Baby Stories - 48


Ryker was born with a congenital heart defect called tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresia. He’s 7 months old and it’s been a rocky journey. He underwent his first open heart surgery St pattys day! (3/17/21) Ryker can wave hi, say mom, sorta sit up on his own, roll over, laugh, smile, and so much more. His favorite things are mommy, daddy, boobie milk, Mickey Mouse, and his binky!
This little boy ABSOLUTELY loves nursery rhymes & High fives ❤️ Falls in love with everyone he meets! Adores his older brother carter 💙Definitely the life of the party 🥰
George is the sweetest little boy. Happy go lucky. Loves the outdoors, playing with bubbles & soccer balls, & bouncing. He can almost always be found with a smile on his face & his laughter is contagious
Jalaysia is the most happiest baby you will ever meet! She loves to bounce , crawl and eat booby milk and loves the water! 🥰
Loves looking out the window playing with her puppies eating cookies and is usually always happy and content
Kylee is a very friendly baby , she loves music also a great dancer 🥰 & she’s very smart ✅
Hi! My name is Baysn! I’m named after the Atchafalaya Basin, my favorite thing to do is play with my pup cooper and do everything my daddy does! I love eating and playing outside! My favorite snack is black olives and pickles 😜
Addison is a very smart and beautiful young lady ! She loves riding her dirt bike and her horse Gypsy . She is A.b honor roll in school and She is a yellow stripe in Taekwondo .
Kaselyn is a very independent and intelligent child ! She loves playing outside and taking baths ! Her favorite thing to say is “Oh My Gosh! “ 😂
Dax likes sleeping and hates being cold. He gives the best snuggles and is the sweetest boy
Layla Denae
Layla was born early weighing 5 pounds and 15 ounces. She is now 7 months old and weighing 16 pounds! We welcomed her into this world on August 12 at 3:33pm and ever since that day she has been all that matters to us in this world. She can put a smile on your face without even making a sound. She has the BIGGEST attitude in the world. She loves to sleep more than like, anything else! And above all else, she is so incredibly loved!
Dani is a lovable little girl that loves the outdoors, her brother and sister and PASTA. She will light up a room with her smile.
Ulysses loves to give big hugs, follow his big sister around and be on the move.
Hey! My name is Kol and I enjoy being outside and long stroller rides (always makes me fall asleep) I also enjoy playing with anything that’s not a toy such as phone chargers and water bottles! I love talking and saying da da!
Carter is a baby with the best cuddles and smiles ❤
She’s an adorable little girl with a beautiful smile to brighten anyone’s day . She loves to play with her stuffed animals and talk a lot
Hi! My name is Okalynn. I love Minnie Mouse and splashing around in rain puddles.
Hi my name is Kamaya and I am 4 months old I love to laugh and smile and sleep
Hi my name is Alex I’m three years old I love trucks and cars and i love books
Maddox is definitely one of the happiest babies. Loves being talked to and tvs! Very spoiled and VERY much a mamas boy🥰
Nekhi is a 10 month old baby boy who is just so full of energy and always happy 💙 if you ever see him he’s always smiling or laughing. He definitely is affectionate and loves showing love by giving kisses and hugs🥺‼️ You can not give that up!
Hi my name is Aurora. I am 3 years old. I love dogs, ridin4-wheelers, dirt bikes and just being outside.
sweet & sassy mommas best friend
Hi my name is ryder and i love Mickey mouse my favorite thing to do is go down the slide at the park🙂
Karter is 1 month old💙He is a happy baby just learning to grab with his hands and smile at everything. His nickname is KD and he is definitely a DADDYS BOY🤞🏼😊💙
Whitlee loves to smile and laugh. She likes walks in the park with her mommy and daddy. She loves music and rattles.
I’m Miles! I was born at 37 weeks and I like to snuggle with mommy and daddy.
Violet is 1 month old, she loves cuddles, bath time, smiling and listening to people talk and making many noises!❤️
My name is Aurelia Garcia and I’m 1 years old. I love tons & tons of snacks, eating is my favorite hobby😊. I’m learning how to walk on my own, but I’m still kind of scared to do it all by myself but I’ll get there! I like being outside, especially with my 3 doggy’s. I like to play dress up with all my dresses and cute outfits. My one favorite thing in life is being a happy baby, I’m the happiest toddler you’ll ever meet! I love showing off my pearly white teeth.
Ryder is four years old. He is fast, and very, very energetic. His favorite thing to do is go outside and ride his bike, run around, or throw the football around. He loves to play with his little puppy, Blue.
Lucy is a fun & energetic spirit! She loves coco melon & carrots. She’s the happiest baby loves to be loved.
My name is Nathen James but my family calls my NJ! I have 2 teeth and love to show them off, along with my funny faces! I love crawling around and getting into everything!!!!
This is Austin Michael Mills, he is a 2 year old boy soon to be 3. He loves his puppys and spending time by his daddys side❤ We lost our house a year ago due to a house fire but thank goodness austin was too small to rember.
Hello my name is Johnathon but everyone calls me J.J. i am 2 years old.i recently became a big brother!! I love to help mommy with my sissy and i love to help my parents clean. I love to fish with my papa and daddy, im very interested in fish. I know my abc and i can count all the way to 25!!! My favorite food is grapes. I love my mommy and daddy, but im a mamas boy for sure
Elijah James
Hi my name is Elijah James, I am 5 weeks old and after 2 weeks in NICU I’m finally home with my loved ones, I love to smile and eat.
Trinity loves to smile and say dada. She loves to try to walk a Trinity loves her mommy and daddy! She can now say dada and has started to say mama!
Amiya is a great big sister ! She loves pizza 🥰 and loves her mommy and daddy so much
My nickname is little bear and I love eating and taking baths!
My name is Logan and I am a goof! Always smiling and laughing especially at my dogs and my dad! I love my feet and anything new and colorful! My favorite thing is peek-a-boo!
Kendall Breyon
I was born on the 4th of July at night just in time for the fireworks 🎇. I am a Florida boy who loves all the waves 🌊. I love taking pictures like Mommy and Daddy is my personal photographer 📸. I am the only child so I am spoiled rotten. I love spending time with all my cousins🥰.
Braellee is a daddys girl in her mommys world. That would be the best way to describe her. She is mixed with her mothers attitude and her daddys mean mugs. My little girl is full of energy and loves the sound of her own voice. My mother always said that I would end up with a child just like me and she was right.
Brayson was born 9 weeks early, he was 3lbs 8.2oz.. he is now 15 months, 27lbs 3oz and the strongest baby I know... he is my entire world.
My babygirl loves to smile she can light up any ones say once you see her face. She loves her big sister Amiya and her mommy and daddy
Mama calls me black japanese and i love to smile🌻🌻
Everly is a happy, bubbly baby and we are so blessed to have her 💜 She is happiest in the mornings and loves it when I sing Doris Days’ Winter Wonderland to her 🥰
Hi my names Henry! I was born 4 week early so my mummy thinks I’m super special! I spent the first 2 weeks of my life in the NICU and am now home and happy with mummy and daddy! I love cuddles, sneezing and smiling at my parents!
Taber is 10 years old, very creative, empathetic, loves being with his family and loves collecting Pokemon cards and coins.