Baby Stories - 21


Baby malaki is starting to smile now and loves his big brother, he stops crying when he's around or hears his voice. Loves to pull my hair already. He makes cute silly faces and loves to stick his tongue out at me. He's my little boxer.
Well, the competition had been pretty fun watching the kids go back and forth between first second and third, never knowing who's going to be in what place the next day, just keep voting! I hope for the best but now all the fun is gone and doesn't seem worth the time anymore. I wanted to use this on my grandson's portfolio to get some performing gigs but now that I know it could be just purchased, it doesn't have to actually be earned doesn't seem worth the effort to put it on his resume, wouldn't mean anything. I'm sad to see it end this way but it's been fun competing for as long as we could. I can't see spending that much money to win so little LOL but who knows what people will do!! we had a good time being part of this and we wish everybody the best of luck!! VOTE FOR PHOENIX TODAY ON HIS 1ST BIRTHDAY! Today Is Mr. Phoenix Dwyane Wesley Mathews 1st birthday!! I can't believe it's already been a year since you appeared and changed everything! And I can't remember what it was like the day before you arrived. Your grandmother has so many hugs and kisses for you today and I know your great-grandfather would have given anything to have been able to be here today as well! That little boy has no idea how well loved he is going to be for the rest of his life! This is just the beginning, the 1st one of so many more! And I hope it is the greatest adventure ever! Vote today for the changes that will happen after we are gone!
Noah is 6 months old he loves to laugh and giggle and talk to friends and family he is learning and growing so fast I am already proud of him he's such a smart little man... he's so proud of every accomplishment everyday he's learning something new and becoming bigger and stronger.. He loves watching Cocomelon on tv.. He love fire trucks...
This sweet girl loves to play peekaboo and smile all day long ❤️
This is my very happy 8 month old baby Thomas, his photos are out of order, but he’s getting so big teething, crawling, standing, and starting on baby food His starting to take little steps so he’ll be walking in no time. It’s hard being a stay at home teen mom but I’m here, and this seems like a fun way to make money so any votes help!😊
She's loves being in her swing and instrumental music. She is a heart baby, meaning she's had heart surgery.
One of the most powerful personalities for a baby. 😁
Eva love to smile and eat! She loves mommy and daddy! She loves to be held and cuddled! She’s growing fast and is sooo smart!
Casey James
Casey James is EVERYTHING! A true Mommas boy and his Daddy’s best friend, Casey’s personality and energy is contagious and his laughs are sure to brighten anyone’s day! He loves to shake his booty and dance, mimic you with baby babble, and look at himself in the mirror!
Kylan is 5 months old. He loves playing with his toys, he has learned how to roll over, & he loves to talk, smile, and laugh.
He’s energetic ,and he love exploring new things. He loves car rides and most of all he love his food
AJ is our 8 month old rainbow🌈 baby , he loves everyone & is a ball of energy.💜
Talon is very loving(especially with the ladies). He always smiling.
Im Alina ✨ the sweetest little girl you can meet with the biggest heart. Daddys girl, but mommys best friend 🥰
She’s a genuine sweetheart
Arin ✨ born 3 weeks early, one happy baby. Always smiling. Already obsessed with my big sister, I always smile even when she just walks by.
Hailey is 2 and is Very adventurous. She love the outdoors and no matter how big she gets she will always be a princess in my eyes!
A Mavia
A’Mavia Nahlani is her name✨ She’s a clown mainly, but she can have her bad days. She’s a big bubble guppies fan. No one ever told me they grow so fast🥺💕👩‍👧
Winter is a sassy baby who loves her bows and LOVES potatoes! We plan on taking this money if winning and set it aside in a savings account for her future. Her daddy is away in the navy right now and I’m sure he would be so proud if she won this! Anything helps if you want to help a little by getting the extra votes. We appreciate everything. #teamwinter
Levi is a crazy little ball of energy thats ready to go by 8am every morning. He loves jumping in his jumper and watching little baby bum!
emilia is 3 weeks old! She loves to eat, cuddle and it a big ole daddy’s girl. ❤️
Felix loves his stuffed giraffe and sleeps with him every night. He also is a huge fan of apples! He’s a total mommas boy and enjoys walks with his buddy Bentley and spends most of his time trying to eat everything😂
Waylon is the sweetest little boy with the biggest personality! He loves the out doors, cars, and playing with his big brothers.
This is Mauricio he was born 2 weeks early but really strong.. Time is going by really fast
Trai is a happy baby, he is almost always laughing and he enjoys playing with his mommy.
Owyn is a smart and funny boy. He is always goofing off and loves to have fun. He enjoys playing basketball amd watching baby shark, Mickey mouse and Bubble guppies.
Raigen is a happy little baby boy that loves being talked to and cuddling with his mommy.
Alec loves dinosaurs and going on walks to the park with his mommy. He is a fun loving little boy and an awesome big brother.
Brantley is our first granson and we are so blessed to have him
Jeremy is the sweetest little boy ever he love his mommy and daddy.
Noah loves to cuddle and love to get kisses. He enjoys nice warm baths and long comfortable naps. His most favorite thing to do is drink his nice warm milk 💙
She's adorable, she loves to smile at everyone, and she loves to stare
RayLee is 9 months old she’s the most social-able baby I’ve ever seen.. she says everything from momma-bye bye and even more, she a fast crawler and wants to stand so we’re gonna have a walker on our hands real soon.. the whole “she’s a daddy’s girl” isn’t for her she most definitely 100% a MOMMAS GIRL!
My grandbaby who is the love of my life so perfect in every way. Shes my whole heart
Michael is almost 2 months old! He loves spending time with his MiMi and PaPa and his Auntie! 💕 He’s a smiley boy 😁 and he loves the sunshine ☀️
Peter Skylar was born March 24th. He is the best baby boy this mama could ask for. He barely cries, he sleeps, eats and poops all day and night. He loves mommy's, daddy's and big sister's (4 years old) snuggles. He's cuddly, and a loving baby boy!
Meet Mateo! i am a helmet baby💪🏽 4 months old, 18lbs! I have bright blue eyes. I have the biggest personality already, and hitting my milestones very quickly! im so strong and curious💙 Vote for me!
*Thank you to everyone who has voted for Jensen! This will be our last time competing for a while so we greatly appreciate everyone!!* Jensen is 5 months old & the sweetest, happiest little baby you will ever meet! Smiling and laughing is his favorite! He loves pulling on Daddy's beard & absolutely hates his carseat! He adores his big brother & loves playtime with him. He has recently found his feet and thinks they're SO much fun!! He's been drinking from straws since 4 months old & loves his sippy cup. Please vote for our precious baby boy.
My little sweety loves to tell everyone hi! She makes everyone around her smile. She loves her mommy & daddy! Shes very sweet. Shes always laughing & smiling! She is the highlight of my life my saving grace 💜 she loves babies!! And she loves disney!
Elijah is the sweetest boy around. He loves watching movies with mommy and daddy, laughing and smiling. He loves his hands to be held and lots of snuggles. You should vote for him because he's that smile is enough to make your heart melt!
Hi my name is Seth and I am a big brother to my little brother Alex. I love my mommy, my daddy, my little brother and I love playing with my voom vooms, reading my books, and swimming. Well I hope I can win because mommy says I'm a handsome boy.
Hello my name is Kingsten i was born in October! I love jumping in my jumperoo im a very happy healthy baby! I love music food and my toes. Im learning everyday but i have been saying momma since i was about 3 months old now im saying dada! Scooby Doo is my favorite cartoon. I also love to laugh because im a very funny boy!
Finleigh is an incredibly strong, sweet, beautiful baby. We are blessed to have her in our lives 💞 Her smile touches the hearts of anyone around her. Help us win by voting!
She Loves To Play, Laugh & Watch Cartoons. She’s Very Smart To Be So Young But It’s Amazing. She Love To Sit Up & Try To Talk A lot Lol. Her Smile 💗🧸& Personality Is So Beautiful. She is Very Well Alert & She Is Very Active. Rhylee Is Wonderful 🙂🧸✨💗
My wild child lives to play outside and feel the wind in his blonde curly hair. He loves anything with a loud motor and is such a joy to be around.
Lyla loves to dance and sing! She has 3 cats, whom she loves dearly!