My happy son loves cars and loves to play with other kids and ride his bike plus he loves his little brother Alexander ❤️
Jazmine better known as Jazzy she loves everything. She loves to play. She loves singing let it go and babyshark. She thinks she is a ninji also.
Likes to baby sing all the time❣
Hello I am Tori I am only a 11 days old, I was born a little early but Thank God nothing was wrong with me. At my age is all I love to do is Eat & Sleep.I just want to see how far I can make it in this..
Ezekiel loves to play with our dog Cali, he loves bath time! He was born March 5th 2020. Peaches are his favorite fruit
Liliana loves to laugh smile and play she is the happiest most easiest baby ever she hardly ever cries and can just brighten up anyone’s day she is already so smart and knows how to hold her head up and can babble on forever.
Princess of her siblings. Bows & glitter. She likes white noise waves, and cuddles with mom or dad. Moni is her nickname and she hates to sleep 😅😆
Bows or messy hair she loves both. It’s all about my little pony and playing in the dirt. She loves her siblings and is a great helper with anything they need. And she strongly hates mushrooms and tomatos. Her nickname is Bell, as she grows and learns everyday she expresses how she wants to go to public school and not homeschool
Jayy loves the water and to run. Big on loving mom & dad. He is an amazing big brother and lives his sisters very much. Favorite drink is anything mom has and will eat anything. Sweetest yet smartest little boy I’ve even seen.
An adorable 1 month old sweet baby girl 🥰
This is my grandson Adrian. Adrian just loves music and to coo up a storm. He loves to be talked to and to smile and coo back
Oakley brings so much light and sunshine into everyone’s life around him, just one smile can brighten your day. He is a mamas boy who loves, laughing, playing with his big brother, and eating. He’s currently mastering sitting up on his own, standing, and rolling over both ways. He is such a happy, smart, and good baby.
Logan is 1 month old but looks like he is 3 months being born at 12 lbs 7 oz...he is already holding his head up. He loves to smile and giggle at his brother and sister. And will attempt to talk your ear off.
Charlene Aka Charlie
I love sleeping, smiling, and watching the silly faces my sisters and brother make when playing with me.
Noah Andrei
Sleeping and eating 😅 he's a lovely little boy, smiling 😃 all the time , i love him more than my life 🥰😍😍😍
Hello world! My names Noah I love my mommy and daddy. I love to laugh and smile and drink all my mommy’s milk. I’m a joy to be around! Oh and I leave stinky diapers for my parents to clean. Vote for me pweeasee
Jonaselle Nyemb
Jonaselle is a sweet, cute, calm, mommy girl, she love to listen to ABC, takes her nap, suck mommy boob, Pacific and bottle. She cry when she's hungry and dirty. She's mommy world and daddy Princess. She love to sleep in mommy and daddy bed.
My baby Alexander loves to smile and make funny faces❤️
Hi I am Lucas and I love really long baths, smiling, playing with mommy, but what I like the most is my milk 🤗
Wyatt just turned the big two he’s already so advanced with his talking he absolutely loves his dinosaurs and his daddy ❤️
Nayeli is my pride and joy. Sassy and sweet and will make your heart melt.
He love cars
Jacob is a miracle baby. He was born at 26 weeks. He’s had a trying first few months of life. He’s has had three different surgeries but that doesn’t take away his adorable character. He has been a true blessing in everyone’s lives he comes across.
This is Bentleigh she was born 7 weeks early with 3 congenital heart defects. She’s had 5 surgeries total so far. She absolutely loves her daddy and making funny faces. She also loves snuggles 🥰. Bentleigh also has a gofundme if y’all don’t care to donate and help us out! The link is in the comment section
David is very clever boy
Aria Elizabeth Stacy was born in July 2020. She loves to watch Winnie the Pooh and sleeps with her little Tigger friend and Snuggly Bunny. She is very Alert and tries to talk already. Enjoys her mobile too. :) Thanks for Voting!
Grayson will be 1 month old tomorrow, besides eating, and making cute faces, and learning his own sounds and watching him smile ...he loves his big brother Prestyn! Watching him with his big brother completely melts my heart, they are so sweet together. He loves laughing at his brother being silly. His brother holds his hand, kisses his head, tries to give him a pacifier if hes crying, rubs his back, helps with EVERYTHING, cuddles up next to him, and talks up a storm to him..our little peanut just stares at him fully taking it all in, like he knows what hes saying..its unbelievable to watch. So excited to see my baby boy grow, hes so perfect to us.
Maverick is the sweetest, happiest little boy I have ever seen! He loves his paci, his swing, and cuddles from mommy and daddy. He likes to smile at his puppy Luna, and his nana, and pretty lights. He enjoys watching Pokémon and other anime with his mommy in the mornings, and a having a nice warm bottle while mommy drinks her coffee.
Patricia loves her naps and loves cuddles with mama and daddy. 10/27/20
My daughter is a happy 1 month old she love to smile 😊❤️
Hello world! My names Amora I love my mommy and daddy. I love to laugh and smile and drink all my mommy’s milk. I’m a joy to be around I’m learning to sit up all on my own! Oh and I leave stinky diapers for my parents to clean. Vote for me pweeasee
‼️ ‼️ONLY ACCEPTING ADVANCED VOTES THANK YOU‼️ Very smart and outgoing little princess. She loves to dance and sing.
Kulture King
Kulture is a 14 month old boy who intents to surprise people everyday with his uniqueness, intelligence,and all around creativit/imagination! He's such a sweet little soul, please get him all the votes he can❤️❤️
Hi! I’m Charlotte, I love bath time, peeing on mommy and watching daddy play video games. I hate being swaddled, being woke up from a nap.
I love milk I love to sit up I try to hold my bottle I’m good at holding my head up I smile a lot I like to throw my hands around like I’m boxing I love naps And I love my mamas ❤️
🌈 Smile, Eat, sleep, poop and repeat. 😁
Roman is the happiest baby to ever hit earth. The only time this boy isn’t smiling or laughing is when he isn’t being fed fast enough. His smile is infectious to anyone who looks his way and for a boy born in a pandemic he sure does love to goo and gah at anyone who will look his way. ♥️
Emily Renee
Emily loves to play outdoors and she absolutely loves rocks. She adores all animals and loves to say hi to everyone!
Missael is such a wonderful 4 months he’s adorable he’s a very happy baby he’s just so amazing no words to explain it
Hello! I'm Laci, I'm a very happy independent 4 year old. I love to color and learn new things.
👻”Shawty my lil B🎃🎃 thang, she my lil 🦇ty!” 👻 our spooky babe ♥️D.O.B 10/31/2020
Susie is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet, she’s 4 months old, loved bananas and her jolly jumper! A vote from you would be so appreciated❤️
He the king of grumpy face and my little angel he's only 5 weeks old now, and is my little cutie
She loves walking playing with the ways exploring He loves unicorns My Little Pony And the chiefs
Loves football chiefs mahomes enjoys Playing with friends his football team wss undefeated in little league football game. Loves reading and school. Enjoys watching movies and playing with little sister and brother
Jru is our little miracle, our rainbow baby. He hates baths and loves his big sister🥰
Loves paw Patrol coloring watching movies. Happy spunky little man who loves mahomes and chiefs.
Gage Wayne is 4 months old he has learned he has toes he loves to chew on his toes he can play with his toys too he especially loves his sunshine rattle he's so silly and always ready for the camera he warms thw heart of so many and never leaves anywhere without leaving a few smiles here and there he loves cuddles and he loves greenbeans he can be a little stinker and he loves to give sweet warm smiles