Hi I'm Athena I'm 6 months old i love my daddy and laughing and playing with hair
Colin likes to walk around outside playing shop with daddy and big brother. He loves to laugh and have a good time!
Royce is a 3 month old loving, happy and healthy beautiful boy, with beautiful grey eyes. He loves kicking his feet to Spanish music, trying to grab his toys, smiling at people, making sounds, and hearing people say “cheese!”
a chubby crazy SMILEY ray of sunshine ☀️ he lovesss mickey mouse, being outside, and playing in water 🥰
Izabella is 5 years old . Loves playing with her dinosaurs and doll house. Lovable princess
Tru is such a loveable baby. He loves cuddling, smiling & talking to people 💙 his favorite show to watch right now is Ms. Rachel
Emir is 6 months, he pushes himself forward with one foot.
Kaison is the most beautiful little boy ever, he loves tummy time and lots of nursery rhymes! Rainbow baby 💙
Willow is a sweet and bubbly 5 month old who loves to play on her Nemo play mat, and talk with Mom and Dad!
Noah is 3 months old, loves snuggle time, and eating. He is starting too giggle, and learning how too use his hands! He's momma's and daddy's buddle of joy!
Hi I’m Adeline I’m 6th months almost 7 technically. I am the chubbiest girl on the planet, I love food and my best brother with four legs Scooby Doo. My moms my favorite thing to see when I wake up from my short naps. I love ms Rachel and cocomelon.
Jack loves to climb, has an abundance of energy & is a very happy little guy!
She loves the camera, will always pull the most ridiculous but funny faces the second she notices you’re trying to take a picture, also really loves dancing (jiggling her shoulders and head) 😂
Almost two months old he is filled with personality. He is starting to smile and giggle at facial expressions or certain words like “pretty boy” “mama” “dada”.
Kip is an incredibly sweet, very loving, and very energetic, 1 year old. He loves to dance around to music and clap his hands. He would rather sit down and flip through a book than play with his toys. Despite being born 5 weeks early, Kip is right on track with all his developmental milestones and has shown the world he’s not going to let anything hold him back.
I love to play sports. I play baseball, football, basketball and I’m also in Boy Scouts. I have 1 older brother, 2 younger baby brothers and 2 younger sisters.
Ivory loves to eat, ride her bike, and play with mommy, daddy, & big brother!
Zac is happiest when his big brother plays with him. On the rare occasion he is upset he only needs to hear his brother's voice and he stops crying. Zac is a very happy baby who loves to smile and giggle and finds the simplest things funny.
He loves to give kisses, loves watching Bluey and Paw Patrol, and gives the best hugs.
Raiden loves to be outside and being on walks around the neighborhood. His current favorite thing is his sloth paci holder and his tummy time activity mat.
Charleigh is a happy girl! She loves music, dancing and her bestfriends are her pup pups Winston and wilbur.
Baby Cairo loves stuffed animals he thinks they are funny. For only 2 months old baby Cairo is already funny and bubbly and always has a smile on his face.
She loves cloud babies , full over giggles and love … and now can finally roll over ☺️☺️☺️
Raylynn loves being outside and loves to do anything that involves water. Raylynn also loves to listen to music dance and read books.
He loves dinosaurs and his family
He loves dancing fruits, and outside. He is such a happy loving huddle of joy!!
Ni'Lah loves to be creative. Drawing, painting are her favorite. Anything arts and crafts is a must for her. She loves bubble baths and always sings while in the bath. She's very vocal and loves music.
Luxianna loves to bake, anything involving the kitchen she's right there! Even doing dishes! She loves to play outside and she's a big cuddler!
She is 5 months old loves to talk she is a very happy baby girl and her favorite time of day is bath time or when she watches me Rachel
Jimmy always smiling loves interacting with his peers and family ! He enjoys playing and learning how to hold his toys and use them:)
Aubree Loves To Dance , Sing , travel to new adventures and have fun with others 💕
Silas loves his mamas cuddles and he loves his swing.
I love to go to the aquarium, hang out with my mommy and my family.
Ansley enjoys eating, sleeping, fishing, and anything to do with outdoors. She is very caring, loving and wild 😂
I absolutely love being creative and dancing! My favorite thing to do is to spend time with my family doing any activity! I am a spit fire thats pretty on the eyes ❤️
Felix loves to smile and giggle. His current favorite thing to do is sucking on his right thumb. He is growing strong and healthy.
Luna is really the perfect baby! She makes you laugh ( mostly at her laughing at things that aren’t funny ). And though she’s only 5 months old she has so much personality❤️. She is so smart already( too smart lol). We don’t care if we win the contest. We just wanted something fun to do, and so I can share my amazing daughter❤️.
Ezra loves being outside playing, she loves her sisters and brothers. she is an animal lover and always has to have her puppy with her.
A’Lanni is 6 months old she loves to jump and has the prettiest smile.
She is always very happy, and smiles every times she sees someone. She loves playing with hats and chew toys, and loves anything sparkly.
Dale is my great grandson. He is one of the most sweetest, caring little man you could ever ask for. He is so helpful around the house and always wanting to do little things along with his parents. He loves to be outside, especially on his toy car or his sandbox or swingset. He just became a big brother his little brother was born yesterday.
Jaxx loves to drool, babble and cuddle with mom and dad
He is the smartest and goofiest boy ever. He loves eating everything and loves watching dad play video games.
8 months. Love my parents, my grandparents, and my pets!❤️
He’s a very happy and smiley baby , laughs so much , and is such a people person!
❗️❗️ DO NOT RETURN ADVANCES UNTIL APRIL 4TH. ANY VOTES WILL BE CONSIDERED GIFTS! 🎁🎁❗️💥Aaliyah is returning to contest April 4th! Please return all advances in that contest💥 ❗️❗️Anything not agreed upon will be considered gifts! 🎁🎁❗️❗️ ✨️✨️Aaliyah has 2 older sisters who she loves dearly. She loves to smile, roll and try to crawl around. She's a mamas girl who will steal anyones heart. 🩷✨️✨️