Jerry is such a fun lil man , he LOVES to dance to old rock & roll music & he is a Mommy's boy 💞 I think my baby can rock this thing out 🫶🏽
Colby is the sweetest baby you will ever meet! He is very easy going! He loves everybody, especially his pawpaw!! His smile alone will lighten up any room!
This is Brooklynn Belle’s first contest. She is so excited, loves to smile for the camera and can’t wait to vote!
She is sassy she loves make up and dress up and shes a bit of a tom boy
Tray is a 9 year old that loves to hunt, fish and most importantly baseball! He is the best big brother to Colby. He meets no stranger and loves with his whole heart!
She loves to sing and play instruments she know her ABCs her numbers to 20 her days of the week months, and loves helping take care of her baby sissy
This is Luke! Not Lucas, but Luke! He’s out little miracle! Born 8 weeks early with a condition called situs Inversus! That means his heart is backwards! This condition hasn’t stopped him from being the funny outgoing happy boy! He loves riding dirt bikes and hunting! Fishing is cool but not as cool as hunting! Let’s show him some love by voting!
Hey! My name's Jujubee and I'm that middle child everyone keeps talking about. I'm kind quiet and keep to myself but you should definitely ask me about my tools ☺️ dinosaurs are cool but you know what's cooler? Construction vehicles! Skid steers, backhoes, excavators I could tell you everything you'd need to know. One day I'm gonna grow up and use all the tools just like my daddy does! And if you vote for me I bet mom and dad could finally take me to DIG WORLD! (We might stop at Dino world for Roo just to be nice, and I'll let Beaux chicken drive the backhoe)
Hello my name is Roo Roo and I'm the oldest of the Fleet boys, I'm the reason the rules were invented. Some might say I'm "too much" but Mom and Dad tell me I'm just too adventurous for those people; that my mind works too fast for them to keep up I'm ObSESSED with dinosaurs, Godzilla, and King Kong. You'll catch me stomping around outdoors roaring most of the time, and on off days I catch bugs, frogs, and admire any animal I come across If I won the contest, mom and dad could take me to Dino World and my brothers and I could love out our Jurassic park fantasies ✨ (Except Baby Beaux Beaux, he's just a long for the ride)
This is my girl Haileigh! She’s 10!! She loves farming, horses, make-up and tik tok! She has a heart of gold! She’s a bit shy, has a hard time fitting in! She always puts a smile on my face! I signed her up today to show her people truly do care and love her! Let’s show her some love!!!
Sariyah is a very happy baby. She loves to talk and give kisses to mommy and grandma.
Hello! My name is Beaux Beaux chicken 🐔 and I'm the youngest of the Fleet boys! I'm a rough and tough baby who likes ice cream, chicken nuggets, and dog piles 🐶 Some say I'm the cutest so rules don't apply to me but mom and dad still try and I think it's hilarious. Vote for me (the cutest) or my brothers!
Miracle's first month was spent in the NICU. She is our miracle baby and she loves the camera.
Wyllow loves watching tv and she has a favourite blanket that she can’t sleep without
Igor is a little brother, and loves giving hugs, sometimes he looks serious but he’ll surprise you with that adorable cheerful smile. He loves cars, superhero action figures, but most of all he loves to hug squishmallows, or any teddy bear he finds, he loves his cuddles!
Hi im blakely! Im 6 months old and i love to bounce in my bouncer! My favorite person is my mama and dada. I get soooo excited to see them! I love to laugh and grab dads hair! I love anything food related. Oh and dada’s phone is my absolute favorite thing in the world! Dont know what it does but it lights up and plays music!
Hunter has a sensory disorder he loves hunting fishing and bubbles
Brixleigh is 9 going onto 10 months old, she loves her daddy & family! she’s a happy baby & always has a smile on her face, although she’s got a typical sassy girl attitude.
Khaleesi is a happy , goofy, loving , sweet little baby girl. She loves to listen to music and like watching tv. You should vote for her because she deserves everything that’s coming her way. She’s a new baby that is looking for her place in this big world.
she is my angel teaching daddy how to snore louder. she weighs every smile, so don't wait for the first sight to be with hearts in her eyes. she may have a more boyish temperament, but when she gets excited, she puts down her weapons with foxy eyes 😆
Vote for this sweet 11 month only baby girl!! Who is always smiling!!💗💗
Aiden is the most sweet, handsome, funny, and smart little man! Crawling around at 7 months this little man is getting around fast! This boy steals the heart of anyone that looks in his direction guaranteed❤️🥰
Miss oakleigh is a month old. She is a happy little girl, she loves to cuddle, smile, look at her black and white books, and do tummy time. She is a chd survivor, heart warrior ❤️💙
Shlok is 2months old. He loves talking (cooing) to people and responds well to any sound , music.
Shyla is a funny, happy and temperamental baby. You guys should vote for her because she is adorable and very intelligent and has a strong personality.
Koby was born 3 weeks early. When I brought her home she slept all the time. It wasn’t until she was 4 weeks old she really started opening those eyes. She’s sweet, she’s loved, and she’s healthy and happy.
This is DayVin James, he’s 6 months old and the life of the party! He loves to EAT, yell, and take naps with mommy! His favorite shows are Bluey and the movie CoCo! Vote for the cutest little boy💙🥹
Salut, je suis un petit garçon actif qui aime rigoler, jouer et surtout manger.
She loves to watch cocomelon and laugh and play with her older brother and sister.
I’m Kenzie & I’m nearly 3months old, I’m a very happy girl who loves cuddles with my mum, dad & brother Bentley. I don’t do very much but eat, sleep, poop/wee & smile atm but my parents & Bentley love me very much.
Hi! This is Bryce. He is 6 weeks old! He loves to snuggle, suck on his pacifier and look at his mobile. He was born with HLHS and is a heart warrior ♥️
My Names Bentley & I’m 4 years old, I love going to preschool and playing with the other children, I also love dancing, iPad, drawing & dinosaurs. I’m a funny, beautiful & charming young boy. I love my mum, dad & new baby sister kenzie.
Aubree Mae
Hello my names Aubree Mae Brooks, I love my mom and dad, I love saying words and giving my parents dirty looks, I love to dance to baby shark and my most favorite thing to do is eat.
Laelah is 2 years old. She loves to play with her toys. Her words are expanding everyday she is such a smart girl. She loves her baby sister. Loves bath time.
Haeleigh is 6months old. Loves to baby babble. Loves to jump in her bouncer. Loves her family.
Little Jenna is a sweet 4 week old little girl who loves snuggles and her big brother!
Silly lady full of smiles all day long
A'yanna is a very smart and brilliant little girl. She's funny,perfect and very photogenic looooves to take pictures and videos. I don't even have to tell y'all how pretty she is.
Eli is a loveable 5 month old baby boy,he likes to smile and make cute baby sounds, he loves his big sisters and big brother's he's the youngest of 5 and he's mamas little man 🥰
Artyst is 3 months. He love to smile, eat & snuggle with his mommy.
Hello I’m tru-sincere but everyone calls me Tru I’m 6 months I love Elmo’s world my favorite food is anything with mangoes I love listening to music with mommy and taking baths after a long productive day if I win it will be going towards my savings accounts 🥰💙
Hello my name is Kaylob. I am 1 years old. My favorite shows are Ms. Rachel and Super Simple Songs. Dancing to music is one of my specialties. My favorite songs are Icky Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum, The Wheels on the Bus and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Noodles are one of my favorite foods but I do like everything. I am walking and starting to get confident in running. Playing with my toys is so fun but the remote and mommies phone is the best to play with. My favorite word at the moment is MA. I say it all day long. I’m one of the sweetest babies you could meet.
Rhyleigh is someone who is always happy and who's 99% of the time is infecting you with her gorgeous little smile! She is smart and cheeky but yet kind and loves to be everybodys friend 😊 Rhyleigh loves the outdoors, and animals too. She also loves to bust a move and dance to music when she hears it playing 💃
Ayla is a beautiful 9 month old. She is such a happy, smiley baby. She enjoys playing and eating. She absolutely loves her food, especially her strawberries! 🍓
She love to be happy and joyful very advance for three months she growing her top teeth first in stead of the bottoms trying to sit up by her self trying to hold her own bottle she just trying to do everything at three months
Hudson is a 4 month old outgoing baby boy with a very big personality already! He loves bath time, smiling at everyone, and looking at himself in the mirror (he thinks it’s funny) he is a very happy boy! He love getting kisses from everyone and having night time cuddles from his humans ❤️