Like to dance to dugee clapping and stopping her feet
Mia is just the perfect Gerber baby and her cuteness just overloaded never have I thought such a beautiful girl came from me. she is a very chilled out kid and love to sleep but she will get more active as time goes by.
Duke is 3 months old and loves to smile and laugh
Zander-Deane is my miracle child sent from the heavens he named after his poppy that has passed he is a cheeky mischievous hlittle human who has an old soul and big personality
Beautiful Arabella is almost two months old her favorite thing to do is cuddle with me mama and dada she is a very smiley baby and sure does like to talk
Athena Rain is 3 months old. She started rolling at 2 months! She loves to smile and make silly faces. She loves sensory videos! She was 6 pounds and 4 ounces when she was born. She was holding her head up the next day! She’s the most precious and funny baby. She lovesssss attention and being talked to. She giggles.
Idk to me he's perfect
I am eye-catching quick to put a smile on someone’s face. Specially, the ladies I love to watch the movie Sing2 with my sister. I love tasting new food it excites me i’m still a little fella trying to get around the best I can so look out, cause I’m coming through baby😘
Matayia is the cutest little girl she know how to get your heart she love to play with everyone and the pets
Paisley Rayne The most sweetest little girl you'll ever meet 💗 Loves watching, my little pony, mickey mouse. Being Outside is her favourite 🌳 🦋
Hazel Loves Chicken Nuggets & Mamas Hugs
She is a very smiley happy baby and sleeps all the time she’s a month old
Ivy had a really bad start to life, she had severe breathing problems and ended up fighting for her life with sepsis. She’s fought past the odds and is now thriving in life, she’s the cheekiest little girl you’ll ever meet. Ivy has the kindest nature for a baby and is very quick learning. She loves animals and loves jumping up and down in her jumperoo. She means the world to me. I don’t know where I’d be without her. I was in foster care most of my life and really didn’t think I had a lot going for me in life until I had her. I would love everyone to vote for her as she has saved my life and made me a better person. ❤️
Stella loves to meet new people and see new things. This puts a huge smile on her face!
This little girl is my miracle baby born after being told for 20 years I couldn’t have another child, but Zaniyah loves to smile & have a chat her favourite word at the moment is “hello” loves her daddy so much. She has four big brothers & one big sister who adore her, I feel she was a gift from my mother in law who we lost last year I am always being asked does she ever cry? She wakes up with a smile & goes to bed with one as well, so Zaniyah would love for you all to vote for her ❤️
Brooklynn is the happiest little girl! When she wakes up in the morning she is all smiles!!! She loves being talked to and will talk right back!
Avaya-Rain was almost born in the side of the road coming feet first. She is one of six girls and loved dearly
Hi i am Scarlett i am 3 months old i love to have a chat with baby talk to my older sister and brother i love when my mummy sings to me i also love when my older sister and mummy reads to me i have just started to find find my hands and they taste so yummy 😋 i am trying to roll over i squiggle my way off my play mat but most of all i love mummies cuddles.
Taron loves nothing better than playing with his big sister. The noiser the better. He loves playing dinosaur roar with big sis, daddy and mummy and wins this hands down as he can roar the loudest and the longest
Charlotte Rae is a little ball of energy with the silliest personality! She loves her bananas and meeting new people, always quick to flash a smile. This sassy girl is becoming her own little person more and more every day and we can't wait to witness her growth and share with her all of the love we have to offer.
The happiest of girls always ready to share her smile with others, my Isla smiler 😍
This tiny girl is the most calmest baby, she only fusses when she’s hungry. We love her so much.
Athena loves snuggling up on the sofa and taking naps. She loves to smile at anyone, and loves to play with plushie animals.
Chayton loves his family and loves his Legos. He likes to play music when he can an play with our dog as well.
I’m 13 months old an love crawling an pulling my momma hair an enjoy doing thing I’m not supposed to do
Mia is always smiling !!! She loves everybody ❤️❤️❤️😘
Kendalyn Jane
Kendalyn holds a key to many hearts in her life. She was named after her grandfather Kenneth and her grandmother Sarah Jane. She is our rainbow after the storm 🌈
My cheeky monkey!
Toby James Brigg
Toby has a social little spirit and loves to give the biggest smiles & long baby chats to everyone he encounters. Toby loves the outdoors, animals and laughing. He is blessed to be a part of 4 living generations & chats to his 100 yr old great great grandma. He loves his Mickey Mouse adventures & being sung to.
This sweet girl loves her mommy and daddy. Spends her days sleeping and drinking milk!
This is my Son Rory , a full of life little fella, who loves to laugh and sleep in his moon boon. He is cute and adorable and brings joy to his parents.
Hes such a sweet baby. Loves giving hugs and kisses. Just a handsome friendly baby. He loves cocomelon and the song no scrubs by tlc. You guys should vote for him because he’s so handsome
Smart outgoing girl🥺
Johnathan loves to talk and play. He loves light, animals and bright colors and learns so fast!
Theo is always smiling and laughing! He loves everybody 🥰
STOP WITH THE CHEATING ❗️PLEASE BE HONEST -Will be keeping ss of everyday !❗️PLEASE Post Your Votes once done not 1/2 days later , Keep votes on one post & Dates/names ty ! ANY Votes done with out agreement will be seen as gifts 🎁 You can contact me on messanger Kaz Hayward.😊Aurora is is the most PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE little girl 😊
He’s the most happiest boy ever always full of smiles and he loves being a poser for the camera 📷. He loves watching Paddington bear 🐻 it’s his favourite programme and also loves playing with his cars 🚗 he’s our little angel baby! ❤️😘
loves smiling or shoving whatever he holds into his face😂
Wynter loves cuddles and lots of love.Shes always smiling and laughing and absolutely loves peek a boo...
This little girl is the sweetest little human you’ll meet! She has the biggest blue eyes and her smile is so contagious! How can you not just fall in love with this sweet thang! She loves books, music, and making messes! She’s a little smarty pants!
Happiest baby I know ❤️
Haylow is always so active and always got big smiles she loves listening to her mum and dads voice, she loves her sister and brothers, she loves her bestfriend meow meow, she just loves attention, of course the most thing she likes is boobie always hungry for her milk 😄