Da'Von likes to smile, loves to talk and be talked to. He also loves to play with his toys! He's such a happy baby!
He’s a month old almost two months he enjoys his bath time and loves tummy time
Braxton is such a happy little and loves to smile and stick his tongue out all the time
I love to smile and laugh. Also i really love Minnie Mouse. I’m learning how to sit up and grab my feet.
He likes spending time with mommy and eating his fingers
Liam is a very outgoing and advanced 3 month old! He loves watching TV with dad and laughing at his older sister!
Lola Rae
She loves encanto and singing songs from frozen and dressing up. She is a very happy little girl 🤍
Honey is a beautiful young lady..She lights up any room she walks into.. And she loves to hang out with her mom..
Kenzley is such a happy baby and is always smiling!
She is a gorgeous, healthy little girl she's nearly 3 months old and is already smiling, giggling, loves having conversations with us in her own little language and she loves the colour red!
Tai'Shjona is a Happy Loving Baby! She loves to give hugs, and love to dance. Tai'Shjona like to watch Minni & Dazzy. She is a very affectionate baby 🥰
My name is Jaycoen, iam 2 years old but i think im 15 years old. I am very smart i talk alot more most kids my age. Ivlove to help mami cleaning around the house, im also a very caring kid. I love to give lots of kisses and hugs. I also love ro use my manners i say "Thank you" & " your welcome".im am VERY energetic i love to run and run amd jump all day and wont get tired!! My mami tells me i am very handsome with a smile that brightens the room. I am very loved from my mami and my big brother, althought my big brother tells me i am favored because i am the baby.
Oliver is the happiest baby around! There is never a moment where isn't ready to smile big and wide. Even at the doctors office when he gets his shots, within seconds of being poked he's ready to charm the nurses with a big ol' smile.
Shane is amazing he’s the most happiest baby I have ever known he has never even cried he is 3 month old today and he has no idea how much he is loved and how much he has kept me going can not remember life with out him I’m one lucky nanna
kyrie is a very happy baby , he loves to laugh, climb, and give kisses
Anthony is a loving lil boy hes very hyper and cares about everyone loves to learn new things hes definitely a mommys boy which i love and we appreciate all ur votes thank u
Noah is such a happy loving boy. The way his eyes light up and he smiles when he see those he loves. He adores his 2 dogs. He concentrates so hard on what hes doing as he develops new skills. Trying new food and exploring, going for walks, even going to the store he just seems to enjoy experiencing life in a way that makes me look at things in a whole new light every day.
Avary’Jo is the sweetest baby, beautiful, chunky, and already so full of sass.
Layton Is The Most Interactive and Energetic Baby Around. He Has The Cutest dimples when he smiles. He Grabs All The attention when we are in public.
Rosalie is a 7 month old girl who absolutely has the biggest personality I’ve ever seen in a baby. She smiles like no other. You give her a little grin and she’s smiling ear to ear right back at ya! She loves watching Miss Rachel. She enjoys food. No matter what you have she’s eye balling it 👀 anything we win will go to her savings 🥰
Aleysha is a happy sweet baby that love to play and put a smile in everyone's face.
Sophia was born March 9th, weighing 8lbs 6ozs. She loves taking warm baths, looking up at the lights and listening to music. She’s recently starting rolling over on her own and is starting to find her voice. <3
Karson will be 6 months old in a few days. He loves to play. He’s so loving and such a happy boy.
Kavri is 4 years old, full of happiness and good energy! She loves to play doctor and dress up like a unicorn princess. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy but that doesn’t stop her one bit.!
Rocio is a really happy baby, she loves animals, she loves dancing and she also loves giving kisses, her favorite show is cocomelon.
Koralie is a sweet and full of personality baby who loves attention. She loves snuggles, animals, her food, and watching T.V. She will definitely have a sense of humor as she gets older, she loves to laugh and smile at just about anything.
Priscilla Michelle is the sweetest baby ever and full of smiles.
Kyrie Pink
Kyrie was born on January 24th, he was supposed to come on February 12th, but he wanted to make a grand entrance early. He was 8lbs 1oz. He is the youngest of the bunch out of his oldest sister and brother. Kyrie is a fun, cool, handsome baby.. He love eating on his hands and pulling his hair. He get all the attention from the ladies 😎. Kyrie is very ticklish and always hungry 😋. He also loves sleeping under mommy.
Korbin loves to eat! He loves to smile in every picture. The things he love the most is when the mother ( I ) tickle his cheek lol. Korbin loves to talk on the phone through video call, he love to see his self !! He was born a week early he weighed 6lbs’ 3oz .
Calum was born at 29 weeks, he was in NICU for 66 days! He is a strong-willed little boy beating all odds. Calum loves bathtime and having books read to him.
Ava is 6 years old and LOVES to dance and sing. She knows literally every song on the radio and is the only girl of 4 brothers. She also has an amazing attitude and is definitely a super star ⭐️
Maeva loves food, her dada, and to play in the bathtub. She has the most bright personality and is so loved!
Kai is currently 4 months old and the sweetest, happiest boy ever ❤️ He loves to baby blabber and laugh. He’s the youngest of 4 sibling and is stud for sure! :) Vote for baby Kai
Harlynn isn’t supposed to even be here yet her due date is May 6 we got to the hospital and her mommy delivered in nine minutes and Harlynn was delivered by the nurses Because the doctor was in a delivery! She holds her own pacifier in her mouth and can hold her own bottle at 13 days old :)
Logan is a very sweet boy he Loves playing video games and helping me with his little sisters.
Jensen is our happy, smiley little boy! He loves morning chats, playing on his mat and cuddles. His favourite toys is his black and white soft book about Australian animals, and his Baby Einstein piano, which he practises on every day.
Raelyn is a very happy baby, she smiles and coos all the time. She loves her mommy, daddy, and her entire family very much
Grayson-Albert is a ray of sunshine and brings smiles to everyone. Whoever he meets or sees, he will smile and laugh away. He loves to play and have lots of snuggles
Hello everyone, My name is Samuel i am almost 3years old, i like cars, motorcycles and chocolate, my mom doesn't allow me but i have a super daddy who eat together lots of chocolate 😋 😉
Sebastían's the happiest when he spends time with family. He loves when mommy and daddy read to him. He smiles and squeals with excitement the most when he's watching Mickey mouse club house and Baby shark. And LOVES the intro to cocomelon. He also loves to sit up and play with his little piano. At 4 months Sebastían is already so eager to learn and do everything on his own and we couldn't be more proud of him💚
Jesse Duxbury Loves to drink, sleep, repeat. Walks in the woods with his doggy sister Delilah and staring into the gorgeous world
Elsie Eve
Elsie was born 3 week and 1 day early weighing 6lb 2oz, she was a little piece of heaven sent to us at much needed times and has brighten everyone lives who ever she meets. She sleeps well, always smiley, laughing and bubbly. Her best friend is Bubba our white cat and she loves watching Masha and the Bear 👑💝