Baby Stories - 60


Harmony is very smart , highly entertaining and way too sweet ! She enjoys playing with her bruh bruh ( big brother ) , watching abcs on YouTube and pop pop is her favorite person !💜
MacKenzie loves her brother and sister and her aunt nee. She loves jumping around in her jumparoo and watching cartoons.she enjoys being outside and going for walks.
Daniel loves to smile and enjoys seeing new faces. He loves to laugh.
Carsen is a very loving baby. He loves to play with his older brother. He has a smile and laugh that can cheer any one up. He is a cuddle bug and the most happiest little boy.
Iris-bleu is a beautfiul diva, she is so caring, she LOVES animals, and has the greatest sense of humour!
Baby Jason loves speed crawling around the house and laughing at EVERYTHING. Hes such a good, happy baby which is why you should vote for him!
Karter is super silly ! He loves too eat ad tummy time ! He thinks the world of daddy and is completely amazed by his big sister ! He is definitely one of the sweetest faces you will see !❤️
Please vote for me!
Hey My Name Is Amaria i like to play and go for walks I really love to spend time with my mommy and family I lov play dates as well
Elijah is a sweet loving outgoing 2 year old little boy he loves to make you laugh and is blessed with 4 other siblings:) we are thankful for what the lord has given us. elijah is our miricle baby.. he loves to listen to baby shark and loves to show off his dance moves for us. He loves to helping mommy and daddy clean and loves to fish:) He keeps us on our toes and just loves life and is always a happy boy we are truly thankful to our lord for bringing this special little boy in our lives:)
My name is Amoreya , I’m almost 3 months old & I love talking & laughing with my mommy & daddy. I enjoy cuddles & kisses & im becoming quite the big girl I can almost sit up on my own .. ohhh & I have these things called hands that taste amazing I can’t stop trying to eat them!
Kyle is such a happy baby! He always has that big smile on his face. He LOVES madagascar, its his favorite movie ever. He loves food, somehow he eats everything his big sissy eats and only has a few teeth! 😅 My blonde hair- blue eyed baby is such a good, sweet boy! Please vote for baby Kyle! Thank you!
Anna is 5 weeks. Old a happy easy baby who loves cuddles and music
Nevaeh is a very happy baby. She loves to talk baby talk and enjoys laughing and smiling.
Scarlett has been through so much in her short lil life but she is finally stable in all aspects she is happy and always has a smile
Miles loves to roll around and watch his big brother Nolan. He loves to smile and giggle and trying to stand on his own.
Our handsome happy baby boy!! 💙 He is always so happy! Cooper is a rainbow baby and SO special to us! Any winnings will go to Cooper! 💞
Zeppelin is a little wild child! He is a great cuddle bug and has so much love for everyone at such a young age💕. He loves to play with his cars and ball pit, he is an extremely goofy/happy boy for what he had to go through being a nicu baby. He loves the outside, animals And being with family🤍
Bella is very joyful toddler..The type of child that lights up a room by just simply smiling😊Her favorite food to eat ribs😂( poor little 8 teeth😂)and her favorite tv show is Cocomelon🍉
Day'maria has a outstanding personality she's smart and outgoing and what she likes the most her fluffy kitten
I'm Eden i love playing with my hands my momma and dada I'm always happy especially in the morning
Bella Marie
Bella Marie loves to listen to baby shark, and dance ! She’s beginning to walk; and will never sit still. ❤️
Chase loves his momma, daddy, sissy and dog! He’s the happiest little boy!
Dominic is a very happy baby❤️ He loves to smile and loves playing with his toys.
Braxton is a very sweet loving baby! He loves his toys and playing with people! 💙
Shugs is the sweetest little boy. He loves to color and puzzles.
Aurora is the happiest baby, and loves to tell everyone who is boss!
Hadley is a sweet, silly one year old that loves to bring joy!
Denzil is a cheeky little boy, he loves being sat up and is always looking around and holding his head up! He has a gorgeous smile!
Sioni has a smile that lights up the room, she loves to dance, bounce and share plenty of laughs! I feel you should vote for her because she’s the sweetest little baby girl you could know!
Louie is a sweet blonde haired blue eyed little adventurous boy , he has many many faces and a huge smile that makes you want to have a baby !! So, heart warming & adorable little boy.
Onyx Rae
Im mommy and daddy's princess. I loved to smile in my sleep, nuggle with mommy when I was sleepy and have all my daddy's attention when I was awake. RIP Onyx Rae Lee 9/20-10/11/20 👼🏽
She loves making people smile and having fun
He’s a happy little boy, he loves to watch our dogs play it cracks him up and he’s a huge mama’s boy💙
She loves her puppy Mira the pit bull and loves to make lots of noises
Lillyanna is 5 months old
Sydney Nevaeh
Sydney is cute and wild. She loves her baby dolls so much, She likes wearing dresses so much me taking this pic took 2 hours cause she wanted a dress. She loves to eat her apples and bananas! She loves her brothers, Isn't she the most cutest?
Kade Benjamin
Kade says "Dada" and "Mama" and "Yeah" alot. Sometimes he trys to say grey's name "Gey" but he loves to eat his scrambled eggs, That's one of his favorite. He loves his big brother so much. They are both so cute!!
Brooklyn’s almost 2 years old, love the outdoors and trolls. She loves anything poppy, big bows and necklaces.
Logan is a very smart 4 year old and the light of my life ❤️ His favorite show is numberblocks. He loves anything to do with counting, letters, shapes, playing outside, hiking, and laughing.
Hello my name is Luisvin I will be 1 month on the 19 😇💙
To Gwen baby girl... one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in our world She’s a energetic, determined, growing little girl whose stolen another piece of my heart. She is her mothers world and her daddy’s ❤️ heart. Her smile and determination is infectious to all those who are graced to be around her.
Inquisitive Toddler Loves Gospel Music (Watches Praise & Worship Every Sunday) Turkey & Green Beans Are My Favorite Mickey Mouse Road-Racers Makes Me Dance (Favorite Episode "Meet the Beagles")
He’s the cutest fox daddy ever got! He loves to sit and listen to his dads stories about hunting fox. He will smile the whole time.
Research shows the majority of brain development occurs during the first five years of life. During this time, the brain develops the foundational skills children need to succeed in school and beyond. Plus, kids who benefit from early education are less likely to become teen parents, drop out of school or be arrested for violent crimes. So I need this for my child he’s joyful, ever learning, his smile could light up even the darkest nights .
This sweet little girl loves her gigi and pa pa. She spreads a smile every where she goes!
Greyson Andrew
Grayson likes to playcat the park, He loves to eat fruits like apples and tomatos. He loves his little brother Kade!! They have so much fun together.