Skylar is 3 months old and a little ray of sunshine. She loves watching YouTube with her sister and tummy time. She also likes spending time with family.
I am 6 months old! I love screaming at the top of my lungs and squealing! I love laughing! I love copying my mommy!
Caydince is a vibrant little girl that loves her siblings and does well playing on her own. She loves to try to clean the toilet and get into cupboards. She thinks its funny when she is told no and runs from the person. She says Dadda, Mamma, No, Stop, Kitty. She loves to be outside but does not like wearing shoes. She's a one of a kind cutie pie❤
Cara And Robynn
Identical twins Cara and Robynn.
Athena-rose is such a happy little Girl, loves her naps and food
Mason is super loving and turns one in december! His absolute favorite thing is Mickey Mouse!
Miguel is the most smiliest, happiest baby you could ever meet! Out of my 3 boys, he is by far the smiliest baby - he's always happy and he's such a funny little character. He loves dancing, especially to The Wiggles. He's a big lover of his foods - he's a food monster and a seemingly bottomless pit at times. He's very playful and just loves invoking a positive reaction!
He's a sweet baby and love watching monster truck videos with his daddy.
Moana likes eating her favorite cookie and her toes! Loves cuddling with her daddy and she’s a little sister to her big brother Jayce in heaven 😇💕
She is the most happiest baby, she loves to eat & dance!
Brady is the happiest, silliest boy. He loves his mommy daddy grandma kitty and puppy so much! He loves to roll all around, play with his toys and scream at the top of his lungs!
Elijah (Eli) is almost a month old and he’s been holding his head up since day one! He loves napping and cuddling with his favorite people including furry friends! Eli loves everybody he meets. Elijah is my first born son and was born right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic so as a young mom, that was quite an adventure, but at the end of the day, my little bundle of joy made it all worth it.
Hi my name is Xiomara Leonor I was born oct 16th 2020 im beyond loved by all my family especially my big brother 🥰
Wrenley is always happy! Loves to be outside watching her big brother, and loves being in front of the camera modeling for her momma!
Everyone should vote for Lylah because she loves all the her mom 😉
Hi, my name is Elias, but my daddy always call me chunky boy😁😁😁
She’s a week old! Her favorite things to do are eat and sleep!
😍she's a LEO! And she loves to smile😍
Oh boy...yep he is. Everything from riding quads to jumping dirt bikes he has no fear. His favorite past time.....yep fortnite a young gamer in the making. (Lets face it Alaska gets cold)
phoenix is an energetic, momma boys. who is so loving and so very smart!!!
Kacey~Leigh Jean is 10 months old and named after my late mum.she is a very happy baby.and is always smiling.she is a very clever little girl who loves playing with her older brother they have such a great bond.she loves to play with her toys especially noisy toys.and loves cuddles and kisses.she is a pleasure to be around such a great little baby girl🥰💞
Kayden is going to be 4 on Christmas day. He is a loving.caring little boy who is always trying to make everyone smile. He is so funny.and such a great little boy..He loves his baby sister 4is always looking out for her and giving her loads of cuddles and kisses.he loves to play with his toys or anyone who will play with him.hes a clever amazing little boy and I'm so proud of him. 💞Xxxx
Kynslee Nicole
Kynslee is the most happiest and funniest little girl. She wants to know what when where and why about any and everything that catches her her big brown eyes. She is so very much in love with her Mommy and Daddy, she lights up brighter than any star in the sky when she sees one of them walk into the room. She so very smart and never forgets anything. God sure knew he was creating a "Perfect little Girl" when he created Kynslee Nicole. Kynslee would like to thank each and everyone that votes for her in advance and wishes all the other fellow contestants the best of luck. Regardless of who gets the most votes, each and everyone of you are Winners!!!!
Natalee is 3.5 months and loves to give kisses, and watch veggie tales, and cuddle with mommy, Natalee loves her big sisters & always is full of smiles and giggles
Brock is the sweetest baby! He has the kindest demeanor, and is very laid back. He loves playing with his older siblings and being outside.
Zeah was a great entrance to this world , she couldn’t wait any longer and decided to come out and was delivered right in the lobby of the hospital.
Mila is the absolute sweetest and happiest little babe. She loves being with mom and dad and playing outside!
Layla Nichole
Hi, my name is Layla Nichole , I love my mommy so much and I am a very happy 1 and a half month old baby ! I love to try to sit up and I love to smile all the time , I love to cuddle also ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Bre’On is my first and only child He loves going to daycare and playing with his friend. He enjoy family time and loves pizza.
A wild yet kind spirited little guy who stole our hearts from day one! Let’s show him some love 🤍
He's a very happy boy. Always smiling. He's got two older sisters and he charms them, and anyone who needs him
She’s easy going and loves the Camera , loves to eat and suck on her toes
She loves to play at the park and with her little brother and cousins. Shes such a smart and imaginative little girl. She loves spening time lesrning new things amd being out doors
Once you take one look at Cree, you’ll fall in love! She’s the sweetest 10 month old baby ever and holds a very special place in a lot of people’s heart. She came at a time where our family needed happiness & healing. Her grandpa, Police Sergeant Terrence Carraway was tragically killed in the line of duty on October 3rd, 2018. As you could imagine, our family was devastated. As hard as it was, life went on. A wedding took place April 20th, 2019. His son married his high school sweetheart and very soon after, Cree came into the picture. She has definitely been a source of happiness to very many people and you can even spot characteristics of her grandpa! He for sure is her guardian angel 💗.
Erick is a friendly baby boy. He likes playing,giving hugs and will always share a smile🙂
Isaiah loves cuddles with mama , dada. Watching little baby bum , and eating pizza !
Bryson likes to play outside. He loves to play with his big sister and with his football. He also loves to spend time with his mom and dad.
Aiyanna isn’t t your typical 11 year old! She has her own sense of style and a heart full of wonder!
Miss Journey Mae is little sister to her big sister(12 year old) Jewel. We are a J name family with exception of our pup elsa. Journey loves to watch elsa when she comes close enough to touch she smiles big an might even try to talk to her big puppy. Journey enjoys music and likes things that light up. Journey is a blankie girl she loves to feel comforted.Journeys favorite pass time is being outside and bathtime! She is 5 months old now and sitting very well she has also figured out how to roll from back to belly and loves to play with her feet. Shes growing so fast! She is almost always laughing and smiling she sure is a happy girl!
Maverick is the greatest baby ever! He loves to play and eat. Sleeping definitely is not his favorite thing. He is so smart and can say more than 10 words now.
Riggs is a warrior that has been through more than many adults. He has had 4 surgeries, is blind, and has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. He was the perfect addition to our family.
Everly is a fun loving 6 month old baby girl! She enjoys playing & she has the most contagious smile! She is the sweetest soul ever❤️
Corys 1 and loves to run around, play with mommy and LOVES to sleep
Braylyn such a happy baby ! She is just now starting to talk and she is so playful. She loves the park and playing baby dolls. She is my ray of sunshine for sure ❤️
Aria loves spending time with her older sister and her mommy and daddy, and she LOVES to laugh and watch people dance and sing! She also likes to scream when she gets excited 😆