Ramiyah Muskeyvalley
Ramiyah is very happy baby, she loves frozen, and Spider-Man! She Loves to play outside!!!
Griffin is 6 months! Hes so smart and attentive! Hes zooming through his milestones! Almost sitting up and crawling! Eating solid foods and holding his own bottle! Hes so smart!💕
Hi I’m Ariella, I Am 2 Months Old . I Like To Play With My Stuffed Animals &’d Family , I Am A Very Happy &’d Loving Baby &’d I Love To Eat &’d Cuddle 🫶🏾.
Alayah have the most precious smile. She is lovable, and always laughing. She love playing, and laughing with her older siblings. She love Mickey Mouse Club House. She will dance, and scream to the music of that show. She love to greet her parents with kisses. She is adorable baby, that bring joys to her family life.
Hello my name is Bentley..I was welcomed into this world on June 2nd. I'm a very outgoing and happy little fellow..if I'm not crying for a bottle you'll catch me smiling and laughing the rest of the time
Hey my name is Shea’Ara grace I’m very conceited, such a happy & photogenic. I love when the camera & attention is all on me. I love to laugh & smile
1 years old handsome son loves to play with balls & eat lol😍
Laurynn P
Hi,my name is Laurynn P., my close people know me as Homegirl or Lala🫶🏽! I enjoy watching peppa pig & Gracie’s Corner! My most favorite thing to do is looking in camera .💕
Madilyn is one of the happiest babies I know always smiling, babbling and on a new adventure everyday ❤️ She is 2.5 months old and a chunky monkey! Please scroll through my photos to see how adorable I am 🥰
Hello My Name is I’Egypt , I am 3 Months old and I Love to Eat, take pictures & Play with my Toys .
My name is Nevaeh Ann martin. I am 7 months old. I was born at 38 weeks and a day I love my family especially my mommy an daddy. I laugh and smile all the time. I love cuddles and looking at the sky. Please vote for me!
Hi I’m sawyer, I’m 3 years old and love toy story, Dino transformers, and spending time with my mama and little brother Carson
Let’s Exchange Votes ‼️ We Vote Back ‼️😊 Baby Alijah Is Loving and Silly 🙃 & A Joy To Be Around 🙂 He Loves To Whistle And Enjoys Running & Playing Outdoors 🙂 Mickey Mouse club house is one of his favorite shows to watch 🤗
He is a very smart, outgoing, funny, loving boy. He loves the outdoors. He loves playing baseball, hunting arrowheads, fishing, riding his bike. He is all boy for sure. But he also, loves to play his video games. He is very caring and kind heart.
Luna is the happiest baby, always smiling and cooing! Luna was concieved via IVF and was an absolute struggle to bring her into this world. She is one of our greatest blessings 💜
Ezekiel, I call him Zeke is a very smart , energetic 3 year old loves Dinosaurs and sharks.
Jarron is such a big boy. He has a injury called shoulder dystocia to his left arm, but that doesnt stop him from doing anything when he put his mind to it. His favorite color is red. He great big brother.
Aceyn is 3 months old very happy baby always smiling and he just adores his big brother Karsyn who is 3 years old his hobbies currently are tummy time and drinking lots of boobie milk!
He's the most sweetest baby in the world..
Kare Bear is cuddly little baby girl. She is so chucky and cute.
Nicklaus is a very loving boy. He’s always full of energy and loves to talk. He’ll make anyone smile and smile at anyone.
Samuel is 5 years old, he loves anything sonic. He loves drawing and making his own characters. He likes fishing with his dad and looking for the worms to use. He taught himself to do a black flip and is very active
Jasper is 4 years old he enjoys playing with his spiderman toys, beat boxing, dancing, and playing with his brothers
Archie is a high energy, goofy, smart and wild boy! He loves cars, truck, and just about anything else that has tires. At 18 months he was diagnosed with wilms tumor and had his left kidney removed. Thankfully that was the only result of wilms! He is a special boy and is loved be everyone!!! Please vote for Archie!!
Fernando is very sweet, calm very caring, and compassionate. He loves his baby brother most! He enjoys walking through a forest, playing at parks, swimming, and helping his mom, and Dad. He loves making a heart with his hands as tells us we are his heart! His favorite movie is Sonic, his favorite games are where he has a treasure hunt with hints. His favorite book is “ Butt out”. He loves marvel characters. He loves Dinosaurs.
Ava Marie
Ava Marie is a smart, fun, sassy lil diva who loves family, gymnastics, dance, pageants and modeling. She aspires to be a doctor, scientist and astronaut.
My name is Kennedy Kate. I am 14 months old. I love playing outside.
Anderson is your full American boy, he is 18 months old, we love anything with wheels! We also love tools (if you couldn’t tell by the pictures)! We try our hardest to help daddy with the race cars! Anderson has such a personality and loves to laugh especially if he’s making other people laugh while he’s doing it.
Gunner loves his brother and playing outside and going to school!
Riley loves to play with his brother and he loves his food and playing outside!
Hi,my name is Avia Raelyn Gandee, I was born on New Years Eve of 2021! I weighed in at 7lbs 14oz! I have bright blue eyes & curly/wavy blonde hair. I love laughing and playing with my mommy & daddy!
Our little man is really quite something else - he loves to smile and laugh, turning heads and bringing up the morale of any room. He absolutely adores people and being outside, igniting his intense curiosity. And at the end of the day we love settling down with lots to eat and even more snuggles♡
Elijah is the best almost two year old. He loves to watch Toy Story, Bluey, Olaf, SpongeBob, and Blue’s Clue’s. He is very curious and sweet. And loves adventures! ❤️❤️
This is my first born. She is Beautiful, Smart, Loving, Non Verbal Autistic & All Around Just An Amazing Big Sister & Daughter. Please Help Us & Vote For Her - Thanks 😊
Shah has a smile that lights up the room. He is very curious , outgoing and energetic . He loves to watch elmo, dance and sing.
Sophia is a loving & sweet little girl. She brightens up every room she walks into. She loves going for walks & swinging at the park.
K Man is a super happy baby!🤩 Loves watching cartoons, playing with his toys and eating!🤍 Also very very photogenic☺️
Layla is 9 years of age and was born on Thanksgiving 11-22-12 She is outgoing love animals, helping others and making people laugh. She was in dancing and loves to sing.
Hello, Willow is 1 year old. She loves watching Elmo. Very sweet and is already taking on a huge personality. She’s got 4 teeth, we can walk. Our favorite thing to do is swing and play with her cousins.
Hi everyone! My name is Roman but you can call me romers or romy I have plenty of nicknames. I love to coo and try to talk. I smile everytime you talk to me. I enjoy watching greys anatomy and doing belly time. I just turned 3 months old and my favorite people are my momma and dad. I’m an all around happy guy and learning everyday!
Greyson loves watching Elmo’s world and loves going fishing with his daddy.
Hello everyone. This is three month old Khaleesi. She is my beautiful first baby and the light of my life! Her nickname is Lulu and her favorite show is Mickey Mouse clubhouse. She loves attention and she loves to laugh. My baby is sassy like her momma and loves to look at her self in the mirror. Feeding time is her favorite time. The only time she crus is when she’s hungry, wet, or moved from her comfortable position. Please vote for my queen Khaleesi 💓
He’s the happiest baby. Always smiling. He loves to eat & watch his big brothers play.
Eli absolutely loves Mickey Mouse, eating and all the attention!