Raelynn is 5 months old, loves to be around her daddy. Always smiling, enjoying life knowing shes beautiful.
Hello everyone I’m Miss. Skylar Marie Grace Brown!!!!!! I WAS BORN AT 36 weeks weighting 5lb.... I LOVE PLAYING WITH MY BIGGER BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND ALWAYS GRABBING DADDY GLASSES OFF HIS FACE!!!
Loves bath time just starting to try n walk n enjoy keeping mummy and daddy on there toes
La Nya
La’Nya was born 5lb on February 29th, she is a happy baby who loves her two mommies and her 12 year old big sister.
Josiah is very advanced and loves to smile and laugh he keeps his family very entertained with his bubbly personality and loves cuddles and eating bananas
She likes to put on her "pack pack" to pretend she is going to school
Nova is such a happy little girl!! She laughs and smiles at everything! She’s only 4 months but has the biggest personality I’ve ever seen on a baby❤️. Man she’s the best little girl!! She loves cuddle time with mommy & daddy! She loves being held and laughing at almost everything!!
Lincoln Wayne
Lincoln Wayne is a fun little cutie who loves Elmo & Thomas the Train. He loves his momma, kitty, and living his best life!
Charlie is the happiest little boy in world 🌎 our little ray of sunshine after loosing his older brother last year ☀️
Cute innocent and loveable 🥰
Aiden is 2 1/2 month's! He's been diagnosed with the rare form of a blood antibody disorder called Isoimmunization due to me having Rh incompatibility while pregnan. He needed in utero blood transfusions which shut down his bodys ability to produce red blood cells. He requires blood transfusions every week to two weeks but that doesnt break his happy spirit even with him getting stuck witb needles CONSTANTLY! If his body does not start production red blood cells soon he will need chemo & a bone marrow transplant. He Loves sleeping on mommys chest, Playing with his rattles & obviously stuffing his face with momma's milk! Winning something from this contest would be SUCH a HUGE help with his medical cost!
I just turned a year old November 27th 2020! I love to walk and get into stuff! But when walking takes too long, I speed crawl through the house! I love to play with my toys, watch little baby bum, and learn my colors, ABC's and shapes! My favorite shape is heart, I love to say "yellow" and I love going vroom vroom in the car!
Kiara Nicole was born October 25th at 2:19pm. She weighed 7lbs 5ozs and was 19in long. She is a very sweet babygirl who enjoys watching tv and she loves when she is sang to. She also loves to eat and
Sheynassey loves to play softball and doing tik toks she's a blast to be around silly and loveable
This sweet boy is Rylan, He’s 14 months old, always a happy boy!😊 He loves snacks & playing with his puppy’s! He was born 6 weeks early, stayed in the NICU for three weeks but you’d never know that now!😄
Gracelynn Louise Pippins
Gracelynn was born May 7th, 2020. She is mine & my husbands miracle baby! She’s very sweet and extremely smart for her age. She can already stand on her own but has not accomplished crawling yet. She’s the prettiest little girl we have ever laid our eyes on. She sure knows how to keep everybody laughing!
Kyla is a beautiful 6 month old baby girl that loves to laugh & cuddle with her mommy. She also enjoys tummy time and eating snacks.
Hello I’m Greyson. I’m growing so fast. I’m a very happy boy. I love watching tv with my daddy and singing to music in the car with my mommy. I love to swing in my swing.
Axel is A die hard Steelers fan just like his mommy and daddy! Let’s Make him win like they always do 💛🖤💛🖤
Alethea is the sweetest little baby with the most fun personality. She loves to laugh and be cuddled up with mama.🤍
My name is Saylor Jordyn. I am 5 months old. I love my mommy & daddy! I’m hoping you will vote for me 😊
She is the sweetest, most loving little girl!
A truly beautiful baby who loves to talk and laugh!! She loves her family and getting to know other babies!!
Always smiling when you stick your tongue out.
He is nearly a month old. He has only really known hospital still in due to breathing issues but he loves his cuddles .
Melanie is a beautiful little girl very smart and jus full of smiles and laughter ❤
Stetson is sweet and kind hearted child. He loves his family and animals. He loves to laugh and swim in the bath tub. He recently promoted to big brother!
She is really playful and also loving to others she chews on my cousins sweater slot in the mornings and she bites but it tickles, and so when she is playing with you you on the couch and she will almost fall off the couch and hold on as tight and she can to save herself from falling off the couch, and so vote for her she needs more love🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰
Parker loves to smile, talk, and watch Mickey Mouse. His favorite is to cuddle mama to sleep every night. ❤️
He is intelligent outgoing and shy, he loves math and plane and want to take flight lessons with his dad. Handsome kid.
K Lani
K’Lani 🎀 7 months 🍼 Happy and sassy 😁🤩 NM is home ☀️ Vote for me !!
River is a brave and adventurous little man! He loves the outdoors, terrorizing the pets and his mother, and he LOVES snuggles! The happiest little boy I’ve ever met! If we win, every cent is going in to a college fund for River, so that he can go to whatever college he dreams of!
David is a very smart, fun, and active little boy! He’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet, and his smile can make even the grumpiest person melt ❤️
Haislee is such a sweet little girl with a wild side. She loves all your attention and makes sure she has it.
Kolten Enoch Ross Strahan might be the longest name but he doesn’t know that just yet ! He might be only a month but he is already super spoiled. Kolten loves when you sing to him.
Couper Ryan
He's such a smart happy baby who like to get read too he loves books
He loves tummy time a little active baby he's so adorable, he also love bouncing in he's bouncer 💖
Elizabeth has such a huge personality. She’s loves to laugh and smile at everyone.
An African Princess 👸🏾
Ezra is nine months turning 10 months. He likes to eat a lot, play with toys, watch Scooby Doo, laugh a lot, give dirty looks at you when he wants lol, and he’s just a lovable baby!! Please vote for him.
Caiden was born on his mommy’s 40th birthday November 5th 2020. He is an adorable little boy who loves holding his head up and looking around at everyone and everything. Caiden also loves cuddles with mommy, daddy, and big brother.
Joycelynn is a stong little girl. At 12 days old she was involved in an accident and we didnt think sglhe was going to make it. But today she is a very active little girl who is over coming all odds.
This is Jackson, his favorite thing to do is eat & sleep. He never really cries, but loves cuddles and smiling at his mommy. He has a brother named Hunter and they're best of friends!
Cooper is 2 months old and the happiest baby! He loves watching Mickey Mouse, being rocked, and bath time.
Handsome 4 month old baby boy who loves to smile and be silly. Also loves to hang with his momma❤️