Baby Stories - 25


Ava-Rose loves to have cuddles and loves play time . She is always smiling . She loves to go out on walks and loves to sing nursery rhymes.
April is my beutiful 4 yr old little girl, she has autisim but has overcome many bounderies, this year she has began to speek a little and said mummy fir the first time !! She is a very careing sweet little girl who loves to help She adores music dancing and micky mouse club house !
Malani is a brilliant, sweet, smart personality. Malani eyes light up a room she’s a beautiful baby. She loves to dance to her favorite songs, she loves to dress up and take pictures. Malani has been through a rough battle which she overcame. Malani is a gift from heaven
Hello! my names Kyarna Rose Lewis I am a cheeky girl who’s always happy and smiling. I love lion king & lots of cuddles
A happy baby with no emotional side❤️
Loves chewing on his fingers, smiling and reality TV. He’s great at holding his head up and can almost roll over.
She is the sweetest lil pumpkin. Lilith is my sweet lil gemini. She make anyone around her smile. She love to wave and say hi. She love her mommy. She is very playful. She very lovely. And she love to laugh.
I’m very smart. I love books especially when grandma reads! I love to go on walks and be outside. My favorite movie is coco
Oriana adores her family and loves anything that shines. She has the most contagious smile ever and the best hugs. She loves food and animals and enjoys being outdoors.
Kamila loves her milk, bath times, snuggles with mommy and especially her Ellie (elephant shaped pacifier).
Brentley is so aware of the stuff around him. He is playful and loves his dada. He gets the biggest smile whenever he comes home from work and loves to look at his husky puppy. Vote for him because he is the sweetest little boy ever!
He’s funny and beautiful eyes and he like to be with family ❤️
Little Kayla is a very happy girl, very photogenic and silly. She keeps mom and dad up during the night but when he is awake during the day is a very happy baby.
My baby is a very happy baby she loves to be talked to and she cues alot also she smiles everyday my baby is so filled with joy i wouldn't trade her for the world i love my bundle of joy💕💕💕
This is Gracelynn. She likes cuddling with daddy, eating, sleeping,being read to, and rattles
Hazel Grace
Hazel Grace is such a happy baby, she LOVES bath time, when daddy comes home from work, loves watching him play video games and her favorite movie is the live action Aladdin
My daughter is full of love ,laughter and she is a beauty.
Phoenix is a very lovable 3 yr old that is outgoing and loving!!!! She loves BMX and her sisters
Kai is all country. He loves the outdoors, riding the four-wheeler, and playing in the dirt!
Seth is a fighter, coming into the world at 30 weeks and he’s been thriving ever since. He loves to be talked to and smiles a lot
Laney is the best baby who smiles at literally everything! She’s the sweetest and most easiest babygirl ❤️
Alyssa is 3 years old she has a life threatening serious heart condition and has had 6 open heart surgeries and 1 lung surgery all b4 she turnt 1 Dr's said she wouldn't survive birth let alone make it to 3 and now look she has overcome it all and is a beautiful 3 year old she loves her baby sister Jasmine and her 4 big brothers
Hello my name is Paul!! I am a happy baby most of the time. All smiles and giggles! I am almost 12months ( this Saturday) and I’m so close to having walking down. I know how to say bye, all done, and mom. I love to go on walks with my mommy ❤️ And visit grama on the farm. I love my animals ❤️
Jasmine is my 2nd born daughter after 4 boys she loves them all but especially her big sister who is 3 years old and has a life limiting serious complex heart condition and she just adores her everyone falls in love with Jasmine as soon as they see her I think it's her eyes they are just mesmerising
She is very talented , talkative , she want to be a M O D E L .she love her mom so much !!!
My name is baby emma nd I'm the only child I love to be held nd spoiled by my mommy I love listening to gospel music because all things are possible through christ jesus who gives us strength
Danni Mae is 6 months old and already has the biggest personality. She’s learning to crawl and eat baby food. She is smiling and laughing 24/7 & she sleeps all night !! She LOVES bath time
My nickname is Lion Lyn because I LOVE roaring like a LION!🦁 Born with red hair now turning into Strawberry Blonde with a SASSY “SHES THE BOSS” ATTITUDE. Her personality is the greatest! Lyn, enjoys the color Orange, being outside, watching her 4 other siblings playing Baseball & Basketball. Also LOVES THE CAMPING LIFE & THE LAKE!💜 (If she wins, the reward will be saved and put in her savings to go towards a college fund or for when she’s older!)
Neal is only three months and he's absolutely incredible, I call him my dream child because I had a dream about him several years ago. He has already been caught saying "Uh Oh", and "Oma". He loves babbling, as well as holding his hands together. And he makes it clear he prefers the sitting position.
Iris loves to smile and laugh. She also loves her food.
Micah is a 4 yr old that’s loves super hero’s , paw patrol and loves pj mask , Garfield . Micah likes to play superhero’s , likes making his brother and sister laugh.
I am 3 months old, I love being outside, I'm getting really good at holding my head up, I'm starting to eat baby food & so far I love it! I hate being all by myself, I'm so smart & I'm growing so so fast! Ain't I so cute? 😊
Hey everyone my name is Colton. I’m seven months old. I enjoy watching Cocomelon, playing with my fur siblings, going on walks with my mommy, bath time and cuddling up with my mommy for story time😍
Sapphire Erin-rose
The star of the show. The little sister. The foodie. Miss independent. Huge quarky personality. Loves tamales! You know she's a sapphire by looking into her big sapphire eyes.
Lukas is almost 5 months old and loves cooing and watching tv. He also loves when you make funny faces at him and loves getting all the attention. He can roll from.back to belly, and belly to back. Baby shark is his favorite as well as cocomelon.
Calmest baby ever! Always fun to be around, & always smiling. She loves Nacho cheese doritos
Thank you to everyone showing our baby love! 💚💙 He is the sweetest and happiest baby. He loves cocomelon, his big bubba and he's a daddy's boy. He loves to smile, talk, and take pictures. These pictures were from our first easter pictures, with our little man. He's a libra born on October 1st, which was a full moon, and it shines. His nickname is boogah monk. He is our world.
This girl is one big personality for sure! She loves to smile and laugh and will make anyone’s day better!
Shae'lyn is a Taurus. She is a happy loveable sweet baby girl. Her favorite Tv show is Peppa Pig. She has been doing flash cards since she was 3 months. I love my Taurus baby!
She loves to go fishing with mommy and daddy! She loves making faces. She loves to take naps and loves to cuddle and play. Her favorite thing to do is eat and play in the tub.
I'm 2 month's old! I love bath time and snuggling with mommy! And playing with my scentsy dumbo buddy :)
Hi! Alundra’s favorite activities are eating, eating and more eating! Oh and she thinks naps are pretty cool too.
Carter loves his mommy more than anything in the world. He loves to laugh and coo at everyone when they talk to him and he loves the movie moana. He loves feeding time and bath time and he’s serious when it comes to his bottle. Carter is our rainbow baby.🌈
Evelynn is 2 weeks old And the best little sister ever she’s a good eater and a good sleeper as well can’t wait to see her personality shine as she grows
She is growing very fast and is getting smarted day by day her smile can fix your whole day and her heart is so unique with the love she brings to the table vote for patiennce today