Aiden is 8 months old exploring the world of food and being mobile. He hates green beans!
I love to dance, go for long walks and I also love to wear overalls 😊💕
Ivory Jean LaVonn is my really strong curious baby as soon as she was born she was picking up her head an checking everything out she is an extremely happy baby who’s dimples will absolutely make you melt an she has one serious mean mug to though.
This is my daughter Paige Elizabeth, she’s an absolute ball of sunshine and she absolutely adores her daddy. Don’t let the cute face trick you, she’s a handful!
This is Mylie Grace one of the most happiest babies you will ever meet.She LOVES to laugh, give her puppies lots of kisses😘 and cuddle with mommy & dada
Norah loves to climb, watch princess and the frog, eat bananas! She is a spunky little girl that definitely keeps us on our toes!
Hello everyone this is the beautiful bundle of joy everyone known as Tayler Genesis! She loves to laugh, scream with joy, play with her dogs and ride around in her mustang. And very photogenic. Worlds most cutest baby!
He's the best baby ever.
She loves lellobee city farm and chip and dale rescue rangers.
He's the sweetest little guy who loves being told he's cute and loved. He loves being outside and looking at trees and is a big cuddle bug.
Caterina she likes to watch the tv show Lellobee , ABC , old McDonald had a farm , she is very smart little baby for a 6 month old.
He loves to smile at me.
Nylia Rose
Nylia rose 🌹 , im 4 months old! I love to smile , i love my mommy and daddy 💗, and im always happy 😊, thanks for voting 🫶🏼
Elijah is 3 years old, he loves spending time with mom, dad, & his 2 sisters. He’s such a sweet soul. He loves TBall, being outside, & he’s all boy!!
I’m Denzel. I love to play with my brothers. I love to scream at mommy and daddy. I’m teething and I have 2 teeth. I’m eating baby food and oatmeal already! I’m very spoiled by my mommy and daddy both.
My name is Bentlee. I like to ride bikes, play TBall, spend time with me Pap pap and grandma, I love to make my baby brother laugh and play with my other brother Benji. I’m in Pre-K and learning how to write my name.
This is Royal. His dimple, his smile, his eyes will captivate you. His laugh fills you with smiles. He’s a crawler, bouncer, dancer who loves to explore 💙
Loves animals , oranges and exploring the world.
Dayton loves to play with his cousin and loves to play with family
Carter Ferreira is 18 months and loves everyone he meets. He’s very smiley and easy going. He loves to eat all types of fruit and hang out with Mom, Dad and puppy brothers.
Averi is a sassy one year old, a mommy’s girl and a Mac & Cheese enthusiast!
Rae’Lynn is a beautiful happy baby and she loves her stuffed animals and laying on her daddies chest
Ava is precocious, she loves to explore new things, go outside on walks, dance to just about anything she hears come on the radio. Ava loves the movie Moana and enjoys eating just about anything you put on her plate. She is also an avid fan of the water, pools, baths etc.
It’s hard waking up whenever your baby starts crying but not for me because once I see his cute face everything else disappears and I feel so warm inside ❤️
Layne loves to be outdoors all the time! He works in the garden and visits all the farm animals. He’s definitely a country boy.
His nickname is baby bean or squishy. He's a Gemini and very vocal.
Weston is our little handsome man that smiles the moment you smile at him and loves trying to have conversations with others. Weston you’re so loved xox
My name is Ja’Kobe, I love my mommy and daddy & I love playing outside the most. I’m a fun loving little boy. I absolutely love animals, dogs are my favorite though. I like to play with cars, and sometimes I like to ignore my mommy. Vote for me, you won’t regret it😌
Liliana Lou is my little blessing! She is so smart and lovable!! Lili is full of energy and personality. She smiles and giggles at everyone/everything. She loves watching Miss Rachel and has learned so much from her. She loves music and wiggles around to it!💕
Hello my son name is Legend He Loves Too Play Eat n Also smile with them very cute dimples of his . My son is 10 months old and will steal you’re heart ❤️ away
This is my nephew! He is full of energy! He LOVES Elf, Finding Nemo, peek-a-boo, Shrek movies! Most energetic baby you’ll meet!
Marina is the happiest baby, smiling any chance she gets. She likes long walks on the beach (no really she’s happiest at the beach) and laughing at her big brother! 🥰
Kenneth Maui
Maui is a rainbow baby (born after two pregnancy losses) & has been the greatest blessing in our lives. Our gorgeous boy is a smiley, happy boy who has never met a stranger. He loves to talk, army crawl everywhere, and give raspberry kisses. Maui, as he’s affectionately known by, is already quite the traveler: he’s been on 8 different flights to three different states (Hawai’i being his favorite).
Super smiley little minnow who likes to laugh, jump, dance and wiggle about. Always making his family laugh and his favorite activity is meal time!!
Ava is the happiest little girl. With big smiles and cute giggles, she sure does make the people around her melt. You could stare at those eyes forever and you can’t resist pinching those cheeks 🥰
Bronson loves his doggy, kitty cat, and to be outside!
This is Easton! He's 14 months old! He love encanto, and Horton hears a who! He also loves dancing and music! He's my bright eyed blue eyes pride and joy!
Jetzali is always smiling and loved by her brothers and sister, she lobes making people smile
Ellie was born November 23rd, 2020. She loves playing with her brothers and exploring new things.
Olivia is 4 months old. She enjoys car rides and walks outside. Olivia is an assisted sitter and can roll over! THANKS FOR VOTING!
Kaleb is a curly headed bundle of joy :)
My Beautiful baby girl, who loves to eat and snuggle, smiling is her favorite thing to do, she brings me so much joy 🥰
My Handsome Boy, 2yrs old and full of so much joy and energy, even on a rainy day, with him the “SON” will always shine🤍
Born Aug.4.2022, Very alert and so full of life already🥰