Maria Nicole
Hello my name is Maria I’m 11th years old, I enjoy playing with my pets I’m on 5th grade. I like to dance and collect small toys I have a lot friends at school and I love spending time with my family and my little dog Luna
This is Brielle, she is a happy loving 7 month old. She loves family, meeting people, smiling, laughing, and animals. She brightens up anyones day she meets.
Javayah Loves to watch sesame street, she’s very smiley, and loves attention
Ivy’s favorite song to dance to is “Hug Me”, she loves to play with water (from the ocean, to the cat water bowl, and everything in between), and she lives for her weekly Sunday morning donut run. She is a total social butterfly, and always knows who needs a high 5 or wave to brighten their day.
Hi my name is Jaidyn I love to dance around the house and sing on dads karaoke machine and I’m just a happy kid who loves to help mom and nanny … enjoys playing outside and helping cook and clean even though she’s still young … she’s a very smart talented child and she’s into gymnastics she does flips and tumbles all the time she’s gonna be very energetic and full of a lot of energy …. Vote for jaidyn
Nove loves food and movies and she is a total mommas girl
Allen Jr., also know as AJ is a thriving, almost 2 month old baby boy who loves ATTENTION! He loves to be talked to, he loves his family, especially his granny and sisters! And he is just full of love!!
She loves the snuggle she loves country music I love paw patrol bubble guppies and Kane Brown I love the wake up and just stare at my mom and dad And I love my little brother four-legged friend diesel
Hi! I’m Macie, but everyone called me Macie Mae! I enjoy my mommys cuddles, Looking around outside with daddy, and sleeping!
Sweet Sophia is only a month old but has a huge personality and loves to smile.
Skyra is our miracle rainbow baby she was born 6 weeks early on July 28, 2022 and loves to hold her pink dinosaur pacifier and look all around at her surroundings
LaMiyah is a happy go lucky little girl who loves to play outside. She's very outgoing and loves to say hi to everyone she sees. And her favorite thing in the whole wide world is a ball :-)
Hi, Im mason. I love to be outside and around other kids! Im very hyper, cute and funny!! I can make people laugh and most definitely smile with my cute browns eyes
Jamyla is a delight. Very happy and goofy baby. She loves to smile and be tickled. Her energy is a great vibe. She brightens up everyone around her.
He is a happy boy that loves to smile and watch tv and play with his friends at daycare
She loves everyone! She is a happy baby and very smart.
Claire loves to snuggle with momma and daddy, she loves munching on fruit, veggies, her fingers and toes. She can't walk yet but that doesn't stop her from making her way to momma <3 we love this little girl so much, she means everything to us<3
Hello 👋. The thing that I love doing the most is participating in church with my grandma. I also love helping her with anything she needs. I’m a grandma’s baby. I talk a lot hehe and I’m always playing with my sisters. Vote for me 😁
Atlas is the sweetest most chill baby. He is either kicking his legs and learning his hands lol. Or laughing and smiling like crazy. He is such a blessing. We are so lucky. ❤️
Ace loves to cuddle, has a smile that can melt the coldest heart and is the epitome of a happy Baby.
Atreus is ia very lovable toddler and loves dancing to baby shark!!
Juliana is 1 year old! She is the sweetest and happiest little girl! Please help vote for our precious blue eyed miracle!
Happy little prince always got a smile on his face
Kaiceon likes to play , watch gracie’s corner & loves to smile! he enjoys tummy time as well! he is a very active & observing!
A’Raeyah is a beautiful and playful 5 month old who loves to watch Gracie’s corner. she loves to kick and play during sing-a-long
I love my 4 Husky’s and my Big Kitty. I sleep a lot and love to go out shopping so I can be held like a football. I sit with mommy and daddy watching my favorite tv show Hawaii5-0
Vinny loves to climb, run, and play outside with his puppy!
Zo’monii is a cute precious one Month old who are grown to love and adore
Romans favourite thing to do is baby sensory. He likes contact naps with his mammy and tummy time every day. Romans a very active baby that needs affection and stimulating. He loves to be sang and spoke to and has done since birth.
Easton Halem loves water and outdoors but most of all he loves to laugh, he’s a daddy’s boy with the biggest heart❤️
My rainbow baby, already more than a year old, she talks alot and has nine teeth now, she walks backwards and jumps, she knows how to say some words and she loves to laugh and giggle and run around the house and kitchen, she loves nuggets and peaches and nectarines, she also loves strawberries and milk, she loves learning and watching movies and naps too 🥰🥰
Hi my name is Levi .. I love to be outdoors and to play with my doggies. I love to play in water with my big brothers and my only sister. I love to make people smile and always love to eat me some good food.
Messiah is so smart, he loves too have conversations & make people laugh! His favorite color is green & he loves playing with dogs 🐶 He loves too tell everyone a compliment & make them smile 🤗
Hi, my name is Camdyn. Im 6 months. I love to roll over, play and eat! I laugh a lot and make everyone smile
He's adorable boy, cute smile
Mia loves watching baby shark and coco melon,she love to sing song about her nana, she loves playing with her toys, she loves taking walking to the parks playing at the park, she enjoys spending time with her momma and her family members, she loves playing & meeting another kids🥰
Joshy is now learning that he can yell! Loves to do it. He’s starting to sit up without support. He still doesn’t like regular food yet, makes funny faces when I try to feed him. He loves the movie Sing 2!
Happy Boy with a Big Heart<3
Silas is such a happy boy he likes playing with his toys and he loves to eat food! He likes to go on walks and rides in the car
Hi I’m Levi! I just turned ONE! I’m the happiest and silliest boy you’ll ever meet. My smile lights up the room wherever I go! I love dancing, waving to everyone I see and baby shark. Daddy is my bff ❤️
Hi I'm Jett and 9 months old. I Love to explore in my walker, eat snacks and make my scrunchie face. I also follow my big brothers Tommy and Ryker around.
Hi I'm Jaxson. I love life and look for anything and everything to get into. My favorite things are outside and bath time.
Hi my name is Jace and already am spoiled. I'm a good sleeper but cause about a 2 hour straight fuss right before bed.
She's the first girl outta 3 crazy older brothers definitely my miracle baby shes just the happiest baby no matter what she has a big smile on her face ..... Must be doing something right 🖤🖤🖤
Olivia is my little miracle, she was born healthy after high risk pregnancy. She's my reason to smile and love of my life
Jensen is 4 weeks old. He like to sleep, eat. And stretches alot.