Jade is an identical twin. They were two months premature and just came home from the nicu. She was born first two minutes before her sister. She loves her naps and cuddles. Shes a happy, chunky girl.
Scarlett is my first baby & she just turned 3 months old & she is the sweetest little girl. She loves to talk, smile & play!
Penelope Aurora Molina is 3months old❤️ She loves looking at momma, babbling, smiling, giggling and eating her hands🥰 please vote for me!!!
Brynlee loves being outside, playing with her siblings, talking, dancing, food, bath time mommy and daddy. She loves doing silly little things that makes us laugh. Overall, she is a very happy little girl!
Kiar is 9months and he likes French fries and he likes to scream & laugh.
Hi my name Kaius! I love to crawl & be in my walker and run after my dog 🤎 my favorite show Elmo and don’t forget i’m teething so i love to eat !
My name is Elissiana Novella. I was born one month premature. I am now one month old and I enjoy talking to Mommy and my big brother, tummy time, eating and sleeping.
Kaislynn loves to break dance take photos play with leggos and be a clown to make everyone laugh he is a handsome boy with long blonde curls!
Zyelon, Is my last baby out of 4. He is very smart for his age and always has a smile on his face.
Legend is 6 months he’s a happy baby loves attention
Wilnieliz is a very happy girl, love to laugh and giggle! She love Cocomelon and The Encanto movie! She love her grandparents very much❤️
Emery girl is almost 10 months old. She loves all thing Mickey Mouse clubhouse, food, and throwing the ball :-)
Mazikeen is such the sweetest little baby. She likes peek-a-boo, smiles and Coo’s at you when you talk to her. She loves her picture taken, and likes to watch tv with mommy :)
He’s is the sweetest most loving little boy there is 🥰 he loves puppy dog pals, mommys singing , food, and his koala toy!
Oliver is such a sweet baby ❤️❤️ He likes sitting up on my lap, shaking his rattle and eating from the boob. He loves baths and splashing the water
Alayah is six months old she was born three weeks early she was a ten pound baby she loves to roll over and love baby shark 💜and on top of how cute she is our little girl can already sit up 💕☺️
Maelynn is almost 2 months old, born 2/22/22. She’s the sweetest babe, rarely cries, loves to smile and give funny looks. She’s got the chubbiest cheeks and loves to cuddle with mom, dad, & her 2 pups Biggie and Ziggy. Peace and love to all ♥️🌻
Leighton loves her daddy and momma! She also loves her gigi! Her favorite thing is horses!
Ms. Aubree Reign is 3 months , she has such a happy spirit ! She’s definitely a mommy’s baby . Voting for her will help her out with things she still needs/wants .
Roman Luther Ali completed our little family of 5. I can’t thank his donor and his mommy enough for this experience. He’s always smiling and so full of life. The kid changed my whole life around.
I love my Johnny Jumper and Oreos
I Am Jahzara Everyone calls Me Zara or Zar I have An Twin Sister Name Xolani I like To Laugh At my Mommy ❤️
I Am Xolani Everyone Calls me Xo or Lani I have an Twin sister her Name is Jahzara I love Smiling And talking to My Mommy ❤️
Keagan loves to play with water bottles and loves being outdoors!
My name is Connor and I love to watch TV with mommy and driving her insane when she puts me down. Even tho my favorite show is on (Mickey mouse clubhouse) I just love to be by her side. I also love to drink my bottle and eat some of my baby food, even tho they taste weird. My talent is to make big rumbling noises from my bottom area. And I have three fur siblings and I love to watch them as the move around the house.
Ryder Allyn loves everything & anything outdoors! He loves to make new friends & show them all of his toys. He is the best night time book reader to his 4mo old sister, & is forever Grandmas favorite!
He loves music to dance he loves his siblings and believes he’s spider man sometimes he loves to try and sing his abcs he’s the sweetest boy ever !
Brantlee Aaliyah Mitchell💜 Brant is our 3rd baby and 1st baby girl. She is so so loved by her two big brothers, mom & dad. We are so blessed to have her 💜💓
Naylani is an energetic, character. She loves the outdoors and loves to collect acorns, leafs, and rocks. Cheese is her favorite snack. Her name means “mist of heaven” or “gift of god”. She’s so loving and probably the most awesomest person on earth!
Kaliyah Leigh Watson ❤️
The first thing you’ll probably be asked as a new parent is she a good baby? Well Ni’yani is affectionate she loves to give hugs with a smile that’ll light up the room but don’t get me wrong she’s real sassy and cute with it .
Pretty girl❤️ I’m paisley! I love watching tv, babbling and chewing on my hands! ❤️
Maverick loves bath time. He loves to watch Hey Bear and he loves his brothers.
Beautiful energetic rainbow baby girl❤️ We appreciate all votes and love and support
Landon loves his food as we started BLW at 6 months! His best friend is his big brother and they love dancing, laughing, and playing together! Landon also loves cocomelon, kitty cats, and swinging at the park!
Alice is a sweetheart who’s smile and laugh can light up a room. She loves singing, dancing, and playing with her cat. She is so full of love and joy. It’s impossible not to be happy when she’s around!
Malloree-Jade is definitely my whole world but she is very much a daddy’s girl! She loves to cuddle and watch Mickey Mouse!
The most caring and loving boy I could ask for. So helpful and so kind. King loves to play soccer, baseball, and football. He loves spending time with his baby brother and loves his family.
Kairo is the craziest, funniest, sweetest one year old with the brightest smile there is. So full of life and laughs.
The happiest boy I have ever known💙
This is my beautiful daughter Dior, she is full of life and loves playing and singing
Mak is a fiesty adventuresome little guy. He is a character 💙
Aria is our precious baby girl! She loves to hold her babydoll and watch Gabby’s Dollhouse! Her sweet little smiles and laughs can make anyones day!!