Not in competition!!! Here for achievements. 💙❤️🤍💙 Kamdyn is our miracle baby, he is 21 months old. He is always happy! He loves playing with his big brother that is 18 years older. He is very independent and all boy. Kamdyn loves outside he loves the water and the four wheeler. He is into everything. He loves animals, climbing, and playing in mud puddles and water. He loves outside. We love this little guy so much! He’s our miracle!!💙🤍💙
Ryder is a handsome little boy he is two months old his favourite thing to do is smile cry and feed all day 🤣
Dallas love cuddles with nana and papa, big brother
Arthur is 5 months old he is our first. 💙 when he was only 2 months old he had surgery on his heart. He is doing wonderfully now, but our family is struggling to make ends meet. His favorite thing is his blue teddy bear pacifier and his light up elephant. He loves bright colors, snuggles, and kisses. 🥰
Hi my name is Brooklyn , I was born 2 weeks early, I am almost 2 months old I was so excited to meet mommy nd daddy , I love listening to music I love looking cute for mommy nd Daddy
Jaxton (who also goes by jax) decided he wanted to make new years a special one and came 2 weeks early , born on December 31st 2022. He is such a happy baby and I was truly blessed for my first 🫶🏻
He is a charming little boy who loves helping people. He has an outgoing personality and everyone who he comes in contact with lights up. He loves dogs and tools
Maia is a happy loving little girl. She is always smiling and laughing, loves her food and playing with water and her toys and books
Sebastian Blaine
Hi my name is Sebastian Blaine I am 5 months old, I Decided to come into the world a few days early on September 19th because I was so excited to meet my mommy and daddy, I love when mommy plays with my toys with me and when she walks me around the house and I absolutely love when daddy and mommy talk to me it makes me giggle so much, I think you should vote for me simply because I’m super cute.
Lea' Mya
Lea'Mya is a Princess and very lovable and has a beautiful smile you just can't pass up
I’m 9momths old and full of energy and smiles!
He likes to make a bunch of sounds and he loves his mommy and daddy and also loves to giggle
Ella is a spunky, sassy, little girl. She’s very caring and loves to snuggle with mom, dad, and little sissy. Ella loves to take care of her little sister and change and feed her.
I’m a premature miracle ❤️ my mom had me at 27 weeks when I came out I was 1 lb 11oz and now I’m 12lb 5oz. I’m growing like a seed! My mom would appreciate if would give me a vote 💗
I love long crawls on the beach and drooling. I love my momma and my dad very much. I love my dog he’s my best friend. And I love traveling.
Elizabeth is an only child who deserves a bright future
I am funny and crazy at the same time
Hi my name is Brooklyn Grace, my birthday is Feb 4th. My favorite things to do are sleep and give my momma and dad really big cute smiles for my bottle when it’s time to eat, I’ve also been discovering how to roll on my side and belly! I would love for everyone to vote for me as it would mean the whole world to me💕
This is my littlest baby, Rae Rae! She's always so happy and such a good baby! She already has TWO teeth, is almost crawling, loves playing with her baby dolls, and is obsessed with her big brother! Plus, she's just SO CUTE!
Arielelaine loves shopping 🛍️ at Walmart her favorite store to shop for Barbies and baby dolls and her stuff animal is stitch plushy
Cohen loves to army crawl & loves to talk. He’s all about being around dada!
Daxitn was born nov. 3rd 2022 he was 6lbs 13oz. He loves to laugh and talk to his brothers. He likes to watch SpongeBob and he likes to eat he is overall a very happy baby boy
She is the happiest baby I've ever seen and her smile brightens everyone's day. She's always laughing and playing and is extremely smart.
Aleyah is an easy goin’ girl! Loves to dance and jump! Her hobbies are eating food, being super cute and playing peekaboo ❤️
Lenny-jay is one of 6 children the suprise baby with siblings aged 7 to 16 he deffo makes everyone smile happy smiley and get the teenagers out there stroops and the younger 2 love him and entertain him a joy to all espically to me and his dad when the others have enterd the stage of being gobby lol
The most lovable, silly,smart, Elvis and T-Ball loving boy!
Jasper was born on December 31st through emergency c section and spent a month in the NICU for FTT (Failure To Thrive)
Zi’Lae loves bath time and music she also loves her big brother and smiles at him all the time!Shes so loveable and bubbly and is the sweetest baby girl!!
Destiny is 1 month old very calm and anybody that sees her falls in love with her. When she smiles it will brighten your day.
Mr. Bo is 4 months old! He loves his bubbas, his puppies & snowmobiling videos. His fingers are his favorite toys & he thinks screaming is funny! Vote for this smiley boy 🥰
Beautiful blue eyed baby girl 💕💘🥰
Pretinder Dhillon
Pretinder has a smiling face to make your day.
Blue eyed boy who loves Minecraft and running💚💕🥰
Clayton loves playing outside , he’s all smiles , unless he’s hungry lol
Loves to watch Cocomelon Sings her abc Love to play outside
Lexton is 3 years old, he loves cars, being silly and his sissy, he’s such a sweet boy!
Ja’Mari is a awesome baby! He amazes us everyday, he was born 5weeks early and surprised everyone with his weight, no oxygen needed no issues! God knew i needed him in my life!!
Elijah is 17 weeks old, he’s always full of smiles and laughter all day every day such a joy to be around
Eli loves batman and has a smile on his face all the time
My spunky, full of life, little boy. Alijah lights up everyone he comes across. He is the happiest boy. His smile is contagious, he really is the light to our lives.
Juan loves watching his favorite show Bluey and having as much fun as possible with family and friends ❤️
Kha Mora
I love to say that my baby is such a sweetheart and strong girl since the day she made her entrance in to this world she smart an beautiful I love her an she so loving too I can’t imagine anything better I know she would make a good model or anything thing she put her mind to she made 2weeks today time please slow down I would love for you guys to vote for her not for a win 🥇 but because there’s so much love in the world it wouldn’t hurt to share a little to someone so innocent 😇
Zartanian is a bright little boy. Very smart. He loves dinosaurs 🦕. And to cuddle and watch movies. His little heart is just filled with happiness and joy. He also loves outside and any kind of animals
My name is everett. I love to use my voice. I like making funny faces and smiling. I laugh a lot. i love to look at everything around me. I love food and my mommy and daddy.