My boy loves to smile and he’s the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! He is my world 🌍💙
Hello there, I’m Luther, but I go by Thor! I love outside, Pete the Cat, The Big Bang Theory, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the team, my cat Han and bath time. End of the Road by Boyz II Men will forever be my jam.
She is so smart and funny. Loves cocomelon and dancing
Theodore James
Theodore James is 2 months old & the light of his parents life! 💕 He loves to cuddle, poop & eat 😎
Michael is full of personality, always smiling from sun up to sun down. His laughter is always giving everyone joy. He loves to listen to music and dance along he also enjoys watching our family dog Lola run around as he laughs uncontrollably.
Finnegan loves music, especially singer/songwriters like James Taylor and Jack Johnson!
Scarlett Rose
Scarlett is a fun little munchkin who loves to munch on all kinds of foods and always has a smile on her face!
Tyler is a loving baby, that’s always happy and smiling. He is striving in his environment and I’m lucky enough to play both roles.
MS Eva Louise is Wyatt best friend ever
Baby Lucas loves to kick, babble and especially loves his mommy and daddy ❤️
Josie has never met a stranger, wears her feelings on her face at all times, and is constantly on the move. Our little firecracker full of love!
Sa Vion
Sa’Vion loves to play dance to music cuddle and eating is his favorite! He is the happiest baby. Voting for him will help him in many more ways than one.
Axel loves to sleep and cuddle,watch peppa pig,Mickey mouse,scooby doo,and Cocomelon. He is one spoiled little sassy boy.
Born 9/8/2022. 7lbs. 8.1oz she's brand new and loves to give attitude. She loves to eat and is growing everyday perfectly healthy.
Sophia loves nature an walks around the neighborhood. She loves mashed potatoes an Elmo
Hello! I’m baby Rylann but mommy calls me bubba. I was born 3.5 weeks early at mercy hospital. When I was 2 months old Dr.wolf found Pyloric stenosis in my belly cause me to vomit a lot but she fixed me! Now I’m starving!! I enjoy laughing taking pictures outside time cuddles with mommy an daddy an my beauty rest is key! You can definitely tell I’m the cutest pumpkin in the patch 😉
Gianni Is The Happiest Baby You Will Ever Meet . That Little Smile Will Light The Room Up So Fast ! He Like To Dance , Talk , Walk And Watch Gracie’s Corner
Arabella is a smart young lady. She love’s going to football games. Playing her drum set, playing with balls 🏀. Arabella love’s hang out with Dad. Watching cartoons, running around the house. Arabella is a daddy’s girl for sure. Arabella love’s almost everything.
Jaidyn is 7 months old! He’s outgoing, smart, and just the sweetest🥰! He LOVES to jump and yell buttt, his favorite is Mr.Peabody and Sherman! Jaidyn would love and appreciate every vote you give him! Thank you 🥰💜
Mackenzie is 3 years old, loves to color and paint. She likes going to the park and meeting new friends, she's always making new friends.
Julianna loves to talk she can’t stop talking once you get to know her lol 😂 Julianna loves taking pictures…. Julianna has such a great personality. She my sassy girl haha… Go vote for my beautiful princess 👑
hi my name is Lance! I absolutely love pointing out airplanes in the sky or when I hear a loud truck go by! I also love my doggy, Baylee but I love to feed any animal! I enjoy when my mommy takes me on walks or to the park! I started walking at about 10 months and have been on the run ever since! I am a happy, joyful boy!
miss maisley absolutely loves momma and dada 💛 bubba is her best friend 🥰 she loves all attention and is always smiling! 💕
Rhys was born at 4.5Lbs and every bit of it filled with personality and sass. Despite his size, he came home with mama and has been growing since!
My name is Hezekiah, I am 6 months old, i love playing and eating!! I love talking to mommy and daddy, I love bath time, sitting up, cuddling, loves watching mom and dad play Fortnite, and I love car rides :) please vote me!!
Valentina is such a happy baby, she is always smiling and the biggest wiggle worm! She is ready to get up and go!
I love being outside. I am a breastfed baby. I am a little night owl I like to stay up all night.
Hi, I’m Ava! I’m a smiley, sweet and sassy 4 month old. I sure do have plenty of toys but water bottles have been my favorite to play with. I love going on walks with my momma and watching my dogs play!
William Fisher
My name is William but I go by TJ. I like dinosaurs and trucks! My favorite thing to do is ride my bopbop’s lawnmower!
Kylie is a sweet loving girl who loves baby dolls and will give you the shirt off her back and I mean that literally. One day she really gave her sister her shirt because her sister's was wet
Everly Fisher
My name is Everly. I love eating, crawling, playing with my big brother and loving on my mama! My favorite food is spaghetti O’s
My name is Aaliyah, I was born on July 13th. I love sleeping all day and ceiling fans ! Please vote for me **vote exchanges**
Elijah is the sweetest red head you will meet. He loves dinosaurs and the outdoors. His birthday is Halloween 🎃
Lilly is a ball of sunshine and is such a momma's girl!
Marleigh is already cooing and giggling. She always has a bright happy smile on her face.
Zachary is a sweet lovable boy who loves trucks, kittens, and his family. His current favorite cartoon is Blippy for some reason and he’s always looking out for his baby sister.
EmmaJane loves dressing up, smiling and making funny faces.
Dexter is one of the sweetest boys ever. He loves to care for his sisters baby dolls and loves pretty much everything about his sister! When he gets upset he whines like a baby puppy to get attention rather then pouting. Vote for mr. dex 💚
Vicente is a rambunctious little monkey boy!
Vida is a sweetheart who is always smiley
She’s smart(Knows her ABC’s,Can count to 50,know her colors,etc) Loves dancing and singing.
Greyson is our 5.5 week old rainbow baby! His favorite pass times are bathtime, going for stroller rides, and cuddles with mom and dad! He has beautiful eyes and barley ever cries! His best friends are our two dogs jax and Izzie!
Lamorah Lisa✨💗 •Loves her momma :) •Breastfed and loves to eat •Loves her swaddle but loves stretching after more •When she wakes up she wants to eat before her diaper gets changed •Don’t try to get her to take a pacifier:) •Loves her swing and music •Loves her baths as long as she eats right after •Loves her rattle and Halloween colors
Hi my name is Jaxon! I am almost 4 weeks old. I love to eat, sleep and pee on my parents when they change me 🤣
Hi, this is Juan. He is one years old. He is a very happy baby, he loves watching cartoons and playing and he loves being outside. We were expecting Juan April 24th but he came March 24th 🥰 Juan got his name after his great grandpa. Juan smile will make your day 100 times better 🥰 Vote for Juan a very happy baby
Kingston talks and crawls already. He is very independent. He loves doing things on his own. Very advance baby.
Since the day Jaime was born he has shown his personality off to everyone he meets. Strong, handsome, and charming, I'm very blessed to call him son.