Baby Stories - 47


Archer is a very sweet little boy who is fairly new to this world, so he has alot to yet discover. He definitely makes you fall in love with him when you hold him and he snuggles close. Everytime we meet someone new the first we hear is, "look at all that hair!". 😊
Ella’mai is 3 months old she loves hanging out with her family while she always laughs. She is never in a bad mood and she’s wanting to start competing in Pageants please vote for her
This is Michael junior he has so much personality for only being a month old!! His nickname is Little Ant ❤️
“A happy baby has shining eyes. It walks open-hearted into the world and spreads magic"
She's 8 months old, she loves her mommy, her toys, to eat like a big girl, she loves bath time, play dates, breast feeding & cuddling mommy. Shes such a happy baby she can sit up, rolls like crazy, crawl and working on walking she loves standing up. Vote for my baby 😁☺ please.
She's got an adorable smile, cute laugh, and developing a great personality. Skyla is one of the greatest, well behaved babies you will ever meet.
Easton is two days short of being four months old! He loves laughing & smiling at everyone, loves chewing on anything he can get in his mouth, loves ceiling fans, and much more!! He is a complete joy! And he makes anyone who is around him smile and laugh!
This is Micah he is a super exciting fun loving big boy! he’s so funny and smart not to mention just adorable!!! He can make anyone smile 😊 🥰
Super happy blue eyed mixed baby. German, Polish, Dominican and Ecuadorian. Loves rolling over, putting his fingers in his mouth, laughing and watching Curious George.
Mazikeen is the sweetest most out going little girl and she sure does love her unicorns! We call her Maziee ❤️🥰
Hello! My name is Saige Lee I like spending time with my Big sister and swinging in my swing. I absolutely love being with my family and all my cousins🙂
Keivan J Shahi
Hi I’m keivan. I m 5 month old and about me everyone told me I m a smiling baby with happy face😄
TaLayah is beautiful inside and out. She does have a tendency to think she is sneaky and she knows she is the queen of the house. She also loves BabyBum and can’t get enough of it.❤️
"I love to run and play the floor is lava! I love to play video games on my Nintendo DS, my favorite game right now is Mario Kart 7! My favorite colors are blue and green, and my favorite food is pepperoni pizza🍕 My best friend is my older cousin Jonalys! 🙂 Im really exciced about being in this contest and i want to win!" -Liam's answers to mommys questions. 🥰😁
Kaydin Sean 15 months old, absolutely adores Elmo, loves to be outside in any type of weather especially spring! His favorite netflix show is Boss Baby. You should vote for Kaydin because he is always the happiest baby and super funny and shy. He definitely deserves to be shown how much he’s really loved!
She's very Intelligent. She's not a baby but she my baby girl. Her name say it all my precious Lillie-rose.
Trinity Faith is the happiest babygirl I’ve ever met. She brings so much joy and personality everywhere she goes.
Silly and goofy 5year old girl
Ravon Jr
Rj is 5 years old, he loves his parents and always wants to help with daily activities. He loves to sing , dance , take pictures and play with his toys. He’s a great kid and loves to learn new things everyday🥰
Avant loves cocomelon at 2 months,and he also loves to laugh!
Camila is a very outgoing baby, who loves to talk, laugh and smile! She’s very smart and loves everyone she’s around💜
Co’Tya was born on the 6th of February. I call her my little Hawaiian 🌺 baby because she is mixed up with a little bit of every race. She has a big personality already. Watching her grow daily growing into her bossy traits and learning to understand a baby is a blessing. Just another reason to Bless her with a vote— help give her something to smile about later to know she is always loved. These times are trying for all can’t imagine how it will be when she becomes an adult. Blessing and peace to all
Brentley is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen he loves his toys. big sister and mommy is everything these days. He lies to ride and watch cartoons.
He’s the sweetest very social
Alaya is a happy baby. She’s smart, bright eyed and full of energy. Her favorite shows are coco melon and miraculous lady bug. She has her own personality even right now as a baby💕
Claire loves to smile. She is such a happy baby. She also loves to chew on her hands and throwing up on mommy 🥰
Demarcus is a smart 8 month old baby he knows how to say hi and dada he loves eating and playing with his cousins 💕
Justin Jr
He loves his mom! He is a mommas boy completely! And he likes to dance lol
A baby who loves to sleep🥰 She loves to play and smile with friends and family! Eleanor also loves her play mat. My little thumb sucker is the happiest baby you could meet❤️
Douglas loves watching sponge bob! Very smart and super responsive already! Loves getting attention from his mommy and daddy!
My sweet angel sleeps all day long and loves the sound of rainforest. When he’s awake, he’s the most alert baby and loves to eat!
Adalynne is a very cheerful baby. She loves making people laugh by making noise. She has one of the most unique spirits I have ever seen. She’s always smiling and laughing. Adalynne is also a very determined baby. She loves going on adventures.
Little miss La’Naya is 3 years old full of life!! She is the most amazing, beautiful, ambitious, smart & dedicated little girl I’ve ever seen ❤️ She is so full of life & is the happiest little thing in the world 👑💘 Vote for her you can’t go wrong 🙏🏽😍
I swear she is so smart. She watches her sister get up and start running and she tries too get up but fails and crawls super fast too get too her. She also goes by Ari! She is just lovable and very affectionate and loves her family so much. Her beautiful grey light blue eyes are the key too the world.
Bryant loves trying new foods, laughing, and mimicking sounds
This is Osiris, he's an October baby, he was born a month after his daddy passed away and exactly a month before his daddy's birthday. He's an amazing, strong little guy who had a rough start in life, but persevered through it all like a warrior. He loves his fruits and Queen is literally his favorite band- I'm not kidding! He LOVES Freddy Mercury's voice. We put it on to calm him down whenever he's upset snd immediately stops crying as soon as he hears him. He's got a lot of personality and makes such funny faces. He brings joy to his grandpa who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He literally gave my father something to live for. Its amazing to see my father's face light up when he sees his grandson. Osiris means so much to so many, despite never being able to know his daddy, which breaks my heart. His daddy was an amazing wonderful person and I hope Osiris can be like him even though he'll never meet him. He's going to have a lot of battles in life, being half African American, and i just hope I'm able to teach him how to be as wonderful as his father was.
He is full of giggles n laughter n I love and adore him so much
James is 5 months old he is the happiest little boy ever. He loves to smile and laugh. He also loves his toys
Beth-ann is the happiest baby ever. She had a couple health problems when she was born but you could never tell now. She started out as a 5 pound baby and she's up to 12 pounds. She's super happy all the time and already has so much to babble about. She loves the camera. She would make anyone smile even on their worst day!
Kailani is the greatest blessing in my life. She can sit up, hold her OWN bottle & can recognize grandmas voice from miles away 🤣 she loves to laugh and smile, especially when i ask her if she wants to see her gamma gamma! BTW SHE LOVES PICKLES JUST LIKE MOMMY!!!!
Cassiya is a Angel💜 She loves the sound of music and is so loving, she is loved by many and full of life and joy. Cassiya is the queen of it all 👑👣💕
Reign is 9 months old, he LOVES food and getting into everything that hes not supposed to. He loves his brothers and sister and he is one spoiled little boy.
My little man is always happy. Even though he's teething (he already has a tooth). His smile and little nose make me so happy.
Happy go lucky guy always got a smile on that face