Thomas is our little firecracker! Always boogying around and talking up a storm! His smile lights up a room. He loves Paw Patrol especially the theme song. His favorite foods are sweet potatoes, apples and pears and is always down for a bottle of formula. Whenever he sees his doggy walk into the room he gets the biggest smile followed by a cute giggle of excitement! Please vote for our baby! Thank you!
Aleena is a sweet little girl who is my granddaughter who a very strong little she just had heart surgery and she doing so well
Emjay was born premie weigh 1.5 lbs spent few months in hospital. Now he is doing great.
Luchiano was born 111 “ the day of angels “ 💙 his favorite time to play and do tummy time is right after his first bottle in the morning. He loves to listen to the sound of a rain storm.
Draylen Taylor
Draylen Taylor he is smiling and a happy baby all the time. He loves the out doors he has 2 sisters and 2 brothers one of his brothers is in heaven God called RyRy home when he was 4 months old.
Robert is the most happy baby Ive ever been around. His smile and laugh light up the room. His favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba and he loves spending time with his daddy.
The sweetest little girl with a humongous joy for food with a contagious smile
Mazi is a ray if Sunshine she had a ruff start when she was born but since being in mine and my husband life she has came threw amazingly. Mazi is biologically my niece but she is our little girl has been since she was 3 days old currently in the process of adoption. Mazi loves to sing dance lives being outside looking for bunnies or playing at the park. Loves dinosaurs hot wheels she is so precious and sweet and loves to give group hugs and kisses.
Levi James is 8 months old! He is a active baby and loves to crawl around. He is so funny and has such a personality already. He LOVES pictures and is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen 💙
Georgia loves to color. She loves Minnie Mouse and paw patrol. And she’s very outgoing and energetic
Sawyer Reid is almost 5 months old! He loves playing with his feet, laughing, rolling over, and loves when you stick your tongue out at him. We are blessed with a perfect baby boy 💙!
Adrian is a happy energetic loving soul and he can brighten any room with just his smile. He loves being outside, and loves to eat! He also enjoys playing in the water 😁
Matilda's smile lights up a room & her laugh is contagious! She loves Cocomelon & praising Jesus at church!
Shauntravia is a bright ,fun ,happy 2 1/2 year old baby girl who will light up a room with her big personality and smile . She love to sing ,dace and take picture.
Madison is the sweetest happiest baby I know. She loves to give hugs 😊
My name is Brian but everyone calls me BJ. When i was in my mommy belly everyone called me baby Hammer because my mommy was so big and I really put it on mommy. I'm 3 months old now and I'm a boss baby but cool and laid back most of my days. I have everyone wrapped around my little baby fingers💙 that's is the cuteness of being a baby.
she has a very beautiful smile she loves to make friends she talks so good for her age she amazes me with her vocabulary at such an early age she is very smart and a very beautiful child and once you see her and talk with her you will fall in love with her
Ian is 4 months, such a chunk and is ALMOST ALWAYS laughing or smiling! Ian loves Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Train and loves to eat! Ian says “Thank you in advance” to all his voters & he loves you guys very much! 🤍
Quinnley is just the happiest baby! she loves to smile, tummy time, her daddy and backyardigans.
Baby JJ is 2 months old, has recently found her hands, and her voice. Smiles so much now! Also loves to be cuddled and kissed.
Hello , my name is Kason! I was born at 27 weeks . I am a preemie survivor! I may be small in size but I love to smile and babble with anyone that gives me attention 🥰
He is an angel from above! Carson’s a little Italian/Irish baby boy. Born 2.4.22. He can look so sassy with his strong brows but he is the sweetest baby. Carson’s going to be so tall one day! So watch out for a super model named Carson one day!;)
Liam is a very very very happy baby always smiling and giggling. He’s got a crazy good personality loves to clap and tell me all the stories about dada, mama and his baba. He loves to swing and play.
Sweet little man , loves his sisters, playing in the mud , and playing with his chickens.
alyssa is turning 1 in may and loves everyone! she’s constantly into everything and trying to walk!
Maisie is so full of life. This smile is what you see daily. Maisie loves to dance. She loves bubbles, cats and taking walks. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse club house and frozen.
Whitley is our biggest blessing she enjoys being her puppy dogs, bath time, and her mama and dada♥️ She’s full of smiles everyday☺️
Oaklee was born with a few very serious medical conditions causing her to be in the NICU from birth-5months old and is now doing out patient procedures on top of many appointments a week. Through her entire journey Oaklee has stayed strong, progressed, and come down far. She loves waving hi and bye, babbling, and rolling around. 🤍
The happiest baby! Never fails to smile and laugh ❤️ LOVES boss baby
She loves to stand and is always oh so very happy 💜
Our happy baby boy just learned how to roll over! He loves to eat and weighs almost 17 pounds💙
Im 3 months old! I have a very spunky personality, im already very sassy. I love to stick out my tongue and smile at everyone! Im a daddy’s girl, I love tummy time. I’m just starting to Teeth and I absolutely love Princess and the Frog ❤️
My name is Dèsirèè.. I'm 6 months old and I'm a miracle for my mum... I do laugh a lot and love to play with my other two brothers... if you think I'm cute vote me...××x kisses××x Update: Guys, i am nearly 4 years old and I'm a little DIVA. I love fashion and makeup same as singing and playing with my brothers. Please vote me so i can have my best 4th birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 Love and kisses 💋 😘
Jonah loves smiling... ALL the time😁 Car rides are his favorite and singing with big sister.
Adventurous! She love to play outside and run and also her favorite word to say is “mama”❤️ She is beyond a blessing.!
Khaleesi loves Encanto, Coco, and Ms. Rachel. Bath time is her favorite time of the day. She loves her fur siblings and cousins.
Vote for our little girl💙
Lily loves to sing , dance , and ride her bike
Ariana loves to smile and watch her big brother dance.
Hi, my name is A’Mauri, I am 7. I love to sing, dance, and my family!
Da Voni
I’m Da’Voni & I am 7 months old. I love my mommy, and I love to smile & laugh. My favorite food is pears, and anything my mommy is eating.
Gino is such a sweet boy. He loves Cookie Monster and cuddles with his bestie, mommy 💚
Rubia is a little fire cracker princess, she loves family movie nights with m&ms 🥰
Ellen Jean
This is my first baby girl, at birth she swallowed alot of fluid and she was stuck on my cervix she is almost 2 months old she was born 2/22/2022 8:34pm 7lbs 7 1/2ozs 20 1/2ins long holding her head up really well, she loves tummy time, loves baths, many smiles plz vote for my beautiful angel ELLEN JEAN LOUISE 😇 thank you🥰🥰 Shes getting so big Im one proud mommy shes my best friend i will always protect you once again plz vote for this beautiful princess 👸