Baby Stories - 68


Bentley is 3 years old! He loves playing outside and jumping on the trampoline! He loves playing with bubbles and going for walks. His favorite food is a hamburger! Also, loves fruit!
Asher is a dream - he is sweet, funny and curious. He loves to listen to you talk, watches jeopardy and is great at cuddling. Also known as Bam Bam - he will pound his way into your heart. Learning his 1-2-3s to finding out “is that your final answer?” is only the beginning of his adventure. Asher is out there being wild, young and free!
Baby Grey! My miracle. He is the sweetest,most affectionate 2 month old I have ever seen! He is so happy -all of the time I swear I only hear him cry when he is hungry he loves his mommy! And LOVES music. Amazed by LED lights! -but don’t let his smile fool you he Definitely has a strong grip and will go for your hair.
Hello everyone this is Isaac! He’s 2 months old and boy does he love to talk! Arguing actually in his own little way! Baby boy loves his milk and a little bit of apple juice. Loves to have his face covered when he sleeps. I think his smile says it all ♥️
Jayden is the happiest and smiley little boy! 💛
Hi I’m Mateo I’m 8 months old. I love photos and having photo sessions with mommy. I live in Hawaii and the beach is my favorite! I also love cocomelon and raspberries. Whatever we are able to win will go towards his first savings account so later he can use it for college or as he pleases!
Desmond loves watching Cocomelon , being close to his mommy & is always smiling . He is currently in love with his fingers and anything he can get his little hands on
Jacoby is our rainbow baby! He loves to be held and cuddled. He likes when I sing to him even though I don't sing well. He smiles alot and does this cute little giggle when he sleeps. He is the light of my life! I am so thankful to be his mommy!
Hi, I'm Nevaeh Rose & I'm a month old. I'm such a calm, happy baby. I love to smile at mommy & daddy. I'm very alert to my surroundings, I love to look around. I'm so smart already, I sometimes hold my bottle with my hands & watch cartoons. Voting for me will help me get into a good college or anything I might have planned for my bright future. 🥰
Kinslee loves being outdoors and loves to make people smile! I think she is the perfect candidate for this
Nova is a beautiful happy baby! She loves snuggling with mommy, talking, smiling and practice walking. She truly is the light of our lives.
Oakleigh Reece is full of SASS 🤪
She loves to smile. Daddy is her favorite but loves to snuggle with mama on the couch! Voting for Hailee would be funds to go into her piggy bank for college (or whatever she decides at 18) ♥️
My sweet baby boy Levi is my first child he is starting to get his first tooth! Loves mash potatoes and strawberries. Favorite cartoons are coco melon, cars, and Winnie the Pooh loves spending his mornings with daddy when he gets home from work ❤️
Amarra Jane
Amarra is cheeky, loves giving kisses and loves attention
Atticus enjoys watching cocomelon and the little Einstein‘s. He loves his morning cuddles with mommy and when mommy sings to him. He especially enjoys when someone talks to him he has the cutest little smile that just melts your heart every time!
This is my little man skyler lee hewitt. He was my two vessel baby it frighten me when i was pregnant with him. He turned out so beautifully. He is a joyful happy baby, He likes being talked to, loves bath time and he is to cute his giggles and smile just make you smile.
Eliana is 7 months old. Some of her favorite things to do is smile, crawl around, play with her big brother and splash water when she’s taking a bath.
I love eat anything anyone has on their plate! I live the cartoon grinch movie! I chew on just about anything I can get my mouth on, these darn teeth just won’t come through!
Eleanor is the sweetest little girl. She loves to play pat-a-cake, and smile SO big whenever she see's people. She has the best clothing fashion ;) and has the best little brother. She was adopted at 1 month old!!
Miss Ryder is 3 months old, loves being with her daddy, scream through the whole house, LOVES pumpkin and anything to do with eating, bath time is her favorite thing (loves making mommy soaked by all the kicking and splashing), most of all she loves her fur siblings and being outside.
Alyson is the life of our home. She loves to sing and dance. She loves helping grandma and grandpa around the house. She is the funniest and cutest of all 🎀
Hello my name is Everleigh! I’m going on 6 months old! I love too smile! I have a big brother who makes me smile!!! I love to roll to my belly for tummy time
Bentley is the sweetest most funniest little man ever! He’s always so alert. He loves his mommy and daddy endlessly
Mason is a FIRECRACKER! My sweet, goofy, boy has always got a smile on his face and is the best at making others laugh. Mason makes friends wherever he goes and has brightened the lives of everyone around him!
Noah LOVES food! He’s always such a happy baby and he’s so sweet. :)
Hi I'm Zayleigh a sweet, loving, smart and spunky lil girl who loves dogs & my big brother🤞🏼💛
Isaiah is a fun loving little boy he loves his pets and his toys he loves his NeNe and Paw Paw and his dog Tinkerbell
Jaxon is a sweet amazing 1 year old! Energetic, happy and loves to play with his cousins! He loves his Elmo! And cocomelon!
He’s the happiest baby all the time he’s growing like a weed loves his big brother he tries to walk all the time to get to him.. he should win because he’s got a smile that can light a room ❤️💙💙
My name is Asher Kill, I love making funny faces and talking to momom and dad. The same day I was born my grandma was called home to heaven. I never got to be in grandmas arms but my dad will be there to tell me all about her.
Harper is our sweet sweet 1 year old baby girl!! She loves her mama, loves her daddy, and loves her food!!! Oh and don’t forget about her movies. She’s a crazy girl but will melt your heart, she will soon be a big sister and can’t wait to make trouble with her sibling 💕
Ariana is a beautiful 14 mth old she loves to play with her stuffys and her 3 brothers she a mommy girl she loves to get outside she has developmental delay and separation anxiety
Lena Rose
Hi my names Lena, I love to talk and smile :) I’ll be 4 months old in 2 days!
Robert our little Bobby is such a beautiful blessing . He is my first baby and he is so strong ,loves to eat, love his baths and especially nap time. He has a smile that will melt your heart!💙💙
Ingrid is such a happy sweet baby girl! She loves to talk, laugh, play, and go outdoors and enjoy the sun! The best word that literally describes her sweet little self is Happy! She’s happy from the moment she wakes up until it’s bedtime!
Aidan loves car rides and sleeps until he is hungry. His favorite thing is sleeping with mommy and watching daddy play video games.
Malaya is our perfect rainbow baby, who loves music of all kinds, being able to eat anything she can get her little hands on, and talking non stop. 🥰
Im Amelia. I love tummy time and hearing daddies voice ❤️ Im almost a month old on the 19th!
He loves his puppies! His daddy is his favorite person. Tummy time is his absolute favorite thing!
My sweet boy is my first, and I have waited my whole life to meet him. Kohen LOVES his mama. His favorite place is either the shower or right in mamas arms.
Lilith is a fun outgoing smart girl, she loves playing outside and adoors he younger brothers.
Alilah is 10 months old she has the absolute best personality loves to play outside and dress up she loves her pet dog Ari they’re besties and Mickey Mouse club house is her favorite show to watch. she can say mama, dada, hey, and dog she is almost walking and she is learning her abc’s she is the sweetest baby in the whole entire world♥️
Meet Konnor, hes a happy baby who loves to make people smile and can make someones day better just by spending time with him.
Melina is a silly but beautiful 3 year old she loves frozen and her little sister Mariana. She is a great big sister and will be playing soccer this summer!