Baby Stories - 75


My daughter is a very active little critter, she always has to be outside!!!
Liam was our surprise baby, I had him at age 35 during COVID and 14 years after having his big sister! He loves to smile, he is very strong and loves to tell lots of stories :)
Hello im Amazin! Im 5 months & I love my blanky & my mommy! I am a little brother & i adore my big brother ❤️ I love elephants 🐘
Alby is a little chiller doesn’t say to much cause he is to busy smiling and laughing at everything
Kairo Alexander! 🤴🏽My rainbow after the storm and a true light to everyone he comes across. Kai is 9 months and loves playing with his toys jumping pulling on daddy’s beard and talking to family 💚
Qualan is 6 months old! He was born prematurely weighing in at 3lbs 14.4oz. He is as healthy as can be and is a very happy little boy. He loves to play with his toys and watch puppy dog pals.
Logan loves to climb, run and laugh
Landon Blake loves his family, and loves to play. He love outdoors and animals. Vote for this precious baby ❤️
Gabbie is a beautiful girl. She makes her mommy proud everyday! She helps mommy all the time! Everyone just loves her when they meet her! She is such a great daughter and I'm super blessed to be her mother!
Perfect Is a very smart bright outgoing baby girl she’s 9 months old and is striving as perfect as she can be she brings joy to my day everyday and she’s the best angle you can ever ask for
Brantley is 2 months old, he loves attention and talking to everyone, he recently found his tongue so he loves sticking it out at everyone. He also loves to watch cocomelon and looking at all the lights everywhere we go! He is such a happy baby 💙
Alaric is a very smiley and hansom man. He loves his mom and dad, but mostly his mom lol🥰
BOUGIE so sweet and out goin she has a drive already!! She may b young but she kno wats goin on she so active
Jaycob is almost 2 months old & is the biggest blessing!! Vote for Jaycob💙💙
Liam is a twin he loves making faces and eating all the time. He and his brother are my world
Jolaya is an oustanding very independent little girl she loves playing outside her dog and her daddy she will hold a conversation with a stranger if you allow her to and she can have a heart of gold....
Lealand loves to be outside either on his bike or electric scooter. He loves ninja turtles and fixing stuff. He loves playing with his dog Zena and playing catch with her. But out of all he loves to be outside all the time.
Jasper Lorence Brown
He knows how to speak 6 words by 2 months, he's not shy and loves to talk to people. When he was only a few minutes old, he tried to crawl and he's such a mama's boy. He loves to walk
Greyson is a very active baby somethings that he likes are the bath, playing and getting into the things he shouldn’t, and just about anything he can put in his mouth. He also enjoys his family holding him and talking to him. Greyson has the biggest blue eyes and very cute smile.
Caroline was born on January 27th 2021 she weighed 6 pounds and 8oz. She now weighs almost 10 pounds!! She’s the sweetest little baby in the world and is always smiling. She’s our little sweet Caroline & our first baby that we love so much.
Thank you in advance to all who vote for my lil baby boy he is a Little package with such big personalities. I enjoy sleeping, milk and cuddles 🥰 and with my big eyes I love to look around and smile at my surroundings.My mommy says she can tell with these eyes I will have BIG dreams.
He’s 4 months old he likes to watch cartoon and loves tryna talk to everyone he loves going outside n walks!
He likes ninja turtles loves to ride his bike with his brothers loves cartoons like masha and bear fireman sam loves being outside.
Kierstyn is a rainbow baby. She weighed only 2 Ibs at 30 weeks gestation that required twice a week check ups . She was born 5 Ibs 9.2 oz on 02/01/2021. She has eyes that change from grey , to blue , to green , & sometimes a hint of honey brown in the center. She loves to eat & she’s a daddy’s girl 👨‍👧.
A recent NICU grad, Miss Charlotte was born in Dallas TX to two army vets & just arrived home in Charlotte NC!
Breylen is such a happy baby and is constantly smiling and laughing! He is the light of my world, he saved my life. God blessed me with such a beautiful baby boy!! Please vote for my love 💘
Leilani is beautiful , loving, goofy and always a very happy baby! She loves to cuddle with mommy & dishing out big smiles ..
She is an absolute inspiration. She is such a happy little girl. Adores everything and is such a pleasure to have.
Anthony was born premature at 1 lb 11oz. He was a real fighter and spent over 100 days in the nicu! Now we have a curious little boy who is growing like a weed.
All I wanted all my life was to fall in love, get married, and have a family of my very own. God has blessed me with such a wonderful fiancé and our beautiful baby boy. Liam is a happy, playful, devious little monster that is the cutest little man in town and will make your heart melt with his precious laughter & smile!😊💕 He is my angel and I am entering him into this contest to try and raise extra money for my family and to pay the bills. I have a shattered ankle and am temporarily disabled, just doing my best to be the provider for my family while his daddy is away at inpatient rehab to surrender himself to the lord, cleanse himself of his sins, and to learn how to be a good father for our son, a good husband to me, and how to live an honest life abiding by the law. We don’t mind if we win or lose but it doesn’t hurt to try! Thank you for all of your love & support😇 we appreciate you all so much❤️
Jensen loves playing peek-a-bo with Daddy playing games with his big sister
Zayden is a super happy and bubbly 5 month old little boy he loves anything that makes noise and is starting to say words like dada, he is so curious and honestly the happiest baby I’ve ever met !
Zayden is the smartest most lovable and happy little baby ever! He loves music and bright lights he is learning to stand and walk but never learned to crawl lol.
Dontre is 2 months old, He's the baby and ONLY boy of 3 kids . He's very alert, he loves to play & make baby noises😩❤️
He love his bedtime stories and love making people laughs! He just started eating solid food and every time I feed him he gets so excited!
Asha’Lee Nora Wilmot: Was born in the height of a pandemic Yet she manages to put a smile on the face of even the toughest or saddest person. Ash’Lee wears her gentleness and love on her face even when hungry. Ash’Lee Should be given the opportunity to win this contest as what she has to offer (warm smiles) is greatly needed in these times.
Little Kaysen loves mommy cuddles and loves to eat. He’s already trying to do big boy things as in stand up, roll over and talk his head off. 💙
Ezekiel was born 2/23/21 at 7 pounds 1 ounce with a full head of dark hair. He started lifting his head at 1 week and began rolling over at not quite 1 month. He already has a strong willed, feisty and fun personality. He is the sweetest little baby!
she loves bath time except her hair being washed! and she loves talking to her mommy , daddy , grammy & nanny !
Karter is almost three! He loves his Dino’s and his action figures. Even though he’s Autistic he is the most wonderful person I could ever receive in my life time. He’s forever a momma’s boy💙
Meadow is the sweetest little bundle of sunshine, her adorable smile will make anyones day!
Kamari is a little Diva ... Kamari is small but has a BIG personality . And she’s very enthusiastic , she lights up every room she enters .
Aliyah loves to dance and is a growing fun baby !!
Gabriel loves too smile, laugh play with his toys. he loves watching mickey mouse happiest baby you will ever meet 🥰
Jr is nearly 3 years old, from day one he has always been so full of life and is always so happy! Jr loves going out on his bike and he loves playing with diggers. He loves the park and loves to collect sticks! Jr can be very hypo at times and get very excited over the little things, but he really is the cutest most loving little boy. Jr loves his little sister so much and loves cuddles with her, he really does make the best big brother. Jr is definitely a daddy’s boy and loves getting all the attention off of his daddy... I wish he would just slow down and stay this age forever but I know he’s gonna grow into such a bright young man! He is loved so much by so many people and is always noticed by his gorgeous smile and his bright blue eyes like his mummy.
Quincee-Beau from day one has always been such a happy little girl! She’s always smiling and always babbling, she’s such a clever little girl and loves her independence. She’s a very strong little girl and if she sees something she wants she will get it. She is crawling and has just recently started standing up all on her own! She’s very much a daddy’s girl and has been from the day she was born. We have so much love for her and just wish she would stop growing so fast!
His Name Is Hunter & I Love Him !! 😇❤️