Baby Stories - 25


Percy is a funny little man who loves anything cars, trucks, and trains! He enjoys being around people and engaging in any kind of conversation. He loves conversations! He’s a smart and observant little boy, who always has a smile on his face 💜
Mila Rey
Mila Rey is 7-months old! Mila has mastered sitting up, rolls all over the place, zooms around in her walker, & loves her bouncy chair! Butternut squash is her favorite food. Her best friend is Baby Yoda! She is the happiest, silly baby but has become very sweet & loves to give kisses!
Brystol is 9 months old and the happiest smiling baby 🤍
Tiana is so smart and such a Happy Baby,She is already crawling everywhere,She is fun and has a big personality already.
My name is Wyatt and I am 6 months old! I come from a caring family with a mommy and daddy who love me very much. I smile and giggle at anyone who will give me attention. I’m so friendly and silly, I make everyone laugh! My favorite things include my mommy, milky, and bath time. I’m super cute sooo VOTE for me!!!
The cutest little bean. Loves kisses, going for car rides and swinging in her swing!!
Gage loves side by sides, trucks, and pretty much anything else with wheels!
My name is Oliver and smiling and giggling are only a few of the things I LOVE to do! I am a happy baby who loves my family and dancing to music. I am going to be a heart breaker with my blonde hair and blue eyes!
Kodi Nehemiah
Kodi is a very energetic person! He’s so adventurous and loves the outdoors. Kodi also enjoys playing with his twin sister Kartyr. Kodi loves to eat oranges and strawberries, he does a little dance every time! His smile lights up an entire room and his pats on the back are warming.
Taylor Phoenix is 2 Months old and made it to this world august 15th 2021, via emergency c section. This little one had her her whole body wrapped up in the umbilical cord, unable to get oxygen. Taylor is now a very healthy girl, she loves randow lights. We spend lots of time listening to all styles of music, and growing our muscles during tummy time. I cannot wait to see what our future holds :)
Aspen Mae
Wild child 😍
Waylon Don is our miracle baby. After trying for 4 years we where finally blessed with the happiest of babies. He loves bath time and is already a total mommas boy. He was born a month early and born while momma had covid but has completely strived and grown since day one!
This is joesph he is 13 months old. He love animals and being out side. He loves running around and talking up a storm in his language.
Mason just turned a year old! He was born deaf and now has bilateral cochlear implants. Implanted at 9 months and has been hearing this world for 3 months. He loves hearing now 😍 couch cruising, books, food, and bath time.
She love playing outside watching her favorite papa pig show she loves mud
He love to play in water and mud he love be outside
She loves eating, laughing, and playing! She’s the happiest and sweetest baby in the world!
Evelyn is the most sweetest happiest girl even tho she has her kidney problem, she loves her mommy and her baby dolls.
Kartyr Noelle
Ms.Kartyr, as we call her definitely lives up to her name! She’s the boss. Kartyr loves to play with her twin brother Kodi! She is like the mini mama who loves to dance in the mirror like nobody’s watching! Her smile brings joy and her hugs are comforting. Her favorite thing to eat is cereal with marshmallows and she shares!
Mikenna is a very smart 2 year old she loves to go fishing and spend time with her family she enjoys being outside and ridding her bike and going for walks
Maddison Rose
This little cutie is 7 months, she is crawling and pulling up on furniture... Extremely smart, her first tooth came in on Saturday so shes been enjoying anything froozen. She loves her cat Panda n naps
Casen is such a smiley happy boy who loves anything to do with being outdoors .
Landon is 1 year and 5 months old. He love's being outdoors, adors animals and is wild,and fearless
Montana is the most smiliest, snuggliest BIG boy you’ll ever meet. He loves dancing to Elmo and playing with his cousins ❤️
She’s a big fan of Mickey Mouse club house; And she will turn 9 months old on the 25th!
Adryan is almost 9 months old. Breastfed and the best thing to ever happen to me ♥️
Odyn is an amazing little boy. His toy dino Ralph is his favorite thing to chew on along with his fingers. He also loves watching wrestling with his Daddy!
Achievement purposes only!!!!
Kyrian Lee
Hi my names Kyrian. My nickname is “Kye” I’m 4 years old. I know my left from my right! I love to play games, watch YouTube and play superheroes. My bestfriend is my sister 🖤
Lamont Jr.
Hi my name is lamont and i love to roll im always on the move. I talk alot so dont get me started lol. Most of all i love my mommy my warm bottles and sleeping 🥰.
Hi my name is Amira, my brother gave me my Nickname “Mira” I can say “dada” “baba” “bye bye” and “mum” I am 7months old and love carrots and to talk! My favorite show is SpongeBob🖤
Raeleigh is 2 weeks old and full of character! She can hold her head up, laugh, and grins from time to time. She loves snuggling her mommy and holding her daddies finger. She is very sweet with others and rarely cries. She brings joy and bright smiles to everyone who she comes in contact with.
Felicity was born in Oct of 2020 prematurely and has just celebrated her first birthday:) she love cocomelon and carebears . She loves sleeping in and eating lots of food lol
🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥ADVANCE VOTES ARE WELCOME🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Hi, My name is Cataleya I'm the oldest sibling from my family. Let me tell you somethings about me. The first thing is that I LOVE MY FAMILY so much, my favorite color is pink, I love eating avocados and last but not least I love reading and going to school.🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌺
Riley is 9 year's old in 4th grade loves school and spending time with the family when his not playing fortnite
Liliana likes to eat 🍜, sleep 💤, loves music 🎶.
Emberlynn is seriously the light of my life! She can brighten anyones day, she is so happy and loves everyone! Especially her pups.
Likes car rides and long naps. Also loves his Boppy pillow ❤💕
Ayla Patricia Lynn Burt. 🎀 Born August 13th, 2020. Weighing 5lbs 10oz and is now 8lbs 10oz at 2 months old. She is always smiling and happy and content. And is such a good baby. She is a mommy’s girl and always wants to be up with her momma. I am so so very proud of her and her big brother. Her big brother Dawson loves her so much and is always making her smile. They are just 11 months and 2weeks apart! She is growing and getting bigger and brighter each and every day, she truly is such a beautiful baby girl. Pure perfection she is. Watching her become such a beautiful smart, amazing girl each day is seriously a blessing. My lil mini me. 🎀🤍 We would love if you take the time to please vote for Ayla and her brother Dawson. Thank you for this opportunity! 🥰
Dawson Joseph Lawrence Burt. 💙 This is Dawson who was born August 28th 2020. Weighing 6lbs 2oz and is now almost 14 months old and weighing 32lbs. He is such a big boy that’s for sure. Wearing 3T clothes and 3T 4T diapers. Moms chunky butt!! He has 14 teeth already. And loves to eat almost everything he’s tried so far lol! He is the happiest most funniest smart little man ever, he has the biggest personalty and is always making me laugh. He really is such a character, I am so happy to be his momma. He loves his little sissy Ayla who is just 2 months old. And they are only 11 months and 2 weeks apart. He is crawling around and starting to walk, says mama dada pop pop nan nan ya ya and baba and a few other words. He is such an amazing little boy in every single way. His favourite show is Thomas the train, Thomas really is his all time favourite. He absolutely loves the water and bath time. I am so proud to be his momma and beyond proud of how smart my handsome boy truly is. 💙 Anything to do with sounds and music etc he really can’t get enough of. He loves dancing and clapping his hands and try’s to sing along to the songs. He is beyond amazing in every single way. Although to me he is mommas boy anyone who truly knows Dawson knows he is ALL about his dada. He loves his daddy so so much he do, They have the most precious and most incredible bond I’ve ever got the pleasure to experience and witness. Please vote for our handsome boy!!! 🥰💙
Asher is a 10 day old bundle of joy and is already learning to hold his head up. He loves being read to and practicing tummy time with mom and dad!
Baby Leo as big brother says is the happiest, smiley 3 month old with the sweetest dimple❤️ He loves to “tell stories”, be talked to, and seeing the world always so alert💙.
Conner is a guy who loves animals, especially his kitten Loki. He loves his mom and dad, his Grampies and Grammies, and loves to snuggle
Skye Harper
Skye harper is 13 months old, she loves to smile, laugh and giggle. She loves her little friends and everyone really also loves her food. She's a major mammy and daddy's girl and we can't get enough of her. Definitely steals hearts.❤
Liara loves music. Even before birth moved to music. She loves cuddles from mummy daddy and her brother and sister ❤ She loves to babble to her musical toys. Cuddles are her absolute favourite 💓
Rambunctious has his own mind always on the go tough but knows how to hit when needed loves animals and his little sister has his own personality