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Tiana born 4lb 12oz is growing into a fun loving baby. She loves to play and try to talk. Blowing raspberries is her new favourite thing to do at moment. She has an amazing character and is loved more than anything in this world by many
Lively Oceano
Thank you everyone who voted for me! I love you all ❤️
Milani is a sweet baby girl that loves to smile 😍😍💓… she’s a fireball of energy and loves to drink her milk and nap 🥰💓..
After coming into this world way too early and finally home from NICU. She loves to cuddle with mom and dad, her big brother and sleep.
Hi my name is Plamen , I love cuddles and warm milk . My favourite person in the world is Mummy , I’m mummy’s boy . I promise she will be the only women I love more than anything .
Skylar And Shyann Brown
From the day I was in labour, I was scared but at the same time couldn't wait to meet or see you. I was curious. Then the first crying moment...that's where I knew that what I'd been waiting for just arrived. Your blue eyes and small hands trying to hold on. The beauty in you was amazing. From that moment, I developed everlasting love. I made a promise with myself that I will protect you my princesses i love u guys so much 07/08/2021
Kamani is a mommy's boy who is very loving, outgoing, happy little boy. He loves to play with other kids. Kamani loves his nerf guns.
Everly Lou
Most beautiful baby ever from the moment she was born!
Kendall is the youngest of her family, she has two teenage brothers whom she adores. She is learning to compete in horse shows and has already won multiple awards. She loves swimming, crafting and has her grampa wrapped around her finger. She also has a hamster she named Wreckie because he chewed through the box the pet store put him in before we even left the pet shop.
I love to watch bear sensory and be held ❤️
Everly is an accomplished competitor in horse riding. She loves to tend her own garden and adores her pup and best friend Sophie. And she has her daddy wrapped around her finger, when she asks dad can we go for a side by side ride...well how can he say no to his babygirl crush❤️
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Our little love is just a little over 6 months old! He loves to walk in his walker, roll over, sit in his chair and play with his toys. Waylon is always smiliing and laughing and loves to "talk" to anyone who will look at him. Definitely into exchanging votes!🙂
Happy days
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Braylen loves everyone he’s the friendliest boy in the world! He loves to play outdoors and always ready to have fun!
Hi my name is Xavian. Although I was born early I didn’t let that stop me! I love meeting people. I have the power of making anyones day better with just my cuteness and a smile! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this profile I am much older now.
Happy birthday to me
Ain’t I adorable
Cheeky and beautiful 😍
Noah absolutely loves to play video games with his favorite video game being Super Mario Smash Bros. He also loves reading and has a natural curiosity to learn more about God. He is such a social butterfly and enjoys making new friends and just making everyone laugh and smile :)
Alaïa Nicole
Alaiïa is a sweet sassy girl she loves to play at the park and have fun with her cousins 💙
Braxton the most handsomest boy I’ve ever met
Meet Emberlynn JoAnn !
Our sweet boy always giggles and has the most priceless facial expressions.
Sebastian is the youngest of SIX siblings :) He loves Disney and Universal!
Aubrey is 3 months shy of 2 years old and sassy as ever! This fuel is full of sas and definitely a daddy’s girl! She loves to play with things other than her toys😂 she’s always smiling or laughing it’s the best!
Michael is my 4 month old son who is full of joy. 💙 He had a rough start dealing with pyloric stenosis at just a month old, but his smile can melt anyone's heart 💙
My handsome baby boy is a month old as of a few days ago, he loves music specifically somewhere over the rainbow, snuggling with mom and dad, and looking around at absolutely everything💛
Noah is a wonderful kid that is full of energy and joy! His first word was "Turtle." He loves to wave hello to everyone that he sees, he has a very determined mindset, he loves to dance, he loves cars, and he LOVES bath time! He really enjoys being outside and exploring new things.
Dominic is a rainbow baby he is the most happiest baby that you could ever meet the sweet blue eyes and smile will steal your heart . he loves being outside and playing with his toy elephants
Emery was born at 39 weeks. She is so sweet and so loving. Emery loves smiling, cuddles, and eating her hands. She is so alert and loves trying to talk to her mommy and daddy. Vote for Emery!!🥰
Kahree is VERY ALERT, a little nosey(lol), & very smart. His eyes change from gray to brown. He mugs a lot but he smiles too lol. Loves to play, loves lullaby music & is full of life!! He’s also a mommy’s boy ☺️
KD loves Paw Patrol ❤️ Loves rolling over & eating. He loves him mama and daddy 🥰
She is one of the most docile babies I've come across such a smiling little beauty everybody falls in love with her immediately she loves to interact and talk up a storm.
Isaac is a child with an imagination as big a u allow it to be. He loves to fish and hike. He collects Pokemon cards. He loves to hang with his uncle and make videos for their intended YouTube channel. Isaac's dream is to be a YouTuber.
Azura is a miracle baby. She has achieved everything we was told she would never do!! From crawling to walking to talking. She is such a loving, compassionate, funny girl. Azura loves to help with anything she can. She loves books and music
Paisley is 4 years old. She loves playing with her brother, drawing, dancing and singing. She is full of laughter and smiles and could brighten anyone’s day ❤️
Born a preemie weighing 4lbs 13oz and spending her first three weeks of life in NICU, Roz has made a crazy comeback. Now at 6 months old she’s grown two teeth with more making progress and is beginning her baby food adventures while being the happiest smiley baby I’ve ever seen.
Estella is a very happy 2 month old! She is very smart and already so advanced. She can sit up on her own and will even copy you if you click your tounge at her!
Hi guys!💜 I am 8 months old with two teeth in, I love to crawl and stand up on everything I can. My favorite show is Charlie’s Colorform City, and my mommy is my favorite person🥰I love exploring and learning new things. I have one of the biggest and cutest personalities you will ever meet! Have a look at pictures to get a cute glimpse of my smile growing ☺️ Btw we exchange votes! Up to 20 a day! ❤️❤️
Auna Rose
My Beautiful Daughter Auna Rose is happy, a loving baby, loves to smile and she loves her mommy and daddy alot!
Jackson loves cars and playing in the water
Jesse is 10 mths he loves playing with his sisters. Loves ice cream and French fries and cocomelon. He has a beautiful smile and he is loved by so many. He’s such a happy baby
My name is Malaya I’m smart , pretty ,Sassy I love to dress up I love my mom and dad & baby brother Messiah 💙
Aubree is very alert and loves to give you a big smile! She may only be 2 months old but her personality is huge and she’s going to change the world!!
Landen is 2.5 years old, he loves Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, and of course Cocomelon. He enjoys playing with cars, organizing blocks. He's very particular how his toys are. He loves to cuddle and he's definitely a mama boy. You should vote for my boy because he is handsome, loving, sweet.