Aliyah love to be sassy and bossy and love to eat
Amayiah love animals and love to play with dolls
Éabha is the most happiest smiley girl gorl in the world. Makes me so proud I get to be her mummy everyday
She is very brave she love to dance and sing and always love to help around the house and she loves school
She a doll she love cell phone also her tablet she love her dog her favorite food is fries and love her TikTok she is to amazing she to cute
Samuel is almost a year old and loves trucks, music, and playing with his sister. He is a little daredevil and loves to have fun. We are entering for fun, but would use the money to have more fun in Alaska!
My 7 month old is smart beautiful and advanced she loves her Mommy and Daddy(her favorite person is her dad) she has bright beautiful blue eyes and a smile that will light up the whole room she loves to play talk and eat fruit !!!
Harmonii is a very intelligent loving and caring child of mine she loves to wake and go to sleep watching word party and cocomelon.
Everli Jo-vee
Everli is a spunky baby who loves to eat, take baths, and fuss at mommy❤️
He loves sleeping and trucks. You should vote for him because he is a sweet little boy, weighing in at a little over 7 pounds , he like farting and burping like a big boy. He love cuddling with his mommy and daddy. He posed himself for every picture.
Kyleigh is 2 months old. She has the prettiest blue eyes, Loves her sleep, She loves when her big brother plays with her. She is calm and loves to smile/talk. Also loves watching My little pony!!! She is very alert. Loves cuddle time with Mommy. Loves going for walks and being around family.
Freya Anne-marie
Freya is a sweet, spunky and sassy little 1 year old. Loves walking around and getting into just about everything she can get her hands on. She loves saying hi to everyone and is always waving and smiling.
Piper loves all animals and being outside so she can watch the cows
Nellie-Ann is the best baby! She is beautiful and sweet at only 4 weeks old. Always wide eyed and cuddly. Our perfect girl
nova is a beautiful and alert 2 week old princess 👑 she loves to be outside and have skin to skin with mommy. nova is such a happy baby and always will put a smile on your face with her graceful presence
Ej loves smiling and giggling at everybody. Lucky to have our rainbow baby.👶 💕 🌈
Lainee is 3 months old. She loves bath time, and playing with all 5 of her brothers & sisters.
Meet Mason… a cute newborn who will steal your heart🥹 , Mason loves cuddles and nice warm blankets …!
Legend loves to smile, crawl, and eat. He has a very contagious vibe ! Happy baby !
Vanessa is sweet, fun, and playful. She loves dancing and enjoys listening to music. VOTE for Vanessa
Alexa is 6 month of age. She enjoy watching baby sensory videos on YouTube. She enjoy her mangoes and nice walks with her dad and mom on the beach.
Hi my name is Tytus and I love having fun love to dance sing play with toy watch movies and swim I would love to go to the happiest place in the world called Disney world vote for me
Sierra is very talkative and outspoken, she loves blues, Daniel tiger, and Minnie Mouse. Vote for my daughter cause she’s very loving and sweet
Happy fun loving and super energetic...shes our little fire cracker
Lennox is sassy and fierce and lives with no fears. She loves her dog, Kane, and brother Ryder. She’s a smart girl, and was moved up to preschool room at daycare way early!
Kolten is very interested in trucks, jeeps, quads, etc. We are entering just for fun, but if we were to win, he'd have LOADS of quads, trucks and jeeps to play with and ride on 💚
My sweet baby Mazi with the cutest smile💞
Vicky loves to play outside with her older cousins and jump on the trampoline. Her favorite color is green. She knows how to count to 25, knows her alphabet, and her colors.
I am almost 3 years old I love to be outside and riding my bike my favorite thing is my tablet and blanket and my lil sister please vote for me I could use the money to put in my savings account
Audri is 2 months she loves to cue like crazy right now she absolutely loves her big brother Dean she is a very happy baby you should vote for her cause the money could be used for to put in her savings account!!!
Hello! new soul here, I’m Illyrian Dean hobbies are milk and cuddles. (Nickname is scoops) Ma and da love my sleepy smiles 💕
He is a very happy baby Braydon was born with trisomy21 but you would never know it! He is perfect
Dj is a very Happy, smiley and outgoing baby. He loves music , Food and being with his family . He enjoys watching Mickey Mouse and bluey .he’s also learning ASL and now can sign 3 diffrent things .Enjoy😄
Little squishy! Always happy. Loves cuddles and her siblings
The one and only Humza!
Elsie loves to laugh, smile, read books, give the biggest kisses, and loves the Texas Longhorns!
Hi my name is Annalisa ! I love spending time with my mommy and daddy and snuggling with my two kitties. I love to read books and watch Cocomelon. I have super curly hair and I like acting like a dinosaur anytime I need a diaper change. Smiling and laughing is my favorite 🦕 😂 ❤️
Always smiling and up to mischief lol 😂
Aaidenn is 7 years old in 2nd grade he has adhd autism spd and ubed but is still the most amazing kid ever and had become the most fabtabulous big brother❤️‍🔥
Aria is a sassy toddler who loves the camera. She’s a girlie girl and loves fashion and accessories, however she is always down to play in the dirt and jump in muddy puddles.
Little smiler Olivia Estelle arrived on the hottest night (and day) on record. She has melted many hearts since 💖
Hey, I'm Mason carter! I'm 2 years old. I love playing outside, watching blippi and eating! Momma and daddy say I’m a handful but I say I’m just spoiled!! I would really appreciate your vote!💙
Walker is my 1 month old baby boy and he loves mommy, daddy, and his 2 older brothers. He is such a sweet, loving baby.
It's a wee cheerful, cheeky our monkey , so energetic love to smile & pose to camera.
goofiest baby i know! always has a smile on his face🤍 loves music and having conversations with groups.
Shes super precious, sweet, and lovable and shes my whole world
She loves mixing with others and they find her so adorable
She’s a silly shy an sassy girl who loves to play at the park an read stories for bedtime she’s a happy happy girl