Baby Stories - 37


Matthew was born on Father's day 2020 ( 6.21.2020.) . He has a big brother he loves so much! He likes playing with is brother and bubble baths. Days ago he tried mashed potatoes for the first time!
Dayonna likes to talk and have conversations , she also likes to laugh and giggle . Her favorite object right now is her hands . Her personality is everything , her smile alone would make anybody’s day .
Atticus loves his tongue and drooling.
5 month old Amina loves her light up toys and loves her milk! Her favourite time is playtime💗
Paisley is an outgoing bubbly baby that enjoys talk time and kisses!!
Jayana is a very happy & playful baby she is very silly & you’ll always catch her with a smile on her face. she loves to watch spongebob.
Laylah Widman
Laylah is a chunka who loves to laugh, smile, eat and of course toot
Hi my name is Axel and my favorite activities include bouncing up and down (I just figured out I have legs!), Cooing, giggling and pulling mommy’s hair. I like my baba room temp, 6 ounces, shaken not stirred. Nothing like a good baba and a long nap if you know what I’m sayin’. 😎When I get some alone time I like to jam out to some classics like twinkle twinkle little star, or maybe old McDonald had a farm. My music tastes are pretty eclectic and I like to think of myself as a well cultured young man. What would it mean to me to win worlds cutest baby? Well if I’m being totally honest here, I don’t need the title. I’m not in it for the fame, I’m just a simple guy with some time on my hands so I figured hey, might as well try my luck! They say if you got it, flaunt it. Plus if you ask my mom, I obviously already won. 👶🏼
Hi I’m Sawyer Lucas Pate I’m a very Happy,loving,intelligent baby boy! I love being outside an smiling an laughing with EVERYONE!💙
Audrey is autistic...she a very sweet girl love babies love to play love to hug and kiss 😘
Emerie is a happy baby. No matter the time or day. She enjoys outdoors, her brother, and getting dirty. She’s a blessing
My name is Gavin im very happy love to play pokemon and like sonic the hedgehog
Zane loves being talked or sang to, loves to watch his big sister be silly, and loves cuddles❤️
He loves playing outside, Godzilla, his best friends are his “Nina and papal”!
Skye is funny and full of joy! Very happy baby
Hello my name is Carson and I love too smile 24 7 and I like watching peppa pig!
My mileena was just born last month shes a very happy but fiesty baby, shes puerto rican, mexican, and irish. She loves her milk. Sweetest girl ever. Please vote we would appreciate it to the fullest!
Seven is a very happy boy! He smiles at EVERYTHING!
Hi everyone, I'm Tara. I was born on December 31 and I gave my mom and dad the most beautiful gift for the new year. I am here to give you all the most beautiful gift, the cutes baby in USA - 2021 ❤️🍀👼
Kaison is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet, his smile always lights up his eyes, he is super attentive and loves everyone he meets.
Kinzlee is in the process of learning how to crawl. She loves to roll and play with her toys, but most of all she loves to put everything she touches straight into her mouth. Lol
Samuel is my first son. He is very sweet, energetic, happy, and smart!!
She’s a very beautiful happy baby and loves to watch tv at a surprisingly young age, hold her feet in her free time and suck on her fingers 🥰😂 , I’m so very in love with her and think you should vote for her because she is one of the cutest baby’s ever ❤️☺️
My sweet pea! Named after her late grandmother who passed from breast cancer in first child! She loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bubble Guppies, and Team Umi Zoomi! I want the whole world to see what a beautiful and bright infant she is!
Grayson is 9 months old, and full of joy! He’s always smiling, giggling, and playing. His favorite thing is Mickey Mouse! We really hope to be able to take him to Disney to meet Mickey Mouse one day!! He loves playing and cuddling with mommy and daddy! Please vote for our little man! ❤️💙 I put a lot of work into exchanging votes, so if we are exchanging please be truthful and return the votes promised! ❤️💙
Summer is my first baby! She's super sweet, loving, and vocalist child ever. She loves to smile and always so happy.!
Hi👋🏽 my name is Reign Ahmir J. and my favorite things to do are drink milk and sleep all day🤗 It’s hard work being the boss🥱 My mommy is my favorite person cause she feeds me my milk😌 My daddy seems pretty cool too but he’d be a lot cooler if he had my milk like mommy... lameee😑 If you think I’m cute you should vote for me🥰 I know I’m cute, I’m told everyday🥰
Sylar loves to play with her older cousin! She loves warm hugs and cuddles while watching cocomelon. She loves saying “hi” to everyone.
Hello! My names Albey-Shane Aldridge and I’m a cheeky little boy who smiles all the time and loves coco melon and peppa pig 💙
Hi my name is Ainsley. I am 3 years old. I am 27+1day preemie. I love to dance, smile and love to be around everybody!!
Sienna is a happy girl who loves the outside and outdoors. She's got the biggest smile for everyone that she mets!
This is Dawson. She is a fun loving tomboy that likes to spice up her fashion daily. She loves to pick at her brothers, loves animal and sports. Dawson has the biggest heart for humanity and always tries to help others. Dawson is a great kid that is wise beyond her years!
This is Marleigh Jane, she loves watching the ninja turtles and eating bananas! She's always smiling and there's never a dull moment when Marleigh is around!
9 months loves bath and mud
Hi I’m Jason I love to bath , take long naps but onces I wake up I like to go to my walker because I can follow my mommy everywhere she goes , & last thing my favorite show is coco melon .
Loves food and animals !
Theodore is a very cheeky boy who absolutely adores Elmo, as soon as he sees Elmo his face lights up. He’s so clever and loving and definitely loves his food. The love of my life 💙
kaiden is such a amazing baby boy he has his own personality and which makes him so special hes also such a very happy baby he was a premature baby born 4lbs 9ozs but God got him through it my son is strong ! ❤️
Ashton is a sweet loving baby he loves playing with grandma and grandpa and loves paw patrol this little blonde blue eyed boy loves attention and would love you to vote for him
Lily Rae
Lily is the sweetest and happiest baby girl. She loves to dance and sing and play with her favorite toys ♥️
Tiny yet mighty, Greenley is a jolly little soul who loves to play and eat.
Hello I’m Latrell, I like to talk a lot when I’m sleepy and suck/stick my fingers down my throat until I gag hehe 😁. I feel like I’m grown because I always want to move around and stand up. Sometime I don’t even want to sit down! I love my mommy with all my heart ❤️
Such a happy baby boy ❤️ Loves to laugh and loves to smile 😊 Loves his puppy Cyra and his family too❤️
Haisley is a sweet soul, she smiles all the time, and she loves cuddles and her brother. Her favorite thing to do is to kick like crazy and talk.
Tristan-Jay 3 months old, loves having his pictures taken, beautiful big blue eyed boy😍💙
Skye loves her big brother and her kitties
Lincoln Wren
Hello, I’m Lincoln Wren, 5 months old I love to do tummy time and a happy baby, love to eat Mum Mum crackers 🤪❤️💛❤️ And to cuddles with Mom and Dad.