Baby Stories - 7


This is kyler. He loves trucks, superheroes and running around. This picture was taken in my husband's truck that we recently bought. He loves riding in the truck with daddy.
Very Playful , A Working Headache . & Loves Watching Mickey Mouse .🥰
My name is Chester, I am nearly 6 months old, I love playing with my toys, laughing at my daddy and cuddles with my mummy ❤️
Samuel James I I
Sammy is 7 months and on the move! He loves all of his toys, and eating his foods. He also loves spending time with his four legged brother.
Frantz Nathan
Frantz Nathan is 2 years old and he is very lovely boy, he like to watch Cartoon's in Youtube and its good because he is Learning. With the Sound of the Alphabet
Dare James Okuyiga
Dare James is very smart and loves playing with cars and trains.
She is very smart and beautiful!
With all her medical problems she is still a happy little girl. And always can make you smile
Jaxson LOVES any kind of food, he loves to crawl and get into anything he can get his hands on. He's a big mamas boy, and loves his daddy ❤
HELLO everyone, this is DJ he is very loving, caring and supportive pleaseeee vote got my sweet baby .
Hi! My name is Karter and I’m 2yrs old. I love to cuddle and I love music! I play the guitar and dance as often as I can unless I’m “going into the night to save the day” as Gecko! Wherever I go I always leave a lasting impression😎
Hi! My name is Kyndal and I’m 3yrs old. I love to play at the park, sing my abc’s and “go into the night to save the day” as Cat boy! I love my family and making friends everywhere I go.🤗
Jalynd is mommy’s gummy bear ❣️😻he’s always smiling and happy.he’s very strong already trying to sit up and explore the world lol.such a sweet sweet easy going baby
Hi! My name is Korbyn and I’m here to brighten your day with these dimples and rolls that are 100% homemade. I love a good laugh and wholesome meal. But most of all I love to rock it out to a good song with a nice melody and mean beat. My mommy says I have a heart of gold💛...maybe that’s why I’m so heavy. 😋
Genius is very attentive and love to have a conversation. He likes people talking to him.
Masyiah is such a loving baby he loves to smile lol he’s just a goofy baby 😂😩♥️
Shay is a kind and caring boy, always looking out for his sister and loves playing with hot wheels!
Alaya loves to eat and loves her daddy. She is a talker and loves to play with her toys. We love her so much ❤️
Leilani LOVES to play outside & loves cuddling with her best friend (her dad)🥰🥰 vote for Leilanis beautiful self❤️
My name is McKenzie. I love my picture taken. And I also love to watch cocomelon
Hi!!! My name is Leo and I’m also a Leo ♌️ 🦁. I love to laugh,I’m very curious, I love to explore, and play with anything orange. 🧡
loves mommy & Daddy❤ Enjoys snuggles, keeping mommy awake at night and loves watching cartoons.
Hi my name is Landyn I’m about to be 4 months old !! I was really tiny at birth 4 pounds 9 ounces to be exact! I needed surgery at 2 months old I had pyloric stenosis! Now I’m healthy and growing like no tomorrow. Packing on the pounds!
Juliana is 4 years old about to be 5 years old, she is funny, sweet, loving little girl, she knows her colors, numbers, ALL of her ABC's, she knows all her body parts, she knows how to spell her name and write it. Her favorite color is pink, purple and blue She loves Disney ZOMBIES 1 and 2, Descendants 1, 2 and 3 She loves animals all types She loves chicken nuggets and fries She loves fruits and avocados
Hi!! My name is Denis .. When my mum takes me outside the house I am speechless...I ❤ love it... I do like a lot in the park to be around another babies ...I like socializing. When my mum is busy she is putting me to Zigaloo Dragon and I start dancing 🥰...I am trying now to learn to walk... I can't wait to make my mum to run all day after me. ...1😂😂😂
The cheekiest little one year old. Food loving and full of sarcasm and sass.
Roman is an angel, he coos himself to sleep & hardly cries
Dax loves to take baths, eating & sleeping 😴
Scarlet is our first baby, she loves napping, feeding and screaming at 3am
Cheeky little lad
she is my world I had 26 miscarriage before I had her ! She is the best thing I have did In my life she a good baby and happy all the time!
Kai is a little cheeky chappie who loves nothing more than being nursed ,cuddles with his daddy, playing with his older siblings he has 5 sister's and a brother who all adore his cheeky smile.
Zaihan is an adorable toddler who is super friendly with people of all ages starting from a new born to a grown up. He never forgets to roar or say hi to anyone passing by. He LOVES dogs. He try to make people laugh already with his cute facial expressions or acting :)
Colson is the most sweetest little boy! There’s never a dull moment with him.
She loves to cuddle and she loves to coo at her dad a lot.
do not vote for me anymore! i am not in this second competition thank you ☺️
Elliott Coen
Elliott was born 6 weeks premature, spent 5 days in NICU and then a further 21 days in Transitional Care with me until we could finally come home together. As he was premature he was NGT fed until he was 17 days old. He is so precious, has a very cheeky smile and just lights up my entire life. I am blessed to have him as my son. Any winnings will go towards taking Elliott to new places and exploring the world when the pandemic is lifted.
Brixton is 1 year & 3 months old... the most loving & sweet baby I’ve ever known. His laugh is something everyone always loves to hear. He has such a unique personality to be so young. He says more words than I ever thought I’d hear this soon... he loves his sissy so much & would be with her every hour of every day if he could. He loves to eat, but he is the pickiest eater... he loves to blow kisses, go on stroller rides, absolutely loves to be outside, go to the park, & won’t take his eyes off of the tv anytime spark-abilities (baby) is playing... or Clifford... he’s amazed every time he looks outside & sees birds flying in the sky, he will stare for quite a while. He has a scream that could be heard probably a mile down the road, but like all babies, it’s something new he’s realized he can do, so he does it every now & again.. he’s super shy the first 15 minutes he knows you, but then he’ll be your best friend after that...
Everleigh Lamarra
Everleigh is the sweetest most cuddly little girl. She makes a million facial expressions and many at one time. She loves naps and cuddly time expecially on daddys chest.
Brayleigh is almost 9 years old, & is a very creative, funny, & loving little girl. She carries a smile, even with a bumpy past... she’s such a strong individual & I couldn’t be more proud of her. Her smarts will get her far, & her personality is so amazing. She loves to help others, play outside, draw & write, play school (as the teacher, :) always).. she loves to swim, go to the park, & play with her little brother. She wants to be an actress in the future... <3 Don’t get me wrong, she’s just as hard headed, loves to be independent, & sometimes she doesn’t like being told no... but she’s the best daughter I could ask for.. her smile will light up your life :)
Tommy is my little 3 month old cheeky chappy. He loves to smile and giggle! He’s just started to reach out and grab toys so that’s his new favourite thing to do as well as suck on his hand, allll the time! 💙
Vincent loves Spider-Man, his sister, and Hershey Kisses.
Carter loves to be outdoors, hes all smiles and loves the attention:) he loves his food more then anything!
Lily is a very cute 6 month old girl. She smiling all day long.
Za’Riah is a loving daughter. She is my first second child but my first baby girl. Vote for Riah.
She is a month old she is a happy baby an loves her momma an daddy
Mila is such a happy baby! She loves to play in water and eat her veggies! Mila is very independent and loves to be around people!
Kynnedy is a happy and playful 4 month old babygirl. She loves Cocomelon, her brother and food. Also, Kynnedy is very observant and attentive.