Baby Stories - 65


I like to talk , and play with mommy I love to smile and watch cocomelon
Hi my names Olivia Mae, I love too smile, giggle, drool and blow bubbles. My smile and giggle brightens a room, and I’ve got the prettiest blue eyes. Everyone I meet just adores me I’m a little shy at first but once I warm up too you I babble your ear off. I love my baby food and all my soft blankets, but of course love my mommy and daddy more and always try too give them drooly kisses. I may only be 5 months but I’m a very observant baby, and can never miss a thing.
Nova is a princess. She is loved by everyone, loves everyone she meets and gives the best hugs. She sees the world as it is and loves her royal court, Mimi and Papaws furkids.
He is the sweetest angel baby 👶🏻 🖤 he is new so he loves napping and snacks hahah
Maia was born 7/14/2020. She likes to smile and laugh. She is VERY talkative as she likes to squeal and scream lol
Olivia was born on Halloween. She decided to make her approach a little later than normal. Olivia is such a happy and good baby. She likes to watch the leaves fall off the trees. If we win this we are planning on donating the money to child that don’t have family or don’t have much of anything.
My name is Marley Rae! I love to smile and play with my big brother! I’m cute and full of Sas already!! I’m gonna do big things! Nothing can stand in my way! Make sure you vote for me and share with your friends!
This little dude looooves the holidays! He’s so excited about Christmas coming up!
Sawyer loves puzzles, dinosaurs and baking with Mom. He has the biggest heart and adorable smile. He’s my Squishy and best friend. He will easily be yours too! 🥰
Dawson A.K.A. Dex is a fun loving baby boy from the sunshine state! His FAVORITE thing is his swing 🥰🥰
Emilia is a younger sister and has certainly inherited her brothers confidence. She is constantly on the move, loves to climb and dance! She keeps us on our toes but wouldn’t have her any other way!
Tyler is one of the most loving kids I have ever known, he is disabled, his brain is deformed and you wouldn’t ever know it, he goes through physical therapy weekly, he’s one of 3 kids who has what he’s got but it don’t stop him one bit
My name is Carson, was born on 11/2/20! I love to eat, sleep, and look around at the new world! I love my mommy and always laugh at my crazy daddy! I also like to pee on mom whenever I get the chance!
Full of smiles and laughs. Loves to crawl around to anything he can get his little hands on.
Emily Cecilia
Her favorite program is baby can read, baby sign language with Rachel, favorite food is mommy's milk, enjoys going outside, loves nature!
Alan is a super happy baby, always curious and playful🥺🥺 he never let’s me do his crazy curly hair. He’s a wild child at heart
Ander loves going on walks to explore the outdoors, playing with the family dogs, and cuddling with mama!
Paisley grace is a beautiful, smart god sent baby girl.. She is so smart. She loves animals and books.. She is just so amazing 💜
Ember Rayne, Fire🔥& Rain 🌧 Happiest Baby You’ll Ever Meet. Y’all Should Vote For Me Because I’m Full Of MySelf Already ❤️ I Would Love To See Myself EVERYWHERE 🙃❤️ Most Important Thing To Me Is My Brother!! I Loves Food, My Favorite Is Mashed Potatoes 🥔 and gravy With A Side Of Banana’s🍌 Oh And let’s Not Forget My Popcorn Cheetos 🙃 And Apple🍏 Juice. VOTE FOR Meeeed
Hello, I’m Jaylen Ryan, 4 Years Old, And I Don’t Stay In One Place. I’m All About My Baby Sister My Mommy & My Cheeseburgers🍔. My Favorite Color Is Green 🟢. Big Trucks, Dirt Bikes, And Fourwheel Drive. I’m A daredevil And Only Listen As Much As My Body Allows Me To!
Jonathan Jay-j
I am baby Jonathan they call me jay-j just like my favorite character from cocomelon 💙 I am 8 months and such a happy baby please vote for me ! 💙
He is a adorable baby he hates the cold he loves sleeping he love to sleep on mommy chest
Abby Punko
Shes def Wild n Free! N very very busy! U better be on ur tip toes @ all times or in the blink of an eye she'll be down the street w out u even realizing it! Smart beyond her age forsure!!! Her dad nicknamed her "3foot 1year" cuz even tho shes only 1, shed enormous! Looks bout 5! People are prolly like omg look at the kindergardner drinkn a bubby still wearing a diaper! Smh! Frfr people look at her lil baby face shes only 1! Just huge! "ABBY & The Beanstock!"
He loves food, music, and good vibes 🥰
Seigan-Kait loves hip hop & tumbling, she’s obsessed with the outdoors, and she’s currently your 2020 Toddler Miss Louisiana! She’s our sassy, spunky, wild child. We wouldn’t have it any other way!
Christian is 7 months old! He is a brave little energetic boy. He loves his daddy and melts your heart with his smile ❤️
Ekoe is a vibrant, sassy 6 month old with a smile that can light up anyone's dark days. She loves to laugh, play with her older siblings, and coo and talk your ear off. ♥️
Taylor is a heart throb! He loves smiling at the ladies till they can't resist his snuggles! He is such a sweet boy, he'll melt your hearts too!
Ty was born a date before his Great great grandmothers birthday. We are currently dealing with his kidney UPJ which is a kink/blockage in his urethra which is causing his kidney to dilate. With running between Lewistown, Danville and Hershey, It’s A LOT to deal with. We are currently waiting on the surgeons decisions whether they want to do surgery or hold off and pray for a miracle. Besides his kidney problem I couldn’t ask for a better baby boy, he’s so energetic, playful and so unique.
Ranezmae was born 10 weeks early at 3 lb 9 oz but has grown to be a big girl she is now 14lb 5 oz she is very happy baby loves everyone
Bailey Woodell
My name is bailey I am 1 year and 8 months, I love playing with toys and animals, and I have the cutest laugh I ABSOLUTELY LOVE KETCHUP 💕
My name is kinley Renee I am a year old I love animals, cows are my absolute favorite I love to be outside and love to play I’m such a happy baby !!
Alejandro is the happiest baby. He loves his big sister and loves his milk.He also loves to watch his toys that light up.
Gracie girl is our rainbow baby, born at 30 weeks, she's the strongest little girl. She enjoys playing with all her toys, especially the ones that make noise. Gracie likes to go for walks and loves to show off her big ol grin! Her laugh is contagious. Gracie recently got a new puppy which she absolutely adores. Gracie loves her mommy and daddy very much!!❤️❤️❤️
He loves to smile he loves to walk and sing . He makes everything better with hugs and kisses hes so sweet and happy.
Payson is full of life always dancing singing love being with friends she always has a smile on her face she loves the color pink an purple she loves slime playing with her doll house
Lakyn Grey is a very energetic 5 month old that loves to jump, talk and loves everybody! She is always smiling and has her mama and daddy wrapped.
Rowan is a eccentric, goofy, little firecracker. He loves singing & dancing like you couldn’t imagine. His name also means “little red-headed one”, after the “Rowan” tree, with red berries. He is also a red-head. We didn’t know this until after we already had his name chosen, 😳
This is Paityn Marylin Maé she was born June 10th. She’s sweet as candy, and beautiful as can be🌸💜🤗 She loves music and her lamb that plays a lullaby she also enjoys spending time with Mommy and Daddy. She’s truly a blessing and is loved so much by her family🌸💜☺️
Im a handsome little boy, my daddy is American and my mother Peruvian 🇵🇪, I’m the perfect mix to be the most beautiful baby in the world 🥰😍
A beautiful baby who is always happy ❤️ Loves talking to her mommy and daddy and smiling at ceiling fans. She loves being talked to and talking back. ❤️
Always full of smiles, a very chatty little guy! 💙💙
NovaLee loves animals and to blow bubbles. She is always happy.
My name is Kinzlee Myracle. My middle name is Myracke because the doctors told my mommy I wasn't going to make it, but here me are! I love learning, playing, and aggravating my big brother and sister. Vote for me please!