Za’ryah is an outgoing, cheerful little girl! She loves hugs and cuddles. Her favorite things are eating, playing outside, & taking baths. Here’s more of my sweet princess below 🥰
Zayde is soon to be 4 months having an adjusted age of 2 months, as he had to enter the world 2 months early because it was too dangerous for his, and mommy’s health to go full term. Other than his cute pint size, you certainly wouldn’t know he was pre-term with the significant amount of strength and determination he has within himself. Zayde is a little social king locking eyes and engaging with anyone he meets flashing his big baby smile that melts hearts. Hes a little wiggle worm, in which he enjoys tummy time moving and kicking about, strengthening his abilities, and meeting milestones. He is very fond of his swing and sound machine for relaxation, and to wind down after a busy day if he was out and about with mommy. Zayde’s top 2 favorite things to do are going on stroller rides outside on perfect Sunday days, and cuddling up on the couch with mommy and his fur sister Lola for nap time snuggles.
Kirk Cassius
Kirk is a very happy baby. Fun loving he is so smart and curious. He loves making noises and being talked to. He also has hypospadias and has to have surgery in June. So please pray for him.
You’re future Gerber baby. 😍
She loves to laugh and play with her all her toys and has the cutest personality 😍 She was the biggest suprise yet the biggest blessing in my life she love playing with her sister aka the dog she loves her toy train and her stuffed cows she is a free sprit without a doubt❤❤
She doesn't Meet a stranger she's always smiling
she’s so smart and full of life
he’s such a happy baby
Khamari is most outgoing full of personality 2 year old i’ve ever met , he loves to sing & dance , play outside at park , and swim. he’s never met a stranger
This beautiful girl is Maxálynn Rae, she’s 3 years old. She loves the dirt track races and her minky blankets. She also loves her kitties and duckies. She’s an outgoing, independent, smart little girl.
Carter loves cats, his baby cousin , and spinach!
Zepplinn is a 3 month old 15 pound baby , he loves bubbles and ribbons and bath times every night , he’s a little flirt and already cooed at his first girl baby.
Malika James
Malika James was born on 4/22/22. she is the light of our lives and she loves hanging out with mommy and daddy. there is nothing we love more than our girl 🤍
Happy smiley outgoing baby
A handsome young man whose full of life, excitement, hugs, and smiles. Laughing and eating are a few of Enzo’s pastime hobbies. Vote for fat da because he said he loves winning 🥇 ❤️
Isabella likes swimming and playing with her bubba and mama and daddy and ridding her bike and four wheeler
loves to smile an laugh
My dezi is so sweet and loves cuddles. He was an emergency c section baby as both of us started crashing since he was wanting to come out sooner than my body would allow. Desmond is named after desmond doss from ww2 and we know he will grow up to be just as amazing of a person as that man was.
Sophia is a 4yr old with autism who doesnt let that slow her down, shes a free spirt and loves a good adventure she would love your vote 🥰
She's a year old, she loves being outdoors, she's very smart already, and loves making new friends💜 She is also very goofy and always up and about💜
He will be a month on the 11th, he's the sweetest baby and loves watching TV.
Three month old adorable baby boy he enjoys bath time spending time with daddy and loves cuddles he’s a big mommy’s boy
Braelynn is a little girl who loves to be on the move. She also likes to laugh and act silly.
I am 3 months old. I love Mickey mouse and food! I am a mommas boy. And I am spoiled rotten.
Ka’Nomi is 8 months she’s a summer baby ☀️she loves swimming, dancing and most of all eating😂🥰 vote for Nomi💕
Legacy is wonderful and funny 5 month old ….she loves making funny noises loves mash potatoes she goes crazy over them
My little Hannah is a adorable baby girl, she loves her cartoons, she likes to yell all the time for get you attention and obviously she loves the food😅
Ivanyelis is the best she love everything 🥰 She’s enjoying eating food also she like to wash encanto it’s her favorite movie.
Paisley is a sweet girl, shes 7 months old loves to try and crawl stand up and explore different things
My “happy baby” boy, or so he is called by everyone he meets has a giggle that will cure disease, a smile that will stop ships, and a heart as big as this universe. We get so many amazing compliments, I’m in awe of this boy. In his 19 months he is already beaming with joy, quite the little smarty pants, and smiles from ear to ear. He loooooves dancing and music and he is a burst of life to be around. He loves beets and clementine, string cheese, and all sorts of crackers. He deserves a WIN for sure!
Kahlani loves to smile and talk
Amelia was born on may 4th. Her middle name is Mae after her grandma. She is absolutely gorgeous
Vote for precious Miracle ❤
Collin Lee loves playing with his feet and he sticks his tongue out to say hello! He's full of energy and loves making bubbles when he babbles!
Noble enjoys watching Elmo!! He’s also trying to be super talkative and talk back, and he is all about giggles!! His all time favorite is clapping his hands!
Carson is 10 months old, he loves to laugh and makes the room light up when he makes his appearance. He loves dancing, eating vegetables, and loves to listen to mommy read. Carson was born four weeks premature, at a whopping 5 lbs 5 oz and by the Grace of God didn’t have to go into the NICU. Now he is one chunky little monkey and isn’t scared of anything. We love our little boy to the moon and back and are blessed to call him ours 🥰
Lucy is fast approaching 6 months of age. She is always such a happy smiley baby and absolutely loves Disney… Moana being her absolute favourite! She can sit unassisted, crawl backwards and has just started her weaning journey. Her best friends are our Cane Corso, Luna and our American XL Bully, Taz.
Zachary is my little rockstar. He will make anything a guitar or microphone. Always putting on a rock concert
Carter my first love he loves trucks dinosaurs lives playing with bubba and mommy and daddy
Angel legend loves to play on his tummy time mat laugh and smile almost able to hold his bottle happy baby 24/7
Nova is such a beautiful character with a mischievous smile. She knows what she wants and communicates it well. She loves the water and such a foodie already!
EJ is a peaceful dude, with a beautiful smile and a flirty eyebrow. He loves to enjoy his sisters and baths!
Jayliyah is everyone’s bundle of joy. She’s goofy, loves to eat and Lovessssssss the show Boss Baby because she is a boss baby. Liyah is our rainbow baby and she reminds us every day how blessed we are to have her.
I’m 5 months old , and I love to giggle , watch Mickey Mouse , sing an dance with mommy , I’m learning how to sit up , hold my own bottle , and rolling over . My favorite fruit is peaches an I love when my granny makes me sweet potatoes (they’re my favorite) !
Vote for Aria, she's so adorable. Look at those big eyes!