Baby Stories - 66


She loves her mommy and loves sleep and food
Angelo M. Padilla
Angelo loves to SLEEP. He is also very energetic and can bounce on his bouncer forever if we let him haha! He likes coco melon & attention but can be a tad bit shy. Vote for my handsome son!
Holden is a 6 month old ( almost ) happy baby boy. He smiles & laughs. He loves all of his “people”, baby food & sitting up. He enjoys talking & spending time with daddy & sister. He is a one in a million baby 💙
Mr. Samuel loves spending time with family. Hes a very happy baby. He loves spending time with his daddy.
Hello my name is deshawn I love basketball I am mixed with black and white also I have blue eyes and I love pj mask and dinosaur'e
Jamal is a super Happy baby ❤️ He’s full of smiles and can make you smile at the sight of him ! He loves his grandma and dad a lot he has two older siblings who adore him ! He enjoys his toys and being outside , A vote is more than appreciated 🙏😌
Mr. Asa is such a loving baby! He loves cuddling and smiling. Our handsome boy loves his milk and listening to daddy sing to him. 💕
Lorenzo has the best personality for a 1 year old . He loved making people laugh . He loves taking pictures & loves Taking baths . Cocomelon is his favorite show and he loves playing with his English bulldog.he is just as sweet as he wants to be .
My princess is getting older and she is still sooo beautiful
Happy 1 month old swing-loving baby boy👶🏻💙
He loves to eat, and run in his walker, and play with mama. He's always smiling and laughing too 😁
Kaleah is a happy girl, always smiling and talking and playing. She loves to eat and look at colorful lights.
Ryker is 5 months old is a total mommas boy. he is the sweetest , and most happy little boy. he loves to laugh and loves hearing others laugh. Mickey Mouse is his favorite , loves riding in the car and his doggy❤️ ryker has been the biggest blessing of our lives and he is truly the best little babe i could’ve asked for; i’m truly a blessed mommy.
Valerie has a very outgoing personality and makes friends everywhere she goes. Draw is her passion but she also enjoys performance and karaoke.She volunteer to walk small breed dogs for free for elderly or owners that has a disability and can't afford a dog walker.She's very caring and compassionate and wants to be an architect when she grows up.
masom loves his boss baby and cocomelon he loves to sit up and see what’s around him. He loves attention , he loves music , He’s super photogenic. He always has a smile on his face. vote for mason 💙💙
She is a healthy beautiful baby girl she loves hearing mommy and daddy sing and the sound of her sisters laugh
He is the sweetest and smartest almost 1 year old you’ll ever meet! He can blow kisses, give kisses, walks, and he talks and so much more. He loves the camera and is always smiling.
Ethan Will be 6 months on the 15th of this month 💙 Hes Such A Happy Baby 😍 Very Active , such a amazing Boy ☺️
Haydn Annalise
Haydn likes food and bounces!!! And she loves snuggles 🥰
Baby Amoria born February 4 2021 she loves baths and being rocked to sleep she has such a beautiful smile and she really has stolen my heart with her energy very good chill little girl
Happy baby 💕 Loves her mommy & daddy, watching nursery rhymes on YouTube, & playing with toys. Mixed baby 🇵🇷/ 🇲🇽 ~ vote my babygirl !
Bashar loves bath time he’s always happy such a friendly baby ❤️
Lylee is the most precious little girl you will ever meet! She is so wild & adventurous! She sure is momma's little girl! Lylee has went through alot in her life & she is the most strongest, smart child ever! Her nickname is Bean♥️ & her name is pronounced Lily. Vote away lylee is so excited about this! ☺️
Aubree loves dancing, and playing with the animals. She’s funny, gentle and always fun to be around
Hi! My name is Jasper and I am a very active baby! I love to play with my toys and smile at everyone I see.
Aviana loves to play, favorite show is cocomelon & enjoys cuddling with mommy!
Keaton is almost 5 months old, he’s my world, I never thought I could love someone this much❤️He loves to try new baby food and playing in his walker he’s rolling over sitting up all on his own I can’t wait to see the man he becomes ! #votekeaton
Dream like to play with her siblings an always wants to be in there hands never on the floor, she is a the stage where she is standing up on things and crawling and she loves her baby food and to hold her bottle on her own.
Brandon is 6 weeks old and likes cuddles from mummy and daddy xxx
Michael is 3 years old ! He loves playing and being crazy ! He lights up the room everytime ! ❤️❤️
Leah is very sassy and sweet. She loves to play with her brother and get kisses and snuggles all day. Vote for Leah!
Baby Dylan loves to cuddle, smile, loves mamas milk and cooing at mommy and daddy!
Chanel loves Trolls, eating, and laughing! 🥰
Trasean Mitchell Jr
Trasean loves his Mickey Mouse & mommy . He loves attention , he loves music , and mostly he loves food 😂❤️ He’s super photogenic vote my baby ❤️
George is a very happy, smiley little boy! He loves Paw Patrol and even more, loves to watch his Mum and Dad eat🥰💙Rolling over is his latest trick, especially when having his bum changed!
Katrina is a miracle baby 👶 she was born after the doctor told her mother & I that her mother wouldn’t be ever to have a baby due to us being pedstruck by an truck on March 19 2017 (I have proof) and she was born March 18 2020 on the first day of the global Pandemic shut down with Not any absolutely birth defects and is very smart, funny, very observant & love singing 🎤 her favorite nursery rhyme songs & etc etc due to us being disabled parents 😢 not looking for any pity..Ijs Thanks for you guys support I willingly to support you as well. I wish everyone good luck and may peace ☮️ be upon you all.. ♥️♥️♥️💪🏾💪🏾🙏🙏🤞🏾🤞🏾
Nikki Anastasia
Nikki Anastasia Montalbano is 3 yrs old. She loves her big sister and spendinv time playing with dinosaurs and barbies.
All Hair 🐻 All Heart ❤
She loves chewing on everything and laughing at her brothers and sister! Miss Rayney has the sweetest cheeks ever and a super up beat personality.
Allison is 7 months old and is super adventurous already! She loves climbing on things and crawling all over the place! She loves her bouncer and going to museums and aquariums. Her nursery is covered in sunflowers and the color yellow just looks amazing on her! She’s very loving and very happy! Help me win the 5,000 for her!
Oliver is 5 months old and is so photogenic he loves the smile for the camera and is such a mommy’s boy! 💙
River Elise is very energetic and happy baby ! She loves to smile, stand up and also sit up.
The happiest girl 🥰
Giavonna is a social butterfly. She loves to play with friends and giggles and smiles all the time. We love reading books and playing with our monkey
Myla Gianna Lee Our Beautiful Princess 👸🏿 Is a bundle of joy 🤗👑🌸🌞 Her smiles and laughs are contagious 🥰😁☺️ Always ready for the camera 📷 Very attentive to her surroundings 👀 Know Mommy & Daddy voices 🤴🏿👸🏿 Loves her fruits & veggies 🍎🍓🥦🌽 Love to bounce up and down when standing up ⬆️ ⬇️ Love soothing lullabies 🎶 Tummy time is the best 💕 Pampering is always fun 🛁🧼🧴 Surrounded by love with so much family 🖤 Love making noises 🗣 Love playing with her toys 🧸 Love educational tv shows 📺🔡🔢 Very smart ➕➗✖️
Beautiful blue eyes, Kinsley loves anything she can get her hands on! Her favorite word is mama and loves food. She’s always on the move and hates stay still. ❤️