Baby Stories - 3


Hello, my name is Samuel. My family calls me Sam Sam. I love watching Mickey Mouse.
Paizlee Raelynne
I love to be outside! I love my mommy and daddy!
Owen is a fun loving smiling happy 3 month old. He loves being outside watching everything. He loves giving kisses and talking.
Lilly is such a sweet girl! Shes always so curious about the world.
Hey everyone my name is Elijah, I love cocomelon, riding around in my truck, showing my mommy affection and eating bananas. I also love playing ball with my dad and dancing. Vote for me!
Paislee love her momma and daddy! She loves to be outside and look around. See has always been very alert and never misses anything. She loves to try to talk to you. She has a sweet personality and loves her cousin Landen! Please vote for Little Miss Paislee
Axander is a 6 month baby boy who is a very happy baby who loves to cuddle. He loves to cuddle with mommy and his stuffed zebra.
He has big blue eyes and a head full of dark hair. He is a fun loving 3 month old with a lot of personality. He hardly ever cries only when he's hungry really. He loves being held and loved on. He loves to coo and kick, and he plays with his hands all day long. ❤️
adonis is 4 months old. he loves to scream at his mom and dad all day. he loves to wake everyone up at night for attention and food. he has currently started to teethe and has a new growling noise. he can steal your heart with just one look. if you dont believe me. just look at his picture. 😉
Asher is a happy little boy who loves to play with his trucks and bothers and sisters he is a very happy boy loves his momma and daddy
Zaydie Maelynn is one of the happiest babies. She knows how to get your attention & make you laugh. Her favorite thing todo is watch mickey mouse and eat 🤪
Nautica Reign Marie Thornton
Nautica is a little less than 2 months away from turning one year old! She’s the happiest & smartest little girl I have ever met. She’s always clung to mom, but loves her daddy very much. When it comes to food, she is a literal garbage disposal besides when it comes to certain fruits. She catches on to things very fast. She has been trying to figure out her balance and will be walking any day now!
Avery likes cuddles with mom and dad. And loves to watch tv with his dad.
Ivy is an almost 2 month old little girl who loves hanging with her Poppa and loves to watch football! She loves eating, playing, cuddling and FaceTiming her daddy while he is overseas!
Zakia is 2 months old. He has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes he’s my little chunky butt🥺
Beau is 8 months old, He loves finding Nemo, Sharks, & his cat pickle a lot❤️.
Livi Lou Bop is the light of our lives!! She loves to watch her cartoons and is such a happy girl ❤
Gabriel is such a happy boy! He loves to smile and be goofy (or watch others be goofy lol). He's full of energy, likes to flirt and play with his light up toys! Our newest favorite things are trying new foods, jumping, and working on crawling.
Hunter is 2 years old, loves big trucks, he loves being outdoors, he’s very smart, he’s got a very very big personality he’s a handsome guy ❤️
Hi! I'm Ruby Grace. I am 12 months old. I am so full of personality and sass! But I am also so loving and caring and love to share all my food with our dog Blade. Please vote for me! 😊
Hi! My name is Joshua. I love to atagonize and joke with everyone. I enjoy playing with monster trucks and driving mom crazy. Please vote for me. 😊
Hello I’m Atticus Michael but my momma calls me moonpie:). I love playing with anything I can get my hands on and eating. I have blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair; Nonna says it keeps getting redder and redder tho.
navy is the happiest baby girl!
Babyjay LOVES his mom. Loves to talk to his cartoons. He’s a Gemini boy so you just never know what personality you gonna get at any moment of the day. BUT HES THE CUTEST YOUNG MAN AROUND ! He says you should vote for him.
Cierra Marie
Cierra loves to smile and sleep. She is definitely a mommy’s girl and her mommy’s twin!
Kalani was born a preemie.she is a very smart baby thats loves her pacifier and has learned to hold it so it doesnt come out of her mouth.she is so is all babies.
He loves mommy and daddy. His favorite thing is to spit up on mommy and make sure she doesn't sleep, and they love me so much. I love to smile when I'm awake
Noah is just a joyful kiddo. Loves spending time outside enjoying what the world has to offer him.
Heyy :) My name is Kyli. I love spending time with older brothers and sisters. They love me and spoil me so much. I love my daddy and mommy so much. I love spending every second with them. They do everything for me that they can to make me happy ❤️ I love watching my dad play basketball and my mom make beautiful tiktoks:) I love trying to walk:) I take just about 3 to 4 steps I’m almost there ❤️ Please help me win for my mommy and daddy. They really do deserve it❤️ Greatest parents in the world.
Bukata is a very happy joyful baby, he enjoys music, loves to play with dad and mom, loves hugs and snoggys with dad, and loves to play with his toys and he is very attentive and observant. His favorite cartoon is Hippy Hoppy and his favorite book is goodnight moon 🌙 and he is very social 😊
Georgie is our very clever cheeky boy, who always makes us smile. He has been through so much when he was first born and has come out strong and healthy. We are so proud of him. He loves his bunny and cars.
Charlie is a loving baby who is always on the go! If he’s not crawling super fast, he’s walking along the furniture. Enjoys the company of his fur-siblings and adores his human siblings! Charlie loves to eat any and everything you give him! With a large appetite it’s safe to say you know he doesn’t miss a meal!
Mckenzie-stuart was born on the 12th of jan 2021 he is the most precious litle thing ever he has grown and learnt so much of the last 8 months he is now only just starting to try and crawl but would rather be on his feet hes very fast at learning things bless him but he loves to spend time with his mummy, daddy and his best friend tia his dog.
My cute boy
This is sweet Augustus, we call him Gus Gus, Gussy and Chop Chop! He is literally the sweetest baby ever and is ALWAYS smiling. He loves to eat and is OBSESSED with blues clues and baths! ❤️
My names oaklynn mae im 3 months old my favorite things to do are watch cocomelon and nap with mommy and daddy🥰
My name is Addi & I love to sing, dance and learn! I love my baby brother so much, and my imagination runs wild! I love to pretend play and cuddle with mommy and daddy. Tball is my sport!
Andreas loves being carried. It doesnt matter whats going on he could be out for a walk in the stroller and he will make me carry him. He has tons of smiles for everyone. He loves people.
My baby is a merical baby, such a good big brother brings smiles and laughter, loves to dance and play with his brother, loves Iron man. He's amazing 💙
Hi y’all! My name is Michael but I go by CJ for Chase Jr! I’m such a happy boy that loves to cuddle, play, and crawl around! I love bath time, when mommy sings to me, and my big sister!
Hello everyone my name is Amen aka Boobear what my mom likes to call me. I have the biggest bright eyes that my mommy is mesmerized by. A teddy bear face you want to kiss all day and the cutest chubbiest Cheeks. You will fall in love with me I warn you
Hunter loves the beach, he loves his mommy & daddy, his sibblings, he loves being outdoors and quad rides.
Isabella is my miracle baby. Born 10 weeks early and not given much hope . Now 2 years on she still surprises me everyday. Such a happy little girl , gone through so much already but always smiling
Always a good baby never crying for no reason very well behaved
Little miss Bria loves to sing and dance. She’s a sweetheart and always smiling 🥲.