Baby Stories - 30


Liam is 9 weeks old and he is so cuteee, he’s my hero, he is starting to smile more now, he is my mini me
Keaton Is a very spontaneous child loves being out side. Loves animals has the most strangest personality he lives in his own little world on the verge of walking. Loves his oldie music. Has a smile that would light up a room. Red hair blue eyes and the cutest laugh. Loves hot wheels and dinos and loves his mamaw alot more then mom and dad. Oh the places this little firery red head will go. ❤
Hello everyone my name is Joselyn but my family calls me Josy. I am 10 months old and am a very curious baby! I loveeeeee to bite toes and give hugs. My favorite time of day is when mom gives me food and I get to make a mess, then take a bath and splash in the water 💦. If you could please take the time and vote for me I would appreciate it 💜
Hardly has a great figure and stays in shape and really loves to play with her tung and hang around with me
Kennedy is a beautiful grandmas girl. Love to sleep alot
Ellie is a little ray of sunshine! Full of smiles and giggles, ready to make anyone’s day better with her big brown eyes and smile❤️
Elliot aka Monkey is just loving life, he will soon be a big brother and currently has three, four legged siblings. He loves running around and picking up things that are bigger then him.
My name is Vuk . (My mum says that’s mean Wolf.,but i am not dangerous-let’s smile and play how usually I does.)
Amazing big boy 💓💓
Bobby-george loves to smile&giggle :) he is such a funny character and very loveable ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Foxy Sue likes to take long naps and loves exploring the new smells of food her favorite food is plan lays potato chips and has to hold my hand to go to the bathroom. But that's her job ,she is a "ESA" Helper
Olajah is 3 months old. He is very smart and growing so fast. He already tries to crawl and he is trying to sit up on his own now. He’s very nosy ! He doesn’t like to lay down he wants to be up 24/7 doing whatever you do.
Sailor is a happy baby who loves to make cute faces 🙈❤️
Bentley is his mommy's Angel. He literally saved her life. Bentley brings so much joy to his family, friends, even just random passerby's on the street. His smile lights up a room and is infectious. He loves to laugh and be silly and make others laugh and be happy. He is very smart and parrots everything we do. Hebwatches and learns so intent and pays attention to every little detail so he can figure it out later on. He is your typical rough and tumbuly boy with the face of an angel and tons of love to give.
Y’all vote for Bailey
Daleyza was born at 33 weeks weight 3 pounds she stay in nicu for 40 days she is now 12 months and healthy baby girl 🙏🏽❤️
Aiden is a happy and curious little boy. He likes to listen to classical music and some nursery songs. He likes to laugh with mommy and daddy and is currently learning how to roll and sit. He can't wait to try solid food ☺️
Sailor loves mommy & daddy’s cuddles, & loves listening to everyone talk
Kaedon has a very rare feature. He has two different colored eyes one hazel and one blue. His laugh is super contagious and has a huge personality.
Jeonni is almost 4 months old. He has the deepest blue eyes.He loves to relax, snack and watch coco melon.
Meet our Rainbow Baby Boy Sebastian 💙🌈 born at 35 weeks, 4 lbs 5.5 oz Our boy is a miracle and the answer to his generation.
Zoe is the happiest most joyful babygirl ever! 💕
Josiah is an energetic and playful baby! He loves to play peekaboo with everyone !
The red hair and dimples will melt your heart. Hes a mamas boy for sure💙💙 loves to play and eats just about anything. His laugh will make your bad days good and your good days better. He has a sweet personality when he isnt focused on his toys or playing with his puppy. He loves meeting new family and friends and will light up any room when anyone walks in💚💙 He is the sweetest most caring little man.
He's 9 month old loves people can't crawl yet but mastered the worm lol
Azilea is so joyful and upbeat. Always smiling and laughing (belly laugh). She loves singing and talking. She is definitely a ray of sunshine ☀️
Niko is a happy boy that loves to crawl, jump, and laugh. He loves watching his daddy play video games, and he loves baby bums. He makes us very happy.
Yancy is only 2 months old , he’s such a happy baby always smiling , he loves when they talk to him full of joy 💙🙏best gift in the world
Nyemah is my beautiful baby girl. She has lots of spunk and personality at only 6 weeks old. Vote for her!
This is Christopher, he loves snuggles and snacking on peaches. He is almost 4 months old. There is always a smile on his face and loves laughing. Never a dull moment between the smiles giggles and snuggles❤️
George is a beautiful happy little boy, who loves to see people and interact with people💙
Whatever Lola Wants; Lola Gets 💗
Maddox is the happiest little bean. He's a speed crawler and now he's learning to walk. He LOVES yogurt but blueberry is his favorite kind. He's very vocal and knows what he wants
he’s the sweetest little boy.
He was born early his original due date was March 3 but he came January 25th he is a smiley baby and has those love me eyes
Likes to interact with everyone and can almost always be found helping people in our neighborhood and is a pretty good fishing buddy
Sandro Junior is 4.5 months old & 20 pounds😍He’s the youngest of three, he loves bath time, and he loves to be tickled😄❤️ Thank you so much for your vote❤️
Biggest smile, prettiest baby 💓🥺🥺
Ricky Jr
He love to laugh and play he is loved by his family
I’m Christopher I was born on March 2,2021. I’m the sweetest boy anyone could ever meet. It’s nice to be able to be apart of this contest.
Ivy Mae
Ivy loves to smile. She is a talker, and will gabber on and on for hours She absolutely loved her mommy & daddy. And is such a people’s person!
Happy cheeky boy always full of smiles 🥰
Elijah is an intelligent, silly, and sweet little boy. He has a big vocabulary, loves giving Mommy lots of kisses, and his favorite things to do are read books, look at the moon, practice sign language, play with his cars, and spend as much time outdoors as he can. Not only is he the brightest little boy I know, he’s the most adorable!
Hi everyone! My name is Henry and I am 6 month's old. I love eating, cuddles and socialising, my favourite programme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I am such a chatterbox! I dislike parsnips and teething 😩 please vote for me as I love being told how handsome I am and I am such a well bahaved baby boy 💙😁
Greyson is the happiest little dude. He loves bananas and kickin his feet in the bath. He’s very curious and enjoys watching everything that goes on around him :)
Savannah is the sweetest little thing in the world! She loves spending time playing with her older brother and dancing with her older sister. She's the perfect missing piece that we needed in our family!
Xavier is 4months old and was born on Friday the 13. He is a happy baby who loves reading time and being sang too. He is a mommas boy and his best friend is his brother King Kai