Charles is such a sweet kid! His personality is amazing! He can put a smile on anybody's face!
my sweet boy Atlas Montana💙 all smiles, always laughing, he loves being talked too. sitting up is his favorite thing. he loves to babble & make spit bubbles.
Arthur is a cheeky, cheerful, happy little 11 month old boy! He really does light up our lives💙
Tah’Nyla is very very active she really likes to play and eat she likes the outside and also loves her toys
My name is Phillip, everybody calls me Lil Man. I’m a monster truck, dirt loving boy. I eat pizza & chicken nuggets like I won’t ever have them again. My daddy is my best friend!
My name is Egypt Rose. I love attention, my fav shows are SpongeBob & cocomelon. Fav foods are Mac & cheese, fries, & bananas. I’m silly and attached to momma & daddys hip. ❤️
Charlotte is a 17 month old firecracker who can draw you in with her blue/gray eyes and the biggest belly laugh. She has the kindest heart but will put you in your place quickly. Her favorite foods are fruit and cheese. She also loves anything Winnie the Pooh, coloring, reading books and playing outside. Please vote for our sassy little girl!
Mimi aka Mia aka Miss Mia is such a great vibe and soul! She loves music and will dance to it all! Her favorite place is the ocean! She loves boss her big brother around as well LOL
My Luna bug is extremely energetic, loves watching bluey, and loves playing with her toys. She’s also a big advocate for bath time, she splashes her feet and relaxes in the warm water. She’s an overachiever and is already sitting up on her own. She loves having her morning rice cereal with banana purée and bonding with her grandma.
Scarlett is 7 months old and is our long awaited rainbow baby! She loves her feet, jumping in her jumper, mommy, and peas. She's such a smart, happy, silly, and beautiful girl.
Dominick is a big brother who takes his job serious! He loves all sports! He wants to be a Policeman when he grows up! He loves uplifting people with compliments and encouragement!
Micah is 4 months old and unbelievably sweet. He loves being outside, going for drives, and playing with his feet. He’s happy and smiley all day long. Not to mention, he has INCREDIBLE hair!
Willow is 10 months old, she loves saying dada, mama, nana, baba and a whole bunch of other stuff, she loves getting into everything, she loves walking along the furniture. Miss Willow is such a character, she’s sassy, crazy, lovable and sweet.
Ronin, 5 months old, is a sweet boy who loves to smile at himself, love on his mommy and daddy, and can’t forget PEAS.
I love mommy and daddy🥰I like to hold my head up and I am a wiggle worm!
Just a sweet, fun loving, goofy boy that will fill your heart with the most love.
My loving and caring Azaria! She is the mom of the house!!! Azaria loves to draw and dance! No matter the time of the day she will dance to just about anything!!!
Myla is very outgoing & has a huge personality🥺💓! Her favorite thing to watch is blues clues💙. She also loves to spend time with Mommy & Daddy along with her dogs Jax & Lilo🐾.
Bella is the youngest of 6 siblings and is 13 years younger than any of them. She loves to make faces and really wishes she could crawl.
Easton is a 2yr old happy lil boy! He was diagnosed at 14 months old with a rare disease, GRIN1 disorder..even though he isn't able to sit, stand, crawl or walk right now that doesn't stop him! He continues to prove that he will move mountains one day!!
Elijah loves cuddles, to drink all the milk he can get, is the BEST pooper, and daytime naps are his favorite!
Charley is our first bundle of joy. 💕 She is such a happy girl! She loves to smile at everyone and babble at everyone she meets. Her favorite pastime is misplacing her crunchy toy books on her head.
Easton is the biggest social butterfly! He loves playing in the grass and he loves birds. He is so sweet🤍
Alaiya is very smart and outspoken!!! She enjoys minnie mouse and cocomelon! Her favorite thing to do is recite her Abcs dancing and school.
Brylee loves watching Mickey Mouse, chewing on her fingers and playing with her feet. She is always smiling and laughing. She is a very bright little girl! She definitely loves to play with her mommy and daddy.
Londynn hope 🤍 Vote :)
Baby girl Brayleigh just turned a month old. She loves to eat and cuddles with mommy. She has the most precious smile and giggles in her sleep.
This little boy loves his mama and daddy he is the light of our lives. He has started to giggle and scream in his free time and loves anything that lights up.
Bailey is 2 months old & loves to smile, and talk! She is such a sweetheart i call her my wild flower.
My Name is Arya. I love to sing and dance! My favorite movies are Vivo and Moana! I enjoy reading books, learning, and playing outside. I appreciate your votes :)
She loves to roll around and smile
I love to move my legs, fingers & make noises. I enjoy sleeping on my mommies & Aunt Hunnys chest. I enjoy when mommy lets me taste her mashed potatoes 🥔 I’m 2 months old & steady growing big!
Baby k was born in her dad front seat of his dodge charger so we call her “HEMI”
Niva loves to play with her pet puppy and Sing nursery rhymes. She smiles all day long.
Tyler Phoenix
Phoenix is a preemie baby defying odds set by others every day! He loves to play with animals, make everyone laugh and smile, and of course eat all of the snacks!
Rohan is 10 months old he started crawling he like to go in the pool his favorite fruit is mango and yellow kiwi
Kordell is one loves to blow kisses, play outside Kordell had open heart surgery at fives days old he had a hole in his heart and , a double right outlet ventricle he spend a month and a half in the hospital Kordell is now full of energy can walk say a few words and enjoy life to the fullest we are blessed to have him here today
Millie loves to play, her favorite being baby dolls. She loves cats and Baby Shark. She is always a happy girl and will brighten any room. She has Acrodysostosis, a rare genetic condition.
Cute, spunky and totally sassy
Isla one of the happiest baby ever. She loves snuggles, tickles, and kisses.
Erik loves to eat, and loves cuddles with momma. He thinks it’s funny when big sister jumps around and wants to jump around with her.
Jonathan is my beautiful rainbow baby boy! He loves to smile and kick his legs with excitement. he really is such a happy boy and I am so blessed!
Maya is the wiggliest baby I’ve ever seen. Shes so incredibly sweet and gives mama the BIGGEST smile ever. She makes my days brighter.
She loves smiling, walks outside, and car rides. She is the sweetest baby I know ❤️
Our new handsome addition to our little family💙
Jade is 7 months. She loves playing. She loves hanging out with her family. She babbles and laughs all the time.💕
Levi is a very smiley, funny boy. He loves his mama & dada & boobie milk.