Jon’Vea Pierre 6yo, she loves to play outside and loves to swim. She loves to watch YouTube. Her favorite color is blue. Her momma , daddy & sista is her favorite people ☺️She’s a Princess and love to take pictures 🤍
Savannah was born at Bendigo base hospital, during the floods in Echuca, we make it out just in time to get to Bendigo on the one road that was open at the time. Savannah needed to be born in Bendigo as I had gestational diabetes. Savannah was born safely 20 seconds after midnight, on the 21st of October the day after her grandmother’s birthday the day before mine. 😍 You most definitely can say this girl wanted her own special day. Savannah is a very happy baby, who loves the attention. She loves playing on her mat and talking to the animals on it. I think her favourite colour is yellow as she loves talking to the giraffe on her mat. She has started solids and her favourite foods would have to be vanilla custard and fresh mango She loves cuddles and is mummy’s girl during the day and dads of a night. Savannah has just recently cut her first two bottom teeth. and her first word was mum. Savannah has 3 older brothers. With her dads blue eyes and her bright, bubbly and happy personality and big smiles you can definitely get lost in her.
Jayley pierre 5yo, she loves people and love to play outside. Her favorite color is pink. She loves her momma,daddy&sister. She loves to play on her tablet. But most of all she’s a lil sassy & a diva ❤️
He likes someone talks to him. Loves to eat and play.
Everett is the sweetest little snuggle bug and my little best friend.
I’m Jacob and I love my mama
This 6mth old cutie loves food, story time and lookingat new and exciting things. He is always happy and smiley.
Jameson is a 6 month old bundle of pure joy! When he isn’t giving kisses and hugs he’s playing with bear and listening to music! He also loves his mommy and daddy and snuggling!
Amaya is such a funny little toddler. She loves Bluey, Sing 2 and playing with her brother and sister. She is full of personality and has her own style already!
He likes to eat and sleep for right now
Micah loves playing with everything other than toys he’s very sweet and very shy his bestie is probably me or his Gigi ❤️
Today I am 2 month old 🐣
Super intelligent 6 month old who loves to talk and scream ❣️ also loves bananas !! 🍌💛
Luka love to smile, he likes to play and love country music 🎶
Greyson is the most adventurous , and loving baby-boy . He loves everyone he meets and almost anything can put a smile on this boys face .. let’s get this going and get greyson some votes !!🫶🏻
She is about yo be 1 year old and loves minnie mouse and has one pretty smile her favorite words so far is bubba momma and daddy and nana
He is almost 2 ryan in joys being outside with his daddy and pawpaw and helping feed chickens and goats his favorite cartoon os spider man
Our Cute little bundle of attitude...Ops I mean joy 😍💓
Hi, I’m Sebastian I am almost 4 months old.I love to smile & giggle, I started sucking on my hand. Such a happy baby over all. ❤️
Mylah is our little blessing. She is four months and is learning and growing everyday! 🦋✨
Mila is a spitting image of her Guardian angel, her Daddy! She is such a happy baby! She loves bathtime, loves to be sung to and loves snuggles!
He is very out going, in to everything. Loves to climb, running all over. Always very happy, and loves playing outside ever chance he can get! Hes a dadas boy❤️
Cameron loves his mommy and brother, loves smiling , and trying to talk. He’s very special to our family and is so loved . Please vote for our cutie pie !
Carter Gray is 5 weeks old, he likes car rides, cuddles, watching old Scooby-Doo episodes, and visiting his grandparents/great-grandparents. He’s his daddy’s little buddy and his mama’s boy, our sweet little miracle baby.
Lil Mason is always smiling little happy bundle of joy. Loves his pup Laylah. ❤️💙
I love Jaxon more than anything & being a single mum to him makes my heart full. Jaxon has got the most beautiful, infectious smile, you can’t help but smile when he does, he loves kicking off his blankets in a playful way. He loves being in the car and will fall asleep when I drive, he loves playing in under his activity gym. He loves the bath and splashing around in the water.
Zakariye is an energetic, and happy go lucky boy who loves making others smile. He loves early mornings for the extra snuggles, the outdoors, reading, and helping “cook”, more like licking the spoon. Everyday is always an adventure with him ♥️
Chance is one of a kind 💙. He is the most remarkable baby. He’s so loving and has such a big heart for a baby . His smile brightens up the room in a matter of seconds . Let’s get this boy some votes !!💙
Wrenley is a bundle of laughter and love!! She loves crawling, eating, and spending time with her big sister. 😊
Astro Weldin is most determined baby ever! He enjoys rolling all over the floor, playing in his exersaucer. His love his puppy dogs. He loves meeting new people and is a charmer!
My name is Ari, I am 11 weeks old, i like my play mat, trying to stand up even though I shouldn’t be, trying to talk back and laughing at my Mummy especially in the mornings when we have our chat on my changing mat. I am already on the move escaping from my changing mat and I have learnt to clap already!
*Working on advanced votes to be returned in June. Serious voters only. If interested please leave a comment*…….. -If I owe advanced votes please send a reminder before your contest. Thank you 😊- Amairus is the youngest of 3. He Loves his family, playing outside and playing in water. ****Will exchange votes and accepting advanced votes. PLEASE ASK BEFORE VOTING. ALL VOTES BEFORE AGREEMENT WILL BE CONSIDERED A GIFT.
Braxton is such a happy baby. When we are out and about he wants to smile and go to everyone he sees. He hasn’t met a stranger yet. He loves Mickey mouse! His favorite person is his daddy. We are beyond blessed with such a good baby.
Savion is a goofy little boy 🥰 he loves splashing in his tub , playing with his rattle & talking lOl 💙
Wesley Joe
Wesley was born 3 weeks early he was supposed to be a Christmas baby he is such a happy little baby all the time
Isaac “Zeke” is a happy playful baby that loves his milk and dogs. He also loves singing his favorite song is the “Mr golden sun”
Dominic is a happy baby, he's always smiling & trying to laugh, he's a very intelligent baby 💖
Xander is 1 month old , he’s the cutest big eyed baby . He loves smiling at his siblings.
I am almost 20lbs love my sister, my mommy, my auntie, my granny and my daddy! I love food, and I learned how to walk forward in my walker!!
Meet baby Phoenix 💖 Phoenix enjoys snuggles, loves to eat, and is completely entertained by exploring her world. She’s always so happy and loves meeting and chatting with new people. ☺️
Greyson is 5 months old!! Loves to smile! He loves when people talk to him! Greyson was 5 weeks premature and has conqured so much is 5 months! He loves sweet potatoes, pears, apples, and green beans. He melts our hearts!
Kane loves to talk and laugh!