Loving, lyza is a very funny and outgoing little girl. She will having you laughing just by her facial expressions. Show her some love!
Katie loves being outside, all animals (kitties are our favorite), reading, and coloring. Her favorite shows are my little pony and paw patrol.
Lynette loves mummy very much loves cocomelon loves to do her own thing
Bailee-Ann loves everyone always gives out smiles she loves minnie mouse gets very excited for certain things
Raelynn was born 6 weeks early and was 4 lbs 5 oz. She is very determined and wants to be independent she has been walking since 9 months. She loves playing with other kiddos and is the sweetest girl
This little 15lb girl is filled with nothing but smiles and bright eyes. She loves to snuggle, play with toys, watching cartoons and is a major daddy’s girl!
My name is Harley!I was an IUD baby, I am 3 months old. I love to smile and laugh at my daddy and I love to give mommy a hard time but I love them both the same! I love my swing and my pacifier the most out of everything I have! Showers are my favorite thing, I love how the warm water feels on my body and when mommy and daddy put the magic lotion on my body that makes me feel relaxed! I am a very loud, happy, boy! I plan to grow up and be just like my daddy and make my mommy proud! I’m my mommy’s world! I sure do keep her on her toes during the day but sleep great during the night time.
Jayce is a bright baby boy born in May at almost 42 weeks! He loves oatmeal and green beans so far! He enjoys tummy time, BATH TIME, reading books, going on his daily walks, going to grandmas house, putting toys in his mouth and his lovey! Jayce is so sweet and loving! Every day, he lightens up the room with his beautiful smile! We are so thankful & grateful for Jayce as he is our biggest blessing!
Elijah Cozac
My name is Elijah and I am a very happy baby! I say mama and dada and I love to be cuddled and held🥰 I am almost sitting up on my own and starting to crawl !I love watermelon 🍉 & bananas🍌 and sweet potatoes 🍠
Malachi is A funny and very active kid. He loves giving hugs 🤗. His favorite saying is "uh oh "and Bye 🤣. He loves Entertaining and checking on his baby sister. He loves Toy Story ,Cars & Trains . With Malachi around Their is no Dull moment.I plan to invest in a business for him and his baby sister . My goal is for one day him and or his sister to be the face of something big one day.
She is named after a Japanese fox spirt, her older brothers love her and every animal she meets instantly adores her.
Amina is my first child and has shown me what true love is. She keeps me motivated and keeps me smiling. She is very loved! She has just discovered her fingers and her favorite thing to do is watch Spirit: Riding Free , on Netflix. She is the happiest baby every time she wakes up and will have you laughing before you know it! Please vote for my sweet baby girl!
Cecilia loves to smile at anyone who looks at her! She’s a super happy and independent baby. She insists on feeding herself and she will make sure she is HEARD!
Nevaeh Villarreal
She loves to be outside and playing and always helping daddy with his trucks
Aurora Faye
Just a special little princess in my heart, I don’t care for votes she’s just adorable 🥰
My sweet lil stinka butt who loves to cuddle and talk her little head off. She is the sunshine i needed in this dark world
David Matthew
David Matthew very sweet boy. It’s his first competition. He is first and lovely boy, lives only with mommy , never see his whole family , bevaouse they get stuck in Ukraine 🇺🇦 Under the war … But we are not give up and want to win competition to share this money with his family in Ukraine 🇺🇦. He is easy baby and smart. Like to play with his toys , hands,foot and smiling ☺️ also like to swim ❤️ Vote advance and exchange accepted ✅ day , 150 , 400 MAX ✅
Amelia has a beautiful personality. She naturally brightens the room everytime shes there. A very happy baby all the way around.
A little guy with a lot of spunk, sass, & smiles - all packed in a body that hasn’t made a trip around the sun. His favorite things are his puppy, cuddles, and a warm bottle of milk on cool nights at home. ❤️
Chloe is just the best baby I could ever ask for. She loves 2012 throwback songs, going on walks, she sleeps through the night, only cries when shes hungry. She’s passing all her milestones. She’s just an all around happy baby girl. I never thought I’d be so blessed to have her. I was told for years I couldn’t have a baby. I had many losses. I got pregnant but lost one at 12 weeks, longest I was able to hold a pregnancy. 2 weeks later I was pregnant again, I was thinking “I’ll just lose this one like all the rest” But Chloe went full term, actually a week late. Born healthy at a whopping 8.05lbs. Her full name is Chloe Miracle Raine Pearson. She’s my little CHUNKY miracle rainbow baby. I hope y’all enjoy the pictures ❤️
Miss Addalynn will be a month old 10/10! She already has a big personality and is the sweetest little girl. Any votes and shares will be greatly appreciated:)
Makynlei Loves Minnie Mouse, Little Puppies & Playing Outdoors ! She’s The Most Loving Daughter & Always Has A Smile On Her Face ! ❤️
Gabriel loves playing outside,loves going fishing with daddy,he likes spending time with his family, playing with his toys and loves bathtime he’s a very sweet and lovable baby boy
Those Eye's , those pretty blue eyes. He is our Blonde Hair/Blue Eyed little man. He will still your Heart with one smile and blink. Let's help Gavyn get to #1. Thanks
Keaton is the Politest Little Gentleman of All Time. He will open your doors, say his Thank You's, and just speak " I Love You " out of the Blue. He is Adventurous and Courageous. He Deserves your vote so click that button and let's make this little boy know we all approve. Thanks in Advance.
My name is Liam and I’m 10 months and I’m very active and such a happy baby
Alayna is a dog lover, shes very out going and cant sit still! Shes been walking since 10 months old. She has the best personality and loves mickey mouse!
Ki'Auni is very strong and passionate. Ki'Auni has beaten cancer twice
She likes playing cooing crawling and dancing
Whitney has a beautiful personality and she is a bright and happy child she is very smart for her age she is such a happy child to be around when you are feeling sad she knows how to make you smile she is Partially deaf in both ears and she does not let that stop her from learning or doing things
He loves to laugh and lights up when he sees his favorite light up toy.
Jackson peters aka Jp is my 3rd baby He is my only son, he is a thumb sucker, lives to smile, hes such a flirt. Mommas boy but dads bestfriend. One day he is going to break some hearts but has mine forever
Jackson loves the itsy bitsy spider and looking at himself ❤️ he finds it funny when I have to wipe his butt and any spit up
Shes a fighter! Was born at 32 weeks gestation. Shes growing and stronger than most babies.
C-Anna loves School riding four wheelers church and her baby sister
Ophelia is a very special baby to us. She is so tiny. She is loved by many. Please vote for our little angel
Hi my name is Aria! I’m 7 almost 8 months old. I’m a very happy baby, I love to talk, laugh and play. My new favorite thing is jumping! I’m still learning to sit up on my own and crawl. My mommy and daddy are who I love the most 💞
Stephanie was born two weeks early due to her health and mine. When named her after my fiancée grandmother she was such a dear to my fiancée. She like mostly is to sleep after diaper change and bottle feedings. She does not like to get her duper changed or be disturb from her sleep. She is an angel that was sent from heaven to me and my love I can not ask for a better baby then my Stephanie rose- marie handel.
Noelle loves smiling sleeping talking eating and cuddling her big sister.
He's a such a happy loving boy. He makes the whole room light up. He loves mommy, daddy and his big brother. He grabs the attention of any and everyone everywhere we go. His smile can move mountains. VOTE FOR ISAIAH 🥂
This little baby we should have named her Happy! She is so sweet and very chill! Waking up everyday super Happy!
Koda was born at 37 weeks and was a NICU baby for 6 weeks. He was diagnosed with Becker muscular dystrophy at 4 weeks old. He loves being snuggled, naps with dad, and chewing on fingers 😂❤️
Delilah loves ducks! Trucks! And playing in the mud!! 💓🥰 she’s full of love and laughter😄
Mariana is 7 months old. She loves to play and laugh. She is a happy baby. Always smiling! Her favorite song is the itsy bitsy spider.
Jovie is 2 months of pure sass and personality. vote for my girl so I can start her savings acct😇💗
Jenson is our fire cracker, sweet and silly boy, he also has an obsession with hats😆