Baby Stories - 74


Emily is the youngest, with 5 big brothers! Born 3 weeks early with a head full of dark hair and her daddy's blue eyes! She Is the calmest, sweetest, happiest little girl. She loves going for drives, music, baths, looking around, taking walks since it's getting warm and staring to talk. She loves smiling back at people, and starting to laugh out loud. <3
Kaisen is so loving. He tells me he loves everyone and that on christmas when he see the lights it makes him feel like crying especially when it snows it makes more spetshill. Lol
Charlie loves to laugh is such a happy baby and cute as ever!
Kali is full of life & laughter she has a beautiful personality
my dixie rae’lynn is such a sweet, cheerful baby. she loves to play and loves her tummy time. her favorite show is my little pony! also she loves cuddling with her mommy 🥰
Hard to say what he likes except sleeping, eating and loves his mommy, daddy and big brother. He's the joy of are lives and a very special little miracle.
Wearing bows, watching Moana, cuddling with her family, & looking at her doggy! She’s sassy, sweet, & loving! ❤️
Wynston was born 6 weeks early and was only 4lbs 11oz but as you can see he is growing good and a super happy baby boy! 💙 His favorite thing to do is smile! 😄
He loves playing outside, playing with all his neices and nephews. He loves playing with all his baby shark toys while listening to cocomelon... He loves to Dance also. He is a very smart 1 year old.
Hadley Grace is two weeks old. She loves classical music, crossing her feet into a heart, snorting like a piggy, and mommy!
1 year old full of energy , I love being held by daddy and mom. Dancing and singing to Cocomelon and baby shark are two of my favorite things. I’m always ready to smile for the camera📸
I’m Kiera I am 7 years old in first grade. I love my family, I am the baby with a 19 yr old sister and 17 yr old brother , some say I’m spoiled but dad calls it loved 😉. I love being outside and swimming!
Kayson is 10 months old. He is such a happy baby. ALL THE TIME. 🥰 his mommy is his best friend. & He loves Cocomelon.
Kasiah Blesyn is 4 months old almost 5, he loves to sing baby opera. He’s loves cooing/talking. He loves to kick and blow spit bubbles and he does funny sounds with his mouth. He loves when I kiss his hands and feet. He’s one of the silliest and happiest babies that I know! He’s very ticklish! He likes to watch pj masks. He loves homemade apples sauce & bananas. Si si is his nickname on top Of many more lol and he’s also going through the teething stages. He loves when you throw him up in the air , he loves being tickled , bounced just about everything makes him laugh and smile. He’s my biggest blessing that’s why I gave him the middle name blesyn 💙.
Mazeabella is a fighter after spending a month in the hospital we finally got to take her home on February 21st. We couldn’t be more proud of how far she’s come. She makes the cutest noises and it’s so funny when she tells you how she feels. She is such a beautiful little miracle!!
My sweet little man love to cuddle with mama and anyone else that holds him he can lift his head all on his own and he’s starting to roll
Zoey loves to be silly, carry her sloth 🦥 play outside be adventurous and go shopping with mama and most of all eat food 💜
Kasein anthony williams was born a month early and him and mommy did a great job!
Since day one of Colton being born, he’s always been wide awake and so observant. From week 2 it’s been nothing but smiles and joy from our angel. He loves to watch Star Wars with daddy and have us read Dr. Seuss and Lord of the Rings to him! He’s a fantastic eater, pretty much a pro at the game and crushes it in tummy time!☺️💛
JT is the silliest little baby around He’s always laughing and smiling at everyone He loves to coo and play He’s the last baby in a family of 3 kids
Hi! My name is Johnathan Wayne and I’m a month old, some things I like are mama to hold me and play with me. I love to have dada sing and bounce me. I love to eat every 3-4 hours and I like to stay awake all night long and keep mommy up.
Logan loves to play especially with water. He’s adventurous and full of mischief!
Bodhi is my rockstar! He may grow up to be a comedian but if you ask him he is going to be a firefighter! He has a kind caring soul! A bit wild and he only stops talking when he is sleeping. Haha! He loves going on adventures and exploring. I can’t forget to add that he is a Spider-Man fanatic. All superheroes are fun but Spidey is the best. He is a big brother to a sister (9 months old). Even before she was born he was loving towards her. He certainly gained a best friend the day she was born and it’s such a beautiful thing to watch the two of them together.
Amor loves to watch television anything on the television gets her attention. Amor is a happy baby, she laugh at every little thing somebody do. Amor is so adorable how could y’all not vote for her just look at her 😘
i love when mommy and daddy talks to me , i love to laugh and smile & mostly i love to watch mickey mouse club house !❤️
Isabella just loves smiling and cooing at her mommy and daddy 🥰 she already scoots herself across her crib, loves music and blues clues, she can hold her head up so well and she loves her bath time.
Atiana is a very cheeky and sassy toddler who is so affectionate and loving. She loves the camera and being centre of attention.
My babygirl is smart , shes beautiful & she tends to get in everything
She loves to laugh and smile she would love to make other people laugh and smile
Greyson is 10 months old. He loves watching Cocomelon, pj mask and Giantsauras. Loves playing with his toys and goes anywhere he wants to in his walker. He also loves to crawl and bounce!
Jolaiya Loves Her Brother & Sister , Loves Baby Shark , She Is A Very Bright , Smart , Beautiful Little Girl ✨ We Call Her Lai Or Lilo 😊
She is very playful, wakes up every day with a smile on her face and she also has the cutest laugh
Alaya loves to smile, she thinks Dada is the funniest person in the world! She loves bath time and watching the bath song on cocomelon
Jack Ledger
Jack Ledger is a sweet little boy. He has a pup sister, Kota. Jack loves bottles, baths and laughing! He is a very happy baby. We are blessed. ❤
Hello I’m Jamie. I’m 2 years old and love getting into mischief! My favourite things to do is playing with cars and cuddles with mummy ❤️😁
The contagious smile is what does it. It pulls you in and just as you start to fall in love you hear that giggle of his that warms you from the inside out. Yep, thats my baby boy.
Christopher is a miracle baby. he was a preemie, now hes a healthy thriving one month old. He is the best little boy a mother could ask for. He’s always happy and peaceful barely cries. He’s also the most handsome little boy ever.
Olivia is 5 months old. She is super smart she love to laugh & play. She also loves when you read to her 🥰🙏🏽
Dana was one month premature via emergency c section. She spent 2 weeks In Nicu . She’s doing great now❤️
Khai’Lan is a very busy almost one year old 🥰 He likes to make noise & get into things. Khai’Lan started walking within 3 days & hasn’t taken a seat yet
I am 4 months old. I love to stand up, lick/chew on everything, talk and play with mommy, daddy, and sissy. I love to watch my mommy’s every move as well. I am a super happy and smiley baby💖
Our little rainbow baby what a beautiful miracle she is. Born on Groundhog's Day she has been a sweet blessing ❤️
Behr was born at 36 weeks. He struggled his first few weeks of life with gaining weight and ended up losing 17% of his birth weight by 1 week old. He is now catching up. He loves to spend time with his bubby and sissy. Loves Lee Brice songs. He loves belly time and spending time with mommy and daddy. He is such a mommy's boy!!!
I love for mommy& daddy to hold me! I also love kisses & for mommy & daddy to wash my hair 🥰🥰🥰
i’m kyron and i’m almost 3 weeks old and i love my mommy and love country music😊
I’m a month old, I love to be held and I love too move my little feet❤️