Baby Stories - 30


Ca’Myis is the funniest baby boy , he has a personality that will brighten up anyone’s life. He loves dancing , listening to music and being silly ❤️
River is our little wildflower and she is growing so fast already. She loves her big brother and smiles whenever he is near. Her favorite outfit is jammies and hates anything on her head like bows and hats. We are blessed that she is such a happy baby always smiling and making such cute little noises.
Jaelani is 15 months old she's for sure a little princess, she has everyone wrapped around her little finger. She calls herself Lani, I always call her a sour patch kid because if she's mean to you or if she gets something she shouldn't have she knows just the way to suck up, she'll start dancing or try to give you a kiss or she'll even give you a big hug and rub/pat your back. "first they're sour then they're sweet!"
Hi I’m Malik👶,I’m almost 2 months old.Im already such a big boy🖤My favorite things to do are eat,laugh and play and hangout with my mom and dad💛*im mostly a daddys boy*
My Beautiful 10 month old Princess Is My World! She Loves To Growl and meanmug people.Minnie Mouse is Her Favorite also she loves to Be With Family With Smile And Joy 😊
Emmari is 2 1/2 month-old-baby. She is a very happy baby. She always want to play with her mommy. She also likes talking with Daddy! She is very smart too. 2 weeks before her 2 month birthday, her doctor said that she acts like a 4-month-old baby. She is so precious to us.
River loves to laugh and giggle all the time.
Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose is my sweet, sassy, smart little baby girl. She loves making the people around her laugh and is always the biggest helper when it comes to her little sister! Anything that involves snacks or music, Charlie is there!
Carter Jane is the happiest baby, constantly smiling and laughing with everyone around her! She loves her big sister and loves being outside. She’s got her mamas looks and her daddy’s attitude!
Hi I’m Asher. I just turned 2 weeks old today I love sitting in my swing, sleeping with my cat, and I really love mommy and daddy cuddles. Please vote for me!
Alexander was 10 days late and was born with an infection. We we're in hospital while he recovered. Now he is an amazing little boy and is growing a personality already. He loves flashing fairy lights and has the biggest blue eyes that stare directly into your soul. Love him so much
Alex James loves to hangout with any dog, he is the dog whisperer!
Blane Michael just turned 2 years old! He is amazingly smart, polite, and obviously cute as heck! He is also the BEST big brother and little helper!
Copper James just turned three months old! He is the happiest baby ever! He smiles and giggles like crazy! He is so strong and so smart already! His favorite things are his daddy and his dogs 😊
This is my daughter Autumn, she is the most caring, curious and fun loving baby ever! She is always full of smiles especially waking up early in the morning with each other. I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful child in my life!
He's 3 we all tell him everyday how gawjuss he is how special he is an how proud I am as a mum plz vote for Colton
Navie-Mae is 16 months old and loves the camera 💗
Hi my name is Geomar but my family calls me Geo for short. I am a beautiful, happy baby boy. I love dancing, playing with my grandma the most, and eating is my favorite thing to do at the marvelous age of 9 months.
Olivia is seven weeks old and loves bright colors and car rides. Her favorite toy is her swing.
Hes such a little.cutie, And Such a Happy Little Newborn with eyes that will melt your heart
Lincoln loves Mickey Mouse, carrots, and his 3 fur siblings!
Grayson was born on Sept 16, 2020. Since then hes has went under the knife due to not being able to eat without violently throwing up. Over the last 2 weeks hes been doing good. He loves to smile and coo, please vote for him would mean alot!
She will be 2 in January. She is either happy or mad. No in-between with her. She is at that age where she is getting into everything. She is so smart but I'm suprised she doesn't think her name is "No". She loves playing in the water. She loves music and loves to dance. She also loves to color. Recently, she started wanting to put on her own clothes. She will walk around the house with 5 or so onesies pulled up around her legs.
Grayson is my rainbow baby..🌈 I finally got to meet him after 7 years of fertility treatments! 💘
LaMadisyn is the youngest of 8 . She is Energetic, social, creative, loves singing, dancing and fitness training with her oldest sister . Her favourite work out is Planking and jumping jaxxs. She enjoying a good home cooked meal . She loves raw veggies and fruit. She enjoying helping with household duties and will pick up a cleaning towel to clean up a mess. SHES only just turned 2 recently shes been learning and done something new each day since shes been on this earth. SHES A AMAZING YOUNGSTERS THATS GOING TO SHOCK THE WORLD.
Preslee was born 10 weeks early and spent about 42 days in the nicu. Shes such a strong little girl and has proved that since day 1 ❤ she is home now and doing amazing while she was born at 2lbs she is not almost 8lbs 3 months later!!
She likes LOL dolls her birthday is coming up she was born on Thanksgiving the turkey baby
Little curly fry, is always happy you will always catch him with a smile! He loves eating Popsicles, dinosaurs and Spider-Man!
Ximena Mazariegos
She love’s eat her foot!🤣❤️
Rosalynn Faye
Hi my name is Rosalynn Faye, my Mom and Mamaw call me Nosie Rosie because I need to know what's going on around me.
I am a happy boy, love to eat, love to play, I love puppies and kitties and I love my family! Oh and I LOVE paw patrol! Please vote for me! 🤗❤️
My perfect rainbow baby 💙 He loves cuddles, tummy time, and mommy's singing.
Bruce loves being outdoors(and is fearless), playing in water and loves music. Such a sweet & loving boy and is a Momma's boy. Loves eating his fruits & vegetables too, but also loves his ice cream. Bruce loves singing and dancing. He loves going to Preschool.
Laili was born May 30, 2020! She’s the happiest in the mornings! Her two bottom teeth are coming in as well 😍 She loves playing peekaboo 👻 She enjoys Pocoyo, watching her big cousins run around like wild women and loves bouncing ❤️ She loves her mommy and daddy 🤩 If we win, the prize will go to her first birthday since we couldn’t have a baby shower to welcome her due to Covid! Thank you to all who have supported ❤️
Baby Eli as of today is one week old. He is already so strong & tries so hard to hold his head high💓 Such a calm & relaxed baby who deserves nothing but the best in the world. He loves to eat, open his eyes SUPER WIDE & observe the world🥰 Vote for baby Elijah💗💗
Ruby is a sweet and happy little girl.
She loves to sing and dance, make new friends, go to school and church and she loves her baby sister. 💕
Annabelle is my beautiful new born baby !! She absolutely loves to be around people !! Always has her bright blue eyes open and always smiling a very happy babygirl.She loves when mommy cuddles her, and SHE REALLY LOVES HER brothers THEY HAVE SPECIAL BONDS! She Absolutely loves when daddy sings to her there both amazing!!
9 months old and knows he’s the man of the house! 🙄 he loves to eat, read, wrestle with his brother and stand up!
Aaliyah is a 5 month old pure gold hearted happy girl. She has a smile on her face from the moment she wakes up and all the way through her dreams. She was one hard pregnancy but she fought her way to see the world! She has grown so fast and is now so strong. She’s learning new things everyday, like rolling over and sitting up. She loves colors and music! Enjoys trying new foods and using her one tooth. 🥰 She’s my first child and with your vote you would be helping us a great deal financially if we end up winning. We hope to see your little one on here and send them our love with a vote from us! 💗
Jo is the most loving, caring, smart, out going little young man you will ever meet if you have already!! He is so funny & silly, he sure will have you in tears from laughter. He is all the way around AMAZING
Annabel is 15 months a playful and caring little girl she loves unicorns and princess 💙❤️
A BIG mamas boy. LOVES to laugh and smile at everyone and of course loves the ladies
Timothy is the cutest and sweetest baby boy ever 💙❤️
She is 11 months old, She can walk, play peek a boo, she can say mama, dada, and can do patty cake and itsy bitsy, she loves all kinds of Foods and a Bright Personality.
Taraja was born 3 months premature and was 2 lbs and 2 oz and told she wouldnt make it. She is Miracle baby. She is super loving and named after my aunt who passed years ago.
Josiah is a very happy energetic food loving little boy he loves his big brother and his two big sisters, he’s a big mommas boy he loves his daddy and sooo smart 💙 he loves being outside playing, loves cocomelon, Mickey Mouse and baby shark A lot