He’s loving and such a happy uplifting baby🤎He’s always smiling there’s never a dull moment with my little baby bear🧸
Where do I even start, this is an amazing beautiful intelligent little boy. He is very loving, selfless & always thinking about others. He loves to wrestle with his dad & tries get on his brother’s nerves. Braxton just loves to get you going & always keeping you on your toes. When not doing any of those things, he’s on his iPad. So please vote for this little man.
Jaxx is currently 6days old. He is a very grumpy, serious baby and he looovesss to eat.
My name is Dakota. My favorite things are my feet. I laugh at animals all the time, especially puppies! I enjoy shopping trips with mama, cuddles with daddy, and watching Hey Bear dancing fruit. Mom says I’m getting teeth and I’m not too happy about it!
He loves to act like he is a superhero and helps out around the house and he is always full of energy
Ollie loves faces over screens and smiles at everyone. He loves sleep but his favourite thing in the world is his big sister.
He plays baseball and loves to play outside with our dogs and inside with our mini pig. He loves finding new friends everywhere we go and is the most appreciative kid I have ever known. You can give him a coloring book he already had and he would still smile, hug you, and tell you thank you. He has the biggest heart in the world.
Hello I'm Ryker and I'm 8 months old. I'm a smiley and happy go lucky boy. I have astounded mummy and held my head from the second I was put on her chest and am rolling and trying to crawl. I am also already a size 4 cause I'm so tall for my age. Please vote for me and help me win. ❤️❤️
Madi is a running ball of energy! She loves to watch her favorite show COCO! She loves to give hugs and wink at you💕
Hello! I’m Axel & I’m 2 months old! I love to smile at everybody I see or meet, and I am a cheeky boy! I love watching dancing veggies (the peas are my favourite 🤩) and I love watching Gecko’s Garage.
She loves when people call her beautiful, she loves music, lights, and going for rides in her daddy dieseal pickup.
Im Ellie. I’m a very happy girl, I can always turn your day around! I love to sing and dance and talk all the time. I’m sitting on my own and trying to crawl. Please vote for me!
This is my granddaughter...she loves to eat smile and talk or coo at everybody
The smallest things tend to take up the most space in our hearts. Born December 16 little joshua has brought nothing but happiness and tranquility to his happy little family. Full of smiles and wiggles happy to be here. He loves watching the trees sway and birds chrip in the mornings. For only being two months old he is able to hold his head up high and come at the world full of smiles. His goo's and gah's are cute enough to melt your heart. Here to spread joy. Our little Joshua
Hi I’m Tyler, I’m 3 months old! I love cuddles from everyone. I’ve just started to keep my head up on my own so watching dancing fruit is my favourite. I have a fluffy white dog called Brodie who loves to give me kisses too! Please vote so mummy and daddy can spoil me and buy me loads of toys and gifts 🎁
Jackson is 5 months old! He loves to smile and laugh. He likes to spend time in his favorite swing, and get lots of cuddles!
Lani is really a happy baby always love to smile love going outside and explore everything especially flowers 🌺
My name is Kaylee. I'm a beautiful, intelligent , and sweet little girl. I love everyone I meet and will brighten your day with my gorgeous smile and adorable/silly little personality. At first I may appear shy, but I'll open up once I'm comfortable. In addition to playing and learning new things I love spending time with my family and anyone else who is around. Please vote for me as this is my first contest entry ever!
Hello, my name is Kayla im 1 years old im always happy and very cheeky. I love listening to music and having what i like to call a dance...i love spending time cuddling my puppies. Im abit of an explorer and love getting into anything i can get my hands on but as soon as i get caught i try to run away...
Most happy baby ever, always smiling and laughing and if you stick your tounge out to him he does it back to you, if you say are you beautiful he smiles every time, already says mum and mummy. And hes throwing the v's up in his Adidas tracksuit on the profile pictures lol.
She likes to be around her Bsfs and her favorite cousin
Hi! This is Emery Kay Blank :) she loves to take baths, tummy time, mamas milk, watching hey bear, dad play his games & endless lovings from my mom & dad! She has a fur brother named Leo who always looks after her & making sure she’s okay! She also loves when her dad plays the guitar & sings for her and when I make those crazy silly faces and sounds at her! She enjoys giving everyone smiles (sometimes mean mugs as well) and making their day :) her absolute FAVORITE thing is to pee on mom or dad right after they change her diaper (she thinks it’s the funniest thing ever)
Aurion is a smiley boy, who loves his food, giggles at his siblings and loves stuffing his feet in his mouth!
With a laugh that’s so contagious, it’s hard to feel sad around Peyton. She’ll put a smile on anyone’s face 🥰
Blaze is a beautiful boy he's so polite mannered and a sweet cheeky boy and so loving he has heart of gold and always shares his toys so please vote for my son thanks
This girl makes everyone happy when she’s around. Full of love and happiness
Regan is a cruisy little man. Loves the animals and helping out his dada
She’s getting to be such a big girl, she’s learning to walk and loves to smile and play with anything she can grab. Don’t let her see you have something she wants 😂
She Is A Very Smart & Intelligent 2 Year Old . She Loves Her Siblings & Cocomelon. She Is The Sweetest Darling Ever . VOTE FOR MY BABYGIRL ♥️
My name is Jayden. I’m 6 month old. I’m very active and loving such a sweet baby boy. Learning very quickly. Independent learning is his thing! He loves his toys and anything that makes noise! Always has smiles on his face. The brightness of my day always! I love you Jayden !❤️vote for Jayden! The cutest baby boy ever!
Hi I’m Anastasia! I’m 11.5 months old. I like to explore and play with my Huskies. Mum likes to call me cheeky.
Ryker is ticklish everywhere and loves to eat. He loves to snuggle. He also loves to have convos with people in the car. He’s so smart and outgoing!
She’s the first child, and grandchild. 👸🏽 The happiest baby ever, she loves watching TV at the moment her favorite is Micky Mouse and Rolie Polie Olie ☺️
Hi my name is Zhova, i’m just the cutest, squishiest baby ever, I’m always trying to steal mum and dads grown up food because it tastes better than the apple and pear baby stuff they give me, i’m so cheeky i love to copy noises and movements that my parents make and i love watching people laugh, i also really really love moana and mum just started showing me spongebob!
He is our sunshine. Happy Handsome boy! He loves to cuddle & loves to be talked to.
My name is Stetson!! I’m 4 months old and silly too! I love my mama and daddy and ofc all the animals too! I can roll , cackle, smile , and give kisses. When I grow up I’m gonna be mamas little cowgirl💗
Always happy hard to take a photo without a smile on his face, loves to cheer people up and tries to chat to everyone his smile and demeanour is contagious. People always say this but were the luckiest parents in the world he wakes with a smile and goes to sleep with one
Jo Aizen
Aizen likes alot of things, he is very good doing things by himself like making tiktok videos. We didnt teach him how to make his videos but if you see his tiktok youll be suprise for his age when he was 3-4 years old when he started to make tiktok videos. Also he likes watching all the avengers movies and his favorite super hero is Spiderman. He is also helpful especially to his baby sister trying to help take care of her when she cries.
Karson Loves To Sing Dance Play With His Brothers.. hes Dads Lil Mini for sure.. He Has A Peronality Out Of This World.. Such. A Sweet Little Boy.. hes in love with minnions, mickey mouse, and babies...
Saylor Faye is often a happy, smiley baby. Saylor has MANY facial expressions which she gets that from both her mama and daddy. Her energy as a baby makes a room glow up.
Anika Jaz
Anika is cute and adorable, she likes to be carried and hugged tight. She moves her body a lot and like stretching her legs.
She loves to dance 💃
Im a December baby 👶 I am a night owl 🦉 Daddys girl all the way ❤️ Loves to smile and watch animal planet.
Evy is always our smiley girl!
Tegan is the sweetest little baby! She loves raspberry kisses and nuk nuk… which is what she calls her milk! She’s a sunny San Diego girl who loves the sun and the weather out here! Our little bundle of joy!
She's so awesome. She is friendly and smiles at everyone. Loves when I sing to her.