Arya is joy personified. Her little laugh is so cute. She loves being outside and really loves her bite bites she’s a really happy baby and loves all the attention me and her daddy gives her. She loves trying to talk
Gracelyn Rene
My MIRACLE BABY! The good Lord definitely blessed me with this Little wild child! Loves her dog Layla, loves horses already. Her favorite word is mom mom or Gigi! She’s loveable and independent already. She loves to laugh and loves music!
Dior absolutely loves music and dancing. Baby shark and who let the dogs out are his favorite songs. He loves to eat laugh and talk. Vote for Dior his personality would win your heart!
The most happiest baby. Very smile full. Always laughing and giggling. She loves when people talk to her and give her attention .
This is Smiley Riley, she’s 6 months old. She loves when momma sings to her, and she loves to smile and loves to giggle and loves to talk, she can say Da da and Ry Ry 🤩 she can also sit up on her own and roll over !
Liam is the happiest little boy I have ever met. He never cries and love to play. His little giggle and happy smile lights up the room and warms the hearts of the people around him. He loves making funny faces and watching how to train your dragon and play with his dinosaurs 🦕
Ellie was born 5lbs3oz. She is an SGA baby. She has thrive all the way from her lowest weight being 4lbs. She worked hard. This was possible also by prayer! Thank God for everyone's graceful, loving cheering on for Ellie. She's growing and this pic shes around 10 lbs and almost 5 months old. Go Ellie... My Choochie!
Ivylee is our Rainbow after the storm! She has brightened our lives in so many ways! She loves to talk, learn new things, and explore! She is full of life and so sassy! We thank God for blessing us! “Though she be but little, She is fierce!” -William Shakespeare
Nothing stops me from doing or getting what I want I will climb and get through anything. I’m the youngest boy in the house so of course I get away with a lot especially because I’m so cute.
Jaxson Anthony
Riley is the spunky, sweet light of our lives.
Nathan is the most happy baby , in the world, always smiling his joy is contagius
Kyson is very smart, full of spunk & loves super hero’s! Mommy’s biggest fan ❤️
My name is Alaysia ! I love Mickey Mouse Club House, blabbering , smiling and my kitty Tiger 💕
He is such a sweet little boy and he has the most unusual beautiful eyes I've ever seen. He is my great grandbaby and is one month old.
Hi I’m Fischer, I’m 6 month old & I’m almost crawling. My favorite things to do are hangout with mommy & daddy, & play in my Bouncer. I also love butternut squash it’s so yummy, I love teriyaki Jerky also it makes my gums feel sooo much better I hope you guys vote for me❤️ Thank you🤩
Anderson is a sweet little baby who loves to smile, tummy time, and baths. His favorite towel is his elephant towel. You should vote for Anderson because he is so cute!
Maverick just turned 4 months! He’s a little miracle baby who loves Mickey Mouse, pickles and sweet potatoes. He’s such a happy and sweet boy.
Nyeleigh is a miracle baby! She always has that big beautiful smile on her face! Such a happy and amazing baby
Kaspin is the sweetest most lovable baby. She is so easy going and loves pretty much everything. We couldn’t love her more.
Happiest baby and loves to smile
Wesley is almost 8 months old. Can say: dada Can crawl.!! And he has 2 teeth and 2 more cutting through!! Wesley loves women, especially little girl (babies), loves to scream at EVERYTHING!! Loves eating anything banana and pizza😂
Everleigh has made our friends & family and even complete strangers smile ever since she has been born. With her beautiful smile and sweet personality she brings so much joy and smiles to any room she enters. We are so lucky to have such a good baby and are beyond blessed! Everleigh’s laugh and smile truly warms up everyone’s heart!
My curly haired boy loves doggies & food. He’s a very happy boy. 💙
Anthony loves WWE wrestling. He also loves spending time with his little sister and making her smile. He has made the AB Honor roll every quarter since he's been in first grade.
Hey, My Name is 𝓡𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓲𝓪𝓱 & I’m 5 months and im mommies and daddies Girl. ❤️ I Love to watch Wheels on the bus 🚌 , I Love hugs & kisses 😘 Vote for her Sheeeee the BEST ! ❤️❤️🥹
My son Luca is my second child born and my only son and after it being deemed medically necessary and having to have my tubes tied he will be my last child. He is a very lucky baby boy to have been born especially since this pregnancy was so hard on my body and my health. He is one of the best things to happen to me the first being a mom in general. His smile can light up a whole room and his little giggles will melt your heart. He smiles every time he sleeps but when he frowns you just want to pick him up and hold him. He is a little brother and made my daughter a big sister, Which is a job she loves dearly. My children have changed my world and my son changed how a look at the world.
Wayden is a super happy snuggly baby!! He loves Elmo and playing with our dog Ralph! We couldn’t have gotten luckier with our chunky little man
Salvadore (nikko) is a sweet babyboy. A miracle at its best. Everywhere he goes he warms the hearts of many and brightens your day. His smile is known to make your bad day disappear. He loves to giggle and flirt with the ladies. He is known for his fohawk which is natural and not styled.
Faith is a miracle baby who loves to make friends. She waves to everyone and loves to swim. She loves to be in the water!
Bradley loves being outside, seeing the cars and trains as they pass by. He’s a wild one and loves his family!
Ce’Ivya is going on 5months she loves watching coco melon she loves to play with mommy and daddy she loves to be outside she is a happy baby she loving with her pretty grey eyes she is beautiful!!❤️🥰
At just 4 months Anthony has been just a bright and beautiful soul. His personality is indescribable and he is full of love and laughter. He loves attention from anyone and everyone and he can make the room bright with just a smile.
Arabella is the happiest baby ever. She loves laughing at mommy and daddy, eating her hands, and watching her little shows.
She loves music,loves to dance and sing
She loves music and likes to dance
Kiaryse is 3 months and loves to smile and laugh and she just went on her first vacation!!
Bodhi Rhett
Bodhi Rhett will be 2 months on the 25th he already has so much personality he loves a long bubble bath , and a messy milk face lol he enjoys long rides and looking out the sunroof and also love to smile at the ceiling fan lol he is such a happy baby and He loves mommy and daddy
My daughter Za'Kayelynn is very smart and out going she even have a mind of her own and you can't ask her to do nothing because she will tell you no
Hi I am Lavender, I like minnie mouse & naps. My favorite snacks are teddy grahams & any fruit. I am a model & you can follow me @crownmelavender
Hannah is 11 months old. She has such a beautiful personality she loves playing with her mommy and her toys. But her favorite is bath time. I didn't think I could have kids I tried for years like 8 years and never was able to conceive. And then little miss Hannah was born! She's also a NICU Survivor. My precious miracle baby.
Our baby boy is the youngest of 4 and his older siblings are obsessed over him. He was born with a full head of hair that shocked everyone in the hospital! He loves watching his brothers and sister jump around and they will do anything to hear him laugh. Ganix is very very vocal already and sometimes we wonder if he will be a singer because of how high pitched his little squeals are! His tiny little feet are also a family obsession and overall he has brought so much joy to our family and friends near and far! Ganix supports his gluten free Daddy. #CeliacsUnite
Victoria Marie
Victoria is 1 year old. She loves to watch mommy cook. Is just Victoria & Mommy in this world.
Mariah a very happy baby...She loves to watch cocoamelon and count on her fingers..I need likes and shares plz..will return!!
Lilac is one sassy 7 month old. She loves playing with her older brothers and has her whole family wrapped around her finger.
Georgia is my miracle baby! Took my husband and I almost 2 years to conceive her and we are absolutely smitten!
Valentina Rollins
I love to play and make friends and learn im a very outgoing 2 year old