Hi my name is violet grace. Out side when I'm trying to eat leafs 🌿 and grass is where I find my self most excited. My most favorite thing to do right now is scream 😂when I'm happy sad or mad. I also hate when my mommy puts me down I just want to held by her all the time👩‍👧
Cameron Elias
This is Cameron, very activity, bubbly personality. So much energy, big crazy eater. Loves dinosaurs, spider man, sonic and paw patrol ! His smile shines the whole room
Amiri is 8 months. He is a very happy baby. He loves Cocomelon and is standing on his own already.
She’s a smart little kid🫶🏼 She has two teeth and loves to bite everyone she can 😂 She loves bluey and Mickey Mouse Hers is just like her daddy ♥️😅
Miss Haylee loves cuddles and kisses
Little miss Thea is 3 going on 4 she is as smart as could be she really likes to sing dance dress like a princess and a doctor she say she wants to be a doctor when she grown up her favorite color is pink she loves helping with her brother who is 10 months old she loves watching the movies frozen dumbo sing 2 her favorite song are good god almighty thunder and this girl is on fire she loves playing outside and jumping on the trampoline. She is a really amazing caring little girl and she will do anything to make you smile
Theo is 10 months old and he loves walking talking and eating he is bestfriends with our dog roxy and anything his sisters are doing he wants to join
Robin is definitely a character, never a dull moment. She is a little bit of a sour patch kid but she loves her twin brother so much!
Ryker is such a sweet sweet boy! He has a big heart & loves his twin sister.
Levi is our little rainbow baby🌈 She loves her big brother & big sister, and has filled out hearts with soo much joy💕
Masyn is our sweet loving boy who loves to snuggle and talk
Maverik is a monster truck loving boy. he is a wild child who loves the outdoors.
Charlotte is the sweetest little baby, she loves her beauty sleep and is a mini version of her daddy who she absolutely adores. At only 2 weeks old she is very alert and loves looking around at every!
Jameson is the sweetest boy an auntie could ask for! He’s always laughing and smiling. He loves Mickey and loves to eat and try new foods. ❤️
Angelica Rojo
angelica was born a preemie at 24 weeks. she had a rough start to her life but always pushed through and with the grace of God she’s here. she smiles at everyone she meets and is a very happy baby! loves taking a bath, going swimming and watching blurt ,mickey mouse. she’s so smart and THE sweetest most gorgeous girl🥹🤍
Our sassy little one year old loves the outdoors, loves her puppies and is the cheekiest little soul, she enjoys playing with her big sister and giving her a hard time as sisters do ;) give her cheeky face a vote! 🫶🏽
Our little red hair, blue eyed babe. Peyten loves cuddle, sticking out her tongue and talking to her older siblings!
Very happy, outgoing, adventurous boy. Loves climbing on anything he can. Can light up the room as soon as he enter. 1 going on 20 🤣 💜 Mamas boy & loves his dada, cousins, aunties, uncles, bumpa, an meme 💜 LOVES cars an anything to do with his four-wheeler & outside ❤️😆
She loves to laugh and smile, she loves going outside, and she absolutely loves eating ❤️
Oaklynn is the youngest of 3 and has the biggest personality of all! She can’t wait to able to keep up with her big brother and big sister. Her big eyes say it all 🤩😍❤️
This is Ezekiel and he loves; smiling, laughing, going on adventures, music, and lots more things. He’s very advanced for his age. Everyone who sees him agrees he’s such a happy baby.
Hello my name is Kianna. Im currently in Kid strong which keeps me strong and also allows me to work on my confidence. When I grow up i want to work in the medical field so I can fix my grandma and grandpa back to health
Sabrina is an amazing little girl who will always put a smile on your face. She is a very caring, lovable, intelligent, playful and happy toddler.
Hi my name is haise. I love cars, pj mask, baking with mom and puzzles. I really love cuddles and back rubs but also helping mom with doing laundry and dishes mainly to play with bubbles
Andy is a hunk! He loves his toys and loves to make faces. He’s trying his hardest to talk. He is about to be walking soon.
He loves trying to play with his toy with his mom and dad. He loves watching tv/movies with his dad His favorite toy is his koala He loves having a smile on his face and, babble to his friend the deer
Addalynn is the happiest baby around she is full of personality! She loves her Dada and Mama. She brightens everyone’s day!
Macilynn is the sweetest, happiest baby ever! She is always smiling and loves her brothers!
Oaklynn is a Miracle Baby, Born at 34 weeks, stayed in the NICU for 2 Weeks, now she is home and growing, she is Loved by so many💝💝 Please Vote for this Little Angel 💓 😇
Shes my princess 👧🏻 And she loves to give a smile to everybody 💕
Little Harlyn is named after Harley Quinn and she lives up to that name. She loves school and hanging out with her mommy and siblings.
Hi! My name is Legacy I love watching football with daddy and learning new things with mommy like walking! My parents set me up with an LLC called TheLegacyContinues and all the money I win will go towards my brand and future! Please vote for me 🤍
Bennett loves all food & saying mama!
Liam loves to cuddle and sleep
She is a beautiful 6 month old . She has two big brothers that love her whole life. She’s full of smiles and cuddles🥰 she’s currently learning how to crawl and loves being on her belly ❤️
He loves to fish my money making hard working country boy
She loves to sleep and cuddle 🥰
Lucifer is one month old, loves music, specifically Dax, he likes to hang out with his daddy and watch him play video games. He watches movies with mommy during the day! He’s such a smart boy, he is able to hold his own head up and loves to try and stand on his own.
A small girl with big opinions, Alexis is one of the sweetests girls you can meet and a very social little girl
I am two months old almost three months! I love my mommy and daddy, I'm happy all the time and love to give my mommy a hard time
Joseph loves music and dancing. He also loves the outdoors . Elmo's biggest fan⭐️
Azrael was born a month early and is the first born. He is a huge daddy’s boy and loves when his dad plays guitar for him. The two of them will just sit there and listen to music together. He is the perfect combination of his mom and dad.
She is 7 years old she loves dancing