Sophia Eloise
Sophia Eloise is a sweet and precocious 9 month old. She is intentionally funny and makes her whole family laugh with the games she will play. She is always challenging herself to develop new skills physically and is currently standing and trying to walk already. She is an absolute joy to be around and is also developing quite the personality, with her own brand of sassiness included. And then there's her smile, it could brighten anyone's darkest days and fill your heart with warmth.
Declan is the happiest little boy 🥰 he loves going out to soft play, the library and play groups. His favourite thing to do is play in his jumperoo❤️
💜Ivy has just started to smile and is finding her voice 💜
BABY ALISE COX is currently at OU Children's Hospital located in Oklahoma City Our Baby girl was born with heart defect which is passed from family to family she has had four operations first two open heart surgeries continuing valve reconstruction, BT shunt, Valve repair, during the open heart surgery the doctor hit a nerve and caused her lungs collapse which doctor had to stick a pin in her diaphragm so she could breath on her own . She will have to have to more open heart surgeries one at 8months called the Glen procedure 2 years old her last open heart surgery fontune procedure open heart . SHe has never left the hospital been outside her entire four and half months.she has to be feed through a gjtube befor get to come home which we hope will be soon She will have to be kept in a secure environment frist year of her life is critical r Alise's room will have to have repairs for her medical needs will be compatible save environment . If Alise was to get sick which we would we have rush her to nearer ER. If we couldn't make it To OU children's hospital in time . Alise has a beautiful smile and strong will . Alise heart rate fluctuates she has to be taken into the ER. Ect. Slightest change could set her downwards . The house we live in built 100 yes ago .drafts Windows and doors. Dust and temp is hard to maintain . Our family has been at It children's hospital since the day Alise was born
Sylas loves to jump, smile, laugh, and watch hey bear
Ivy Mellissa
My names ivy I’m 8 months old, I have 9 brothers and sisters and 5 nephews and nieces, my mum and dad are my favourite peoples and I love my big sisters Tammy,emmalee and hailey
she likes pumpkins FORSURE. She hates bugs and don't get me started on fireworks 😮‍💨 but she's beyond the most sweetest kid and I spoil her 🖤 Did I mention she has a vibe that’ll melt your heart and get you attached 💕
She brings happiness to the elderly that we visit in nursing homes. She loves talking to mom, grandpa or grandma. She's already on solids. She absolutely loves watching the colors on the tv. Shes a happy baby. She loves showers.
Lawson was born 2 months early, has been through 3 surgeries and was in NICU for 2 months, he is almost 8 months old, and the happiest baby ever
Ku’i loves compliments, talking story, smiling, look at what everyone is doing. He brightens up the day with his aloha @ 4 months old.
Everly loves to smile and laugh with her mom and dad. She also loves to stare at her puppy and smile.
BabyJosh is So Strong 💪Sense Day One Hes Been a fighter! Lil Souljer with a warm Smile and Pretty Eyes That'll Capture Your Heart @ 1st Glance!!!!! 😍 His Smile lights up the Room And His Pretty eyes n Long Eye lashes Will just melt your heart! 🫠🥰 Such a Blessing 💙 He Loves His Granny and Papa 🩵There His 🌎 ❤️ He enjoys tummy time Playing with his toys and Music!!! 🎶 He brings Pure happiness 🤗🍼🧸 😇 So Give Him Some Votes(: we appreciate Your Suport Also Exchanging VOTES FOR VOTES!!!! Be Blessed 🙌
Abel is 6 months old very smart and playful
My beautiful baby girl Octavia is a adorable Lil ball of emotions she enjoys watching her gold fish and pooping on her daddy. She is a big sister to twin boys and she has a puppy named Lilo
Christian is very energetic and bubbly
Please Vote for Rokia! ❤️
My baby girl is new to the world and could use some new things help her win please
Just a little girl that likes to smile
He is 6 months old and literally dies for food, and attention he loves attention and being silly ❤️
Shy, lovable, happy! Outgoing!
Isabella Caudillo
Isabella is an outgoing amazing spunky little girl who never fails to make you smile and laugh. She’s almost 9 months old, has two teeth, and now refuses to eat anything but big people food. She’s makes her mommy and daddy’s day EVERYDAY. She’s already got such a personality and makes everyone she’s around laugh so hard.
Kylian is the happiest boy who will always make you smile when he flashes you a smile with his double set of dimples!
Shelby is a very happy baby. Her siblings have 4 paws. She likes the color red.
Outgoing, happy, lovable!
Kalijah is a very happy, most adorable loving baby boy ever. His sometimes really silly. He loves Mickey Mouse and bluey a lot.
John Abel loves to play outside & he lovesss to eat! He has such a contagious smile & is very outgoing.
Genesis is such an outgoing, smart and lovable baby girl. She loves oatmeal bottles and cuddling her baby sloth animal.
Penelope is a happy baby she love her big brother, everywhere he goes she has to be right by his side, she love Mickey Mouse
Parker is a loving and caring person, he loves his little sister more then anything he is obsessed with Mickey Mouse an spider man
Zoie has a big bright personality and it’s filled with fun, joy and love! She loves to play outside, cook, eat and dance! She is mommy’s tough cookie, daddy’s sugar pie and a sweet middle sister!
Mackenna is 2 months old and has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. She loves car rides, bath time and hanging out with mom.
My name is Alora-Rose Halo Payton Koolmatrie, I’m 6 months old and 1 week! I can sit on my own, learning how to crawl. I laugh a lot! My favourite food is chippies and purées! I also love taking photos with mum and dad.I love going for walks especially when I see trees, I love looking at new faces!
Sereniti is a fun loving kid she will put a smile on ur face on ur worst days she is a mommy and daddy girl 100% and necer meets a stranger yes i know that not such good thing now days so i am trying to teach her not every one in life is nice or good people so plz vote for sereniti it will be Appreciate Thank You
Mae loves to smile and laugh! She loves lights and anything to do with the color yellow or red! She is such a happy baby and such a blessing! Her nicknames include boopsy-girl, Missy Mae, Mae Mae, Funny Bunny, and Angel baby. Yet none can begin to describe what an amazing little girl she is! She's mommy's angel!
Ciara is full of joy and love she loves to play and is very chatty when she meets new people. Adores her little sister and her older brother and loves to socialise. ❤️
This is my sweet little man Ezra. He is such a joy to be around! He loves bath time, his dog Walter the basset hound, music, and being goofy with mommy and daddy. He's four months old and already trying to talk and crawl. Please vote for him to help start a college fund for him!
Sofia is a sweet three year old girl. She is so affectionate. She loves giving you hugs and kisses. She also loves playing with her makeup and putting jewelry on. Her new favorite movie is Frozen. She loves Elsa!!
Malachi is a gift from God i prayed for him years ago when i was a young girl, but blessed me with him when i became a mature woman. This little boy is super smart, funny, very out going!! He loves country music, loves his family, retains information like an elephant!! He is just absolutely wonderful loving little boy!
She’s a doll baby ☺️. She brightens any room. She likes when her mommy holds her the most. She loves eating and exploring this world. She doesn’t like to hiccup much. I love her smile with those dimples 🥹. I’m one proud momma.
she loves smiling an loves watching trolls🥰
Ysela is almost 2 years old and loves to wrestle with her aunts and uncles. She loves to play with kids and loves her animals
Everly is so sweet and smiling so much already. She's almost 2 months old and is the just the cutest thing! Sleeping is all time favorite thing to do ❤
She loves to eat and sleep 💤
Shayde has a very happy personality Loves to laugh Loves splashing in his bath He’s favourite toy is a jolly jumper And loves banana custard
Haleigha was a premature baby and has a couple of complications but is still loving life to her fullest she loves cuddles and her big brothers kisses
Brayden loves to laugh and smile. He also loves watching fairly oddparent lol. Brayden is such a happy baby and really enjoys being around people and activity.