Baby Stories - 49


Catalyna is a vibrant, bundle of joy! She’ll steal your heart any day 💚 She was born a month early due to Gastroschisis. She’s a NICU/gastro warrior and has had an amazing journey so far. She is definitely our miracle baby. 💚😍
She loves cuddles and enjoys watching Garfield. She’s very calm and when she hiccups, she squeaks😍💗
Sweet , goofy , sassy , and a whole lot of cuteness ❤️ . Olivia loves to laugh , crawl around , and talk !
Eri’Onna is a super loving, Happy baby she always smiles and loves having her picture taken ❤️
Harley-Reece is a very sleepy, content bundle of joy. Sleepy in the day and loud at night. She likes to look at people right in the face when she is awake, with her big beautiful eyes ❤️
Braxton is almost 7 months old! he loves snuggles with his mommy, pulling himself on everything in site, baths, and shaking his laughing monkey toy. He however does not like car seats or car rides! Stay Clever Little Fox
Only 2 weeks old and already such a big personality! Loves to eat and make faces!
Ezekiel is 10 months old on.He was born December 19th. He is my chubby bubby! He loves to crawl, screech, pull himself up on things, eat and of course love on his daddy and mommy! He is the youngest of 6 kids! How could you not vote for this handsome little guy? Vote every ten minutes for free! Shout out to all ezekiels gnomies and get your vote on! (:
Arimae is such a happy little soul whos full of personality and character.
Neville loves his two dogs, his mama and papa, Pete the Cat(!!!), and going down big slides that make his mama nervous.
She is a wild one, active and a free spirit! Nothing will stand in her way.
My names is Axel Harrison Hattaway! I am started to teeth, so I tend to drool alot. I love to smile and laugh at my sister, mama, and daddy. I also love to listen to my big sister. I may have only known my family for about 3 months, but love them.
Oooo he is very sweet “my heart 💓 “
Malia Rose
Malia is beautiful, funny and such an outgoing baby. She lights up anyone’s path that crosses hers. She loves her mommy and daddy so much!
Timothy loves his little brother Levi. He also loves paw patrol and dinosaurs.
Scarlett Frances is a spunky, super loving and playful baby! If it involves mommy or a car ride she’s all about it ☺️ Her favorite activities are jumping in her jolly jumper, tummy time, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and of course eating 😝
Aspen is our little angel she has a very bubbly personality already. She loves to be the center of attention. Aspen loves Mickey Mouse and she loves to chew on her hands ❤️
Keanna is a very energetic happy baby who LOVES her picture taken.
Logan is very giving and thoughtful. He loves super hero’s, cops and his sisters. He loves to ride his bike at the box track. He is adventurous and keeps us on our toes❤️
Annalee is our princess she loves anything girly and princess❤️
Lennon is a one year old spunky little boy he loves avacodo and his favorite movie is mona he loves music and is overall a very happy boy
Armani Blue
I'm armani, I'm a corky thing who likes to bounce around and let my curls go wild. I LOVE Toy Story. I'm very funny and entertaining. I always keep mom and dad on their toes.
I love cocamelon. I'm a very serious kinda boy. I just learned to say MaMa. And BaBa. I love to clap when I do funny things. And sometimes I will growl at you. If you growl back. I may be ur bestfriend.
Lillian loves to “bark” like her dogs do! She is so curious and independent. Lillian would love to win so she can save for her future 💕
Na Ayla
Na’Ayla is a bright baby girl. She loves to stand and dance with everyone around her. She’s super energetic and loves a ba-ba.
Kyle Grace loves watching wrestling with her daddy. I don’t understand it but I guess this is my life now haha. Aside from that, she loves sticking her tongue out and smiling at everyone playfully after side-eyeing them.
Just a very cute baby that loves her milk & baths🥰😍💝 . She loves to talk, loves kisses snuggles and loves getting her picture taken
Lucas loves to smile and kick his feet!
This little cutie loves the outdoors. He loves cuddles, and mommy is his favorite person in the world. He makes everyone he comes in contact with smile and laugh.
Erik Spiridon
Erik hi very nice boy hi only smiles never hear him crying and also hi is friendly
Landon is a calm happy baby. He loves his mommy and daddy and he loves Winnie the Pooh
He loves to smile hes the happiest baby i have ever seen since 2 weeks old hes been none stop smiling
Greyson is a very loveable baby with an infectious smile. He is so curious and loves the outdoor. He loves to watch tv and play with his mommy and daddy.
Kason is the Sweetest baby he loves anyone that looks at him and he smiles he's chunky and loves to eat💕
A bubbly personality with a little bit of sass is what our little Princess is made of!
Cruz is a very happy and playfull baby and constantly smiles. He very loving he apsolutly loves cuddles he well melts your heart. Cruz loves to talk what he can the most for a 7 month old little boy very forward for his age.. he is now on solids and he apsoulty loves eating but he would rather it of our plate 🤣 staring at us like he as never just eaten with cheeky little faces too to makes us chuckle none stop bless him we are very happy for the little character he is turning out to be .
Zander is a very fun loving little guy he loves to jam out to rock music and hang out with his mommy daddy stuffed bear and 2 puppies hes always smiling. Hed smile even more if he could get to win a contest lets help baby zander out
Zora is 3 months old! She loves to talk, play with her noisy toys and watch tv!
NOTE: We will be competing in November. My mommy and daddy have been extremely busy with work lately. Please do not post return votes right now. Thank you!!! We will be returning any votes that were advanced to us for our November contest.
Azlynn is a fun loving beautiful girl who loves to smile. 😊
Elijah is the most loved little boy on earth. He lives in St. Louis, MO, has two big doggies as protection, and has a smile that will melt even the most serious person’s heart. He loves the outdoors, cuddles, and ceiling fans 😍 Instagram: @twodapperdads
Iyla rose loves to stick her tongue out and is such a happy and bright baby
This is mason he’s my first baby ever and he is perfect he is the most cuddly little man I have ever met. He loves skin to skin any chance he can get! We love you watching Disney movies and laying with mommy or daddy ❤️ Mason also is known in his 11 days of life for his facial expressions