Baby Stories - 70


Faith Molley
Faith Molley is a very pretty intelligent young lil girl she just turn 2 she's know her colors and can count also hold conversation with you as well she brighten my day love ❤️ this kid here
Royal Rylee
Hi ! Our names are Royal & Rylee and yes we are twins 💖 We love playing tag and singing and dancing to our favorite songs (especially cocomelon). Mommy says we are beautiful and are soon to be superstars.. we hope winning this contest will get us started. SN: Thank you everyone for taking the time out to vote for us ☺️
Freyja Mae
Freyja Mae is almost 4 months old! She is such a sweet and happy baby! She loves watching her daddy work and loves spending time with her big brother and big sister.
Oh he’s a sour patch kid!! Mommas boy number 3 favorites from him is fishing candy and dancing this boy here will keep you laughing non stop and first born 🥰
Hi I’m Jonathan! I love to laugh, smile, talk, and watch cocomelon. I also love to play with my mommy and daddy 🥰
Josiah Trell
Josiah is a 7 month old sweetheart loves to eat dance and chase after his big brother truly the coolest baby ever
We was blessed with our first beautiful baby boy on the most greatest day of the year, Jesus’s Birthday, December 25th, 2020 at 2:29am. He is such a great baby who loves mommy’s milk, swinging, bath time, cuddles, and so much more. ❤️
Tanylah is unique she is helpful she has a smile 😊 that will light 💡 up a room... She is smart
My name is Andrew. I love to watch my sisters sing and dance for me. And I love my mommy and my daddy. I love to cuddle with my mommy all day and am starting to smile a lot more.
She’s a happy girl who loves to be told that she’s beautiful and cheeky, atm she loves laughing even when breastfeeding 😂 she’s cuddly and affectionate and loves kisses
Zayden is a happy baby . Loves to play laugh and eat . Favorite video to watch is baby shark 🦈
Dawson is a two month old complete sweetheart!! He loves to cuddle and would do it all day if you let him. He loves to eat, he's a chunk😆 and definitely loves his mama💙
Princeton loves to laugh, cuddle, and play. He loves to blow spit bubbles lol and play with loud noise making toys such as his favorite rattler. His smile brightens any room.
Zack is 5 month old happy baby. He loves to eat and play with his toys.
Annikka is very intelligent. She loves to communicate with people by cooing and gives a big smile when you coo back.
Gracy loves her mommy, daddy, and big brother. She certainly loves to eat and loves to put everything in her mouth.
Joseph is the happiest baby ever. His laughter is contageous, filling the room with joy. Even the grouchiest of people can't help but to smile when they see his shining face!
Meet Jaxtyn! He loves you hear hisself scream, like to laugh at mommy and daddy, and loves cocomelon!
Jayce is a happy baby, he loves to learn his abc’s and can count to ten. Jayce loves to play & loves music.
The happiest baby you could meet. At 6 months he can wave and clap by himself. He loves to laugh and giggle.
Amir likes to joke, smile, have fun, and make new friends. He’s super cool super friendly his fav color is Orange and he loves to go bowling.
Matthew is a happy baby, loves to listen to music and loves to swing and be rocked 💙
Amiriyannah is super smart stays on the honor roll she loves to play, super funny super cool. She loves to play with makeup, do nails and read with mommy.
Mason likes to laugh & smile! He also rolls over & we are working on crawling. Vote for Mason 😍💖
My name is Amari and I’m a sassy smart sweet little girl who loves her daddy !! I always have a smile on my face and a laugh to come with it. I can count to 5 and I love to play with my 3 older sisters. I have big Hazel eyes like my mommy and blonde hair that mommy can finally put a bow in. Please vote for me!!!
Nothing but smiles from this baby girl...
Penelope is 2 months old, always happy, has the bluest eyes, and is mostly called Nellie by her friends and family ❤️
Isolde is the second granddaughter in our family. She is 6 months old and we are sooo blessed to have her. She's celebrating her 1st Christmas
Jaylah is a happy baby, she loves music
Aiden is the happiest, sweetest, and funniest little baby ever! Go ahead and give him a vote!
JaCorey is 1 month old. He weighs 6lbs 14 oz. He loves to be cuddled and talked too.
Hi people... Josie here and I would love if you voted for me 😄! I love spending time with my family, giggling, my banana, and discovering new things!
Milani loves to learn! She knows all her ABC’s and can count to ten!
Hi My Name Is Journii 👶🏼😊 i’m 8 months old , i am very unique🎁💖 I was born At 11:11 ✨ , On june 23rd So iam a summer baby 🌻☀️ but i do not like the heat 👐🏼🔥but rather much perfer being cool 😎 ❄️I love to laugh and play and even sing when i’m in a cheerful mood 😊
King is a very happy baby. He’s a mommas boy 💙 he loves to listen to music every morning when he wakes up & is always observing everything around him.
Auri is loving, vibrant, and she enjoys chewing on anything that isn’t nailed to the flow.
Y’all go vote for me Adler.
Y’all go vote for little miss Adeline.
Antwon Jr
Antwon loves to smile. He’s very talkative, loves to move (a lot), photogenic, love music and cocomelon 😂❤️ he loves eating Cheetos just as well as he loves his mommy and daddy. He also has a wonderful personality. Very silly little boy 😂🥰
This is Elijah Tanner. He is fixing to be 4 months old.❤️
Logan John
Hi, my name is Logan. My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is German and Filipino which makes me a GermaFiliRican lol. I am very caring and energetic. I love playing soccer and my video games. I am super protective of my baby sister. I try my best in school and bring home good grades. My favorite place to go is Chuck E Cheese. I love when we order from Taco Bell and Dominos Pizza. I told my mom I wanted to win so I can buy her a bigger house. My mom says I would have to win a lot to make that happen. So maybe I’ll just save it.
Favourite thing is dinosaurs always shouting RAWRRRR 😂
She likes to sit up like a big girl, and loves to smile, eat and sleep 🥰
Leti Kerynn
Hi I’m Leti, I am a beautiful mix of Puerto Rican, Filipino and German. I love to eat, and am discovering a lot of new things with my hands. I am not a fan of tummy time but I do like to sing to music and tell Daddy all about my days. Mickey Mouse Club house is my favorite show and getting attention from my 3 older brothers is the best.
Destani is a sweet 8 year old, who loves to play with her friends.She loves to go roller skating. She has a big heart💖
T’eon love to play laugh & smile he say it’s no other way to get through another blessed day.