Baby Stories - 72


Karsyn is a sweet, adorable, and playful little girl. She loves to give kisses. She loves to climb on everything! And, she loves princesses, specifically Rapunzel, Moana, Elsa, and Anna.
Smiles and giggles all day, on my free time i’m all about watching my favorite super hero’s !!
Kayden loves to smile and coo all day long. He will definitely brighten up your day with that perfect smile
Sweet, happy boy who loves to dance to Disney music with Mama, laugh at (fake) fart noises by Daddy, and currently trying to fit his whole hand in his mouth.
He is little star/ always full of smile
Kinzleigh is a very energetic big girl, she enjoys being outside playing, she is also very caring, if somebody gets hurt she always checks on them and comforts them.
Colton is 2 months old started out rough in the nicu but now is a happy healthy baby boy growing everyday and is finally learning his voice
Angelina is a high energy little girl 🥰 she loves being outdoors. She is very polite, she makes sure to say please and thank you when getting food or a drink! Her favorite past time is singing Christmas songs even during summer ❤️ She loves watching cocomelon and singing the isty bisty spider and loving on her daddy🥰🥰
Aleeya is a SUPER happy 15 month old baby girl, who LOVES her doggy Ace and is a huge mommies girl! She loves dairy lol. Her favorite snack to eat is danimals yogurt pouches. Her favorite movie is “Raya” .
He is my second born and started sleepung thru the night when he was born and he loves his dog dakota. He loves to go for walks and just to hang put at home with me and my boyfriend.
McKayla is one of the most happy , funny , kindness , loving babies ever ! She’s always smiling or laughing 🥰 She’s 1 an LOVES to sing and play !
Anton is my first baby and he is a sweet little boy. He likes to talk up a storm in the mornings while watching “Grizzly and the Lemmings”. Everyone always tells us how adorable he is, so please vote for him 😊 Thank you!
Deanna loves to make noises and make sure she’s the center of attention. This little girl can brighten up anyone having a bad day with her smile.
Cuddle Bug, Chunky, Handsome Boy, And So Sweet🥰❤️
He loves being rocked loves snuggles he is the sweetest boy
Dominic loves crawling and smiling ; as well as eating.He loves shrek.
Hi my name is Noah Micheal and I love watching the game with my daddy. GO GIANTS! 🏈
Half Samoan half Jamaican and full of smiles and laughter. She loves being the center of attention and always tries to hop in anyone’s conversation because she loves to talk. Hope her pictures can bring you as much joy as she brings my family and I ❤️
Aceson likes to listen to head, shoulders knees and toes and do the dance with mommies help, he loves to jump around in his bouncer, listen to coco-melon, when mommy “eats his toes”, cuddling, eating and sleeping!
GiGi is brand new to this world. She loves her mommy and daddy. And she loves keeping them on their toes 🥰
This is Matthew Burrell he is 10 months old he has a very contagious smile and laughter that will light up any room he’s in. He loves playing with his older sister, watching cocomelon, taking baths, and eating.
Noah is the sweetest baby. He has big beautiful eyes and the warmest smile. He loves playing with his daddy. But he’s also a mommy’s boy.
JJ is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. She’s learning to crawl. JJ loves watching cocomelon, and playing with her papaw and Gammy.
Landon is outgoing always wants to help someone big heart and very caring !
Cloetta is a sweet 9 month old that’s so full of energy and personality. She loves making silly faces and is VERY loud. She loves babbling to people and being the center of attention. She also loves going outside or looking out the windows!
Hi, my name is Ryan! I love babbling and jumping! I enjoying watching cartoons! I have the best big sister!
He loves to smile laugh talk to you play loves bath time already feeds himself with a spoon crawls everywhere stands dances the happiest baby that has been thru so much since birth and still he is going strong!
She’s such a happy little girl always has a smile on her face
Denylah is loving playful and very advanced for her age she just started walking , she loves her bestfriend tj and she loves to eat . Her favorite words are huh mom and dadda❤️
Harper Gracelyn
Harper loves to snuggle. She is a sleepaholic and nothing can wake her! Did I mention she loves to sleep?! She is our perfect little Angel babe! Vote for our beautiful girl xoxo
Born July 22, 2021 ! Loves snuggles with momma and daddy. Loves to smile and giggle. Such a happy baby 😘
Elijah is the light of any room he walks in. He loves to be outside and play in water. His favorite animal is a cat. He loves to watch music videos and coco melon.
TripLynn is a silly, sassy one year old who adores her big brother and pitties! She loves to dance and play!
Lakely is the sweetest little chunk you will ever meet! She loves her puppies and playing with mommy and daddy! And boy does she love to talk❤️
Demi Valentina
Demi Valentina is a bundle of joy with a smile and chunky cheeks to die for, not to mention a giggle that is nothing short of contagious. Please vote for us because there’s a whole lot of love behind these photos.
Hi, I’m Ava! I love Netflix, baby dolls, and my little brother! I enjoy going riding, playing, swimming, and helping my daddy work on cars! I’m goofy and very fun to be around!
Lena loves to smile and be with mama and daddy and play with her puppy sister Ava.
happiest little man you’ll ever meet! Loves anyone that can make him laugh ❤️
Hadleigh was born at 25 weeks and spent 4 months in the nicu she is the sweetest baby❤️
Ivy loves to be outside, enjoys playing with her dog sisters, and going on walks.
He loves riding mowers, loves helping anyone as much as possible, has such a big heart and is tough as nails.
She loves outdoors, also likes scary stuff, she loves princess especially Elsa, she’s absolutely beautiful, she’s very smart, and very talented.
Not only is her name unique , so is she! The sweetest soul I’ve ever come across . Such a sweet girl !
Benjamin loves to talk and smile. He laughs and coos all the time. His smile will brighten up your whole day!
Cayden loves music, playing guitar and drums, singing, playing ball and just running around and being a wild and crazy child
Lai’Ana Ana’Zella is very smart and outgoing loves everyone always with a smile
Iris is a sweet and sassy girl! She loves dancing, painting and watching blippi!