Robbie was born at 35 weeks and 5 days old he has grown so much he was very little when he was born he loves to be on his play mat he loves to talk to family and loves to smile at them
He Loves Cuddles ❤️ & He Loves To Eat, He’s Always A Happy Baby!
Jay is a very loving, tender hearted little boy. Hes as sweet as they come. He loves gaming and playing football. He loves school and learning new things.
Lexi is a very smart, outgoing little girl. Her favorite person is her big brother. She loves animals.
Zaiden loves to be held while his daddy sings to him and dances, he loves being around his family and meeting knew people. Anime is his passion along with listening to his daddy play the piano. He’s starting to crawl and learning how to laugh.
Kaeson is fresh out of the oven and already melting hearts. He’s very happy and smiley especially when he hears mommas voice. He loves his blankie and feeding time.
Hello world my name is spencer Im always a happy baby i love playing with my brother and mommy i also love cuddling with my daddy 💕
Zoey is a little firecracker with a heart of gold.
Damari loves hanging with his momma and watching baby’s first ! He has a Goofy personality... loves to play ball!! and the best of all my baby has my dimples can’t get much better than that 🥰💙
Very happy baby who always has a smile on his face. Will absolutley make anyones day.
Ana-Lynn was a big baby born at 10lbs 3oz. Born on August 4th, 2020 (7 days overdue) She is a happy baby who loves to smile and laugh. She enjoys being picked up and dancing around the living room.
Thelylah is very loving smart and loves to play with other kids and lover to learn new things.
Asher is my wild child. He is so loving and just all around the happiest. He keeps me on my toes 💕
Ayden Joesph
Smart amazing young man
Leo 😊
Desmond B
He is one smart kid. Walking talking trouble
Adrian very good and very happy boy! 😊Love dancing and singing. Love playing with him cousins. Love going to school. Him make a family happy 😃.
Miracle! 7 years of trying, Fertility and still nothing. Jan 15th was a day from heaven and then Feb 4th we found out our miracle baby was going to be born in Oct! Like I said she is a miracle!!
Was 7.8lb was very unexpected. Loves cuddles an to try to make you hold him so he can stand. Very happy an laid back.
Castiel loves blowing bubbles. His music addiction is real. He can’t go anywhere without his Mickey. His kitty’s name is Bear Bear, and yes, he knows if it isn’t Bear Bear. He’s always smiling and giggling. He’s got a huge heart.. but don’t mess with his baba! His favorite song is Carry On My Wayward Son and his favorite book is I Broke My Butt.
My beautiful little girl loves to laugh and eat 🥰 vote for my little chunk ♥️
My Name is Nehemiah I'm 2months Old I Love Being my Moms Sidekick Drinking Her Lovely Breastmilk it makes me so Happy. I love when she sings songs to me and plays with me I Love Playing with my older brother and my 2 older sister .
Samir turned 7 months this month, he loves to make bubble noises, yells, and smiles the biggest! He often likes to be rocked by mommy and sometimes daddy! All in all Samir is such a bright spirit to have around!
He loves cuddles, such a happy baby and so very sweet
Salvador Aguilar Jr.
Junior is full of life. He does it all! Loves to help out and adores horses
Logan is the precious mix of love between Chinese and Mexican, oh baby! 🤣
Loves playing with the puppy. Enjoys the outdoors. Very happy outgoing little boy.
Hello this is lok Joseph George he is my saviour my guardian angel my life my world he saved me from my self i was on a path of destruction n he saved me i would of been dead if he hadn't came along
He loves cuddles, loves to smile, he even gives amazing real hugs!
Racie is a very happy baby and loves her daddy a lot. She smiles and laughs and is starting to learn hand eye coordination and how to sit up. She also sleeps all night and plays most of the day. We love her more than anything in this world she’s amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️
Oliver loves to smile! He likes teething on his fingers and grabs is feet constantly.
Bryson is going on 4 months old. He loves sitting up and playing with his daddy. He loves to observe his soundings. He so enjoys laughing,eating baby food and watching tv with mommy. Bryson lights up every room that we step into and he is loved by everyone who enters our lives. He is absolutely the best little boy every.
Shes only 24 days old she was born at 36 weeks and she weighed 5 pounds 1 ounce she loves cuddling and watching brother bear 2 and watching her momma and her brothers play shes very alert and just lays in her bed and watches everything shes very smart and shes a very lovable baby 💕💕
Ka Liah
She is a precious bundle of joy. Who enjoys being loved on.
Kysen is a very happy baby, he loves to eat, play with people & cuddle with mommy
I loves my mom and dad and all 6 of my sisters i loves 60s music and hank Williams snd when my sister plays her guitar and sings
Quinn is our beautiful blue eyed BIG smiles miracle baby, she makes everyone in our lives so happy! && QUINN has an extra special name for someone extra special in heaven 💕
I love watching cocomelon🥰 I'm my mom's favorite photography model🥰
Hello my name is autumn I love to stand up and sit up also I love trying to talk to my mommy and daddy I hope u vote for me it will help my family out
Happy little man who loves to smile and to be outside!
Maverick is just a ball full of energy. Our chunky man loves his food, chaseing people around in his walker, snuggles, and his toys. Its his way or his way lol
Nikoleta is one ambitious 10 year old and loves to play and take care of her baby sister, Melina. Loves Math and one day wants to have her own YouTube channel. Vote for my girl Nikoleta 🌿🤍
Melina Elena
Melina is 3 months old and loves to smile when I sing Greek songs to her. She loves her older sister and bestie, Nikoleta and has a stare down with Daddy. Vote for our happy girl Melina! 🧸🤍
Levi loves to cuddle and wear hats to match his outfits.
Tristan has such a bubbly personality. He is always smiling and laughing. The happiest baby I know
Brantley is 3 months old, he can roll over and hold his head up, he thinks he’s grown trying to stand up and just go! He talks and smiles and is a very happy baby!!