Baby Stories - 65


she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes ✨
She loves cuddles, scooby doo, and pj masks.
Beautiful alert silly loving 4 month old baby ❤️
This is Gracelynn. She likes cuddling with daddy, eating, sleeping,being read to, and rattles
Alexander is a very happy, lovable 5 month old. He loves smiling, holding peoples faces with both hands and sitting up all by himself!
She loves smiling, kicking her feet, watching little baby bum, and cuddling with mommy and daddy💛
Loves putting smiles on others faces. Spending time doing staring contest with mommy.💕
My little boy was born 11 weeks ago he was 5 1/2 weeks premature weighing only 5lbs 3oz he has come such a long way in such a short space of time weighing now 12lbs 2oz such an amazing little man
Jaxson loves to play with his family, sleep, eat, and run until he literally can’t anymore. He is a smart, spunky little guy that loves learning new words and being outside. Some of his favorite activities are playing basketball, playing with his toys with his dad, and scooting around the house on his four wheeler.
Carson is such a sweet little boy who loves to giggle and loves getting baths! At only 3 months old, he likes to be sat up so he can see everything around him.
Elias is Silly he loves to play and he loves when you talk to him and I think he should be voted for cause just look at him he is So Handsome
This is Julian, he loves snacking. Going for walks, and playing with his brother ❤️
Oshun is a very happy boy who loves his sister and pets. He loves rolling over, smiling, and of cuddling all day.
Happy, silly, fun baby girl. She loves to eat, play with the dogs, and make silly noises.
She very adorable 😍 loves to sleep very beautiful and loves getting kisses💋💋😘from her mom
A’Veryie is a 11 Days old A precious baby girl that melts all of our hearts 💕 she loves to eat sleep and smile With the angels. She also love bath time after a good bath she be ready to Relax on mommy chest. We would love y’all vote
~I love: 💙 •eating •sleeping •bath time •watching tv •grunting •being a wiggle worm •mommy an daddy (of course😅🥰) ~I hate: ⛔️ •getting my booty changed •changing my clothes •hiccups
Bianca is 14 months old. She loves to dance to all types of music. She loves her fur brothers and sister. She loves to cuddle. Cocomelon is all we watch. She has her mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger.
Auggie is almost 11monthsold! Wild and getting into everything! We spend our days standing on everything and watching boss baby! ✨We love love bananas and warm weather! 🍌🌞Our favorite song is Jump in The Line by Harry Belafonte and our favorite person is daddy!💛🖤 vote for us because it’ll make my mommy smile and will really help us get him all the stuff he could ever need🧡
She is always smiling and giggling. She brightens my everyday!
Maverick has a Congenital Heart Defect known as a VSD or Ventricular Septal Defect. His heart defect is RARE and only affects about 200,000 people. He is very happy and LOVES his Daddy. He loves "The Chicken Wing Beat" & Morgan Wallen. His nickname "Smiley" sure matches his personality. We would love to get your vote.💙
Bella Mae is a little over a month! Shes a happy ,healthy baby weighing only 7 pounds 1 ounce but shes growing so fast !!
Zane I was just born on March first he is the cutest my wife had to get two surgery’s that day to bring him out safe to this world and Zane is such an amazing person and loving 🥰
William is 8 months old. He loves mangos and plantain chips. He is obsessed with blankets and the different textures on his cheeks. He just started crawling and he chases the sunlight or he pushes his toy car and crawls all around the house to stay behind it! He is a rainbow baby! 🌈 He has a 4 year old brother and together they have the best time, they love playing together, they will crack up laughing for hours. He is definitely a spoiled baby and will yell at you when he doesn’t get his way lol but for the most part he is very happy!
My sweet little girl is jus full of love and joy she practically has a full conversation with us (in her baby language ) lol. Such a personality on her already she rolls over loves being held cuddled and walked around. Enjoys being outside. Her hands are her favorite too chew on for tv loves magic school bus and a few anima shows.
My name is Chelsea. I love to smile :D I can roll myself back & forth, i can crawl backwards, i can stand with support. I can sit all by myself. I live to babble and say "Mama", and "Dada" 😊 I have 2 teeth 🤓 I like to eat Apples and Bananas 😋
Ely is my 1 year old precious blue-eyed baby boy, he's a super sweet, curious little boy who brings joy to everyone who meets him, he loves watching his cartoons in the morning , car rides, boat rides, taking strolls in parks and he absolutely loves being with his daddy
Amelia is such a mommy's girl 🥰 she reminds me of myself so much with her fiesty stubborn self.
Baby Colin has been through so much since birth and is now a beautiful happy baby who’s smile should be shared with everyone 💕
John loves smiling, and talking to you. He’s always playing with his feet, and trying to cuddle.
My babygirl loves to be cuddled and talked to she is very spoiled especially since shes my sick baby and my little miracle baby after 4 miscarriage and shes one character as you can tell by looking at her other pictures
Noah is 2 weeks old. He is a happy baby boy, smiles when he thinks nobody is looking. He is such a sweet baby, who loves snuggling wkth his mama.
Gunnar is 6 months old and loves anything he can get his hands on!❤️ He is always smiling and an absolute joy to be around! His all time favorite thing is dogs!
My name is Brezlon, and I am 3 months old:) I love watching Masha and the bear, eating my baby fruit and playing with my family members. I also love to talk and sing with everyone!!!
She loves playing outside and bring in water 😊🖤
Baby Gabe loves car rides, cuddles, and to eat A LOT. He loves to smile and be talked to.
River loves to make noises and chew on his hands! He loves cuddling with mommy and daddy and giggling especially at daddy ❤️
Nyshawn is joy to be around he always smileing and loves to play and do strawberries he loves FaceTime with auntie and friends
Dariel Garza
Dariel loves to sleep all the time always smiling while while asleep ❤️
Hattie girl is the happiest little peanut ever! Vote for my girl! All money is going towards her future!
Ryan absolutely loves to smile and laugh. He’s super sweet and playful. He will literally make you smile just by looking at his smile.
Lyric is two months old, he loves looking at ceiling fans, windows , and TVs. He hates taking baths , and getting his butt changed. He loves telling mommy he’s good, and I love you. He can stand for 5 minutes and holds his head up on his own. He such a very happy, and healthy baby. He is such a SPOILED baby.🥰 Look at the bottom for more pictures 💞