Cameron loves people. He will smile at anyone. He loves to blow bubbles and dance
Our true mini Viking! His full name stands for Brave Warrior Walks
Kingston is a caring, lovable, happy boy! He loves baby shark, power rangers, and his family!! He's very smart and can count up to 20🤎
Brancyn loves cows, the beach, playing outside and his dog Layla. Brancyn loves Mickey Mouse, Horton and Toy Story. His favorite place to go is the aquarium.
Sabrina is a happy go luck baby that enjoys to eat and sleep
Liam is the smartest 4 month old i know. He enjoys watching sesame street on TV and he absolutely loves music. He also enjoys participating in conversation as he answers back with the sweetest baby coos. Liam is a very happy baby.
She will be 2 months on March 3rd and she loves to eat, swing, sleep and play peekaboo with her older brother. She loves her momma, daddy and big brother.
Joleigh is the happiest baby ever. Always smiling and laughing.. oh and sticking out her tongue. Her personality shines bright even at 4 months old 😊❤️
Liam is always full of smiles. He loves to watch Cocomelon and he likes playing with his toys. His favorite thing to do is to spend time with his mommy and daddy.
She’s a month old today! She’s super sweet and loving! She’s starting to try and keep her head up and roll over by herself !!
Kinsley is a big momma’s girl and loves spending time with her❤️ She loves to babble and smile all the time! You’ll fall in love looking at her beautiful big blue eyes
Yarett Alvarado
His name is yarett he is a very lovely boy . He enjoys every little moment in his life 💜. He is very playful and loves his brother
Wyatt is truly the meaning of his name “little warrior”. He had open heart surgery at 3 months and faught for his life. He is a ball of joy and has taught everyone around him that life is precious. He loves to smile and make people laugh, hence the pose.
Connor loves to explore everything and snorts in happiness! He loves to play with his big brother! Outside time is one of his favorites!
Alice is a very happy baby that loves to smile and laugh! She’s obsessed with her big sister Carter💜
Draven is an amazing big brother! He loves Roblox and to play outside with his friends! His favorite animal is kitties! 🐈‍⬛ ❤️
Always smiling! 🤍
Gabriel is a happy, laughing, loving baby who loves to giggle & is gets absolutely ecstatic when he sees a bottle 😅
Amari is everything that is perfect. His little hands stole our heart, and his little feet ran away with it. The excitement on the face of our baby boy is certainly the most exhilarating part of parenthood. Amari loves to play, talk, laugh, and eat. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, and Super Why, but most of all he love his mommy and daddy. When Amari coos, gurgle, and chuckle suddenly those sounds tugs at your heartstrings every time. His is such an awesome, smart baby boy. Amari also has made a few accomplishments; he won Mr. Congeniality, King, Best Hair, Best Personality, Most Photogenic, and Best Smile.
Raelee is such a sweet, happy girl 🥰 She’s got a big personality and is so funny! She's mommy and daddy's miracle after 3 years of infertility 🤍
Eleanor or “Ellie” is the sweetest little girl and has the best laugh in the world. She loves being around animals and people and is always eager to learn new things! She loves food and going to swimming lessons!
He has 2 moms 🤪👭 His md (mom dad) doesn't know he got GF 🤫🤫🤫
If you’ve ever met him, you know he is the most bubbly and happy baby ever. He’s always smiling and laughing and just sharing his joy with everyone around him. He loves animals and copying us (his parents). He most recently learned how to nod, shake his head no, and clap.
Carson is the sweetest boy! He’s always happy, always smiling and eager to learn.
Evelyn is one and a half years old and full of personality. She has blue eyes and brown hair, and is already too smart for her own good. Loves to play and eat all the time.
Adelina is a very happy and adventure filled child!! Always on the move!! She really loves animals and can always spot them!! She is always wanting to play with her siblings and love on her pets!!!
Elizabeth is a spunky, sassy little girl! She’s a cuddle bug and a definite daddy’s girl. She has blue eyes and light brown hair ( and a lot of it)
Charley H. Kaisen Dean is the sweetest little boy with the biggest smile and prettiest eyes! He loves spending time with family! Especially his big cousin😎. He loves watching Mickey Mouse and eating oranges.❤️ And he loves his mommy
He is the most amazing little boy and brings us so much Joy! The best grandbaby too!
She is 12 BTW and She is A ghost but really kind and wants to be like a human <3 *NOT HER FATHER*
Elliana loves food, we stand up on our own and love to stick our tongue out! She’s a happy baby that loves the outside especially the swing set! And don’t get us started on the love she has for daddy and her big brother.
Luna is a happy smiley little girl. She’s so observant for a 10 week old baby. She loved going for walks in her pram with her mama.
Jaxon Joseph 💙
Hi! My name is Roman. I am a cheeky 9 month old little boy who loves his food and always has a smile for everyone 🤍 I am 1/4 Seychelles Creole & 3/4 British. I love to nibble your fingers and give you lots of milky kisses. I am a Leo ♌️🦁 I am the most pleasant little boy who always has a smile for everybody, I make my mummy and daddy so proud 🤍 Please vote for me
Luna is a fierce toddler who loves everything that has to do with babies, cars, and outside. She's small for her age but has a BIG heart!🥰
Nezuko Is a kind-hearted Girl altho she is a demon she is very sweet <3 *I AM NOT HER FATHER I AM HER BROTHER*
Alani loves to laugh, clap her hands, and wave at anyone who comes her way! She loves to eat cheerios and watch Mickey & Bluey! She is the sweetest little girl and recites her affirmations everyday. Her favorite one is “I’m happy!”
Michael is always on the go. He loves to run so much that he is constantly running out of his shoes!🤣 He really looks up to his big brother and tries to tag along in whatever he is doing.
Her name is Faith because God sent her into our family just at the right time to bring us back together. God gives us grandbabies to luv and cherish just like our own children. Sometimes the best things in life cm way to early but sometimes it's more than worth it well she was way too early but so very much worth it❣️❣️❣️❣️I don't know if most ppl know what it's like to have a family that's falling apart but we do and God knew just what to do he sent us our lil Angel Baby Lil Miss Faith Lynn to bring us back together it's not perfect yet but she's working on it 😇❤️
Lily is an artist! She loves painting, drawing, and creating. She also has a tougher side and plays 1st base in baseball with the boys.
Noah is a very happy baby, especially when he just wakes up. He loves blowing raspberries constantly when he gets tired. He lights up and gets so excited looking in the mirror and will sometimes kiss himself in the mirror.
Mary is a very smiley girl!! She’s very observant and loves looking at the world around her!
A little ball of joy 🥹
Rhiley has a big heart for animals and kids. Shes always looking for ways to help.
This is Brinleigh, she is 7 months old and LOVES to smile and laugh, she is very outgoing and loves to talk! She is the sweetest little girl ever! ❤️