Currently 6 weeks old
The last out of the bunch and I'm mommy's last blessing. Born the night of the 22nd , with a ice storm happening outside , the ambulance couldn't get to my mommy quick enough I was born at home unexpectedly and made my grand entrance. NO COMPLICATIONS , NO INJURIES AND BOTH ME AND MOMMY WERE SAFE. And here I am cute as a button 💖
Evie loves to smile and is just starting to try and giggle. Her favourite thing to do is watch the fan and look around while shopping. She is the little girl mummy waited her whole life for and she was worth the wait!
Viridiana Martinez
Hola mi nombre es viridiana tengo 2 meses apenas soy muy risueña pero tambien muy enojona me gusta comer y dormir mucho 😇
Hello everyone, my name is Freya the name stands for Goddess of love.i love all my family. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters.i like to play with my baby.
Axden loves playing with balls and is one of the sweetest caring guys out there! He loves making people laugh and will do anything to make others laugh around him. His favorite movies are toy stories, up, cars, and frozen!
Noah was born at 38 weeks due to an umbilical cord issue. He’s had quite the week of birth after losing a whole pound just two days of being born. To being tongue tied and having to have it clipped on the 7th. Noah loves his big brother Jonah and loves being held he loves to lift his head to look around. He’s such a quite loving baby.
Jonah is almost 4 years old and just became a big brother. He loves playing outside and playing games. Loves all animals. He knows all his abc’s and can count until he gets bored. He’s incredibly goofy and always puts a smile on our faces.
He is the best Grandson in the world! He makes my heart smile even on the worst days! ❤️ He is a true character.
I got my mummy’s looks and I’m cute 🥰
His name is Keonei and he has the most bubbly personality. His smile lights up a room and loves to make people laugh!
Matthew is such a peaceful and happy baby, who just brightens up our day. He recently started crawling and soon will start walking I’m sure 😬
Hakeem is 3 months old! He loves chewing on his hands, staring and cooing to people & most of all loves cuddles 💞😆
He loves food & loves to walk!
Hi my name is Knox my family say I am a happy little boy, who is always smiling, getting into everything. I love playing with my older brothers and watching them. I love the pool and water slide. I am a cheerful little person who brings joy to everyone in my family and around me. My smile lights up the room my Mama (grandma) says, she also says I am Angelic but I’m not sure what that means lol. I love all types of food. I am learning some small words and my brothers help me with that. Most of all my family love me.
Hayden is a sweet little fella who loves playtime with his brothers and sister, Disney movies, and Bob Marley!
Oaklynn Ann DeVerney was born February 12, 2023 She loves her Mommy and Daddy, being bounced, loves to be held and loves to eat and sleep.
Nova is a super happy lovable baby who can make you smile any day with so much personality n charm and her dad's looks & attitude
Wyatt is a 3months old and just an all around happy baby! He enjoys eating sleeping, babbling and rolling over. Vote for me I'm a cutie ❤❤❤
Hi,my name is Abbie Jade and Im 4 moths old. My favorite color is pink. I love to talk and laugh. My favorite thing to do is lay in my playpen and play with my rainbow arch from my kick mat. My favorite person and best friend is my 4 year old cousin Rosie. My favorite food is applesauce. My favorite shows are CoComelon and Word Party.
Riv is the happiest baby! Loves everyone and loves to jump in his jumper! He makes everyone smile!
He loves his sister, hims mama and daddy! He loves to eat and take naps. I can see him changing peoples lives for the better:)
Ansley loves loves loves lights and her teething toys! She absolutely adores her family and new people!
Aphrodite is such a snuggle butt. She will curl up into the crooks of your arms, and just look into your eyes and just give you this soft small smile as you whisper to her, sweet words babies like to hear. She warms your heart, no matter what mood you're in.
Hi my name is aubree I'm 5 yrs old I live books, cuddles, music, and taking to my family. I live to dance and sing I love being out side and going with my mommy. I was born on Valentine’s Day! I love to make people happy and dress up and be a princess “I am everyday” Please vote for me! Thank you for the ones who did!
Ms Ja’Liyah is 6 months she suffered from rsv and pneumonia for about the 1st two months of her life and she is currently suffering from asthma but she is a strong fighter 💪🏼‼️
Freyja is named after the Norse goddess Freyja. She loves music, and animals. She’s always been such a happy baby and when she is the room she brings the vines up instantly.
Iliana Jesil
Una bebecita
Michael is a very energetic baby. He loves to eat food and play and give lots of cuddles. Please VOTE VOTE for my chunky boy!!
Ezekiel is an amazing little boy who is growing into his goofy personality! He love cuddles, he loves to be sung too, and being talked too. He’s definitely a mommas boy Zeke is so full of life and happiness who is growing so fast
Amarui is beautiful and has her own little personality. She loves have conversations with people and she will coo and smile at them in the most amazing way.
Baby with the moon eyes 🌙 when she smiles big her little eyes turn into crescent moons 💕
Cora is a happy, joyful and loving child. Shes learning to talk and is just as loved from her family and friends.
Keanu, named after the actor Keanu Reeves, enjoys pretty much anything daddy does. Fix a car, clean the house, play with the dog, and replacing batteries in ALL the toys.
Gracelynn is the most sassy, fun loving baby girl! She is such a blessing, and loved so much. ♥️
Braxton is the happiest baby, he recently started crawling and is constantly on the move.
The shes an outstanding independent little girl he will do anything to do what she wants in reach her own personal goals. She loves music and unicorns ... Most of all her papa.
I'm a l spitfire and I love life. Vote for me.
Very loving and very happy little/big boy.
Mikenna- the Nicu warrior loves to dance to Raylor Swift, loves walks in her stroller, shopping with mom and loves her twin brother!
Simply put Kevin is amazing! He loves to make squeaky noises poop and sleep lol! He’s a very good baby! I’ve been blessed!
Ahir is 8 months old, she loves to crawl around and get into things she's not supposed to. She's a pro at taking off socks and getting off of our couch.