Aria is only a month old, already rolling over and has soo much personality. Her favorite sport is sleeping. She loves car rides and falling asleep on mom and dad after every bottle.
Easton made his appearance 10 days early and gave mom and dad quiet the scare with his heart rate going up and down and turning things quickly into an emergency c-section. He is so goofy and loves his puppy best friend Leo. He loves booping snoots and talking to all the birds and dogs he sees. His smile will make you smile.
Purpose is full of love and light and loves other people and kids. Her favorite food is bananas and her eyes are blue 💙
My name is Wrenley. I am the happiest little girl. I enjoy listening to music, playing with my puppies, and squealing out of joy. Fun fact the music that I will fall asleep to since being a newborn is Cody Johnson.
My names Atticus, I’m almost 10 months old. I love watching Ms. Rachel, playing with mumma, and crawling/walking around!
She is very lovable loves to eat and sleep
After 20 years of waiting I blessed my parents with my presence on August 9 2022! And they are grateful and thankful to have me
Born at 9 lbs 7.8 ozs Junior is a big ball of love 💙 he's so sweet, always smiling at his sister and mama.
Khalid is my sweet 1 month old born early at 34 weeks,4 days! My sweet boy spent 23 days in the nicu 🥺💞 The hardest thing I’ve ever had to conquer but my baby Khalid here is a strong nicu warrior 💪🏼 💜
I love that my mommy dances with me and sings to me, I love to feel the heart of my parents and lately I like to talk a lot. I am a very quiet and smiling girl.
Olivia is now 2 months old. She loves her baths, tummy time, and she loves spending time with her mom and dad! Olivia is full of smiles and full of cuddles
She loves to dance. She goes to daycare and has lots of friends she's learning a lot of words.she has a dog Duchess that she feeds the food she don't like. Very loving beautiful girl
Talented, Smart, Kind, Giving, She Has Such A Huge Heart And wonderful Spirit. Lighting up the room in every room she is in lighting them up with her smile and positive personality. Alicia is Funny, loves to play soccer, sings music like shes American Idol! She loves to dance her heart out to every beat she hears. Alicia is in 6th grade and is wanting to be a kid and explore may things and places in her life. Alicia is amazing and fun to be around. We love our Daughter very much and are very proud to be her parents. Alicia loves chicken nuggets and french fries with barbecue sauce. Takis is her favorite snack chip along with flamin hot fries. Alicia is a great kid and is going to be very successful in her future. Thank you.
Octavia is a such happy and silly baby! She loves to watch Mickey Mouse. She loves to eat her toes. She loves to laugh and play with mommy, daddy, and her big sister.
Kade loves to play baseball & loves racing cars/go karts and playing with race cars!
Jonah just turned 5 months old. He loves babbling, his teether toys, and is fascinated with his hands and feet. He has 4 sisters who he loves. He loves being talked to and smiled at. He’s fascinated with sticking his tongue out and thinks it’s hilarious when you stick yours out at him. He has the sweetest laugh and the most heart warming smile! As of now, his mommy is his favorite person but he loves his whole family💙
Madilynn loves to play with her bubba & sissy!
Jaxson loves to play and loves snacks !
Meet Roman! He is the sweetest little boy who can win anyone over with his baby blues and adorable dimples. Roman is a people person and loves interacting with others. My favorite part is that he brings so much joy to anyone he meets!! Our little guy is mommy and daddy’s whole world.
Richard is a very active and smart kindhearted boy. He is constantly lifting others up around him and trying too make the world a better place. Having Richard around is a joy
Giancarlo have the sweetest smile all the time. He likes to throw a smile to every person he sees. He is so smart and loves to be looking around the house. We cannot believe he is already trying to talk to us making all this different sounds. He love to be with mommy and likes to talk to his older brothers and sisters. He is our youngest son #7 to be exact after 14 years.
Mr. Andre loves chocolate and to crawl around. he's a big love bug who loves to make sure his voice is heard.
Ava loves to shop an talk up a storm an make several different facial expressions she loves swinging at the park an dancing an trying to babble songs in the car
Jase is 7 months old and loving life! He loves cuddles, baths, mommy, daddy, and his doggie brother 💙💙
Asher loves mommy’s milk and his reflection ❤️
My sweet girl Analaya is 9 months old she loves to smile, even on her worst days, she’s always watching ms.Rachel! Shes always loving and laughing! She loves to crawl!! And best of all she has chunky thighs ❤️ she’s my love bug 💕
Hi I’m Kayden, i love my big brother and my baby brother!
Leah is a mischievous child with a big heart. She loves to give hugs, read books and help out around the house. She marches to the beat of her own drum.
Our baby girl Em was born at 33 weeks and is a little rock star. She loves sweet peas and carrots, as you can see she is beautiful! She also is very nosey with her surroundings & very talkative! 🥰
Bentley has the sweetest smile that’ll brighten anyone’s day , he loves being outdoors & his mommy . He has one of the best personalities ever .
Rownin is already anxiously awaiting his Hogwarts Acceptance letter. But until then, he is the perfect muggle to smuggle. Help him be known when he arrives at Hogwarts as the boy who won the Bidiboo contest! He’ll then be ready to win his next challenge- Quidditch Cup!
Hello! My name is Taytum Laine Stover, i am 2 months old. i love my aunts and my uncles and both of my grandma’s! They are the best! i like to take naps and watch bluey! i love to cuddle my mommy and daddy, they make me happy!
Lennox loves playing with his siblings! Loves to show his muscles & loves getting into anything he finds interesting!
Miley Jo
Miley is a very happy baby, she loves playing with water bottles and she thinks dogs are funny. She loves walks outside and she’s learning about real and baby food but still isn’t sure about it. Miley also loves Walmart it’s her favorite place, she loves playing with her siblings and likes to have some quality mommy and her time.
Heston loves to pull up on EVERYTHING. Dada is his favorite word and we will prob have a walker before we hit 1!! He loves dogs and baths and is such a sweet loving boy
2 months old, loves to smile and stick out her tongue
She’s a great baby she likes to eat play talk observe everything…she wants too sit up and tries to turn around.😊♥️
This is my baby boy Theo. Little valentine baby❤️ he loves staring at the ceiling, car rides, laying with mommy. He’s so strong holds his head up since he came out. Gives the best snuggles and only cries when something is wrong. He’s the cutest man I’ve ever seen 🥹
Brooklyn is a very entertaining, energetic toddler. She makes everyone smile around her
LillIe loves to play with her big sis Ray! She loves to watch her sister dance to music. She loves her daddy!
Hi I’m Olivia Mae and I love my mommy and daddy so much! I love all animals especially kitties! My favorite thing to do is play with my ice cream set! I also love watching bluey with my parents!!
Ellie-mae was born 02//26//23 at just 5lbs5oz but healthy as can be!! She loves her mommy so much & loves to smile
Hey everybody my name is heavenly Leslie araya Jackson. I am my mommy’s best friend. My big brother and me love playing with toys and laughing at each other. My pawpaw and Mimi are the best. And so is my aunt. I have one tooth now. And I am getting so big.
Kairo is a super happy bubba, always got his cheeky smile on his face and loves talking to everyone. 🤍
I love to talk, baths, running, and my GiGi. I love making people smile!
Londyn is as sweet as she is pretty and loves to smile