Sassy queen Ella. She is smart and funny and loves to keep up with her older brother. Her favorite thing to do is sing and dance.
Atlas loves to eat , share his toys, throw food at his mama, he loves to point! 👉 And he loves crawling around the house with dada
Hazel Jayne has a full head of black hair and is a rainbow baby! She loves to hum when mommy sings “You are my sunshine! She loves to smile at everyone!
Lani loves naps with mommy especially if it’s on mommies chest 🥰 & warm bubble baths 💕. Chunka butt loves eating & loves the camera 🥹
My little Harmony is three months old. She is a very happy and playful baby. And is very smart for her age and also very photogenic 🥰💜
This beautiful baby girl loves to smile, watch football with dad and hang out with her best friend the ceiling fan.
She’s a five year old spit fire! She is a fierce little cheerleader and soccer player
My name is Bradley Ridge. Everyone calls me Ridge. I love my mommy and daddy, but my big brother is my favorite 💙
Phoebe is sassy. Loves to be her own little person, loves to swing and loves to snack.
The goofiest grin I've ever seen, and the silliest personality around!
Loves to snuggle and smile. Her gummy smile lights up any room she’s in.
‼️🛑 PLEASE NO VOTES HERE, only building achievements at this time! Thank you all so much!!!‼️💕💕💕 *****Alexia’s new link is posted below!******🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maddison is a sassy 4 year old with alot of dreams. She wants to be a cheerleader and a fire fighter. When in doubt her mommy is always there for her.
Our wonderful rainbow baby is so funny and clever already. She is fascinated by her puppies, has recently learned the joys of veggies, and loves to shout to express herself.
Was born as a poser ready for the cameras. Loves to laugh and babble all day ❤ Favourite shows are Cocomelon and Hey Bear sensory ☺
Collin Lee is full of energy and always smiling!! Loves to play with his big sister and enjoys music!!
Ms Khloe is an adorable fun loving 2 month old Momma’s Girl who loves her swing & her pups
I LOVE to smile and laugh! I like tummy time and rolling around on my play mat. I enjoy playing with my friends at daycare and being outside.
Riley is our wild child. She’s funny, sweet, and the biggest mamas girl. She loves anything to do with dinosaurs or kittys, her favorites. She’s our world!
Cerys was born 10 weeks premature- She is a happy, healthy and beautiful joy that just couldn’t wait to meet the world! An absolute fighter and she has the best smile 😊
Flynn is a wild one, has a sensitive heart and a limitless imagination. He loves cars, sharks and dinosaurs! He is a lot like his Mom ❤️
She’s a sour patch kid for sure, loves her doggy, and anything outside!
Miniki is the sweetest little person I’ve ever met. She smiles all the time, enjoys socializing, eating and loves spending time with her crazy older brother. She is a spitting image of her father and has so much of his spirit too.
Paislee Raine
My name is paislee Emery raine edwards 💓 I love to eat good babas , I’m 2 months old , I’m the best baaby ever , and I’m always happy . Mommy and daddy love me and I’m so excited to be in this contest even though I know I’m adorable 🥰, thanks for voting 💓
He loves playing with blocks, bubbles and chalk! He loves giving high-five n beating up dada!! Lol His favorite color is blue & his favorite food is chicken nuggets 💜
Logan’s giggle and smile light up my soul. She is happiest when surrounded by friends, family and of course her dog, Yela!!!
Sidney is a cheeky little monkey, always laughing and smiling!
Alia Jade my beautiful princess loves to laugh, cuddle and EAT!!! I wouldnt change her for the world!!!
Dorothea aka Thea, is a happy and curious little peanut. Thea’s gotta see what’s going on around her all the time. She loves to listen to music and laugh and makes everyone around her smile.
Kaysen is my teeny 2 year old. He was born at 3lb4 prematurely and has thrived ever since. He loves tractors and his favourite snack is biscuits🤣 He loves going on an adventure to see the “amals” (animals)
Loves his stuffed animals..... This is papa bear. Dude to great papa passed not long ago n he had give. Him this bear. He fun silly energetic sweet caring. I love him more than he'll ever realize. Blessed to have him
He loves to play with his toys, and his swing is Raidens favorite thing to be in!
She’s such a sassy little baby. Her two favorite things to do is dance and eat. if she’s not eating she’s dancing if she’s not dancing she’s eating😂🥰
Lyla Fay Engstom
This little girl is such a cuddler and loves life, always smiling or laughing. She makes this world a better place for all who encounter her just by smiling 🙏💜🙏
Reagan enjoys watching football with her daddy. Listening to nursery rhymes & playing with her toys.
Miya enjoys dancing, gymnastics & participating in local beauty walks. She has a pure heart & loves spending time with family & friends.
NeLynn was born August 9th and has 3 big sisters & 2 big brothers. She has made our family so complete 💗
Olivia is a very happy baby she always has a smile on her face. She had a brain injury at birth and had to have brain surgery at a month old.
Bubbly, blue eyed beauty!
Shes so happy loves to snuggle and always laughing
Zayden is now 1 years of age. He has been born with spina bifida , hydrocephalus , and many more conditions. Through it all , he has been the sweetest & most strong 🤍 I can’t wait to overcome it all .
Presley loves her big brothers and sticking her tongue out and smiling she babbles like crazy and is just the sweetest little princess