Sassiest girl we know. She could light up a whole room with her smile. She loves to play, giggle, cuddle, and spend time with her family and friends. ❤️
He is a very active baby he loves to smile. He loves to look at people and see the world around him. 💙💙💙
Milo is almost 10 months old and he loves to "talk". He is rolling all over the place and loves to play with his older brother. He enjoys all of his food and will let you know if you are feeding him too slowly.
Waylon is a very strong little boy. He has had a rough start he was only a week old and became very sick. He was in the hospital for three weeks. He got to come home on Christmas Eve. He is still fighting he will be on medication till he is six months old. He is a very happy baby he loves his mommy, daddy and big sister. He loves his Mimi too. With all he has been through he is a happy baby.
Alaina was born with her skull exposed but she likes to me wear her little bow hats and loves to cuddle up next to you.
She is a momas girl through and through loves to play with her big sis and loves animals
He is such a good baby always happy and curious and smart as a whip.
She melts my heart with her funny expressions, she’s so alert & has been for day dot, she’s smart curious & funny
Kendall, born Feb 7, celebrated her mommy’s 29th birthday which is Saint Patty’s Day! What a cute little girl that brought some luck 🍀
Atreus is such a happy baby he’s always smiling an so smart he is my PCOS baby I went through many progesterone shots an medication to make sure he would be healthy an I would be able to carry him he’s a miracle baby please vote for my handsome little man !
India-Rose is the life and soul of any party. She loves to colour and paint, play outside or play with her dolls. She loves being outdoors on an adventure. Is the best big sister on the planet. Caring, loving, kind but also devilish. Has a cheeky side to her. Loves with her whole heart.
Adley is a happy baby that loves her big sister and brothers ❤️
Alana is 13 months old shes my grandbaby she loves to eat sleep and alot of snuggles she loves to smile shes a sweet baby loves her granny daddy and momma and most of all her big sister kayla she loves playing with toys learning to stand up she the sweetest baby
Soon to be 11 months that loves the outdoors, his furbaby protectors, and his family and friends. He's a huge little flirt with so much personality and a zest for life already.
Kayla Amos
Kayla is just a loveing lil girl she loves to play with her toys her lil sister and visiting her family she loves cuddles and her school (3yr old program head start) shes out going loveable
Aiyana is so creative, she loves crafting. She enjoys playing softball and soccer. Most of all, though, she loves being a big sister! 💗
She’s beautiful. Loves laughing and cuddles
My 7 month old Niko is the most sassiest little boy, always knows what he wants including mummy’s birthday cake clearly
Charlotte is 2 weeks old she likes being held holding peoples hands she loves to sleep and loves her milk. She coos and smiles laughs in her sleep she makes funny faces. She is a good baby she barely crys we love her ❤👣❤
Mia is 5 months old she loves to watch tv and watch her daddy play video games and likes to be tickled on her thighs and feet and her neck and loves little ear nibbles they make her giggle!
Ezra-Kai is a very chill & happy baby boy. He absolutely loves cuddles, and can’t get enough of teething on his own fingers!
He’s a smiley happy baby who brings a smile to the faces of everyone that meets him.
Joseph is 9 months old and is true light of sunshine. He loves riding in the car. Playing in the bath. Walking in his walker but mostly he loves when it’s time to eat!! ❤️❤️
Lily Jane, the perfect caboose to our family of 5. She’s just about the sweetest baby I’ve ever seen.
Carson is almost 2 months old! He loves snuggling with mom and dad, naps, and his swing!
Harvie Drake
Hi! I’m Harvie Drake but most of the people call me Drake. I really love to eat especially fruits, my favourite is Apple, Banana and Mandarins and many others. I love cuddles with my mommy so much and I love my family. I really love outside and play. Hope you vote for me. Thank you 😊
Micah is a sweet boy who loves music and cuddles with family!
Carsyn loves his big sister his mom and dad and family he is amazing lil boy
she is so loving and dances like nobodies business!!! She's had a complicated yet beautiful life so far please vote for her 💜
Lyla loves Minnie and Mickey mouse, bathtime, and miss rachel. She loves playtime❤️
He’s cute 🥰 he’s outgoing he like to rock back and forth and says dada a lot ❤️
She Beautiful she smart love the cartoon Bluey.she love music and loves to dance
This is the one of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met. Myles had a rough start in the NICU but now he is thriving and flourishing. He loves tummy time and his mommy and daddy!
Madison is such a good baby. She loves to be in her swing and more recently starting liking to sit facing out vs being held sometimes. She has skin like porcelain. She is a very active happy baby with a bunch of siblings who adore her
Cal loves to cuddle and is a lover at heart, he loves to run and laugh and play. Let’s show him some love in return ❤️
A’vaya is only 2 months old , she loves her mommy & she is the only child…she is very active for her age and love watching Elmo ❤️
Elliott is a sweet, chatty, and super happy baby! She loves smiles, mamas milk, her brother and snuggles! ❤️
Cameron is always laughing and smiling. He’s a foodie just like his Mommy!! He has such great character already! He’s my love of my life!
Aspen Grace
Aspen is one of the happiest babies. Always smiling and laughing at you. She loves to be told that she is a pretty girl and giggles when you tell her. She is so loving and loves to play!
Damien Werner was Born February 16th at 11:12 pm. For being such a little guy he has so much love to give, and a huge personality to show off 💕
Liam is one special child that’s for sure. He is so smart with they best personality. Talk about a flirt. He will bring a smile to whatever room he brings his presence too. You will fall in pure love at first sight. He love’s Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins, His momma and daddy. His has plenty of love to share with the world and has no problem sharing happiness with all.
Caroline is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! She is always smiling and laughing. She loves hanging out with her friends and helping dad with the animals.
Savanna is a fiesty little redhead who loves to be the center of attention!
Wren loves yellow and making funny faces
So, a little bit about Freyja, she loves to smile, she loves to talk to people, and all at only two months old. She loves doing kickies, and cuddling with her memaw.
Rylee is a miracle baby, she is mommy’s girl and her daddy’s world. She loves to smile and listen to music. She is such a blessing and we thank God everyday for her.
Paisley loves to laugh and she loves sticking her tounge out she