Baby Stories - 73


I was told I couldn’t have kids, I suffer from PCOS.. my fiancé and I had tried anyway but had miscarried but a couple months after we got blessed with our beautiful little miracle! He loves holding his head up and looking at everything, he loves his doggies and he loves making kissy face and laughing at pretty much any face you make. You has a very amazing personality already and I have honestly never been so blessed in my life.
She is amazing and a gift from God.
Sara is a miracle baby. She is smart and adorable, loves nature, friendly and is a happy baby. She loves to listen to music. She is a daddy’s girl but she is mommy’s world. She has the cutest little dimple on her right cheek which we can’t get enough of everytime she bursts into a smile.
Thalia-Rose is a fun loving, adventurous little princess. She loves to wear her princess dress up and heels in the day and her superhero costume at night! Vote for Thalia 💕
Abel is my rainbow baby🌈🌈🌈🌈
Dj Bowers
DJ was born 2 months early. He had 40% of his small intestines removed and spent the first two months of his life in the hospital. He also struggles with sleep apnia. When he was in the hospital he consistantly would be on the oxygen machines. He isnt now thankfully. Despite his ups and downs this baby boy loves to smile,he loves to cuddle with his daddy and he loves the sound of rain. Hes the sweetest and most happiest of little boys ive ever met. 😍😍😍 show our boy your support and love❤
He’s a amazing baby who brings so much joy and love to everyone around.
Maddox has a heart of gold
Emilé Tillie
My little Rainbow Baby. Three previous losses 😭then this little beauty 🌈🌈🌈
Mae is 1 years old she loves her big sister her smile lights up the room ❤
Eli is a smiley happy 2 year old boy who loves Mickey Mouse, music, animals, and bath time. You will often hear Eli singing or talking all the time. He loves to give hugs and kisses, and is always so loving. Eli is very smart. He can count 1-20 and count down from 10. He knows a lot of his colors and his ABC’s and his animals and he can point them out as well. He loves to make sounds of animals and play pretend with his toys pretending they are dinosaurs. He loves going on walks and playing with other kids at the playground! He also loves to play with his blocks and stack them as tall as he can. He is an absolute sweetheart, & he would really appreciate your vote!
He is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! He loves to eat and jump in his jumpy! He mean mugs most of the time but his smile will melt your heart!
My precious lilly loves enjoying outside time, and of course she loves pink just like her momma! She also has a smile that could brighten anyones day! ❤🎀 a happy baby for sure ❤
Jackson is 4 months old and the happiest baby EVER! He enjoys babbling and talking to himself and telling us all about his day! He loves peas, as well as chewing on his little fist and fingers. He can roll from his tummy to his back, which we believe he learned so quickly because he hates tummy time LOL! He is named Jackson after his daddy, but he also goes by Handsome, Mr. Sweet Face, Baby Boy, and Bubby! Jackson came as a surprise, but he truly is our biggest blessing. I have no idea where I would be without my sweet boy!
She is a funny, feisty, lovable 3 month old. Willing to chug a bottle whenever while having a smile upon her face!
Oaklynn Grace
Oaklynn is such a sweet little girl she loves too play & she loves too talk allll the time her most favorite thing to do is drink milk and try and stand like a big girl
Evie loves bath time, her hair played with and she loves to eat.
Rowan Alexander
Rowan is a smiley 3 month old boy! He loves his mommy and daddy. He also loves singing and dancing, talking, and the Beatles!
Just look at those cheeks! Lovely little babbler! Her facial expressions are the best.
My beautiful daughter couldn't be more than my gift of life. My love and miracle. Always smiling and talking up a storm ❤
Lorelai loves spending time with Mommy, Daddy, and her grandparents! She loves to use her face to show the new expressions she's learning to use. Her favorite one to use is her "cheerio" face as everyone calls it.
Mariajose is a beautiful baby girl who loves to smile and try to talk to you. She loves to scream with joy and laugh a lot.
She is the sweetest cuddle bug! She loves being held by me (her mama)!! She will be 2 months next week. I just adore every sweet second i get w her! Win or not she's already won my heart and that's enough!
She is a happy loving baby girl who lights up our life. She loves playing and laughing
Dayton loves his momma and daddy he loves his cuddles and kisses
Scott is a true bundle of joy. He’s such an easy going baby and loves when he hears and sees his mom and dad ❤️He’s a big boy weighing nearly 15 lbs at his two month check up!😯 His favorite song is if you’re happy and you know it, and has been able to lift his head while laying on his tummy since the day he was born!😊👍
Jordon is 2 months old He's new to the world n greatest blessing ever , already lifting his head ,n rolling over! He loves his big brother!
He's such a happy wiggly boy! And so proud of himself for sitting up!
Hi my name is Melody I am 4 months old ... I was brought to this world earlier...of just 32 weeks. I was just a preemie of just 4 pounds ... I spend one month in the hospital so I can get bigger and stronger ...until I did and got released and well look at me now I am 15 pounds strong and healthy ! Please vote for me !
Charles is almost 5 months old he was born prematurely at 4 weeks early he was 8lbs 14oz at birth I know big baby he loves to babble he loves Mickey Mouse daddy is his favorite person he loves to smile and loves his bouncer and food
My baby girl has red hair and loves her food 🥰
Masin 7 months old he love playing and hes aways smiling his smile lights a room up
I am a little princess who loves to have a lot of attention and who doesn't like when something isn't going my way ;) I smile and laugh all the time and hopefully I will learn how to walk soon :)
I love to play with my parents, sister and our puppy. I am a happy boy who laughs all the time, is super active and loves being outside with my whole family. :)
Sylvia is the brightest shining light in our lives. She is the happiest and cutest baby in my book! Sylvia loves playing in her castle, listening to music with her daddy and trying to babble in French with her grandpa. ❤
Alexis is smart, beautiful and brave! She’s a little firecracker but she is so thoughtful and kind. She lights the room up and puts a smile on everyone’s face ❤️
Hello world, I’m Finley and I’m 4 months, I’m such a smiley boy and want to be everybody’s friend 💕
Ellianna is 2 weeks old! She loves bath time and her momma. She is still discovering different lights and shapes as she grows.
Dont be fooled by her precious looks! Shes crazy! She eats everything but loves noodles! She drinks a lot of chocolate milk! And loves candy and spending time with her family!
Hello, I’m just here to make you smile, I like to take naps during the day, and love to stretch (it makes me bigger every time😉).
Avery is sweet, charming, and so loveable. He makes anyone who is having a rough day feel happy. He loves to snuggle all day long. His smile lights up the faces of people around him.
He loves to giggle and loves to roll a ball
Hi I'm Beatrice and I am daddy's and mommy's gils❤️
She is happiest baby you will ever meet and so smart one little smile and she just melts your heart