Baby Stories - 67


Laila is 7 months old. She loves bright colors and loves to say dada! She is super active! Vote laila today 🥰
Ariahanna is one years old an loves to sing.
Rosemaríe is a happy, silly baby with an personality you truly have to see to believe! She loves talking and playing with mommy and daddy, watching educational shows. She’s very smart/advanced for her age and thinks she’s supposed to learn to walk before she crawls lol 😂 she puts a smile on Everyones face! She loves exploring new things as well as new foods!
She loves food. She loves to dance! She supper happppy! Loves to play with her baby dolls She also loves to play with her siblings
Gabriella is a very curious and active baby. She loves to play with her peekaboo elephant!🧸🥰
She’s her little sunshine she always has a great big smile. She loves her legs and she loves her bouncer. She such a good baby always with that bright smile.
Precious little girl is getting SO big! Going to be walking soon.
I’m definitely a mamas boy. I’m always a happy camper unless I’m hungry. I love smiling and laughing with my momma
Gianluca is an angel ❤️ , a gorgeous boy , our little bundle of joy ❤️
My handsome chunkers. Hes such a good baby
This is Hennleigh Beth! She is full of joy and excitement. One very happy baby girl. She loves being held and enjoys every bit of attention she can get.
Harvey is happy and smiley little boy! He absolutely loves his older brother and his puppies!
Ariella is a super happy 7 month old little girl. She is the baby of the family and is a rainbow baby. She loves to play and laugh at her big brother. She has 4 teeth already and loves to growl! If you give Ariella votes, make sure to comment and we will return the votes for your little one!
Hi there! I’m Blakely Raine, & I’m such a happy bubbly goofy little baby! I love my family & naps & bottles & being held ALL THE TIME. Vote for me!
Bodhi is an avid music lover, absolutely loves dogs, and is a happy baby all around. ❤️
Caidens 3 months old, he loves blues clues & is the most smiley baby ever!! 💙
Sapphire is a spunky. Loveable full of smiles little girl who loves her family and loves to play wirh her fur babys
Berklee is the sweetest baby you’ll ever meet! She loves everyone, breast milk, and sleeping all day long so she can party all night!
Cortez Jr
Cortez Jr is a happy baby boy, always full of smiles and talks like he is grown lol he will melt your heart with just one smile. Those dimples are heartwarming. If you have voted please share this link as well. This Gigi want Cortez Jr to win his first contest ever 😍
She is sweet and quiet! She loves attentions and love! She smiles sweetly and loves to coo!
My happy baby girl 💕
She’s broke and wants to buy crystals and incense
Hello, this is Braxton he’s 3 months old and loves snuggling. His favorite thing is tummy time and playing with his toys!
Kaelynn was a week and a half past her due date and had to spend the first few days of life in the nicu. Now she is super alert and loves to keep an eye on things at all times, we truly are blessed 💓
He is the most happiest baby in the world. He laughs an coo all the time , so playful. He can turn anyone’s frown to a smile instantly.
Rowan loves Sheriff Callie and smiling. He adores his mommy and daddy! He loves cuddle time and is a great snuggler! He loves tummy time (most of the time).
Brianna is a sweet little girl who brightens the room up wherever she goes, all thanks to her big smile and happy cheerful personality! Loves watching cartoons with Elmo and Tobi
He was born with 6 fingers on each hand. He is such a happy and funny baby. Look at that 😁
Alayna is a loving baby girl who loves to play outside with her toys and has fun with her close relatives
Hi I’m Austin! I’m 3 months old and here are a few things I love! Taking baths! Giggling and playing! Bananas!
Hi. I am Adda the most happiness baby girl. I love food how you can see. I like to play with my brother and make happy my parents. All day I walk as much possible. Thank you for your vote
Nathan is a sweet, handsome boy who loves to smile. He loves to be held and cuddled and laughs when his cheeks are being smooched! 😘 He also loves tummy time and sitting up to look around the room!
Mazy Blake has been in our lives for almost a month!! She has completed our little family 🥰
Joseph Abram
Joseph Abram is 8 months old.. He changes so much every week. This month he rolls over every chance he gets, and loves standing up on his tiny feet.. He’s starting to teeth, so we might have his first tooth very soon. He is starting to try and mimic sounds, and loves watching Daniel Tiger. Everyday is full of new surprises and we just can’t wait too see what he has in store.
Jeffrey is a super sweet and happy little boy. Jeff loves bath time and watching the ceiling fan!♥️♥️
Ismael has 3 different types of heart defects but he’s been thriving so far! He loves cuddles and car rides and he loves to smile too !
Finley loves to dance and play monster. She’s so smart and loves to learn. She’s always smiling from ear to ear. She’s the goofiest toddler you’ll ever meet.
Braxton is such a huge light in our lives! For only being 4 months old he is a chunky and talkative little man. He is always trying to tell his momma and daddy what’s going on. He loves to watch Boss Baby and the Little People. He also loves to watch dirt bikes and drag racing with his Daddy. He started solid foods just two weeks ago and his favorite thing has been Avocados! He is such an easy going baby. He only cries when he’s hungry or fighting his sleep. He only wants to be treated like a big man and loves to be called one too. He’s getting big so quickly. It’s amazing to watch him learn and grow.
Alaia Mai
Alaia is a sweet heart. always smiling, always laughing. she loves mamas kitchen utensils, the spatula is her favorite!!
Blue eyed, sweet yet sassy, full of love mamas girl! Skylar is my miracle baby. She wakes up everyday with a smile on her face, which makes me wake up with a smile.
She smiles when you say hello and giggles when you give her raspberries.
Alexandria , aka Alex Kay , nickname also stinker, cutie pie, Bubby, precious, and awwwwww isn’t she just the sweetest thing””! She’s sassy and sweet, the prettiest girl you’ll ever meet! She loves to eat her bottle every 2 hours , and you only have 60 seconds to get it ready or I’ll throw a fit, sometimes she likes to snack and mommy and daddy have to take shifts staying up all day and night, she does what she wants, she’s spoiled , lol! I don’t like dr browns bottles even though they’re highly recommended my favorite ones are mams & I even prefer That in binki s too! I think it’s funny when mommy sticks my binki in my mouth and says “beep beep”! When it’s time to sleep , I dream and smile and chuckle, I’m talking to angels! I love puppy dog pals , I have a brother from another mother that’s a dog name Jack and 3 sisters and one brother whose the oldest! It’s a lot more to say about me but I’m sure when I win the contest I can tell you all about me!
Denis is a very energetic child! His biggest hobby is playing and "addiction" is mommy's milk! 🙈🙈🙈🤣 #myperfectbaby🥰🥰🥰
Zalyiah is a ball of energy. She loves to dance, ride her quad, and play peek a boo. My sugarfree baby loves her veggies and eats anything and everything she is truly something!