Baby Stories - 60


He loves to play with his older brother, loves cocomelon! He has a heart defect!
Iyonna is a such a happy baby even when she wakes up in the morning it’s a smile on her face super sweet and loving baby girl
Kayden loves mandarin oranges, to be outside, Daniel Tiger & Cocomelon! Loves to play with his younger brother! Loves fuzzy blankets & is a goofball!
Kamilah Sophia
Kamilah is the HAPPIEST baby in earth ! She loves to roll all over the bed. She smiles and laughs all day ! She enjoyes car rides and loves to eat her fruits and veggies . Kamilah is so loved we hope to count with your Vote !❤️
Leilani is a big bundle of joy that LOVES to flash her cute dimples whenever she can. She loves talking and she loves unicorns.. She has her mommy attitude and her daddy dimples
Davia love playing with her 4 brother's her most favorite thing is to watch coco melon and playing with her baby
Corbin is a happy 6 month old . who is currently learning to crawl . loves to yell and babble . he always has so much to say . vote for this cutie !
Hi, I’m Sofia and i like to play with my daddy, i love to cuddle with my mommy. I’m always smiling ❤️
Vote for me please! He loves his hands an feet! He is the happiest child an always smiling! His smile will make anyone's day an make your heart melt! He loves to laugh an talks a ton! He is momma's boy!
Maeli is a big chunk of perfection that LOVES all food! She has the biggest brightest smile that can light up a room. She has the attitude of her momma and the impatience of her daddy. She loves dogs and cats! Loves going outside and playing too!
Keaden is a unique soul, he loves to say momma, eat, smile , laugh and tell a story. Hes my rainbow baby boy🥰
hello world , this is my precious baby girl azara she is 4 months . . 💕 she means the world to me , honestly!
Ronald Bell Jr
He is smrt cute funny can put a smile on your face when you have the worst day vote my baby he'll makr your day
Audrey Rae
Audrey Rae loves music, dancing and most of all, her books! Her favorite word is Hat!
Arie is a very happy baby who loves his kitty cats, bubble baths with daddy, and long naps.
I am almost 6 months old and I love to laugh, take pictures and play with my Mickey 🥰
Very cheeky girl that loves live. Always happy and really to go go go xx
Ellie is a lockdown baby and can’t wait to see the world with them ocean eyes. None the less she is a very bright, happy, clever and very cheeky girls x
Drake loves to crawl and play with his toys his favorite person is daddy and his momma he loves french fries
He loves mickey mouse, loves to laugh and play with his toys...
Vote for my beautiful baby maddison who always loves a cuddle 🥰
He is one of the sweetest babies ever he is so humble and loving. He always love to smile even when he is sick and don’t feel good.
He’s a cutie with a fierce attitude. LOVES eating and taking naps!
Harper Elizabeth was born 6 weeks early. She came into the world having to fight which has made her so strong. She is such a happy baby, and she’s always smiling.
Zaviah Dior Garner
Zaviah dior garner is one of the sweetest babies I’ve ever met. She is super calm all the time. She is very loved and spoiled by her family 💜🖤
hi i’m Sammul!🤩 i am 9 months old. i like an adventure and exploring new things, that scares my mommy and daddy. i want to get into everything and see what it may be. i’m a very happy boy, i always have been. i love watching the magic school bus with mommy & watching daddy play his video games. vote for me!🥰
Mila Rose
Mila is such a happy baby she’s always smiling
Axel Ralph Valentino Bean
Our valentine💘 Axel Ralph Valentino aka Bean is 13 months old and is the sweetest boy. He just mastered the art of walking and dancing and is a powerhouse of boyish energy! Bean loves his puppy Tank, giving kisses, and getting into anything he can get his curious little hands on! The strongest willed baby, he's incredibly intelligent. He knows what he wants and goes for it. A beautiful islander, Egyptian, Italian golden boy!
Melanie is an amazing 🤩 baby, and very relaxed just like the meaning of her name. She enjoys her bottle, and getting to like solids. She rolls over and babbles ! Vote 4 Melanie !
Nina Rose
Nina is 6mo old and a ball of energy. she is the sweetest, happiest, most social baby. she sits up on her own and trying to crawl!
Delilah loves to laugh and play! She is a strong girl at just three months old and getting stronger everyday! Her favorite toys are rattles and anything she can scrunch up in her hands. Her latest activity is chewing her fists and drooling because those teeth are coming in! She loves everyone, she’s friendly, and she likes to make people smile.
He's going to be the best fishing buddy there is🧜🏻‍♂️. From land to sea hes the cutest to me♡. Calm as can be, adorable, and a great baby. Sure do love my daddy, mommy, big brother and big sister.
He is a very happy baby. He smiles at everything😁 he learning how to eat solid food
Sophie is the happiest and cheekiest 3 month old lockdown baby. She has a 2 year old big brother who adores her and are the cutest little team.
Loving and happy 2 month old loves his mommy and daddy brothers and sisters
Magdelena is the only girl, with 3 brothers, so she’s a little spoiled :) She loves to dress up and be girly but also loves working in the shop with Daddy. She loves anything to do with the outdoors, especially riding go karts and four wheelers.
Rico is a 6 month old Virgo with a very bubbly personality. He’s such a silly baby. He loves to laugh, roll over, watch Cocomelon, eat, make funny faces etc. He now says “hey” and “hi” and he absolutely loves taking pictures. You guys should definitely vote for my son because he’s literally a ball of sunshine and he’s soooo cute with a smile that’ll brighten anyone’s day!
Georgia-may is an amazing little girl she helps mummy care for her brother she takes it all in her stride she’s wonderful
Willow is 1 month old, she’s such a sweet girl. She loves her mommy and Deddy so much. She’s blessed our lives more than we could ever imagine. Her favorite thing is cuddling with Deddy or talking with him, she gets the biggest smiles.
Joseph-Lee is a very happy chappy he’s 4 months old hes already had open heart surgery he has done so well he’s a true soldier
He loves to dance and run
cory is 10 months old hes am a bubbly little boy he didnt have a great start in life he had to spend the 1st week of my life in NICU then 2 months later he had to spend another week in hospital for a operation and after all that he never stops smiling hes our little worrier 🥰💪and he is learning new things everyday
I’m almost 6 months old! I’m definitely a mammas girl, but I love my daddy and big brothers so much. I learned how to roll over. I’m starting to get teeth! And I’m very loud!
Lialyn is a sweet, happy baby! She is 1 of 3 girls. We absolutely adore her and we think you will too! 💓
Aniyah loves to look all around with her blue eyes cute lil smile, and a major mean mug sometimes. Shes already showing her personality and how beautiful she is inside and out.
She is scrumptious