She is my little girl I love her sm
Sweet baby boy loves going on walks, being in mamas arms, and being a twin brother.
Amber is a very loving,caring and compassionate young girl who will help out anyone in need. She has an older brother and sister and also a younger brother and sister. She absolutely adores her new baby sister and plays with her any chance she gets. Amber loves playing outdoors and swimming at the lagoon. She also loves to collect Pokemon cards like her brother and collect ponies and unicorns 🦄 too.
Hello! I am Cooper! I am almost 3 years old, I enjoy running around the park, hanging with my baby brother and sister, and eating yummy yummy food…all the time. I am learning to ride a bike, slowly. I love when mommy tickles my toes and my tummy, and gives me Eskimo kisses😘
Na'Reyah is a very very happy baby. She is way ahead of her time and loves music and bouncing in her jumper. Shes been holding her own bottle for about a month and a half and if she won we would take her money and put it into a college fund for later on in life.
Full of energy, always happy
Thomas is is a happy,lovable& outgoing young man who loves to play footy or basketball with his mates at school. He has two older sisters & an older brother as a younger sister as well. He also loves playing with his toy cars, Pokemon collector cards and playing Xbox against his slightly older sister. Thomas also loves to ride his motorbike on weekends when we go out as a family.
He's a autistic little boy, but my whole world he's unique and maybe 3 but knows what he wants
Mary loves to crawl, smile and laugh! She loves playing with her German Shepherds and going places with mom and dad! She is always happy no matter where we are!
Hi,my name is Henry! I am 8 months old,and I love my family! My favourite things are to watch Dancing Fruit& Masha and the Bear🐻 I love playing on my baby trumpet 🎺 and I love attention🥰I’m a very smiley baby! I love going out,and explore new things😍 I would like to say thank you to everyone who is supporting me❤️
Raelynn is a very happy 2 month old almost 3 months old. Growing really fast and loves her mommy and daddy so much. She loves to cuddle and loves bath time. She is our world. If she would win the money would go into a savings account so she can get things she would like. Raelynn says thank you so much to everyone that is voting for her
Hello my name is Everleigh. Im 6 months old I was born on 08/25/2022 at 5lbs 6oz and 20inches long. I am a very happy baby I love to laugh and smile. I’m learning to roll over and hold toys.she loves her show Cocomelon so much it ether make her happy or make her sleepy she is a very happy baby. I’m very blessed and thank the lord for this baby girl everyday.
He is a very happy baby. His nickname is Bubby.
Here is the handsome-est of Little Men 🩵 He loves to babble and talk about it, suck on his fingers (also just figured out toes are an acceptable alternative 😅), & snuggle often. 🥰
Leilani is my first born my beautiful baby girl is full of smiles, dirty diapers and love. Help us win so we can get a down payment on a home with her own room and move out of my grandmas ! 💕🌸
Elaina Jane (EJ) has blue eyes and curly dirty blonde hair. She just learned how to walk. She loves unicorns, babydolls, climbing and pasta salad
Kaydynce loves to be outside! Kaydunce loves to read books!
My name is Lola! I love my mommy and my daddy so much! I love to blow raspberries, sing with mommy, and try to crawl (I’m almost there!!)
Oakley loves to eat and take naps. And just like everyone else he hates mornings
Isabella loves animals and love to play games and she likes to read she loves to go to school
She is my lifeline. She loves to play with her feet. She loves to listen music. Erin is my little angle
Jace is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. He is soft spoken with the biggest heart. He loves to play for hours with his marvel figurines. and watching utube. He also loves school he is up and ready to learn something new everyday. He truly is a blessing to this family
Harrison loves bath time and watching tv with music & colors 🖤 he is the sweetest boy.
Emma loves her brothers, Mama, daddy. Her favorite show is cocomelon.
Damari Jonah (DJ) he loves cuddles and laughing at everything! He’s the sweetest baby! He loves oatmeal and banana 🥰
Waylon loves his older brother, and loves sitting up and rolling around and making A LOT of noise!
Natalie Danielle Aguirre
Natalie is turning 1, and full of personality, she enjoys playing and learning new things. Loves her toys and the bounce house, playing with her brother, and being spoiled.
Zhyaire is a handsome, lil miracle!! He loves Ms. Rachael and his kitty!!
Jaylin is the most sweetest little baby his smile melts his mommys heart and his hugs and kisses are the best xoxo
Daisy is a very happy baby. She wakes up with a smile everyday. She likes to try and read everyday. She will look you in the eyes and make your heart melt
Lilly is a very smart little girl. Her faborite thing is Minnie Mouse. She walks around the house everyday carrying a Doctors tool saying thats what she guna be when she grows up. She loves to read and do aatts and crafts
Hunter is a smart, loving and kind little boy. He’s the most amazing big brother to his little sister!
Treyvon has a explosive personality just fill with excitement and fun i enjoy him so much he loves making new friends and playing with dinosaurs. Treyvon is literally the sweetest boy i know and have a heart as a lion. ♥️ Oh and how can i forget that he loves pancakes 😅
Nicholas Daniel Aguirre
Nicholas is 4 years old, loves trucks, playing outside, and learning new things. He enjoys basketball and occasionally baseball, loves bowling and going to the family fun center, and is no stranger to the arcade. He’s an active young man and is always on the go. In the summer he enjoys going to the park, feeding the fish at the docks, and watching the wildlife.
Andrea she love’s smiling after her naps and she loves listening to her brother read and she loves cuddling
Hi!! My name is Macen Eugene after my papaw I am.. -10 months old -I have 8 teeth - I love to play with mama and daddy -one of my favorite things to do is eat yummmy food mom makes -mama says I am the happiest and sweetest boy ever! When I was born I was only 3 pounds and came 6 weeks early! I have came so far🤩
Here’s my baby girl! We had a scary ER visit last week and would love to win and pay off her hospital bill!
Lovable, cutest lil girl ever, happy, she loves her siblings. Loves everyone and sometime she can be a lil butt
My name is Majesty I am 4 years old I love to sing and dance, I can count, spell and write my name if I see 1-5 letter words I can identify them, I’m smart very intelligent. Please vote for me.
I’m Jordan and I’m 16 Months Old. My favorite thing to do is sleep and eat. I’m the happiest little boy! I love to smile and laugh! People Think I Look Like The Baby Jack Jack Off Incredibles… Vote For Me
Kasin loves to make the cutest little faces and sounds! He prefers listening to Godsmack than to listen to anything else! He loves the beach, as well! He’s got a spunky attitude!
She loves waving at people, loves her family, loves animals, loves playing outside and carrying her baby when she’s inside and she loves coco melon
Look at my handsome baby boy! Hes so happy, loves his mamas milk, cuddles, his big sisters and his papa! He was a month early and has been thru alot aleady in life...but hes my miracle baby...
Ocean Rae
Ocean rae is a happy, playful little girl who enjoys playing with her brothers, her toys and most recently walking and climbing everywhere. He loves to listen to mr tumbles nursery rhymes and is copying his sign language. She is just a happy little girl that loves hard
Mason is 7 months old! He LOVES to jump in his jolly jumper and jumperoo. Mason enjoys music and chewing on anything!
Hi my name is Lucas, im 3 months old and i love listening to Elvis, Elton John and when my momma and Daddy sing to me. I also love story time, and watching mickey mouse.
Havik is a morning person, and wakes with the biggest toothless smile. He laughs at watching his sister being silly, old school rap, and daddy being daddy. He enjoys jumping around, and hates being put down when mommy is busy.
Sweet baby Hazel is such a sweet girl who loves her twin brother.