I’m almost 7 months old. I love to play with my mommy and daddy and big brothers!! I love cookies and pizza (yes I eat what mom eats.)only baby food I like is bananas.
Vote for my 4month old beautiful daughter Stella! She loves to laugh and smile (especially with her daddy) She's gonna be a star 🤩
She may be 1 month old but her faces and smiles says it all! She can light up a room
Such a big personality in such a small package. Only a month old and already running the show. Definitely a mamas boy but we won't tell dad 🤫
Jenelle is my daughter , I am 29 and had her young in 2015, it was hard for me raising her all by myself for the first 4 years ,but we made it !! All around athlete , super smart ! Head of her class, her first words were Da-Da !! She is my angel , the beat to my heart ❤️, please vote for my beautiful daughter !
I’m Dixie, I will be turning 1 year old on the 1st of April. I love waking,talking, playing with my cousins, singing with my parents, dancing, my sissy, outside, and eating! I love everything about life. My mommy makes me feel safe and comfortable. I am starting to be potty trained and growing so fast my mommy doesn’t know what to do. I will do like for like. :)
He is one Happy and giggling boy he started to crawl and he is my Miracle boy my one doctor told me I couldn't have kids and he was born on my birthday so he is one special little boy
Enjoys the water loves being held
Jaxson loves his foods, his naps,loves to smile and laugh, and loves his Momma and Dadda ❤️💯
Delilah loves having a conversation with you and is alway so smiley and she likes licking new foods to taste
He is now 4 months old. Where has the time gone. He is my first child and he was also born premature. He is the cutest little boy ever I wouldn't trade the world for him. His nickname is monster, mommy and daddy love him so much. He likes to stick his tongue out a lot.
Kieran should have been an ivf baby but decided to come naturally ❤ he makes everyones heart melt ♥️ He loves cuddles, kisses and cocomelon 😍😍
Hello, my name is LaynaGrace and I am currently 7 months old! My mommy says I am the most beautiful picture perfect girl in the world. My favorite hobbies are snuggling my mommy, taking showers with mommy, screaming in mommies ear, pulling mommies hair, walking in my walker and bumping into my mawmaws car, and playing with the loud musical toys my mommy and mawmaw gets me ❤️❤️❤️ I have 5 people I love with my whole heart in this world and they are, my MOMMY, grumpy, my uncle dalty and my aunt bb!!! They all feed me really good and make sure I get what I need and they make sure I absolutely get what I want. My favorite thing to try and say is DADA and BYE BYE, I can’t quite get them yet! But anyways that’s me, I am the most loveable angel in the whole world ❤️
So Bright & Loving ♥️ Sweet as pie and already have a beautiful soul 💕 Love playing & very out going 🤍 Very sassy but yet shy 🥰 The best little sister Mari can have ♥️
Katelyn Pace
This is katelyn shes is 5 months old shes loves to laugh and play with her big sister..
Emberlynn is the sweetest baby girl she always has a smile on her face and loves making people laugh!!
Kenzly is a sweet little girl she’s always smiling and has a huge personality.
Marianna Is The Best 5 year old It’s Is ! She’s so out going. So smart and determined to be the best big sister it is♥️ She’s so loving and caring, her smile so bright it can literally bright up a room filled with million’s of people 🤍
Hi I’m Bodhi! I’m an adventurous life loving 13 month old boy!
Our little chunk is 4 months old. He loves momma and cuddles. Hes so smart and soo full of energy and love hes perfect.
Loves cocomelon, animals (especially 🐄's) and her momma. 🥰Vote for my girl!! 💜💜
Ruger is a wild child he loves chewing on shoes, playstation remotes and loves his treats
Peyton is a beautiful smart little girl who loves everyone she loves ppl and saying hi to everyone that passes by her.shes a very loveable baby girl 🥰
Saint is so funny and playful…always happy (for the most part). He’s strong and determined…smart and obviously handsome ☺️ So friendly and full of life. He’s such a flirt, I don’t think he’s ever met a girl he didn’t like. Best of all he’s the sweetest most loving baby 🥰
Lillie Jade
Lillie Jade Is 3 Months old and 15pounds. She likes cuddles with mom&dad, chewing on her hands, watching tv, and of course attention from everyone! 🤍
Mercedes is a sweet loving little girl. She love interacting with other children.she loves playing with her baby dolls. She is a smart outgoing girl.
Brazos loves to look at himself in the mirror. Talk and yell, & loves bath-time.
Hi i’m Levi! Raised by my bootiful mumma, I’m very cheeky, I love cars, baths, looking at my reflection and spending my time outside!, Oh and i loveee making new friends!
8 weeks old, this sweet girl is all smiles. She loves snuggles and her kitty cats. She already has Mommy and Daddy wrapped around her finger.
Allyson is a very happy baby! constantly smiling and giving all the noises she can make! her big blue eyes will just melt you! she loves everything! give her a vote!
Everly is 11 months old! She loves Nemo, cuddles with mommy and daddy, her picture taken, and most of all her milk!
He has the biggest personality and is the sweetest little boy ever. He loves being outside and has a big imagination.
Baby girl loves to be talked to and always gives the biggest smiles🥰
Presley really loves smiling/giggling
William Nicholas
William “Willie” is such a goofy baby! There’s not a day goes by that he doesn’t make us laugh, whether it’s his “ugly” face he makes or down to his silly noises. Willie favorite thing to do is eat! He loves being outside, and loves petting our animals!
Summer is my beautiful, silly baby! She loves snuggles and making silly faces! ❤
Sky is my sweet, smart, exploring girl ❤
Maelynn just turned 2 and she is the sweetest most caring little girl. She loves our dogs and is such a sweetheart.
Little about to be a big sister just like her mother she loves to play and help with other little baby's
She likes to go outside..she is smiley girl.
This little munchkin is quite the talker and loves participating in conversations. He especially loves talking to the ladies 😉 And not to mention those CHEEKS 🥰
Riley is full of smiles he’s always a happy boy and is absolutely adorable
Easton is 6 months old, almost 7. He’s the most precious little boy with the best personality. Always laughing and making everyone’s hearts full. ❤️
Gracelynn is our little miracle baby..I was told I couldn't have anymore due to having my son at 25 weeks in 2007 due to complications but she was determined to come Into the world and she arrived healthy on 7/27/22 at 39 weeks..she is always so happy and loves learning new things.she loves playing with her brother Blu and dancing to the "shark song"..she loves splashing in the bathtub and swing outside in her swing .her big bright blue eyes and smile light up a room and she has no separation anxiety,she loves meeting new people..She never ceases to amaze us by how smart she is and she loves talking/babbling..she can say dada,baba, sounds like hi and loves giving hugs and holding hands..shes such a sweet baby and hardly ever cries only when it's time to eat or if she's over tired.we couldn't of asked for a better baby!
Catalina bis a intelligent little girl. She loves to play games , eat , draw and dance
Bella is a bright young little girl, she loves games, drawing, eating, sleeping
Jack is an adorable, smart, and funny 6 year old who loves cars, video games, and four wheelers. He’s an awesome big brother and loves to hold his little sister!