Baby Stories - 61


shes such a happy baby! absolutely loves attention and is always on the go crawling wise lol.
Katherine is a very happy and expressive little girl. She’s learning new things every day and is loved by many.
His smile lights up any room you stand in. He loves the 80s show ‘Duck Tales’ and the Frozen franchise.
Sereniti is 5 months old and a Daddy’s girl. She loves her dog chewy and loves to jump/bounce.
He is a very happy baby. He smiles at everything and everyone. He is a very social baby, he loves to be around people.
Nivia is 7 Months Old she is walking in her walker and crawling now she also sits up by herself, she is such a happy baby and my world
Abel river Aydell is 1 month old he likes to get lovings be held nap and eat also loves to laugh
Hims a very happy baby!! loves to be outside wen it’s a pretty day💙💙
Luke LOVES bath time. He loves snuggling, and falling asleep in my arms. He likes forehead tickles, sitting in his swing, and watching vides with his Dad. He is our little angel, and my personal little life saver!
Halito! My name is Josiah, I am 6 months old and I love smiling and jumping. I'm also going to be a big brother soon, I'm getting a baby sister. I'm going to be the best big brother EVER! Overall I'm a very happy baby and I love talking. I enjoy eating my babyfood 😊 My favorite is banana! Don't forget to Vote and Share! 💖 Yakoke!
Miss Harper loves to smile, go on adventures with her parents and babble to her animals.
Vinny is the most happiest and most calmest baby your meet he is very goofy and likes making face but most of all he is the best cuddler ever
My name is Everleigh Michelle! I was born 12.03.20 I love my mommy, daddy, and cocomelon! ** I have PCOS, and was told the probability of carrying and delivering a child was less than 10%, God BLESSED me with my rainbow baby shortly after my father passed. She is our biggest blessing in life, hands down
She’s such a sweet baby and she’s learned how to crawl backwards now !😁🤍
Our spunky 8 year old loves school, her mommy and daddy and newest sister, her puppy Ruthie, gymnastics and her friends! ♥️
My name is Kassai. I’m a goofball like mommy. I love to dance, listen to music and I like when mommy reads me books. My favorite movie is Toy story. My facial expressions are priceless. The thing I enjoy most is mommy’s milk. My favorite word is boobie!
My name is TJ, and i am a very happy baby. I enjoy baths, tummy time, and spending time with my mommy daddy and fur brother.
Deontae is such an happy baby , he loves to play, and he is so advanced rarely catch him not smiling
Born with a head full of red hair! Her name is Phoenix for this reason! ☺
I was born on March 2nd 2021, I love my mommy and daddy very much, I also love to take baths, I love to smile real big and show off my gums :) im a very happy and smiley baby, I have a lot of emotions and im only 3 weeks old! Thank you so much for your vote! it means a lot to me!
She loves to cuddle, she brightens anyone day and most of all is sweet.
8 months old of pure happiness! It doesn’t matter the situation you won’t catch my girl without a smile! Annaleigh loves to play with her favorite toys and adores her older sister. She attends daycare at least 3 days a week and has a blast meeting new people! She has the most outgoing personality and doesn’t meet a stranger. She’s absolutely a blessing! She’s proof that God answers prayers - after 7 years of failed fertility treatments and procedures, we gave up 9 months before we found out we were pregnant! She’s was exactly what our little family needed!!
Hi! My name is Breck! I’m 7 months young and full of personality! 😊
Everleigh is such a happy baby. Always so full of smiles!! She loves playing outside and watching mickey mouse!!
He’s the sweetest boy. Loves to cuddle and is always happy. He will brighten up anyone’s day. He loves to watch cocomelon and talk to everyone he sees.
Emery is 17 months old!! Very sassy has a great personality!!
My little wild child . the sweetest kid you will ever meet . she loves playing and being hyper .
Vincent is a twin and loves to play with his tongue and suck on his thumb! ❤️
Victor is a twin, he is our smiley baby ! ❤️
Hey I'm haven I'm about to be one my mommy got me a duck for my birthday 🎉 I love yellow 💛 and my mom but what I'm really here for is to show you all love and have fun ☺️ we are all winters
Joel loves to smile and loves to listen to music
Elena loves to keep momma awake. She laughs when her daddy makes funny faces. Her favorite show is Elena of Alavor! Falls asleep on her pappy every time he holds her. Babbles and smiles when her aunt talks to her. She is an escape artist when it comes to her swaddle. True pandemic baby she only calms down when her momma has her. Loves to look outside in all weather conditions.
She like to go on walks she like to play in her bumper car she like going to daycare and she like playing with other babies ❤️
Luna Jane
Luna is a sweet hungry little munchkin! Such a great little baby girl.
He likes to play with all his toys , he loves dora & looney tunes. He likes his mac and cheese baby food 🤣 hes always smiling & laughing & talking, he also loves to snuggle with his blanket 😌😌😌
Super smart , mischievous and huge . He's a 2yr old that dwarfs some 4yr old children.
Always smiles, loves everyone and cuddles animals🥰
Khalil Is 7 Weeks Old He Loves Cuddles And Is A Smiley Bubbly Boy
Our little peanut was born in December 3rd, 11 days before her big sisters birthday. Ivy loves playing with her mommy, daddy, big sister and her puppy, Ruthie. She just learned to giggle and is a master at rolling over! She’s our second blue eyed bundle of joy! ♥️
Aerith is 11 months old,and a little sister. she is a daddy's girl and loves to be outside and apple juice. Aerith enjoys giggling with her sister and cousins..
Alexis Grace is a warrior. She has Down Syndrome, she had open heart surgery and 4 repairs done at 6 months 1 week. No matter what life tosses her way she smiles and her eyes sparkle. Lexi Lou Who, we love you. You're always our winner ❤️
Jaxson is my little valentines baby, hes such a loving little baby at only 5 weeks old, hes my everything and in my eyes hes the most beautiful baby, i hope everyone can see what i can see in him, hes such a tiny little dot he still doesnt even fit in new born clothes please vote for Jaxson ! Thank you
He is chill and smiles. He loves his mom and dad.
Brayden just turned the big one! He loves outside, watching paw patrol and anything with food involved 🤣❤️
Jasir is the most happiest living baby ever he always smiling an giggling he enjoys cuddles an kisses tummy time an crawling
Londyn is a very happy and playful baby. She loves watching Mickey Mouse and can swing all day at the park lol.
Hello ! My name is Oscar. I love to laugh and smile.
Hi I'm Caleb I was born 9 weeks premature weighing a tiny 3lb 2oz. Now I'm 8 months old and doing amazing! I love playing with my mummy and daddy. My favourite time of day is bath time.