Baby Stories - 63


Meet my grandson! I'm a sassy little Leo who adores my mommy, gets spoiled by grandma, and cuddled by great grandma. I was a tiny preemie, but I'm growing by leaps and bounds! Vote for me please! Thank you!
Here is my beautiful healthy girl! She was born premature at 27 weeks, but look at her now! The strongest, most colorful baby you’ll ever meet. She loves talking to you and maybe sneaking a bite of your ice cream!
Eva Grace
Loves to smile and stick my tongue out, loves her big sister and brother.
She may only be 1 month old but she is the sweetest, most sassy, divalicious little girl ! She loves to cuddle with her daddy, naps in her swing, and just being held 24/7.
Michael is a loving, happy Virgo baby. He enjoys cuddling, watching his kitties and playing with his mama.
“Agoo” - baby Michael
J rose is from a Mexican nd black descend.. very outgoing... smart full of life nd high spirits.. a person u meet nd never forget.. she leave a stain on ur life
This is my Grandson he is just a little doll and I love all the things he is learning . He is a smart baby. Please vote for him. Show some love
Loves snuggs, practicing to stand, making fart noises, and seeing mommy come home from work. She loves to explore and touch everything. Calm around visitors, but demands mommy loves. <3
A beautiful Illinois Princess that loves her daddy, enjoys looking out windows and her puppy dogs
She’s such a happy baby, she lovesss to talk to her mommy and Minnie Mouse lol, and her smile is to die for😍
Zackary love to smile to just brighten up anybody's day. And he loves playing peek-a-boo he's just a happy boy
Mica loves to laugh, and yell. She is the happiest baby.
Oaklyn is my name. I came 3 weeks early and rocked mom and dads world! I am the sweetest girl around. I love to be held and I can pick momma out of a crowd!
This is Eli. He is a little over 2 months old! He is a little brother to 3 furbabies that he just adores! He is always petting the cats when the come lay next to him and he gets the biggest smile when his dog walkes by or sniffs his face. He is a total flirt always half smiling at the doctors and nurses when we go for check ups! He is just the most laid back baby I have ever been around! All in all he is pretty freaking amazing!
He loves to watch sesame Street play outside he dances he loves to giggle great with pets
Lennox is 13 months full of energy and love! Loves to eat , play with his toys and cruise around the house and sleep late like mama 🥰❤️💙
Knows No Stranger! A Lady's Man To The Fullest, It Came Natural! One Of A Kind Personality, You Can't Help But Fall In Love With. Sour Patch Baby.. Sour Then Sweet! More Like Sweet Then Sour! Loves Being Outside & Love Playing In The Water!💞 && Absolutely Loves Sitting On His Pops Motorcycle🏍️ Don't Let That Cute Smile Distract You💋 #Perfection #Stud #HideYourDaughters #MrStealYourGirl
isabella is an active 3 yr old she loves dogs ,bugs,chickens ,all animals really lol. she loves to play outside but most of all she loves everyone she knows no strange and loves to talk sing and dance.
Delylah Mae
she’s the sweetest most loving babygirl in the world 🥺🥺 she loves counting and BABYSHARK DOODOO!
Sophia Michelle is almost 8 months old and loves to spend her days smiling and trying new foods🥰
She loves any and all animals! Delilah is the sweetest girl you would ever know!
Leo is a very happy boy despite his medical history! He has been through so much in his short 9 months of life! His favorite things to do are cuddle mommy give kisses eat green beans and play with his big brother Carson! You should vote for Leo only simply because he is adorable!!! 😍😍😍😍
Miles is my handsome little soldier. His smile is contagious. He likes tummy time with mommy and likes to explore with his big beautiful blue eyes. He stretches his legs as if he wants to crawl or stand already. He continues to surprise me everyday with something new. He loves his snuggles, nap time and he loves to eat and get milk sleepy. He has such a big personality already and is loved by so many! He is such a blessing amd a happy big boy!
this is actually braylee amd braxton my 4 week old twins! 💜💙
Ke'Moni Lilshelle Williams
Ke'Moni Loves Too Watch Cocomelon And Peppa Pig....She Loves Music....She Loves Her Mommy And Loves Too Hear Her Mommy Sing ❤💞
He's the happiest baby ever he loves his family, attention and putting smiles on everyone else's faces too.. everyone loves his crazy hair and laugh vote for jaxon
Chloe loves walking and dancing
Conrad is the youngest of 5 - he is the most gentle little soul, we love him very much 💙
Hardin loves to stare and coo at his momma. He also loves to snuggle💕
Amelia B takes on the world.
The sweetest baby ever! She loves to be held and snuggled and getting kisses from her 4 doggie brother and sisters.
Hello everyone 🤚🏻 My name is Karson! I was born in September and am approaching 2 months old. I’m the happiest, sweetest little boy and LOVE my mommy and daddy so much ❤️ Please vote for my handsome self!
Maddox is a month old. He loves to cuddle, eat and sleep.
Super sweet and loving baby boy. Gives the best cuddles and kisses a baby could give. He goes by piglet and bubbas. His interests are pulling mommys hair and playing super baby! (He saves the world all of the time with his super sonic coo and his hypnosis smile) 😊
About Christopher he was 3 months premature he’s a happy baby always been he loves to smile and he’s a big joy to be around he was only 2 pounds and 13 inches and he was born at 28 weeks and 2 days
Shes Very Loving & Loves To Help With Her Baby Brother
She is a very happy beautiful baby girl that loves everyone's attention. She loves watching Cocomelon. She loves to laugh and try talking. She is such a happy and loveable baby. She is my ginger.
The best miracle💙👣 His eagerness to learn and grow is beyond amazing I mean daily learning new things n his smile will melt ur heart🥰
in 2019 I was told chances of me getting pregnant were small let alone being able to carry to term. Here I am with this beautiful, happy, talkative baby girl. 💜 she loves to smile and laugh and “talk”. When she’s upset she has a pretty fierce crawl lol I feel so lucky to be her mom and can’t wait to watch who she grows up to be 🥰
Autumn is a beautiful, energetic young girl. She loves animals and coloring. She is a very sunny and happy girl.
Axle Malcolm
Axle is a happy, smiley, cuddly, talkative little boy, who's always laughing and who loves his mommy and daddy. Also he LOVES running around and getting in to EVERYTHING and loves his dog and his cats! He's obssessed with babyshark and "driving". Everyone who meets him says how much of a sweet and funny boy he is. Please vote my boy!
Maverick is 15 months old. He loves his big brother and his favorite food is cookies! He loves playing with balls and he loves anything that makes noise!
He is a little thumb sucker and definitely loves when it’s time to eat 🥰
I may be little, but I am mighty!! I LOVE to eat!
Troy Guy Romeo Jr.
This is Troy. He is always such a happy baby. He had a ruff start at life but he has got it all figured out now. He literally learns something new everyday. He is such a smart baby not to mention cute as can be. He loves spending time with mommy and daddy playing. We have already started him a huge piggy bank so if he wins it will just add to it