Raya is 4 month old sweet girl, she is a big fan of cocomelon and always want milk.
Neo Jessie
He is a very happy playful baby and loves his cuddles. Please vote for him as he’s saving up for when he’s older to give himself a future.
My name is Jolianis channel Santiago i'm a happy baby that likes to eat and take pictures ❤️I have two brothers that i love a lot
Arthur is a very happy and playful little boy. He loves puzzles, books, and most of all his dog Ember.
Vote & partage 💫💘 Billie-Rose
Happiest little girl, Lydia is always smiling and loves a good baby-babble chat!❤️
Hi my name is Jeremy, I'm a month old and when I was born I was very very little! I love to smile and sleep all snuggled up to my mommy and daddy. I love going new places and meeting new people. Thank you for the vote! <3
Kimiri is two months old he was born a preemie 4lbs 12ounces and loves Enfamil! He will be 3moths on the 28th of this month and was also born with two teeth at the bottom which is VERY RARE! 😫 I’ve added photos so you guys can see 🥺 Kimiri loves to eat, he’s always a happy and good baby. He is now trying to be talkative and show those deep pretty dimples he’s so advanced… 😩🥺
Noelle loves to sing and dance. She's the sweetest, sassiest little girl around! She loves her sisters very much and she's the best mommy to her babies🥰
Bella loves playtime with mommy and daddy! She loves to watch Ms.Rachel and she loves to eat ❤️
Theodore is a bright 2 year old boy with a dear devil side! He loves to play with his brother and loving on his mommy 💕
Kameron loves to smile and cuddle. He is the happiest of babies. He just started rolling over at the end of 3 months and just loves to move around. He is a nosey Nelly just like his mama and loves to sit up and explore his surroundings. Please give a vote for my fun, loving, sweet baby boy. Thank you💙
7 months old. Almost 2 1/2 feet tall & loves to make lots of noises. She loves all types of foods & a southern sweet tea lovin girl ♥️🐝
Im a first-time mom this would financially help me better to take care of my beautiful little girl i hope ❤
Phillip Is 10 months old , he loves playing with his brother , Loves bath time & absolutely LOVES eating his snacks. He is learning how to stand on his own , & his favorite word is DA-DA , he Laughs when I tell him to say mama 😂😂. FAMILY & FRIENDS Please VOTE FOR PHILLY BABY.
Kimberlee is 4 years old loves to laugh play and loves for you to chase her she loves her brothers and parents and a very smart girl..
Madilynn is 4 months old and the sweetest baby ever !! She loves chewing on her hands, reaching for everything and loves her family so so much ❤️❤️❤️ PLEASE vote for her sweet self
Kennedy is the life of the party! She is so smart, chatty, and the best big sister. Show her some love with votes
Aurora loves to eat, and she loves Ms Rachel. ❤️ she is the sweetest little girl I know ❤️🥰
She loves to be outside and love to go to the park and Swing like to speen time with momma and daddy love to watch Mickey mouse clubhouse and with her toys
waylon is a loving ball of energy he loves cocomelon and cookies (also his two favorite words) dogs are his best friends!
Zoey loves to play with her cars and babies as much as she loves saying baby and beep beep 😂 she is already very independent and very smart. She love watching Ms Rachel and snacking.
Janet Quinn
I like to giggle in my sleep
Jeremy's a wild little monkey boy who loves his mama sister and brother and of course food ❤️
One of the happiest babies you’ll ever meet, Palmer Grace is always smiling or laughing and will steal your heart.
Esther is 7 months old who absolutely loves her older brothers! She battles Cystic Fibrosis which is a uncurable disease. She is my only girl out of 4 children. She likes Minnie mouse but often watches what her youngest brother watches.
Ragnar was born at 27 weeks spent his first year in Perth children’s hospital and has just. Recovered from open heart surgery
He’s always a very happy baby boy, loves bath time & enjoys playing with his sisters. Trevor also likes mr potato head. Trevor especially loves his mommy.
Jemirakye j is our beautiful bubba! Favourite things are his mama, food and the beach, he is aboriginal, European and a little fatty.
Welcoming Harlem to the world !
Loves her sister loves sticking her toung in and out like a lizard she is an amazing daughter and is so loved by many
He’s 6 months old, Leo and has one bubbly personality!! He likes to talk to you and have the most adorable conversations while cuddling with his mommy. He also likes to hold hands and give kisses back on your cheek ❤️ His favorite show is Daniel Tigers Neighborhood and his favorite food is Apples and Sweet Potato!
Serenity loves Gracie Corner while she sits up and play, the joy she has is a daily dosage of love.kisses and hugs she loves music but love her daddy the most.
Kinley loves doing ballet! She is so full of energy. Plus has the spitfire attitude that comes with her red hair!
Sammy is a sweet quiet boy who just loves to be loved by everyone who meets him.
Miss Laurel is a ray of sunshine ! Shes an adventurous climber, who loves to test her abilities! She loves to be included and applaud for the small accomplishments she achieves daily She also enjoys being outside ! Our little nature baby! 💗
My beautiful baby girl elle is 6months old. She loves to roll, laugh, chew things, and most of all, play with her big brother. She has big beautiful eyes that will catch your heart ❤️ please vote for elle x
Im a fiesty little boy i was a little 5lb when born now im a big boy and look just like my daddy and only go to mommy or daddy i am the youngest of 4 please vote thank you !😊 also ive had that smile from birth on 💙
He is a happy and lovable baby
I am a gentle little soul✨ I love being a bossy boots 💁🏻‍♀️ I’m loving caring and playful 🥰 Please vote for me ❤️