She smiles a lot
Amazing, easy-going baby. She’s very alert to everything and loves to be talked to. Hardly ever cries which is amazing and sleeps most the night already.
wesley loves mama & daddy cuddles, walks, his nemo play mat, & his fur-siblings! he also loves to smile ◡̈
Arabella Rose is a smiley, bubbly, outgoing girl who's infectious smile radiates to those around her 🫶
John Robert
John Robert was born at 27 weeks and has taken life by the horns ever since! He was born at 2 lbs 6 oz and is now over 10!
Jackson loves exploring all of his toys, he is learning to move himself around and he loves elmo & Ms rachel. his favorite things are swings at the park and bananas !
Troy loves snuggles and baths with his rubber ducky!
Zylyn is 7 1/2 months old! He’s a heart warrior & a fighter! He’s getting so smart! He loves rattling toys & he loves to yell at you and giggle.
Kamari is 3 months old and rolling over. He loves watching Mickey Mouse club house while mom cleans up.
Vyktor is my one month old son. He's a sweetheart with mommy's attitude and his daddy's adventure.
Hi 👋 I’m Willow Rayn. I’m six months old today. I am the youngest of five kids. My favorite things to do are give my big brother big wet kisses and wake my mommy up to play at midnight haha.
My name is Gracie, I’m a very happy and playful little girl. I love to play with my big brothers and give my mummy snuggles 🥰
Sweet Chubby Cheek bright eyed baby boy 😍
Sebastian loves to crawl and explore.
River is the most outgoing Little boy with the best curls! Enjoys riding dirt bikes, 4 wheelers & anything with wheels! He’s extremely smart and funny & loves his family very much!
My name is Evelyn everyone calls me EveE. I’m one month old and can already hold my head up. I love to play and look at my books. I love my swing and mommies voice!
Spencer is always full of giggles & smiles. He makes everybody’s day better
Francesca-Mae is a brilliant little girl, she’s wild and so funny, she lights up our lives and the room as soon as she walks in! She is sweet and loves to cuddle ! Her favourite teddy is hey duggee and her favourite cuddly thing is her muslin
Chevy Lee
he loves to scream and talk back! he's always smiling and is learning how to walk on his own! He loves his grandma she is his best friend. he knows how to say mama and dads also nana! he is now eating lots of big boy foods!
I am baby Devon and I love Sesame Street!
Elihu loves to play with bubbles, chase his puppy and play with 🚗 cars!
He is my life changer, Dallas love playing on his piano. Kicks it off all the time.Favorite things to do is go for truck rides with me, and wrestle haha. Definitely my mini. He has come along way in 5months and each day is better. His favorite type of music is Blues, and beethoven to sleep. Definitely a great little man
Ezequiel is a happy, bubbly baby, always ready to join in your conversation with coos and giggles, that is before 😴 nap time 💕
Hi! My name is Xander and I absolutely love to eat, I mean like a lot! I’m only a month old and I weigh 13 pounds and eat 10 oz in a feeding! Aside from eating I love bath time my mommy makes it like a spa day for me! Then after bath time my mommy gets me all warm and we cuddle with a book!
Ralf is very cute and handsome boy,enjoying life and happy baby!
Energetic, car loving, smiling, laughing boy.
Andy is a snuggler! When he is put in your arms, he will just tuck his head right onto your shoulder and snuggle with you!! He also loves to laugh and adores his big sister Ellie!
Hes a happy loving little boy
A miracle in all things my smiley girl loves all
He is very cute babie all time smile on his face 🥰🥰😘😘
Blaire Avery
She is Glammas precious angel. Such a great baby!
She loves to dance and go on adventures. She has a smile that could melt the ice kings heart, and a laugh thats just so contagious.
Jack likes crawling at a week old and he likes tummy time.
Luke is the snuggliest little boog! So happy when being loved on and making eye contact ❤️ he makes you work hard for a smile or giggle but man is it worth the effort! Get him excited enough and he squeals with his signature sound “zibbyzibbyzibb.”
My baby girl was born with a head full of hair one of her beautiful traits, she is just a little queen alrady loves the attention from all family and friends, but loves dad attention the most!!
This girl loves food, dogs, and her daddy. Shes a handful thats for sure! She loves playing in the floor and doesn't like being by herself. She makes everyone smile and is so precious 💕🐾 p.s she sticks her tongue out a lot lol
Jaxon is a sweet, cuddly, adventurous little brother. He lights up the room with his cheeky smile and loves to dance all night long!
Sweetest little girl with a big heart 🫶🏻
Bonnie is amazing she surprises us with new things each day. She is our miracle baby. She loves her snacks and making a mess. Also running about in her walker running over mummy and daddies feet. She gives the best cuddles ever.
He is so happy and smiling loves cuddles and when you sing to him
Jaden is the happiest baby I’ve ever met. He has the chunkiest cheekers around, and the ladies love him everywhere we go. He loves playing with his toys and jumping in his bouncer. He’s the best thing to come into our lives.
This is Michael Henry Jr. My first son, He loves to eat play dance to his Mexican music everyday and morning it’s like it’s our own routine we do everyday and I love it just as much as he does! He’s a very outgoing baby for being 1years old he’s smart he loves to eat and most of all he loves being a happy baby.
He loves to play, loves being around people,being held, loves to smile and laugh. A real sweet Angel!
My beautiful Rainbow baby girl! 🌈🥰
The happiest baby you will ever meet, he never stops smiling. 😊