Baby Stories - 61


Avalynn is such a happy and outgoing baby! She’s loves to be held and looking outwards to the world. Her favorite thing is windows and watching mama get ready. She forgets she’s only two months old and is already trying to grow up to fast! Her nickname is little peanut. Vote for Avalynn!!💗
This is our little Winnie May! She is the most loving, sassy and goofiest baby. Her personality is the cutest 🤍
Please vote 4 my beautiful boy arlo he's 12 days old and I think he deserves 2 win 💙👣
A huge United fan! So if you’re into football like me please voteeeee.
Jennings is the cutest and he knows it ❤️ He already has the biggest heart and sweetest personality!
A ray of Sunshine 🥰🌞
Mj-michael James
I am doing advanced votes for those who are honest and able to return votes ... Thank you for your support xx Michael James is a smart young boy, he loves drawing and painting and is very active loves dancing and also skating.
Smiley happy baby ❤️
Harrison is Mommy’s perfect mini, like his big brother was for Daddy. He’s got a personality at such a young age, thinks he’s the biggest, and eats like a piglet. Be careful not to put him down for too long, cause it makes him very upset, ha! He also loves watching the world around him and soaking it all up.
Such a sassy little girl who will make absolutely everyone love her 💚💚
Leilani is a very happy and out going girl. She likes going out doors for walks. She especially loves to watch Rollie Pollie Ollie.
happiest little guy ever 💙
My princess Avalys is the most happiest baby ever 😩❤️ The smartest too , learning everything so fast
Nehemiah is an extremely happy baby who has been such a blessing to our lives and brings so much joy to many! He loves music, laughs and coos! God bless our baby boy!!
Look at this cute Cowboy! Kooper loves being outdoors. He loves practicing his elk bugles. He also loves animals in general! He is wanting to get a Mini Pony or Donkey! So it would mean a lot to him if you voted for him, so he could get that mini donkey or pony!
Maison is a fun loving , outgoing charector thats loves anything power rangers and football or nerf guns
My beautiful little boy was sitting up at 3 weeks and trying to hold his bottle at 2 months he’s amazing he’s trying to talk I just haven’t been so proud of my baby please VOTE
Stryder is one happy boy who LOVES food. He was in the NICU for 2 weeks when he was born due to his lungs but they are super strong now! He has one crazy cowlick that is impossible to tame.
Millie Rose is 9 months old. She loves crawling, climbing, standing and exploring. Getting into everything she shouldn't and putting anything and everything in her mouth. She's always on the lookout and always happy! If you see her you'll see the biggest blue eyes and smile! Her favorite word is Da Da!! Favorite song and show is definitely Pink Fong/baby shark!!! She absolutely adores her Big sissy (Addy) and puppy (Penelope)🤗😃
Hello, my name is Lana, I am 5 months soon to be 6 ! I’m such a happy girl! I love to smile, laugh, play, and get all the attention! ❤️
I'm 1years old. I love to eat, I'm a water baby. My nickname is pretty phat. I'm really sassy but in a cute way.
he loves his mommy & daddy🥰 & of course his food😆 . he loves keeping mommy up all night long & sleeping all day. vote for baby b please! 💙
Anything to do with food, usually includes Kingston! Cocomelon is one of his favorite things to watch, he eat lives, and breathes cocomelon! He’s 6 months old and he’s the happiest child I’ve ever meet. This boy loves to play and watch his puppy’s play.
Noah is amazing so full of laughter makes your heart melt. He loves to cuddle and play with his truck . And sometimes we will catch him doing his little dance. He love to watch sharkdog and cocomelon. he is a big fan of his fruits and veggies.
Atreus is 7 months old! He is always smiling & laughing. He's a character. He definitely loves his momma & daddy. His trademark is his wildddd hair! He can also crawl & pull himself up on things.
My sweet girl Niya Rayne! She loves cuddles, smiling & sleeping🥰🥰💖
Olivia is the most free spirited soul I’ve ever met. She didn’t get to meet her grandparents but she reminds me so much of my Mom. She loves all animals, people, pageants, and just life in general. She’s 20 months old, almost the big 2!!! We are working on potty training and sleeping in her own bed.
He is a special needs baby and can't really do much but please vote for my baby boy
Gabriel is a spunky, crazy , funny little 8 month old that loves table food and Rod Stewart😂
Azalaya will soon be 9 months & is a fire cracker. She definitely has a personality of her own. She’s such a happy & good baby.
Kobyn Ryder
My name is Kobyn Ryder im 8 months old, I crawl everywhere and I smile all the time and I’m the happiest baby ever! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME 🥰🥰
Colt is a rowdy, funny & energetic boy who came into this world ready to move. His favorites in life are rolling over to get across the room, giggling at mom when she makes funny faces, and jumping in his Johnny Jump-Up.
Ariyana is 4 years old she loves music, dancing and taking photos. She just started pre k and she loves elsa and anna from frozen and is super excited to become a big sister to her baby brother in November
Olivia is a caring beautiful girl who loves all things. She loves to be with everyone she loves and hates to see people upset. She’s a silly little girl with the power to cheer someone up instantly!
He laugh like to smile like to eat loves tummy time and loves his older brother
Layla is energetic and just so loveable, she loves the guitar and listening to her big sis sing to her and when her big brother plays with her! Her laugh is contagious and her eyes are memorizing.
Our sweet girl loves to smile. She’s 2 months old. She loves her sleep, loves her bottle, and is currently a mama’s girl 💕
Orion is 5 months! Hes all smiles and giggles and he is quite a handful for mommy and daddy already! He loves hanging out in his jumper and being a chatty Kathy. Orion is currently hard at work trying to sit up on his own. He is a little chunky monkey and enjoys trying all of the foods! However, he dislikes when hes done eating since there is no more left for him to eat lol Orion also loves to splash all of the water out of the bathtub and peek-a-boo! He likes watching old cartoons on Boomerang, TeenNick and Disney+ with mommy and daddy. We are big fans of Bluey, Rollie Pollie Olie, the original Teen Titans and original Looney Tunes!
My names Addison! My favorite word right now is “no” 🤣 Sass is my middle name 👸🏻 I’m going to be a big sister soon! 💗 My favorite foods are banana popsicles, chicken, strawberries & peaches 🍑
He laughs at everything! He's always smiling and is all around a happy baby!
Ryker loves to smile and loves bath time His hobbies are to give his parents a hard time and to play
Savvy loves to dance and laugh…she’s a very silly girl!
Loves spending time with family. Loves to travel
Maverick has smiles for days. Sweetest little boy I know! His smile lights up the whole room..