Baby Stories - 49


Theo was born on Christmas Day 💙 loves mummy & tummy time. Can’t wait to meet his Nanna once lockdown has ended!!!
Nicholas is 7 months old, he loves to eat and play, he’s such a happy baby all the time 💙
Hey everyone! My name is Ezekiel but I go by "E" and I'm 3 years old. I'm always jumping around with tons of energy & I love being outdoors with my family. Basketball is my favorite sport & my dad always plays with me. I love eating chicken nuggets and ice cream!!! My parents have trouble keeping up with
Elliott was born at 28 weeks after trying to make his arrival at 20 weeks. He had the odds stacked against him from the very start but from the moment he arrived he has proved himself a fighter. This little boy won the hearts of all the nurses and doctors in the NICU, never failing to put a smile on everyone’s faces. He is now a right chatterbox who loves to smile at any given moment. He loves listening to people sing and cuddles with mummy and daddy. We hope Elliotts smile puts a smile on your face too!
Sophia is such a happy baby. She loves to smile and laugh. Likes going on walks to the park loves the swings.
Lily is our sweet 6 month old baby girl. She loves laughing, crawling, and playing with her puppy brothers.
Just a week old and already adorable living the life of eating,sleeping,and pooping
Hi I’m Aaliyah I’m 3 years old. I love singing dancing and acting. I’m also a big sister and it’s so much fun.
This little stinker loves to eat! He loves to go on walks outside with mama and snuggle all day. He’s a big boy and already weighs over twelve pounds. His name means keeper of peace in Hebrew and has brought so much peace to my life!
Larraina is 9 months old, and is such a happy baby. She brings joy to everyone!
My little sweet girl loves bathtime with her toys, loves Mickey Mouse and crawling around !
Malachi loves the beach; the lake; and swinging at the park. He was born premature at 4 pounds; but he has grown all the way to 18 pounds now at 6 months old. Malachi has 1 tooth growing in on the bottom right; so he has a little slobber problem right now... but we love the slobbery kisses he gives with it. Malachi’s favorite music is praise and worship music; and his favorite movie is “A turtle’s tale”. His favorite veggie is butternut squash; and his favorite thing to do during the day is nap 💙
Brooklyn is a premie baby who has already done so well being so little. As of now she likes to sleep, eat, suck on her hands, and make lots of cute little baby noises! 💕
Stephen is a 4 yr old boy with all the energy! He loves being outside, doing puzzles, and playing with his friends and family! ❤️
Jourline loves to smile and talk all the time.
this 4 month old beautiful baby girl, loves mornings, she loves her feet and adores her lion rattle. she is an absolute blessing to her mommy and daddy and is loved by so many. we want to make sure her future is everything it can be and prove to her that anything is possible.
Bailey Williams
This little sweet firecracker loves to play in the bathtub with her toys, watch Mickey Mouse, always on the go, LOVES music and dancing always loves to cuddle!
Alice Lily
Alice Lily is 3 months old! She is a very happy, cheeky little baby! She is always smiling and giggling and loves cuddles 🥰🥰
Ophelia is 10 months. She loves Elmo and vegetables
Sweetest, most talkative 2 month old boy to hit the planet. Loves to chat, be held by mom/dad, to eat, and of course bubble baths!!! If we could record a “coo” saying hi, we would! Vote for me! Daniel Timothy! 💙
Taylor Williams
This little sweet bowl of sunshine will always brighten your day! She loves to of course cuddle, dance to music, watch Mickey Mouse and LOVES cheese puffs. She also enjoys playing with her twin sister Bailey and Brother of three years Jace. When these three get to going nothing is impossible!
Gulianna is the little sister to 2 brothers who are crazy over her! She is our miracle baby! Her nickname is “Jewl”. She loves being sung to, and talked to in a high pitched voice. She smiles ear to ear when when we tell her how beautiful she is. After 2 miscarriages, we lost hope. A year later, we unexpectedly found out we were expecting. We were super nervous throug the pregnancy due to so many complications from her umbilical cord not being inserted in the center of the placenta but on the outer edge. About 37 weeks into our pregnancy I started to loose amniotic fluid in the sack.. if it got too low it could cause life or death issues for Gulianna, so I had to be immediately induced. After praying & praying for 12 hours we welcomed our beautiful Angel into this world! We’re hoping to win this contest to start a savings for her. Thank you in advance. 💓
Christine is a smiley little girl who loves acting silly and learning new things
Carrera is the most happiest baby I’ve ever known. She is always smiling, full of giggles and always likes to see what’s going on. She literally brightens up my day with her stories and baby conversations. She’s growing and blossoming everyday!
Sawyer is 6 months old. He loves jumping in his jumper, watching little baby bum, and being the center of attention. He is such a happy baby & loves everyone he comes in contact with. 🥰
Hi my name is Miles! I am such a good baby. I love to laugh and watch mommy and daddy make funny faces. Vote for me so I can get all the fun toys a baby boy like me needs!
Kylie is a month old about to be 2 on april 4th! She loves to be held and cuddled, loves attention & loves to smile! She has such a bright personality for a little girl!!!
Scarlett is my beautiful miracle baby. She loves when you tickle her feet and absolutely adores her cuddle time with her daddy
His bday is June 12,2020. It won’t let me fix it. I pressed the wrong button. Lol
Andrew was born 3 weeks early. He is able to hold his head up, loves tummy time, looking at his toys, and loves his mamaroo swing
Koa is our firecracker baby, born on July 4th. 🤩 He loves to be on the go, crawling nonstop and playing with all his toys. He loves all food, his dog King, and mama and dada most of all.
He's very actives lil baby boy and he's love to play with his toes...
Jair is fun jovial independent already and loves books! Will a brighten anyones day with his gorgeous smile!
Buénka likes watching Cocomelon and frozen. She likes being funny, Dancing, Singing, playing in her bouncer, being sassy, Eating. She like cuddling with her mother.
Aria is a huge blessing to my husband and I! She is such a sweet and beautiful baby, always happy and a little sassy! Please vote for aria!
"Hi, I'm Cattaleya!" " Hi! I'm Cattaleya!" "Cattaleya" -Cattaleya i have a HUGE personality & a sassy attitude
My name is James I’m 2 months old! I love cuddling with momma, daddy, and my big bubba and talking about anything and everything
Amazinh happy princess
Kaius Shai
Kaius is always happy no matter rain or shine!! He is a sweet, loving and smiley little boy. He is currently learning how to crawl, perfect sitting up and finally growing some teeth! 🤓 He absolutely loves Elmo and the rest of the monsters on Sesame Street! Please don’t forget to hit vote after viewing his profile!! 💙 All votes are appreciated. Thank you for stopping by!
Aaliyah is a 7 month old beautiful baby girl; she’s so full of life. She’s one happy baby ❤️❤️
Scarlett loves sitting up in her jumperoo, loves coco melon and little mermaid 🧜‍♀️! She loves talking and car rides ☺️
Climbing the stairs
Joseph is a happy and bubbly 5 month old born on October 4th at 7pm on the dot! Weighing 4lbs 11.4oz - He was one month and one day early and having to leave him behind in the nicu for the rest of his gestation was one of the hardest things. But fast forward 5 months later he overcame all of the obstacles in his way! My boy loves snuggles, milk, blues clues and walks with momma! He can hold his head up, roll over and now is currently learning to kick around during tummy time 😍 He loves listening to his daddy talk and watching anime with him 😌 I cannot wait to see where you go in this world baby boy 😌♥️
Skylar is a bundle of joy ,she is a beauty. she love to hum along to her bed time song ,very curious about sea creatures her favourite is an octopus
Swayze is 9 months and loves music 🎼 she likes the sound of the piano and loves hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy ❤️😍 she’s such a happy baby 😘
She was born early at 35 weeks. She loves to sleep and snuggle with her mommy.