Baby Stories - 38


Jerzi is 4 months old, she loves baby food and laughing! She loves to jump in her jumper and talk to mommy and daddy 🥰 her absolute favorite thing is bath time!
Eleanor Evelyn
She is very smart and funny girl. She likes to smile and play game's with momma.
Kamdyn is almost 4 months old! He's starting teeth so he loves cold objects in his mouth! And loves too smile and coo at mommy and daddy ❤️
Elijah loves Mickey Mouse and scooby doo any of HIS winnings will be put up for his future❤️
Patrick loves clapping and dancing to any song!
This is miss Thea Layne! She is 7 months old and She is the happiest girl and is cocomelon obsessed.
Born a month early but the strongest little man you can imagine, loves to eat, sleep & snuggle with mommy and daddy. Such a sweet little boy 🥰
Little man loves PJ Masks so much so he pretends to fly all the time. He’s my little superhero 🥰
Dante is a superhero loving clever clogs
Aurora Rose
Shes super cute and the smartest baby I know. The most beautifulest smile I have ever seen. Come on and Give her your vote !
Hello! I’m Grady Ray Church. I was born 6 weeks early. I may be small but I’m such a big boy! At a few days old, my right lung collapsed and I had to be put on a Vent and a chest tube but I fought hard and got past it! I’m now tube and vent free at 5lbs 9oz!
She is so full of life. She loves Doc Mcstuffins and is always smiling❤️
Mavericks one happy baby you can always see a smile on his face. He loves his toes and watching the wiggles and cuddling with momma 💙
Hi I'm Alexander or Alex for short. I love my mommy, daddy, and my big brother Seth. Seth and I have loads of fun together. Mommy calls us the double trouble team. I'm almost 10 months and I'm starting to walk already. I love my family and my toys. I just want people to know how adorable I am ☺️.
Baby Ace is a sweet, clam and playful baby always happy and he likes to cuddle.😊
Mila idolise her big brother malakai. She loves tummy time and being cheeky. She loves her food and also loves being outside playing with her brother
Marian loves to talk, sing and dance. And has a smile that breath taking. Also help mom study for classes online when she’s not busy watching coco melon. And makes mom work 100x more then she needs too😂.
Scarlett loves to scoot around in her baby walker and chase her kitties!
Ashton Koby Patterson is 2 months old! He loves Mickey Mouse! and loves his binky! 🥰 this my chunky butt 💕 aka mommy’s little chicken 🐓 he wants to be just like his daddy all big and strong 💪🏼 Ashton Koby ❣️
Rebecca Isabel Harrison
Rebecca was born on the 8th of June 2016 born 2 weeks early born weighing at 4lb 13oz and we was both in hospital for 10 days as she was in an incubator for about 3 days and had to wait until she gained some decent birth weight she's now 4 years old
Liam is a grey eyed . 5 months old . He loves trying new food . Loves to smiley , coo and play with his older sister Scarlette. Gets the attention from everyone.
Hi friends my name is Jacqueline also known as Jackie I had 2 major brain surgery’s the day I was born and I am known as a fighter and a miracle. I am in love with life and try my best to be happy all the time, I get frustrated at times because I cannot walk yet but I know my mommy is helping me the most she can with taking me to therapy’s every week and I love her so much,she was with me every day when I spent a month in a hospital and I thank her so much for that! 🤍
Ozzy Lee
Ozzy’Lee is a smart 1 year old who likes monster trucks, trains, and dinosaurs! he love to snack on oranges and cheeto puffs and drink apple juice! he is native american and love to sing and dance like you see at powwows and i am glad he loves all of it!
The happiest baby boy ! Especially after his bottle 😋
Very active little boy ,he loves to paly and smile and also loves PJ Mask,Paw Patrol, and Thomas and Friends.
Izan loves to smile and loves everyone around him💙
Elena loves to play with her puppy and her big brothers. She enjoys being cuddled but she also likes being in her bouncer. She loves playing peekaboo and making faces with her family.
He is a very loving little boy. Looks his brothers and sister. Loves school and to smile.
Sienna is our christmas day baby . She is a little ray of sunshine and always has a smile on her face . She loves playing with her siblings and her pets and likes to bake cupcakes I will return votes
Look at my sweet brave boy. He loves cartoons and to play. He is fearless and into everything. My sweet baby Ryker Eric.
Miyonna loves spongebob & a nice warm bottle of milk. She loves lounging around in just a pamper lol & shes so very sassy.
Malakai loves all emergency service. He tells me every week that when he grows up he wants to help people get better and catch naughty people
Eleanor is a sweet loving, playful, and energetic 2 year old who loves to dance, play “mommy” to her baby dolls and swing at the park! Eleanor’s sweet spirit captivates all those around her. If you ever meet her, she will greet you with the biggest hug.
Ryder is a pretty small 5 month old but hes over all healthy as can be. Hes very smart and always observing. He always pays attention to everyone who talks to him or around him. Oh and his favorite show is Sesame Street.
Amasova loves to stand up by herself, and crawl around like no tomorrow! And babbles on all day long
Camille Zeavel
Camille’s like super heroes Especially Spider man, likes to play roblox,watch tiktok, like to do baking with Mommy🤪😍🤪💛❤️💛
With the nickname smiley how could you never not be happy looking at him. He’s moms & dads bestfriend with his first word being mom 🥺❤️
Mr.Greyson loves to watch coco melon and moving around. He enjoys his bath time.
Lawrence is the sweetest boy around! He loves to play video games and board games with his family! He has 4 siblings and is the oldest! He is a great big brother! He is very loving and caring! He has big plans for his future!
Please vote for Peyton, his adorable ☺️ and his good baby 🍼
Andrea is a spunky little sweetheart! She loves to sing, color, and play with makeup! She absolutely adores her siblings! She is a small girl with a big heart that is going to do great things one day!
This handsome guy loves being outside. His favorite thing is to jump in his jumper outside & go on walks with mommy.
This precious angel is 1 month old and is the most rotten little thing. She is my pride and joy but also my little miracle. She thinks she is bigger than she is because she already holds her head up and has a tooth! She loves to smile at her daddy and watch the tv with mommy♥️ We are truly blessed with our Avery Anne💕!
Well Ayden loves to smile, and he’s is playful. He’s 4 months old and he’s my little chunky baby, he likes to take naps and he loves cuddle time with mommy ❤️ He loves his little elephant plush 🥰 and he loves taking warm baths too with his little sea animals toys 😍
This cutie pie loves his parents, strawberry oatmeal, bouncing, smiling, and just bein' oh so cute!
This is Zephyr. His name means ‘West Wind’ and he is just that. A little boy who goes with the flow, is strong beyond measure, refreshing as a breeze, and determined as the wind itself. He is all smiles. Would much rather be crawling around in the grass barefoot than be cooped up inside. Craves the sunshine. And has the biggest personality. If only you could hear his giggle through this picture.
Winter Louise is normally a super happy baby she loves her swing set outside & playing with her papaw. Always smiley & full of giggles🥰💗
She is 7 months old crawling, pulling up on everything and saying da da and ma ma. She is the sweetest thing ever❤️