Ivy is the sweetest baby girl who loves to eat so much! Ivy also loves to play with her older brother and is always chasing him around to do everything he does.
She is my sweet baby
Owen loves to play outside. His favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy. He loves to watch Ms.Rachel. He doesn’t know a single stranger (besides Santa). He loves to give hugs and sloppy wet nose kisses. His daddy is his best friend in the world
Truly our miracle boy! Loves his swing, his monkey, tubby time and green beans!
Benton is 10 months old his favorite person is his big sister. He loves it to eat, play, and be outside. He loves everyone he meets!
Violet Anne
Violet love slime and play dough and her chickens and ducks also her 3 dogs and she love to draw and color. She is a very smart girl and loves the youtube.
Kingson is a charismatic 7 month old who loves smiling, cooing, and exploring his surroundings! He's so sweet, goofy, and intelligent! He's on the verge of crawling & silently consumes anyone's attention who interacts with him in any way. Kingson is a miracle/RAINBOW baby🤗
Lela is a happy 4 month old, full of personality and smiles and would truly appreciate your votes!♥️
Jordan loves paw patrol and blues clues, he loves to dance and always says thank you 😊
Such a strong independent misses she had such a long journey from birth she was hospitalised for 4months she’s a miracle such a brave baby girl
Must funniest and delightful little girl such a blessing to have in my life
Loves food and cuddles 🥰💕
Jersey is a very outgoing little girl!!! She loves dressing up and going out!!! She loves saying hi to everyone she meets!!
1 year old little devia. She loves walking and running!! Likes to play hide and seek and peek a boo. She loves being outside and is already into everything 😅
She loves to smile and play around, she loves her dada a lot and playing with the puppy’s on the floor. Her bows are a must in her hair when she goes out because she loves to play around with them
Kace is a happy 9 month old. He loves Bluey, Baths, mashed potatoes 🥔, and most importantly his mommy!
Our beautiful Luna snuggled up to little rabbit ♥️ 2 months old x
Hello lovely people! My name is Zara & I’m 2 Months old & I love playing with my Toys, Giving smiles! 💜
Rylan is the absolute funniest! He loves blowing bubbles and being outside. He just learned the word “mama” and loves carrots!!
Gorgeous blue eyed young man with a heartmelting smile and blonde curls. Very cheeky, loves his milk, loves his food, loves and adores his big brother 🥰🥰
Elias loves cuddles, milk, and fighting sleep to stay up and explore the world around him!
This Amazing Little Boy brings smiles and joy pulling people out of there sad, depressing, hard,and unhappy times and moments with his smile lighting the way !
She loves her pacifier and her big sister ❤️
Huntah has had a hard start he was born with blocked kidneys and had to be operated on a couple days after birth and now he is home kicking goals he is a little fighter
My Name Is " Larry Mathew ", I Am Such A Happy Baby! I Love To Chew On My Fingers, And Smile! I Am A Mommas Boy And Proud Of It! Vote For Me Please!!!!!!!!
Brailee has quite the personality for a premie baby. Born 7 weeks early and having spent one month in the NICU, we are blessed to have such a happy baby.
I love ms rachel, belly rubs and tickles and hugs and kisses from mum and dad
Everleigh loves her chicken and lamb stuffys ✨ her favorite color is purple 💜🥰 and she is the most happiest joyful little girl we have ever been around🤭
He loves milk!!!
Hey, my name is Hunter and I am 21 months old I am the happiest little boy and I love everything and everyone, I'm always saying hey and bye to people everywhere I go. My favourite thing to do is to run around in the nuddy and play with all my toys and touch everything I'm not supposed to. Please vote for me 🥰
Shes spontaneous, very sweet and loves her little brother!
Hey! My name is Liam and I am 3 months old. I love to chew on everything and everyday I learn so much. I have been reaching so many milestones, mom and dad are so proud of me! I love to bounce, play with rattles and watch Bluey!
She’s one happy baby🙈😍 she loves to cuddle her teddy and likes to laugh at mummy and daddy🥹she loves miss Rachel, we call her waterlilly because she absolutely loves swimming and absolutely loves bath time 🛁 🫧
Lorenzo is the baby of the family. He’s a very happy baby always laughing and smiling, just all around happy. 😁
Angel is a very sweet little boy. Very outgoing and loves is family💕. He’s always giving kisses and hugs. He looooves super hero’s, he knows all of their names but his favourite one is Spider-Man 🕷️.
My Baby is not your average!! She is beautiful, caring, and very intelligent!! She will go places!! Her favorite things to do are dance and sing her own songs as well as her favorites daily. Please vote for her!!
Katalya is a very caring and goofy little girl ☺️. She loves playing jokes and pranks on everyone, it makes her so happy when people fall for it. Katalya is a very sweet caring little girl, she’s always saying I love you to the people she loves 💕. She loves the outdoors and anything beauty…especially lipsticks 💄
Ky’hier is a 7 month old baby boy! He also goes by Ky, poodie , and Porkchop lol. He enjoys watching Gracie’s Corner , and Sesame St. Ky also LOVES eating food. He has a giggly personality and lots of energy!
Jaxon is a very chatty baby, he’s a daddy’s boy and loves eating mango♥️
Athena is a loving , bubbly , sassy baby and has her own hilarious and inquisitive personally . She never stops talking in the world around her and loves to be outdoors . Her favourite actively is swimming and was definitely a water baby from birth .
I am 6 months old and I love to eat bananas and watch Mrs.Rachel I love grabbing everything with my hands. I’m such a happy baby❤️
Caylor is very intelligent, Super sweet, He has an impressively extensive vocabulary for his age, He’s also extremely caring. His passion is basketball, He’s proactive & Enjoys shooting hoops since he was 1.
I like to play outside,ride bikes and play video games.
She is a very happy smiley baby, she’s very pleasant and loves to babble
Charlotte loves Disney movies that sing! She is such a happy baby!