Chase is a wild 4 year old boy who loves to his wild self :) hes a happy boy with a little attitude
Artist Khydan
Artist is full of love he have the best laugh and the sweetest smile He is one month old he already trying to crawl and wakes up talking he loves tummy time and the show bluey
She is a lovely 1 year old, who loves her stuffed unicorns!
Hi, my name is Ryleigh! I’m the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! I never meet a stranger❤️ I’m currently 4 months old!! I love all animals and my momma but probably my dog Sadie the most🤣❤️
Hi my name is Javi & I love to sleep and drink my mommy’s milk
Hello, D’Avion is a very nice and loving Kid! He loves to say his ABCs, Count to 10 & Read his favorite Pete the Cat book.
Hi! My name is william peter david cummins i am 2 years old and one month, i am a big brother to my little sister delilah, i am a very cheeky and happy boy and my favourite toy is a football and i love watching peppa pig and cocomelon, my mummy has entered me into this competition and we would really love your vote❤️❤️❤️
My name is Delilah Rose Cummins, I am 7 weeks old! My mummy and daddy and big brother william found out i was a little girl when i was born which was the biggest surprise for my family but my mummy was so so happy she was having a girl! I am a very happy and cheeky girl and i would love your vote❤️❤️
Ysabella Sofia
Ysabella loves her bok bok, and likes to play with her toy cow, she loves going out on adventures in her pram and in the car. She is always bright and had has very shiney eyes. When she smiles she lights up not only the room, but our hearts too
She loves outdoors and she loves water
Mila is 14 months old, she has light brown hair and green eyes. she absolutely loves stuffed animals and real animals, especially dogs! She has such an expressive personality, and loves to joke around. Her favorite food is cheese, and loves playing out in the lake!
Amelia Mae
Amelia loves to smile!! She loves her big brother and all her uncles and cousin!!! She will make anyone smile no matter what kind of day you are having ❤️
Brayden was born at 30 weeks, spent 57 days in the NICU and is currently thriving! ❤️❤️
Hi my name is Paislee, I’m 10 months old! I like to pull myself up on things and crawl all over the place. I like my toys and stuffed animals. My smile, my beautiful big brown eyes and my long eyelashes will absolutely melt your heart!
Ethan loves hanging out with his grandparents, playing&walking outside, trees, snuggles, going to school, napping, fruits, vegetables, his lovey elephant, and reading books with momma at night.
Delila is 9 months old she loves her feet swimming and eating. She likes mashed potatoes, vegatbles and fruits. She likes frozen strawberries the most. She has 3 teeth is very fond of me her siblings and daddy. She’s kind and sweet plus funny. She likes spitting raspberries. She is all around just a bundle of joy for us. She’s all around a happy baby and her siblings really wanna see her win.
Matteo is always such a happy baby, loves everyone he’s a little flirt with the ladies
Parker is very funny, he Loves Daniel Tiger and loves music. He is trying to pull himself up. He loves two play in the water. Very smart and curious child.
Always smiling and the life of any party, Greyson Layne keeps everyone wrapped around his finger
Kahari is a very happy baby and he lives to watch his older brother kanani jump n play around the house he thinks he is the funnest thing in the world
Peyton, aka Miss P, aka Sweet P. 🥰 6 months old and already the silliest, sassiest, most full of life baby girl. You are truly one of a kind; Daddy and I can’t wait to see all you do with your fiery determination and personality!
Myla is SPUNKY as a 6 month old can be! She loves being outside. She adores her super hero aka brother, Jaxon and her best pup, Annie. She smiles at practically anything and brings so much joy into our life!
The happiest little babe 🫶🏼
She is a very happy baby!! Smiles all the time loves being held by her Mimi and mommy!!! And is a daddy's girl😘💕☺️
He can count to 20, says his ABC's, and sings all kinds of nursery rhymes. He is very out spoken and very happy. He is super fun loving and goofy.
Ashton is 3 weeks old and the most sweetest baby ever🥰
Sigrid Aurora
Sigrid loves to smile and laugh!
Walker is 1 month old, he loves cuddles with mom, bath time and swimming!
Gio turned two in august this year and he loves his cats Pablo and sox. He also loves tools and watching peppa pig, his favorite color is blue 💙 his smile brightens our day and I hope his photos brighten yours. Please vote for baby Gio.
Dylan is such a loving and chill baby that loves his attention and is truly a terydatol when he screams of Joy. He loves his dinosaur shows and movies and is so ticklish.
Briar Lynn
The look she’ll have if she doesn’t win this contest hahah
Klein ; loves to chew on everything, favorite people are mommy and daddy. Oh, bananas?! he's gonna eat em all!
Lillian is a happy baby girl who is always smiling. She loves being outside and watching her big brother play.
Princess Mayzee Jane peach 🍑 her daily activities include looking cute , snacking on the couch and making diapers 🤷🏼‍♀️
Our sweet, spunky baby girl. Loves to play at the beach and with her brothers💞
Lily-Mae is the most gorgeous, funniest, amazing, sweetest baby! Loves to cuddle everyone and everything😂 Her favorite thing to eat is chips with red sauce, smoothers the sauce everywhere and anywhere she can get it😂 Blessed with the best baby girl🤞🏼🥰
Well I decided to do this totally for giggles! She loves to sing and dance! We did one a few days ago and it was so cool! She likes to say dada all day!
Adalynn faye, fun & outgoing, smart, sassy loving girl🤍 she loves making new friends & playing outside. she also loves her best friend “ whammy” she carries her everywhere w her💞
Riley is a crazy boy with a car obsession! He loves wrestling with his sister and then cuddling up for a movie.
Sigrid Aurora
Sigrid loves to laugh and smile! She also goes by Mrs. Bundles and is an proficient yelper, she writes about the bed and breakfast she frequents, aka mom and dad’s house. She is also dragon slayer princess on the side. Mama and baby play and use our imaginations on the daily! Little Sigrid Aurora loves people and gives everyone a smile that she meets. She draws attention and love everywhere she goes, making friends along the way!
Jensen jett is the sweetest boy ..our miracle baby ..he loves tractors and taking care of his chickens and pigs 💚
The funniest and coolest kid ever 😎
A happy beautiful baby boy who is always smiling ❤️❤️
Little Leeanna is a alert & very energetic 9 month old who’s always smiling & laughing. She loves going outside already & is now on the move crawling.
My lil man is generally such a happy, smiley baby. His laugh is absolutely contagious! He loves cuddles, animals, & his Pooh Bear security blankie that goes everywhere with him ❤️
Dawson is the smiliest loving baby boy there is & we would love to win this for him for a savings account for his future!
Iiving on a mini farm and working on equipment with dad is my favorite thing to do