Baby Stories - 77


Ariana is a beautiful 14 mth old she loves to play with her stuffys and her 3 brothers she a mommy girl she loves to get outside she has developmental delay and separation anxiety
Lena Rose
Hi my names Lena, I love to talk and smile :) I’ll be 4 months old in 2 days!
Robert our little Bobby is such a beautiful blessing . He is my first baby and he is so strong ,loves to eat, love his baths and especially nap time. He has a smile that will melt your heart!💙💙
Ingrid is such a happy sweet baby girl! She loves to talk, laugh, play, and go outdoors and enjoy the sun! The best word that literally describes her sweet little self is Happy! She’s happy from the moment she wakes up until it’s bedtime!
Aidan loves car rides and sleeps until he is hungry. His favorite thing is sleeping with mommy and watching daddy play video games.
Malaya is our perfect rainbow baby, who loves music of all kinds, being able to eat anything she can get her little hands on, and talking non stop. 🥰
Im Amelia. I love tummy time and hearing daddies voice ❤️ Im almost a month old on the 19th!
He loves his puppies! His daddy is his favorite person. Tummy time is his absolute favorite thing!
My sweet boy is my first, and I have waited my whole life to meet him. Kohen LOVES his mama. His favorite place is either the shower or right in mamas arms.
Lilith is a fun outgoing smart girl, she loves playing outside and adoors he younger brothers.
Alilah is 10 months old she has the absolute best personality loves to play outside and dress up she loves her pet dog Ari they’re besties and Mickey Mouse club house is her favorite show to watch. she can say mama, dada, hey, and dog she is almost walking and she is learning her abc’s she is the sweetest baby in the whole entire world♥️
Meet Konnor, hes a happy baby who loves to make people smile and can make someones day better just by spending time with him.
Melina is a silly but beautiful 3 year old she loves frozen and her little sister Mariana. She is a great big sister and will be playing soccer this summer!
Eastyn loves mommy and hates tummy time. He enjoys warm milk, snuggles, and dancing with dad to Hey Bear.
Lani loves to eat just about anything, she's filled with energy from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. If I had to choose one word to describe her I would have to choose 'DETERMINED' because nothing can get in her way when she has her mind set. Just look at her, there's no way that precious face didn't put a smile on yours.
Everleigh is a bright and fun little girl!
Ryleigh is a fun, loving, and bright little girl! She is loving being a new big sister!
Wild child, little sister of 2 and soon to be big sister of 1, loves food and baby dolls and her family ❤️
Khy Liunna
She loves to laugh and talk
Outgoing, beautiful
Vote for Lady K ! She’s goofy , loving & very smart 🥰
Caiden loves the camera and mommy ! ♥️
Alexia is 5. She is my first born and my princess. She loves dressing up, wearing makeup and playing with her little brother.
Kaiden is almost 10 months old. He is the happiest boy! He loves his baby Cheetos and his big sister. If he happens to win he will have more in his college fund we just recently started!
Shivansh is cute and adorable with smiling face.
Acai is 5 months he is a Rainbow 🌈 baby born at 34 weeks. so quiet so goofy, handsome & loving! vote for my baby thanks, very appreciated 😘
Such a sweet and docile little guy , warms your heart as soon As you lay your eyes on him
Such a loving and extremely happy baby!
My baby girl Lilliana Is the sweetest baby girl ever. She Adores her two older brothers that make her laugh smile and play with her that love her very much!!! please vote for my baby girl👑❤️🥰
Hayden is such a happy baby, always smiling and he loves his mommy mckayla
Koda Tyler Thomas
Koda is always making everyone around him laugh. He is energetic and spunky. With a BiG personality and a little sass. He just turned 7 months old. He is so sweet and brings so much joy into our lives.
Xade was 9.8 at birth. he is my first and only boy. he loves everything (mostly bananas) and is the happiest baby ever. he always makes us laugh
Royalty is a great baby she never cries she loves to look around and smile her favorite is being in her mommy’s arms
My baby boy name is Mateo he loves to dance in your arms while listening to music loves to kick and splash in his bath ad is full of giggles and smiles he has some Heath issues which hold him back a little but even with all he going Thur he finds time to smile and laugh
Anderson is a month old and is our double rainbow baby. He’s had a rough entrance into the world so any winnings would go to the large amount of hospital bills we will be facing. He is the light of world and we couldn’t be where we are without him. His favorite things include cuddling, bath, and eating. He makes the most adorable (what we call) dinosaur noises. He is a mommas boy through and through.
Illiana is a rainbow baby 🌈 she can brighten up a day with just her little smile 🥰 she is truly a blessing💕
She’s very vocal and demanding but she funny at the same time
Ollie's a brand new newborn who came out fighting.
Mac loves to get people laughing along with him!
Jaylen loves to kick his legs! he loves to talk/ scream. He’s always gotta be touching something. He LOVES pulling hair! he’s already trying to walk even tho he can’t lol!
Ameerah Josephina is currently 6 months and loves to eat, sleep and play! She loves to babble on all day and bounce around in her jumper! She is everything sweet with just a hint of feistiness, always curious about her surroundings and rolling around as much as she can and wherever she can!
Bella is such a sweet, fun, toddler❤️ She loves Mickey Mouse, Puppy Dog Pals, and animals
His nickname is J.J. he loves phones and he laughs often
August is a big bundle of joy you cant help but fall in love with him always smiling and laughing
Hello!! Quinn Elizabeth was born a month early on 2/1/21💓 She is our first baby and our bundle of joy! Thanks for voting for our beautiful blessing!
Isabella was born November 13th, 2020. She literally is the happiest baby around. She loves her toy sloth and her puppy Cooper.
Hi, my name is jayden im a very smart 3 year old. I love spending time with my family and playing with all my toys. I love getting into everthing, jumpping off everything. Im not scared of anything.