She’s full of personality and knows exactly what she wants! She acts shy when she gets tired and is curious about everything new that she sees. My beautiful little girl!
Jasper laughs and smiles every day. This kid is my whole world 🌎 ❤️ He loves eating and bouncing in his bouncer right now
Ava L
She is such a happy little girl...always smiling NO matter what....she likes cocomelon and whenever or wherever she is and hears it she just stops to look...loves to eat...she loves playing with her toys and big brother...she is loved BY MANY.....
Paisley was born on St. Patrick's day, she was 7lbs 4oz, Paisley is a happy baby that loves to make noises and smiles constantly! She is one of God's greatest blessings. She is growing and learning so fast! she is starting to crawl & ALWAYS has her tounge out! she loves her veggies & teething wheels! There's never a dull moment when you have her in your life, don't let her fool ya, she's spoiled rotten!!!
Extremely smart and beautiful little girl who just wants to make everyone feel just as happy as she is❣️
Freddie is a very active and smiley boy! He loves to crawl and stand up on any furniture he can find. He always laughs when we throw him up and jump around 😊
My sassy little monkey 3 going on 16
She loves shopping, dresses, doing her nails and playing outside
Faith loves to play
She’s such a happy girl she loves to smile and laugh and give kisses. She loves football, babyfirst and her family
My name is JHREAM pronounced (Dream) I was born on July 31,2022 but my due date was august 11th. Mommy had to get induced because she had low amniotic fluid. SAY HEYYY 2 JHREAM EVERYBODY
Charli is 2 & loves puppies, kittens & playing outside. She loves to be silly & always keeps us laughing. ❤️
Atlas was premature at 36 weeks and hes only three months old now but he's been progressing so well. He has quite the little gut on him and a birth mark almost in the middle of his chest. He tries his best to talk to us already and loves sucking on his hands. He loves it when his daddy plays the keyboard and when we dance with him. He loves to take everything in when he sees something new, and he loves to fall asleep in his mommy's arms. I'd never imagined what it could be like having my own child but Atlas is so sweet and smart and he loves his mommy and daddy so much. He makes us so happy and we know he's going to do great things ❤
Jaxon just turned one on the 9th of September! He’s such a happy and outgoing baby. He loves people and I think he would have every animal in the world if he could! ❤️
My little fighter. He’s had a bit of a rough ride so far in life, but to say he’s strong is an understatement. He doesn’t let his medical issues stop him! He loves to snuggle and eat❣️
The sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. When you’re leaving, he’ll run to grab your shoes for you and always wants to share his food. He’s his little brother’s protection and has the most beautiful blue eyes❣️
Paisleigh a sleepy girl that loves watching TV with Daddy.
Annaiyah is an ex preemie who was a twin and born at 23+5 so her corrected age is 8 weeks
Hi My Name Is Treasure I Like Taking Pictures ❤️, I’m 4 Monthsss And On The Move.
Mary loves to talk laugh and play! She is already repeating names and two-syllable words. She loves to stand up and try to dance. Also loves to eat table food. She enjoys playing with her siblings and has a smile that will brighten up your day !
Wesson is full of laughter. He loves eating banana baby food. His dad is a dirt track racer and he loves watching his dad race. He is my happy baby.
Brooklyn is my very adorable premie. Brooklyn is a very strong little girl. Brooklyn loves to eat and play with her older two sisters.
Izabel was born at 38 weeks, may 15th, just about a week before mom’s birthday! she loves to laugh and babble whenever she pleases! she is such a blessing in my life, i will protect her at all costs. first grand baby in my side of the family!
Peyton loves her cartoons and candy. Shes so smart and can talk pretty well. She loves to sing song and dance.
2 year old boy full of joy and love ❤️ he loves cocomelon , being in the mirror 😍
Joshua is the sweetest and most loving little boy! He has the best personality for a 10 month old ! He’ll melt your heart with his smile, contagious laugh, and bubbly personality.
Rylee LOVES Mickey Mouse Funhouse and tubby time! She also just wants all the snuggles🥰
Ella Bee
She's a bright and beautiful girl who is a daddys girl. She loves cuddles and walks in the field.
This little girl is really independent. She doesn’t walk but she tries really hard to do it. She’s a very happy little girl. Even when she’s teething she stays very happy. She doesn’t complain about anything.
Jabari is a happy baby that loves to make noises and smiles constantly! He brightens up any room that he enters and shines light on those near him. He is one of God's greatest blessings. Jabari loves to give hugs and kisses. His smile and laugh is so contagious! He is growing and learning so fast!
Harlee is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. She loves her unicorn plush toy, playing, and her “mama” the most. She is her mommy and daddy’s whole world❤️
Owen was born July 27th. He loves to stare at faces and smile occasionally. He likes tummy time but tends to fall asleep during tummy time. He loves to hold his head up and stare at me when I talk to him in my very annoying baby voice .
Hayden is a happy girl who loves peek a boo and dancing.
Winnie is 9 weeks old, such a smiley happy baby with the most beautiful big eyes she’s so photogenic and makes all sorts of cheeky faces. Winnie was 17 days late by the time she finally arrived and she’s always been very ahead of herself in developing, she was holding her head up on her own at a day old and has always been very alert and attentive. She loves cuddles on mummy and bath time is her favourite time of day.
Astraia is a beautiful and smiley baby girl, who loves the song “Under The Sea” from The Little Mermaid. She also loves to pretend to fly around the house and loves to dance! Her all time favorite activity is to take sauce and dressing bottles out of the fridge….and to throw clean silverware on the floor…
Trystan Jair
I like to cry when im hungry,dirty and sleepy
Roselyn first granddaughter from both family side(sadly Only knows one’s side of the family, single mom).My daughter loves to listen to county music and cumbia. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle and eat and talk back and smile and ALOT OF NAPS
Raegan is the most happy baby ever and loves to be sassy too!!
Madden is almost 10 months old. He has 2 older brothers and an older sister that he loves so much. He is the baby! He loves to smile and laugh. He loves to sleep late with mommy, and watch cocomelon when he wakes up. Madden is the happiest baby, one look at him, and youll be happy & smiling too!
My chunky man is full of smiles and definitely a mamas boy he is the youngest of 3 he hates getting cold so not a fan of bath time and possibly delayed one since areas but he has two big sister to help him along the way!
Elena loves to jump on the trampoline with her sister, she likes to play with her blocks and pick on brother she’s so smart and bright her eyes and smile light up a room🥰
Her favorite pass time is keeping mommy up at night and sleeping all day!
Just the happiest baby boy! Lives contact naps and Ms. Rachel♥️
Kinadee loves to smile and just starting to talk. She has the most amazing bright blue eyes that shows her sweet soul. She loves her brother, bath time, and running wild.
Jameson Noah Torres is his name he was born 08/25/2022 he is only 3 weeks old