Baby Stories - 76


Meadow is the sweetest little bundle of sunshine, her adorable smile will make anyones day!
Kamari is a little Diva ... Kamari is small but has a BIG personality . And she’s very enthusiastic , she lights up every room she enters .
Aliyah loves to dance and is a growing fun baby !!
Gabriel loves too smile, laugh play with his toys. he loves watching mickey mouse happiest baby you will ever meet 🥰
Jr is nearly 3 years old, from day one he has always been so full of life and is always so happy! Jr loves going out on his bike and he loves playing with diggers. He loves the park and loves to collect sticks! Jr can be very hypo at times and get very excited over the little things, but he really is the cutest most loving little boy. Jr loves his little sister so much and loves cuddles with her, he really does make the best big brother. Jr is definitely a daddy’s boy and loves getting all the attention off of his daddy... I wish he would just slow down and stay this age forever but I know he’s gonna grow into such a bright young man! He is loved so much by so many people and is always noticed by his gorgeous smile and his bright blue eyes like his mummy.
Quincee-Beau from day one has always been such a happy little girl! She’s always smiling and always babbling, she’s such a clever little girl and loves her independence. She’s a very strong little girl and if she sees something she wants she will get it. She is crawling and has just recently started standing up all on her own! She’s very much a daddy’s girl and has been from the day she was born. We have so much love for her and just wish she would stop growing so fast!
His Name Is Hunter & I Love Him !! 😇❤️
Paisley is a happy, beautiful babygirl that has stole her mommy and daddy’s heart!
Gannon loves cooing an spending time with his older brother. He’s a happy boy💙 He’s a big daddy boy, he has brought us so much joy in our life🥰
Juniper Lois
I was born on 5/1/21. I'm the happiest baby and spend all day smiling and chatting! I never cry unless you don't feed me fast enough or you take me out of the bath when I'm not done splashing! Im even more special as I'm my mummy's rainbow baby 🌈💘
my name is Luca and I like to fart🥰 my fav thing to do is smile at my mommy and daddy. and I love my sissy❤️
Josiah is a happy, energetic, yet chillest baby ever. He loves to watch Baby Einstein Classics, Sesame Street, Barney, and Bluey; to name a few. His favorite activities are recieving unlimited kisses from mommy, praying, playing and of course, exploring with his mouth. I am delighted to share my baby's cute face and personality.
Jaxton is blessed and so many ways, he was born with a cleft lip and pallet and he currently a tubie baby!! He's a very happy baby and loves his binky his favorite cartoon show is BLUEY!!! All children are blessing I just thank God I was blessed with him!!! 💙Jaxton Omere💙
Her full name is Dorothy Magnolia Grace but everyone just calls her Maggie. She loves to be in her walker and sit outside in the sunshine. She is a super happy baby but can turn into a drama queen real quick if she doesn't get her way. She's obsessed with pigs and oinking noises and loves to explore new things every day.
Hi I'm Leo! I'm 3 and I love to play outside with my 2 brothers!
Diana is a girl who wants to help another child, please vote to help a boy.
Duke loves to blow raspberries in the middle of the night when everyone is trying to sleep. His mummy and daddy do not love this quite so much!
I love to eat & play with my brothers!💙
Alexander is our first child and we are so happy he is in our life's. We love him unconditionally and will do everything we can for his happiness. Please vote so we can win the big prize for Alexander.
From nearly passing away during birth to becoming a very strong and independent little boy, mama is doing her best! Thank you for your support🥰
It was hard picking just 1 picture because she truly is the cutest thing! Beatrice is a very bright and smart for her age. She loves to talk and listen to music and also loves to go outside to look around. Bea is the best baby! She sleeps all night and doesnt give me much touble at all. She has filled all our lives and hearts with a love we cant describe! We hope to get you vote to win💛
Aerabelle absolutely loves animals! Shes a very silly girl who always has a smile on her beautiful face. She has the best personality in this world! She loves practically any food she can get ahold of (but of course not peas!) And she is a little dare devil!
Brantley is very alert of all his surroundings. He loves music and any type of cartoons. As the days go by he smiles more and even has a little giggle.
Kandyn love cars and dinosaurs he love to play outside
Hi my name is Charleigh I am 8 months old and I live in Duluth Minnesota. I love to be dressed up and love my family so so much and I have 3 siblings
Harry’s favourite time is definitely bath time, he was definitely a fish in his past life 🤪 Harry’s second favourite thing is definitely mumma snuggles! 😍
Gradys the most loving baby. He loves snuggling with mommy and daddy and playing with his sister ❤️
Connor was born at 31w 6d, weighing only 2lbs 3oz! After a lot of prayers and a 40 day NICU stay, he came home healthy! Connor is an easy going baby, he is always happy and smiling! He loves all things Mickey Mouse, laughs at the dogs and is a Mama's boy!
Hi I’m Logan Michael, I was 6lbs 5oz when I was born and now I’m 12 lbs 11oz, I love to eat and play, making funny noises at my mommy and daddy, and most of all cuddling with my puppy brother Bailey
Aubrey is not in the contest . She give advanced just ask. Her contest will be in May.
Filip is a little boy with beautiful eyes. Every woman would like to have his eyelashes! Filip loves to play with cars and slide on the slide. He is only 1 year old, and he jumps and runs like an adult!
Marcellus Is Such A Smiley Baby! He Brings Joy To Anyone Who Meets Him! Hes Been Learning New Things Lately & Laughing So Much He Really Is Just Such A Happy Baby! He Loves His Walks And He Loves His Body Massages After His Baths & He Loves Talking To Mommy! I Always Have Him Laughing And Talking.
Jasper just turned 7 months old. When he was first born he was in the NICU for a week. He couldn’t breathe on his own and he had an air pocket in his lung. But now he has grown into a little fiery baby ♥️ He loves to talk and scream, bounce on daddy’s knee or in a jumper. He loves his food! Jasper loves the goofy movies and he loves to watch wrestling with his daddy. ♥️
Kylee lights up any room we bring her into☀️ Her smile is everything 😃 She loves to eat, play, "talk", grab things. And she especially loves her older brother Brayden❤ We waited 8 years to be blessed with another baby and my husband and I couldn't have pictured a more perfect baby girl!
Mikey is the best little boy.He is my miracle baby. I had 3 miscarriages to have him. I am beyond thankful to have this little boy in my life and honestly wouldnt know what i would do without him.
Chlaus is definitely a ray of sunshine. He loves tummy time and when he gets to bounce.
Angelica loves Avocados, dancing and bouncing but hates crawling and doesn’t like tummy time! Angelica is such a selfie princess! She can take pictures for hours and loves to make faces at the camera ❤️She loves trying new foods, and loves playing with kitty cats.
He’s very alert of all his surroundings. He loves music & any type of cartoons. As the days go by he smiles more & even has a little giggle. The thing he loves the most is being talked to. He’s such a loving baby.
Johnny is 5 months old & has more personality in his facial expressions than most people I know. Johnny loves being cuddled by mommy & daddy and constantly speaking gibberish. He is the sweetest boy I know (in my opinion). He has now found out how to grab things with his little hands & will try to put anything in his mouth (even mommy’s hair).
Collin is about to be 4 months old! CJ loves to roll over, play on his tummy, play in his baby gym and loves to sit up and to stand. Scroll through the pictures to see our sweet boy 💛
Joel was born on May 31 2020 and he came with his twin sister Dariana. He loves playing with his brothers and sister and chewing on his toys.
Dacoma loves to give cuddles and spending time with his brothers and sisters. He is the youngest of 5. He enjoys sitting in his swing and having music going
Mikey is a 2 month old boy who loves to take baths and snuggle with his momma 🥰
Jayden Floyd
He a very good boy. Love to smile 😊 and talk
Hello I’m Korbyn;) I love my momma, daddy and big brother Love laughing at my pups Smiling is my favorite thing to do! Starting to be a daredevil with pulling myself up on things. I hope everyone will vote for me so I can get my college fund started Love- Korbyn
Charlette is a wild little thing full of spunk and personality