Hello, my name is Khadim. I'm 4 months old. My mother and father are from Ukraine and I supposed to be born there, but war changed plans and I was born in UK and from all days I picked to be born at the same day as her majesty the Queen. I like to laugh and play and to eat. Especially to eat, if won't get food on time all neighborhood will hear my strong voice. My mummy is over happy when I eat, poo and sleep because she can have time to be pretty. When I will grow up I will be over good and handsome man and all girls will love me ❤️
Knox is my crazy happy 4month old little boy who loves to eat his hands, be cuddled,and bath time! ❤️
Liam is two months old. He loves snuggles, baths, sleeping on mommas chest, and being held all the time🥰 he’s the sweetest and happiest little baby ever!
Owen is a fun and outgoing 1 year old boy who really enjoys car rides and walks!
Connor is 10 months old, loves to eat, go for walks and play with his older sisters.
A sweet happy soon to be 1 year old, with a personality out of this world.
Carter is a sweet boy who loves to play with everyone. He loves to spend all his time outside working on cars with his daddy. He is a mommy's boy at heart.
Kasen loves to walk, talk, eat snacks and feed them to mommy and daddy, play outside, dance to music & play with his puppies❤️
Jayden loves to play laugh and just have alot of fun, she is a very happy baby girl she is very beautiful with red hair and blue eyes. Jayden just loves being her funfill self just laughs and loves to give loving to everybody. She is 11 months old and will be 1 years ols September 27th. She has 5 teeth so far and is just so energetic. She loves everybody and is alot of fun being around.
I love to play in puddles and love lots of cuddles. 💗
Jaymarion Young
Jay’marion is such a smart baby . He has a spiritual heart, he loves being around family , he’s such a happy loving baby .
Heaven-Leigh is a 2 month old miracle baby! She loves smiling her way through life! Her mommy is her best friend and does everything with her of course.
Frankie Lynn is a year and a half old. She is always smiling and happy. She has had a rough first year of life with illness after illness since getting covid a year ago but still manages to be happy and smiling everyday.
Violet loves to be cuddled, she loves playing with her toys & with her brother. She also enjoys walks & spending time with her great grandma!
Almina is 9 months old and is soo full of energy and giggles. Her favorite word to say is Dada. She has total of 4 teeth (top two coming in now) and is crawling all over the place. Biggest blessing in life is my sweet baby girl 🥰
Hey Everyone , My name is Za’Kai (ZUH-KY) I am 7 months old , I am VERY goofy and playful , my favorite cartoons are Barney & SpongeBob , i love to cuddle with mommy & play with daddy . I loooove to eat Cheetos & drink apple juice … mommy says I’m her “favorite guy” I hope to be talking soon 😃
Hadlee is a spunky and sassy little girl 👧 Her favorite animal is a cow 🐮 Her favorite color is purple 💜 Hadlee loves to play outside and with her friends
She loves bath time, laughing, outside etc. my beautiful girl!
Paighten is such a kind hearted, very happy, easy going baby! She sleeps well,eats well and makes everyone that comes in her view light up ♥️ She is the most precious thing in the world and I love and adore her endlessly!
This is Parker Stone, he is My bright eyed firey soul, he loves Mickey Mouse and blippi & playing at the park with mama & daddy.
Cashton is the sweetest little chunker with the best smile! His Momma is his best friend❤️
Blakelynn LOVES mama, food, sissy, and dancing! Happiest little girl I know!
Miss Winona is almost 2 weeks old and is the sweetest cuddle bug you will ever meet!
The most amazing 6 year old ever, she is absolutely hilarious and is honestly like a 80 year old into a wee girls body
Hope is the most happiest smiley baby ever who is enjoying everyday while growing into the most beautiful girl ever
Hi! This is my little Priscilla, sweetest baby girl ever! She just turned 5 months and she LOVES to smile, play with her dogs fur, trying to crawl! She’s a very happy baby all the time. ❤️ She loves all her family and everybody around her especially that day of hers!
Christian is our precious little Gemini boy who is sweet & spicy! Lol He loves being around people and on the move. He loves his momma & daddy most of all. 🥰
Tristan loves playing outside and going swimming with mommy and daddy but most of all loves his night cuddles with mommy
Hayden is a very happy and expressive baby boy! He loves to be outside and play in the grass. Definitely loves swimming. Hayden’s eyebrows will never fail in making sure you know how he is feeling. Born at 6lbs 9ounces, he is now growing like a weed and makes our lives so much brighter!
My name is Camden I am 4 months old and I love to smile and laugh 🤍
The sweetest, sassiest, strawberry loving girl. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
He is such a sweet baby.He is very active and loves to play all the time.
Miles is a very lovable 2 year old. He lights up everybody's day with just a smile. He loves playing with car, his younger brother and he loves mickey mouse
Cade is in 4 th grade and is a smart and sweet little man. He loves playing baseball and his Playstation 5, but his number one love is his momma. He's super protective and caring. Even on days he gets on my nerves he makes what would be my darkest days lighter. I don't know what I would do without him.
This is Teddie, he is 15 months old and full of beans! The happiest and cheekiest little bubs you will ever meet. With his big brown eyes and long eyelashes he’s always getting his own way. He is so loving and loves being a dinosaur ‘roaaaaar’
Hi I'm jr! A half filipino and half Chicano kid, I'm a wild, rambunctious, outgoing, active toddler learning my way through life. My birthday is August 19th!
Whittaker Koda’s favorites are cars and Dino’s and he loves cheese and pickles, he’s very shy but sure does love to give kisses and cuddles
My name is Madelynn Grace and I am one happy baby!!! I’m 3 months old. I love to have conversations with everyone…especially my daddy. I enjoy car rides and story time.
My lil Se'kani he's 2 months old loves to cuddle with his mom a little character in the making that loves to eat and play
He loves to be with his 3 years old sister playing and babbling on.
This is Luna Raye! She’s one year old and loves elmo & trike rides!!
Vivian Faye was born on August 8th 2022, 8/8 happens to be one of the luckiest days in the year people say! She loves snuggling with mom and dad, her middle name comes from her great grandmother. Thank you for voting!
Kerryington but everyone calls her Ellie (her middle name) is very smart she’s in pre k!! She knows all her colors and abcs she loves to dance and sing she brightens up whomever she’s around day!!
Bella is 8yrs old, shes new to Indiana, she loves big, sassy and loves going and doing anything that involves her family!! 💜💜💚💚