Baby Stories - 47


Xander is my miracle boy, at 4 months old he started having seziures Nd was recently diagnosed with a seizure disorder. However he does not let that stop him from smiling and being a halpy baby all the time. He loves food and will eat anything. His favorite show is curious george and he loves dancing. He always seems to put a smile on everyones face.
Millie loves saying dada,momma,& byebye.She loves her 2 cats,and loves watching Mickey mouse club.
This is my little guy Javontae. He has very expressive eyes and is a wild child at times. He is suspected of having autism and it has been a long hard road to teach him how to chew up food. Lots of trial and error with different foods and textures has resulted in a specific diet in which he has chosen what foods he will eat and what he won't. He loves his chocolate pudding and his chocolate milk. He is very hyper and gets into a lot of trouble. It's been a rough road for us as parents to try and understand him especially when he does not talk yet. But he is our cute little guy and we love him very much.
Lake is the happiest little boy, always full of smiles especially first thing in the morning! He loves bath time and sleepy cuddles 💙
She is my beautiful Fenyx Rising. That's actually her name. She was not an expected pregnancy or planned for that matter. I had actually just been diagnosed with some really serious diseases. I was in the process of trying to exercise and change my diet to lose weight when I found out I was pregnant. She is my 3rd child and 3rd C-section but she is my only baby girl. She is full of smiles and cuddles. Really everything I could have ever dreamed of is my little girl. She is beautiful, smart, and cuddly. She brings smiles to everyone she comes in contact with. I love her so much with all my heart.
Baby Beni is the most happy baby around. He laughs and smiles at everyone he meets. He enjoys reading books and playing with his dog Santos. He is also a huge fan of everything Mickey Mouse. Mom and dad are so grateful for this perfect rainbow baby.
Hi, my name is Olivia. I like my dinosaurs, play ground, getting dirty and playing in water. I'm a very happy little girl but I can also be a turd with some tude.
The best way I can explain Maya is she is loving & fierce. She is an absolute sweet heart at times and will give you so much loving but if you make her upset I promise she will let you know you did 😂. She is a BIG animal lover like her mama. And a sports fan like her dada 🥰.
Happiest, sweetest, 2 week old, ever. 🥰
Noah Allen
He likes working on anything that has wheels and a engine he is a very smart little boy very ambitious he also loves to ride his dirt bike and he has known the name of EVERY SINGLE TOOL, and power tools since he was 3 he’s been running a chainsaw since he was 5. He enjoys out doing my cousin anything my cousin does example my cousin was looking for deer sheds and he found one side of the rack but he could not find the other one, so of course Noah has to do one better her found an entire skull with a full 8 point rack with the teeth as well I will post the picture. The camp twins is Noah and my cousin
Isaiah Jr
My name is Isaiah jr , I’m almost 11 months old I have taken my first few steps & will be walking soon! I love the music my mommy & daddy plays & love dancing to it . I have 6 teeth & wish I could eat everything mommy & daddy has! 💙
Nomi is 3 months old. She is such a happy baby always smiling and laughing.
Julian is currently learning how to crawl we hope that he starts crawling really soon!! 💙 He also loves all the super simply songs!! Lol
He's two weeks old and can hold his head up, hold his own binky and tries to hold his own bottle, his facial expressions will melt your heart, his spunk and strength will leave you speechless, he is a rainbow baby and a true miracle. 💙
Braxton is a fun loving happy baby he loves motorcycles cars basically anything that vroom vroom please vote for my boy
Easton is happy as can be & loves when you talk to him. 💙
Sarah is 4 months old, she rolls over constantly. Babbles and coos all day long, eats more than we can imagine 🥺
Vincent loves apple sauce, Mr. Potato head, playing with his dog cash and playing video games on the ipad
Jaxstyn loves bubbles, troll dolls, getting muddy, and graham crackers!❤️
Kayson is almost 4 months old. He loves golf cart rides, being outside and playing with his mama and daddy. His favorite show is bluey. He’s the happiest little man 💙
My name is Lillian Grace and I’m 2 weeks old, born on Sept. 27th. I love posing for the camera already💕 I also love my sleep mommy has to wake me up to eat every time.
Zach man loves: Cars, Balls, And being outside. His Nickname is Rooster, and he loves to get his pictures taken 💕 Vote for the handsome man.
Rowan And Landon
Rowan and Landon are the happiest, most adorable twins in the world 💙 they love their mama, playtime and going on walks!
Genesis is the beginning in the dictionary and that she proved to be! This angel came out singing! She loves outdoors and music more than anything! Please give this sweet girl a vote today!
He’ll steal your heart and never give it back 💙
Javier is a very happy baby and he loves to play peekaboo
She’s always a happy, smiley baby 🥰Loves car rides and eating baby foods💗
Asher Luke
My name is Asher Luke. I am 10 months old, I have 4 teeth, and my favorite food is casserole and rice 🤍
Amarianna Kelly
Hey there my name is amarianna I'm 8months old my birthday is February 11th and I learned how to crawl and now I'm trying to grab on to things to try to stand up I love mashed potatoes and I love to look at you and smile and I love when people give me attention
Maria Nicole
Hello my name is Maria I’m 10th years old, I enjoy playing with my pets I’m on 4rd grade. I like to dance and collect small toys I have a lot friends at school and I love spending time with my family.
Casey Jr.
Baby Casey is always so happy and ALWAYS smiling! He loves Ritz crackers, Mommy’s milk, his Big Brothers, and Lots of attention 😍
Monsai is a very happy baby she can brighten up a room with her smile n her joy she loves music it gets her going she a dancin baby and give everybody baby fever she loves pictures just a happy soul
She loves her jeep, her toys, music, kids, and cocomelon!
Sophia is the goofiest , and happiest baby you will meet. She has so much personality and LOVES the camera !
Zoey is a loving baby girl she loves to crawl around the house and is learning to pull up she loves her toys and her family she has a big personality in her little body and the biggest smile ear to ear.
Parker is named after my late gramma of 2 yrs and funny thing is he came out looking just like her!!
Raelyne, she is one smart baby! We absolutely adore her. Her baby blue eyes. Her smile will brighten up your day. She loves talking to anyone! She loves listening to music! She gives the best hugs and cuddles you will ever receive!
Josie Faye
Josie is always smiling and cooing she a bundle of joy who always brightens my day along with her big brother
Christopher is a sweet , silly, adventurous little boy! He is very intelligent and is very active he says mom, dada, noooooo, and he waves hi 👋 🥳
Renly is our 7 month old preemie warrior! Born at 33 weeks at the size of a 28 week baby. Doctors tried to terminate my pregnancy at 21 weeks due to Renly’s conditions. We fought hard, and we are so thankful to have her 🤍 though she be little, she is fierce! 7 months old, but the size of a 2 month old!
He is a breath of fresh air. He's full of smiles.
Gianni is the smartest and most talkative 2 yr old! Hes potty trained himself and learned his Alphabet all by himself. He is a 18yr old in the body of a 2 yr old!!
He’s definitely got character with all the facial expressions he makes… mostly moody ones! 😆
Brad is so smart! He loves math an dogman books! He's the only boy of 3 sisters so please vote ☺️
My name is TJ and I love hanging out with my mommy all day long. I also love sleeping 😴 (mommy likes that too 😜) I have 4 siblings with paws 🐾 and whiskers 🐈‍⬛. If you vote for me 🤗 my money will go towards my college in the many years to come 🤩
Kesavan is a very excitable 4 month old boy. He loves to smile and giggle all day long.
Nahzye Daniels
Nahzye is 4years old. He is very kind energetic, full of life and one of a kind. He loves spider man and wants to play basketball when he gets older. He is the biggest teddy bear and the littlest kindest gentleman you’ll ever get to know 🥰
Izzy is an amazing baby.extremely funny and joyful.she loves to dance and bounce just so happy all the time