Declan is always on the move! He loves to be tickled, look at fans, and dance to music. We traveled all the way to Barbados to do IVF to be able to have this little angel. Him and his brother, Dexter bring so much joy to Mommy and Daddy's world!
Dexter is ALWAYS happy. He loves to scream, eat peas, and watch his daddy make funny faces. We traveled all the way to Barbados to create this little peanut and his brother. We love you Dexter Michael!
Abbie is the sweetest, most beautiful little girl in the world.😍 she loves everyone and she's such a good girl, she loves her brother and she loves playing with animals. Shes just the cutest.🥰
Rishaan is a sweet bubbly boy who is always on the go! He has a crazy amount of energy even though he barely sleeps!
He loves paw patrol. To smart for his age. Very well mannered. He love cars
Everly is a very smart little girl! She is a sweet girl that LOVES to be mobile. She rolls, scoots, crawls, stands and she’s just all over the place! She’s always happy! She’s always smiling! Please vote for my cabbage patch baby!
I’m 6 months old. I love to crawl and play with my toys (my favorite is my drums)
Our gorgeous rainbow baby 👶🏼
Giovanni loves to listen to music and cuddle. He loves animal noises and loves to chuckle. He is a family man and a born gentleman. He is the best thing to happen to our family and such a joy.
Hi world my name is Valoree. I was supposed to be born February 14th but Drs. decided I needed to come 1 day earlier but I’m still a love child. I love to make my family smile. I LOVE to dance!! I’m just like my mommy and big sister so I LOVE ice. My favorite show is Ni Hao Kai- lan. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is my big sister. Unfortunately I was only 3 weeks old when my state shut down so I only know my immediate family and get amazed when I see new faces. Who knew they existed?
Jaxon is a typical 4yr old active young boy, with a heart of gold.. He’s a protector of his one and only baby sister. Jaxon also has 3 brothers..
Aurora is a bright little 4 month old, she loves to laugh and play.! She is a mommies girl right now but don’t let her fool you she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger
Dalielah is a peaceful tiny human who enjoys sleeping and eating! She loves jamming out to the lion king sound track! Born Nov. 2020 she not even a month old yet! Thank you for the votes!
Harrison is the miracle we waited for for 6years
Xavier is two months old! He loves to eat an talk your ear off!
Azhai likes to laugh , smile and tummy time ❤️
Kenneth is such a morning baby, he loves hugs and kisses and his favorite word is papa.
Hello! My name is Christian! I’m one year old and my favorite things are playing with blocks and taking long bubble baths!
I’m not your typical baby, I love to wonder off in my walker using my tippy toes, I can’t stop smiling when my mom feeds me my favorite food (apples and bananas) my dad is the only one that can get the giggles out of me, and I always squeal when my parents put on Mickey Mouse club house. I’m super sassy and love to have babble whenever people carry a conversation with me.
This is my Silas Frankie Juell. My baby boy will be 6 months on the 2nd of December!! Hes mommas little photogenic baby💙 He has the most cutest smiles and the most contagious laughs!
Dawn Maire Ortiz
Full of smiles, & Laughs all the time. On all exchanges for all the contest look at end for each link we will be doing set votes. 150 votes for each = 450 votes if you are voting for all 3 or split how you like. On all advance votes we will do up to 400 votes each = 1200 votes total can also be split on any link for total. We are doing this to make it easier for us and everyone, we know its very hard sometimes. Thank you all very much for the love & Support. &
Teegan is the light in the darkness. He started having seizures at a few months old. A certain kind called Gelastic or “laughing/crying” seizures. He is also autistic. He doesn’t let a bit of that slow him down. While he can’t talk he makes up for in action. He can still tell you exactly what he’s wanting if you learn his ques. He is so smart and loving, he teaches me something new everyday. He is a gift not only to my life, but also to this world. He will do great things. He loves the movie pets, trucks and dinos, and mostly anything outside. He could spend all day at the lake or on golf cart rides with his Pop Pop. I am honored to have earned the title “Mom” thanks to him.
Very happy and always chilled 🥰 our gorgeous rainbow baby ❤️
Tanden is almost 9 months old! He’s been the best part about 2020 in our lives! He is just a happy, energetic little guy FULL of attitude. I wasn’t prepared for a second baby, but God knew more than I do. I couldn’t imagine life without this little nugget.
Now here’s my final last my princess! She is the most special out of all these babies she has been the best big sister anyone could have! She has been there throughout the two boys lives, and has helped raise them and make them happy. Amiyah is very smart and loves to try and be grown way before her age! She’s one of the top students in her class and loves cheerleading and gymnastics! She’s daddy’s princess!
Layla loves her snuggles and music. She enjoys car use naps and seeing new things.
Tiana is now 2months old will be 3months on the 28th. She was a premature baby born at 2lbs 15oz. She has just a beautiful soul inside and out 😍😍
Trinity is my 3rd daughter. It was the worst pregnancy I had. When she was born she was taken for the first few weeks for a false positive ua. I proved it was false but we had to wait for court for her to come missed out on breast feeding her my last child because of this. We are tying to get the money for a lawyer to sue the howpital and the state for what they did. She didnt deserve to be away from me and i didnt deserve it either. Shes thriving at home and is just so precious and I love her so much.
Bruce loves to be the center of attention. He loves smiling and giggling!
Everly is a bright, shiny little bubble of a baby. She loves her family, baths and all toys Sesame Street! Her favorite singer is Bruno Mars. Her favorite time of day, is the morning, where she likes to look at all the fall trees and birds outside.
CJ is a fun and loving 6 month old baby. Who loves to smile and let me tell you his smile is contagious❤️
Ella Kehlani
Little Miss Ella is Happy and adventurous 10 month old who started walking at 9 months. she loves to climb play & eat egg rolls, she’s Melts everyone’s heart she comes across with her tiny sassy 18lb little self of Happiness & joy. She’s a Ivf Miracle Baby <3 Vote 4 Vote
Hi! I’m octavia, I was born On November 12th 2020 during a pandemic. I wouldn’t come out the normal way ,because I’m stubborn. So mommy had to get a c-section which caused her to lose a lot of blood, she had to get 2 blood transfusions! I love to drink my milk, take naps, and stare at anything I find interesting! Fun fact vacuum sounds soothe me! I also have a heart melting smile❤️
Demi is the HAPPIEST baby I have ever saw! She is so content and just lights up the second someone looks at her! She is super advanced for her age and just an all around joy ❤️ Also a fun fact about Demi and something that makes her super unique is that she has a birthmark in her eye ❤️
Brooks entered the world three weeks weekly and has the best big brother ever! We are adjusting well to being a family of four. Brooks loves tummy time and laying on your chest!
Norah is 2 and she is extremely smart and funny. She is sooo full of personality and can be such a diva at times! She is super photogenic and loves getting all dolled up (most of the time 😅)
He’s a mommas boy who loves cuddles and sleeping💙
We love our little sweet Anna banana! 💖
Elijah Duane is a very special and handsome boy. He was already showing off his cute dimples when he was only seconds old. His favorite show is Barney and can already say words. How can you say no to those beautiful blue eyes ?
My beautiful smart girl has ALWAYS had her own little style and has the best unique personality.
Brantley And Declan
Hi!! We are Brantley and Declan Ray! We are Mono di twin boys! We are identical!! We love to eat, sleep, try to talk, bath time, and cuddles with my mommy and daddy! We will be four months old on the 30th of November! ❤️ We love you all! Thank you for your votes! ❤️🥰
He loves to smile, talk, and play. His personality will attract you to him as he charms with his eyes and smile.
Ozzy is your typical perfect baby boy! Do not let this face fool you he is all full of smiles and laughter. My piggy is only 2 months at a whopping 16 lbs, wow!
Haiden Ivan
Haiden is a smart handsome boy who loves to play fortnite ❤️
Lucca Prince
Lucca is a funny boy he’s also very smart and loving he loves to make tik toks ❤️