This is Sophia. Her favorite part of life is laughing and dancing. She has such a kind and spunky spirit. Sophia is one of our most precious blessings. 💜
Yaretzi Mtz
123 come on everybody and vote for me Yaretzi Mtz I’m 7 months old I love eating my hands and spending my time in my bouncer. I love to smile
Lorenzo is one of a kind. He has an amazing personality and loves to play games and be silly. Loves to play peekaboo and sing songs and dance. He loves his cuddles and loves food.
Aurora is a sweet sassy girl who will talk your ear off when she gets to know you. Loves to play and read Paw patrol books.
I am 6 months old! I love playing with my feet. I love attention. Food is my favorite! Mom & Dad know all my tickle spots😁
Always a happy chappy, always making us laugh. Such a cute little boy with a bright personality. Everyone absolutely loves him.
She is all full of smiles and babbles. She is 5 months old, loves to eat and sleep. She loves all the attention to be on her. She loves her mommy and daddy and truly is a great blessing to our family.
This is my grandson He loves to laugh he loves watching Ms Rachael very Happy baby come vote for him everyone very smart baby soon to be 1
Mav loves Mickey Mouse and chewing on his fingers.
Diana has the sweetest smile! This tiny baby enjoys precious cuddles, tickles, and her Mommy, Daddy, and sister. She is one of our greatest blessings. 💜
Isaiah is a definite wrestling fan. He is more calm watching wwe than watching any childrens cartoons. Lol he loves his uncle Bradley and big sister Izzy but he is a mommy's boy through and through
Tayah, the lover of pinching food.. biggest heart but an even bigger attitude.
His name is ulyesses blond hair blue eye baby boy the blessing from god abobe he loves smiling looking for his mommy and daddy ever time talk this boy is the dream we needed to fullfill our lifes
He's the baby, has such a huge personality. Hes so handsome and funny. When hes around he is always doing something to make everyone smile. He loves his brothers and his doggie! Loves peanut butter and reeses, this handsome hunk is always happy! 😊
My Evie, my little tinker, loves taking things apart, giving it a chew and figuring out how it works
I'm 3 months old and I love talking even though words don't come out yet. I also love watching TV with mommy, especially since we get our cuddle time.
Darcey is an absolute dream! The biggest beautiful eyes. loves to wave at everyone, Her most favourite toy is her Greek baby
Lennox Cole is a spunky, ambitious, sweet boy. He loves to play outside and give lots of kisses. He lights up the room and makes every bad day better. He loves eating anything and everything and spending time with his Poppy. We love you sweet boy!!
Alex is a very outgoing baby he understands Russian and he understands English
She loves eating her hands and watching Cocomelon
This is Aubrey, she is almost 2! She lovesss food, playing at the park, being a big sister, and paw patrol! She’s funny as can be! Smiles like no other, very loving! Getting to know her is a blessing! ❤️
She is super cute and she loves the burbles and the small animals, she is super sweet and she loves the hugs
Hes smart and super sweet and cute and loves CocoMelon
Ku’Mari is a love bug , full of energy and a goofball ! He loves his big sister and brother and to play with his toy cars !
Cadence was the first born and has always been more spunky she's already trying to crawl and pick up her own head
A bundle of joy. Waiting to greet the world.
Elanore or as the family knows her (Ellie may) is sassy beyond belief never gives up when she wants something is a bit small in size but definitely makes it up in aditude she struggled to make it this far and will forever be my lil fighter
Ky has his own big personality and he really knows how to get his way.
Cass is a Happy Bubba with a wicked little character! She loves her Penguin Benny and going out to eat
Jream is an angel sent at a time when everyone needed some joy she loves to smile
Little girl, I hope you know how much you are loved already. You have a big brothers who adores you, always wants to sings the sweetest little songs to you and you love it … your rolling over and you got your first tooth Can’t wait to see what else you got for us ❤️
Noah is almost 5 months old. He loves people and loves to laugh ❤️
Caleb loves playing with his kitty cats and his family! His smile is contagious! His laugh is even more contagious
Lily is the happiest girl ever, she’s always got a big smile on her. She is 9 months old and has clubbed feet; she has to wear boots with a bar at night. She also sleeps with her legs up in the air! Lily loves all food types and loves music like the Beatles, the mama’s and the papa’s, Motley Crue, etc. She can say ”mama,” “Dada,” and “baba.” She loves doing raspberries, being tickled and overall being a silly girl!
He's a smiley happy baby
Logan loves singing in his sleep.
mr lil man came a little later than he was suppose to which is ok. he’s a lil champ,he loves to get kick his feet,he loves mommy and daddy and is beginning to smile.
My baby girl is 3 months and has the most joyful smile I ever seen the moment you look at her you instantly smile because she’s such a beautiful lil mamas
Little Miss Evelyn is 4 months old and she is special to me and my family she was the missing piece that we didn't know we needed. She is the youngest of 5 and she has a smile that will brighten anyone's day.
My name is Kylie cooper and I am the mother of Athena grebe this little girl has the most joyful soul and such a beautiful baby, she is full of love and always looking forward to meeting new people. She loves to give kisses. Athena is the most precious girl I have ever known and for anyone that meets her they absolutely love her the moment they meet her please vote for my baby girl the money isn’t important but the amount of votes she’ll get will show her that she’s known to this world and this world will love her like I do ❤️🙏
Liam is the happiest baby in the house. He has the most adorable blonde curls. He loves baths, food, and his Nana and papa.
Amelia is very sweet & passionate! She loves to run around the park, push her dolls around, & help clean around the house! She is truly amazing!
Ivan is 6 months old. He loves to socialise and smile at anyone he meets. Hes quite enthusiastic when it comes to trying out new toys, new places to roam and new foods!!!
She loves to play and watch baby shark all the time she is a daddys virl all the way she loves go eat mash potatoes and mac and cheese.
This is Alex. He loves daddy, peek a boo, and mickey mouse. His favorite thing to do is yell and scream.