Baby Stories - 75


Seigan-Kait loves hip hop & tumbling, she’s obsessed with the outdoors, and she’s currently your 2020 Toddler Miss Louisiana! She’s our sassy, spunky, wild child. We wouldn’t have it any other way!
Christian is 7 months old! He is a brave little energetic boy. He loves his daddy and melts your heart with his smile ❤️
Ekoe is a vibrant, sassy 6 month old with a smile that can light up anyone's dark days. She loves to laugh, play with her older siblings, and coo and talk your ear off. ♥️
Taylor is a heart throb! He loves smiling at the ladies till they can't resist his snuggles! He is such a sweet boy, he'll melt your hearts too!
Ty was born a date before his Great great grandmothers birthday. We are currently dealing with his kidney UPJ which is a kink/blockage in his urethra which is causing his kidney to dilate. With running between Lewistown, Danville and Hershey, It’s A LOT to deal with. We are currently waiting on the surgeons decisions whether they want to do surgery or hold off and pray for a miracle. Besides his kidney problem I couldn’t ask for a better baby boy, he’s so energetic, playful and so unique.
Ranezmae was born 10 weeks early at 3 lb 9 oz but has grown to be a big girl she is now 14lb 5 oz she is very happy baby loves everyone
Bailey Woodell
My name is bailey I am 1 year and 8 months, I love playing with toys and animals, and I have the cutest laugh I ABSOLUTELY LOVE KETCHUP 💕
My name is kinley Renee I am a year old I love animals, cows are my absolute favorite I love to be outside and love to play I’m such a happy baby !!
Alejandro is the happiest baby. He loves his big sister and loves his milk.He also loves to watch his toys that light up.
Gracie girl is our rainbow baby, born at 30 weeks, she's the strongest little girl. She enjoys playing with all her toys, especially the ones that make noise. Gracie likes to go for walks and loves to show off her big ol grin! Her laugh is contagious. Gracie recently got a new puppy which she absolutely adores. Gracie loves her mommy and daddy very much!!❤️❤️❤️
He loves to smile he loves to walk and sing . He makes everything better with hugs and kisses hes so sweet and happy.
Payson is full of life always dancing singing love being with friends she always has a smile on her face she loves the color pink an purple she loves slime playing with her doll house
Lakyn Grey is a very energetic 5 month old that loves to jump, talk and loves everybody! She is always smiling and has her mama and daddy wrapped.
Rowan is a eccentric, goofy, little firecracker. He loves singing & dancing like you couldn’t imagine. His name also means “little red-headed one”, after the “Rowan” tree, with red berries. He is also a red-head. We didn’t know this until after we already had his name chosen, 😳
This is Paityn Marylin Maé she was born June 10th. She’s sweet as candy, and beautiful as can be🌸💜🤗 She loves music and her lamb that plays a lullaby she also enjoys spending time with Mommy and Daddy. She’s truly a blessing and is loved so much by her family🌸💜☺️
Im a handsome little boy, my daddy is American and my mother Peruvian 🇵🇪, I’m the perfect mix to be the most beautiful baby in the world 🥰😍
A beautiful baby who is always happy ❤️ Loves talking to her mommy and daddy and smiling at ceiling fans. She loves being talked to and talking back. ❤️
Always full of smiles, a very chatty little guy! 💙💙
NovaLee loves animals and to blow bubbles. She is always happy.
My name is Kinzlee Myracle. My middle name is Myracke because the doctors told my mommy I wasn't going to make it, but here me are! I love learning, playing, and aggravating my big brother and sister. Vote for me please!
Mommas boy. He loves to snuggle his mom. Hes a chuncker.
Jax is such a happy little baby, always smiling no matter what. My gorgeous boy💙
My little girl is my life ❤ she was born 11-9-2020 and I cannot express how much I love her. She's my angel, my chunky butt with some strong legs and looks like her daddy 🥰
This is Hailey my baby girl she is my whole world. I love she so much she is tow months now. Her smile makes me smile and cry. She is so beautiful ❤️
Sunny is a very alert baby, she's very charismatic. She sure know how to brighten up my day. She has her own unique beautiful personality.
Teddie has the cheekiest little laugh chubby little cheeks he loves bath time and splashing around Teddie is amazing
Lavina is almost two months old! She enjoys baths and trips in the car! Lavina is a very happy baby and is always smiling!
Raiden is a very energetic, sweet little boy. He loves to play ball and give hugs and kisses.
Almost seven months old this lil peanut loves to make people laugh. She is a very happy baby who is loved by many.
Khalil Roze
I love playing with my paw patrol pups, eating chicken nuggets, and giving mommy and daddy nuggles.
Jaxson is a cheeky little boy but always so happy and always smiling. X
Reagan is a rainbow baby! (Miscarriage last summer)She loves to smile all day and sleep allll through the night for mommy! Loves her breastmilk, and her pacifier! She’s truly the most beautiful, smart and happy baby ♥️
Luca was born on January 29th at 7 lbs 8oz and is just the happiest baby all the time! He is always smiling! He loves crawling and pulling himself up on everything and just adores his two big sisters. He is always so busy and on the move!
She is 2 this Monday coming
Noahs super sweet boy always happy, smiling, and laughing. Really likes airplanes loves watching them in the sky. He’s my world couldn’t ask for more
Remy is the kind, sweet, and oh so smart.
Abagale Baby Mae Reaver was given the name ‘Baby’ by the nurse who helped to deliver her at the hospital due to a miscommunication between Abby’s mother and the nurse. One things for sure about this Baby though! She loves to make you smile! When she isn’t doing that she’s usually making a mess! One thing that I will say is hard to understand about Baby is that no means no but it also means yes and is her favorite thing to say along with, “hunta” as she cannot pronounce ‘hunter’, her pitbulls name quite yet. 😊😊 Also, I recommend keeping your phone on your person or to have find my phone ready to use around this girl! 😂❤️
Shes a mommys girl and loves to be heard. She lights up the room when she smiles. Ophelia loves snuggles and loves her doggy♡
Evan loves to look at lights and also likes to try to talk to the bears on the mobile above his swing. He is usually smiling!
This sweetheart is my grand baby she is so sweet an loving she is always smiling such a good baby
These two are a character and a half sweet loving funny energetic very bossy lol
Meet my grandson! I'm a sassy little Leo who adores my mommy, gets spoiled by grandma, and cuddled by great grandma. I was a tiny preemie, but I'm growing by leaps and bounds! Vote for me please! Thank you!
Here is my beautiful healthy girl! She was born premature at 27 weeks, but look at her now! The strongest, most colorful baby you’ll ever meet. She loves talking to you and maybe sneaking a bite of your ice cream!
Eva Grace
Loves to smile and stick my tongue out, loves her big sister and brother.
She may only be 1 month old but she is the sweetest, most sassy, divalicious little girl ! She loves to cuddle with her daddy, naps in her swing, and just being held 24/7.