Baby Stories - 68


Hi ! My name is Carter Ray, I am 3 months old. I live in Pensacola Florida with my mommy and daddy. I love walking with my mommy and meme in the afternoons and I love when I hear my daddy come home at night. Tummy time with my piano toy is my favorite time during the day (except when it’s time to eat 😀) have a great day everyone !
Ava Willard
She Loves To Walk Around Barefoot. Loves the outdoors and watching others do things. She likes to act like she is changing tires. She laughs at everything and is the happiest baby ive ever seenn.
Jett just started smiling and laughing on purpose! ♥️ Jett loves christmas lights & when you play with his piggies! He's such a silly boy and loves to play!
He full of engery and is always ready to play. His smile can light up a room. He loves to help papaw work on cars and help mamaw with the dishes.
Alani jade is two months as of this month . She’s very alert and enjoys conversations with loved ones (of course she’s baby talking away) . She’s such happy baby and has the most precious smile with the most perfect dimple:)
Olive is the happiest baby I have ever known! She loves to smile and giggle and gets so excited when having her picture taken ❤️
Arli Is a fearless little wild flower who loves to be scared and silly 😜
Mason is very adventurous, he loves toy story, monster trucks and paw patrol 🧡💛
Avah is now 2 years old and a bright girl!! She’s nothing but smiles and more🥰 she and Aaliyah are sisters and she’s a wonderful big sister to her. She’s such a big help and loves her sister🥰
She has been the best blessing for our families! She absolutely loves everyone in her life and she is just a huge ray of sunshine!
colson is 2 months old ! he’s the sweetest, happiest boy . give him a vote 💙
Liam is three months old and is the most sweetest loving baby to have. He is super calm, rarely ever cries and is always smiling!
Bentley loves to watch videos with daddy, he loves to play toys with mommy😊. Love his food for sure.
Victor aka VJ
Vienna is an outgoing,bubbly and beautiful little girl, with such personality and kindness ❤️
Elijah is such a joy! He loves snuggling and smiling. He is a great eater and makes sure mom gets limited sleep! He has 2 big sisters that adore him! So happy and excited to watch him grow everyday
I am 3 months old and love to laugh. I am a real good baby with cute dimples. Vote for me please. Thank you
Jake loves loud music, he loves light, and he loves fresh air!! He is almost 2 months old and he can hold his head up very well!
Caden is almost 2 months old! He was born 6 weeks early, he may be tiny but he’s got a big personality! He loves his bouncy seat and snuggle time with his mommy & daddy!
Nebula is smart, strong, Level headed and loves all her family and friends. She plays the Cello and is a Green/White belt in Shito Ryu Karate, Yellow/Green belt in UWTA Taekwondo, holds 2 Silver Metals in Brazilian JIU-JITSU from Oregon Sub-League, She is a force to be reckoned with. She is currently working on a made for YouTube movie with (FRIENDLY FILMS) directed, Produced and Written by (Benjamin Barlow) "THE "TRUE MYSTERY PART II". Nebula wants to be an OB-GYN when she graduates college, because she loves babies and little kids. Nebula likes most sports and sushi is her favorite food. The meaning of her name is exactly what she is "The Birth of a Star"!
EmberLynn is a sweet n sassy little girl who loves cuddles, music, football, and her mommy and daddy
Cree is a happy little boy! Always smiling! He loves playing with mommy & daddy, making loud noises, and playing on his keyboard. Cree enjoys ALL foods, and being center of attention!
This is my beautiful baby girl Briella Mae. She is the first girl in our family since my niece 12 years ago. Everyone was so happy when we found out she was a girl because we have so many boys in the family. Briella is a sweetheart and always smiles. Please vote for my baby girl.💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Janessa has a HUGE personality for such a little person. She is the youngest of 4 and loves being around her brother and sisters. She brings enormous amounts of joy to our home. You can usually tell what she is thinking by the look on her face. She is not going to hold back. She will let you know how it is. At 3 months, Janessa is already an amazing person and full of love.
⚡ Van the Man ⚡
Milan is a beautiful 10 month old she’s learning fast everyday, she just started walking!! She has sparkling brown eyes and a big beautiful smile!❤️
** WE ARE NOT IN COMPETION RIGHT NOW BUT CAN SEND ADVANCES* Evie is a snuggle monster and loves nothing more than a cuddle. She has 2 older sisters who are always on hand to try help get her into mischief too. All votes will be returned xx
Aubree is a little over a year old has a little sister she loves to say dada and loves to tackle daddy.. She loves to snuggle with mama and loves to get into trouble..
Thomas is a vibrant three year old and loves to be outside and Loves animals as much as his mother does!!!!
Eviemay is a rainbow 🌈 baby made with pure love was definitely a gift from above please vote for our special little girl x
Hope is a blue eyed ginger. She is a very happy go lucky child. She loves talking, Elmo, baby signing time, anything with a motor, adventures, being a big sister and dancing. She has a genetic disorder that affects her hearing but that doesn't stop her. Her nickname is Lil Mama because she loves to take care of her sister and clean lol
Please vote for our silly, sassy princess! 💗
Micah likes the pennywise clown from the movie IT and he LOVES to show me his dsnce moves! Little mans favorite thing to do is wrestle and play with his many dogs.
Ezrah is 3 months old and is always happy and smiling. She has 2 older brothers and loves them around her all the time.. Shes amaxing and is sure to put smiles on faces no matter what.
luna loves to smile and give lots of waves! she loves her momma and dad so much! she loves playing and crawling around! she would give lots of smiles if you voted for her :)
My baby Jo Fabian Covarrubias was born on 9/9/2020 which was 3 months before his original due date ! We have come a long way with him having tubes everywhere which was very hard to deal with emotionally. But he is now a 2 month old perfectly healthy baby boy ❤️
Blair is 3 months she love tv shows kicking talking and of course people she a loving baby 🥰 vote for Care Blair
Gracie Mae
Gracie Mae is almost 2 years old. She loves to sing and dance. Her favorite word is NO! Lol she is a blonde hair, blue eyed little tomboy! She has the curliest of hair and has the sweetest and most kindest heart!
Malakai is a outgoing kid ,very smart ,he likes baby shark ,Garfield,music
He is a very loving baby. He will try to talk to you all day . He loves to watch the Steve Wilkos show.
Leah-rose a happy bubbly little girl. Loves the camera. Plays with all sorts Loves to point things out that she sees loves the outdoors and exploring
Daniel Joseph just puts a smile on my face everyday! He loves to eat and be held by his mommy. Just a go with flow kind of baby!
I’m 3 and I love playing outside
Avery is truly a sweet baby. She loves to play in her bouncy and she laughs and always smiles, even when she doesn’t feel well. She truly is a blessing
Becoming a Momma's Girl Zeyna is starting to smile ...more when she hears her Mommy She loves music, and loves being sung to even more
She is my beautiful baby girl, she is very smart still in hospital born premature her regular birthday is September 29th
She is the sweetest baby girl i've know. She is always smiling and giggling. If you are having a bad day one of her hugs are sure to brighten your day. We all love her
Aubree is a rainbow baby born after 4 big brothers!! She’s a happy baby who is loved lots and lots!!