Baby Stories - 70


Alyza is so full of energy and spunk! You will never experience a dull moment with this cutie! ☺
Mylah is one of the happiest babies you will ever meet, she's young but already so full of spunk and sass ❤
Lalianna is such a happy baby her smile and laugh could brighten anyones day up she loves to play with her 3 brothers she loves music shell dance her little heart out she loves cuddles kisses and hugs very loveable happy baby
From the baby blues to the sweetest smile, Quinn Marie is a miracle baby and has warmed the hearts of everyone in her life.
My wonderful baby was born 3 and a half months early barely survived being in the nicu for 3 months fighting for her life. Now she is big and strong and growing so well she loves her blippi and playing with her dolls and being all around adorable!! She loves being outside and playing with her brother and sister!! Show her some love and support by voting for this amazing strong fighting girl!!!
Cameron is a 9 month old boy who loves to play, crawl and stand up. He’s super sweet. His favorite thing in the whole world is his mama.💙
Haven is an all around happy baby! She wakes up smiling & never cries, unless she's hungry of course 😂
Miss Amora is 9 month's old she's full of life and loves puppy dog pales🥰 My lil queen deserve a VOTE !!
Damon is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen. He’s a big mammas boy and loves being called handsome. He love attention from others and is quite the lady killer. He was a month early but you would never be able to tell!
Hi I am Bryar Lee Moore! I am mommy's and Daddy's biggest blessing and miracle because before me mommy and daddy had 2 miscarriages. I am the 2nd for my daddy but the 1st for my mommy. I have had 3 surgery already and have have a cleft palate as well. i enjoy spending time with mommy and daddy and love to cuddle!!!
Stephanie is a happy girl and full of smiles. She loves her puppies and her family .
She’s very energetic, loves YouTube, she loves learning, and she’s Full of curiosity.
Jiovanni Jacob Peña, was born July 22nd and is now 3 months old. He is a very happy and energetic baby!!! He loves his mommy and daddy and will light up the room with his little smile and laugh!!!
Rylan stole our hearts 2 months ago. He loves his binky and sleeping the day away.
He is always smiling, and full of energy and laughter! Loves giving kisses and saying hi.
Spencer is 3 months old and is full of smiles. He loves to sleep, eat, bath time and coo and smile at everything.
Averie is a happy intelligent baby she loves to play and laugh and is very advanced for her age.
She is a very Happy out girl Baby ! She loves walking around in her walker And playing with her toys ! She loves to go on Rides in the car n loves to be outside !
Hello friends and family! My name is Madilynn, but everyone calls me Maddie. My favorite song is "The Wheels on Bus" and I love listening to it every morning while I eat oatmeal for breakfast. My hobbies are learning to walk, taking long naps, and playing patty cake patty cake. Please vote for me, and I will continue spreading joy and happiness to everyone!
Hi I’m kamora ! Mommy says I’m the cutest , sweetest little bundle of joy. Loves to gives kisses and gives the best cuddles . Please vote for me !
Hi , I’m Kavine ! Soon to be three , the happiest ball of energy. Little heartthrob melts you with his wholesome smile . Please vote for me !
Kaidyn is a fun spirited little boy who loves Mickey Mouse Club house and like to play with his Godbrothers.
Charli is a happy little girl who loves cookie monster, the ABC's and food. Any money won through bidiboo would go straight into a savings account in her name. We'll gladly trade votes but you must leave a comment after each vote and I'll do the same.
Nayelii AnahÍ
Nayelii is 3 months, She was born in Katy, Texas! Nayelii loves getting lots of attention. She loves headbands and getting her photo taken because she knows she's a pretty girl!
Zayne is a wild, loud and rough boy! He loves playing with his sisters and puppy dog pals! Even though he is really rambunctious, he has a big heart and is a very sweet boy!
Well my son is amazing. He loves to cuddle, talk and crawl and sit. He is always smiling. Hes my world
Full of energy and laughter. He loves to be outside playing 🙂 He is definitely the life of the party 🎉
Reign loves discovering new adventures and avocados 🥑 & fries 🍟
Travaris is A Miracle Baby. He was born 3 months early 1lbs 8oz. He is a Surviving Twin who gained his wings December 24 2019. He spent 135 days in the NICU with so many medical issues. He's doing absolutely AMAZING because God Had Big Plans For Him. He will be 1 years old November 21, 2020 . He is 18lbs and has a smile that brightens up the day, a laugh that's so contagious you can't help but giggle with him. Eyes that look at you with Love and Strength. He is doing thing the Drs can't believe. Vote for A Miracle Baby.
With a smile just as she is sweet, our Emberly June lights up every room she’s brought into. For how old she is, she loves to look at absolutely everything. Christmas lights included. 💗
Such an energetic blessing & tons of fun ❤️ He enjoys the minions and Elmo. Loves food!!!❤️
Naomi Jade is our bright, beautiful, and fun loving granddaughter. She loves being outdoors and being the center of our attention. She participates in local pageants as well as some online. This child can brighten any cloudy day. ☀️ 🥰
My name is Carlo. I love bath time, going for car rides and spending time with my mommy and daddy!
Dalton loves kisses, hugs, laughing, Elmo and talking with his hands❤️🇮🇹
Very active little man. Smiles so much and loves his cuddles! Crawling everywhere, sitting up on his own and getting his bottom teeth in! Sweet blue eyed boy ❤️
Cash is three months old, he is the best baby ever! He was born at 33 weeks and is just growing so fast. He is so smart as well 🥰
Zendaya is a miracle, creative, laughing bundle of joy. She loves the outdoors. She is a wild child. Love mudding and entering pageants. She’s a wrestling cheerleader for her brothers and the biggest dare devil 😈
Ronan loves his mommy, daddy and doggy sister. He likes looking at himself in mirrors and was named after a harry potter character
Kyleigh is 2 months old. She lives in Milton with her almost 3 year old brother and mommy and daddy. She loves looking around and eating. Loves to be sang to and danced with.
Corbin is a sweet little red headed, blue eyed angel. He loves elephants and playing with his family. He loves watching videos of other babies, he tries to talk to them! ❤️ He’s 13 lbs. of pure perfection and love 😊
He is the happiest baby I have ever met. His smile just brightens up your day and also puts a smile on your face!
Hello world! My little boy was born 6 weeks early! He’s struggled with catching up but he just hit that 17 pound milestone and he’s starting to walk!
She loves playing with her uncle. She loves her nana, mama, step daddy, step mommy and daddy.
Annslee Delaine
She’s my rainbow baby after 7 miscarriages. She loves her daddy and pa even though she is always with mommy. She loves watching the simpsons and loves watching her daddy play video games. She’s a month and 2 weeks! She loves holding her head up and already trying to walk. Loves to mean mug
Alexander is 4 years old, he has a ton of energy, loves dinosaurs, monster trucks, Spiderman and super mario. He loves playing with his baby sister and is a total mommas boy. He is very outgoing and loves talking to people.
Sweet Maverick is 7 months old, always happy & smiling. Always on the move!