Daniel loves to laugh and smile for any little thing. He loves playing peek-a-boo and adores his big brother.
Maya is what we lovingly refer to as our “skin puppy”! We never imagined having anything other than our houseful of rescue animals but we were blessed with this precious little girl. Maya loves farting, smiling, making crazy sounds and chewing on her fists. She is the absolute happiest baby in the world and every where we take her people are amazed with how good she is.
Hello everyone, My name is Jahkarri. I will be the BIG 1 on March, 21st. My sweet dimples, and cute smile will sure melt your heart. I have the sweetest soul, and i’m very loving. I love to be energetic, I’m always on the move. And omg, just look at all my curls..please go and vote for me!!!💙 it would mean the world to me
Chloe Janaeh
This is Chloe's very last contest here on bidiboo, as she is turning 13 next month. Lets make this a great one for her. 💕❤️💕 ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 Will exchange votes. We can do up to +30 a day. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 Chloe is developing into such a remarkable young woman. She is fiery, independent, and strong. She is her little brother's best big sister and has helped to save his life. She is more mature than her years. She has an incredibly loving heart.
Damon is such a sweet soul. Very smart and so lovable! He loves his spiderman,hulk and sonic. He loves his family so much.Hes just an all around amazing child.
5 week old Tobias would love to be voted number one, he is absolutely adorable
Audrie May
Just a happy baby!❤️
Johnathan is a very active nearly 3 year old, he loves climbing and jumping and is always a very happy bubbly little boy
At 3 months our sweet Memphis loves to snuggle and nap the day away and spends her free time giggling at her brothers
Hey there, my name is Satori. I want to win because my mommy always tells me how cute i am. So i asked my mom to start taking cute pictures of me. My favorite things are my mommy my big brother and my fur, feathered, and scaled siblings. But of course i absolutely love my bottle and to sit up like a big girl. Please choose me. Thank you everyone.
Arii is a smart beautiful 4 yr old that enjoys taking pics, making up her doll faces and sometimes her own. She is not your average 4 yr old.
The happiest most outgoing human that brightens every room she enters.
Hey I’m arlo, I love my cuddles and kisses. My favourite person is my daddy and I always settle to the song, my g by aitch and ed Sheeran, I fall asleep to it all the time, I’m the most content baby ever and I was born with a head full of hair and I love to bath 😊
Hi im Nik. Im a fun loving little man. My favorite place to eat is the Boobrewery, i eat there daily. I love reading and learning. I go to work daily with mommy, she is a dog groomer. I get lots of love and licks from her furry clients. I have fur babies of my own who love and protect me. I have 3 kitties and 3 puppys who always make me laugh. I love watching the show rug rats, probably because tommy looks like me. I love playing in the bath, i get mommy and daddy wet, they laugh. Im always smiling and happy, the only thing i dont like is tummy time but im learning. I love when i hear my ABC'S song, it makes me laugh. I like to giggle when i fart, its funny to me. Im young but have a whole life to learn.
The happiest smartest sweetest baby boy on the planet who will steal your heart.
Liam is a rowdy little man who loves cars and playing in the dirt. If he had it his way he would be outside all the time.
Oliver is happy baby who loves to roll, watch our dog sunshine, and laugh at his big brother.
Hey im arlo, i love my cuddles and kisses, my favourite person is my daddy ❤️ i love lying in mummy's and daddy's bed too settle and another thing i love is settling too the song my g by aitch and Ed sheeran 💙 im so content you wouldn't believe it. When i was born all the nurses was shocked with the amount of hair i had and they loved complimenting me too ❤️😗
Taeleigh loves school 🏫 and lol suprises
Aspyn Kehlani is almost 4 months old and loves her bouncy seat, giving kisses and loves cuddles🥺❤️ She definitely has an infectious smile!
He’s the happiest boy all the time, he loves to talk, happy scream and cuddle. I’m actually his grandmother I have custody because he wasn’t being taken care of he’s happy healthy and thriving now and we plan to keep thriving.
happiest baby EVER
Giovanni loves to watch his big brothers & sister. He has a great beautiful smile loves smiling, taking naps, and tummy time
Maison is the happiest little Boy! His smile will light up a room.
Phoebe Valentina
Phoebe Valentina is bi-lingual English/Spanish. She dances to all music, loves Songs for Littles, and has an infectious smile.
Very happy and sweet boy.
Mat is such a happy baby and loves to play with his baby paper and his rattle. He smiles a lot and enjoys looking at the world around him. 🥰
Makaylee is a fun loving caring little girl, she has also recovered form cancer she was diagnosed at 16 months old. She is a bright full of life girl 😊
Emilia June
The happiest little girl around
jove is a child who is always cheerful and always active, he really likes playing puzzles and his favorite food is banana and yogurt
We call her Ada for short. Before Ada was born we found out that one of her kidneys was not functioning right. After she was born the doctor was able to confirm that one of her kidneys was not functioning and had several cyst growing on it. She sees her doctor about every three months to check on the one kidney and make sure it is still functioning good and she checks the kidney that is not functioning to make sure the cyst are not growing. To top that off her thumb on her right hand did not form all the way. She has had hand surgery with the best hand doctor and he did a fantastic job. He was able to take what thumb she had off and move her pointer finger to make a thumb. For being a little girl that has so much happen in just a year. She does not let these minor issues stop her.
Kaelum is the happiest little boy out there always wears a smile! Loves to laugh!
Ky'aire is our miracle baby from God.. he is 1 of 3 boys however he is our first bio baby his brothers are adopted however he will never know the difference. We are teaching him about God from birth he goes to church loves music and always always smiles .. he will know to love others and respect his elders.. he is learning everything quickly it seems. he knows how to roll from back to tummy he knows his hands and loves to eat his feet .. he is very alert and nosey like his momma.. to know ky is to know an amazing little blessing !! even strangers love to stop and talk to him and say how cute he is .. he looks like his daddy however I wanna believe he looks like me .. he loves to watch sports guess it just runs in his blood ..I don't think he is scared of anyone either .. he is our world and we wanna teach him everything...
This sweet and lovable baby girl completes our household and fills our hearts with joy. She is quickly growing out of clothes, learning new skills and portraying her very independent personality. Brielle now falls second in command, behind mama and still outranking daddy. So much love, laughs and life in this baby girl.
Callum loves when mom placed her head on his lap so he can look down at her and hug her. He loves giving the pout pout fish a kiss when we read the book. He loves watermelon and ironically lemons and limes 😂
Liam is 1000lbs of dynamite packed into a 20lb fun loving and laughing package. He enjoys playing with all the critters at Gigi's house. When not playing with animals he spends his days bringing joy to everyone around him. Please vote for this adorable little guy so the world can share in his smile.
Miss Matilda Maeve is a happy little princess full of smiles and learning to talk more and more everyday with the sweetest little voice. She absolutely loves her baths and loves a shopping trip with her Mumma. This smile brightens her mummy and daddies day. 🥰
My name is Loui and my mum and dad took me on my first road trip at two months old! 🏔️🏂 everyone parties on my birthday (31st dec) and I have the cutest smile, my mum says so!!
She’s full of sunshine she loves to smile and laugh she’s a sassy little girl she’s a wild one but a loving one
He’s the cutest little baby that you could ever meet. He loves sleeping,smiles when someone talking to him.
always so smiley nearly 2,vote for her please❤️
Adriel is 4 months but he acts like a 2 year old . Loves baths and cuddles 🫶🏽
Please share and vote. Hugo is such a happy, smiley, cheeky little boy. He loves lots of snuggles 🥰
Paxton is for 4 months old and weighs 23lbs! He sure loves his milky milk and enjoys hearing the minion movie music! He loves baths and anything to do with water! 🏖️