He loves loves music. He has a million and one, adorable faces he makes. He's truly a sweet lil man. His smile can melt your heart.
Logan is a little tyke that knows how to get what he needs through absolute cuteness. He loves his grandparents, food and naps and listening to somewhere over the rainbow. He is a heart melter!
Always happy, laughing, loves his puppies. The smiles this boy gives off could warm even the coldest hearts.
This sweet baby girl is the life of the party. Always has a smile on her face and loves bossing around the 2 big sisters!
Madilyn has a big personality and lovesss her bubba 🥺
Claire is a social butterfly! She’s has the biggest personality!
He is a super happy child who loves to eat his hands.
Loves to cuddle, eat and smile 💕
Ja'zhun is a joyful and happy baby born at 4lbs. 5o premature. he loves playing with his toys and oldest brother. Full of laughter and love. Loves to eat fruits and veggies
Judah loves to dance. He’s a very happy One year old. He love food
Very smiley baby girl, loves cuddling mama, playing with noisy toys, and sings and dances to all kinds of music!!!
Jo is a lovable, very active, little boy! He loves his family and Octonauts!
Micah And Elias
They are twins they came early at 36 weeks. And had to be separated at birth because Elias had to spend some time in NICU!!!
Penny is a very happy baby who loves her family and Elmo!
Elias is a twin and his the oldest twin. His very demanding and he loves to cuddle!!!
Micah is a twin and his the younger one by about 5 min. His a very alert baby boy and the sweetest!!!
Harmoni is a bright and funny little girl who loves Bluey and loves to dance!
Luna Reign
Luna Reign is a sweetie. She will laugh or smile at the exact moment when you tell a joke or laugh at something funny. She seems to understand so much even though she is only almost 2 months old.
I love to kerp mommy up at nite love laughing and my a very happy baby
Trevion came in to the world A few weeks early with a joyful spirit. He loves to laugh, take baths and watch tv with dad.
Sweet little boy, he loves to smile and swing!
Hello this is my handsome little man Orion, his favorite things to do are eating, pooping sleeping and repeat. He is definitely a mama’s boy smile’s big when he hears moms voice than cries because he want’s all her attention. He loves watching movies and cartoons and smiles big while rocking in his baby swing. That is until mom walks out of the room than he is real mad but can’t ever be mad, just look at that face.
Arkyn loves his mommy & daddy most, he’s also a big fan of mickey mouse club house, and bob the builder ❤️
Cameron is a sweet blessing. He was born three months early but is doing great! He loves to laugh, crawl, play and watch the cats.
Felix loves his mommy and daddy, spending time with his aunties, chewing on his favorite avocado toy and petting animals.
Chase is such a sweet, happy, fun loving baby. He loves to play patty cake, and blow bubbles. Please vote for him. God bless.
Matthew is a smart little man!! He loves his mama and daddy and he loves to laugh!! He’s a quick learner and will surprise you how quick he will try new things!!
Kanen has the largest personality for a boy his age! He constantly is smiling and is so happy his smile makes people around him happy too. He's easy to please and such a pleasure to be around! His favorite toy is his momma's WHISK!!
Camden Blaine🥰 my little fire cracker! He is so full of life! The happiest baby i have ever met with the most contagious smile🥰
She is always happy, always wantung to know every ones business
Bryson is so goofy , loves watching mickey mouse, rolls around all day, and loves smiling
Miss Freya Ranay 🥰 shes the only girl out of 4 big brothers and they have her spoiled to the core! She loves bossing them around and especially loves it when they listen🤣
AbrázaMae is such a sweet 2 year old. Her name means hug and she loves to hug and gives the most sweetest hugs ever. She is so loving and also so funny and smart. She is one of thee most beautiful little girls in the world.
Tripp is a blonde hair, blue eyed sweetheart!! He enjoys trees and watching his animals play. Everyone who meets him has to take a second look. He’s been told numerous times “ That is the prettiest baby I’ve ever seen!”
Eddie is my Grandson. He is the happiest baby ever. He loves Paw Patrol, snuggles with MiMi and everyone around him.
Memphis is a quiet yet joyous almost 2 month old that LOVES to eat. She is the youngest of 4 and we’re blessed to have her.
He’s a spunky, smart and caring 2-year old who loves to be silly and play!
Miss Maylee Moon, she’s 5 months old and an absolute mommas girl! Really starting to get a voice, and grasping on to her favorite toys, or anyones hair that’s in reach! Interesting fact about Maylee, mom and dad has had her name picked out for 14 years before she made her debut!
Ca’Mylah is 6 months and she likes music and she’s already wanting to walk instead of crawl . She’s loves to pull up on furniture ,doors and chairs to stand. She loves animals ( Dogs ) . She loves to go outside and to go to stores . She tries to talk while your talking to join in on the conversation.
Marshall loves the outdoors he is very hands on he is always interested in cars trucks anything with a motor he keeps a smile on his face and loves to learn he is a great kid very caring and loving and loves blippi
Ayden is the most chill baby you’ll ever meet. He enjoys watching cocomelon. He is a very happy baby.
Nova Rae loves to cuddle and talk all day long. She is always happy, rarely cries (unless she’s hangry but who can blame her). Nova just wants to be loved and give love, and her smile melts anyones heart.
Sophia is the sweetest girl, she is always full of smiles and is such a happy go lucky baby. She loves everyone in her family and just loves to give love and be loved.
Freddy has a mind of his own. He's handsome but has a big heart. He loves playing with his toys, his favorite past time is screaming until mom or dad pick him up. He keeps up all night.
Jaxon is an amazing boy with a huge heart! Goofy, funny, loving and a super big brother!
Kelvin is a rainbow baby. He loves listening to music.