Isabela is 4 months old & she obviously loves her mommy lol, she doesn’t cry unless she’s hungry or needs changed she loves eating and screaming when music is playing 😂❤️ But she is a very happy baby & just loves being amused by the world.
Ayla is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet, she LOVES her momma and enjoys watching Mickey Mouse and chewing on her fingers.
William is a handsome ball of energy. Who loves everything and everyone. He’s always full of smiles and ready for a hug. William is loving discovering the huge world around him.
Buster’s fave thing in the world is a good shampoo and blow dry!
Mylla is a happy, smily girl who is always laughing and loves music 🥰
Happiest baby I’ve ever met!
Avery A. Jordan
✅ACCEPTING ADVANCE VOTES❗💌📥📤📨... Please just let me know ahead of time & otherwise they will be considered gifts 🎁🎁 VOTES WILL BE RETURNED 📤💌📨📫 WITH A BONUS, PLEASE JUST SEND A LITTLE REMINDER & I PROMISE THEY WILL BE RETURNED!! UNFORTUNATELY MY PROFILE IS BLOCKED FROM FREE VOTING❌ 😔.. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT AND PATIENCE 💜💗 ‼️ ..🤗 Avery wants to reach her goal!! 💌🎁☺️. Plz vote for AVERY!! She is a very smart 2 yr old. Avery is funny, and sassy. Her favorite thing to do is sing & dance. She knows how to count from 1-20 and she knows all her shapes , numbers , animals , animal sounds & all the colors as well.. Yellow 💛 is her favorite!! 🥰 Her smile & cute curls will melt your heart.❤️
The happiest baby ava Nur, loves to smile when she sees you smiling at her
Ahmiya loves to do tummy time on mommy’s chest and loves to nap !
He's a true British gent! Belly giggles, bubble blowing and tummy time his specialist skills!
Ryleigh is a sweet little girl with all the smiles. Although, you can’t tell it in this picture. We should all vote for her. Do we need a reason? 😉
Hadley is a successful IVF baby 💕 she’s a miracle. We’ve prayed so much for her. Please vote for my beautiful , sassy girl 🥰
Molly is a little miracle baby, born 14 weeks early at just 26 weeks, weighing just 1lb 15oz (890g). She spent 3 months in hospital before meeting her big sister and wider family. She fought against all the odds, overcoming lots of hurdles and is now a thriving 9 month old! We will forever be in awe of her. ❤️ Xx
Walking like a pro and getting into trouble is what I do best.
Rya Rose loves to smile at mommy, daddy, and sissy! She has four teeth, crawls, and pulls her self up! She loves toys and mommies pots and pans! She is a true joy! Vote for her !!
She's such ana amazing beautiful little girl. She's such a turd and just loves everything
My name Zach and I am 10months old and I love to laugh and play with my mommy I like watching tv love frozen and I love carrots and sweet potatoes I love orange juice I love anything red I have 11 teeth and I’m trying to walk I love to talk
My name is Omni King. I am a happy and handsome 9 month old. I love to smile and laugh while playing with mommy and daddy. I love watching Gracie’s corner, ms Rachel and eating food.
Our beautiful, happy boy Mateo 🤍 LOVES books, tummy tickles, dancing with mama & papa & going for walks. A charming, old soul so ahead of his time. - A very calm & serene little guy.
I couldn’t wait to get here and arrived 10 weeks early, and am finally ready for baby led weaning. I’m enjoying making a mess! So far my favourites are almond butter toast, bananas and cucumber! :D
Mya was born 10 weeks early and is a bright 16 month old who loves to dance, play soccer and loves her baby dolls.
This girl loves to be cuddled, she is stubborn, and sweet, she loves to have “conversations”. Nova was born on August 2nd this year, she was due the third but demanded to come a day early. We hope you enjoy her beauty as we want to share this amazing girl with everyone!
Our little rainbow baby 🌈
Serenity, my little sunshine. She is always full of life and smiles, loves spending time in the outdoors with her puppy Bella. Always going on adventures! She has been the light in my dark times over the summer with my husband tragic accident. Thankfully he is home now after being in the hospital for 2 and a half months. Serenity was only a month old when it happened, but because of her he had an extraordinary fast recovery! She has brought so much joy to our little family.... Please vote for our little sunshine 💛🖤💛
Elijah, loves to smile and is always toughin his Twin Sister Miriam. He has no qualms about taking toys away from her. Super personality.
Rowan Ezra
Hi, my name is Rowan Ezra. I love boobies, my parents hugs, and I dance a little when you sing to me. I’m a very happy baby, I’m always smiling, and I like long naps in my momma’s lap. I’m just starting to giggle, especially when mom makes funny faces at me. I’m trying so hard to crawl, I scoot on my tummy so mom has her hands full. I’m currently teething, so my parents call me a drool monster. I have big blue eyes, I was meant to be the next McDreamy. I love my mom, but I gotta say I’m a ladies man. I’m advanced in my mile stones for my age, so watch out future contestants I’ll be running for president 😊
Declan Hullah
He is such a smiley baby, everyone is In love with how much hair he had when he was born and Evan now.
Hello lovely babies! My name is Viviana Grace and I'm a daddy's girl! I am a little chunk, I have many rolls to love! My favorite hobby is drinking, "I'll take a bottle of the house white". I love to smile and laugh out loud at my daddy's funny faces and I scream when my milk request isn't fulfilled fast enough. People love to comment on my chubby cheeks, stunning eyes and my long curly locks! I'd say I'm pretty intelligent! I mimick my mommy and stick my little tongue out like she does, I hold my own bottle, and I can almost stand on my own! Oh, and I'm really strong like my daddy so watch out boys! I think it's save to say I have various genuine qualities and most likely to be voted next Miss America because I'm destined to be a princess! Good luck fellow cuties ❤️
Jamison is now 16 months old. He has two big brothers 23 and 19. Jamison is growing so fast. He’s learning new things every day. He is very smart and loves to laugh! He still enjoys his fire trucks 🚒
Nova is one drama queen she loves animals, eating, music and dancing
Holden is the happiest little 2 year old boy there is! His biggest loves are his baby sister, Tools, fixing things and anything to do with water. He has an infectious laugh and a smile that can light up everyone. He and his sister are the biggest lights of our lives and we are so proud of the little young man he is becoming.
Baby Bryson loves to sleep and be held by mom and dad!🥹🤎
Daniel is 4 months old and is always smiling and has started to giggle. He definitely has his own expressions and loves to be tickled.
Myles Bellamy
Myles loves to laugh, smile, play and snuggle. He is the happiest baby!
Luna loves life! She is always happy and smiling!
Kaylynn is 2 months old. Loves cuddles and her sleep to.
Ny'Zier is a fun, goofy baby. Loves to laugh, play and eat and fascinated with the ABCs !
My name is Antonio. I am 18 months. My favorite thing to do is play outside and eat popsicles. I also like going on walks with my Mommy and Kiki.
Della Mae is a happy & calm baby. She was born with a full head of hair & it has a mind of its own!
Carmela is a sweet girl with a big personality, she’s always smiling and making the people around her laugh. She is very energetic and full of life! Please vote for Carmela❤️
Hayden Sky
Hayden loves blowing kisses, animals, stuffed animals & of course mommy & daddy.
Beautiful and full of curiosity and smiles 🥰
Carter is 10 months old he loves to dance to music & loves to be outside.
Promise Taylor
Hello world meet Promise. She loves music & enjoy singing and dancing. Her smile and personality definitely lights up the room!
Peyton ray 7.6 lb -20.5 in 👨‍👩‍👦 6 days old & alreday likes to turn on his side while sleeping🥺💗