Baby Stories - 44


Tinorio is a loving, observant, smart and amazing infant. He likes to , sleep on his stomach, and be outside.
Nero is a really laid back baby he loves music and He loves to cuddle and play with his activity turtle 🐢. He loves his big brother Nico and smiles every time his big brother talks to him. He’s ticklish on his feet’s he was born 6lbs 3oz but that dosen’t stop him from thinking he’s a big boy. His Grama silvana calls him tiny but mighty. We’re hoping one day he will be as tall as daddy. He truly is our blessing and we hope he can put a smile on your faces as he dose for all of us at home .🙏🏼🥰
Amelia is a tiny spitfire already! She loves music and pretty lights. A tiny sweetheart whose loved very much by her mom and grandma
Asher is a Christmas Baby . He is ticklish and loves, to make his funny bubble noises. He loves his big brother, and always has a smile on his face . He brings us all happiness .
LJ loves to laugh, yell, and play with remotes. His favorite foods are pears, squash, and avocado!
My Leo was born at 30 weeks and was 2 pounds. He was also born couple hours after my grandpa passed away. So we know he was hand picked by God and sent us his little angel. Leo is one happy baby and there’s never been a minute where he doesn’t smile. He’s truly a blessing and such an easy baby,
Braydon is a happy, sweet, kind and caring 19 month old. He loves going places with his daddy, reading books with mommy and daddy, playing with his big sister Gracie, paw patrol, peppa pig and bubble guppies. He brings so much joy to his family ☺️
Jaxon Jackson
Jaxon love laughing and playing with family. He also loves cocomelon . please vote for my baby he is a bubbly, smart, photogenic 6month old
Ophelia is such a talkative, sweet, loving girl! She loves to smile and her favorite thing is her mommy.
Arabella is the most happiest 8 month old baby there is. She has her first two teeth growing in she loves to be with mommy. She screams and hits her Brother and sister. She rolls over and is almost crawling. She loves all snacks especially breast milk!!!!
She's a happy, friendly, loving 5 month old. She loves to talk and sit/stand and just people.
O'Conner Shamar Jones
O'conner loves to help do things, he's always talking about something . He has a smile that will brighten a room and he ALWAYS says Thank You and it melts my heart . He loves his older brothers Orlando and Omari sooo much but i cant forget our house cat storm . To know dang dang is to love him he is so full of energy and love he never meets a stranger
My very first grandchild, my beautiful granddaughter princess Evie’s smile lights up our world. So why not show the rest of the world our blessing!
Kai is a beautiful baby boy who loves cuddles and playing with his mama and daddy.
Brynlee is a smiley loving baby. She loves to talk and make her voice as loud as she can. Her laugh is infectious and lights up the room. She loves to listen to daddy sing. She loves cuddling with mama and daddy but she is definitely a mommas girl.❤️
Super sweet and cuddly! Full of happiness and smiles, loves to attempt to play video games with Dad!
She is beautiful and has a great personality .
Jasper is a sweet and talkative babe! He mostly adores the ceiling fan and the teddies on his swing. He is definitely melting hearts. 💙
Asher Wayne is almost 7 months old, he loves mommy, mickey mouse and bananas.
Naomi loves being goofy, smiling, laughing and watching CoComelon!
Hi! My Name ie Ulysses Felix King I'm almost 2 months old. I like Milk, I also smile a lot. I like to speak. I like to observe my mobile move around and around. I like to be hold when I sleep. I have a elephant stuff toy her name is Ellie🐘. I also have a lion stuff toy and his name is Leo🦁. I like to ride the car!🚗🚘 Pls vote me!❤
He loves to watch me and he loves to talk he loves everyone and has an amazing smile
Chloe Grace
Chloe Grace loves the outdoors and looking at plants. She loves bananas and her mum mums. She is obsessed with her big brother and big sister.
Calvin is a very happy, smiley little man. is a chunky boy who loves to eat!! At the moment he spends his days with his mommy and sleeps and giggles like a mad man🤣. He is very cuddly and loves spending time on his tummy and rolling around like a little Potato.
Carter loves to laugh, smile, giggle, stare at lights, loves listening to people talk to him, and his favorite movie is Cars!! He’s a mamas boy for sure!!
This is Kane! He’s a cuddler and HUGE mamas boy! He enjoys looking outside at all the trees and birds and loves playing with his furry sisters Rosie and Fiona!
Hi ! My name is Bowen and I love to eat mommies milk, smile and make noises 💙
Hi I’m Emory I am a twin! I love to be outside, I love to talk and I love tummy time with sister! And I love to eat!
Hi I’m kamri I’m a twin! I love being talked to and talking! And I love to eat!
She is a very happy baby loves to sing all the time and loves animals
Our sweet boy who loves his doggies 🐾and being outside🌳
Sophia is almost three weeks old she loves to eat sleep and cuddle 🥰 She’s very observing and loves listening to people talk. Vote for my baby Sophia 💕
Hi I’m Avery! I love watching cartoons, jumping on my trampoline and swimming in my pool! I love to play with my sisters and cousins the most! I have a big personality! I’m always happy and playful!
The name yusra means ease and it’s very fitting for this little girl who is so easy breezy and always smiling
Jesse is a bright eyed, charismatic, happy baby boy who loves his cow paci and his big sister. He loves cuddling mom and dad and swinging in his swing.
JJ is the happiest baby you will ever meet! He loves to entertain himself, and giggles all the time. His puppy brother Dexter makes him laugh all the time! He loves to explore new foods and will eat just about everything already!
Our Emberlynn is the happiest, most chill little baby EVER. She loves to be sang to, swaddled, rocked to sleep.. absolutely LOVES to cuddle & curl up with mommy and daddy in the BIG bed. Bathtime is a fav, getting in & out & lotioned up is NOT tho 😅 She loves watching tv with mom & dad, and she’s so observant, so curious, always has to know what’s going on at all times & HAS to be the center of attention.. dangerously she knows how cute she is 🥰 & got attitude for DAYS, but is somehow still the happiest, calmest, best, most beautiful, most perfect babygirl in the world, my angel, my saving grace, my whole world, my whole heart, my everything 🥺
He is very active smart and well advanced and very handsome
Annabella is a smart caring young lady her favorite things are horses books writing and drawing
Harper was born on February 13 2021. She was born 4 weeks early then her due date. Harper loves to sit up and look around. She is a bright eye and bushy tail little girl. She love to be around people she a people person.
Alannah has a wonderful personality. She can brighten the room with her smile. She loves baby shark, paw patrol, and cuddles with mommy
This little ornery boy is always on the go but he is the sweetest little thing God could have given! He loves watching Cocomelon and learning how to walk he is constantly on the go with his walker! He loves making noise no matter how he does it!
Kizer loves to take baths, eat &’ lay with momma all day. ❤️
Outgoing, very helpful big brother! Loves his sisters and is their protector! Loves math and anything video games!!!
Journi loves sleeping and loves to be with mommy .
He is a very special baby his first minutes of life was touch and go now almost 4 month's into life he had grown into a very smart and intelligent little man he loves to smile and has an attitude of his own
Gabe is three years old. He is very smart for his age. He loves fishing , playing the guitar. His favorite country music singer is GARTH BROOKS. He loves his uncle nate and papa his nana , nanaw in ky and aunt michelle, and nana papa in tn. He is everyone smile on a sad day.