Leo has acomplished so many abstacles sence birth but he as a tiny soul never gave up he found a way to keep pushing so im doing this to let others know that even with special features that are diffrent than others your still an very handsome or beautiful person my boy is so happy an is getting bigger everyday ❤️
Madison was born 2 months early at 4lbs 7oz. Today she is almost 4 months weighing 11lbs. She’s a fighter! And a happy one at that!
Emmett is my little 3 month old bestfriend. He loves his feet and hands, we wake up every morning smiling, bath time is his favorite and he just started to find his giggle. He’s got hair for days, grandma calls him baby Elvis 🥺😍
Hudson William Reichley
Hudson is 8 months old he loves to babble and coo ! He has a very cute smile that he likes to show daily ! Mama and daddy’s little country boy!
He’s the happiest little boy, with the cutest concerned face around. He loves tummy time and loves when mommy blows raspberries. Truly the greatest gift on earth 🫶🏼🤍
He love to laugh and smile . Run in Circles and he loves the outside sweetest lil boy you’ll ever meet
Isn’t he just the cutest !!!
Month old and loves his breast milk. Loves to toot and sleep.
Jayden is such a cutie when he plays! He’s so adventurous when he goes outside. He has the cutest smile and laugh and loves to play with cousins. He absolutely adores people, especially women. He always goes up to people and smiles and dances when music is playing. Him and his daddy are best friends and he gets so excited to see him come home. His smile just lights me up. I can’t get enough of him smiling.
Lyla is the happiest girl and always smiling. Loves her dogs, cousins and spending time outside!
Oliver Boss
Our handsome Oliver has been such a advanced sweet little guy! He was crawling by the age of 5 months and started walking at 7 months! He absolutely loves fish and being outside. His favorite show is baby shark and paw patrol. He just turned 1 year old on feb 28 and winning this contest would absolutely be the coolest thing ever for him! He was in the cutest baby contest at our local county fair this past year and won 2nd place! Oliver also loves reading his books and pulling our dog and cats hair 😁
TATIANA, loves her puppy Ajax, hanging with mummy and daddy
Cuddles and kisses win my heart every time! I really love reading with my mom and playing with my musical instruments! I love peanut butter but sour raspberries are no fun!
Kynstin James is the happiest babes! He just learned how to walk on his own this week! He loves his froggy, snuggles, has an addiction to berries, and loves to scream with joy! He is nothing but smiles and working on blowing a kiss 😘 Momma’s little blessing 💕
Kamilah is a little love bug always happy and laughing with a smile that can light up a room.
Gracelynn loves her family and friends!!!
Theodore is 2 months old.. my miracle rainbow baby ❤️… he loves to smile and loves to move his arms around
JJ is such a happy boy and loves to be talked to by his brothers he’s so ready to be on the move and chase his brothers. He’s such a lovable baby
He is now 4 months old. Where has the time gone. He is my first child and he was also born premature. He is the cutest little boy ever I wouldn't trade the world for him. His nickname is monster, mommy and daddy love him so much. He likes to stick his tongue out a lot.
Hi everyone! My name is Elíseo! My most favorite thing to do is play with my baby brother. i love peekaboo and books. i make everyone laugh and smile. I love my parents and have the best family! please vote for me 🥰
lainey is four, almost 5 in april. she is super smart, fun, outgoing, and very sensitive to others feeling. you will never feel alone with this child with you. lainey also love make up, dresses, and a good barbie fashion show.
He is one happy baby, always so excited to see everyone and everything
Saylors a happy girl loves everyone and loves her food!!! ❤️
A very calm, yet playful baby. Olive surprises us everyday with her strength and intelligence. Her cheeky grin melts every heart that encounters her.❤️
Djmarlz is a very loving and caring person he loves cuddles and talks splashing in the bath and eating crawling and trying to walk
My name is Isabella but get Bella because apparently it’s easier to say according to my mum and dad, why they didn’t just name me that no idea. I have recently started to smile and I’m trying my best to find my voice I’m getting closer everyday. I love to eat as you can see in my photo I’m quite chubby (I never used to be) but mum says it’s cute so I’m happy. I get tummy time every morning after breakfast and it makes me feel so much better after having a big breakfast. I wear at least 5 different pairs of clothes everyday because I get very dirty, I think it’s funny though because at least I’m giving mum something to do while I sleep. I love my bathtime or having a shower with daddy. Well I love it until mum takes me out and dresses me because it’s too cold. When mummy and daddy are having dinner I make sure I have dinner with them and also get lots of cuddles because I don’t like missing out on their dinner time or cuddles especially with daddy because I have to deal with mummy all day, I still love her though. Anyway enough of me I hope you have liked my little story and please vote for me I think I’m pretty cute !! 🥰
Waylon is 7 years old! He loves Minecraft, playing outside, riding bikes with his dad, playing with his brother and sister, and he loves his family more than anything! Waylon has the biggest heart a 7 year old can have! Waylon is in the 1st grade achieving 3rd grade levels! Waylon is my bonus baby!
Thomas is the sunshine you didn't know you needed on a cloudy day. He loves to see whats going on, he has to be apart of the action. He loves to sing, have very interesting conversations, watch Gracies corner and sensory channels. You can't help but smile when you're around Thomas.
Kinleigh loves playing peek a boo! A cuddle bug and as the prettiest blue eyes!
Wesson is 7 months old! He LOVES Cocomelon, mommy, daddy and his big brother! He loves eggs, apples, pears! He’s definitely a mommas boy! Mommy’s snuggles are his favorite before bedtime!
She is an active little girl, she is very smart for her age
My name is Victor Manuel!! I am a Jr. My family really loves me and has wished for me for so long!! I am there blessing!! I love to talk and listen to my mom talk to me and sing!! I make sounds and try to say i love you already!! I want to sit up and look around by myself but im not strong enough yet, so mom and dad help me out alot!! I love my days at the sitters with my friends!! Thank you all for reading about me and i cant wait to see what my future has in store for me!! Have a blessed day!
Jon’Vea Pierre 6yo, she loves to play outside and loves to swim. She loves to watch YouTube. Her favorite color is blue. Her momma , daddy & sista is her favorite people ☺️She’s a Princess and love to take pictures 🤍
Savannah was born at Bendigo base hospital, during the floods in Echuca, we make it out just in time to get to Bendigo on the one road that was open at the time. Savannah needed to be born in Bendigo as I had gestational diabetes. Savannah was born safely 20 seconds after midnight, on the 21st of October the day after her grandmother’s birthday the day before mine. 😍 You most definitely can say this girl wanted her own special day. Savannah is a very happy baby, who loves the attention. She loves playing on her mat and talking to the animals on it. I think her favourite colour is yellow as she loves talking to the giraffe on her mat. She has started solids and her favourite foods would have to be vanilla custard and fresh mango She loves cuddles and is mummy’s girl during the day and dads of a night. Savannah has just recently cut her first two bottom teeth. and her first word was mum. Savannah has 3 older brothers. With her dads blue eyes and her bright, bubbly and happy personality and big smiles you can definitely get lost in her.
Jayley pierre 5yo, she loves people and love to play outside. Her favorite color is pink. She loves her momma,daddy&sister. She loves to play on her tablet. But most of all she’s a lil sassy & a diva ❤️
He likes someone talks to him. Loves to eat and play.
Everett is the sweetest little snuggle bug and my little best friend.
I’m Jacob and I love my mama
This 6mth old cutie loves food, story time and lookingat new and exciting things. He is always happy and smiley.
Jameson is a 6 month old bundle of pure joy! When he isn’t giving kisses and hugs he’s playing with bear and listening to music! He also loves his mommy and daddy and snuggling!
Amaya is such a funny little toddler. She loves Bluey, Sing 2 and playing with her brother and sister. She is full of personality and has her own style already!
He likes to eat and sleep for right now
Micah loves playing with everything other than toys he’s very sweet and very shy his bestie is probably me or his Gigi ❤️
Today I am 2 month old 🐣