Baby Stories - 73


Elyssa Pérez Olivarria
Hello , My name is Elyssa I was welcomed to this world 2months ago. I am a very happy and playful active baby. My main hobby is drinking all the milk in the world, and smile all day💓 Hola, Mi nombre es Elyssa. Me dieron la bienvenida a este mundo hace 2 meses. Soy una bebé juguetóna activa y muy alegre. Mi principal afición es beber toda la leche del mundo, y sonreír todo el día💓 Gracias por votar por mi🥰💓
Aviana is 3 y/o she likes to watch Disney show and play at the park. She have a bulldog named Jack
He loves his parents and grandparents. He’s a grumpy baby sometimes. He’s always happy and energized.
This is lil cincere she is a bundle of joy since I found out I was pregnant I new she would be a star she loves to laugh and smile and every outfit she puts on she rocks them this is only the beginning for her
Steven is a 4 year old boy, who is energetic, loving & friendly. He loves to dance and play with his toys. Vote for me 🎉🎊
So far A mommas boy if he had A choice he’ll probably go back in
Jayce likes too babble, smile, sit up loves when you talk to him and hold him. He loves bathes a lot, he always makes weird faces. When you say give me a kiss he does Kissy lips.
Hi, I’m Michelle. I just turned 5 mts old, I’m a Virgo, i’m a very active little girl, I love when my mommy sings to me, she talks to me & tells me stories . My mommy is my best friend. I’m the happiest baby and i’m always laughing & smiling. I love to play with my toys, I’m teething right now so I can be a little cranky sometimes. As long as my mommy & daddy are close I know I’m loved & will be taken care of!! I always have a smile on my face and love all my friends & family so much
Lucy lights up any room she enters. If your having a bad day this girl will put a smile on your face. Lucy love animals! Anytime a dog or a cat is in front of her she can’t control her excitement and squeals of joy! Lucy has recently been learning her voice and now does a growling talk and you just can’t help but smile when she is gibbering on. My sweet baby Lucy you are the light of my life.
Phoebe Paisley Munoz
She's beautiful very smart little girl a good little girl she can make anybody happy with her her love her smile
This is Jeremiah. He’s 4 months old! He loves to cuddle & he smiles a lot! 🖤
Nevaeh was born weighing 6 pound 4, I always got told through my pregnancy I was expecting a very small baby cause I had to holes in the cord, I was very scared and nervous as it was my first child.
She’s absolutely adorable, loves to be snuggled. Loves her big brother
Curtis “Cj” is the coolest baby around youngest of a set of twins. Full of personality making the funniest faces ever. He already has a bold personality.
Gianna is the oldest of a set of twins. Possibly the happiest baby ever because she smiles all day and even all night in her sleep.
William is a dinosaur loving little man! Spent 2 weeks in the NICU for Neuro issues and is now home because he has defeated all the odds thus far! 😄
Sofia is 3 months old. She loves to cuddle, and try to talk a storm up.she sure loves to drink her bottle❤️ Sofia has started to roll a little; and trying to hold her bottle sometimes.
cooper is the sweetest kid you will ever meet
Zeelan will be 7 days old tomorrow, Wednesday February 24th. His facial expressions are priceless and he already has such a personality of his own at this young! My handsome boy also loves the sound of mom and dads voice, so he smiles anytime we talk to him. 🥰💙
Brooklyn was born 02/02/2021 weighing 3lbs 6.7oz, she was a true nicu SOLDIER! She came home 02/06/2021. We are truly blessed with the most perfect little girl 💗
Jeremiah is a 2 month old little guy who enjoys drinking bottles and sleeping
Adler is a super smart outgoing baby. He is 7 months and loves a variety of food. He’s not picky (thank goodness). He’s teaching all of his milestones by miles! Vote for him
Liana loves to stand, smile, and babble with her parents! Her smile will light up a room.. especially when she is gassy!
Dimples for days!!! Big personality! drummer like his daddy, funny like his mamma, and a tag along to his big brother! Now if only we can make them stop fighting 🤦🏻‍♀️
My name is Liam, I love to drool. I love standing and sitting up and I also like putting everything in my mouth. I am my mommies only baby. And she loves me so. I am a mommas boy. My swing is mt favorite spot. And I just love to smile too. I am a happy and very good baby. Vote for me I am going to be 2 next month! I speak some words pretty clear now! I looove my Mommy and Daddy. I think ima puppy (Ps: i love my 3 puppies.)im so smart, i hate butt changes, i love going to the park with my puppies, i loce corn, nd mac and cheese! I am crazy, i growl, i love puppy dog pals,and paw patrol. Im still the happiest kid. I really want to get some cool presents for my birthday all of your votes can help me! I am 3 years old now!! I love my Thomas and friends Trains, I wanna be just like my dad! But when it comes down to it I'll always want my mama! I take taekwon-do classes, and I will get good at it! Mom and dad tell me I'll be in school soon too! Yay! Friends! I love Ryan's world too! But I really like playing with my toys!
Loven littel boy 6 years old loves his family.
I am 5 months old! Mommy is my favorite she isn't allowed to do anything without me! I love my fingers in my mouth, taking my socks off and playing with my feet! My Big Brother doesn't know but I like him lots too! I am mommy and daddy's baby boy❤️
Tessa was the first baby of the new year where I’m from! She’s also my sweet rainbow baby after the loss of her 6 week old sister in 2019. She’s always so happy, she loves to smile & she loves her big sister 🖤
She a beautful.10 yearold Liltle girl. Loves. Horeses and her famliy
Byntley is a happy, smily, chubby cheek boy!
Nova Marie
A new beginning like a bright start with a burst of energy released into the atmosphere! Hello everyone! My name is Nova I’m two months old! I love talking, smiling and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! It’s very nice to meet everyone!
Just a Happy, beautiful little girl who loves her little brother!
Josie was born on her Mimi’s birthday last year and has two older siblings. Her favorite person is her big sister but her daddy is a close second!
Luka is a very active, happy & loving baby. He loves to dance & sing with mommy. & play fight with daddy. He loves to give kisses & say Hi & bye to everyone. He also loves to make & watch his own tiktoks (@cmct_lpc).. 🤍🤍🤍
Riley is almost 5months old, she loves for her mama to hold her, she loves sweet taters, her bottle, and things to go her way! 😍😍 please vote for my babygirl! THANK YOU!
Amaya loves food and loves music! She dances to everything with a fun beat, but her favorite is Justin Bieber’s Baby! Her smile and laugh will make you smile and laugh!
Halona is the sweetest happiest baby around!! She loves to smile at everyone and try and talk to you💗 she loves snuggles and gets upset when mama sets her down!!
He is such a good baby always in a good mood happy to see anyone and everyone
6 months old and full of joy, has 2 teeth, loves to laugh and scream, absolutely a mamas boy(I love it). He loves attention, lovessssss bath time, loves to watch Mickey Mouse with his older sister and His smile will definitely brighten up your day.
Oakley Ioves rubber duckies and is so obsessed with her Dada!
Nasir loves to watch cocomelon, crawl around and get into everything he is a very active fun cute baby😍 you will fall in love at first sight☺
Bryce is the swetest boy he loves being a big brother he haves a big heart