My names Olivia but my mama calls me Olive. I'm a big princess that is extremely camera shy and make it extremely hard for my mama to get good pictures of me. Im the happiest when I'm nursing. You'll probably always catch me in little sleepies. 😎
Dominick is bright eyed little boy who can light up the room with just a smile.
This is Carsyn he was born at 31 weeks gestation after my water broke at 29 weeks in 2016! He was in the NICU for 60 days and had many many struggles over the years!! He is a thriving 6 year old little boy to this day doing amazing! He’s in Kindergarten and one of the funniest little boys you will ever meet! He loves his little sister and loves to make anyone laugh and smile. Please take a moment and vote for Carsyn Steen ❤️
Miss mari bear is feisty but so adorable! She loves making people laugh, enjoys singing and picking on her older brother but only she can do that because then you'll see her feisty side 😂. She loves to help and enjoys being in tune with nature ❤️.
My name is Parker im 15 months old I love fire trucks and water especially bubble baths. I'm sweet caring and cute! I'm a mommy boy 90% of the time but don't tell daddy 😂.
My name is Mai it's pronounced May cause mommy is silly but I love it. I'm very outgoing and nice. I love gymnastics and dance one day I hope to be a gymnastics princess. I have 2 baby brothers.
Mikey is a super cheeky, 7 month old monster. His favorites things are his sister and her cat… nothing makes him happier than chasing them around in his Walker!
Hi my name is Liam my best friend is my sister oh and my baby brother. I love spiderman and SpongeBob. Im funny and cute all in one.
Maddilyn is a one month old premature baby who loves nap time and being cuddled up with mommy and daddy she already is showing her big personality
Wyatt is 4 days old, he weighed 7lbs 5oz & 20 inches long! 💙 he is a very happy baby, loves cuddles 🥰
Armauni loves to warm everyone’s heart with her smile🥰 she’s such a joy to be around, she really has my heart❤️
Izayah LOVES to dance and sing. His cheerful little self can light up any room. He's such a smart and curious little boy
Summerlyn is very different and unique Beautiful Sporit and full of Personality ! She's ready for her Red Carpet and Cameras
Smart, observant, hilarious, and charming, Leon loves to watch his mom and dad play video games and even tries to participate sometimes. He also really enjoys comparing hands and babbling. This little guy gets very sassy when he isn’t being held and always wants to be over his mom’s shoulder. His favorite toys consist of his Kick & Play Baby Gym, his stuffed monkey that rattles, and blankets, which he enjoys kicking off of himself.
Alessia is a beautiful baby girl who loves to be held by anyone! Her favorite part of the day is eating time she is a loving baby❤️
She is the sweetest and happiest little babe♥️
Deland is a very spunky, curious, strong willed little boy. Loves trucks, dinosaurs, and dirt he is all boy!
Miss Nova she laughs and smiles all time she crawls and now trying to walk she loves music and with all that comes a little bit of sassiness .She has bright blue eyes
Gray is a sweet smiley 6 month old who loves cuddles, tickles, and car rides! 🥰 He also loves being awake at 2am, pulling mommy’s hair and showing his pets JUST how much he loves them. 🤪
Alyna is a happy baby, always making friends everywhere she goes. enjoys being outdoors exploring and learning new things. Loves morning singing with mommy and also loves books. Her favorite thing to do is dance every time she hears music.
hello! i’m Greyson, im almost 2 months old, i love sitting in my chair/sitting up anywhere and i love listening to people sing, i also LOVE when mommy and daddy talk to me❤️ vote for meee🥰
Our baby Sebastian is a cute little 4-month old boy who loves to smile and put joy in our hearts. He’s a talkative little man that will keep us entertained all day! He loves spending time with Mommy and Daddy and no one enjoys our made up songs more than him!
Alaiyah is so silly and such a character she has the best personality for such a little baby!
Jax loves his music , when he plays his music from the Bluetooth he stomps his one foot like stomping Tom and and moves his head like Stevie wonder , he like to groove 🎼
I am Wyatt Wayne, I am 3 months old. Some of my favorite things are stroller walks, spending time with family, and being sung too.
Penelope is so very full of energy! There isn’t one day she isn’t smiling she’s on the the happiest babies you’ll ever meet❤️
Still figuring out this BIG world ❤️ loves her momma and her yummies! Mimi's sweet babygirl, so precious and adorably gorgeous 🥰
Linc is a strong willed little man! He definitely keeps us on our toes but he has made our lives everything we ever wanted! Always remember “Gourd vibes only”
Daddy's whole world. Best thing that has ever happened to me. Best baby ever. Never cry's unless she's hungry and smiles all the time.
Scarlett is a little fashionista in training, she loves rocking her bows. Scarlett is extremely smart and surpasses her milestones well before she has to.
Alani is 2 months old. Such a cutie that loves to talk, EAT and stare at her momma for hours💕
Hi my name is Harrison I love my mommy and daddy I love wen I get cuddles I just learned how to use my voice and now I get to talk to mommy and my family I love car rides and of course u can’t forget Bose baby my favorite show. bath time is really fun 💙my nickname is little bean
Hello my name is Bhodie, I love cuddles from my Mommy and Daddy, and watching Dad play video games. I dont like my feet touched unless im the one touching them. I love smiling and laughing at everyone i meet.
River is such a happy baby who loves to laugh, eat, and follow mommy around the house! 😂❤️
Sassy little cutie pie who melts hearts everywhere she goes!
Phoenix is a wonderfully bright and beautiful youngster or "Princess" as she calls herself 😊. She has such a big heart and shows so much love for the outdoors and all of God's little gifts that come with it.
Evy is very curious and she loves any interactive game.
He is such a happy baby and always smiling from the minute he wakes up in the morning, his smile melts my heart! He is such an ambitious and curious baby and wants to walk so bad that when he’s in the jumper he’s literally trying to take off running. His eyes are the deepest blue I’ve ever seen and his giggle will make you laugh!!
Parker loves being around his family, playing and ice cream. He’s a big Mama’s boy with smiles every day
Selene is very vocal, she loves to eat, and she loves to dance!
La'Kota is our rainbow baby after losing our first one to a miscarriage La'Kota came along... he fought through soo much to be here. He spent his first week of life in the NICU but now that he is home he has blossomed into a sweet boy... he is the first granbaby on both sides. Kota loves to talk to his daddy, loves to be rocked and hummed lulabys to fall asleep and for some crazy reason at 2 months he always wants to stand up! He is truely an amazing and strong willed baby!
Zoey Taylor
🧩Zoey Taylor loves riding the RZR, playing in creek and her iPad!🧩
Baby Malachi is a smart kind funny and happy baby and so handsome he will make you nervous he would even tell you himself he gets it from his dad. He likes cuddles the most and the sounds of mommy and daddy’s for Malachi
Ralaya is 7 weeks old she loves to smile already and try’s to stand up .
Isabella is energetic and loves to talk gibberish. Her fav foods are sweet potato, banana & mango purée!