Baby Stories - 41


Avery is one month old, she likes car rides & she likes to smile a lot. Definitely one happy baby 🥰
Emberly Jo
Little miss Emberly loves her mommy and daddy! She smiled everyday. Emberly is always happy to see momma after she is home from a long day at work!
Brady is happy boy who loves everyone he likes his Veggies he's born with this amazing hair!!!
Luke is very fun loving boy he can be shy at first
Elsie Ann
Elsie Ann is the newest edition to our family. She is loved by her big brother and sister and her mommy and daddy. She is one of the happiest babies and loves to giggle and laugh.
Ava is an outgoing and adventurous little girl who loves to explore and play with her friends
Noah is the sweetest little boy! With those big blue eyes he sure will steal your heart! He loves to cuddle and laugh! That smile will get you every time. We love watching your accomplishments as you grow into an amazingly smart little man💙
Everleigh is a feisty almost 3 month old, who loves her swing, sucking her thumb, and the pretty clock at her mawmaws house. She is a miracle beyond miracles. After being told she stopped growing in her mommy’s tummy, and a long labor she made her grand entrance weighing in at 5 lbs 13oz of pure perfection. Mommy and daddy couldn’t love her more if they tried.
Ava is a happy and bubbly 3 year old with a smile as big as her personality! She is an adventurous little girl who loves playing on her swings and exploring.
Emersyn loves watching Moana , lunch time and loves to crawl around .. she’s a very happy and cheerful baby that enjoys cuddles
Journey is a very happy little girl who keeps mommy and daddy one their toes!
She loves her tongue. And loves to play with her hands. She finally learning to smile and is such a sweet girl.
Avian is a year and 5 months .He’s very energetic, loves to play outside and go to the park.
Hello my name is Adalyn 💞 I am 5 months old I learned how to sit up all by myself ! I eat and experience foods , I looooove to eat my feet it’s my favorite part about me 😍 I like to pull mommas hair and drive her crazy (p.s don’t tell her I actually love it !) I giggle at mommas jokes , love when she tickles my neck ! And on I love the outdoors 😍 If you guys can please take a minute of your time to vote I truly appreciate it I love you guys and Thankyou ❤️🥺
Cooper is only a newborn and incredibly strong, he's already rolling on his side and lifting his own head! Probably from all the acrobatics he was doing inside mommy's tummy.
Grheyson is 2 months old, he loves cartoons, going outside, bathtime, and talking to mom...
Hello and thank you for voting for Zaire💙He is a handsome baby boy who loves to eat,sleep, and smile! He is the sweetest baby and already weighs 13 pounds at just one month old. Please share and keep liking!!!
He has the sweetest smile and loves being outside
Damiens 1years old now his amazing his very lovely and careing always smiling and happy ,loves being around people eating fruit his been walking for some time he likes to try to climb up on to things enjoyable to be around his so smart he love food and playing either kids he loves to share he can say few words like hot,dada,mama learn fast
Ella-Loti now 4 years old x
Marley Jacob-dean
My beautiful little boy just turned one.
Charmey is currently teething and trying to sit up. She is a breast fed baby and loves her mommy. Her favorite show right now is the veggie tales and she loves playing on her tummy time Matt.
Matthias is only 8 days old at the time we registered, but he is a very happy baby and is full of joy. Loves watching tv amd playing farm simulator 19 🚜 with his daddy.
Brylee is a sassy but sweet 8 month old girl who is a very outgoing, happy baby who loves attention. She can be very stubborn but loves the camera
Loves to go horse back riding and hanging out camping
Jamaal is only 2 weeks and 2 days old, he loves to sleep, and watch tv. Jamaal has a big personality for his age.
Scarlett loves to smile and eat all the things! She has strawberry blond hair (so far) and blue eyes that match her daddy’s. She’s a crawling machine and loves to pull herself to standing!
I just turned one. I love to scream, pull hair and play with my big sissy. ❤️
a chunky little boy who’s favorite things are smiling and telling you about his day
This is Bentley, he’s 5 months old loves to chew his feet, roll over and laugh!!
He was born 7lbs 1oz! He is a very happy and excited kid. Always smiling and playing with everyone! He lives with his single mom who works 45 hours a week to make sure he has everything he needs. He is 100% an Angel!!!!
Kyler loves to smile , & make noises ♥️ he loves bath now. He loves his daddy, nana & Papa. He is such a sweet baby 🥰
Shea loves smiling , having fun , going on walks & playing in the sand ... he is 5 months old
My beautiful Christmas miracle ❤️ he’s brilliant with his hands already, and loves watching television 🧸🖥
Nandiel King
I’m Nandiel I love watching shows with colors! I enjoy sitting up and talking. I have erbs palsy and I am doing great with learning to move my arm again!
Peyton is 3 months and loves baths her pacifier and cuddles from mommy and daddy she’s all smiles and very smart all ready
Such a happy loving little boy
Hi! Im Zyrik I love Boobies, My binky, when mommy cuddles and sings to me, you also cant forget bathtime. I love to splash on the tub! My mommys been waiting for this opportunity cause me and her both know im the cutest baby around 😉 Vote for me! If we win its going to my Collage Fund ❤
Hi my name is Noah Evans 💙👶🏻 I am the most sweetest little boy you could ever meet , I love to cuddle with my mummy and daddy all the time, I like to smile a lot. My favourite toy is a giraffe, Noah loves bath time
Amayah is a sweet baby girl who loves to give kisses and is learning how to clap, she’s very excited to learn new things and loves meeting new people 💕
Sophia is a very happy baby, who loves to watch tv! She loves attention and being talked to
Keira loves to smile for the camera, she's such a happy baby. She likes rolling, jumping and splashing in the bath!
Hi, I’m Waylon! I’m 4 months old and life can’t get any better. I have 2 awesome parents who do everything they can to put a huge smile on my face! I’m gonna be a big boy one day, I’m already 17 pounds and 26 inches long :) I’d say, I’m the happiest boy you’ll ever meet!
JJ is the sweetest most loving little guy! He loves to smile and giggle. Happiest baby who makes his big sister laugh everyday. Vote for our little guy!!
Cambry loves to help others out she has the sweetest heart
Charlie loves to play with his sisters and ride the tractor with his papa he loves to dance