Mateo came to the world 5 weeks before his due date. He is a very strong preemie, was in the NICU for 24 days🙏🏻 He is also an IVF success and a RAINBOW BABY🌈 He is such a happy little boy, always with a big smile in his beautiful face. Mateo is our first born, a big MIRACLE for us💙
Our Kairi girl is a firecracker. She’s fierce and adventurous, and the very definition of a sour patch kid.
Kylee love music more than any toy, and loves her big sister Ruby. Kylee’s my dancing and singing baby but also would love being outside breaking things and playing in dirt.💕
Amir is a sweet smiley 3 month old who loves cuddles, Drinking his Milk, watching football wit daddy and car rides! 🥰
Kori is the happiest little 5 month old who loves to laugh along with her big brother. She has her daddy’s heart and enjoys taking her naps in his arms. She loves being outdoors and on the move.
Averie is 3 weeks old and a very happy baby!
Charlotte Rae loves cuddles, watching the TarHeels play with daddy, and the song Beyond by Leon bridges!
Mabel was born early at 33 weeks 5 days, she was in NICU for 2 weeks and was a little super hero!! She's been home since and growing and coming on more and more everyday ! Mabel is our rainbow baby after loosing one before her she saves us both
Lucca Is 4 months old. He loves to smile and is starting to laugh. He loves to sleep and watch paw patrol💕
Charity is a little firecracker 🎆 she loves to dance, sing and play instruments, she eats anything she sees you eating 😂 (she’s not the least bit of picky) she’s her daddy made over 💗
Sebastian has the sweetest smile, with a little bit of shy and happy he’ll brighten up your day. Keeps himself busy with cookies and toys!
Anderson is always on the move, he’s been kicking his legs ever since he grew them. He is always happy! He gets overly excited when he gets to touch the doggies. His big sister says he is the cutest baby ever. He has all of our hearts and wrapped around his little finger.
Stasio is a one of a kind boy, he loves to show affection and gets excited about everything, he loves to explore and learn new things!
Marlayia is the only girl of 6 boys she loves to smile and talk on the phone she is a people’s person she very lovable little girl
Spare a vote for our beautiful girl! She loves to give sass, and smile!
Kiara is a 9 month old baby who loves all foods (for now) and loves rough housing with her older brothers and our dog Jessie.
Meet Jaylie Sue ❤️ She is 7 months old with big BLUE eyes , she is a only child , enjoys eating mangos, being outdoors by the water & petting her puppy ❤️
Waylon likes spending time with his family, watching Mickey Mouse, and playing with his cousins
Hey Everyone, my name is Kayliana Anyse💖 My favorite things to do are drinking my milk, taking bath, smiling in my sleep and playing with mommy and daddy💖
My name is Karri. I’m a sassy baby Taurus and love to smile and laugh. I love watching the movie home and moana 💙.I really enjoy drooling on mommy and daddy. Open to exchanging votes
Truman is almost a month old! he loves staring out the window, baths, making funny faces, and sleeping on moms chest during the day. 🤍
Hi my name is Jy’aire I’m 3 months I love to smile an talk and play I’m a good baby and loving
Kelsey is a very happy baby. She always give you her pretty smile, waves her hand and say hi and even blows a kiss! Please vote for my daughter. Let's exchange votes! Thank you!
The picture speaks for itself she is so beautiful and only 13days old
Savannah is a very happy baby even when she gets sick she always finds away to put on a smile, she loves her family, her stuffed animals and loves being outside exploring and she loves running around the house in the walker running over everyone in her path shes an awesome baby and would love for everyone to see how amazing she is.
Franklin is super sweet, kind, outgoing and helpful. His favorite food is bologna. He likes to watch blippi and paw patrol on his free time. His favorite person beside his mommy is his grandpa. He's a big foodie and likes to be outside playing! His favorite holiday so far is Halloween. He loves to buy shoes and toys! He likes spiderman, skateboarding, fixing things and school! He said if he wins he wants a pool, swing set and shoes!
Olivia is always such a happy baby. She loves to clap, loves stuffed animals and dogs! ❤️
Sophia is a happy baby who loves encanto!
He is such a smart funny happy boy
My name is Simon and I like to eat,play with my toys, I'm learning how to sit up and crawl
Aristide is a bright happy baby who loves his curly dog, and of course eating his hands!
Raiden is 2 months old, was born July 10th. He loves watch Jake and the Never land priates. He’s love kicking and giggling, his favorite time of the day is always bright and early. Those are the best smiles and giggles, Raiden loves to sleep but also love to be held and spoiled. He’s such a calm and lovable baby. Big bright blue eye and a wonderful smile 😊
She’s very smart and loves to dance,she’s a happy little girl who think she’s in her own world and I really think you should vote for her
Hi, my name is A’Novah jai. I love to cuddle and play And I love my daddy and mommy!!
Phrime (Prime) is 3 Months And just such a happy little baby his personality is out of this world. He loves to talk scream and is already trying to get ready to crawl. Our handsome little man he loves baths and kisses from mommy. Phrime was a nicu baby and is by the grace of god a strong little baby we are so thankful
Cyniah is an amazing little girl! She was born weighing 6lbs 5oz! She loves to eat so much that she gained a lb in less than a month! She’s definitely a mommy’s little girl even though she enjoys spending time with her daddy and brother as well. Her favorite thing to do during the day is sitting in her swing! She enjoys going on walks but also enjoys staying in and being cuddled!
Blake is our rainbow baby and came 15 years after my first born. He is the missing puzzle piece that completed our family. Blake loves music and Mickey Mouse. He thinks his big brother is the best and adores his parents💙
Alonso is a 3 month old baby that loves to sit up, play on his playmat and loves to practice talking
I love to dance, Play with my Puppy's and Cuddle my mummy
I love to smile, take baths and eat. My favorite cuddle buddies are mommy,daddy and grandma.
After struggling with infertility early in our marriage, we were pleasantly surprised and blessed to find out we were pregnant with this angel girl shortly after our first baby. Kodi was born early and spent some time in the NICU but is a fighter and is THRIVING! She loves snuggling, playing with her siblings and truly is the sweetest most content baby.
Ava loves to be outside or play with her big brother … she is a mommy’s girl 💕🫶🏽
Scarlett Rose. Such a happy baby she has the sweetest smiles! She loves bath time, tummy time, her face rubbed, and to be cuddled! Thank you for your votes!!
Hi, I’m Lucca and my 3 favorite things are eating, sleeping, and crying 💙
Trevon Jr
Hi my name is trevon jr. My mommie name is Alexis and dad is trevon sr. And all I do is eat and sleep. And love the Mickey Mouse song
Jaxon Robert
Jaxon was born 5 weeks early with an emergency C section, we lived at the NICU in Toledo for those 5 weeks with an incredibly amazing staff! Jaxon loves Barney and music, his first word is Dada but is a huge mommys boy. He loves bath time and running as far as you'll let him! Vote for Jax! ;)
She loves Mommy and Daddy and her siblings 💕