Liam Carter
Liam Carter is almost six months old, and he loves to smile and giggle. He started eating solid baby food when he was 4months old. He loves to stare at you, and he smiles. He also loves you to talk to him, or he will cry.
Zieke is a beautiful, bubbly little man who loves giving the biggest smiles
Noah is a charismatic boy with a beautiful temperament. Being born 14wks early, he has overcome so many challenges in his early life, and we are so proud of him! Noah's favourite things to do are eat anything he can get his hands on, and chase the family dog. He absolutely loves animals and watching planes and birds flying high in the sky.
He’s a loving baby. He likes snuggles. He loves when you talk to him. He loves pictures and lights! He likes getting angry at mommy and daddy lol 🫶🏻
Hey there my name is Theo I love to cuddle with the most cutest and cheekiest smile you will ever see. I love playing, dancing & having lots of snuggles. I love to smile for the camera so get ready to have your heart melted guys😍💙
Hi! I’m Sophia and I’m 17 months old! I love the show chip and potato and my mommy. My favorite things to do are build my blocks and ride my unicorn toy I also love to jump around! My favorite words are peekaboo , more and no 😂. I have the prettiest smile and love to laugh! 💗 Please vote for me!
Blake is a happy intelligent 2 year old, that was born a week before Christmas. He loves puppy’s and playing with cars and no matter what mood your in he always puts a smile on your face!
Loves sweet potatoes, his bestie is his dada and smiles even when he’s a hungry boy
Jesslynn is the sweetest most fun loving toddler. She makes everyone smile she comes in contact with and she loves paw patrol! She loves for our 2 pigs Rex and Puggles chase her and she giggles the whole time lol Thank you for your vote ❤️❤️
Rowan Isaac
Rowan turned 1 on Feb 18th. He is starting to walk. He loves climbing and being cuddled. He loves watching Bluey, Ms.Rachel, and Blippi
Hi I’m Asai I’m 6months and I have 2 teeth at the bottom I’m crawling but attempting to walk I love bananas
Marley loves sticking her tongue out an when you talk to her! She has very unique eyes right now with one half brown an blue an the other just blue 🫶🏻
Persephone, Goddess of spring, loves food so much she’ll take it right out of your hands! She loves the outdoors and fresh air and the views around the lakes. At 8 months old, Lil P is already stealing hearts being the first daughter and granddaughter!
Hi my name is Elliot! I’m named after Elliot stabler from law and order svu!!im 6weeks old and already a mommas boy. I love to try to talk to everyone and meet new people. I like to dance with mommy and watch my daddy play games. I hope y’all will vote for me!
Atreus is 2 years old. He loves it when you tickle him. Atreus loves playing with hos toys and running around. and also loves watching Mickey Mouse, tots, Dino ranchers and puppy dog pals.
Hi there! I’m Parker-Jordan (PJ) I am 6 months old! I love to scream & talk! I like to pull hair and I love behind tickled. I like to hang out with my mom & dad. I also like to hangout with my brother and sister. I love when people are having conversations around me I zone right into what they’re saying, it makes me happy. I can sit for a minute or longer on my own & am getting stronger everyday! I like to eat carrots. I love bath time & hearing my mom sing to me. I also really love animals they’re pretty interesting to me. Hope you think I’m a cutie, I know my mom & dad do
This is Elena Rose. She's a month old. She loves to smile, cuddles, kisses, and being held 24/7.
Jamylen Holloman
Jamylen is the most happy playful baby you’ll meet he loves to eat n loves to play he will take sum he know he’s not supposed to have show you then run just so you have to chase him he loves to laugh n cuddle but most of all he’s a dancer he’ll bust his moves anywhere to any song
Laveon Holloman
Laveon is an intelligent little boy he loves babies balls and cars he talks very good and knows a little bit of sign language he’s all smiles w a shaggy attitude he’s a character of his own
Always a happy baby. Absolutely adores Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Lovable chubby guy
Zee '
Zee' is named after his uncle who was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. We believe he was handpicked from heaven to help our family cope with our loss. He is our little angel
Dezmond loves to play outside and loves his food and every picture he has a different face ❤️
Niomi is 4 months, 1 week, and four days old. Her birthday is November 6th 2022. She loves avocados, sweet potatoes, pears, and her favorite bananas.
Elisabelle is a very sweet baby girl. She LOVES to eat potatoes and watching Ms. Rachel.
Shiloh is a miracle baby through ivf and so special. He loves music the most!
Graycen Hobbs
Hi I’m Graycen Hobbs, I am 1 year and 11 months old. I am a lady magnet and I love to shake my curls at them. I love to play at the beach, rub my toes in the sand and splash in the water. I like to give my momma a heart attack by going down the slide head first. I also love my race track it makes me so excited when the cars go really fast. And most of all I love my family and mostly my papa he’s my superhero, my rockstar and my role model.
Charlotte (“Charlie”) is such a ball of energy and already has her mommy’s sassiness down pat, even at just 6 weeks old. She loves meeting new people and is the sweetest girl. She would love to earn your vote!
Hi! My name is Bradley and I’m 2 months old! I’m a pretty happy boy, always smiling for my mama! Some of my favorite things to do are: look at my dog siblings (i have two!), play with dad, and cuddle with mama! (While grabbing her hair of course!)
Kamilah is a double rainbow baby. My success story. After 2 miscarriages, and i got pregnant with her, God finally said it was my time. She is the absolute joy of my life and her dads mini me. 💕 She only likes a certain binky and is way ahead of her age. She is already super smart. She is definitely one big surprise after another
Ahrayla loves to laugh and smile.
allana loves getting tickled, and she has the cutest laugh. her favorite thing to do is talk to her stuffed lion and smile at her favorite people. she’s the happiest baby, and the cutest. 🫶
JaMareontae is a intelligent baby boy born in Wichita Ks on April 27th with such a great smile and bring happiness and joy in the room🥰
Ophelia is my wild child. she brightens up every single room she walks into, and she will make just about anyone laugh with her adorable little sense of humor. she’s my sunshine, truly the light of my life. ☀️
Levi is 9 months old. He's our first child and soon to be a big brother. When hes not sating mac and cheese, he's ceawling after his doggy friends and laughing
Shoan is a happy baby. Only cries for milk. He babbles and chuckles when with his mom. He is very cooperative. Loved by all!
E’ondre Balenci Walker 🦋 Balenci been trying to crawl since he was 2 weeks old , he said “I love you” when he was only 1 month old . He’s been crawling since 3 1/2 month & taking steps at 6months .E’ondre is such an extraordinary little man . He’s the happiest , most humblest baby you’ll ever meet . His favorite thing he LOVES To do is EAT , RUN & DANCE . He’s currently 16 months & he knows how to do Heads .. knees & toes , knees & toes . He does the expression of the wheels on the bus 🚌 & he try’s his BEST to communicate with “ yeah , stop it , mama , dada , vtech , hey , bye “ it’s really impossible to not fall inlove with such an extraordinary vibe 🦋. Balenci both parents are involved, although his dad isn’t physically , he is emotionally. Balenci speaks to his dad on the phone atlease 8 times a day & on the weekends I take him for visitation hours so he can bond with his daddy . Balenci is my strength. He’s the type to make you GET UP & do it . If it wasn’t for his I wouldn’t have graduated High school. I’m currently In beauty school chasing my dreams & passion but also securing OUR future for the long run . My baby didn’t ask to be born but I kept him because I needed him more than he needs me ! He’s took all my depression & turned it into happiness. I barely post eondre to protect him but when I do , he gets the love he deserves! I’m entering him last minute but I have faith in my baby boy to reach atlease top 20
Alex is 8 months old he love food and people
Aria is a smiley, happy, baby. She loves lights, being snuggled, and for some reason smiles at the projector box every time she sees it. Shes goofy and loves when daddy makes weird noises at her.
Karleigh loves to do her pageants!! She also loves to fish and be outside!
Jacson is an active, fun loving little boy! He loves sharing his smile, which is contagious ☺️ His giggle will warm your heart. He loves play time, Ms. Rachel, he likes to be on the floor trying to crawl! He loves to cuddle when he’s sleepy. He loves animals and he loves to explore and learn!
Ryder loves bikes loves to play outside.
Ladies - Noah has arrived!
Hi! My name is Zaemian, I’m 2 months young and I think it’d be super cool if you voted for me!
Hi! I'm Kolson. I'm five months old!! I'm currently being evaluated for my eyesight, but that isn't stopping me from anything! I love my swing, toys, hugs and attention!! I'm the sweetest baby ever!! 💙♥️
Mavrick Dale
Mavrick is so much fun, he loves Mickey and sleeping. When he is awake he will express his emotions all over his face
Ulrich is an incredibly curious and expressive little guy with the cutest white-blonde hair you've ever seen! He makes the funniest faces and gives the sweetest cuddles. 🥰
Athena is a every happy baby she love to laugh and play with her toy