Elijah Was Born On New Year's He Is Currently 7Months Hes A Funny Baby Very Curious And Loves To Wander At 7 months 🤣. He Has Two Teeth Coming In And he's starting to walk everywhere in his walker (BEFORE HE STARTED CRAWLING)But Anyways We would Love Everyone's Votes On This *Give And You Shall Receive* GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU He Can Make You Smile Within Seconds He's Such A Happy Baby 😍Hes A Blessing from God Cause Mommy Was In A Dark Place😔And Without Mommy Would've Been Somewhere Else In Life But Because Of Elijah Me And Him Are Loving Are Best Life's
My name is Harper Grace. I learned to crawl and now I hate sitting still. I love Ice Cream and chicken nuggets and fries, but I will eat anything mommy and daddy give me. I love watching movies with my big sister. I will have a baby sister soon too and I can't wait. I love cuddling with my mommy and daddy, but I really love when daddy cuddles with me. We always fall asleep together and I sleep so good when he holds me. I like playing in my play room with my sister. We have a whole bunch of toys and sissy always makes me laugh and shares with me. I love chocolate milk and strawberry milk but chocolate is my favorite. Especially, when mommy heats it up in the microwave for me and it's warm. I love my blankets too. I have to have a blanket and a bottle to go to sleep. I'm not picky on the blankets as long as they are fuzzy and feel good on my face. Mommy and daddy says I'm funny, happy, always hungry, spunky, and they say I am their little comedian. Everytime we go out in public people always stop and talk to my sissy and me. We are always turning heads when we go some where. I absolutely hate to get dressed, I would rather just be in my diaper but mommy says I have to wear clothes when we go somewhere. I have two teeth now on the bottom. I'm waiting for more to grow in. Mommy says it won't be long and they will come in. I'm almost as big as my big sister. I only weigh 8 pound less than her and she is 2 years old. Mommy and daddy say I'm a big girl because I'm already in 18 month clothes at 9 months old. I weigh 20 pounds now. The doctor says I'm in the 90th percentile for my age. I believe I will win this contest so please vote for me😊😊
Hi my name is Oaklynn! I am 1 year old and my favorite thing to do is dance. I am so smart and I love to play with my puppy Copper! I’m so sweet and I have the cutest smile 😊
Hi I’m Cain but you can call me cj. I love baby shark, bluey and cats. I eat everything on my plate that mommy make morning lunch and dinner.
Ny’Veh is 9 months old and full of life and energy. She loves to eat, sing, & play . She enjoys “playing the video game” with her dad and cousins . She’s the youngest of 5 girls &’ will be promoted to big sister October 25th 😊 She was the only baby born Halloween day in Camden, Arkansas 🎃
Magnolia Rae Angeletta
Magnolia is full of life. She’s a little girl with a big attitude. Her name Magnolia suits her well as she carries herself with elegance and has a pure heart. Although she maybe shy at timid at first once you get the chance to know her she is bubbly and bright with her contagious smile and warm heart.
Xamira is still a very tiny baby! But she loves to hear people talk to her & she loves to be wide awake!
Tresha is a bright, beautiful, happy child who loves everyone she comes in contact with💙
Xander is a very happy & energetic child. He loves to play, & he likes to drink a lot of juice & water. He’s very sweet.
She loves the camera🤣
Rustyn loves to be outside he is very curious and smart. He loves motorcycles and to be playing in the dirt. Always wants to help and If it has wheels he wants to drive it.
Lucas Lynch
Lucas is a very outgoing 3 year old. He loves lighting McQueen and crazy over dinosaurs.
Amir is an energetic 4 year old who loves to have all eyes on him!
Jasper Lynch
Jasper is the sweetest most loving little boy I have ever meet. He is in love with toy story. BUZZ LIGHTER is his all time favor. He is 100% a momma boy. And loves his food.
He loves car rides and his nonna. He's a mommas boy he loves all good . He enjoys movies and crawling and cuddles
Elizabeth is a loving little girl, shs loves playin with her baby sister and helping me baby sit. Her favorites things include fishing with the family, playing with her toys and her dog, swimming, and playing in the mud. She also like making new friends and going to school.
So playful and sweet He’s a big brother, he loves Super Mario and Sonic and His favorite colors are Green and yellow
He loves sleeping on daddy’s chest and mommy’s arms. He’s a happy baby that loves to paint a smile on everyone 💙
My name is Kinsley. I love playing outside, and helping mommy and daddy with things around our house. I really love swimming, this year I learned how to swim all by myself with my life jacket. I also love getting dressed and putting on my shoes but I don't like when mommy has to do my hair.f My favorite food is spaghettios and I absolutely love chocolate donuts for any dessert. I just turned 2 in August 2022. I try so hard to be a big girl and do things on my own. My mommy says I'm outgoing, brave, cute, funny, beautiful, fierce, stubborn at times, dedicated to anything I set my mind to and she also says I'm a Daddy's girl! My favorite movie is "Stitch". I love music and dancing. I also really love my baby sister Harper Grace, she is my best friend and we share everything. Sometimes we even dress just alike. I recently started brushing my teeth by myself with my mommy and daddy and I also learned how to help them with dishes. I am truly a force to be reckoned with my mommy and daddy says so. I know my baby sister, mommy, and daddy are my favorite people and my biggest fans.
Caine loves to be held and cuddled with. He’s got such a warm soul. Help baby Caine win we appreciate your support.
Tehani is already very opinionated, and not afraid to tell you (with baby babbel) exactly what’s on her mind . Feisty, but a true comedian !
Miss Kora is that 2nd born child and this girl right here is one extra sassy, never a dull moment, keep ya on your toes, kinda girl! She loves to dance a.k.a. Scoot her booty across the floor to the beat. She amazes us each and everyday and thinks her big sister hung the moon. Vote for Kora! #koraforthewin
He loves to play and laugh and talk all day.. He loves to play outside.
Miss Kinsley is a spunky, sassy, and funny, first born child! She loves to dance and sing but also not afraid to get her hands dirty playing in the dirt! She is an amazing big sister (on the days she so chooses 🤔😉😆). This girl right here is going to run the world! (Currently her mom, dad, sister, Aunts, Uncles, etc..). Vote for Kinsley! #kinzforthewin
Rynlee’s a happy baby •she likes to be talked to & played with
Ariella is full of smiles and baby talk all day long! Her little smile will lighten any mood and brighten any room! 💕
The happiest baby ever she’ll catch anyones attention a big the biggest smile
Henry is a 5th generation farmer in the making! He’s the happiest guy and loves going on adventures with his parents!
Baby Colin had an emergency colostomy surgery at 2 days old, leaving him in the NICU for 2 weeks. He’s had a rough start, but he’s a strong boy! He has 2 more big surgeries to undergo within the next few months. Baby Colin is also the first boy born into the family!! He’s definitely got everyone wrapped around his finger!
loves strawberries & blippi! He’s an over achiever, & gonna be super tall one day!!
Ridder is an 8 month old boy who loves to play! He loves bubbles and talking ❤️
Khyler is 4months he loves to talk. He’s very energetic such an happy & joyful little baby.
Miss Serenity is a strong amazing lil girl who has came a long way from being 1lb to a healthy 1 year old💛
Hi I’m Alaina I’m 9months Old 😘🥰 I’m spoiled & loves to be under my mama 🤞🏼✨💕
Loves when you speak to him, Lots of snuggles, Eating, walks in his stroller, and baby sensory videos☺️
She is an adorable future leader with a contagious smile & a magnetic personality who loves Gracie’s Corner & CoCoMelon!
Victoria is almost 1 month old. she loves cuddles with her daddy, bath time, and rocking out with mom to old country music 💗
Nicholas was born a premie. He decided to come 4 weeks early and it nearly killed us both. He is the 3rd son that I had and he completes our family, no girls for me lol. He loves spending time being cuddle and sleeping all day.
oliver is an energetic little boy with a contagious smile. he loves mickey mouse, his mommy, and auntie.
Little miss Angie loves animals and always has a smile on her face. Loves to say hello to everyone
Kar, is ALL BOY!! He loves super heros , fishing, playing on the boat. collects balloons and loves to play with play doh.. He loves to drive big brother Mad!😀
Stella Maeleigh Norwood
Stella loves anything Mickey Mouse, being outside, playing with her animals, and making everyone laugh.
Kanaryona is happy 😊 baby she loves chocolate 🍫 And to smile 😃
He’s a funny boy, he started walking at 9 mo he loves popsicles a lot! His favorite toys are fire trucks school buses, cars, and more! He has the best smile ever
Kayden is a very smart and handsome little boy that loves the outdoors ❤️
Josephene loves to smile and talk. She is the happiest little baby ever. She appreciates your votes.