Caleb is my miracle boy with an extra chromosome 💙💛 Born at 3lb 14oz and is absolutely loved by anyone who meets him. He is just the sweetest and most cuddly baby boy and a joy to all!
Hi my name is Raiden Michael-Lee Fletcher, I’m 18 months old! I’m a big brother to my little brother, Keanu. I love being outside, going to school and listening and dancing to music. I love to watch Disney, it’s my favorite, I get so excited when it comes on! My favorite show is Mickey Mouse club house..I would love to go to Disney world one day!
Greysen loves Mickey Mouse and baby shark. He enjoys being outside, swinging, going for walks and playing with his toys. He has a disease called xlh but it does not stop him from doing absolutely everything and getting into stuff. He’s a goofball and his smile brightens a room.
Hi my name is Keanu Malakai-Rheem Fletcher! I am almost 2 months old! I love to sleep and cuddle mommy! I’m growing so fast! I have a big brother who loves to hold me and give me kisses 😘 Mommy and Daddy named me after Keanu Reeves ☺️
Oz will be 5 months on St. Patrick's Day. He loves his lucky green bear and playing his piano. Full of laughs and smiles
Hi my name is Lara i love to crawle and get into everything, mummy has to move me back to my play on the mat. I like to bite mummys nose and pull my brothers hair.
Ruthie, is the happiest little girl with the biggest smile and best laugh. She loves tummy time and trying new foods
Sienna is a happy little girl who loves attention. Born at only 33 weeks, this little girl has definitely shown us how fiesty she is. Her 2 different colored eyes make her the talk of the town. Vote for Sienna!
Chancellor Jordan
He loves to talk and he is just my world and he is so funny. He loves to play with his big sis and loves to eat.
Ms.Aviana is absolutely amazing. She loves her elmo and her food. She is a true definition of a miracle. 😘
Sammy is a very happy little man! The youngest of 6 with the best giggle.
He is a month and 13 days old he's a very good baby he likes to smile and be held and loves his sister and brother and we love him a lot
Xayvier loves to roll over loves his jumper and loves to be outside !
hands down happiest baby I’ve ever met, but will not be pushed around 😂 she loves toy story and the movie Coco. And calls for her french bulldog, Mo, all day.
She’s just the sweetest and everybody loves her so much❤️
Mazikeen Loves her mommy, daddy, bubba, and sissy more than anything.(other than macoroni and chesse🤣) Her smile will light up the room and her personality is the best thing about her!
Grace is a sweet smiley girl she has had a lot to battle in 5 months being born with spina bifida and already having 4 surgeries in her lifetime she’s our fighter
Loves John Deere, giggling, & smiling for mom, dad, & the fam.
I am a firefighter’s granddaughter and I have 2 sisters that are older than me.
Hazel is a sweet little doll, she is the happiest baby I have ever seen! She is beautiful, very smart and strong for her age! She loves bath time, but she loves to laugh and talk more.
Kenny loves to smile, laugh, and loves his four legged big sister Sophie!
My name is Sebastian! My favorite things are playing with my toys and cuddles from mom and dad. I love babbling and can’t wait to talk one day!
Leelee loves to watch tv and play with mommy and daddy, she loves applesauce and pears, she LOVES her grandparents ! and she loves to try to walk before crawling !
A flirty little ham who loves the ladies!
Ezra just turned 2 years old and he loves "neighs" (horses), Blues Clues, sparkly things, his family, and his pup Rosco. He loves to read books, color, and make friends!
She love to watch Gracie’s corner,car rides, and love being spoiled. She will be 6 months on 3/27. She is a very smart baby, she loves music, baths and her bedtime stories. Bre’Arie is a very happy baby! VOTE FOR HER!! 😊 thanks
Chase loves to watch Mickey Mouse he also like doing fun things , he a very smart boy to be 2 years old
Kahmarie G. is a wonderful and happy baby. She loves to smile and play with her daddy and Mimi. She loves to go outside to take walks and feed the animals. She’s the loving one in the family and loves to give hugs.
My name is Grayson Abel Warren, aka the happiest baby you will ever meet. I am 8 months old. I love to sit on my big brothers front loader and ride on my Mickey Mouse train! I always have a smile on my face, even when I'm not feeling well. My favorite thing to watch is Trolls and Home on Netflix. I definitely have music in my soul; I love listening to music and dancing. But what I love most of all is my family.
Harlow Rae is a Ray of sunshine! Her beautiful blue eyes and sweet smile will brighten anyone’s day! ☀️❤️
Asher is the happiest baby, he’s always smiling or laughing. He loves to watch hey bear and play with his blocks
Smart,funny, nozy beautiful baby!!!
Sadie Isabella
Sadie is a beautiful and sweet baby girl she loves playing with her big sister and absolutely loves to smile even if she is sick. She definitely gots all of her family wrapped around her tiny fingers.
Brice Is Gonna Be A Racecar Driver Like His Daddy! He Is Such A Perfect Baby...Loves Sleeping And Eatting....Loves Hanging Out With Mom And Dad And His 2 Big Sisters. 💕
Paisley is an outgoing happy little girl, she loves bath time and going on walks. She LOVES Elmo and anything to do with water and fish🥰
Nova is a silly little girl, she loves her cat, & her favourite show is Peppa Pig.☺️
This little guy loves to show off his personality and smile for the camera! He enjoys playing with daddy, giggling with his older sisters and cuddling with momma. Armoni was born in October 2022 and has been making people smile ever since.
Kamden is full of laughs, smiles & energy- he loves his sweets 🍭🍬
Shinobi Gray
About Shinobi Gray: Well where do I start. Shinobi is probably one of the most handsome babies I have ever seen, and believe me he knows it! Haha! Not only is shinobi a handsome little dude but he's a gentle soul with love in his eyes for just about anyone. Especially the ladies he just cant get enough attention whenever we go out and with the most bubbly outgoing personalities how could you not love him.
Isaac is my grandson he is a little cutie so chilled out
Brayden will be one this month! He loves to play, explore, and swim around in the water! He has such a contagious smile, smiles every chance he gets. He loves bluey & paw patrol. Enjoys anything that makes noise. Learning more & more every day. 💙
Rylan is two and is the smartest ,goofy, always a new adventure when it comes to him.
Dean is our little goofy ginger boy who loves Mickey Mouse, eatting his hands and being held.
Teddy Is the most content and happy little boy, always puts a smile on our faces 🧸💙
Hi my Names kenzie im 4 months old and a prem surviour .... my mum calls me her little prince warriour as i fought so hard to be here and now i jave my own little fun loving personality please vote for me
Willow is so loveable. She loves to always have her beautiful eyes open 😍