Rafa loves to play with his football.
Amanda is loving, and she loves to cuddle, and plays on her phone💕
Cadence is 3 years old and has a smile that takes your breath away she loves to play she knows her please and thank you it’s so cute when she says it. She don’t have her biological father with her but my boyfriend loves her just as much.She loves stuffed animals and has a personality that lights up the whole room thank you for looking. She loves music and dancing her life away. Help us get some votes we would greatly appreciate it.
Cataleya is 3 years old. She loves singing and dancing and is super strong and brave. She likes to pretend she's a zombie and chase her brothers.Cataleya is amazingly talented and started nursery last year which she really enjoys. She is obsessed with our two kittens but in particular baby Jake 😻 🐈‍⬛
Paisley is a very out going girl. She loves to eat veggies and be held by mommy and daddy.
Charlotte is a very independent little horses and unicorns . Pussy cats .she has a fantastic personality she can do a lot for herself loves to try everything and is very good at puzzles and counting she is very helpful and loves her brother and sister . She always has a smile and is a very happy little girl and she loves her teddy 🧸 who goes everywhere she goes
Kinsley is a very spunky girl and has lots of attitude like her mama💕 she’s very sweet and good at being a big sister! She has a good heart and loves helping.
Paxton David is the most sweetest baby ever! Loves cuddles and his bottles! He's always the happiest baby.
This is Nova! She is 6 months old. She is always smiling , giggling and sucking her fingers! She loves blowing raspberries, cuddling with mommy and daddy and being tickled!
Serena is going to be 1 in just a few days, Serena is growing into her own personality she is silly , smart ,serious, and playful and her facial expressions will tell which mood she is in , Serena loves her baby kitty she loves to be in the water Serena loves music she’ll try to sing along and dance where favorite movie is sing2
Everley is a very happy sweet girls she LOVES everyone and will always give u a smile! Everley is a very strong little girls who was born at 31 weeks and has spent basically her first few months in hospitals to address many health issues and surgeries. Despite all of that she still is just the happiest baby ever who loves food and attention💕
He is doing the cooing and cauing he is trying to roll over he is laughing a little bit he loves to smile he loves sitting up he is a very smart baby he is named after his dad to my brothers and one of my uncles which is Michael and then he is also named after my dad with my dad's name was Jeffrey
He is mix kid,his mom is filipino,and his father is french-canadian. He is from quebec.
Christopher loves to smile & play with our dogs, & he loves to watch Hey Bear!!! He also loves his swinging chair!!!
This is Aleera, she is 10 months! Full of energy, always smiling she loves keeping up with her older sisters! She loves her puppies, swimming, playing outside! She LOVES eating!!!
Zahirah loves snuggles from her big sister
Raeleigh is a very funny, loving, playful little girl she loves to smile and is very happy.
Norea is a very spunky & firey little girl. She enjoys stacking blocks & being outside under the sun. Her favorite foods are green beans & eggs. She loves her big brother more than anything & loves exploring & reading books!
Brinleigh Kate
Brinleigh loves her family,friends,to watch Cocoa Mellon. She is an outdoors girl.
Arlo is the sweetest, happiest little boy he loves everyone he meets and has the biggest cutest smile
Olivia is a bright, always smiling little girl. She loves to play, go for walks and try new foods 💖
She's amazing she's 3 months old and has the most beautiful eyes and smile you have ever seen she never cries and loves putting a smile on her face and your's.
Huxley is 6 months old he loves playing with his 3 sisters.
Shania is a sweet smiley little girl. She loves to give kisses,and cuddle. She is a very happy and talkative baby girl. She has a cute laugh.
Faye is a very independent strong willed little girl. She loves dogs and her favourite foods are grapes, banana and spag bol
Carter is so smart and caring, it’s so incredible to watch his mind work! He loves dancing and his mama.
This is my 10 month old daughter. She loves playing with her duckys in the bath and is always a bundle of smiles and giggles. Shes starting to walk but would rather crawl. And she loves to carry her favorite stuffed otter around. She gets really excited when she sees cats, that she squeals!
Lucius is a very good baby he has his attitude sometimes though,scrunching his eyebrows making faces his smile is just the cutest and he loves cuddles with momma 💙
Hi my name is Julian.
Matias is a very affectionate boy, he likes to give lots of hugs and kisses. He loves to play with legos and build towers. He is also very neat 🧐
Loves to be hugged, loves to play and loves to be attended.
Elijah is the goofiest 3 year old youll ever meet! He has the biggest heart of gold and is obsessed with his family<3
Gracelynn loves to talk , loves her little sister and has an outgoing fun loving personality
Aaden is going on 7 years old, he loves to play with his toys and run around with his brothers. He also loves monster trucks and playing games on phones/tablets. He helps me with his brothers and cook/clean around the house.
This is my niece Aurora she is 4 months old she loves to smile, laugh, stand up and loves her momma!
Oliver is the most loving little boy he lights up the whloe room when hes around he also loves gaming&school
Love dirtbikes and his brother and his dog
Teddy is the most cheekiest little boy always up to mischief He loves cuddles&kisses an playing with his older brother He loves dinosaurs
I love my dog and I love to smile 😍
Laurencie is 1 years old she’s very loving and very gentle she has a very cheeky smile and she also knows it she is very curious and loves to try and do things she shouldn’t
Paisley is 2 years old she is a very loving caring and warm hearted little girl she loves to sing so many different songs and she loves to dance and she will always put a smile on your face
Riverlynn was born February 13, 2023. She loves to sleep , be talked to & loves being swaddled 💓 my princess 👑
Avery is 5 months old who loves to cuddle and take selfies. Her favorite person is Mom and has two puppy dogs. There is nothing that enters her hands that don’t go through her intensive taste test.
It’s not the crooked smile, or the bright big beautiful blue eyes, and long lashes that make this guy the cutest… But, his 4 year old personality that makes him the cutest!
The cheekiest little boy, always smiling and giggling away Xx
Aadhya is very adorable 😍 baby. She smiles anytime and her smile is attractive 😊. She is our little angel. She loves conversation. Always seems like talkative. She is premature as she has born earlier but she is too smart, learning things quickly.