Baby Stories - 78


Lula is bright eyed happy girl at all times and she will brighten up anyone’s day! This is our third baby girl and she’s so precious.
He loves food , Mickey Mouse , trucks and making mommy and daddy smile
She loves to watch cocomelon. She loves being silly. Loves to laugh and giggle. Most of all she is so sweet and loving.
William Ill
Name is William 3rd I go by Bubby , lil Bill , LB. I’m a TWIN to Saylor & have an older sister named Darcie. a chunky ol lover boy who loves to eat & loves to be relaxed. I am the sweetest loveable little man that will steal your heart. I love to ride , hangout in the bed & watch tV. I love FOOD , all kinds of food I never pass anything up.
Sunshine ❤️😍
Emma Renae
Emma is happy baby.. She loves smiling all the time. She her Enisi (means grandma) sunshine when I have a bad day.
Brinkley is always happy and loves to take pictures!! She loves dressing up with her bows and necklaces!!.
Nyeim is an only child. He loves smiling, laughing & bringing joy to everyone around him. Nyeim likes to kick his feet a lot, it helps put him to sleep & just overall entertains him. Nyeim can now roll on his own & is trying to crawl. He will be six months in one week. His mommy loves him very much. So please vote for Nyeim so he can live out his dreams. Thank you ♥️😘
Dawson is so cheeky, happy and mischievous even at 8 months! He enjoys crawling and standing against everything.
Mia Mae
Mia likes animals & cars most. She’s very brave and clever
Hayden was my miracle baby that was born dead🥺 he has a learning disability from it but to look at him you would never know he had any problems he loves to be outdoors and be with his family
This is Christepher but we call him monkey. He is a very happy and loud baby. He loves to crawl around and put your finger in his mouth to show you.his first little tooth. Christepher also likes to kick his mommy while she tries to sleep and he also doesn't like to take a nap for his dada. Christepher is a cute bundle of joy and he is a big ladies man!
She loves Minnie Mouse and helping mom most of all loves her family and all fur babies and loves to be outside.
Wren Skylar
Wren is the funniest and most loving baby girl! She loves chasing her doggies and the roomba vacuum, she loves riding her motorcycle just like her daddy.
Logan is an energetic little boy who loves learning about animals , nature and different things . He has a very cheeky bubbly personality and has everyone laughing when he in the room. He very kind to others and doesn’t stop until everyone around him is happy
Mackenzie Kay
This is Mackenzie ...the sweetest, sassiest lil 3 month old ever. She is a protector and mother hen of her two older siblings which 4 & 5 which have severe autism. She loves and adores her “Bubba” & “ Sissy”. They are both non verbal but she seems to understand them well. She helps them in so many ways. She has a contagious smile. Mackenzies Sassiness consist of eye rolls to the ceiling and then makes you laugh till your tummy hurts. She has a love for animals mainly dogs, squirrels and oddly enough crows. She loves to be in the water. Help us help her win!!
Easton is a happy, loving boy! He loves to giggle and smile 😆 he loves to stand, play with his toys and throw them!❤️ Eastons favorite thing to do is cuddle!💙
Hello my name is caraline paisley, I love to cuddle, I love to smile, I’m a happy baby, and I like to coo and try my best to say I good and hi. please vote for me!
Gabrey'Elle Chivon
Loves babbling getting into things eating and cuddling ❤❤
Journee is such a happy baby loves to laugh and watch football with her dad ❤️
Benjamin C
Benjamin is smart Loving little man . He’s full of personality! He Loves Spider-Man and his favorite show PJS loves Catboyy always running fast like him always climbing high like Spider-Man!! He Loves the outdoor! Loves swimming! most important he loves his mama and papi they make him the happiest baby in the planet!
Hi, my name is Corey and I am 4 years old. I love being outside soaking up nature and the sun. I absolutely love being funny and making people laugh and I have a heart of gold.
I'm mommy and daddy's happy rainbow baby who is almost always smiling or laughing. I love touching daddy's beard. I like to play with my animals and watch the cats walk around.
Eason Adam Lane
Ever since he was born he’s been so smiley, he loves bath time and all bright lights and colors, he loves looking and listening to his mom and dad talk, and his favorite food is pears! He’s our pride and joy!!💙
Easton loves to say dada and mama he loves to eat and ride in his truck and play outside
This is Arlo, he loves talking and is very expressive, he loves smiling and laughing!
Daxton is a sweetheart. He loves to fight sleep when people are talking because he doesnt want to miss anything. He belly laughs whenever he sees his daddy & loves when mom rocks him to sleep
He is a happy baby, he love to touch everything, he think the everything is fir his mouth, everyday he do something the make me smile, i love you baby.
He’s 8 months old. Super energetic and loving! He absolutely LOVES playing outside and with his stuffed animals. He loves light shows! He’s recently got two bottom teeth and loves to chew on everything. He’s recently been diagnosed with leukemia and he’s unbelievably strong. Thank you for your votes!
Lainie Paige
Lainie absolutely LOVES the show Bluey! She loves to be silly with her mama and play rollercoaster and taxi (made up games mama came up with). I’m super determined to learn how to walk without using the couch. Have a great day!!
Vote for my sweet baby girl, she loves to smile and will tell you all about Mickey and Minnie Mouse! 😂❤️
Taeliyah Napier
Taeliyah is my first niece she is everything she puts a smile on my face everyday Nd keeps u laughing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰she’s a bundle of joy🥰
💕💕Mama Squad💕💕 Damien is officially 1 year old! He is SUCH a sweet, happy and smiley baby! He brings joy to everyone who meets him. He can crawl, he loves climbing anything and everything around the house. He loves playing with mommy & daddy, and learning new things. His favorite things to do are eat (he LOVES food lol) play with his toys, crawl around the house, try to walk, and jumping. He LOVES "Luca," and "Wish Dragon."
D’Artist is full of energy such a happy baby loves peaches & to smile for the camera 📸 very photogenic and such a sweetheart just look at his face 🥰
Cristian is in love with dinosaurs 🦖 He loves red peppers 🫑 He’s learning two languages 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 He loves spending time outside 🛠
Avondre is the sweetest little boy, he smiles all day long and giggles. He loves Cocomelon, cuddling with his momma, and Sunday football with daddy🏈 Vote for my bubba!!!
Rose was born 2 months early and she had to stay in the nicu for 3 months. When she finally came home she started having trouble eating by mouth so the dr gave her surgery to put an gtube in her stomach just to help her eat and grow. Now she loves to play with her brother and gives lots of hugs and kisses
Silas Is All Smiles and Giggles! He's Super Happy All The Time, Loves Running in His Walker and Playing With His Toys! He Loves To Yell Mama Around The House and He Loves His "Baba" As He Calls It! Give Our Little Man A Vote!
Baby Jr
Jr is 8 months and loves to dance his favourite show is pj mask and he loves climbing off the bed and giving hugs. He looks a little mean at first but he’s a big softy
Jaxson is 8 years old!! He is one of the sweetest little boys he is always thinks of others before him self. He is and old soul.. He loves to read and play his Xbox . He loves to be outdoors and catch fish, play at the park, he's very active, he loves me.beast from YouTube an wants to be like him and make others happy ..
Rylee is silly and sassy, and she has the best smiles!! She loves bananas and sweet potatoes!!
Im cute and cuddly and wanna hug you!! Why not vote for me?
Rori loves her dada and playing video games with him. She likes to beatbox and dance with mommy. Rori also loves watching Pokémon and eating whatever she can find!
This beautiful baby boy of mine is full of smiles and love.
He is the most sweetest baby boy who will greet you with the biggest smile and wave so Vote and we’ll give you a wave thank you
Daemn is a great big brother and very intelligent im going to have problems with the girls soon