Liam is a happy but trouble little boy ❤️ He loves to climb on everything and run around the house.
Aurelia is a little sour patch kid, first she’s sour...then she’s sweet (:
Samy is a good boy he likes wach coco melon and blippi he likes to play and never tired
Nicu graduate, Odessa went from 3 pounds to 12 and is becoming cuter and more sassy everyday. Her favourite thing is to growl anytime and all the time, and Momma is still her favourite person.
She loves mangoes and Elmo 🥺💕
Oliver is a one month old perfect baby. He loves his tummy time and his swaddle. He hardly cries and loves to give us smirks. Little Oli also loves his milk.
Oakelynn Mae born Sept 26,2020. She loves her bottle, talking (baby coos of course), and her swing. Oakelynn is trying so hard to keep her head held up and sit up on her own. She has such a beautiful big smile that she uses all the time.
Vote for my precious Baby!
She’s smart and very caring. Loves to color and build forts. Is the most beautiful girl and very funny. Please vote ❤️
Carter loves when we read him stories , He also is a very active dreamer and constantly smiling in his sleep. He loves when daddy sings to him and when mommy gives him kisses.
My yummy girl!😍 Miss Reason is a fashion icon, singing, flipping, dancing, big sister who is literally a burst of sunshine on any room. Shes the best big sister to her brother and sister. She loves her family and is such a loving little lady☺....
Our Boppy Boy!! What a greedy little piggy!😍 I looooove to eat, I love to dance, I love to explore. One of my favorite things to do is to get my hair combed and did I mention I love to eat🤔?...Vote for ya boy! Put some Bop in it!😌
Aaliyah is 5 months old and is super fun, super sassy, and wishes she could be super independent! Shes always moving and trying to act like such a big girl!
Ella was 6 weeks premature. We had her at exactly 34 weeks. She was in the nicu for 12 days and now she is two months old and thriving 🤩 so thankful for her
My little love bug Estella is beautiful and smart and not afraid to yell at you if you’re not doing what she wants. She’s sassy and she knows it 😂
Easton is my first born. He was born during a tornado warning so our delivery was scary. I kinda consider him my miracle baby. He is a very happy baby and makes everyone he meets smile.
Savvy is a sassafras!! We love every inch of her!! Including her rolls!!
Colson crawls everywhere and is now pulling himself up and standing! He also loves to get into his big sister's stuff and of course they hate it, he especially loves getting to roam freely around their room when they're not home to stop him 😂 Colson is a pretty happy baby although out of all my kids, he is most definitely the whiniest 🥰
Tekoah loves to play outside. She is sassy as can be. Loves princesses and chocolate ice cream 🍦
Melani is sassy. Loves to stretch.
Amoura is my first child I struggled with infertility for years and so when I finally found out I was expecting I was so happy I was even happier when she finally arrived she came in this world weighing 5lbs and 14oz she is now a happy 7lb 1 month old girl that is absolutely perfect every way and I am so happy to be her mother
Jayden is super energetic and loves running around playing “dinosaurs” 🦖🦕 He also loves to sing and dance and annoy his dog Cali daily!
Owen is 4 months. Loves playtime,mickey mouse, and FOOD!
Tallin is the happiest baby ever. He loves to smile! My siblings nicknamed me smiley. I love baby food and my puppy!
Everli Rose
Everli Rose is a happy, outgoing, and smart toddler who loves to play and be with her family. She's been on the pageant scene since she was 3 weeks old. Her infectious laugh and radiant smile make people stop in their tracks, her personality is larger than life and she lights up the room wherever she goes. This little firecracker is not camera shy and commands the spotlight and attention of everyone.
Maya is 5 weeks, she is a beautiful happy baby who loves to smile and laugh.
Delanie Grace
Hello everyone my name is Delanie Grace and I was born during COVID-19. I am 2 months old. I have only been able to meet some family. I hope to meet the rest of my family soon. Mommy says I am her and daddy's miracle rainbow baby. You would never know by looking at me that I had such a rough start. I love sitting up in my boppy pillow and watching Little Baby Bum. I love to go outside for walks. I like playing on my play mat with my toys. Bath time is my favorite time. My favorite song is You Are My Sunshine. I love lights. I love going to my Nana's and my Aunt Chasity's house. I have a big sister and brother who love me very much. My sister sings to me and my brother gives me lots of kisses. I love to smile for my mommy and daddy. I hold my head up really well. I have a dog named Xena and she is very protective of me. Please vote for me.
Kodie is the youngest of 3 and the first boy. He loves his big sisters and is very vocal for a two month old especially when you aren't paying attention to him. He wasn't planned but some of the best things aren't he is a blessing.
Dean was born at 6lbs 3 oz. He is the happiest baby i know 🥰. He loves to play, talk, laugh, and most of all EAT! He is definitely a momma's boy and he is the light of our lives! Excuse his crazy hair!
Jazlyn is 9 months old and full of attitude! She loves playing with her big brother Jayden and getting into trouble 😅
He is very happy in playfully loves being outside loves everyone
My zy'meir is a goofy sleepy head and loves to eat my stinkaa butt 🥰😘😘
Stephen is a fun and wild free spirit who is living his best life
I’m a happy baby! I love my cereal, fruit and veggies. I just learned how to rolled over onto my back. I have a baby cousin who was just born.
Jaydriel Uriah
Jaydriel is such a happy baby.. Hes always smiling an brings so much joy love and happiness to are life 😍.. Hes just so perfect in everyway.. He is loved an spoiled by everyone ❤ hes the loml 🌍😍
Jeremiah loves watching tv and being held. He loves his junkies and his food. He is always full of smiles laughs and coos away🥺 just a miracle baby 💯 he has beat the odds and was given a second chance at life all thanks to God.
Hi! I'm Christopher! I am 2 months old! I love tummy time, warm baths, and most of all cuddles with mommy and daddy! I have surgery on december 3rd, 2020 to repair my "beautifully broken smile!" Vote for me! ❤🥰👶🏼
He is a happy boy ! He is a lot smiling and making everyone laugh . Another miracle baby
Duncan is curious of the world and is always smiling. He’s been smiling since the day he was born. He like to be mischievous and hide his face so you know he’s up to no good.
Hiii I’m londynn ❤️ I love my family especially my little sister ❣️ I know my abcs & how to count to 10. I can sing 3 songs & I love to dance. I also love Mickey Mouse "oh tootles" 🙂
Hi I'm Annie 🥰 I love to smile & sleep. I try to hold my head up but I'm not quite there yet 🙂 I was born in the Ambulance within 2 pushes. I was ready for the world 🥺
Brayden was born in July of this year. He’s growing so fast! He’s the sweetest and happiest baby. He loves standing up in his excersaucer and loves any light up toy. He loves bath time. He’s sitting up with support now.
Oscar loves to play with all his Spider-Man figures plus he loves to dance always singing He does love to go to spend the night at his big brothers house as they play tents and eat popcorn while watching movies together
A little girl with lots of personality.😘
Justin Argo Jr
Justin is a caring, loving hyper active 8 year old who has a heart of gold. He loves his family an friends with everything in him. He's so smart for just being 8. He's a great kid.