Parker is my baby brother!! He is the cutest little muffin!
Hi everyone 👋👋 I’m Nathalie and I live in Florida.
Hi my name is Nathan! My mom calls me gordo because I like to eat everything! I am very active, when mommy takes me to the park I can run for miles! My favorite show is Spidey and his amazing friends on Disney+!
Rainey is the sister of her twin brother. She was born 6 weeks early at 3 lbs 14 oz. She was small, but mighty, and was even released from the NICU 3 days before her bigger brother. Her thick, long eyelashes complement her almond-shaped, light brown eyes. They light up when she smiles with her crooked half smile. Rainey scrunches her nose when being silly and melts the hearts of all of those around her. She has wavy, carmel brown locks that hide her strawberry hemangioma that we call her "special spot." Rainey is exploring foods, carrots being her favorite, but every time she eats green beans she blows a raspberry and launches them across the room. But she continues to eat them! She loves to clap when you ask her to clap her hands, play patty cake, or yell, "yay." Rainey is a jumper and babbler, and her laugh sounds just like you would imagine someone giggling, “Ha-ha.” Her favorite game is peek-a-boo, even if it is with herself, and her favorite word is “bubba.” Rainey Rue has brought so much happiness, smiles, and laughter in the 9 months she has been Earthside.
Paisley And Payton
Hello we are Paisley and Payton we are almost 6 months old & growing like wildflowers we were born three months early & our family is so proud the we are thrieving we went from the little girls which wasn't sure if we had a chance to the little girls that nothing will stop us ⚓😍👣👣💕
Hello my name is Justice im 15months old im my mommys miracle baby im learning how to say new words I like to climb and get into everything my favorite toy is my cocomelon book frol my daddy im a very active little guy who loves making a mess ❤
She is a very happy baby, she loves the cartoon coco melon, there isn’t hardly anything she doesn’t like that I have seen she’s just a precious beautiful loving princess. She is a Nana and Dada girl for sure.
Jair is a always happy love smelling eating meet new friends and play with his dog and cat
Miss miracle is 4 months old and she loves to smile and talk to you and loves looking at pretty colors and playing with her ball and she has a lot ambition to want to do everything. Vote for baby miracle
He is growing so fast!! Loves to be held and loves to smile
Jeremiah is 3 months old and absolutely loves to babble and smile all day long. He’s the sweetest baby. He’s a mixed baby but came out with some beautiful ginger hair! He would love for you to vote for him!
Michael is the happiest baby, always smiling and loves his brothers.
Cyrus Simmons
Cyrus as of recently loves to smile. He loves bananas and jumping in his for him because he’s adorable amd his smile makes everyone smile.
Dean is five months. He loves banana, his stuffed bunny,and mommy &daddy. He's very happy and smiley.
Adonis is a sweet happy chunky baby boy who likes his toy sloth and his mama’s milk!
Meazure is a ball of joy she is a natural behind the camera. She loves to laugh and have fun.
Amyiah is a ball of sunshine. Always happy and loves her big sister.
Adelienne is a smart, sweet and very outgoing little girl. She loves being outside and she loves school.
Kinsley is always happy and full of smiles. Her bright eyes light up any room she is in.
Braylen is 2 months old, loves loud noises and lots of cuddles.
Wyatt is as beautiful inside as his smile is on the outside. He may be little peanut but he brightens up even the darkest of days!
Eri’Onna is 8 months old and full of sass. She is very active and loves to laugh and crawl, enjoys food and sitting in mommies lap
She’s a happy bubbly child, very out going and is our little rainbow 🌈
Jasper loves walks outside, puppies, and bananas.
Please vote for my gorgeous baby girl 🥰💖
This is bre’dyn! He is currently with us through the Kentucky DCBS foster care system. Bre’dyn was born with withdraws and was sent to the NIC unit until he was stable. He has overcome all his obstacles and is a very happy bunny these days! Let’s show bre’dyn some support and love! He loves baby shark and Moana! And as you can see he LOVES to smile!
Liam loves laughing and playing with his sissy. He took his first steps at 8 months and is mostly walking now. He is such a happy baby boy who brings smiles to everyone.
Gunner is full of life at 2 months old he loves attention and his blanket!
Ezra is very smart funny very expressive he's my world I love my son he lovessss sweet potatoes with oatmeal, he will literally mock you in every way lol he very silly lol.
Dallas is such a happy little boy, he is our little miracle baby that we are just so blessed to have in our lives 💙he is a mommas boy and loves to cuddle with me, and loves to laugh at his daddy!
Zessiah is new to this world but is doing a lot for his age as they say these pandemic babies are different. He loves music and cartoons most of all he loves hugs and love
This is Ben our little firecraker, he loves his older siblings aged 14/10/9, with his 9 year old brother being his fav. Loves all his hand made cardys but most of all loves chewing anything that is your hand lol
Santana Wallace
I’m really happy and always smiling I love to cuddle and I also love to watch coco melon in a sweet and wonderful baby
Richard loves Bananas and loves to watch Paw Patrol. Which makes hom laugh and smile every time. His smile and dimples always lights up our family's home.
This sweet boy is happy all the time and mostly enjoys reading his books, eating snacks, and playing with dinosaurs. He is patiently waiting his roll of big brother due in July!
***~~WE ARE NOW OFFERING ADVANCES TO BE RETURNED AT A LATER DATE (it will be determined later). So if you are very serious and would like an advance, please post on Kalebs page with your max. Right now I have spots available on every site. If you don’t intend on giving back votes then don’t leave us a message please. There’s way more people who can use our help and will appreciate it, be honest, & return votes later. We look forward to helping some babies leap forward in this competition! And we look forward to favor of the return later. Thanks, good luck, and vote for Kaleb! 💙💙💙💙💙 My name is Kaleb, and I’m 5! I love playing with my little brother and my puppy. Police cars are one of my favorite things to play with. I love to eat, play, dance crazily, and just be a kid! We’d love your vote!!💙💙💙
Legacy has the brightest eyes filled with so much love and innocence. He can brighten anyones day with one glance from miles away!
Even though Jeziah is learning to talk he loves to sing and can mimic any tune, he has such a beautiful voice. He stays busy and loves to learn new things and how stuff works.
Hi, I’m Royalty! i am very cuddly and love to smile and talk to people!❤️
Trampus was born at 35 weeks. He loves the outdoors, trucks, airplanes, balls. He is the sweetest little boy.
Cor'Niyah is such a happy baby .she can lighten up a whole room with her smile with her big blue eyes 🥰
Liam is the sweetest baby ever. He loves being outside he loves to play in the water and loves animals and dancing. He also had an obsession with flowers ❤️
Lynollea is a very loving child she loves to socialize with new people and always has a smile she would love to have you vote for her.