Brian Angel
My chunky baby and my happy baby love to smile everytime. 😅❤
Maddison is a very happy and smiley baby, she’s only 2 months old but has such a big personality already, her smile just lights up the whole room
Aria is a joyful little Ray of sunshine who is always smiling and giggling. She was born at 34 weeks old at 4lbs 5oz and now she’s my little chunker. She’s likes to play peekaboo, loves to listen to music and enjoys tummy time<3 Show her some love :)
Little Enzo Zalán is half Hungarian and half British baby 💙 He is smiling a lot, loves to swing in his bouncer and he is already a huge Liverpool FC fan ⚽️💙
This is Elowyn, she is always laughing and smiling and loves to stick out her tongue for the camera! Her favourite things are Iggle piggle, dancing and climbing!
My son Atticus is 4 months old currently in A.N.M.C slowly getting better, becoming his happy self again 🤗❤️ Praise the lord my happiest sonshine my son!!
Chase loves to snuggle and be talked to. Hes the happiest little baby ull ever meet. And the biggest suprise of our lives.
This is my sweet baby Camden💙 he loves his bathtime and he loves cuddling really close to mama.
Raiden is a happy little boy. He was born 3 weeks early, He loves laughing, smiling and rolling over enjoys snuggles and spending time with daddy. Raiden always gives smiles he is full of joy.
Hunter is a loving smiley little boy, loves his naps and bath time. He will always put a smile on ur face no matter what💙 he was 10 days early and is a little chunk x
kaia is a 19 month old little girl who loves to be the center of attention! this little girl has quite the personality and lots of sass. she loves her mommy and she loves her nana and poppy even more lol 😊
Bellamy is 13 months old! He loves playing at the park, listening to music, dancing, and is always smiling and happy! Bellamy knows some sign language and is learning more everyday!
This sweet baby is 3weeks old and I love everything about him he's going so fast
This is Waylon, he’s got such a very curious personality and loves his daddy. He’s got a super big smile all the time loves being outdoors and loves animals. He’s got a big voice and loves talking
Leonardo is a very happy and calm baby who loves to smile and enjoy naps. He loves to cuddle. He loves to meet new people and loves his family, everyone falls in love with him when they see him!!
The dancing 1 year old my baby loves music TikTok and his sisters My baby is so lovable friendly vote to find out more 🥳🔐🤞🏽
Seraphina is 2 months old. This precious girl already shows shes sassy and will pose for the camera. She has a birthmark that swoops across her face and her hair flows beautifly with it!
Oscar was a rainbow baby and born 6 weeks early. Even tho he made a sudden entrance to the world he is certainly full of beans and keeping us on our toes. Everyone who knows him adores him
Baby JaDayvion Rayshawn lovesss food. He already weighs 22 pounds at 7 months old. He love to play with dada. He can get it in his walker and starting to stand up. He is always such a happy baby and our biggest blessing.
My Luna she has such an amazing personality and humor already 🥰 my biggest baby girl in the worlds! She gives me hugs and kisses when I’m sad she tells me mommy Pretty and rubs my cheek❤️ My little mini me I love her so much she is the one who made me a momma
Ryker is a very adventurous 1 year old he’s gonna be 2 next month! He loves playing with his cars playing with his doggy friends and going on walks and making everyone laugh a smile! He is a very outgoing and smart little boy! Please vote for my baby!
Rayshawn Jr
He is the happiest and sweetest little boy ever. He’s always smiling everyone falls in love with him immediately
Sage is 6 months! He is the sweetest babe! Loves his fruits and veggies. Excellent sleeper which Mom & Dad could not be happier about!
Asher Kai Blackfeather
Asher loves to smile and play. He loves to get into things. he loves food he will eat anything you put in front of him. He likes to go on walks ,car rides, he loves meeting new people. He has bluish grey eyes and his favorite thing to do is smile and eat
I am almost 1! I LOVE to eat almost anything (even non-foods lol), i love to stand & try & walk, and i love my family & supporters! I have bright blue eyes & love being outside!
Kevin Matei
kevin is a cuddly baby who loves to be hugged❤️
She’s smart, beautiful and strong. Nothing stops her or slows her down. Despite all she’s been threw she’s little my fighter. She has a rare condition called opsismodysplasia. It has effected her spin. But it don’t stop my girl or slow her down. Plz show her some love. It would mean the world to us.
Shyanne is the sweetest most loving little girl ever. She wants to be everyone's friend. She loves unicorns, dresses and bows. She loves everything pink. And she's the princess.
Hayden loves school & cheer!! She has a huge heart & loves her family so much!
William is an active 2.5 year old! His favorites include Mickey Mouse, planes, swings, gymnastics and his friends.
Zarena is truly the happiest and sweetest chunky baby! Everyone that meets her always admires her contagious smile and how joyful and well-behaved she is. “Blessed” is an understatement when it comes to this perfect little chick pea 💗
Ezra was born prematurely, but he is now 1month & a week! He loves to eat and just the calmest baby I ever met! Loves to give his gummy smile 🥺💜
Hudson’s birthday is September 17th! The happiest baby🥰 Loves to play all the time
Princeton James is 8 months old! He loves to crawl he's super fast & like to explore wherever he's at! He loves Mickey mouse & cloud babies! He loves bathtime but most of all he loves his mama! ❤️ He is the most handsomest babyboy 💞
Zaïlyn Khalil
I love to laugh,I love ELMO, i am 6 months and weigh 21 pounds 🙃 I have 5 siblings, 1 sister and 4 brothers. 💙
Sassy tye this is my talk alot she loves to talk play and learn
Kaden loves the outdoors! He is always so happy and brings people so much joy! Kadens Nick name is Pico and he loves to watch the movie vivo!!
She loves CRAB LEGS 😂 school arts and crafts and so much more
Cohen is such a bright little man with so much attitude. Never a dull moment with my Cohen nator (nickname) and boy does he like to eat, he enjoys watching his older sister, clapping his hands, happy screaming and showing his teeth. Plz vote for our son in this baby contest .
Hii my name is Karson aka Karsonman because I love Spider-Man ! I love to be outside running around in my spidey crocs and playing with dinosaurs!
Angelo is an adventurous little boy who loves dogs, water & the movie sing 2!
Hi! My name is Andrew, I love to snuggle, listen to my ABC song, and car rides. Please vote for me :)
She a very happy baby.she love to smile.she loves when you tell her how beautiful she are she have the biggest smile.she so precious