Baby Stories - 42


Landyn Ward
He is very active and playful he loves hot wheels and Cars Lighting McQueen and stuff like that
Kei'andre is 6 months & such a happy baby💙💙
He is really active loves to play with his brothers cars he just learned how to crawl and he also just learned how to pull his self up
Viv is a smart, wild, and beautiful 6 month old. Sometimes too smart! She’s already crawling everywhere and stand up any chance she gets. She thinks ANYTHING is funny! She loves her animal siblings 🤍 and her absolutely favorite person is uncle bubba💙 Vote for my sweet wild baby💗
He was born prematurely at 36 weeks. He weighed 4lbs13oz. He has since then gained some weight 7lb3oz. He is mommy’s little burrito and loves smiling
My sweet baby Jaeden. Named after his two angels up in heaven
He LOVES to smile and loves being held. He kicks around constantly and is always wanting to be on the go!
Liam is a very sweet and lovable baby boy. Liam was born 1 month early and battled with jondice (the thing with not enough sun light). Liam over came the struggles of being early and his jondice and is now growing fast and becoming very strong. Liam likes to just look around and sit up. He loves his toys. Liam loves his mommy and daddy.
My little monster! He’s happy, he’s healthy and the smartest little dude ever. He’s so into legos and learning how to shoot his bow.
Ireland is a beautiful, spunky, and independent little girl. She is Blues Clues and Mickey Mouse obsessed! She keeps us on our toes but is the sweetest little girl we could’ve been blessed with.
Cash is such a happy baby, loves to eat his fingers and watch Mickey Mouse. Enjoys tickles by daddy and sweet cuddles with his momma. Please vote for my sweet baby Cash! 🥰
Hi my name is Adaline and i’m 7 weeks old ! My favorite thing is to eat and watch mommy and daddy when they’re talking to me.
Carter John
loves to be out and about , such a good well behaved boy! loves people and giving everyone cuddles 🥰
I love my mom & her chi chi milk 🥛 I love to sleep & smile at mommy & daddy 🥰
I'm 9 months old, i was born at 37weeks and 5 days, my mommy developed preeclampsia, when i was born i scared mommy, daddy and the doctors because my umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around my neck, twice. I'm always a happy baby, plus who can resist this cuteness? I love rolling around on the floor , sitting up like a big girl and playing with my toys, my favorite is my monkey! Lets Go bills!
Beckham is 2 months old and is developing quite a little personality already! This little cutie loves to smile!
Cayson is a happy baby who loves to eat and lay on mommy & daddy chest to rest! It’s his most favorite spot of all. His hobbies are Eat, Sleep, and stare at mommy 💙
Emmett loves toy story (Woody is his favorite!) and he loves dinosaurs! He has such an amazing personality on him and is always smiling!😊 His best bud would be his older brother, he is always wanting to be just like him!
Kyzer loves his food, being outdoors and on the go. He loves you with all his heart and has a smile tjat would break your heart ❤🌍
Charlie loves Disney movies and his toys ❤️
Ivanna is a very relaxed & calm baby she definitely loves her sleep! 👣 she was born in September 6th.
Reef loves looking around and spending time with mommy. He also loves quality time woth his daddy and brother.
Alice is our tiny miracle! After a tough pregnancy and traumatic birth to the world Alice spends most days sleeping and pooing.
Leila Mae
She a cutie obvi❤ at just about 2 weeks old shes nocturnal and loves to listen to lil peep and flip off her mommy and daddy!!!
Lilly loves being outdoors, she's full of energy and loves making friends with everyone
Regina loves to listen to music, she loves to laugh, her favorite tv show is “Minnie Mouse Bowtique,”she enjoys when you talk and sing to her. She crawls, she waves, she says “dada”.
Amilya is 4 months and AMAZING! She is so sweet and always smiling! She is such a happy baby!
Amina is three weeks old and loves to sleep but when she finally wakes up she is WIDE AWAKE she loves looking around and seeing all the different stuff and people around her! Her hobbies consist of eating, sleeping & swinging. She loves it when her daddy holds and rocks her to sleep. Her most favorite thing is mommy’s milk!🎀💕
Cooper loves to sleep, but when he’s awake, he’s WIDE awake and so happy! He loves kicking his legs and moving his arms right now! He is such a happy baby :) please vote for my little pumpkin ❤️
Hello I'm Haisley Kay Ann. My nickname is Bug. I'm the most kind hearted sassy little lady. My smile lights up everybody's world that is around me. I love cuddles, music and being held
Rhett is a loving boy with a wild imagination. Always talking about building things and going to space.
This 5 month cutie started off as a NICU baby born 2 months early. She loves to eat and very bossy old soul with a beautiful smile.
Zayn Howard
Hi my name is Zayn Myles! I love to be talked to & never ignored. I’m such a good baby that both my parents go broke because I always love a special from the store!❤️
This is Dakota Callaghan Thompson! She loves to chew on anything and everything! She is such a happy loving baby. She does not cry unless her gums are hurting, she needs a change or wants a bottle. She loves hugs and kisses. Her favorite activity is getting in her stroller and going for a walk outside.
Baby Kai is the sweetest, most loving baby ever. He loves kisses from his mama, being swaddled, and all the cuddles. He’s sassy, but aren’t all babies? 🥰❤️
My identical twin boys were born at 28 weeks and 3 days. This is one of our twins home the other is still in nicu and has been sense June 24th due to complications with his intestines he is healing so good now. Xander 1 lb 15 and Rhyker 2 lb 11. Xander now weighs 6 lbs and Rhyker over 10 lbs in just a little over a month!
Alyssa is such a happy little girl. She loves to play, laugh, smile and explore new things!! Her birthday is coming up on October 27. She will be turning 1 and any votes would help!!
My baby was born with a heart condition and had to get surgery he’s very alert he eats a lot loves to cuddle and his smile is everything his name fits him, God’s gift and he’s masculine… My blessing ❤️
Melody was born on July 20th 2021 they day after her grandma's birthday! She loves music and loves to smile and talk, she loves to look at her reflection and cuddle with mom and dad if she wins all the money will go towards her college/ trust fund
Kai’lanni is amazing smart beautiful very advanced for her age and such a happy baby😍she brings so much joy to our lives💕
Shes sweet as can be and loves to watch disney movies! Shes finding her voice and can tell you a great story! :)
Maggie June is from Arkansas and she loves mommas milk♥️
She is kindhearted, outoing and sweet. She wants to be a teacher one day.
Lucas is a very smart and silly 4 month old. He is very curious and the funniest baby. His facial expressions are the best thing ever. And of course a big mommas boy! His little personality is so awesome! Id love to get him in commercials someday!
Ellie Logsdon
Ellie is a very sweet and loving girl who just could play outside all day everyday! She loves animals, to play in water and she could beat you in a fruit eating contest!
Wild strong independent lil guy. He love his walker zooming around putting holes in the walls. Loves to eat anything and everything except butternut squash. He loves playtime with his big sister. Loves to make faces and just a very happy little guy.
The smiliest, gentle soul who adores everyone he meets.