Baby Stories - 53


Rommel is the sweetest little lady’s man, he prefers being in women’s arms! His favorite pass time is making monster noises, watching Cocomelon& face timing daddy when he’s at work. He’s a little guy with a BIG personality who is far ahead of his time, such a delight but his tiny hands are like torture devices! 😂 🤚 This little blessing came 12 years after his big sister and never fails to win the hearts of all who cross his path. He made it out healthy as can be from a very difficult pregnancy and hopefully he can light up your guys’ day as he does mine 🥰
Paislynn loves to be held and loves hearing the sound of music💓 she also enjoys car rides! She is already holding her head up by her self really well!
Ava loves to be outside, playing with her sister and being with mom. She is obsessed with pictures and looking at herself in the mirror. She like to plant flowers and watch them grow. She’s a wild child. ❤️
bentley likes throwing back them bottles, he’s just now starting to love eating baby fruits! bentley LOVES talking!!
Kinsley loves to fish and be with her family! She's a wild child. She's very independent and passionate! Most of all she loves with all her heart 🤍
Max loves eating,laughing and playing with his sister. He has a fun personality, and giggle for everything.
Tru Lee a Miracle ! Took 3 yrs. Of surgeries and meds. To get here but its been a Tru Lee Amazing Adventure!!
He just turned 1 he is so lovable he loves blowing kisses an playing with his brother an sister
Hello, I'm Osiris! I'm only 2 and 1/2 months old but I'm a super sweet baby. I like listening to music, sleeping, getting cuddles from my family and talking to my mom mostly. Please vote for me!
Tabatha loves to talk and bounce in her bouncer. She is a smiley Princess
I am 8 months old! I love to give gummy smiles and giggle all the time. My favorite shows to watch are Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Cocomelon. I love my mommy ❤️
Kendra loves baby’s & is a sweet heart ❤️
Aaliyah is our little princess. She has 3 older brothers, she will never have to worry about anyone messing with her.
She loves balloons, cuddles, kids songs, kids shows, and loves to be around her family and her animals
Alaia Rosé
She’s a very cute girl, she loves to play and loves to laugh. She likes to watch Marsha and the bear 🥺. She’s my everything, by the way I’m her aunt ❤️.
Leilanni loves to laugh and smile 😍
Hello. Meet camryn 🥰 he is very outgoing and loves to play with toys. He crawls and tries to walk. His 1st birthday is coming up and it'll mean so much if he can win!
Little Peyton come 2 weeks early weighing 5 pounds 13.5 ounces now she weighs a good 9 pounds 11 ounces she loves spending time with her mommy and daddy she’s very playful and loveable
Malakai is a squirmy little boy who loves to use his voice and he started saying mama just at 4 months and he’s so coordinated with everything!!!
Jr Jr
He is a smart loving young man. He is a mommys boy for sure as well. He loves to play on his tablet and be with mommy daddy bubby and sissy
Fun loving playful little girl with a huge smile and an even bigger heart! ❤️She will also gladly enjoy and snack with you! ❤️
He is the sweetest little boy you could meet. He is so spunky and outgoing but an awesome handsome little boy. He is mommys boy for sure
Always smiling and beautiful, I love to cuddle with my mom and dad!
This is a true miracle from God. See I am 42 yrs old. I had two miscarriages when I was younger, so I thought I would never know what it was like to be a mother, but here we are. He is 2 weeks old tomorrow!! He was also born on my father's birthday.
Isaac love to laugh! Every time you see him, it is with a smile. He has never met a stranger ❤️
Just a little red headed boy that’s loves buzz and woody.
Aurora Lou the sweetest baby, she was born 2/16/21 at 2:49pm weighing 5lbs 6oz and 18.5 inches long. Happiest, calmest and cuddliest baby ever ❤
Clipper III is such a happy baby! He doesn't need any kind of caffine (like mommy does) to enjoy his morning! He loves starting at the sky, going for car rides, and MILK!
Cash is a special little boy who is loved by so may people already. He loves his big brother and loves his swing.
Westley is such a cuddle bug. He loves to chill and play with his toys. His favorite song is Five Little Speckled Frogs. Westley is the happiest baby!
Hi I’m Dominick I’m 7 months old! I love to talk, play with my dogs and being outside.
So sweet and smart💗
Albert Anthony
I love to smile , I’m smiling all day ! I really like when you talk with me ! I love it when mommy reads to me ! I just started watching Coco Melon and I can’t take my eyes off of the tv ! I love listening to music ! I really like car rides ! And my favorite thing is to be in mommy’s arms especially at night when she lets me fall asleep in her arms ! Please vote for meeee !
This is my beautiful little niece, she loves her food, loves when her father sings to her and listening to music with her mother and father. She loves making noises❤️
Khloe Hobbs
Khloe is preemie and she’s 2 months and currently in the nicu she’s a very happy baby full of joy
Asar is the most loveable, energetic little boy. Very photogenic. He loves boxing and golf and is always talking about being on t.v. His personality lights up any room.
Colin loves to do anything outside, especially blow raspberries 😋
Matteo is so sweet and he loves to laugh and play with everyone. He’s the love of my and my entire world. He’s the best baby ever.
Waylon is 8 months old.. he loves to play with his toys. He loves his sister dearly. He’s spoiled rotten.
Jessie is such a happy baby. Shes always giggling, talking and smiling. Jessie loves her bath time and she keeps trying to sit up even though she is only 3 months xx
Leelynn lovea cuddling and spending time with hims mommy he ia the best most precious love a mommy could ever have :)
Waylon is a special baby brother! He is a month old and loves to cuddle with mommy and snores like his daddy! He also loves dinos!
Malia loves applesauce and bubble guppies and bath time is her favorite!