Sofia is one very interesting character! She has a little diva side to her that makes her even more interesting. You never know what you’ll be getting with her. She loves playing with her siblings and of course being the center of attention. Sofia loves to cuddle and show so much love!
Liam loves rolling and talking! Most of all, he loves smiling! Please vote for me ♥️ Oh and who cannot love a baby that giggles at The Office?!
Sweet, smart, and loving!
Skylar is a very outgoing and outspoken little firecracker. She’s a bundle of joy and gets along with any and everyone she encounters with.
Oaks is a comedian! He loves to be crazy and have fun! He loves trucks, motorcycles, trains, and to work on anything motorized!
Bennett is the happiest baby I’ve ever known. He loves being outside and taking naps in the car. ❤️
Olivia Kate is sassy, sweet, spunky & full of life ❤️ She loves going outside to listen to the birdies, her tummy time mat, and all things girly and fancy 👑
Loves to smile and talk ❤️
He is a 8 months old, 10 1/2 year surprise! He is so happy full of life and always smiling with those big blue eyes and huge dimples! He loves his older brother and big sister and his fur baby, he crawls everywhere! He pulls himself up on everything. ALWAYS GETTING INTO MISCHIEVOUS AND EVERYTHING MOMMY DON'T WANT HIM TO GET INTO! He thinks he is big and he can walk but hasn't got that mastered yet! He loves his Mommy the most, DEFINETLY A MOMMA'S BOY ❤️❤️🤗
Hey the name is Sailor my favorite color is pink I have a little brother named Killian and who's my best bud I love writing my trike into scooter I have best friends and their names are Colter and Liam we go to the parks beaches and rivers all the time my favorite food is pizza in my favorite show is trolls my papa is my favorite person besides my brother and we like to ride the motorcycle together my mom is pretty awesome but papa is still my favorite vote for me and my brother have a good day
Jaxx Phoenix
Please remind us when your contest is starting! We will usually do a bonus, if you don’t want a bonus right away we will happily do it the end of it for you 💖💖💖Veuillez nous rappeler quand votre concours commence ! Nous ferons généralement un bonus, si vous ne voulez pas de bonus tout de suite, nous serons heureux de le faire à la fin de celui-ci pour vous 💖💖💖
Hi I'm Killian I'm 4 months and 19lbs I'm the happiest baby ever I love my big sister and's chopped liver when those two are around my favorite show is curious George and my favorite toy is my sister's maraca I'm not too sure about baby cereal yet all I want is my moms boobie milk and long naps with papa
This is my only girl my world shes smart active and loves barbies you should vote for her because shes a very greatfull little girl that wont spend the money on herself but for others esp if there in need
Eli is such a sweet soul ! He loves to be with his brother , and knows how to melt your heart !!
Levi loves to play baseball ! He likes to have fun , and laugh all day !!! Very active , learns quick & loves God
Asher loves eating and cuddling mommy🤍
She’s such a strong girl! Would never have guessed she was a NICU baby 🥰 She can roll from her stomach to her back like a professional, LOVES to babble nonsense to anyone willing to listen 😆, bath time is one of her absolute favorites, starting to do the adorable baby giggles 🥰, she’s always smiling and just an all around happy as can be baby girl 💜
Ronin is always smiling, and loves to babble stories to himself. He loves to snuggle, and loves to play with all his toys.
Brentley is the happiest baby I have ever seen. He brings joy to everyone around him! He loves being outside and watching cocomelon. He is so smart there is not a day that goes by that Im not amazed by the things he learns and how quickly he catches on to things!
Syncere Amor
Syn is a relaxed yet vocal little guy. He likes his yum yum snacks and the sand at the beach. Every moment with him is a memory!
He is the most loving baby I have ever met! He loves giving kisses 😘 Elmo is his absolute favorite.
Hi my name is Emilia I just turned 7 months. I love being with my mamma and dada and my twin broder. I love to smile and giggle at them I love playing in my bouncer and getting baths 💖🥰
Ryleigh was born February 16th, she always has a smile on her face and a weird funky face to make! She loves peppa pig 🐷 and kicking her feet! She loves bath time and hanging with her pups 🐶 ❤️
Hi my name is Wesley and I’m 7 months already! I love playing in my bouncy and eating my nummies. I am the happiest when I'm with my mommy, daddy and sissy! 🥰💙
Ryder is a spunky little boy living it up in his own way! He is constantly smiling and loving life. He is growing like a weed and getting more handsome/ cute every day. Vote for him so we can show the world just how perfect and wonderfully made he is!!!
Emoni Amir Price
She is very good baby dont cry much loves cocamelon and her big brother is her bestfriend he only 3 years old she very bubbly loves to lugh take pictures and give u rasberry kisses she makes u smile feel good about yourself with her pound puppy cheeks vote for her she should be a gerber baby
Jayvion is a loving adorable little boy , his personality goes beyond measures ! He loves to swim and be outside all the time.
Isla has a big personality and loves to be talked to. Her smile lights up the room. She is the light of Mama & Daddy’s life ☀️
Angelo is 2 years old! He loves playing with trucks, especially monster trucks! He loves watching Niki and Vlad, Spiderman and Blippi! He is the most caring, talkative, witty, smartest, cutest 2 year old in the world!
Jasmine (Jassy) is a ball of sass who is always on the go!!! From sun up to sun down she is exploring and getting her hands on whatever she can. She loves eating, playing with her husky and big brother, going for walks (or should I say strolls lol), watching her fav shows cocomelon and Badanamu. She has a contagious laugh that brings a smile to everyone in the room, and eyes that can melt your heart.
She loves to sleep on dad and give all the cuddles in the world.
He loves sports! Mostly football! Wants to be A marine like his daddy!
Gabriella Alaïa
Gabi is a little Georgia Peach who loves to give hugs, wear tutus and splash in the mud. She turned 2 last week Thursday and has been full of surprises; from counting to 10 and full on tumbling. The Gabs is full of life, love and wonder 💕 Vote for our love bug & follow her on instagram: @thegabibailey 🌸
Miss Sophia loves to to cuddle,eat and sleep she’s only a month old and loves to give love.
Vote my baby girl ! She is 5 months, she now say’s mama , dada, hi, hey, she rolls over on her belly, giggles uncontrollably, sits up almost fully on her own! 💗 Such a good baby and her smile attracts anyone 🤍🤍
Michael Amari
MAC loves watching cartoons with mommy while playing with toys and he loved watching games (sports) with daddy. Always smiling, his laugh is contagious, you can’t help but laughing too.
Jude Jasper was named after the song, ‘Hey Jude’ by The Beatles. In keeping with this theme, Jude loves music! He has great taste; his favourite radio station is Magic FM. He’s always bopping his head to the radio and smiling, so we’ve nicknamed him Mr Bobblehead.
Dayton always has a smile on his face. He thinks everything is funny and loves everyone’s attention. He has grown to do so many things that the doctors say he might not be able to do. He’s a tough little guy!
She loves cuddling with Daddy, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & playing in the water at bath time! She wakes up every morning with a bright &beautiful smile!
Harmoni is such a happy baby. She has a smile that will brighten anybody day. She is very advanced for a 4 month old She loves listening to music and watching cocomelon cuddling with mommy and daddy . Loves playing with her older sisters and brother she has biggest personality 🥰
Bodhi Rhett
Bodhi Rhett will be 2 months on the 25th he already has so much personality he loves a long bubble bath , and a messy milk face lol he enjoys long rides and looking out the sunroof and also love to smile at the ceiling fan lol he is such a happy baby and He loves mommy and daddy
Stephen is a little brother to two big brothers and loves when they are around him. Right now he loves to float in his bath time and cuddling with anyone who wants to cuddle
Hi everyone! My name is Colson. I am almost 5 months old now! I love to make funny faces at everyone. My favorite things to do everyday is sleep, eat & smile at my parents 💙 I’m learning how to sit up, eat baby food & roll over 🥺
Haven Rae loves to talk/squeal. She constantly is smiling. She has a head FULL of hair which I think matches her personality. She is such a blessing to her daddy and I 🤍