Baby Stories - 56


Hello I’m Latrell, I like to talk a lot when I’m sleepy and suck/stick my fingers down my throat until I gag hehe 😁. I feel like I’m grown because I always want to move around and stand up. Sometime I don’t even want to sit down! I love my mommy with all my heart ❤️
Such a happy baby boy ❤️ Loves to laugh and loves to smile 😊 Loves his puppy Cyra and his family too❤️
Haisley is a sweet soul, she smiles all the time, and she loves cuddles and her brother. Her favorite thing to do is to kick like crazy and talk.
Tristan-Jay 3 months old, loves having his pictures taken, beautiful big blue eyed boy😍💙
Skye loves her big brother and her kitties
Lincoln Wren
Hello, I’m Lincoln Wren, 5 months old I love to do tummy time and a happy baby, love to eat Mum Mum crackers 🤪❤️💛❤️ And to cuddles with Mom and Dad.
Hello! My name is Francesca. I like to scream and sing all day. I love food and I'm a little candy. If I will win a contest the money will be invest in my own business (when I grow up for sure). 🥰 😅
Chunky, happy boy who loves food as much as he loves his big sissy! He’s quite a momma’s boy also!
Josue likes playing with Starwars, power wheels, blocks, Legos, Dancing, Singing, being funny, making people laugh, watching football, soccer, frozen, Cocomelon, Eating, snuggling with his parents, being babysat by his Tio Miguel
Éliana likes eating, watching Cocomelon, bouncing in her bouncer.
Born at 37weeks+4 days, he was back to back but all the pain was worth it ... he’s a quite baby and a good sleeper and he loves his cuddles ❤️
Hudson loves to babble and play with daddy! He’s such a smart and happy boy!
Emery is a beautiful baby girl. Little sister of 3 big brothers. She has green eyes and smiles all day long. She’s a true gem and so very loved. Thank you for voting.
Kinley Gray is a happy smiley girl!
Albie loves to munch on his toes and blow raspberries. He pulls his socks off every 2 seconds and throws them across the room. Little monkey 🐒
Payton Rae a little spitfire, loving, beautiful little girl!
Riley loves playing with his big sister and snacking!
Addai is a sweet baby boy, always happy, doesn’t cry much, pays attention to people like he’s an adult and he can hold a conversation without saying any words 😂 - thank you so much for voting 🙏🏾❤️
Little Alice is just 10 months old! She loves to dance, eat snacks, and cuddle with her daddy. Your vote means the world!
Karter loves to suck on his nook & LOVES his hands He loves to look at colorful things and ooos at them He also loves mommy’s boobie milk🍼✨
Aela (A-Ella) is our happy little baby girl. ❤️ She was born on her Grandma Edward's Birthday, cutting it close to midnight. She loves looking at lights and paintings on the walls. ✨
Julian is a sweet 4 1/2 month old! He loves saying “I love you” to his mommy and daddy, going to church, and riding in the car. His favorite show is Cocomelon and his favorite toy is his his rattle. He loves when his mom and grandmother sing to him. Please vote for him❤️
Hello my name is Waylon. I’m 6 months old today! I love cuddles, food, my German shepherds Jessie and bear. And of course mom and dad.
My name is Maysen, but I like to be called Macy, Mayday, Maysen Jar, or anything else my parents come up with. I love bath time and am a little sassy, and take a hole bunch. Please vote for me!
Sweet little baby boy, loves his mommy & daddy 🥰
Hi! I’m Kane but everyone calls me doodlebug. I love bananas and strawberries and playing with my toy koala! 🖤
Baby DJ •Loves to cuddle •Loves to eat •Loves watching everything his big brother and sister are doing •Is amazed by all the lights
Kyree loves talking and smiling after his tummy gets full. He loves looking at the beautiful ladies and being told how handsome he is
Our lovely little month old girl🥰she’s a little explorer and loves to look around her surroundings all the time🥰give us a vote ❤️
She’s so out going and a very sweet girl...she’s also a big mamas girl🥰❤️🤱🏽
Ryleigh loves spending nap time with her older sister who is 11, and watching her older 8 year old brother of play video games and cars! Ryleigh absolutely love to be outside! She love snuggling with the family cat Milo who weighes in at 35lbs. The song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will always settle her crying!
Sophia loves being outside and playing with her baby sister
Aviana loves cuddles and playing with her big sister
Ava is 3 months old. Her favorite things are bath time, reading time and She loves being talked to. please vote for Ava!! ❤️❤️
Hello world my name is Jaylah Aracely, I love to crawl & be on my jumper. I love all types of foods🥰 & I like being outdoor, I love to play with my big brother & I also love pulling his hair🙂 i grew 2 teeth, by the way I don’t really like the teething stage. If you guys can take the time to vote for me, I really appreciate it thank you ❤️
Karsyn is sweet goofy loves to talk and is always smiling
Hi, I’m Amiyah-Rose, I’m 8 months old. I love bath time, exploring, eating and cuddles. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!
baby girl was just born recently shes such an angel sleeps through the night and gives mommy no problem 💜
He is a very happy 5 month old he loves to talk an make noises and loves to be talked to
Hi im Jameson I LOVE cuddles and watching cooking shows with mommy
Lawson loves his mama and his daddy! He likes rides in his stroller and going outside. He loves his Milkies and naps. He is growing so fast and is learning exceptionally quick. He is the sweetest snuggler you will ever meet! ♥️
Levi is full of energy and curiosity. He loves walking while holding mommy's hands. He plays well with anything that moves or makes noise:)
Lee Junior
His name is lee junior he was born at 36weeks weighing at 4lbs 6oz He was born with jaundice. He is a very happy little man
Sweet, funny, loves everything and everyone!
Olivia is such a happy and chill baby! She loves to stick her tongue out! She loves her mama but is also very much a daddy’s girl❤️
Makayla is a happy sweet baby that loves to be outside and loves it when her daddy reads to her.