Annalicia is the happiest baby! She absolutely loves people and she will make your day, she loves to smile and giggle. She is the oldest of her generation which is the fifth generation!
My name is Kylo and I’m a happy baby who loves to laugh and smile. I am an only child so I get all the attention!! I love going on walks to the park and watching my dad play video games.
Calvin can make anyone laugh when burps and when he crawl on the floor
She loves her daddy and her 4 older brothers. She is a sassy diva that loves her cuddle time.
Kaiden can make anyone smile. He’s got the biggest heart and loves everyone.
Aspen Leigh is 4 months old, She is one super goofy happy girl! She’s really starting to come into her personality lately😊 she loves Mickey Mouse and especially loves it when other people smile or laugh🥹She rolls over both directions( when she feels like it😉) and absolutely loves her snuggles❣️
Tucker is a happy little baby. He loves rolling around on the floor, jumping in his bouncer, and watching his favorite show Arpo The Robot.
She is a feisty little thing, smiles and chuckles so sweetly in her sleep.
He love graham crackers, smiling, laughing, cooing, still learning to walk, love his older brother and mom and dad.🥰
Ethan loves his Ipad and making his younger brother laugh 💙💙
He loves his food 😋💙
Jacob is a miracle baby, I actually had my tubes tied. My dad recently passed and than Jacob was born . Jacob is a Angel and a miracle baby!!!
Ayden is a loving , funny , energetic 3 year old. He is very helpful, loves playing outside and doing arts & crafts.
Omarion Lee Seurai
My boy Omarion is 8 months he loves to play with his mom an dad an loves to crawl all over the place an play with his toys very cheerful kid always laughing
Roman is a very special premature baby he came out at just 23weeks and 6days weighing 520gs now hes 6months old spent half a year in hospital and weighs weighs 3. 9kgs hes been a real fighter my true hero he is i love you so much my perfect little man 😘🥰💙❤️
Ashlynn is a 23 month old beautiful baby girl! She loves her family so much and she loves too smile!
Aurora was named after the Roman Goddess of the Sun - she has lived up to her name is the short time she’s been on this earth. Aurora’s favorite show is Bluey - Her favorite food is bananas - and her favorite thing to do is read books. She is stopped everywhere we go for her bouncy curls, big eyes, and beautiful smile.
She loves to dance, play , share anything she has and sings her ABCs and eat all day
Alora 7 mths . She loves to chew on anything she can get a hold of. She loves the nursery rhymes and lullabies on Disney plus. She has the sweetest smiles and laughs. She is such a joy to be around I love to paint and play with anything sensory. Please vote for me I deserve lots of likes .
Here’s our social butterfly🤍
Marin Grace loves music and smiling... And naps lots of naps
She loves dancing, singing, and laughing.
Lulu Winnie
After a 16 year gap from her big sister, years of trying to get pregnant, 3 miscarriages, and finally accepting that we would not have more kids…surprise!!! We got pregnant with lulu. . Her siblings are 16, 18 & 21! Being the youngest by this many years has its perks! She doesn’t lack in love,support and entertainment on the daily from her older siblings. She seems to be adjusting into our lifestyle well. She waves at people in passing, says hi & bye. She says mama & dada, baba, and a few other random words. Her favorite movie she saw in theatres is Top Gun Maverick. She loved traveling & supporting her big sister at her cheer competitions at NCA in Dallas Texas & Varsity Summit in Orlando Florida.
Anna-Mae is 5 months old. She is half Ugandan, quarter Jamaican and quarter Welsh. Anna-Mae is a baby model for one of the best kids talent agency in London. Her favourite thing to do is watch Elmo and spend time with her family. Vote for Anna-Mae
Bryson loves to watch Graci corner. He loves his family. He like playing with blocks. And playing with his friends.
The sweetest girl. Chloe is autistic but she has never let that stop her from anything. She excels at all she does.
Ayrin is a beautiful soul. She loves to dress up and singing and dancing. Ayrin loves Jesus and looks for Angels in the stars.
Kortez is 3 years old and knows more than an average adult would! He’s extremely smart and can tell you every different type of dinosaur there is made! He talks so good it’s worth votes and he’s an cool laid back hilarious toddler! He brightens up my and others days and is very protective of the ones he love.
Miss Paislee loves to set and talk to you…. She loves her mommy and daddy! She loves furry Mickey Mouse blanket, loves being outside
LETS EXCHANGE VOTE 10 A DAY UNTILL THE CONTEST ENDS !! ADVANCES TOO THAT WILL BE RETURNED . Hi, my name is Xolani . I am a very energetic baby who loves Gracie's Corner. I love smiling and dancing and my favorite foods are butternut squash and carrots. The money used if for more clothes and diapers for me.
Kayden loves taking pictures and showing everyone his handsome smile!
Meet Melody who loves to crawl around and explore and use her big girl voice!
Cameron Kai
He is the happiest little boy. Always smiling and laughing. He loves dancing and Moana.
Oscy bear is my hairy chunk at 10.1lbs when he was born 🐻 🤍
Ashalynn is a very lovable, but shy girl. She loves to help her Meme whenever she comes to over.
Phoenix is a beautiful, bright little girl that loves to explore and learn. She enjoys cartoons & MsRachel and her favorite word is heyyyy as she blows you kisses!!!
Isaiah is an amazing loving playful and happy not to mention handsome baby who loves tummy time , family, naps and car rides
Evelyn is the sweetest and happiest little jelly bean!! She was born on an Easter Sunday, just like her Mama. Not to mention that she and her mama are also the first girls born in their family for 31 years. There are so many more cool twist and turns about the numbers relating to time and date but Evelyn and her Mama will always cherish their sweet story. She adores her brother and radiates happiness when ever he is around. He is very dedicated to taking good care and protecting her. She loves her ‘not so tiny’ voice. She enjoys singing and squeaking as she plays with toes and favorite elephant pacifier. We are honored to be blessed with her in our lives and wanted to thank you for your time and votes. God Bless!
Alisa is a cheeky monkey full of character! She smiles at everyone and makes everyone smile back!
I am almost two months old and i love to smile alot. I love my mom grandma pap and gigi.
I’m a happy baby. i love smiling, and snack time is my favorite time of the day.
Say' Lonnie
I love to dance and sing
Bradley loves cocomelon. He loves playing with moms phone. And he loves being in his jumper..
Nolan Julius
Hi my name is Nolan Julius. I am a fun-filled active little yellow-belt champion 🏆 I love to swim, go to the park with daddy, ride my bike, and go to the dojo. I am the sweetest big brother to my baby sister. I love cuddles and kisses from mama.