🖤Catalina Rose Mendoza 🖤 Favorite food CEREAL!!! (I just want cereal) I love to paint and can’t wait to go too school! Love my lil sister (my baby) Alebrie ❤️
Danielle has a funny bubbly personality sassy in all she loves Elmo she definitely loves to learn she’s very interested and nosey my favorite thing about her is her smile and her blowing bubbles and her hugs
Hailey is smart, funny, sassy and dramatic. She loves playing with her sisers. Shes polite and knows her manners. When Hailey is around there is never a dull moment
❤️Alebrie Lucella-Skye Jiggetts❤️ Baby sister to Catalina💖 Little chunk chunk/ little Lucy 🥰 I eat big girl food and am starting to crawl I like to watch anime with dada and anything with mama! Also I like to SCREAM!!!
Alaina Mae is only a couple weeks old but she is already so alert and tries holding her head up. She loves her snuggles from mommy and daddy and She has 3 older brothers who just adore her.
Ryland.... Sweet, fearless, loving, stubborn, energetic, super smart, dare devil, wild child. He loves Elmo and Mickey Mouse. He loves running and climbing, on EVERYTHING! He loves to be the center of attention and to make people laugh. Baby Shark is his all time favorite. He can do every move to the song in order even without the music playing lol. Never a dull moment with this little guy around. He puts a smile on everyone's face just by being in the room and he's got the bluest eyes you've ever seen that will just melt your heart 💙
Our babe xo
Caspyn is a spunky 2 year old. She is the youngest of 4. She can count to 11 on her own and knows some sign language. Caspyn is also in gymnastics and loves doing flippies!
Khloe loves music, dancing, taking pictures and is very talkative. She’s very smart and funny
Bailey is a 6 year old beautiful girl. She is the oldest twin and middle child. She loves playing dress up and dancing. Bailey also loves doing gymnastics! FUN FACT: her twin brother and her have different birthdays!
Brightest & Prettiest Little Tasmanian Devil ❤️
Paisley is a beautiful little girl that is super caring. She would help anybody she can. She loves gymnastics and helping with her little siblings. She is a straight A student and goes above and beyond. Paisley also is very involved in 4H and loves taking a lamb to the fair!
The happiest baby you'll ever meet! Tristan is always smiling and so full of energy!
Finley’s favorite person is his 16 year old big brother Ethan, they love each other so much ❤️
Super sweet
The happiest baby ever! Always smiling and being such a sweetheart
Landry loves to takes baths share food blow kisses and play. She’s wild sassy and has lots of attitude.
Nova is 6 weeks old! She loves her daddy, his beard, and mommy’s singing voice. She likes sleeping. When she’s not sleeping she is smiling or whimpering for more attention.
London is a sweet lovable 13 month old! She loves Elmo and her big sister! She loves to be on the go all the time, and she loves to run! Her smile is so contagious!!
Coreymae is a happy, silly, beautiful little girl. She is a little social butterfly and loves to baby talk to anyone who will take the time to talk to her. She’s extremely smart and has hit all her milestones early so far! She is always on the move and loves to play. Her name is very special, she’s named after her uncle corey who passed away at 22, and even though she never got to meet him every time she sees his picture she gets soo happy and gives him kisses and starts talking up a storm to him, it’s the sweetest little thing I have ever seen.
Aiden is full of life! He’s got a wild personality and loves to smile. If he’s not snacking or sneaking dog food, he’s cuddling up in the dog bed with his best friends!
Lincoln Just Turned A Year On Easter! He’s such a happy little boy! Absolutely Loves Mickey Mouse & Muppet Babies! Always Smiling & Loves To Play With Toys
Levi is the happiest boy around!
asher loves shrek, stuffed animals, bath time & being tickled😛☺️ he can eat like nobodies business, sleeps alot & is such a sweetheart. his smile will make your day 10x better 🥹
Kinsley is 5 months and loves watching everyone around her. She will smile at just about anyone! She loves kicking and grabbing toys to play with.
Aryanna is our lil sour patch kids. First she sour then she sweet. Definitely more sweet tho. She loves helping snd always thinks bout everyone else.
Avialeigha is smart, friendly, talkative(in her baby language). Avialeigha is very silly and brings a smile to everyone's face, with her big genuine smile. She was born premature and has developed in the most extravagant way. She is a fighter and a blessing to her family and friends. Avialeigha loves her fuzzy blankets, Cocomelon, blue's clues show and helping :)
Amare Cooper is so handsome and sweet he loves to smile and laugh and sit up he loves to grab things he is basically sitting up by himself and holding his bottle he loves to make all kinds of noises and blow bubbles you could have the worst day but he will make you smile regardless
Sawyer loves watching cocomelon with his sissy, meeting new people, and being outside. His favorite food is anything his mama has. Sawyer is always full of smiles.
Lyla loves to do everything to be honest. She is very smart and a beautiful soul. She is super sweet and loves to blow kisses !!
Elias love dinosaurs and all marvel. He loves to eat subway and he’s the sweetest most lovable kid ever 💚
Braxton aka Brax is a happy chunky little thing! He spends the day laughing at his older brother and playing in his bouncer. He loves testing how flexible he is by trying to eat his feet
Kingston is our little firecracker! He loves the outdoors and completely loves music he starts dancing everytime a song comes on ☺️
My little monster ❤️
I am one of the funniest outgoing lil toddler you can ever meet ! I love playing basketball and baseball , love jumping and doing flips ! Very outgoing and loved
Izabella reign weaver is 18 months old she loves to scoot around swing eat her favorite people are Pawpaw dada mama nonna aunt t and aunt bb her favorite breakfast food is panie cakes (pan cakes) she fakes laugh at every single thing she’s so smart shes amazing her personality is beyond measures and it makes me love her even more❤️🥺 y’all please vote for our babygirl.
Jay’Ceion will be 3 months on the 6th he is such a sweet An happy baby please vote for my big boy
Laramie is full of spark ⚡️ and loves playing outside! She loves her puppy and her cake!
Very first girl out of 7 boys! ❤️
Russell is about to be 7 months. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and chubby cheeks to win you over. He loves to laugh especially at brooms. This chunky butt will love you with no hesitation.
Maricela is a bubbly happy baby. She loves playing with her mommy and daddy. She loves tickles and kisses. She is always happy to cuddle. She is now sitting up and starting to try a few solids. Vote for our chunky monkey!
Antonio is a very smart 8 year old who has ADHD. He loves dirt bikes and being outside. He is such a great big brother. He loves his family and friends. He is all into the Bakugan‘s and Beyblade‘s. blades
Adalynn loves riding in her toy car, her mommy and daddy ! She loves talking and bath time she’s such a happy baby ❤️
Tucker loves playing with his big brother, he loves to smile and laugh at everyone. He is always a happy baby. He loves his mommy and daddy. Tucker is smart for a 9month old. He likes being at daycare and playing with the other babies.
This little boy is my whole world he can light up your mood in a matter of seconds with his cutest little smile with his two little front teeth👣💙🥰
Hazlea is the happiest 3 month old.💕 Her sweet smile and contagious laugh will light up any room she’s in. 🥰