Hi my name is mauricio. I love to watch scooby doo an play with cars
Hank is an outgoing, happy baby boy. He loves eating, bath time, and his dog Frankie
Just a smiley little man living in a quarantined world. I love being called handsome. Giggles and lots of rolling over. Just a few of my favorite things. Mamas boy and my daddy’s world. ❤️🥰
Hi my name is jose. I love blippi an blues clues. I love to play with the soccer ball
Ian is my first grandchd and the sweetest baby ever. Soft cry's and lots of smiles.
Hi my name is jerrika I am 6 months old I was born in the middle of the covid19 pandemic and I love to play with my furry friends and love watching cocomelon I love my stuffed elephant toy and I love to eat all my mommies food and I thing I’m the happiest baby ever ❤️
Hi everyone! I’m River! I’m 7 months of pure sweetness! I’m the happiest baby and love to laugh! ♥️
Oliver is 10 months old and such a happy baby all the time! 🥰🥰 He just learned to walk and now we can’t get him to slow down. Only to watch LEO AND TIG 😂 I’m so proud of him!!
Addison is 6 years old and loves being with family and friends or just playing Minecraft ❤️
Tyree Jr.
This little Prince graced the world 2 months early and he is a true warrior. Although all he does is what newborns do best eat, sleep and being adored. He’s in good health and adorable as can be.
How can you not love this sweet smile and crazy hair!? My little preemie fighter!
Hi I’m Nayeli! I’m 15 months old. I’m a Leo, my favorite color is purple and pink. My favorite animal is a cat, I can say “kitty”, “mom”, “dad”, “muah!”, “num nums!”, and “hi”. I love to give everyone kisses and say hello, I give me great Grammy and papa air kisses! I out my hands on my mouth and throw a kiss at them☺️ My favorite movie is “Inside Out”, my favorite thing to do is swing at the playground and cuddle my kitty kitty.
Miss Charlie-Rose is a sassy little girl! Although she may be sassy, she has a heart of gold! This little girl loves to eat! If she sees you munching, count her in! She is also an amazing big sister and loves to help mommy with her little brother by giving his paci to mommy or making sure he's okay whenever he cries. She has everyone wrapped around her little fingers!
Atticus-Lee is the sweetest of pies! While he is just beginning his journey through this thing called life, he does have some interests! - LOVES the typical sleep & eat! - Enjoys receiving cuddles from mommy and daddy♥️ - Could swing in his swing or bounce in his bouncer all day! He is hands down already a sweet bundle of joy and has captured our hearts♥️
Asher Mason is the most happy smiley faced baby you’d ever see. He loves to babble on and on and make conversation, and has the cutest giggle. I even have a tik tok of him attempting to say “i love you” at only one month old. It has half a million views as people LOVED it. His personality just shines so bright and he definitely has an old soul and capability to make people smile ear to ear. I almost passed away giving birth to Asher as I lost 45% of my blood due to a traumatic hemhorage. As you all may know in today’s day and age, police brutality is a major deal.. my poor Asher bean has been through enough but now his father has been arrested, due to false allegations, beaten by the police severely, and they used derogatory terms like “Mohamed” towards both Asher and his father, they beat his father badly and Asher misses him terribly. Winning this contest could help with lawyer fees as they are extremely expensive and the police lied on several events.
Jeremiah is a twin brother please vote!
Hi my name is colton. I love baths, getting my diaper changed, and my mommy telling me Goodmorning. I’m starting to eat solids and I roll over and over and over. I also just started noticing all my toys and I’m having a blast. Thanks for voting for me❤️
Oaklynn loves to sleep, have her hair played with! She loves to smile 😊
Skye already has a personality of a five year old lol! She is only 4 months but she knows exactly what she wants!!! That’s my baby and the face of an Angel 💜
Charles Jr.
Hello everyone, My name is Charles Jr.. I love being in the water, also being outside! I enjoy tummy time and learning new things. I like going for walks with my Mommy and Daddy! Thank you all for your votes! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Riona is my first child of my family. We have her on my wife age 45 by naturely. She is a miracle to us.
(Any money won will be put into a secure account for Poppy when she’s older) Hello I’m Poppy. I was born 8 days late, mummy was in labour for 4 days at only 3cm dilated then went from 4cm to 10cm in 3 hours!! I gave my parents a bit of a fright by dropping my heart rate and wrapping my cord around my neck at the very end, I didn’t cry right away, I made them wait about a minute before I came to life. But when I did I was loved so very much. I love it when mummy gives me kisses or tickles my neck or belly and I love having a chat and cooing away. I am very much loved and I make everybody I meet the happiest they could be 🥰❤️
AvaLeigh is a loved baby girl born and obviously will be raised right in the heart of Louisiana. She's all smiles except when hungry! She's so chunky and juicy and enjoys all the cuddles at bedtime. We're always rocking our Bluegrass Bowtique bows as well.🎀
Little Joseph is starting to giggle and trying to constantly “talk” to us! He loves attention and can’t get enough of it ❤️
Baby Ezale
Baby Gabriel Ezale is 05 Months ! He loves to yell from excitement ! 🥰 He loves cuddles ❤️🤱🏽 He can sit up , hold his own bottle and even play with his own toys !❤️❤️ He also loves grandmas !🥰
Carson is a ten month old baby boy who enjoys spending time with mommy he loves paw patrol and walking. He's mommy's whole world🥰
Ella loves to be outside and loves to feed herself!
Hello, I’m West’Lynn! I love to hangout with my mommy an daddy! A lot of people tell me I’m adorable my whole family agrees. Would you be so kind to leave me a vote i would love it!🙃
Evan is a twin and his sister Hazel is equally as cute, he loves his feet being tickled and being called handsome. Evan and Hazel are both already on the organ donor register because in the horrible event that I lose my precious daughter and son I know that they'll help another baby to survive. Organ donation saves lives.
Hazel is my daughter and a twin sister to Evan, she loves being called gorgeous and having a good chat. Hazel and her brother Evan are both already on the organ donor register because in the horrible event that I lose my precious daughter and son I know that they'll help another baby to survive. Organ donation saves lives.
Braden is full of life. Loves being outside he would be outside all the time if he could. Loves dogs. So much personality pushed into such a little person.
Shiloh is our charming blonde haired, blue eyed boy! He is such a calm and peaceful baby who is loved by all! 💙
Oliver is 6 month's old and he is all smiles all of the time. He loves to eat his mommy's cooking and jumping around all over the place. He is so close to crawling he can barely stand it, because he wants to chase his fur sisters so badly! He is the most happy loving baby boy I've ever known and he surely would love your votes!
Easton was born at 34 weeks and is now 4 months old! He absolutely loves both of his big sisters, loves sleeping, is ALWAYS happy and loves his pets.
Leo was born at 31 weeks on August 12. He fought for 39 long days in the NICU learning to breathe and eat. He has come so far and I’m so proud of him! 💙
Higinio is my miracle he is a very special boy.I am really grateful to have him on my life .My miracle from heaven ❤️.
Raelynn is 1 month old with a smile that melts your ♥️. She is my Fiancé and I’s biggest blessing. 2020 has not been nice but Raelynn makes up for the hurting with people passing away and leaving. She definitely deserves to win ❤️💯 but if she does not win she will be her mommas cutest baby in the world 🌍
He's a outgoing an super protective brother!! He's the middle child and only boy!! He's the light of our little family!!
Derrick Jr.
D is a mommies boy! Loves to be outdoors! He’s most definitely my wild child!
Bryleigh Ann
She’s a daddy’s girl! Loves to be outdoors and play with her siblings.
Layla is a miracle baby and she came early she is such a joy to have around ans just makes u smile such a true gift.
Haisley Lousie is 4 months. She loves bathtime and snuggles with mommy and daddy! She is a soon to be NICU graduate after 4 long months at UK childrens hospital where she was born 17 weeks early.
August is a bright and chunky baby! He absolutely loves bath time and has so much fun splashing around. Vote for this chunky monkey!
Beckett loves to be outside in the sunshine! He loves his dogs, car rides and tummy time.