Baby Stories - 77


My baby girl has red hair and loves her food 🥰
Masin 7 months old he love playing and hes aways smiling his smile lights a room up
I am a little princess who loves to have a lot of attention and who doesn't like when something isn't going my way ;) I smile and laugh all the time and hopefully I will learn how to walk soon :)
I love to play with my parents, sister and our puppy. I am a happy boy who laughs all the time, is super active and loves being outside with my whole family. :)
Sylvia is the brightest shining light in our lives. She is the happiest and cutest baby in my book! Sylvia loves playing in her castle, listening to music with her daddy and trying to babble in French with her grandpa. ❤
Alexis is smart, beautiful and brave! She’s a little firecracker but she is so thoughtful and kind. She lights the room up and puts a smile on everyone’s face ❤️
Hello world, I’m Finley and I’m 4 months, I’m such a smiley boy and want to be everybody’s friend 💕
Ellianna is 2 weeks old! She loves bath time and her momma. She is still discovering different lights and shapes as she grows.
Dont be fooled by her precious looks! Shes crazy! She eats everything but loves noodles! She drinks a lot of chocolate milk! And loves candy and spending time with her family!
Hello, I’m just here to make you smile, I like to take naps during the day, and love to stretch (it makes me bigger every time😉).
Avery is sweet, charming, and so loveable. He makes anyone who is having a rough day feel happy. He loves to snuggle all day long. His smile lights up the faces of people around him.
He loves to giggle and loves to roll a ball
Hi I'm Beatrice and I am daddy's and mommy's gils❤️
She is happiest baby you will ever meet and so smart one little smile and she just melts your heart
Hi my name is Alani. I like to sleep during the day n keep my mommy up at night. I love my milk. Please vote n help me win
Fox loves to smile, use his hands and explore the world with his eyes. He enjoys going outside and going on walks with Mom and Dad.
My names Ashlynn, for short my mommy calls me Ashy. Im going to be 11months old in just a few short weeks. And gonna be a big sister to my baby brother just 5 days before I turn ONE!
Dominic, has 10 months is a lovely and happy boy. He is everything for his parents.
Kayden's a very outgoing, happy baby. He loves to spend time with his mom and grandparents on his free time.🤗 Every vote is appreciated 😉
This Is Ms Takiya (Beautiful) She Love’s Making Noise 🥰 Plays With Her Toes 🤪😁 She Is A Happy Baby Does Not Like To Lay Down Since She Was 3 Months Old Always Wanna Be Up on Her Little Feet 🦶🥰😍 Most Of All Love’s Seeing Her Mother Walk sim The Door From Work , Please Help My Baby Girl Get Votes 🥰😁😁☺️☺️
My name is Nylah, I am 11 weeks old. I have recently found my voice and spend most of my days annoying mum by gabbing the leg off her 😂💞
He’s a smily little boy who loves cuddles with daddy and mummy
Ellie is 4 months old, she will give you lots of giggles specially to her pawbrothers. She will fell asleep watching the dog and the cat will be coming in her bed to sleep with her.
Lucas loves to cuddle. He is a twin born 2 months premature and was the stud of the NICU.
Delilah is a very bright and positive young girl that has a birthday comming up on december 23rd . Her favorite person in the whole world is her GIGI (grandma jami) . Favorite hobby is being active. Delilah loves listening to music and singing songs. She loves the moon, ever since experiencing the loss of her father in 2019 shes always been sooo passionate about the moon 🌙! Her favorite color is yellow 💛 Her favorite snack is cheetoes and Doritos. Favorite healthy snack is yogurt and strawberries. She has 6 aunts and 3 uncles Im her aunt ( *i have permission from her mother* ) She adores dogs and fake babies . She would be very very happy for your vote 💓 it would really make her day 😊
Laura is the joy of the house. Our little sunshine. She's extremely happy, very sweet and smart. Love to sing.
Hagen is 1month old he is such a happy baby boy, he has them bright blue eyes and long eyelashes. He will definitely make a bad day good in a heart beat. Vote for Hagen!💙
Noah is such a happy boy, he's always laughing and trying to talk, he loves his milk and bath time is his favorite. Vote for this sweet baby boy :)
Keira es una bebé muy alegre!
Karter was born on august 11th at 38 weeks .Weighing 7lbs 0 ounces .Karter enjoys watching octonauts,playing peekaboo, being in his swing and tummy time
Baby girl loves to clap talk eat and play
Navari is a ball of energy. Hes such a happy very handsome boy. He loves being held and loved on. He absolutely loves to Kick and jump all the time. He has the most beautiful personality and Blue/Hazel eyes. Loved by all!!
Skylae James is a happy 5 week old he likes to stay up and party at night and sleep like a log during the day. He is working very hard to get his days and nights on track and skip the parties at night. He likes to hear himself so he us very vocal and likes to be apart of the conversation!
Wade Michael Acosta
Wade is a miracle baby, till I was 6 months pregnant I bleed and was told he might not make it . And that I had a 50% chance of losing him. But wade thought for his life and came 2 weeks early. I’m white and his dad is Puerto Rican. So he has light brown eyes and redish hair. He’s a sweet baby boy alway smiling , and talking to you. Loves looking around and bing in the middle of everything and vary active! He is already rolling to his side and trying to sit up. He loves to be out side under the trees in the grass on worm days. He is my special boy!! ❤️
Robbie was born at 35 weeks and 5 days old he has grown so much he was very little when he was born he loves to be on his play mat he loves to talk to family and loves to smile at them
He Loves Cuddles ❤️ & He Loves To Eat, He’s Always A Happy Baby!
Jay is a very loving, tender hearted little boy. Hes as sweet as they come. He loves gaming and playing football. He loves school and learning new things.
Lexi is a very smart, outgoing little girl. Her favorite person is her big brother. She loves animals.
Zaiden loves to be held while his daddy sings to him and dances, he loves being around his family and meeting knew people. Anime is his passion along with listening to his daddy play the piano. He’s starting to crawl and learning how to laugh.
Kaeson is fresh out of the oven and already melting hearts. He’s very happy and smiley especially when he hears mommas voice. He loves his blankie and feeding time.
Hello world my name is spencer Im always a happy baby i love playing with my brother and mommy i also love cuddling with my daddy 💕
Zoey is a little firecracker with a heart of gold.
Damari loves hanging with his momma and watching baby’s first ! He has a Goofy personality... loves to play ball!! and the best of all my baby has my dimples can’t get much better than that 🥰💙
Very happy baby who always has a smile on his face. Will absolutley make anyones day.
Ana-Lynn was a big baby born at 10lbs 3oz. Born on August 4th, 2020 (7 days overdue) She is a happy baby who loves to smile and laugh. She enjoys being picked up and dancing around the living room.
Thelylah is very loving smart and loves to play with other kids and lover to learn new things.