Hello! Bellamy is my little heartbreaker ! Born on Valentine’s Day, 2-14-2022. He absolutely LOVES to smile. He’s such a happy baby. He loves his mommy and daddy and also his two fur siblings 🐾 He’s learning things super fast, and is already teething at 2 months old!! ☺️
Jordan has the biggest smile and laugh and can brighten up anyone’s day
Dre loves sitting up and talking.he also really loves bath time lol. He is one happy baby🤍 oh and let’s not forget when he was 3 weeks old he fought off covid he’s one strong baby boy.🥺
Big Ball of energy and making mess this little Tasmanian devil finds a way to get into everything and bring it to every corner of the house like forget bath time if you leave to toilet paper out cause it’s no longer going to roll, but he sure does love his stickers have to keep them in stock
Kai is a sweet loving 3 year old boy who is obsessed with mario it is his whole life. He loves his kitty cats and loves being silly.
Kristopher ll aka K2, was born 2-2-22… He loves watching Toy Story, cuddles smiling at anyone talking to him. You should vote for him because despite being a 4 pound 13 ounce premie, he still smiles through everything since 2 days old. Plus he’s our special lucky number 7 baby and my husband’s first son who will continue his family’s legacy. Vote for K2!!🥰🥰😀😀
A big bundle of joy and growing like a weed fill the day up with the smile he gives and what he likes most is sleeping and and exploring with his big brown eyes
Dezire is a firecracker! She is extremely outgoing and often hilarious. She is truly a daredevil and a very resilient. She loves to eat, read books, and take baths.
Kenzo Kyng
Kenz’o is an amazing happy baby ☺️❤️ He loves his snacks and he loves to crawl around now that he knows how 💗I can’t explain how much he loves his family but the smile on his face can 😇
Kinsley is the sweetest, happiest baby ever. Born two days after my mom passed away. She is my rainbow after a storm she is just a joy to be around always smiling.
Zayden loves lullabies and loves to coo and laugh and mainly he loves to smile. Zayden likes to play and he loves his baby swing a lot.
Amiya just turned 4. She is sassy, but loveable. She loves to play with others. She knows she is cute. Enjoys cuddles with mom or dad depending on her mood.
Zachary is twin B.Born on March 22nd at 3:48 pm. Zachary is a daddy's boy but also very much a mommy's boy.
Hayden is Twin A. Born March 22nd at 3:46 pm. He is a mommy's boy and sometimes a daddy's boy.
My grandson he is just the cutest
Elias is a sweet, easy-going baby loved by all who know him. He is so full of personality!
Paesyn is a 6 yo blind sassy, sweet girl who we like to say she’s “ 6 going on 16” because of her attitude. She was diagnosed with ( I forgot what it’s called) something that makes it harder for her to grow her average size. She is doing so well and has learned so much over the years, I can’t wait to see where life takes her in the future.
💛 My handsome little guy.
Canaan is a rambunctious boy who loves to play with bugs and loves to swim! Blonde, hair blue eyed cutie pie 🥰
Axlyn loves to watch cartoons. Loves to smile and laugh when you talk to her. Loves to sit in the bath tub and play in the water.
Aspen is a carefree and adventerous baby who loves everyone!
Ryker is a laughable, cuddle bug ! He loves his bouncer roo and loves his big brother Canaan!!! He always wants to be “in the party”. We hope you think he is cute just as much as we do !!
Nevaeh Ann-marie
My name is Nevaeh Ann-marie, I am 6 months old. Was suppose to be born November 4th, 2021 but decided I was ready to meet my parents and my amazing family on October 12, 2021. I am definitely a daddy girls, I just can't keep my pretty blue eyes off of him! I love to eat, play, sleep and laugh! I can almost hold my own bottle, I can almost sit up by myself! I love to chew on anything I get my hands on! Everything I touch and can pick up goes straight to my mouth ( mom doesn't condone of it) but I do it when she doesn't see me! I am absolutely spoiled rotten and loved by so many! So, I am asking kindly please vote for me! Thank you!!
Always Smiling🥰
Ren is a happy baby girl who loves to be a snuggle bug! She loves to smile and have the most attention in the room!
Karsyn is the best big brother! He’s about to be 3! Loves anything that goes fast! He knows all his colors, most numbers, shapes, and 98% of his alphabet already! He loves dirt bikes, monster trucks, cars,trucks and hanging out at the shop with his oil field buddies.
Gianna loves singing and dancing to any music. Very upbeat and full of adventure and spunk. Has a old soul like she's been here before. Has the most contagious smile and laugh. Her favorite song is butterfly fly away from Miley Cyrus. A handful of cute
Ella loves watching paw patrol and she has the cutest little belly laugh she loves to smile and talk to who ever will listen she also loves to eat
Our sweet boy Spencer is 5 months old and is such a happy smiley boy 🥰
Hazel is the happiest baby, she loves swimming, dancing and crawling
Luna is a sweet baby that loves to laugh and smile.
McKenzie loves to smile, loves Elmo, and loves her Gigi and Pops. She will dance every time she hears music.
Mateo it’s my little sugar plum. He’s my life he fills my entire life with his sweetness and love. He is a very happy boy. He likes to dance. He likes to eat a lot ☺️ And he loves to smile.
His parents have been told numerous times that he is the happiest baby they have ever seen! He love warm baths, toys to chew on, warm bottles of milk & fruit/sweet baby foods! Meeting him would brighten your day with his cute little smile or his giggles 😋
Evelyn is a sweet girl. But don’t let that red hair and blue eyes fool you. She is a firecracker. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She loves being miss independent and learning new things/ exploring
He is a very happy baby, no matter how his day is going he always smiles!
Everyone knows her as Vivy aka Toots. This little girl is always smiling. She likes to make people laugh and is very outgoing.
Miss Journey Rose is 8 months old and such a gem to be around! She’s the happiest baby you’ll ever meet!
Colton is always flashing his big smile and blabbing about who knows what. He loves being around people and seeing or trying new things. Thank you for the votes!! 💕
Maverick is my rebellious but ever so loving 2 year old who loves soccer and helping mommy and daddy around the house.
Adah always has a smile on her face and especially when she sees her big brother! Adah and her brother are Irish twins born 11 months apart. Adah loves tasting new foods.
She the sweetest baby you ever met. She amazing and sweet and loves her hands and feet
Rulon is the youngest of 5 and the only boy in our family! This amazing little boy is waited hand and foot!
Ezra is 10 months. He absolutely loves standing and rolling everywhere ! He is my miracle baby 💖
My little man is very smart and goofy, and such a good baby! Currently teething to the max, two just came in and 4 more are coming in …
Olivia loves to be outside, her favorite food is definitely green beans. Olivia loves her dog who she loves to take on walks.
Leo is 21 months old he will be 2 July 21st he is a sweet lil man very energetic outgoing he was a premie baby of 1lb 11ozs and 12 and half inches long he is a growing striving lil man vote for Leo he deserves it he's a lil fighter