She is very smart and her favorite colors are pink and purple she loves to do gymnastics and anything her brothers love too do
Lyric is such a happy and joyful baby!
Charlton Uhatafe, born 07/12/2022 He is so advanced for his age he Loves to talk, he lifts his head up, he loves to watch “Boss Baby & The Smurfs”, he’s so loving and energetic and he hates when you wake him out of his sleep, he loves music and he’s a mellow baby who only cry’s to eat and change his diaper other than that happy baby happy life😘🥰💙
Willow Rein
Willow was my miracle. She was only a dream for many years of being told i was never going to be able to have a child. Willow enjoys her 4 legged sibilings, loves carrots and pears.
Brayleigh Shae
Miss Brayleigh Shae is the most happy baby ever. She’s constantly smiling. Especially at daddy. She’s working so hard every day to hold her head up and trying to talk. She loves tummy time and daddy’s fingers. ❤️
Avonni gets his handsome looks from his dada and his photography ability from his mama. Our little man lights up our life with his fun personality and his big blue eyes 🤍
Happy sweet girl loving life with her two older siblings. Ivy and Pierce
My 7 month old happy, happy baby! He just recently started crawling and pulls himself up on everything! He loves being with the big kids! And he’s a daddy’s boy!
Charlene Rose
My name is Charlene rose, I like smiling, sleeping and being swaddled.
Extremely happy baby girl! avah enjoys watching bubbles guppies and cuddling with mommy and daddy❤️
Nesiah is such a handsome happy joyful baby! Everybody he meets witnesses his contagious smile!
The happiest baby EVER. He loves being outside and hangin with his puppies
Hadley is my youngest of 3! So spunky and has the most perfect eyes and smile! Her sense of humor is spectacular and loves loves her big brother and sister!
Ryder was born Aug 12th at 8:30am. He loves to watch and smiling at momma❤️
Elliana is a bright eyed, sassy little girl! She loves to talk all day, read her books, and she loves her cheerios!
Sabrina is the happiest baby, she loves to crawl and explore!
Phoenix is 4 months old and she was born 3 whole weeks before due date! She was my scariest pregnancy by far, Phoenix loves her dada, her sister, mamaw and especially her papas!! She loves her banana custard and green beans, don’t you dare stand in her way when it comes to mash potatoes either!🤣
Ivan is such a happy, easy going baby boy who’s rarely upset and rarely stops smiling. His favorite things to do are bounce and watch boss baby😌
Semaj D. is amazing. My baby boy has the funniest sense of humor that makes him special and brightness everyone day with his presence. He loves his mom so so much. He is so amazing, smart, and very observant, and definitely takes charge independently but he has his days where he wanna be spoiled and has everyone doin things for him lol. i just love being around him and i love that he made me his mother ! I love you semaj 💕 !
Theo is a cheeky little boy who loves playing with his cars, singing and being a great big brother
Hi I'm Liam! I love sleeping and giggling in my sleep. I snore just like my daddy also! When I'm not sleeping, I'm looking at my surroundings and trying to figure out what my dog and cats are doing. Baby Shark is life right now and sometimes it is the only thing that makes me happy.
Meet the one & only sassy Cassie! Lights amaze her but kisses don't faze her. She's got ten fingers, ten toes, where she stops, nobody knows. She squirms like a worm so cast her your vote now or she'll give you the stink eye & raise you one brow. Rockin her diaper, with buttons & bows, off on an adventure sassy Cassie soon goes!
Houston is our little fighter 💙
Verity is a very happy baby! She’s new to the world and is still trying to figure it out! She has her smile down though!
James is an adventurous little boy who loves to play outside, be around animals, help cook dinner, and play with his baby sister! He is currently obsessed with Blippi and dinosaurs!
Alexander is 7 years old. He loves camping and spending time with his family as well as playing minecraft. Alexander loves doing his pageants, he loves making new friends at not only pageants but in school. He is in 2nd grade and due to COVID it’s his first year in person. He says he loves school that it is fantastic. Alexander is growing his hair out so that a sick child can have a very long wig made for them to have hair. He spends a lot of time at 7 doing volunteer community service work like feeding the homeless at the soup kitchen among other things. He also coupons with mommy and does alot of donations to charities and organizations.
She is such a happy baby, & has the cutest little laugh, she is learning to stand up now but of course she needs mamas help.
He is 2 months old. He’s already rolled over on his own twice all by himself. He is roughly 8 pounds and 7 ounces. He is a Pro-Sleeper.
Marleigh is a smiley, happy, baby! She loves to play with her big brother, being outside, and is currently learning to walk!
Myles loves chanting mama, dada and baba. He loves to laugh and eat his toes. He loves using his hands and watching them move and grasp. He loves his family and he loves LOVE.
Hogan is almost 10 months old. He has 3 older brothers. We lost his dad in October 2021 and Hogan entered the world November of 2021. Hogan is a very happy always has a smile on his face he loves to tell everyone no right now thats his favorite thing. Hogan also loves being outside and around his brother.
Ava love’s peppa pig & to sing if your happy and you know it 🥺, and she’s such a happy playful baby that’s full of smiles❤️
My rainbow baby 💙
Bella was born prematurely, spending a week in NICU before finally getting to go home with mom and dad and big brother❤️ She’s been doing great ever since. She’s absolutely the sweetest💕
Adrian is 6 months old he loves playing with other kids (especially the bigger kids) he loves jumping and talking and spending time with mommy
My little lilerpoo is the sweetest, she loves makeup and outside! Vote for my little twin
My baby girl Khiya ❤️ She is 17 months old with the brightest blue eyes
Hazel'Elise enjoys playing outside, loves to laugh and play! She has a huge personality that can make anyones day.
Beau is the happiest baby and absolutely I’d obsessed with him dog!
Caleb is one month old and loves listening to music. He smiles so big when you talk to him.
Barrett is the best big brother ever and is amazing on a dirt bike!!!
Brock was born at 26 weeks and is doing great he is the strongest person I have ever meet!!!
A vivacious 4 year old who loves construction work, Star Wars, and smiling. He’s so intelligent and always lights up the room!
His such a Caring young man loves play out doors aways smile and absolutely loves all the lady's and pick flowers for them
Freya is 2 months old about to be 3 months. She loves to cuddle and she loves meeting new people. She also loves to try and sing with mommy and also loves to try and talk to everyone She has a very adorable smile. And lights up a room with it.
Jaxon is our miracle rainbow baby, definitely hand picked for earth by his brother in heaven. He loves bath time, feeding time, he loves trying to talk to mommy and daddy, truly the happiest baby, as you can see in the pictures! Vote for our sweet boy ❤️
She loves her brother and she's the best big sister...