My babygirl is always so happy. She loves to laugh smile and follow her mommy and daddy around the house!!
Baby Mack, the baby that beat all odds.
My name is Daniel I like to play and watch tv
Emmett is a smart boy who loves to learn and play he loves stickers and tattoos and his very sweet
Very curious, smart, and playful boy! He loves to wave at everyone, blow raspberries on his mom's arms, and loves his "gampapapapapapa" (as he calls him), "ga-ma", and our dog Boo ("bah"). He loves being outside and is always determined to explore.
Payton Nori
Payton is one of the most sweetest girls in the world. she likes to sing, dance, and take care of her guinea pig named Cheeto. Payton is also a big sister and does a very good job helping mommy change diapers and make bottles for her little brother Nova.
His name is Kamren and he’s so sweet and loveably.
Sabrina is our only girl she has an older brother and a younger brother, she’s definitely the trouble maker but she’s a sweet as can be.
Leiah is 2 months old. She loves her mommy and daddy. She is a princess
Ayden Joesph
💕Ayden is very outgoing all around loved by many💞
He loves to smile and give high fives. He loves to wave and he gives the best kisses 😘.
Our wild child!
Alexa was born preemie. She is an amazingly smart little lady that has grown quite quickly. She has just learned to walk and her laugh is contagious! Help her climb to the top and vote for her!
Inlove with minnie mouse , goofiest personality & such a happy loving baby 🥰
BrextonJames is a very good baby! He loves to sleep still and when he’s awake he’s very alert❤️ When we do tummy time my baby boy is rolling over already🥰
Jaxx loooves to smile. He has made our lives so much better ♡
He is quite and smiles a lot and is happy all the time
Caysen is always happy! He loves Thomas the train! He has a one of a kind personality!
Mayci is my hot mess of a godchild who loves to eat ANYTHING and has the biggest personality I’ve ever seen in a 1 year old!! She loves her big sissy and she loves to take naps
Elliott is 10 months old he loves his older brother and sister, enjoys cuddles.
4 month old baby girl cutie
Lai’Lani loves to play, listen to music and watch her shows. She’s such a happy baby, is full of personality and very affectionate.
Leilani is 5 months old. She can roll over She loves to smile and play She loves to cuddle
Jacob is 6 years old and he's the most adorable little boy loves to play on his tablet loves watching Garfield the cat and catching lizards 🦎 vote for Jacob
Madelynn is such a Outgoing smiling loving baby girl that loves to laugh
Anna is 10 years old and she loves to play kick ball and spending time with her little brothers shes a very loving and caring girl and loves to help others as much as she can she is also very out going and very shy till she gets to know you and she also has a hard time hearing in her left ear due to some mild heearing loss and she is also adhd.
Hunter is 3 years old. He is smart funny and caring little boy. :).
McKenzie is such an amazing little girl with the biggest heart I have ever known. She has been known in her school to stand up to bullies when her friends are being picked on and she’s as tough as they get. She may be a girly girl but she’s not afraid to play in the dirt like the boys. She loves going to her omas farm and feeding the animals. She loves her dog jax who is so attached to her and will never leave her side for they are best friends for life. She absolutely loves pizza and will eat it every day if she could.
Maisie Lux is the happiest baby you’d ever meet! She loves to laugh & smile, her favorite things to do is play with her puppies and blow raspberries 😊 Maisie is 5 months old and currently teething, so if she wins mom and dad are taking her on a shopping spree for new teething toys and some winter clothes!
Baby Michael is such a happy sweet boy who loves to laugh and play with his big sister. His favorite food is green beans and pears. He is the first grandson on my husbands side who will carry the last name which his great grandmothers side comes from a noble British family. He is always full of smiles and will make your day better with his little laugh and baby babbling. We love him so very much!
Amarriyah is a happy baby. She is so adorable. She is very smart and catches on real quick .She is 1 years old and we plan on her becoming a model.
Justus loves to dance, watch Elmo, play with cars and read books. He is full of energy and loves to snuggle. His personality is bigger than life and his smartness amazes me everyday.
James is a happy boy, just look at that smile! His Dr's said he was Failure to Thrive; but we beat that last month! He has a lip and a tongue tie but he is still pushing on :) He loves to waive 'bye bye' to Daddy when he goes to work and enjoys pulling both of his sissy's hair! He also thinks it is funny to bite you. He's our very special James <3
Clarity is my name & playing is my game!
Baby L is an energetic giggle monster. Although crawling is the fastest way to knock over grandma’s plants .That doesn’t stop him from grabbing anything close to stand on just to get a little higher ground for his next adventure. The ladies can’t resist his two bottom teeth it’s all in the smile i know . THANKS FOR VOTING ❤️😊
She LOVES to laugh, play with her brother, eat food that Mommy, Daddy & big bubby eats, shes done with baby food lol. She had a feeding tube for almost a year we got it removed a month ago! ❤ shes my preemie baby, 2 months early. Shes got such a contagious laugh/smile!
Denis is a very cheeky little boy. He loves tornadoes and paw patrol. Loves cuddles and is always interested in what your doing. His personality is amazing ♥️
I loves my mommy and daddy, falling asleep on mommy chest, to eat, swinging, and rocking!
George loves to dance and makes everyone laugh )
My beautiful little girl is full of smiles and fun, she will make anyone fall in love with her! 🥺❤️
This is the silliest, sweetest, most caring, kind hearted daddy's girl in the world. She literally doesn't have a mean bone in her little body.
She’s a very energetic ball of joy! An amazing little sister! She loves strawberries. Come on and vote for my princess!
Reyna is two months old and loves looking around and giving tons of facial expressions. She's loves telling stories in her baby mumbles. It's just the cutest! She's one strong babygirl. She likes holding her head up and gripping on to you or anything in sight. 🥰
Ava is my youngest daughter out of 2 girls. She enjoys playing on her tablet and is very competitive. She's also a very independent girl and likes to do things on her own. Please vote for her.
Emersyn is the newest addition to the family full of girls. She loves to coo and look at her mommy.
Nova Grace
Nova grace is the most sweetest, sassiest, funniest little girl I have ever met! She’s ONE! She is full of so much life and joy. Her personality is so beautiful. To know her is to love her ❤️ Y’all go vote for my baby girl!