This happy little guy loves hanging out with his pupper peanut and his daddy! His hobbies include tummy time, walks outside, and flirting with his mama’s friends! He’s having fun and would appreciate your vote!
Mary Elizabeth
The happest 3m old Ive ever meet she love her mama the most
Our sweet Annalee enjoyed her first trip to Glacier National Park! Annalee loves smiling, laughing, and food.
He loves when people make funny faces he is his daddy twin an daddy’s boy an he is just amazing
this is christopher,his nickname is juju,he loves playing with basketballs,and he loves going to his daddy’s,and his nanny is his favorite person in the world
August is the most calm natured baby! He loves to watch everything around him and is learning to giggle. He loves playing peek a boo!
She’s a silly girl, loves to play with her dog and be outside! ❤️
Brooklynn is 2 months old, loves bath time with mama, & loves spitting up on dada.
Ashtyn is a sweet, spunky 2 year old. She loves spending time with her mommy and watching her big sister be a cheerleader 💕
Fun caring lovin sweet
He is a smart little boy, he loves outside he always has been a happy baby he always puts a smile on our faces from the little giggles and smiles 🤍👣
Sèlim is the sweetest little mommas boy you will ever meet! He has so much personality for his age.
Our little bug just turned two months old! She’s just starting to smile and talk to us more and more everyday! Help us out with a vote so we can spoil our little bug, and save for her future ❣️🦋
The sweetest girl and loves to have all the attention. She loves her momma and her puppy, perty!
Kinslee love to dance and sing. She loves to spend time with her family and she loves animals as well
He’s a sweet, happy boy. Always smiling and loves kisses on his cheeks.
Kenleigh Grace
Kenleigh is almost 14 months old! She is the happiest girl ever🫶
Si’Mya will be 6 months on september 17th. she loves smiling and talking but her favorite thing is definitely eating 😂 She says hi and she is trying to crawl and walk.
Little miss Katie Page was brought into this world on August 14th, 2022 and has been the best baby ! She loves to eat, sleep, and most of all mean mug ! She isn’t my baby, but I am blessed to call her my niece ! I love you miss thang !
Elizabeth is has such a sweet demeanor. She loves smiling. She loves when her mommy and daddy comes home from work.
Estelle Grace was born July, 21st 2022 She’s the most happy loving baby a mama could ask for!!
Arabella is 6 month's old and chunky shes ahead of her growth and is very smart and loves to make noise and loves her teether toys
I love music and listening to Mommy sing. Looking around, holding my head up high, smiling and cooing are things I love to do. I'm growing like a weed!
The most precious, happiest baby ever! Not too mention the cutest! ❤️💯
He loves playing with his older brother and sister. He loves to scream at everyone lol and play with anything and everything in sight
Everlynn is going to be 6 months old in September. She Loves going outside for walks, parks, etc. She’s now slowly eating food. Her favorite is fruit 🍌 & yogurt! We love how happy she always is. & Most of all she’s so stinking cute. 🥹🫶🏼
Cash loves snoozing
Mr.braxton is a very laid back baby!! He LOVES to eat! His giggle and smile will melt ur heart!
hi i’m Brynleigh Jayde! I am 9 months old. i love food, snuggling with my mama and daddy , and laughing all the time.
Everleigh is a very smiley and loving baby. She is all giggles and goos.
Kodie is a sweet girl as long as she has her chicken nuggets and suckers lol
Piercen was born March 13, 2022! He is the sweetest little boy!
Cheyenne is 4yr older. She love going to rodeos. And she love animals.
Mr.Miles is diagnosed with downsyndrome. He is soooo sweet and chill. He is a very happy and content baby. He loves to be cuddled and taking warm baths.
Little Ej is such a happy little boy full of smiles! He loves outside his “baby”, mama,dada , animals and the trampoline!
Bolten loves naps snuggles and milk time he is very content and loves his momma and daddy more than words can describe! Give him a vote and share this precious little boys beauty!
My name is Paisley Ann and I’m 2 weeks old. I love getting cuddles from my mommy and my daddy.
he loves playing with cars, he’s super smart and very handsome and he loves his brother and sister
My name is Josie Rae and I love to cuddle with my daddy 24/7 and get lovins from my big sister!! I hit my due date this week and I finally hit 6lbs!!!
Maryah came into the world loved by so many people on August 24th. She was welcomed into the world by C-section and showed the power of her lungs right away. Her favorite things to do are watching dad play video games and sleeping. Her favorite places to be are in her swing or her car seat.
Evelyn Grace Ables
Evelyn is 5 months and loves watching cartoons ,she likes to sleep and play with her toys and eat
He’s photogenic. He loves taking pictures.
Sterling is a spunky little girl. She spends her days eating, sleeping, farting and looking cute.
Hudson love anything with tires. Hudson spends his day playing with his Irish twin sister, eating, napping, and watching miss Rachel. Hudson is always smiling and has just discovered how to walk
Hello! My name is Roman Andy! I am 3 months old. I love cuddle time, bubble baths, and taking pictures. I’m learning my voice and enjoy conversations and reading time with mommy. I’m the sweetest & happiest boy you’ll ever meet. Thank you for your vote 🫶🏾💖