Danica is 2 months and she is a very good and happy baby
Sedrick Jr Gamble
I’m 2 years old I love to watch Cocomelon and I lover run around
Hi my name is Malachi, I’m 4 months old my birthday is 4/20. I’m pretty new to the world but enjoying the time with my mom dad and siblings. I’m starting to enjoy some puréed food
My sweet little man! Into copying everything dad does!
Hi everyone calls me Gigi. I like playing with my toys and using mommy and daddy as jungle gyms. I like to sing and dance, and walk and crawl backwards. I use my dolly and elephant as hats when i'm feeling like a silly girl. When i get tired i try to play even harder trying to keep myself awake. My first birthday is coming up so maybe we can place in the contest and i can get something super awesome that i can share with my friends. I like long walks and when we get to go fishing at the creek. I really like music and when mommy reads to me.
‼️Like our profile and we’ll like yours too ‼️ Malachi is a sweet young man with many goals and much ambition. He enjoys gaming and hopes one day to be an engineer or another strong option is a chef! He has a natural talent for art and also enjoys Spending time with his siblings especially on the trampoline doing tricks. He is homeschooled, currently in the 7th grade, and excells in math and science. We appreciate any and all votes! Thank you 😊
Tremeyl was born on February 1st at 8:51pm he is a very happy baby he loves to laugh and play when he’s not playing and laugh he is watching his favorite shows Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Cocomelon.
10 years of trying and now we have this beautiful 5 week old little boy!! Hes always making silly faces and making people laugh. He is one strong little man loves to pick his little head up to see whats going on around him!🥰
Satori is my beautiful, head strong, intelligent and sincerly loving daughter. She has been with me through way too many lows.... she watched me grieve the death of my mother and my soul mate at a very young age. She is all i need and all i have in this world and i am all she has. Satori deserves so much more than i have been able to give and show her, but lord knows i try and work so hard to give her a better life. ...
Our sweet peanut has the smushiest cheeks and the most lovable smile. Watching her discover the world is an adventure!
Makaylah Erin
Makaylah like’s to watch gabby’s doll house on Netflix and love's play with her toys but most of all she loves to play with her brothers monster trucks
He is 2 months old and LOVES to be by mama he definitely is a Mama's boy, he loves to be held, loves to watch TV and definitely loves attention❤️ he is a charm and loves cooing away when new people see him
He's a beautiful child who loves his super heroes and loves to learn.. He such a strong baby and is so happy for all he been through..
Bayleigh loves dogs and her little kitty. She helps feed not only the dogs but the chickens, and ducks with her Pop Pop. At such a young age, she already has a big personality and funny sense of humor.
Winona is bout to be 6 months old on the 4th 🫶🏼 She loves eating fruit and playing with her toys and absolutely loves her grandma and grandpa! She’s such a happy baby always smiling, laughing and she knows how to say “mom” or “momma” ❤️
Kaden Mark
Kaden has a personality that is larger than life, & he keeps us laughing continuously! He has such a huge heart, and finds it necessary to hug everyone that he ever meets!! He knows no stranger!! Kaden loves to use his imagination, make up his own songs, and even skits to perform in front of us! He always loves making new friends, doing absolutely anything outdoors, playing in the dirt, & even helping mom clean the house. He is obsessed with dinosaurs, loves Pokémon, and Sonic the Hedgehog! I think his all time favorite thing to do though would have to be hanging out with his big brother!! Kaden is SO full of joy, and love that you can’t help but to smile the second he starts talking bc his joyous spirit is just that contagious! Kaden is the most loving four-year-old that you’ll ever know!!♥️
Tate is the smiliest and sweetest little guy 💙
Little mr loves giving everyone he meets the biggest smiles! He loves being outside and seeing everything and everyone.
Julian Mikaela White is a very smart outgoing baby girl who enjoys spending time with her elder siblings, mainly her older sister whom she looks up too and does everything with. She also enjoys spending time with her favorite Auntie Hazel and Cousin Demichael. She knows what she wants and what she likes, everyone around her loves her and makes sure she is happy and never disappoints her. I'm her mother and Julian is my youngest Baby, very blessed to be her mother and she came into our life at a time we all needed an uplifting spirit and we were blessed with our princess Julian. She isn't shy, she loves making new friends and loves to learn new things as well. We would love for you to vote for her and take the time to look at her photos and read a little about her. She loves watching Elmo, baby shark, cocomelon, and my little pony. She loves unicorns, LOL, and Minnie Mouse as well. She enjoys coloring, painting, singing, riding her bike, and playing with her blocks. She also enjoys anything to do with makeup and jewelry, she is out girly girl. Thank you for reading a little about her and hope we get your vote.
Mia is such a happy baby ,she loves her bouncer and watching Mickey and Minnie Mouse !
Kinsley Kay-Marie Dominique loves Cocomelon and playing with her toys! She loves her brothers and the color pink 🥰
She LOVES Scooby Doo and Paw Patrol. We spend most of the day shopping, watching T.V, and doing puzzles!
Preston loves to smile & laugh with everyone. Loves eating & getting into everything.
Tucker is a 2 month old who loves to smile & coo. His favorite spot is anywhere touching mom & is the sweetest thing ever ❤️
Jaxson loves smiling at Everyone and making everyone happy and watching mickey mice club house and he loves mommy his brothers and aunt and uncle's!
Karmin loves her big brother kj, they’re best friends!
She is the sweetest girl. So full of laughs and smiles. Loves to sing along with frozen 1&2.
Celestial's 6 months old and they just found a tumor located on her abdomen area & she'll be recieving chemotherapy here soon,but on a beautiful note- She is very attentive,curious,talkative, smiles/happy, and has her own lil personality. She's a VERY strong babygirl!! 💙❤️ Our lil Family has each others back Forever&Always!! ❤️💙
Baby boy is so loving and he loves baths. He loves to smile and he starting to giggle now. He melts everyone’s hearts when he smiles. He is a truly blessing
Bethany Lynn
Bethany maybe 3 weeks early but this little girl lights up any room with her big smile she is 3 months old and she always has the look of wonder in her eyes
Camdyn Phillips
Camdyn loves bath time, talking to mommy & daddy. He’s trying to roll over & enjoys having his boots off (he has clubbed foot). He’s 3 months old & loves when you talk to him!
Promiseè is a Outstanding Baby Girl who is advancing well pass her age . She’s always very Happy and smiling Super energetic loves to Play “especially” with her Toes . She’s adventurous and loves things that swing, twirl or spin . Enjoys Music, Cartoons, and Cuddling . Has a a lot of Class and Personality just too be a baby and Let’s Not forget is a Big fan of the Milk !!!
I’m Tristian I love to babble and eat. I’m 4 months old and I weigh 18 pounds. I also love lullabies.
Loves being outside Bath time Mommy and daddy My puppies Toy elephant Blanket and Binky
This is joseph he will be 2 November he is one very happy energetic baby boy, please get him out there share and vote!!
She's a sassy 3 yo who loves her siblings and kitties
Avalynn is always smiling! She’s such a good girl and lots of fun! 💕
Rhen loves to play outside, loves animals, and is the sweetest boy. 💙 he appreciates all the love 🥰
This Lil Premmie hasnt let that stop her from being the most energetic little baby and enjoying life. She loves hugs, kisses and her light up toys.
Ms. Olivia is such a beautiful brown eye girl full of smiles!!! She's always smiling and very playful with her 1st word being "mommy"
Brixten is a loving 10month old little boy! He is very energetic and loves playing with his toys and take baths!
Ivory loves toys & nursery rhymes ! She loves to play with other kids. She’s smart & loves snacks !!
LeeAnn is silly, sweet, and full of energy. She is definitely a little clown loves and has never met a stranger she loves making new friends and animals.
Ermias Beau
He adores his mother and he is funny and knows what he likes and he wont talk to adult strangers but eavea at other kids
Ellie-Mae is a very sweet and shy girl til she gets to know you. She loves to talk and read. Right now her favorite thing to say is " I want to go to Mississippi" because she really wants to travel. She loves fruit, and her Nana. And loves to go play on the slide.
Elijah is funny, energetic and very intelligent. He likes to play with family, his toys and listens to music. Plus he's very cute! Vote 4 our boy!! ❤️