Nosey Noah is what we all call him- if you’re having a conversation Noah loves to join in; if you’re eating he stares into you like he is looking into your soul. Noah loves bath time and loves to make a big splash… especially all over his mum.🙃 He loves to play and be an independent little boy, by holding his own spoon and feeding himself. He loves to laugh- he gives the biggest laugh at the most silly things, especially the word “Noah”. He loves helping everyone read books, he turns the page and looks at you waiting for you to read his story. Noah is only 8 months old, and he has accomplished so much already; we are all so sure he will accomplish much more very soon. So, please :) vote for Noah x
Patrick is a happy baby who loves to play with his feet and monkey. He’s in swim lessons and loves to play. He loves to smile and loves people. He is the sweetest baby ever!
Aaliyah Ann is a very happy baby who LOVES snacks🍟 and PLAYING in the grass 🌻
He love to read like animal wanted to be a doctor
Emin is a very happy baby all the time. He has tried a variety of foods and loves them all! (Well except broccoli but we don’t hold that against him haha). His best buddies are his momma, daddy and our three dogs. He loves to growl like daddy taught him. His jumper is probably his favorite toy currently. He is my world!
A beautiful smart child With big Blue eyes
Paisley Ryanne was born the happiest baby!! Her smile is infectious and the looks she gives you are hilarious!! She likes to listen to the birds and stare at the window or wall lol
Hi my name is Ayreion i am 5 months and very active, I love to laugh, smile, and scream, I love to eat baby food and I love bath time.
Hi, my name is A’kahri I am 1 I turn 2 on June 12th, I love to run around and play with my toys and bother my little brother a lot, I love to watch Cocomelon and listen to music.
My baby boy is what Id like to call my own personal ANGEL sent directly from God. He is so strong and resilient. He was born almost a month early and was a NICU baby. His father and I created such a magical , precious little boy. He has brought so much love and happiness into our family. He’s our little monkey because he adores bananas, picking up EVERYTHING with his feet lol , climbing into and over anything ! His big blue/green eyes and golden blonde curls !
She’s the happiest, goofiest 2 1/2yr old little girl you’ll ever meet💗 she’s got a little sass to her and she likes being the “boss” but she’s super shy🥰💗
Nova is a sassy, spunky girl who loves to sing, dance, have story time, & brush her teeth! Sign language is a major role in her life she loves learning new signs and using them daily. Telling you “I Love You” & “Blowing Kisses” is her favorite signs to use. Nova does this thing where she wiggles when she gets excited, whether it’s meeting a new friend or eating yummy food, she loves to do her little wiggle dance!
Ollies favorite activity is to move! He doesn’t care if it’s crawling, jumping, or standing, he will be active. Ollie loves eating, playing with his fur brother/sister, people watching, and rummaging through laundry baskets to unfold mommas clothes. His day are typically full of laughter, smiles, and all the new fun sounds ❤️
Hi I'm Chloe! I just turned one and my favourite fruit is tangerines!
Sebastián is so strong. Held his.head up at a day old and continues to amaze me. He loves to giggle, smile and loves, loves, loves to jump.
Hello Amari’Ella here ! A little about me… I was born 08/25/21 @ 12:11Pm @35 weeks old. I stayed in the hospital for about 2weeks and a half. I left the Nicu with an oxygen Tank.🥺, I was on oxygen for two weeks at home. At my Third check up I was given the green to come off!!😄😁 Ohh how excited me and mommy were! Things I like most daily: 💙 Loves to smile very much I can’t forget the most heavenly innocent sounds that give me baby fever all over her giggles ohh the giggles. 💗Loves to baby talk about anything that comes to mind . She’ll tell you all about it.😊 Fun fact : Im crawling but I believe I’d like to walk before. Choices choices. I’m only 8 Months but age is just a number.
He loves to cuddle and smile.
Harmonee is a beautiful's nothing she can't rock.....she's a natural......very photogenic and energenic.....look at her pictures, she'll steal your heart💜💜
Wayside such a sweet,loving, smart little boy!!!
Oliver is an overachiever, reaching his miles stones early. He loves his mommy milk and sleeping.
This beautiful baby is my rainbow 🌈 baby! After a hard loss, and a couple miscarriages, we finally got pregnant and was blessed with such a wonderful little blessing!!
Juniper Sage
Juniper is a spunky 18 month old little girl, who is so full of life and has a beautiful spirit. Her smile will fill you with joy and light up your life. Even her mean mug will make you laugh. Spend 5 minutes with this amazing girl and your heart will be filled for a lifetime!
Dean loves to go on walks and play at the park. He is really into planes and trucks and getting dirty. He loves watching Peppa Pig, Blues Clues, and Bubble Guppies. We are so lucky to have him and are very proud of this amazing little dude. If you would please vote for Dean I would be happy to exchange votes. 😁
Loves school and to play with her friends. Love karate. And most of all B is the best big sissy ever
Gabriel is an amazing lil miracle that god does truly answers prayers. Hes considered a stress baby but acts nothing like a stress baby Hes a very happy and talkative baby loves to smile and loves to laugh n most of all he loves to be my side
Brynlee loves taking photos and cuddling!
RoeRoe 💗
Meet David Gonzalez III he is a happy baby always smiles at everyone, he loves to put his hand in his mouth, and loves to play with mommy and daddy.
Anna is a little ball of sunshine with so much personality. She loves her dog Louie and loves to follow people around. She has learned to say DADA. We couldn't be more happy with this little girl in our lives
She likes gymnastics, going to school and playing with friends.
My disney princess eyes 😍 are my signature feature! I am a smiley happy baby all the time.
Matilda Jay
Matilda Jay is such a happy baby! She's nonstop smiling, loves bathtime, and is always saying Dada.❤
Clara loves everyone! She is such a happy girl and is full of laughs and smiles.
Selena Loves to play and giggle ! Also she definitely loves to Eat . She loves animals.
Willow loves to play with water. All food. Feeding herself and loves to play with her big sissy. She is so independent at such a young age.
My nicu warrior, she was born 5 weeks early.
Iyla is such a cutie but don’t let her looks fool you! She is so full of sass and loves to dance to Music of any kind! Loves her morning cuddles whilst scratching away at her mother and me! Who could resist that spaghetti face? 😆
I love to play with my uncle Ryan and I love to play outside with my spider !
AJ is a very outgoing and happy baby. Loves attention and loves to laugh and play.
Duncan is such an amazing little dude. Sweet and cuddly and alway smiling. He is a little bear and loves to travel
Azroth loves his dog and his daddy, nothing beats playing outside for this little boy.
Branch William Graybeal
Branch is still getting used to being in our world. He loves when mommy does patty cake patty cake. He loves to smile and is such a happy baby. He also LOVES to eat. He may look small and skinny but this momma don’t know how he is because he eats all day long. He’s mommas best friend and looks for her everywhere when she has to go to work.
Matthew Carter Nix
Matthew is such a sweet amazing little boy. Smart as can be ! His smile will light up a room. His giggle will make you giggle. He impacts alot of people. He is such an amazing little boy & there will always be a laugh when he's around. If be wins, the money will get whatever he wants
Avid hide and seeker and a snuggly wuggly.
D’Aura is child of life . For everyone who meets her always leave with a smile. She love her “Happy Birthday” doggie, loves vanilla wafers, and loves chewing on her tiny toes. Everyone Meet D’Aura Danielle 💕
Dreytonn was born in 2020 , he always so happy ! He first started smiling at a week old ! . He loves being outside
Lydia is the happiest baby girl, she is super smart and very cute 🤍 she loves laughing and having fun. I love showing off how perfect my daughter is !