Baby Stories - 23


Hello, My name is Layyah 🦋 i love to play with my brother , play on the table and play outside! I loveee to be with mommy all day long. 😍🤞🏻 I love to be silly, Im loving , funny and would love to win my first competition 🥇 please vote for me thank you everyone 🥰🙏🏼
Atlas loves his feet and thumb. Absolutely loves to be outside and to be the center of attention. His smile brightens the whole room. And his big blue eyes makes almost anyone melt. 💙
Kali Kai is all smiles & laughs. At 5 months she rolls over, laughs all the time, & even says dada! Everyone who meets Kali says she is the happiest baby they have ever seen. She loves sweet potatoes, bouncing, playing with toys & is a total daddy’s girl
Addison was born at 29 weeks. She loves Finding Nemo and Toy Story. She has recently learned to walk, and loves chocolate!
Moni is such a happy baby, born for the camera.
Coleston is such a happy baby and makes any one smile that's around him💙
Remington loves playing outside and going on adventures! His favorite food is chicken nuggets and he LOVES taking baths!
Malaya is mommy and daddy’s gorgeous girl; she is full of smiles & laughs. She loves to stick her tongue out and is very chatty she says “Hey girl, hi, eww & (i swear) I love you sometimes too. Malaya can brighten up anyone’s day.
Rylie is 3 months . She like music , when I sing she tries to sing with me . She love baby first tv , she likes watching tv with me , she loves to take pictures and my baby is the best baby anyone could possibly ask for . She’s so calm and she just like to chill . My baby hardly cries . I love her 😍
Logan is a active and cheerful 10 month old child who is very clumsy and who’s nickname should me mr bump and he is also severely allergic to dairy but is still a massive foodie his favourite thing in the world is his mother.
She is such a happy baby. And has such a funny personality
Alonzo loves to watch Toy Story. Loves to play with his big brother basketball. He brings us all so much Happiness.
Please show love to my strong premie babygirl❤️ She can’t give up on me 🥺
Aubrielle is the youngest of her siblings and loves to sit up and see everything.
Aurora loves to eat, sleep, lift her head up, and snuggle. She has a lot of hair and the most beautiful blue eyes! Very hard not to fall in love with this precious baby.😊❤️
Addison loves when her mommy reads her books! She also enjoys... meal times, nap times, & bath times! 🤍 If we was to win a jackpot from this contest, we planned on taking a mini vacation with our friends to get out of the house! ❤️ (This would be very much needed for us moms who never go anywhere!)
Kora likes bath time, eating, & laying under he play mat watching the Mobil spin around, she also has a panda that lights up that she loves looking at.
Felicity loves cuddles, kisses, sleep, her parents, baths, colors, clean diapers, and the most her breast milk! She hates when she has a stuffy nose and hates the bottle. But Felicity absolutely loves the people who love her back 💖
Kite loves to make sure he joins the conversation!! He loves his toys and Elmo ❤️
She is very loving. Enjoy spending time with family. She loves all her toys!
Jordyn is such a happy active baby ! She is the cutest baby why not vote for her 😍❤️ Thank you to anyone that votes ! Show our chunky girl some love 💖❤️😘
Kennan loves to dance & he loves listening to music and playing. He’s such a charmer and loves to give hugs and kisses.💙
Henry is a giggly, snuggly, and happy boy. He loves hanging out with his furry brother Ranger, long walks to the park, and an endless supply of milk.
Happy little girl and look at those eyes
Liam is a Very Very happy baby 💕 he’s barely learning how to crawl & i can’t get enough of him!😭❤️❤️ He loves his milk ❤️
Maria loves to dance and play in the park. She loves her older brother and sister ❤💙
Precious, funny, likes to bounce and roll
A true gift from God! Riley loves a warm bottle, a good snuggle session, when mommy sings to her, when daddy whistles, and her stuffed giraffe named Henry.
Freddie is a gorgeous little boy, he is a very cheeky happy boy
Maria 2 months old. She loves to be outside (when it’s nice out) and she loves watching her favorite show, Cocomelon! She is already a happy and active baby as she likes to kick her legs and smile about it.
Luna is her mommy and Daddy’s rainbow baby. She loves to talk and thinks her daddy’s singing is so silly. She has a head full of hair and beautiful blue eyes.
Hello my name is Kailiane, I am Cree, and I love smiling and laughing a lot, also I like listening to music. I would be so happy for your votes, Thankyou very very much<3
Vote for me and my mummy will vote back 🥰
She likes to wear more food than she eats and it’s adorable 🥰
She’s a happy baby who loves car rides. Enjoys rolling around, playing with her toys but most of she loves being tickled
Addy is 4 months old. She loves to talk, swing, and sit up.
My beautiful content baby girl😍
She likes eating, sleeping, pooping, going on walks with mummy, splashing at bath time, letting my legs kick when mummy takes my nappy off, when mummy and daddy copy me pouting, constantly being cuddled, and looking around at her surroundings.
Ruby is my little gem 💎 one smile from her melts my heart 🥰
“Oh Twodles!” Guess who is turning two! Adalynn is SO busy! Loves to be outside as much as possible and is always making everyone so happy!
This cheeky monkey was well hidden! He didn’t make himself known until 28 weeks, he was born at 38 weeks. He will smile and laugh his way into your heart 🥰
Hi, I am a prem born at 37 weeks I was born on the 21st March 2021 weighing 5.5lbs and I am very interested in black and white picture books I also like giving kisses already and I copy people’s faces, I already complain when someone holds my bottle as I like to try and hold it myself, I also don’t like baths but I will get used to them soon
Mikayla is four months old. happy as can be, always. & loves mom and dad like no other ❤️
Brinley loves to play with her big sisters, eating all foods, and loves every animal! She always has a smile; She is a bundle of joy who loves to sing and dance.
Jack is the sweetest, mostly cuddly little guy. He already has us all wrapped around his finger. His favorite things are being sang to by his older brothers and watching them play.
If you really think that i am cute than click the vote button and support me with this competitions. My mom and dad said that i am cute and i do have sweet smile which warm your heart so attractive and very friendly. I love to make new friends and whoever vote me that will be my best friends. i really appreciate you support thank you in advance.....
She has such a funny personality already, she loves her food and she loves our cats already
Harper-jasmine is 4 years old and such a little character, she loves her family & friends more than anything ❤ she never fails to make people laugh, I'm so proud of the beautiful talented, intelligent, funny, caring young girl she has turned out to be ❤ and also the best big sister to little brother grayson who is now 9 weeks old. Their little bond is beautiful to watch every single day