This is Kiyomi she is 9 months old, she’s quite unique for her age, she loves to play & learn every chance that she gets💗she loves being in the outside watching the trees move and dogs play. Not just that she loves running in her walker as she watches elmos world every time she hears the happy dance song. She’s also very loving & has the cutest smile that lights up the whole room, she’s a joyful baby
Jackson is a rambunctious 2 year old with a taste for adventure. He loves being outside playing in the yard or at the park, he’s a great big brother, and oh so smart!
Analia loves playing peek-a-boo, getting tickles, and babbling. Her favorite movies are Encanto and Turning Red and she loves hearing the music! Analia love smiling and getting to know new people😊
He is very interested in the morning bustle with his other siblings..Smiles are happening trying to catch them!
Jayden is such a happy baby. He is always smiling and laughing! He loves playing w his big brother and is enjoying trying all types of new foods.
His personality is happy and goofy. He’s always smiling and doing something silly to make everyone laugh. He loves to jump in his jumper.
Henry’s smile lights up the room. With his electric blue eyes, and his cooing, he is quite the charmer already💜
Loves to draw, and very helpful around the house. Smart and mature for his age,loves going to the park and olaying sports,adventurous.
He loves to play and loves animals very kind and nice baby.very friendly with everyone❤️
you should vote for kolton because he melts the hearts of all the women. hes a big flirt with his pretty changing color eyes, he loves reading books and playing with toys. he loves to go on the swing and go on long walks in the park.
Ariyah is the happiest two year old! She loves to sing and dance to Dua lipa and play with puzzles. She also loves Elmo!
Avery is a silly, sweet 6 month old baby boy! He loves to jump, dance, and play. He loves it when you sing to him. He sure likes all of the attention on him, and as soon as he sees the camera he’s all smiles 😁
Kai-Paul is nearly 2 years old his a cheeky little boy he has so much energy all ways happy 😃
He love to talk an dance love saying mama an dada he loves to smile
DeAnthony is a cool baby loves animals and other baby’s he very calm and learns so fast 💙
Jaxson is a very happy boy who loves to giggle, drink milk and sleep. And he loves his Grandma!!
Raylan loves to eat. Some of his favorites are berries, chicken, and corn on the cob. He loves to stand, scream, fake cough, and play peek-a-boo.
She loves her daddy and mommy
Ka'Miya is 5 month's she can roll over and she loves coccomelon she has 2 teeth coming in and she is such a happy healthy babygirl
Titus Cooper Jr
He loves music,Big trucks and he’s a very smart boy two dollars means a lot too him ‼️♥️
Hey my name is Lael. I am 6 years old. I’m into gymnastics and karate. But modeling is my favorite hobby.
Antonio is our miracle baby! He was born at 27 weeks weighting only 1lb 7.2oz 11 an half inches long! He loves to play with mommy an daddy, also his big cousins! He loves to be out side! Most of all he loves to snuggle with mommy an daddy!
Rivers is always so happy wakes you with a smile on his face all the time he brings so much to me
Cintal loves to eat loves to play and is a very happy baby
Mila is so loving and caring for her age already she loves animals and listening to mom read her books
I believe this is a gimmick to get money out of people because I know for a fact more people have voted than what it shows me. He's such a sweet baby though
Xzander is an over energetic baby boy❤️ He never fails to make you smile! He just turned 1 years old, his favorite food is spaghetti. And lately he has been getting the zoomies in his walker!
He loves to watch tv with his mommy he love tummy time
Stella is vibrant, happy, and the absolute treasure of her mommy and daddy's heart!!!!
Hi my name is Ariella 🤎 an all round easy going smiley bundle of joy!
Kaion is a very happy baby. He loves to laugh and babble!!! Such a handsome little boy!!
Josie Rose King
Josie is just a joy to be around, her beauty and happiness beams out of her. She is the apple of her families eye.
Veyda is a happy, silly and loving little girl who just became a first time sister. She is a huge water bug and her laugh will instantly make you smile. She loves playing outside and nurturing her baby dolls.
I love to sleep, smiling, bath time, & im a lil sassy to!
Aria is one month old and just the snuggliest sweetest little baby 🥰
jackson is the biggest helper i know 💙 he LOVES to help do the dishes, clean, and do laundry 🥰 he’s got the best manners out of most of the kids i know saying “please & thank you!” he loves giving hugs and kisses 😘 he’s kind, caring & compassionate & ALWAYS wants to know if you’re doing okay. ❤️
robert is a sassy, crazy kid. he loves to eat food, and goes crazy over anything, but his favorite is dad’s spicy food. he loves being outside, no matter what the task at hand is. he doesn’t listen, but always has a goofy, toothy grin that will make you smile and not care.
Ella is the sweetest baby you will ever meet! She lights up any room that she's in❤️ she is so full of personality and laughter🥰
She is a social and happy baby. Loves other babies and likes dogs.
Zyler Rogers
Zyler is has an outgoing personality he loves to sleep and eat!! He is very joyful & joyous & super chilled. But when it comes time to feeding he will definitely let you know with his cute lil scream. His favorite person is his Mommie, Im Grammie (btw)
DeKota like to smile and make lil faces 🥰
Katalia loves to be talked too and loves watching her baby videos her smile is the cutest it warms your heart
I’m almost 3 years old. I love my bubba and my parents. I love listening to music and people read to me. I love animals, books, riding quads and playing with my brother.