Jaxon is the happiest baby, always smiling and laughing. He likes to pet the kitties and dogs, clap his hands, sing and dance, and give hugs! He is full of personality and love❤️
Emberly is our little firecracker, she has a personality out of this world! She loves to make silly faces, and “talk” a lot! She lights up any room she enters and is the sweetest little girl who loves to give hugs and kisses!❤️
Kyri is the sweetest tot on the block! She loves playing with dolls, making crafts, and the color pink! You can find her playing outside with her baby sister or helping her mama around the house. Her personality shines even brighter than her beauty!
Vihaan!!! You can call him Vichu!!! He love to sleep a lot. :)
This little beautiful rainbow baby is the absolute sweetest little girl. She is so full of smiles all the time and brings joy to everyone who sees her❤ she loves to be tickled and play with her little chubby feet you can get a laugh out of her at any time! And of course she loves to eat lol. She is the piece that made our faily whole 💟 Please vote for miss alizah 💚💚
Hello, A'Mori likes to try and sing with mama and daddy! She also loves trying to talk.
Clifton is a very loving, full of life 6 year old that has struggled with many battles but never has gave up! He is definitely my angel sent from above!
She is the sweetest baby ever. She loves to sleep. And she’s a rainbow baby
Hi everyone! 💙I am almost 6 months old.👼🏻 I love to roll over and start a conversation😁 Mommy gives me yummy food & milk🍼that is my favorite thing right now besides my baby shark! 🦈okay brb chicas I gotta get back to practicing my walking 🥰
She loves to talk, snuggle and read books before bedtime with mom. She also loves to sleep, eat and chew on her fingers.
Noah is a fun little 5 month old. He loves apples and water. He can sit on his own and he loves to laugh and play. He always has a smile on his face and can make anyone’s day better. ❤️
Xavier is a fun and happy little boy that loves to smile, talk to his mom and dad and eat ❤
Octavia is over out spoken , always has a smile on her face . And will say hi to anyone that passes her .
Alex is one of the happiest baby’s even when teething she is a trooper. She has her grandparents wrapped around her fingers.
He love some mashed potatoes, loves discovering new things! He so sweet and loveable
He so lovable and loves to couddle mommy at bedtime. His sissy is his best friend
Hi my name is Xander! Funny thing is I'm named after the Jeep Cherokee (XJ). My mom and dad are big into jeeps. I love to go in the woods and go on walks with my fur brother's! My favorite fruit is bananas!
Addie Lou ❤️
Freya Fae
I love to play with my toys and crawl around laughing with my kitties! I also love a good hike with my mommy and daddy 🌿🥰
Help us win In the name of Jesus our baby boy is everything that we prayed for his such a joyful baby always keeps us smiling please help us win In Jesus Name
Zaylen is a VERY intelligent 5 month old baby who loves his mommy daddy and 2 brothers to pieces💙💙💙💙
Mason is a happy baby. He smiles and laughs at EVERYTHING. he is a big Flirt with the ladies lol
Ayleen is such an active baby she loves to play with blocks and just makes my day
Hello my name is Tao, I like to eat, sleep, poop and repeat! I love Disney especially Moana! I’m only 6 weeks old and such a happy baby.
Wyatt is full of energy and compassion he is 3 years old. He loves trucks, tractors, trains, and dinosaurs! He gives the best hugs and kisses. He loves to be a helping hand around the house and is learning so much. Hes the cutest little blonde hair & blue eye boy. 😍
Hi I’m Jaxon, but my family calls me Jax for short! I love to eat and sleep all day, but when you catch me awake, I’m a fun time! My favorite things to do are cuddle with mommy, hangout in my swing, and listen to music on car drives with family.
Bryson is a 4 month old happy baby. He love to sit up and look around the room, loves to be talked to. It took my husband and I 7 years to get This precious bundle of joy and we couldn’t be any happier he is the cutest most sweetest baby I have ever seen and met. Our journey was a very long one lots of testing and several fertility treatments. Please vote for our cute baby
Zander is a very mature, tall, 4 year old going on 16. He loves his monster trucks, cars, Hawkeyes (where he wants to play football), hunting, and being with his daddy, his Alaina, and grandma/grandpa, aunt/uncles. But, wait till you see his 4 wheeler, because he will surely show you how to “take the motor out” 😊
Ellaina loves to eat, sleep, take baths and go on car rides. She also loves to cuddle her mommy and daddy.💕
Illeànna loves,milk, mama , daddy and, taking pictures !!
I love to play with my toys all the time and chew everything on my hands 😂
❤️ “A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.”
Jaiden is very smart. Always creative and building things. He loves snakes and lizards. He is such a great older brother.
Manuel loves school! We call him Manuel alot sometimes just by his full name. We love him as much as his little brothers. The best little dude i've got!!!
Perfect lil angel, Jay’Aire like to eat & watch Cocomelon 😍 his favorite thing to do is making spit bubbles & cooing at his mommy ☺️🥰
Bella is quite a character! She loves to dance and wear princess dresses. She is such a good little mommy to her baby brother. She is a sweetheart and always smiling.
Hello, My name is Lylah Dawn Marie. 💗. I am 9 months old. I can crawl and I can almost walk. I do walk while holding on to thing. I can walk while pushing my toys. I am a eater, well that’s what everyone says. 😂. I am 18.5 pounds and 28 inches long. 💗. I love my mommy. & sometimes my daddy.
This is Asher he loves music some of his music that he listens to is Khalid and juice world play songs by them and he’ll have the biggest smile on his face. Loves interacting with people and seeing new faces
Tyler is a sweet, loving, smiley little guy. He is such a happy baby. Always brightens the room with lots of little giggles. His baby hugs will melt your heart.
Denny is a unique baby, tends to giggle and laugh when he farts. He loves his cow and gate milk but loves sucking his daddy’s nose more.
Funny & a cutie pie.
Rilynn is a sweet funny always happy little girl. She is trying to sit up on her own she does not really like tummy and she is always laughing she loves when you talk to her
Curious, sweet, happiest little baby girl 🤍
I am mom's sidekick but I look exactly like my dad. Ginger life consists of laughing, eating, and getting into things I shouldn't.
I'm 17 months old, I love to learn new things ❤️ I love to play with other kids 🙂
Maylanie has a huge personality. She’ll do anything in her power to make someone feel better if she knows they’re upset. She loves playing video games, coloring, and helping with her baby brother!