Wisteria is FULL of personality! She is very outgoing and loves to wave to everyone when we go out!
Milly loves everyone. She gives her biggest smiles to her mama and papa, her favourite colour is pink and she loooves elephants! Bubble baths are her favourite thing in the whole world.
Emery is 14 months old. She loves mickey mouse, to run around and play and is attached to mommy’s hip. She is the funniest most out going little girl!
Finley likes to enjoy her meals and relaxing the days away. She enjoys tummy time and story time. Finley has style for only two months old and rocks every outfit in her closet.
3 months with a personality he is such a happy baby plus a lady’s man 💙
Aria loves her attention and loves snorting on your neck and laughs when doing so she loves bath time and splashing around she’s my first born and brings joy to anyone around her she smiles at everyone and she loves being cuddled to sleep or before sleep
Jackson is a smiley, happy-go-lucky little boy who loves everyone 💙
Robin Mateo Serrano-rovira
I love spending time with my older brother.
He loves to talk and play and he loves car rides
Raphael Manuel
I love superheros, and dinosaur. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my baby brother.
Muhammad loves to watch his parents dance, sing and make him laugh. He enjoys it when his mama says “I love you!” He also loves it when she changes his diapers and plays dress up with him.
Our coco boy loves cuddles from his mommy and daddy. He’s learning to smile and laugh. His favorite cartoon is mickey mouse and he can’t fall asleep without white noise playing on his sound machine. He is our biggest blessing🤍
Lincoln is a supper happy baby who is always smiling. He lights up every room and loves to talk to everyone. He loves playing with his siblings and with his toys.
Harper is our miracle baby. She loves to sing and dance!
Archie had a rough start in life, he started off on oxygen. He has grown to not needing oxygen 24/7. He is a little fighter that's for sure. Let's show little Archie some love with your votes. Thank you all
Dante is going to be a game, just like his daddy. He is such a precious little boy. Let's show him some love ❤️
Cah'Lani's nickname is smiley, she loves her little sister and her big brother. Cah'Lani likes singing and being silly.
Johnney is very loving, loves to give amazing hugs.
She loves watching bluey in the mornings and she loves sitting outside and looking at the sky and watching the trees sway and she loves spending time with her mama and daddy and friends
Kai is a very curious and adventurous baby, loves to give smiles and cuddles. His favourite toys are “mummy’s hair and the tv remote”. He loves Miss Rachel and swimming in the pool.
Saylor loves to blow bubbles 🫧
Emily is 6 weeks and is already a amazing little girl with a lovely personality
Lani is a happy, bubbly and cute 2 month old! She loves watching Ms.Rachel and making her mama pump extra milk😭 with the prize money she would have a jumpstart on her savings account and future. VOTE FOR LANI🤍
Easton is a very happy 2 month old baby boy! He loves to talk and hangout with his mama! Easton also enjoys standing, tummy time and hanging out with friends & family
Olive is one of a kind! She is inquisitive, silly, and so loving. She loves her mama, daddy and her pop- but most of all she loves all her animals. Olive is a sweet little girl who loves to explore the world.
Rylee is a very kind, helpful and energetic little girl. She isn’t afraid to stand up for what she feels is right. She loves riding her bike, and playing games on her phone.
Riverlynn is 13 months old loves to explore and learn new things. Love's music and to dance. She's a sweetheart, a very happy girl that loves to be outside playing with our animals and her toys. Her favorite food would be potato's and most fruit ( grapes) she has a vocabulary of a few words, mama dada, nana, cup, no, bad, yup, papa, Gigi.
Via is 9 months old with an attitude the size of herself, she loves miss Rachael and playing with her toys and of course her dog Harley! She’s a total daddy’s girl but with lots of love for mommy and others!
Logan is 8 months old, his favorite thing to watch is Mickey Mouse clubhouse and drink milkies!! He loves to dance around with mommy, and play airplane with daddy. He giggles at his dog sister when she howls and loves to watch her play fetch
Rylan is a Very Happy Baby. He Loves Mommy and Daddy and his Big Brother Jasper. He is all smiles and Curious about Everything. His Big Brown Eyes just Light up Our World.
Jazmyn loves getting her beauty sleep❤️and loves lots and lots of boobie milk 😊
. He's very onery mostly due to his ADHD and odd...
Juliana-Lorrayne Ku’upulelehuaokapuakalaununani Cuelho
he's so adorable sweet very calm til his other bother says lets Do this and he trys to copy him.... He onery also...
She very energetic loving and sweet but onery...
Koa is one he loves playing and being outside, he also loves to eat and laugh he loves talking and walking most of all he loves music and dancing
Loves Food and Giraffes!
He loves watching cartoons, laughing and smiling his first word was yeah
Thea LOVES animals, making people laugh, and enjoying time outside in the sunshine! She's so kind hearted, and loves to play with her family and make new friends any time she can!
Autumn is such a happy baby! She is always smiling, and laughing. Her favorite thing to do is dance, any music, does not matter.
Colten loves to play outside in the sun, he loves monster trucks and to go swimming!
Lincoln is 2 months old blue eyed little boy he loves to smile loves bath time loves his mommy and daddy and siblings we love when you talk to me tummy time swinging in my chair and I am making alot of noises I love sticking my tongue out I love being outside I love riding in my stroller he loves his sleep 🤍
Anthony is 5 months. He loves his toys and loves to smile and laugh.
Died on the table having him but I’m alive and so is he and that’s a miracle
Sylas is a fun, silly, sweet and energetic little boy who brings so much joy to everyone me meets.
Riley Rose
Riley is strong, independent and loves her family!! She is very determined even at the age of 7 months! Riley DOES NOT GIVE UP ON ANYTHING SHE PUTS HER MIND TOO!!
Kiana is a Happy Baby so alert and attentive and she really loves music snd bright lights.