Alyana Mataiumu
she’s our shining star! she loves music & loves to dance. her smile is infectious & her laugh is contagious. she’s the happiest & the sweetest. we’re forever blessed to have her as a daughter & so grateful God chose us to be her parents.❤️
Social butterfly, loves to dance, very outgoing, caring and great sense of humor🤣
I love cuddles with my mummy and daddy, boc bocs and tinga tales
Jayce is 2 months old and loves to smile and "tell stories" . Hes full of life and happiness and will melt your heart with every smile
Hello my name is Zabdiel. I’m 1 years old. I love to cuddle, laugh, eat, and dance.
Hi my name is DeeAndre. I’m a silly baby, I like puppy dog pals 🐶 and I love food 😋🍗 Pls Vote For Me
Noah's almost 1 month old now all he loves to do is sleep, eat and smiles and laughs while he sleeps 😃 and loves being with mommy 💕
She loves to stick her tongue out at mommy after she drinks her milk💖
Dancing is his go to, clapping, stomping around and all of the mamama and dadadas.
Zariyah is the youngest & only girl out of our 7 children. She is 1 years old. She is such a fun 1 year old and loves interacting with her brothers, her dad & I. She is so fun to watch grow everyday. ❣️ We enjoy every minute with her & are so blessed to have her 🥰 Please show her as much love as possible 💕
Meet my baby girl Amara 👧 she just turn 1. She has the most incredible personality! She is full of excitement and sass, she loves her brother and enjoys dancing. She is very photogenic and loves to be outside. We would love and appreciate your vote! Thank you so much ❤️
Connie Jo Hutc
Connie Jo is such an Intelligent sweetheart, and a copy cat genius 🤩 she has the biggest smile and gives out the best of cuddle 💖
he loves to talk to mommy & daddy. he loves to chew on his fingers!
Cody Bear Hutchinson
Cody bear, is such a cheeky chap with the biggest smile, he loves all his food even vegetables 😍 and is the most joyful little boy he Also has a twin sister connie jo 💙💖
Ryker is a happy baby hes always smiling he loves trucks and cocomelon also
sebastian is 1 yr and 5 months hes a very happy boy always smiling loves to play ball
Oakley Gracelyn
Oakley loves spending her time swinging and being cuddled by her family! She also likes patty cake patty cake, row row row your boat, and you are my sunshine! She loves listening to music.
Cormack James Smith
This sweet & silly boy is the love of my life! If Cormack ( Mack )could, he would live outside. He is the most inquisitive and outdoorsy baby I’ve ever known. He LOVES trees. Also enjoys a good snuggle all throughout his day. No matter what else is happening in this world, just looking at this baby boy makes everything better.
Hello my name is Tyson Ty,Ty for short I am 4 months old and really enjoy chomping on my fingers at the moment apparently I’m teething 😏
Here’s my little peanut, Audie! She loves to watch tv with her mommy or daddy when awake, but loves sleeping on mommy’s chest. If I were to win the contest, I’d put the money towards a college fund for her. 🥰
Ric’Kai is 4 months. He is so bright and smart, also a very happy baby he will brighten your day 😘😘Vote for my little munchkin 💕
hey, i’m kayson and i love to watch coco melon, i love music and i lovee to dance with mama 💙💙
He likes his pacifier a lot and loves to eat.🥰
Hello! My name is Zendaya. I am 11 months old. I love exploring and learning about new things. I’m told I have a beautiful smile and love taking baths or playing in the water.
Delilah is the sweetest toddler you’d ever met. She’s very loving and loves her family so much. She’s the joy of our life. When Delilah laughs you laugh with her. She’s the sweetest child I’ve ever met. Her love is so pure. Her joy is very contagious. Delilah is the youngest of 3. She loves her big sis and big bro. She’s very attached to mom and is super spoiled by mom. Help this cutie win.
Emayah is one month old. She is a very happy baby girl . She loves when you talk to her and she also loves the attention . Please vote for my princess 👑
Ric’Kai is 4 months. He is so bright and smart, also a very happy baby he will brighten your day 😘😘Vote for my little munchkin 💕
My name is Logan Edward Donners I was born 6/02/2020. I cannot wait to be able to crawl around.. For now i enjoy when mommy and daddy read to me and most of all being held.
Lindsey Chavez Castro
Lindsey una bebe feliz 🙃 vota por mi por favor 😍
Here’s my beautiful baby girl Lily. She’s a smart little cutie and loves her mommy. If this wonderful baby wins then I am putting the money away to start a college fund for her.
Hi, Sarai Antonella is our expected baby, America (her mother) and I have been married 13 years and this March 11, 2020 finally have her in our arms. we call it a blessing because my mother passed away in 2018 and we definitely all agree when we say that my mother sent us that little gift from heaven.
Syere my stinky butt is a true boy he loved coco melon and his family. He loves to dance &&’ eat and so goofy 🙃 such a loving soulful heart and very handsome and curious 🧐
Eloise is a huge mamas girl! She was born a month early and has done nothing but thrive since day one! Please help her with a vote!💓
Loves to chew on his hand and make noises early morning. Loves carrots.
Joseph loves music and hearing mommy & daddy's voice. He is our heart warrior!
She a happy baby she will brighten up your day and she a beautiful baby I made🤞🏾🥺🥰
He is acaully 1 years old it wont let me put 2019
Emily is 1 month old, she loves to eat, laugh and sleep. 💞
Anthony loves Wrek It Ralph, Toy Story 1-4 , Good Dinasour, and Jurassic Park on Netflix! Anthony loves being outside playing and being around kids! Anthony a very bright smart independent child! His birthday February 24th!!
Quentin maybe little but he has a big smile that goes great with his big personality.
Liam is 3 months. He is so bright and smart, alread trying to stand and he is so talkative. Vote for my little munchkin 💕💋
Brayden is such an amazing big brother. He loves making others laugh and smile. His favorite sport is soccer and he loves spending time with family.
Grayson loves to walk with me and his auntie
Stella’s favorite show is Dave and Ava. She loves to dance to any song that starts to play! She’s constantly smiling and laughing. She’s such a bright and loving one year old!
Kyrie is 3 years old. He love dinos and loves watching movies and cuddling up to his favorite Dino shows.
Mia is such a bright and smart little girl she will brighten up your days with her carisma and attitude she enjoys dancing amd singing to anything . Mia is im the process of talking ❤️
Carmella is a bubbly,adventurous little girl who enjoys outside fun!