In Italian Rosa means ‘Rose’, just like a rose she is beautiful, delicate and vibrant🌹She is always smiling and just loves life, her giggle is contagious and she has truly changed my life. The best feeling in the world to me is being her mummy💜
Hello ! I am Olivia, I am a small refugee from Ukraine, a war broke out in my native country and therefore I have to live here. I love to go out, go to English lessons with my mom and have fun. I will be very happy if you give me your votes and I can win the competition, as it will help my mother and me a lot. I wish you all a good mood and a peaceful sky over your head!
My beautiful happy girl❤️
Opallyn Loves To Be Outside And To Snuggle With Mommy! Best Of All She Loves Herself Some Good Old Fashioned Boob Milk ❤️
David is a special needs boy. He loves rides, swimming, and being active. His favorite
He loves football and basketball he is a good most of the time he can still b voted on come on ppl help him win this
Loves a conversation, loves cuddles & a right little foodie x
Vincent’s is 10 weeks and 5 days old and he is cutest! xx
Winter is the cutest big brother always helping is little sister and saying aww she’s so cute 🥰 His favorite song is Dear Winter by AJR which is what he’s named after and he has already been to one of their concerts and absolutely loved it (At the Allentown fair grounds)
The sweetest boy with an infectious smile who can’t help but make everyone he meets smile too.
This is Echo! He is 7 months old. He enjoys meeting new people, trying new foods, and going on adventures across Minnesota!
Zachary is so sweet and unique at just 2 years old. He loves animals and he loves chicken of any kind. He also loves to go to the gas station and get his snacks. He is the sweetest boy you'll ever meet. He asks for help when he needs it and definitely loves to be the center of attention. When he sees other kids out playing he wants to go play with them. He always asks if you are ok. He is very helpful with anything you need. He loves checking on his puppies.
we call her Zika ♥️ she is so strong already and happy as can be!
The most kind hearted two year old you will meet. He is so goofy, loves to be outside and anything that involves water.
The happiest baby you will ever meet always smiling and laughing🥰
Lillyanna is smiley, happy baby. She loves talking and naps!
She's smart loving little girl with a big heart ❤ and lots of love
He's a fun loving boy who's full of life has a heart of gold an loves his family an likes to fish an play football!!!
Hello my name is Journee Washington! I love watching paw patrol, laughing, playing, and loving on you all day long! Vote for me!
This little fire Cracker has one of the biggest smile you just get wrapped up in watching him grow so fast one minute he’s just arrived in This world and now he sits ups and just want to talk and giggle man am I going to have my hands full
Hello guys my Name is Ezra im 11 months old. I'm a very happy baby. I likes to laugh and talk alot and try to think I'm fixing cars tires and other stuff. I have beautiful dimples. My mom and doc say I'm very smart for 10 months. I'm very adventurous I don't like TV I would rather be outside then inside
Hi I love Mickey mouse,love eating all kinds of veggies my favorite is collard greens lol my best friends are my big brothers my mom added an picture of my oldest brother feeding me when I was 2 months old please vote for me an thank you
Weslyn Grace loves singing “5 little monkeys” “ABC’s” and “Teasing Mr. Alligator”, knows how to spell her name and knows her birthday. She’s a big sister to an angel baby👼🏻
Active friendly 2 yr old girl. Mega tomboy, loves to play, cause mischief, and loves her family.
Ja’naya is Bubbly and Energetic! She is the HAPPIEST baby I have ever encountered! She wakes up smiling and it’s an absolute JOY to be apart of her world! 💕💕
vote for him or im gonna sell his ginger ass at a garage sale
Hello, I’m David! Thanks for viewing and possibly voting for me! I love watching Moana, finding dory, and my favorite is the Toy story and Lightyear movies.
Hayden loves playing with his brothers. He's so sweet and loveable and silly. Loves to go on walks with his family. His favorite show at the moment is Cocomelon! Always has a smile on his face! ❤️
Lucah is known around town as the best head of hair! He already can sport a mohawk since day 1! Hes a sleepy sweetie, with such precious features. Xo
Abel he is the most intelligant smart little boy anyone can ask for he loves video games especially spiderman and mindcraft he loves watching movies and playing sports he started using a phone at the age of 6 months he loves school and his friends and loves to hold his self up like hes trainning in the military he has a bright future
Chloe is such a bright little girl she has been stronger than ever from trouble at birth to a girl who has that beauty... She has a birth condition dealing with her hands,ears, heart and face shes come along way but none of those are stopping here she has progressed alot
Jaxon is a bright young man he loves to watch tv listen to music and enjoys the outside he has autism but he doesnt allot that to stop him from being the bright happy boy
He loves to eat, plays with his teething toys, and loves elmo 💚
Phoebe is a spunky, happy baby with lots of sass and charisma!
My name is Tyaira I am one years old I love to watch Gracie's corners !I love to play with my boys cousins and play with my toys outside ! She is very smart and funny .She loved to help put clothes in the dryer and tries to help clean up this is why you should vote for me !
Weston Thomas Johnson, born on July 26th 2022. Brought into this world after God finally allowed us to be parents, after a long, grueling, heart wrenching 10 years of trying to conceive. Our miracle baby boy is healthy and doing incredibly well despite his incredibly traumatic birth story. His momma almost didn't make it due to the oversights and negligence of the doctors and nurses involved. I'll add more to this later!
Cayden loves to watch Storybots and laugh. He brightens the room everywhere he goes.
We call him “potato” ❤️
Saylor Louise is supporting the lobster industry with a huge smile as always! She is the happiest girl & always willing to do a fashion show!!
He's a very happy smily smart n very fast big boy. He loves jj his bff on Cocomelon.
Dario loves swimming, music, and spends a lot of time kicking!!!
He loves tummy time, smiling, and rolling over. He also loves to be held my his momma and daddy along with his nana and pap pap and mamaw
Hunter is a fun, loving, smiling 1 year old. He loves animals, music, being outside, loud trucks, and everyone he meets. This boy is a ray of sunshine to everyone he meets.
Elliot is a sweet boy with a huge happy heart!