Dre’Lei loves to smile and Coo. She loves too eat as well. Dre’Lei is such a diva and knows it❤️💜
Raina loves to play she’s a very outgoing person. She loves to explore.
He is a gorgeous chheky chappy, polite, loving and incredibly cute
Emryx has a personality out of this world. You should vote for him because he is cute and original!
Oakley Mae is such a sweet baby. She loves playing, smiling, and pushing herself past her limits! She will grab your heart with her big blue eyes everytime!
Novalyn is a happy baby she started out with a rough start an has over came it all with a smile on her face!!! Nothing ever has ever broke her spirts!
Cody is the happiest little boy, hes so loving and cuddly. He also has a life long condition called haemophilia A which he has been dealing so well with.
Erik is a very happy baby and loves to smile
Seven loves to talk & play. He also enjoys story time & Cocomelon!
Sally is a very loving and out going little girl who loves her little brother so very much. She is a very friendly little girl.
I am 2 weeks old, I was born 3 weeks premature but am a happy and healthy baby!
Meet Kaycee she is 3 months and our little princess she love cuddles and attention from mommy and daddy. Her other favorite two people are her big brothers and she love to talk and show off Her beautiful smile.
This is my pretty girl. She’s always so happy and full of smiles. Very good baby, she brightens up any and everyone’s day ❤️
Roan is 2month old he loves to smile and have tummy time
Alex is almost two months old but as his mom his future is very important to me if we win anything all of it will be put into a savings account for Alex for college ❣️ Alex loves sleeping with his parents. He is Very alert. He hates dipper changes, He is a mommas boy! He’s starting to like bath time. loves his paci. He hates being naked. loves car rides.he’s already holding his head up for 1 minute😱 He makes funny little adorable noises. Alex sleeps with his mouth opened like his dad🥰 we appreciate all the love and support everyone is giving little Mann 🥰❣️
King is the life of the party, it's never a duh moment when you around him. King is your typical child, he likes to play with his race cars and go outside and run around with the older kids as if he's a big boy. You that saying "He Been Here Before" well that's most definitely him. Smart,hansome funny child anyone would adore this little guy
Sweet, gentle, and so loving. She cares for others before she worries for herself.
Baby Jackson has a new favorite of giving the cutest smiles & giggles, LOVES bath time, and wants to constantly be sitting up so he can check everything out! He holds his head up mostly on his own, focuses on bright colors, and drinks almost 7 oz each feedings!!! Go vote for this growing boy!💙
Leland brings a smile to everyone's face. Now we are waiting for one from him❤️
Hi i’m Tommy Kipling! I’m not very old yet so i can’t do much, but Mummy and Daddy are teaching me to sit up and i think i’m doing really well! I enjoy playing on my tummy and trying to talk to everyone, but they can never seem to understand me 🙁 Please give me a vote! I’m sure you’re all lovely enough to💓
Ky’Mir is 2 months , he loves his teddy elephant and being near me at all times . He also loves things at light up .
Remi Lynn will be 6 months old in a few days. She loves to be told "Your So Beautiful" or "Your So Pretty" it makes her smile Everytime.
Matthew jr is 2 months old and just as cute as can be!! He spent some time in the nicu when he was born but he’s been as happy and healthy ever since coming home ! Fun fact... he’s a twin! Yup his twin sister is two minutes older than him!
Kimberly is a very playful and happy little girl almost all the time. She loves her puppies and her little blankets. She was born 6 weeks early and has kept us on our toes since day 1
Gavin loves laughing, his family, his dog, splashing in the bathtub and being outside! He has the funniest little personality to go along with his cuteness! He is saying, “mama” “dada” “baba” “nana” and has also said “no” one time! He never fails to put a smile on someone’s face. Everyone who encounters him falls in love! 😍
Vote because he is the cutest little man ever!
Vote for my baby boy
Chevelle, or Chevy for short; LOVES the show Cops..he is very stromg and advanced for his age says the Dr. My little Tazmanian Devil haha
She will steal your heart!
My name is Michael-James. I’m starting to walk I take steps here and there 😁 my birthday is the day after thanksgiving 😊 I just had a new baby brother & I love trying to hold him I try to kiss him but I’m a little aggressive 😩 my favorite word is “dada” I like to scream it throughout the whole day especially when I first wake up 🤣I love being pushed in a swing at a park , I love to go on walks with my mommy & siblings🥰
She goes by Kenzie, she loves to talk & play. Please show her some love ❤️
Princess Myona loves to move around & know what’s going on, very alert. She has lots of personality & gets your attention! Petite, little angel she moves with style & has the BEST smile ever!!!
This is my sweet babygirl Macie Rae, she is 3 months old and full of life! She loves to smile and laugh and play with momma & daddy she is always alert and has to be up and around everyone. She is the star of the show already ❤️
My beautiful, sweet baby girl is as sassy as a one year old can get. She LOVES music, she can hear a beat from a mile away and start dancing to it. Avaleigh has such a HUGE personality. Shes a sweetheart and very smart. She knows when she has you wrapped! I thought this would be a fun thing to join to get family and friends together and vote for our girl. Please vote for Miss Avaleigh! Thank you. 😇
Rayne is absolutely adorable! He loves to smile all the time just a all around happy baby. He loves to sit in his swing and watch rocker videos and loves to listen to stories...
Benji loves tight snuggles then falling asleep on mommy’s chest. He loves when you give him crazy and loud kisses on his neck. He loves to smile especially after a full belly!
She was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and is the most happiest and smartest baby❤️ She has had 3 surgeries since she was born and literally nothing stops her from being happy she is the strongest and I’m proud to be her mom
Zoey will be 6 on thanksgiving. She loves lol dolls her twins sisters and making people smile
Dominic is my 5 yr old kindergartener.. He recently became a big brother and is so sweet and helpful.. Dom loves to play video games he is smart and very flirtatious.. watch out ladies lol
Gracie is a sweet happy girl. She is a twin and loves cats
Remi is a bubbly happy girl who although is a twin is very much her own person
The sweetest little mama’s boy!
She so Adorable she got 2 teeth coming in she so spoiled she loves her daddy so much
Mercy is a beautiful baby girl. She is always smiling and happy.