Athena is 10 months old. Shes such a happy baby loves to scream just to hear herself and loves her big sister playing with her she gets the biggest smile on her face when her big sister is around and talks to her
Hello! Meet our son Bernard Jr., his name means “Brave as a Bear”; mostly everyone calls him Junior or BJ. Our rainbow baby was born on July 22nd. Recently, he turned 4 months old on his daddy’s Birthday—November 22nd. It’s been quite an experience and a joy learning about him. A few of Juniors baby favs include his bottles, clean diapers, observing everything around, singing, talking, learning new things and of course his nap time. We are beyond blessed to be his parents and thank God for the opportunity. I heard about this baby contest and thought we could give it a try. Thank you in advance for your votes. Happy Voting!
I love my sleep && my milk!! I’m only a little over a week old & love late nights with my parents keeping them up until the sun comes up!
Aishah is very funny outgoing personality she loves to dance she had had a long journey so far during birth is still fighting.
Thomas loves baby shark and Mickey mouse!!! He is such a Daddy's boy!!! Thomas loves his baby brother so much he is so good with him!!! His favorite food is chicken nuggets, Arby's curly fries, McDonald's french fries and Pringles!!! He is almost 19 months old!!!
Evan was born at 6lbs 13oz Evan is a mommy's boy he loves to snuggle!!! He eats like crazy!!! He has a bigger brother!!! Evan now weighs 8lbs
ahlyza is learning her little voice she loves to hear herself ohh&ahh. she enjoys looking a pretty lights and getting loves from everyone❤️
Callie Mae
Callie Mae is the sweetest child her smile and laugher is contagious. Vote for Callie Mae !
Jasiah aka Tiny,, Is my Beautiful amazing funny grandson, he loves Mickey Mouse, and the Pets, his favorite food sweet potatoes ,the way his little eyes light up and that little smile brightens everyone’s day. He such a loving lil boy with those baby blues he wins you over with one little glance.
James Michael Jr.
My little man lovws to cuddle with his mommy and daddy and play with his doggie
Dalton Lee is a crazy two year old and he loves to play and mess with everything he finds. He was born November 28th and has been a joy in our lives ever since. He also loves his mommy very much!
Hi, I’m Donald I love playing, and eating I love to dance when my papaw sings, and I love watching veggie tales 🥰
Kehlani is the happiest little babe in the world! She’s always smiling. She loves string cheese, jumping, and stealing bites of mom and dads food.
He is a very happy chappy
Eden is a sassy girly girl. Prissy and tough. She loves baby dolls and makeup. A daddy and grandpas girl ❤️❤️
She absolutely loves to color and is a very amazing and smart 4 year old
Ryder is a happy out going little boy that loves his puppy.
Adysen is a happy, smart little girl who can be silly and loves to make people laugh.
Born at 31 weeks with his twin sister. He’s now a 4 month old chunky baby who is thriving 🥰 he loves talking to his momma and holding hands with his sister
Aydan is the happiest loving baby I could ask for, always ready to play an most importantly eat! My little monkey fills the room with joy an love. He can’t wait to show you his Wonderful energy😎
Jolene is a very animated baby. She loves her nana and loves her food . We figure with those cheaks and cute nose why not enter her in .
Harper likes when her aunt babysites her. She likes playing.
Mercy is a crazy , sassy, dramatic girl 💛 she loves baby dolls & loves food 🥘 she’s definitely a grandpas girl 👧 she loves her mommy & daddy ❤️
Skylar is 3months Skylar loves Music and she Loves to watch CocoMelon.
Skyra is verry busy has a fun personality and loves her sisters vote for baby sky
Born at 31 weeks with her twin brother. She’s now a 4 month old chunky baby who is thriving 🥰
Malibu Lula Ann Barcus
Malibu is mine and my boyfriends first daughter. She has 5 older brothers and she is 3 weeks old as of today.
Okay Miss Gabriella is Extremely intelligent and SUPER sassy!! She is a total diva Libra KID!!
Skylar Renee ✨ A sweet funny Pisces baby ! We are 8 months, almost walking & LOVING ALL FOODS 😍 A chunky 24 pounds!
Mandy Shay is 1 month old! She has chunky cheeks and big eyes. She loves to be held by her mom and dad.
Tucker Gage, is 3 months old! He just recently found his tongue and loves when mommy and daddy stick their tongues out at him! He loves to play and has the brightest smile. His friends and family call him TG!
This is payton lynn. We love bows and watching football with dady. Shes such a happy baby and always makeing us smile everyday.
Tyler loves cake!! He just likes to jump and smile, He can say "Look Mommy!" and "I love you so much!" He loves to eat apples, strawberries and cereal.
Hello. Welcome to Bari world, 3 months going on 4 and when I tell you he already haves a loving personality, he really does. Jabari is one of the happiest baby I’ve had an he’s trying his best to talk now, loves to smile all the time so his dimples pop. It’s Mr.Bari world.
Nicolas is very creative and loves building things with his hands. He enjoys a good adventure or road trip and he loves playing Fortnite
Dj is very outgoing loves tools and cowboy hats and boots. He’s very smart for his age. And loves momma daddy grandpa and grandma ❤️
Noah is asian! He likes to play with car toys. He love eating bananas, cheese sandwiches and strawberries and waffles. He has 3 brothers there he has a newborn brother who was just born two days ago!! so its 4 brothers.
Nia-Marie is a vibrant and silly baby with a blossoming personality. She loves the outdoors, animals and nature.
I call Rhiley my Bright Eyes because his eyes are so big and bright , Rhiley is such a fun baby he loves to take pictures and he loves to stare and Smile .
Meet Kenzley the bossy baby 1 going on 20 best personality in the hole world
Kiley was in the nicu for two weeks happy to say she’s home now and the sweetest baby I’ve ever met been through a lot in her 2 short months but y’all pleaseeee vote for her <3
Ronan loves animals and smiling for the camera!