Maria Carlysse
Maria Carlysse is adorable and kind. She's turning 1 Next Month
💕Happy 6month old; full of energy, smiles, laughter & LOVE💕 🗣Willing to exchange votes for votes just comment below! 🗣
Josiah is a very sweet loving baby he loves his sister he is very active ❤
Smiles Laughs Love joyfullness
Ellianna has the biggest and brightest personality, she loves to play, watch Sing 2 on repeat, hangout with mommy and daddy, eat lots of snacks and has the most beautiful eyes!
Xavier is 5 loves to play football. He is kind, loving an has a big ❤️
Hello my name is Dezmae Estella rose, Love the name mommy picked out for me… I’m only a few weeks old and mommy is teaching me so many new things already and learning some on my own. I can hold up my head since I left the hospital, when mommy is feeding me I can try and hold my own bottle and when my pacifier falls out of my mouth I try to catch it. I’m starting to roll over to my side and do tummy time so exciting. I love hearing mommy’s singing voice it puts me right too sleep, I sleep just like my mommy and love sticking my tongue out, I’m going too be so smart….. Please Vote for me!!! All money will go aside for when I get older for school etc..
Isabella is an extremely happy baby who love to play non stop. She loves the water, singing songs and now walking! Her favorite thing in the world is new food. Every time we have food she lights up brighter than a Christmas tree and runs over for bites.
My names A’zhari, I’m a loving, sweet and smart baby! I love to giggle, talk and smile. I love when people talk to me and make me laugh! I love being outside and seeing new things My favorite things are baths, eating, naps and cuddles with mom. I’m super smart I’ve been rolling over and holding my head up since I got home from the hospital!! Been talking since a few weeks old once I found my voice and my laugh ❤️ Vote for me and help me save money for my future and for school.
Kaliyah has a beautiful soul she has her own personality. Very smart and beautiful baby girl. She loves food and playing , she’s always on the go!
Kash will be a year old next month! He is the silliest, sweetest little babe. He loves to cuddle, and you can’t help but squish those chubby cheeks. Please vote for our boy, Kash Milo! 🧡
Kali Azura
Kali is a sassy 22 month old little girl who loves to play outside with her little chicken and piggies. And loves to cuddle and rough house with mommy and daddy.
Kacey loves to chase his older brothers threw the house and he loves to laugh and smile he’s truly a happy baby
Oscar is a unique individual, he was diagnosed Autistic at 3 and a half, he doesnt talk alot unless its to recite the solar system or disney princesses. His favourite thing to do at home is to brush peoples hair. Happy to do vote for a vote 🥰
Jesús Amor Corona (JacJac) is one of the happiest babies you’ll ever meet. He is super energetic and loves to cuddle but most of all to laugh and play. He just simply warms your heart. Especially, with his one cute dimple. 🤗❤️
Nova is very independent. She loves to do things on her own. She loves watching Cocomelon and Dinosaur Train, and of course loves any kind of food !!😊😊
Eliana is already such a happy ball of sunshine, she wakes up everyday with a smile on her face and absolutely loves her bottles❤️ Her favorite things currently are for sure her momma, bright lights, ceiling fans, and of course feeding time. My little chunky munk also loves to sit outside and enjoy spending time with mommy❤️
Where to start with Amelia?! She’s amazing in every way possible!! She fr brings the light and joy to our family that we lost when we lost my brother! She’s soo smart, funny and absolutely adorable!! She loves her cocomelon in the mornings and watching horses the rest of the day, she’ll be riding horses before we kno it! We all love you Amelia !!
Baby Kai as we call him here, is the youngest of 3. He likes eating and making a mess
She a super happy baby she loves to jump and bounce..she is a beautiful blessing to our family
Kenneth Ray Spencercase
My son got to meet four of his family members that are already gone he is a very advanced kid and he remembers a lot of he them cuz we talked about him and heal this smile at you he is learning how to talk it'll be too in July and he got to meet his Aunt Mimi which is Mommy sister and he loves his nana and can't wait to see her my hands gaining in the angel in heaven which is his aunt me he love country love outside love run
Hi I am Adelina, Lina for short! I love to eat my sweet potatoes and playtime. I also love storytime and when mommy and daddy give me kisses and cuddles 🥰
Calla is the sweetest little baby that loves her mommy and only fusses if she doesn't get fed in time.
Amelia loves to sing and dance. She is learning how to count and enjoys cuddling with momma and daddy
I’m Kayvon I’m 1year old my 2 favorite tv shows are scooby-do && coco melon ‘ I love to eat and hide things && I love to touch any && everything I can get my hand on
Valencia is half Mexican and half Indonesian she loves to smile and loves to shower
Maddux is a very smiley baby! He adores his fur brothers and loves being outside listening to the birds!
Ermias Kyng
Hello! My name is Ermias. I’m a little guy with big personality. I love to suck on my thumb, laugh, enjoy nature & take baths. I enjoy watching Ms. Rachel and Cocomelon.
she's a beautiful blessing
Brayton Rockl
Brayton is the most loving and caring energetic almost 3 year old he loves going to the races to watch his daddy. He loves his monster trucks, loves playing outside, loves working on daddy’s racecar, loves riding his bike. We love our lil boy 💙🏁
Hello I’m jaevion I love French fries, milk & cookies. I’m a little guy with a big personality. I love to say dada and playing with peek a boo with my mama. I love taking selfies and seeing all the funny faces I can make. I’m learning how to stand on my own but I prefer dancing. Vote for me please!
Jaxon is silllu , playful ,and already a fast learner he's already holding his head up and trying to talk with everyone talking .
Tyson is a loving 7 year old boy. He loves playing his video games which include Sonic and Mario. He also loves playing and watching baseball. When he grows up, he wants to be a police officer.
My baby doll is precious!
Ryder is full of smiles as you can see! He is literally the happiest baby! He has such a sweet soul already, his favorite thing is to give mom and dad kisses full of drool! Everyone vote for our Ryder Cruz! 💙
Hi my name is serenity I’m 7 months old I love smiling and I’m so talented, smart, and beautiful as you can see. Vote for me please!
Francis enjoys long naps in his swing! Being milk drunk is basically his personality. He tries to sit up already. Very active with his hands. Talks to the tv while he’s just chilling in his swing. Also a very very very smiley baby! You should vote Francis because he’s an Italian Stallion in the making and he appreciates all the love <3
Atlana is a hit everywhere that she goes. I call her the smiliest baby ever! Her captivating smile and pretty blue eyes catches everyones attention. Not only is her name one of a kind but her persona is too! No matter where we are strangers, friends, family, even the doctors rave over how cute she is. Everyone gravitates towards her. She is so smiley and works great with people. She never cries and people always point out that they have never seen her cry. She has been such an easy baby since the day i brought her home.
Kalayah is so lovable and fun. Her smile is sure to brighten any mood or room. Kalayah loves everything minnie mouse, dancing and clapping. She is a very happy tot that brings joy with her presence. And not to mention how adorable she is 😍 💫💫OPEN TO ADVANCES UP TO 1500 & EXCHANGES BUT PLEASE CONFIRM WITH ME FIRST OTHERWISE ITS JUST 🎁🎁 ALSO IF YOUR NOT GOING TO RETURN THEM DONT ASK💫💫
Hello Everyone My Name is Sanilah. I love talking and being goofy!! I love watching Dora the explorer. I love playing with my toys . I love when my mom sings to me
Clarity is a wild child with a big heart! She loves to dance, ride horses and go on adventures. She’s also the BEST big sister to 2 younger sisters.
Clover is just the absolute happiest baby ever! The only time she isn’t happy, is when mama is out of sight. She loves food and her big sister