Kyson loves to stay awake and hang out with his momma and daddy. He also loves talking and laughing for us! He is the sweetest & gives the best cuddles when he’s sleepy.
Malena oh Malena! She is a playful little monkey! She loves singing, baths, brushing her teeth, eating bite bites, & the park! She loves doing things by herself. She loves doggies, & mommy cuddles are her fav!
This is Masea, Masea is a very happy baby! Her favorite and only word is dada. Masea has two incoming bottom teeth. Masea loves Ms.Rachel and loves rolling on her belly, standing and jumping. Masea is 6 months old. We love Masea!❤️
Londyn Hailey
Londyn Hailey is 3 years old , A HLHS WARRIOR ❤️ She loves Music & bubbles.
DeSya is 10 month old ❤️, has 4 teeth, VERYYYY energetic!! Very vocal as well 😂 his Favorite person in the world is his “Dada”.
Loves watching dancing fruit and laughing at mommy
Amiya is the happiest baby ever! 😍 She just celebrated her 1/2 birthday 🥳 so please wish her a ‘happy 6 months’ by voting for her when our contest starts in October! 🫶🏾 She spends her days trying new foods, playing with mommy and dada, going to play dates, story time at the library, and just being super cute! 💕✨ We do advance, just post on her wall if you’d like one!
Arlos a well behaved little ray of sunshine .he makes funny faces and loves cudlles and background music ..hes half african portuguese and half british.
I liked To Laughing ... Sleeping.. 💜💜
Ayyan Bahawal
Ayyan is 1 month old hes a mommys boy he loves hes kisses and hugs he likes baby shark and coco melon and loves hes sleep hes a very happy boy hes my life saver my world my everything so plz do Vote for Ayyan and i wish good luck to everyone .xxxx
She is a sweet, inquisitive little Princess. She likes to clean up and snuggle. She has been known to mesmerize those around her with her beauty ❤️
My name is Charles DeVoto Jr. but I go by CJ. I love playing outside and doing flips on trampoline.
My name is Greyson DeVoto and I love giggling and smiling. I love napping all day and I am a very happy baby!
My little honey 🍯 pot is my rainbow 🌈 blessing
Justjohn loves him some Jesus 🙌🏽 He also aspires to be a fierce ninja warrior and trains with his bo staff daily. He works hard to master his flips, jumps and groovy moves. His back up plan is to be an architect or engineer, building mom the most beautiful magnetic mansions and dad some awesomely lavish sky rises fully equipped with parking garages and playgrounds. Elan Musk has nothing on the designs of Justjohns space ships and rockets! He plans out the windows, rotating color patterns, and the strategic placement of each part. Justjohn would love to have your vote!!!
Sofia loves when daddy plays airplane and flies her around the living room, we get the biggest smile from her! She LOVES eating her yummy foods and playing peek a boo, her favorite! She loves being outdoors and seeing all the beautiful flowers. Our little outdoors girl!
Jamison is the sweetest baby you'll ever meet. People ask me all the time if he even cries because he is always SO happy. Jamison aspires to be great explorer inspecting the details of every fine object that crosses his path, he crawls faster than Lightning McQueen, and if standing was an olympic sport Jamison would take the gold with his one of a kind squat to standing position using only a lego and one arm for support🏅 Jamisons favorite past time is gazing into your eyes while holding your cheeks ever so softly in his tiny little hands, just before lowering his forehead for a loving kiss, and finishes his routine be snuggling up just under your neck. He is known to growl when he wants your attention, and also giggles like a chipmunk when he likes something 🐿 Homemade applesauce = the sounds of a marching chipmunk army 🐿🐿🐿🐿 Please Vote for Jamison ♥️
Hey, my name is Elissa Renee Jobe, I’m a happy baby! I love to smile & “talk” to my mommy and daddy , but mostly I love mommy’s milk!
My babygirl is 2 months as you can see and will be 3 months soon. She is always a smiley and happy girl all the time! She loves her Marvin the monkey and seeing her daddy those are her two favourite things to smile at the most.
Kyler is 2 years old, she loves to sing and dance! She has been barrel racing for a year ! She loves to play outside and take care of her animals
King-amari was a surprise for me and my boyfriend I had no idea I was pregnant until March 28th when I took 2 pregnancy test and those 2 red lines came back dark , after that I had to wait a month to get an ultrasound , after we found out he was a boy and I was beyond excited ☺️ now king-amari is 2 months old !! He loves to laugh , smile and try to stand up
Zaedyn is a month old baby boy who is the happiest baby. He loves to look around and follow mommy and daddy’s voices and make the cutest little faces and noises. He loves to be outside in his swing and look at the sky. Zaedyn loves tummy time and he’s getting super good with holding his head up himself. Mainly what he loves most is eating and sleeping lol.
Brayden Loves Car Rides & Being Outside 🚗☀️ Favorite Song Is “It’s Your Love” by Tim Mcgraw 🎶 He’s Always Smiling 😁 He Was #1 In New Jersey Last Contest 🥇
Enola is very inquisitive, she loves to talk and crawl around anywhere and everywhere. She absolutely loves to listen to music and play with musical toys. She loves her baths and splashes around in the water. Enola also loves being around people and going out and about with her mama.
Malia is very social and kind with others. Shes polite and loves to brush hair and sing. Shes a total people person.
jordan loves watching little baby bum, spending time with me and dada, enjoys a screaming match that goes back and forth, loves going on walks and looking around at new things he’s never seen before
Hello, I’m Perseus! I am learning how to roll over (sooner than expected for my first time mama) and starting to smile! I love playing with my mama and her weird faces, if I had to choose between milk and sleeping as my favorite… let’s just say I couldn’t pick! Haha please leave me a vote if you’d like ❤️
Jeremiah is a sweet and silly boy who loves sports and playing Minecraft! He wants to be a sheriff when he grows up! ❤️
Baylea is 2 months old. She’s a beautiful, happy baby! She loves cuddles with Mom, playing with Mom and her extended family, and car rides. She likes listening to music and watching different lights, especially ones that move/blink.
Jordan is a sweet and smart young boy! He loves playing sports and playing Fortnite! He wants to be a cop when he grows up! 🥰
Rylen Baker
Rylen loves to blow kisses and wave bye! Rylen also loves his momma and dadda, and absolutely loves to be outside playing in the water! Rylen loves to play peekaboo and laugh! Rylen says thank you for voting for me ♥️
Hi my name is Zoey Madisynn , I have just recently figured out how to smile and my mommy says it’s the most beautiful smile and could brighten anyones day with just one look. I love milk and sleeping. Oh can’t forget about cuddles those are my favorite! Go hit that vote button and help me get to the top.
🚨🚨🚨LETS EXCHANGE ADVANCE VOTES UP TO 2000 MAX OR 10 VOTES DAILY!!! 🚨🚨🚨Makiyah is a happy baby who likes to talk and smile. She enjoy listening to rain sounds to relax and sleep. She love playing and talking with her brother , mom and dad. Her smile lights up the atmosphere. Makiyah is my Gift from God 🙌🏾🫶🏾💞
He loves Cocomelon, his Momma and Daddy!!!!!
Lexi is in 1st grade! She is very smart and on going funny girl! She has a 10 month old baby brother she enjoys playing with along with her best friend Ani!
Clayton is the most sweetest 4month old you’ll ever meet. He has the sweetest and cutest personality. He’s the happiest baby ever! He loves cuddling with mommy and hanging out with his aunt and uncle.
I'm a sweet two month old who is learning to talk. I was born premature at 31 weeks and 6 days. Spent 29 days in the NICU. I prefer my mother over my dad 😂 please vote for me.
My cheeks are my money piece 😉 i am a nosey little girl. i am a big girl in a baby body. I want to sit up and see whats going on. Im sassy and love to talk back. Mommy calls me a turkey. I think she plans to eat me at Thanksgiving because she is fattening me up and says she could eat me up. I love going outside. If im crying all mom has to do is step outside and im amazed buy those big green thing's. Please vote for me so mom can buy me some new pretty jammies to fit my thick thighs that continues to get chunckier.
Robin is definitely living up to her name which happens to be her late great grandmother's nickname. She was concived on her great-grandmothers birthday by iui so of course it was only right to honor her that way . She has so much personality and suprises both her moms every day !
My name is Nevaeh and I am 5 months old. My favorite things include Cocomelon, my swing, and of course fake coughing & giggling to make everyone laugh. I’ve already got 3 teeth and I’m already trying to crawl. I enjoy spending time with mommy and daddy and going to pick out toys at the store. I would greatly appreciate if you voted for me. Xoxo
Sweet Ashlynn Kaye, always happy, and loved so very much! ♥️
He’s such a smart , amazing little man ! He loves homeschooling with mommy & enjoys the outdoors .
Violet Lucille
The most precious and easy going little angel ever. Loves to smile and coo already!
Sipriano loves rolling on his tummy, talking his heart out and watching bluey!
Alia is very kind, loving, sassy, and fierce. Her imagination is huge and she loves to play with others and help others.
Alexia's very smart, sassy and loves to dance and sing 🎶 She loves her big brother so incredibly much. She's my "girly tomboy" lol. As much as she loves to do the "boy-ish" stuff, nothing beats her love for princesses!! EVERYTHING PRINCESS! 👸🏼👑 If she wins this contest, she will be going to Disney! Please vote for Alexia so she can go meet Anna and Elsa! In NH we have "Storyland" but unfortunately Anna, Elsa, Jasmine and many other Disney princesses don't reside at storyland like Cinderella and tinker-bell do (lol). Seeing how happy she was to meet Cinderella truly melted my heart! I can only imagine her first time seeing ALL of the princesses! Alexia is what you could call our rainbow baby. She's a very special miracle to all of us! Daddy's girl and Mommy's world 😊❤️ Vote for princess Alexia! ☺️🤗💕
Amina And Amiya
Amina and Amiya are identical twin sisters. They are 8 months old and love to babble, laugh and play with their older brother.