Mia is half Spanish half English. She can be adorable and grumpy both at the same time! She started crawling at 6 months old and it’s now trying to give me a heart attack every time she stands up! She adores women and children but in unsure about men (we don’t know why 😂)
The most funniest happy little girl who loves to be adventurous ❤️
Oakley loves tummy time, she also just discovered her hands and they keep her entertained, she likes watching her fur siblings play
Chloe is 11 months old and she was almost a Halloween baby(born 10/26/21). She lights up any room with her smile and loves her big sister Delilah. She loves to laugh and play. Please show this cutie some love. ❤️
Cars and trucks
William loves cocomelon and loves to spend time with his mommy and Mimi (my mom) he loves to try to walk on his own and crawl around!!
Everleigh is a crazy 3 year old girl, that loves the paw patrol, SpongeBob, exploring new things and getting into everything! She’s a cheerful, happy go lucky little girl that’ll light up your day if you meet her❤️
Weston is about to be 4 months on September 22 ,he was born 4/22/2022 in room 222 at the time 2:22 pm ,he very happy baby smiles all the time and loves attention
10 months old, loves unicorns, movie home loves to smile looking at her mommas eyes
Little Billy was born at 28 weeks and 6 days. He loves to mimic noises, he smiles all day long and loves to eat.
Lennons smile is contagious! She’s the happiest, sweetest girl! 100% going to swallow before she crawls!
Nathaniel is 5 months old he loves his mommy and daddy and his big brother he loves to snuggle and sleep with mommy and daddy. He loves his baba and his nookie he loves to smile and sleep he is spoiled he loves to be held all the time.
One walking , smiling , attitude having , perfect little girl 😍
Jaxon loves to play, laugh, and smile!! He loves to eat and snack too
She is 2 and loves baby shark and peppa pig!she’s loving sweet and keeps everyone laughing and never meets a stranger. She is sweet with other kids and loves to share whatever she has. And LOVES water! ❤️
Hi! My name is Alyson but everyone calls me Aly. I love to play in water, walk around and try to run! Some of my favorite words are dada, no, gentle, stop and sometimes I like to say mama! I love playing with other kids and animals (my mom never lets me really pet them because she says I’ll hurt them when I’m just trying to play)! I also love trying new foods!
Loves to laugh and always so full of energy and he absolutely loves to jump.
ZaNova loves mashed potatoes and kisses! Brights up the room with her smile every time!
Maxton enjoys watching Paw Patrol, eating snacks, and giving lovins!
Milan is a sassy little 3 month old who was born at 29+4 weeks and weighed 3lbs! She spent 51 days in the NICU and has shown how strong she is from day 1! Since being home she loves snuggles but hates being swaddled. She also loves her twin sister, London.💗
Elle loves to talk especially to her lion stuffed animal.
London is a feisty 3 month old who was born at 29+4 weeks weighing just under 3 pounds and was in the NICU for 60 days! She has been a fighter from day 1! She loves her twin sister, Milan, and she loves to snuggle her mama! 💗
Wallace is a very happy baby, he is always laughing and smiling
Ripp Anthony was born 2 weeks early. Weighed 5 lbs and 13 oz. Growing fast. Very content baby. The dog loves Ripp! Her name is Barbie.
koda the sweetest & smartest boy in the whole world, we love our meemaw & the ladies (lol)
My name is Aubreigh Marie Burnette. I was born on 8/25/22. I was born with a head full of hair and healthy as can be even though my mama had complications. I have 2 older brothers that adore me. And definitely a daddy’s girl already. And of course mommy world.
Elijah is learning Spanish and English . He definitely has his own personality . For a 2 yr old he is determined and ready to learn . He loves his mommy and his ma’ma Liz . His favorite toy / movies are bippy and Dino trucks as he loves dinosaurs.. everyone please vote vote vote!!❤️❤️❤️
This is Jackson Aka baby JackJack. He loves mommy daddy and sissy so much! He likes playing with toys listening to music and being wild with his sisters! His favorite food is ham. Jackson is an October baby born just a few days before Halloween!🎃
Harpers a rainbow baby after 8 years touched by her sister. She’s always smiles with her bright blue eyes!
Kinsley loves her chocolate milk and snacks! Kk loves being outside and snuggling with mom. She is our little blessing 🤍
Felicity was a preemie of 2 months and has fighted the whole way she is full of happiness and life and is much loved ❤️
Raven is 13 months old , she loves to play with her toys, loves to watch her Disney channel.
He absolutely love carrots 🥕 he makes the funniest sounds and always makes us laugh. His smile is contagious 🥹
My surprise baby who completed our family. He’s a wild little man with a love of trucks and tractors. He’s the baby and he knows it lol.
Marcus is 6 months old:) he loves to play with his sisters, listen to music, give kisses, and play!
Scarlett is so happy and loving and she also likes to scream like a pterodactyl for fun, vote for her!😂💕
Hi, I’m Liam! Mommy and Daddy’s miracle rainbow baby! I’m known to be a very happy boy always smiling and giggling. Mommy says I’m the greatest blessing she could have ever received.
Emma has the sweetest, most loving spirit! She loves swimming, fishing, anything outdoors, singing, and being around her baby cousin.
Seraphina was born a whole month early. She loves to smile and coos tons. She’s a Jamaican and Native American mix. She will be 4 months on September 2nd.
Legend is a Brave little boy with a BIG personality. <3 he LOVES food and is an amazing eater! When it comes to sharing with his brother hes a little rough around the edges but he loves to play and is the BEST cuddle bug! <3
Hi my name is Ja’Ryah🙂 I am 4 months old4️⃣ My favorite person is my mommy🥰 I love to talk my head off🗣 My hands & bananas are my fave thing to eat🍌 Bath time = fun time🛁
This is Dixie, she is a happy smiley baby and loves people and puppies. Her bright eyes and big smile are to die for 🥺
Ryan Bradley Higgins
Happy, healthy mumma’s boy 💙
Youngest of nine sweet sassy and cuddly