support!
Thomas is mommy’s copilot 24/7. This photo was taken on the way from the homeless shelter we live at to a pharmacy in his stroller during a flood. Thomas has saved my life and his favorite thing is saying hi to everyone we meet.
She loves getting affection! She acts older then 3 months !! Very happy baby ! The only girl in our immediate family !! Can make anybody smile 😊 ❤️😊
Aleia loves to play in the ocean she is our water baby and needs to go in whenever near any water. She loves bluey and to go byebye.
Jane Marie
Jane Marie is super excited about exploring her world. She enjoys playing with her baby brother and is an amazing big sister.
Ayla Mae
Ayla Mae is full of love and energy! She loves to greet every person that walks by with a huge smile! She absolutely loves animals and ice cream!
Kaile'aOmealani loves to cuddle, smile, laugh, and make noise as if she's talking. She also loves spending time with her two older brothers! She's our beautiful, and loved 👑 QUEEN!
Oskar Wolf
Oskar Wolf doesn’t let anything slow him down. He loves to use random objects to practice learning to walk and always has the biggest smile.
Melody loves music it helps put her to sleep and she loves to smile when you talk to her.
George is never not smiling. He loves cuddles and making silly noises. He really brightens up the world x
Cooper is a happy and smiley baby! He started out Rough in the nicu for 3 weeks but now he’s a healthy happy baby! He likes colors and lights! He loves tummy time and miss Rachel!!
Karma got a beautiful smile and very funny at time. He looks very cute when he sleeps right and left side😊
Knightley-Rose is such a happy little soul! Always had a smile on her face🥰 She’s into anything and everything at the moment, loves music & watching tv ♥️🌹
Archer Terry. Handsome little red head nicknamed Archie. 🥰Named Terry after his great grandfather he never had the pleasure to meet but was handpicked by him for us 🤍
He will always greet you with a smile no matter what time of day 😊😊
All Heather does is smiles. She’s a happy, healthy, sweet girl.
She's a happy smart big girl she loves to watch Paw Patrol, she loves playing with bubbles, she loves baths and she loves to eat and also loves going dancing, waterparks and fairs. She even loves to go the smokies She's a loveable an a careable girl and also huggable too when u have either good days or bad.
Amelia Jane
Amelia is the sweetest baby ever! She is super spoiled and the most cutest baby
Hey everyone, my name is Cruz Dunn. I am a little country boy from Stroud. I am 18 months old and my family think I am the most delicious looking champ around. I have big gorgeous brown eyes and sandy blonde hair. My favourite things are big trucks and motor bikes. I’m very generous and caring I love my family and my pet dogs Denzo and Boof.
Braylon likes so listen to music and run around crazy. Loves animals and loves his bathtimes
Caleb looooves food.....he will literally eat anything!
Braxton Gier
Braxton is just now learning how to walk he loves Bluey and he loves playing with his big sister
Venu au monde à 30 semaines, il a ébloui ma vie ! 2 mois dans un incubateur 😭 Now une boule d'énergie et de sourire 😀😀
Loves to eat berries & nanas with her twin brother Brooks! Enjoys reading books from Dolly’s Imagination Library.
Sebastian is 9 months old and loves to crawl and move around! There is no stopping him! His favorite things include his giraffe toys, his Baby Jack Jack Squishmallow, and his textured blocks 🤎