Baby Stories - 61


Jayce absolutely loves giggling. His favourite fruit is strawberries and he absolutely adores being taken for a walk in his sling so he can fall asleep. His best friend is Millie his pet staffy.
Greysen is my 5 year old spitfire, he loves video games, playing with his puppy and his brother. He loves school and hangout with him family!
Our Leia loves being outdoors whether it’s playing outside with her dogs or having water play. She also loved being around her family 😊
Kohen Is my miracle baby, he is my 11th pregnancy after 10 pregnancy loses. He’s my hero, he’s my blessing. Kohen loves to roll, and loves his baby foods! He like to play with his toys and he LOVESSSS TO SASS...!
Thoryn is two months old and the happiest little boy. He has some of the grumpiest faces but always puts a smile on ours.
Riley’s is a very happy talkative baby, she loves clapping and enjoys eating cookies 😋🍪
Thank you for taking the time out to come and vote for my babygirl. I love her so much and she is the happiest baby ever! 🤗 She completes me‼️❤️🥰 Love You All‼️
My beautiful baby girl was born 2 weeks early, she was in the Nicu for almost 4 days due to high levels of jaundice. She is all better now and currently 23 days old. My milk supply unfortunately is drying out 💔 she will be needing formula too so winning this contest will help A LOT!
Freya enjoys boobies, and music. She is 9 pounds and 2 oz, 19 inches long. She loves mommys snuggles, She smiles all the time and is growing everday.
My tiny little miracle baby, 3 and a half weeks old after being told I couldn't have any more children due to my endometriosis.. Was a great surprise. All 5lb 9oz of her 🥰
My name is Eddie, and I’m so alert and I love my puppy Figgy, and my mommy and daddy. I love to drink my bottles too
My gorgeous boy loves to play peekaboo and stick his tongue out. He has just figured out how to roll too. His favourite is bath time where we splash about in the water- soaking Mummy is hilarious
Hey I’m Myles ! I’m 7 weeks old and the most handsome, cheerful, full of life baby you will ever meet!
Avery Rose
Avery is my 2nd daughter. She was born at 37 weeks and spent 3 days in the NICU. She is my warrior, the puzzle piece that completes our family. We are so thankful for this precious little girl!
This little girl is always smiling and brings me so much joy everyday, she’s such a happy and giggly baby and learning so quick!
Cassandra's nicknames are Cassie, BabyCassie, Cassiegirl, Cass, or mamas. She is a bright and smart baby girl. Her smile can bright up a room. Cassie loves to try new foods, playing with her big brother Enzo. She is goofy and silly, and loves to play.
Leon is a super happy baby, loves to smile and coo 💙 and loves to spend time with mommy & daddy
Lewis is a very loving little man who loves being around cars not afraid to get involved in helping People his smile will warm your hearts 💜💙
-this profile was an accident-
Hazel is a very beautiful sleepy baby girl that loves her bath time. She loves her mommy and her snuggles and her mommy is trying very hard to give hazel her best life as a single mommy
Elijah is a strong tough boy, he loves baths 🧼 and attention! He’s a happy easy going baby all he needs is his mommy and yummy milk🍼
Oliver is our little boy. He love to talk and learn new words. His favorite animal is a duck and he loves to play with his cars and his toy guns. Just recently he's become a big brother and he loves to hold her and lay with his little sister.
she was long awaited
Our little Kat is a bright little princess. Every morning I wake to big eyes and a huge smile. Vote for your future president!
Cayden James
Cayden is a remarkable boy, he loves cuddles & bath time. He’s already starting to talk , he always has lots to say!! Cayden also loves food , his favorite fruit is squash & he loves green beans and sweet corn, vote for my love
Kamiyah is a dancing queen! No jingle, commercial, or beat will stop her from grooving. She knows every Tiktok dance trend. You can catch her singing and humming along to her favorite jams. She always has a big smile on her face and loves cuddles.
Hello world my name is Axel Kayne. I am a month old and I am full of personality. My favorite things to do are starring at my mommy and looking out the window. Every time my doggie barks I break out in the biggest smile!
Our little Ophelia is the happiest baby ever! She is so excited to see the leaves changing colors and loves being outside! She’s just starting to walk and loves to dance
Aura Ann is a vibrant, active 2 1/2 month old baby girl who loves taking in her surroundings daily. She is very inquisitive, enjoys storytime, going on walks and looking at the trees, and puppy kisses.
My name is Jerrod, I LOVE Paw Patrol. I like to swing while watching my cartoon for my tv time. Also I just LOOOVE cuddles and smiles. ☺️
Deliah Rose
Beast , fast, goofy
Fenix enjoys eating more than anything! She is a very spirited little girl who loves her daddy and his kisses
Born at 5 weeks premature, this little beauty have overcome every obstacle and hurdle in his way! He’s a little superstar!
Little miss Josephine (fina) was born at 31 weeks she was a preemie now 4month she went from weighing just 3lbs to 10 lbs she spent 39 days in the nicu and is a true fighter
Jaxson is a silly boy who loves to cause trouble! He’s super bubbly and loves to give Kisses❤️
She is a sweet, loving girl with the purist heart and soul at only 1 month and 3 weeks. She shows us the most admirable smile and bright eyes, especially with grandma and grandpa when they sit and talk to her. She loves to peak around when nobody is looking but its easy to catch her and she gets so shy its simply adorable. She hates mitties and socks on her hands unless its her white, perfect sized mitties or her pink ones with the crown on them in gold, either than that she will take them off. She is so sassy towards her dad it amazes me with her attitude and sassy looks, she'll let you know what she thinks about what you do or say with an attitude and sassy look.
Salem is my beautiful rainbow, Halloween baby❤️ She loves trolls and playing with her puppies
Georgia is literally the best thing to happen in 2020. She has the biggest blue eyes and loves to stare at you and smile and it will just melt your heart ❤️ she is a sweet Georgia peach
Hello, my name is Phoebe and I'm a very content bubba! Here is a list of things I like; Cuddles with my mummy & daddy, Smiling, Bath time (until I have to get dressed), Bed time( I sleep through the night),, And of course, feeding time.
Davion is a new addition to my family he is a very smart happy baby and he loves attention also very playful and alert.
Joylynn Mariah
Strong, independent, loves following & mimicking her mommy, dramatic, knows what she wants & doesn’t want, lovable, cutie pie
Laila loves to be sassy and enjoys being the princess of the house. She’s very active and can hold her own bottle.
Michael loves to cuddle with his Mommy, Daddy, Grandparents, his big sister and of course all of his Aunts and Uncles,🥰🥰. He also loves to take naps and lay on his belly for tummy time.
GraceLynn is always a happy baby, she loves her stuffed animal pig, and loves kisses from her momma
Jeremiah likes to play with his brother’s,eat and smile. He likes to swing in his swing. He LOVES car rides. And he definitely loves to cuddle.
Karlie loves to blow berries, eat, play, and she's learning to walk so she's pulling herself up on everything! She's growing like a little weed! Oh and her best friend is her mommy 🥰