Hi! My name is Clay. I'm 2 years old and will be 3 in July. I have a baby sister born just a day before my birthday. I like to play in my room and watch my cartoons. My most favorite thing to do is play outside! My favorite thing is my gaint stuffed dinosaur. ♥️
Lunita likes to smile all the time, even when she was in my tummy. She has a happy feet, when the music is aloud she moves her legs like dancing. She loves the water, she enjoys shower time. And the most beautiful thing about her is that she talks to me a lot 🥹
This is Kayson he is the sweetest little boy in the world ❤️ he is the cutest little boy and has been struggling a bit to gain weight but he’s happy and healthy! He loves his mommy so much and loves to smile ❤️
Layla is a bright, brilliant & b-e-a-utiful little girl! She loves her family and going to school and loves acting silly she is such a ray of sunshine
His name says it all , this mighty fighter tried to kick his way out at 20 weeks then decided to join our world at 25 weeks , he has sat in a hospital for 4 months before coming home to his family,he is still the kicking, wanting to run an find his own way kinda warrior who makes his family laugh on a daily ... Don't know what I'd do without him ☺️
Amora is very outgoing and not shy at all. She loves to make people laugh by being silly 😜 she loves cuddles hugs and kisses
THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS VOTED AND WHO HAS DONATED. IT REALLY MEANS A LOT TO US. MaKayla is a beautiful strawberry blonde blue green eye big personality makes everyone laugh and is always happy she loves her 2 brothers and 2 sisters.. PLEASE VOTE. PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Will exchange. Willing to help
He sweet energetic, likes to build things,. He friendly and loves his sister and now puppy.
Willow is our miracle baby, just like her name she was born strong and can withstand any storm.
Gianni “GiGi” is sweet and sassy! Sweet like mommy and sassy… like mommy ! Lol I love watching a good episode of Cocomelon while laying back drinking my milk and without a care in the world :)
Jackson is 2 months old and is just starting to explore his surroundings a little more. He is always smiling and loves to babble away to himself and anyone who will listen.
Zaxton lights up everyone’s day and he looks around and knows people voices
Such a happy joyful baby, so loved by many.
Adalee Mae has the brightest blue eyes & a smile that will light up your world.She is such a great little helper & is quick to keep you on your toes!
Meet Bella Bean, aka Smushy. Our little girl has such a big personality for only 6 months old. Likes include all food, being thrown in the air, driving in daddys truck, kisses, & football. Dislikes include red lights, traffic, getting dressed, and dropping her paci.
I love fries and any kind of fruit. I also love my mama and dada. I wave bye and say hi. I am super friendly and trying to walk now.
Alayna is a little butterball of sunshine☀️ She loves her family (especially her mommy), her favorite food is bananas, and she’s always smiling 😁❤️
Kyrie has two big sister's. He wakes up every morning with a big smile. Love's to try to sing and he loves for everyone in the house to dance around with him. He really loves cuddle time with mommy..
Sunny is 4 month old breast fed baby. He has big hazel eyes like his dada! He’s a very smiley boy! Loves laughing & chewing on his teething toys.
ChrisLynns nickname is LuLu she loves elsa and Anna and baby alive. She loves to show off her clothes and shoes. She is the only girl with two older twin brothers.
He loves to eat sleep he spent two week in the nicu please vote for Joshua
Words really cannot describe this little girl she will steal your heart the second you lay eyes on her. Full of life with a good spirit and always has a smile on her face.
Marsai is a gift that none of us knew we needed! She has brought youth, joy, and love to her family!
Ayden just turned 6 months he loves his mama and dada he loves play time and bath time. He loves to sit up but most of all he loves his Cocomelon
Zander is a lil engineer. He has a great curiosity for how things work! Very opinionated and he knows what he likes and wants!
Jax just started playing soccer and loves it. He enjoys playing with his cars and his little brother. He also loves books, going to school, he so sweet and kind.
David Andrei
He loves to play and fights against sleep
Hi , Kimbella is an very active little girl , loves to talk , go on walks she loves chips & candy lol . She’s just an adorable joyful baby.
Kaia just gave her first giggle 03/20/2023. She fills my life with love and joy!
Erika is a sweet little girl who loves nature walks and her little orange cat Mufasa. She loves to make music on her piano tummy time mat and watching her daddy play video games. She has blue eyes and a smile that will melt your heart ♥️
He loves cuddles , he love all the people even when he sees them first time he love babies youngest and oldest 💕 💓 💗 💖 he is my angel
He is my rainbow 🌈 baby. Very calm baby loves to cuddle watch tv and coo. What he likes most is love from mom dad and brothers.
Vote for me!!! Im so smart and im a happy baby always smiling. I love to talk and I think I'm a handsome boy.
Shelby has the kindest heart ❤️ she is always the first to help in any situation. She loves her church and singing in the choir 💖💖
I was born on fathers day 2022! I was actually supposed to be a girl and my parents didnt know until i was born that i was actually a boy! Devin James is my name and im actually named after my daddy and great granddaddy! I love to sing and dance. I also love my pitbull castle and older sister Nova!
This is my rainbow baby bonnie, she is a month old and full of smiles. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t make me laugh with her dirty looks she give’s people. She likes being kissed on the cheeks and when you blow raspberry’s on her neck, I cannot wait to watch her little personality unfold xx
He loves to sing alphabets and numbers. He loves when I draw shapes for him. He claps in excitement. One great thing about him is that he never goes to conclusions before cross check. He's very active.
Isaac is a 2 year and 8 month old boy , who has a big caring and funny personality. He loves dinosaurs, cars, trucks and Spider-Man ♥️
Carsyn is a loving boy he loves his big sister and his family he loves to play with his cousins hes 9 months old
Maddox is a happy little guy who just loves being silly, making faces, and eating all the food he can!
Miss Scarlett Rose is nothing short of a diva, at just two weeks old. She loves being held and eating as much as she can. We had a rough start with losing too much weight at birth but Scarlett is a rockstar and gained all the weight back in just 9 days!
Sierra is such a sweetheart, she smiles a lot and just started to baby talk a lot which is the cutest! She has a great personality and with all of her expressions she will melt your heart!
Haylow is always so active and always got big smiles she loves listening to her mum and dads voice, she loves her sister and brothers, she loves her bestfriend meow meow, she just loves attention, of course the most thing she likes is boobie always hungry for her milk 😄
Gideon is a very adventurous baby. He loves his dogs, mickey mouse, and school buses.