Our little porcelain doll. Giana loves laughing and being outside.
Connor is such a sweet boy, he will help anyone in need! He loves his family and always willing to help his friends and family
Hayley is a energetic, loving, caring little girl. She is so full of energy and loves to talk to everyone
Randal is such a loving, caring, enjoyable little boy! He loves Mommy and Daddy and loves everyone around him
Millie loves her big sisters, her sleep and food ❤️
Elena is a twin! She loves cuddles and playing with her twin brother Beau & big sister Peyton
I am a 13 month old baby boy, full of character, personality, and charm. I enjoy playing, day walks with mom, reading, learning, all genres of music, all things Nickelodeon, but mostly smiling. I am a very alert and inquisitive little person. I love to observe and imitate. I love, love, to dance and jump! My moves are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. Every food is my favorite, quite literally. Organic pears though, are to die for! In my downtime I enjoy soothing baths, man manis & pedis, massages, kisses and cuddles. Overall, I would say I’m one extraordinary little fella who will someday change the world!
Lilea is as sweet as can be!! She loves giving kisses, hugs, high 5's, and waving to everybody!! She loves being silly and to top it off she's so smart!! What's not to love?! ♡
Darcie is a little wild child, who loves running with her little friends, she loves the sunshine and playing in the swimming pools
🌹Rosalie is full of joy and laughter!🌹Rosalie loves sweet potatoes, bananas 🍌and pears🍐. 🌹Rosalie’s favorite thing to do is blow raspberries and cuddle up
Tanner is 2 months old he was in the nicu for a month he graduated out and now he is doing wonderful.
Enzo is a happy always smiling little cutie who loves playing and cars
Tariq is such a sweet and chill baby! He can make you smile just by looking at him while he is awake and even sleep. He loves being cuddled up with his mama's and listening to us singing to him!
Tinsley is full of love and laughter 😃 she loves her baby brothers and is the most intelligent 2 year old you will ever meet.
Connell loves Kent the elephant also loves to make loud noises and even loves to have a bath in the sink😂 he is the most happiest boy! He loves his mummy very much.
So smart and loves to sing along to music! He loves his big, amazing family! Truly the sweetest 3 year old i’ve ever met. Please vote for my handsome godson, Adrian! 🥰
Nia loves playing with balloons and singing along to her favourite song “if you’re happy and you know it”!
She is a funny little darling with a wonderful cheerful personality
Haylee is a mix of so many things but one thing is certain she will always make sure that you will have a friend and wanted. She is my little firecracker mixed with a little hurricane and sunshine.
Noella is my little sunshine she is always making funny faces sticking out her tongue and bringing so much joy to everyone she loves cuddles and play time!
Liam was a born at 30 weeks and was only 2 pounds 11 oz he had to stay in NICU for 69 days but he has came such a long way he is still fighting with his Chronic lung disease hopefully he will be able to come off the oxygen at night soon he is a happy little boy and loves his Daddy and his big brother loves Barney and hanging out with mommy
Barbara June
Barbarba june is always smiling and happy! She is learning new things and constantly observing things around her.
Dyvann is a very energetic always happy boy. He loves to play fight, and he loves paw patrol.
Keyera is a smart baby and catches on very fast on what you teach her she loves her stuffies and musical toys ... She is a very happy baby. Keyera have 3 brothers who love her dearly...
Zavant is a very sweet boy he loves to smile and coo at you
Ellie is a true ray of sunshine 🌞. She lights up our lives and has since she came home from the hospital. She's our blessing from above!
Robbie is a very happy baby. He laughs at just about anything. He is a little mama's boy! Robbie like to growl 😂 Im not sure where he learned it from but some how he gets his little voice so deep and growls all the time.
He is full of energy loves his sister's. Such a loving little boy already. Loves to give you high 5
Hi I'm Travis! I love little animals and playing with trucks. My best friend is my cat lilly. I'm going to be a big brother this year!
Paisley is my fierce one! She is 9 years old, she’s a sucker for horses, and music! She’s got a HUGE heart, she cares for everyone, and she loves her friends and family with all she’s got! She lives her best life, today and everyday. She’s full of character, and sass! She’s my pride and joy! Miss Paisley Zade. 💜
He loves to play!!! Ryder is full of engery!!
Charlie loves her daddy!!
Oli is a cheeky little basketball loving smiley boy who loves bopping away to any music we put on.
He loves cuddle time with mom & dad
Skyler is a sweetheart who was picked for her earth by her grandpa in heaven. She is always smiling and giggling and makes it impossible to be upset around her.
I love doggies, kitties and food!!!!!!! Mashed pototes are my favorite.
Jace is a gorgeous happy boy all the time always giggles loves his food and attention prefers baby wipes over all his toys and makes me and his dad laugh all the time
Oliver Ben is my little miracle! He and I survived a scary traumatic birth due to pre-eclampsia and placental abruption. You wouldn't know it though as he truly is an amazing baby!
Elijah is an absolutely amazing baby he is the most loving and caring for his age he is really taking in the world and it's like he's constantly doing something new he has been the biggest blessing in my life alongside his sister and brothers to bring me true happiness and joy and this is my chance to share it with the world thanks everybody who votes we greatly appreciate you !!!
This is Beaux Louis, he loves Thomas the Train and talking to people! Beaux loves to smile and laugh plus rolling over!
Colters the happiest baby ever! He loves chasing around his kitty, playing and food!
Mason is a cheeky little boy who is very vocal & rough. He claps hands, waves, blow kisses & does sign language for I love you . He loves cars & tractors and anything with wheels . He is very intelligent & loves a cuddle . Mason loves it when you read or sing to him ..
Hi my name is Khalilia, everyone calls me Lili.. I am 8 mos and on the move, i can stand up but haven't quite gotten the walking.. I did take 2 steps yesterday. I am a very happy baby and loves to smile and laugh.. I'm eating some table food but mostly baby food. I love my Mommy and Daddy but I'm OMAs girl. I love to party with my Aunt Ciara. I go hang out with my Aunt Kylah and visit my great grandma, and my Aunts in LR. I love Mickey Mouse club house and messing with my Uncle.
Scarlett is a little chubba bubba who always had a smile on her face and brings joy to anyone’s saddest of days
Hi my names Madelynn but my mommy calls me maddy I love bath time an getting cuddles from my mommy!!