Isaiah is so smart, helpful, loving, sweet and caring boy🩵😃hes very understanding and good. the best son a mother can ask for, always here for me and i him💖🙏 he loves his little brother and never wants to see him cry🥹best big brother ever. always makes him laugh. he knows all his abc's, 123's, shape's, every vehicle big and small, every dinasoars name
Opal Layne
Opal Layne loves any music, especially worship songs. And endless amounts of snuggles. 🥰
Hunter is a very happy but fussy boy. He loves to stomp his little feet all the time and giggle
Ms Mii'Kel is 4months she loves to sleep and be a beautiful baby model she is loved by the world she loves Sesame Street
Temperance loves to watch Mickey Mouse in the morning, hang out with family, and eat. She’s a very happy baby that always giggles and babbles. She would rather play with wipes then her toys and she loves to cuddle momma snd daddy.
Elliza is our almost 4month old daughter. She's very lively, always lovable and wanting to chat. As long as shes getting snuggles She's happy!
Bo is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. No matter what he’s always smiling even when he’s crying he still flashes a smile. He loves tummy time and spending time with mommy and daddy.
Madelynn is 5 months old and she loves to wake up in the morning all smiles and laughs. She loves to watch Mickey mouse and her favorite thing to do is smile when you tell her no.
Charlotte is a wiggly, energetic, and smart little girl! She loves her reflection, finding her singing voice, and practicing to be a part of the Aesenal Women’s Football team. She is a die hard Edmonton Oiler’s and Arsenal fan. Lastly, she loves her dad, mom, dog beau, and all of her grandparents and many uncles and aunties! Thanks for voting for her! 💜
My name is Raelynne Helene Kassandra-Grace. I was born on March 3rd 2023 at 10:33pm. I was 4pounds 11ounces and 45cm long when I was born. I was 3 weeks early so I had to spend some time in the NICU but I'm doing better now. I have V.S.D and I'm still a little underweight but I'm still a very happy baby. I'm my mommas little peanut, Daddy's princess and my Grammys little Ray of Sunshine. My mommy says I'm a champion sleeper cause I sleep through everything except when she changes my diapers and my favorite thing to do is watch Disney movies while I cuddle with momma 🥰❤️
Baby Will is a 10 month old little boy who loves cocomelon. He enjoys laughing and playing with toys. He loves mommy and daddy 💙
Carter-James is a bubbly smiley 7 month old he loves Mickey Mouse and cars ❤️
Nolan is my shy, sweet, goofy 4 year old who loves… no, is OBSESSED with cars. He lights up a room. He is 1/4 Filipino and has those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. He is a mamas boy 🤗 and loves our two puppies. He is a very picky eater (aren’t they all tho!) but honest truth here: he does not like sweets. Refuses candy, cookies, cake, donuts, pie, ice cream.. he even gave me and his dad all his Halloween candy. Not complaining here.. that’s just Nolan!
Ella likes clapping her hands when you say shes a clever girl shes very bright girl loves running around in her walker
Ivy is the sweetest 14 month old to ever come into our lives! Her favorite things are her kitty, who she calls “meow”, her puppy, and her mama and dada!
Hello! My name is Jaxson, I'm 3 years old! My hobbies include making messes, playing with my boats, and playing with my mommy, daddy, and grandparents. I love to swim and ride my side by side! ❤️
I'm Skylar, I love eating my hands and watching anything that's colorful and moves around on the TV. I'm always smiling and laughing as I explore this still very new world around me.
olivia is a very happy girl always has a smile she has a very quiet and humble spirit she can speak with just her eyes such a blessing
Owen Edward
Owen is a spunky cool dude who loves to talk and make funny noises.
Braxley is a very talkative 5 month old that doesn’t mind letting you know he loves you will kisses and slobber. He’s walking in his walker and crawling as he is a very strong and handsome baby!!
Graciela is a 15 month old baby who is always on the move, loves dancing, and her stuffed animals.
athena-rose is my gorgeous little girl , she loves to smile and blow raspberries 🥰 she is such a delight and has the most amazing eyes 😍
Meet BriarRose, she has a smile that will light up your day is a second. The worlds happiest baby !
Hey everyone this is Greyson he is 2 months old and loves his momma and daddy and loves to play with his hands he loves to coo and talk and loves to smile he also has a grumpy look all the time
Anney is a sassy momma's princess who loves to explore and try new things. My first after many losses and struggles, she is my entire world. I value being able to see her grow and want to do the best in providing, encouraging her growth and development. Recently she's shown interest in karaoke and loves to speak into the microphone though duets are preferred. Be careful though, because she has a rule of if she can't have it, you can't either! Anney enjoys sharing anything edible and will always ask for a taste. When she really wants something she looks with big eyes and claps her hands together as if to say "please?" Who could say no to such a beautiful face?
Sawyer is a red head and it shows! Attitude and all! He’s a goofball who’s always laughing. He’s such a lover boy smooches all around 😘
Hadlee-joe is a cheeky 1 year old!! Always smiling and giggling and always giving lots of cuddles and kisses !!
Creed loves basketballs, baseball bats , coco melon , doggies and his brothers and sister 🫶❤️
This little ball of joy loves paw patrol and playing with his toys he also is very vocal. He loves to play with his toys and stuck his fingers in his mouth. He loves exploring new toys he may be 10 months old but he loves being able to see everything and knowing everything that’s going on around him. He is very observant and notices everything. He loves him some paw patrol and his Winnie the Pooh blanket he can’t sleep without it!
Roman loves cuddles, long walks along the Riverwalk w/his parents and drinking formula! His smile is contagious! 🥰
Hi, my name is kaylianna. I am the most energetic, happiest and sweetest 2 year old. Even after surgery to get a tumor removed, and surgery from being attacked by a dog. I still love everyone and everything. I am so brave!! And I never let those things change me! Dogs are still my favorite animal. I am extremely smart as well!! Also random fact about me, my favorite song is poker face by lady Gaga
Hello everyone, my name is Frank. I just had my 1st Birthday. I love playtime with my big sister and brother. I love my mommy and daddy.As you can see I like my tractor and my pets.
Penny Grace
Penny Grace, so full of love and life, she captures the hearts of everyone that meets her. Loves banana!
Jamal loves smiling, drooling, and making silly faces!
Elijah is my 5 month old baby. He is Cheeky and always has a little grin on his face.
Nora is such a happy, smiley girl! She loves to stand on her daddy’s lap, and she LOVES tummy time!
Mia is almost 5 months she’s my rainbow baby after 13 years of struggles and miscarriage God give us the greatest gift of all my baby girl ❤️
Xander loves being out in nature and will chew your ear off about animal facts 😄
Miguel JR. (MJ) is my youngest out of 2. I love to eat, bath time, rolling over and laughing . My mom works with kids so I bother her even more because I’m a mommas boy ❤️ She wants nothing but the best for me and my sister in life.
Isla is a very happy little girl
Mateo loves dancing along with music and loves to laugh and giggle. He’s Always smiling at girls
Rainy Tokyo
Hi my name is Rainy Tokyo Gabriel , I’m 3 months old very playful and smiley baby ❤️ I enjoy playing with my mummy daddy and my big brother. My nationality is Czech and Caribbean 🥰
Hello this is ms. Annalise Taylor, she is 2 years old and has the personality out of this world with a splash of sass 💛
Our Ellie is 8 month old, loves to clap, say dada and watch miss. Rachel! She’s always smiling and giggling, the happiest baby!
Milani loves smiling, taking baths and cuddle time .
Archie is a big bundle of joy. He loves hot wheels or let's say anything with wheels. He loves his watermelon & his milk. He loves Toy Story, his room is Toy Story Themed. He has over 30 cars, trunks & motorbikes in his toy box. He likes lining up all of his cars and making them perfect.