Baby Stories - 36


Layla is energetic and just so loveable, she loves the guitar and listening to her big sis sing to her and when her big brother plays with her! Her laugh is contagious and her eyes are memorizing.
Our sweet girl loves to smile. She’s 2 months old. She loves her sleep, loves her bottle, and is currently a mama’s girl 💕
Orion is 5 months! Hes all smiles and giggles and he is quite a handful for mommy and daddy already! He loves hanging out in his jumper and being a chatty Kathy. Orion is currently hard at work trying to sit up on his own. He is a little chunky monkey and enjoys trying all of the foods! However, he dislikes when hes done eating since there is no more left for him to eat lol Orion also loves to splash all of the water out of the bathtub and peek-a-boo! He likes watching old cartoons on Boomerang, TeenNick and Disney+ with mommy and daddy. We are big fans of Bluey, Rollie Pollie Olie, the original Teen Titans and original Looney Tunes!
My names Addison! My favorite word right now is “no” 🤣 Sass is my middle name 👸🏻 I’m going to be a big sister soon! 💗 My favorite foods are banana popsicles, chicken, strawberries & peaches 🍑
He laughs at everything! He's always smiling and is all around a happy baby!
Ryker loves to smile and loves bath time His hobbies are to give his parents a hard time and to play
Savvy loves to dance and laugh…she’s a very silly girl!
Loves spending time with family. Loves to travel
Maverick has smiles for days. Sweetest little boy I know! His smile lights up the whole room..
Nyla is a happy go lucky baby!! Ready to go,go,go!! Loves music and reading!! Enjoys the outdoors most!!
Born a late term premie at 4lbs 15oz he’s been an eye catcher ever since. Loves tickles, peek-a-boo & hanging out with Mickey Mouse and the Clubhouse squad. 😁💙
Liam is a 2 year old, April Fools Day baby, and he shows it with his silly faces every day!
Riley has smiles for miles, little miss sunshine to everyone surrounding her. She delights in exploring the unknown and shows an acceptance towards anyone crossing her path.
Raelynn is the happiest, sweetest baby! She is always smiling OR sticking her tongue out.
Jonny loves animals and definetly loves praise and worship music to go to sleep too. He also loves cocomelon and mickey mouse. Hes almost walking and is growing up wayy too fast.
Emma is the happiest 10 month old in the world!! She loves food and playing with her siblings ❤️
Patience is a sweet, strong, loving baby. She’s been through a lot she had a rough start starting out in the nicu for a week before she could come home. She is currently back in the hospital with sepsis and meningitis. She continues to get better each day and will hopefully get to go home on the 18th.
From a terrifyingly tiny 1lb3oz 11inch beanie baby born 17weeks early to a firecracker spunky 3year old, Layla is a true miracle proving doctors and specialist wrong every day with the strong will to survive and defy all odds. The tiniest warrior showing noone will tell her what she can't do, all while putting a smile on the face of everyone she meets with her silly personality and ability to light up a room. The biggest miracle in the tiniest package💜
Little Nathan,was born at 36 weeks!”He had a 2 week stay at the Nicu, due to complications with his lungs but that doesn’t stop him! He’s already a whopping 17 pounds and loves to giggle and yell and tell us stories all day long! Oh and cant forget the best parts of his day is hearing just how perfect he is to everyone!
Amelia is a whirlwind; fiesty and sweet. Loves sweet potatoes and bath time! Big on baby babbling and squealing. She loves laughing with daddy and loving on momma.
emmett is the best baby i have ever seen! and also the happiest! vote for him💙💙
Jayson is a fun and loving little soul. He loves police cars and firetrucks and hopes someday to be an officer.
Avery is a strong willed crazy boy. Born almost 4 months early at 1lb 11oz he has defied odds and proven his strength from day 1. Now a Truck loving, sister annoying happy boy💙
Hiii I’m Caleb I Love Milk 🥛 Warm Baths And Naps 😊
Nicolas loves standing up! He’s starting to crawl! He loves colors and different patterns.
Haven is a bundle of joy who loves animals & people! If you see Haven she is quick to wave and tell you “hey” 🤍 She is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face!
Chevelle loves anything and everything, she wants to have a big truck and a Jeep like her daddy, she wants to be like daddy. Chevelle is my TomBoy/DivaGirl..
Asher is the happiest little boy ive ever met. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo, Paw Patrol, and football with his daddy. He gets so excited to see his granny, PawPaw, MiMi, and his Pappy TyTy. He makes the silliest faces.
She loves her family
I’m 3 months old and have my mommy and daddy wrapped around my finger
I love tummy time, bath time, kisses, “talking” to Mom and Dad , and playing with my unicorn named Ms. Pinky 💕
Ari is the sweetest little girl with a hilarious sense of humor and extremely creative imagination she loves to paint with momma and is obsessed with toy story🥰🥰
Leon is a super cute smart and sassy 13 month old that enjoys spending time with his mom dad & 2 brothers! Leon also enjoys snack time playing cars and having linkamals concerts ❤️✨
Magnolia May
Silly, Sassy and sweet girl!
Even though she’s only a month old, Amaia is starting to show her personality! She loves to cuddle, spend time with mom and dad and going on walks. She loves to eat and being held!
She likes to play with her brother. She’s a very active girl and crazy about Minnie Mouse 🐭💖
Our cheeky little monkey, with a smile and a friendly personality to brighten anyone’s day. Loves to eat, play and explore, and is now walking around house.
Shaystin is 4 months old, he enjoys going on walks, cuddles, bath time, being outside, and eating! He is such a happy, photogenic, giggly/smiley boy who loves his family 🤍
My full name is Aspen Drew Hand, I am going on 3 months old and is the youngest of 3 kids. I love being talked to, my snuggles (required daily) and a huge blanket boy. I can kick my legs, very verbal, I can smile so so big and ever since the day I was born I have been able to hold my head up. Music gives me the best naps ever, so does noggin rubs. My 2 big sissies just can’t get enough of me, they also help take care of me sometimes with what they can. I’m super cute inside and out and such a charmer, anyone whose ever met me can’t help but want to hold me. Please vote for me!!! You know you want to and if you do me, mommy and daddy thank you so much.
Legend And Legacy
Legend and Legacy Daniels ❤️ Twin girls born 05/11/21 at 36 weeks and 3 days. No nicu time, mommas little fighters 💗
Grandson my heart
always smiling❤️
The happiest baby with the sweetest eyes and most kissable lips