Baby Stories - 21


Jaxton is a month old and loves bright lights, music and his swing. Jaxton is just now becoming aware of his surroundings and is hell bent on learning neck control. Jaxton also loves napping in his mommy and daddys bed with his doodle siblings close by.
Frankie has a wonderful personality! He is super smart and so loving! He is very content and can entertain himself for hours!! He loves paw patrol and music!! He talks like a 3 1/2 year old. He is so so adorable
Im Shepard, I love it when mom holds me and my fur brothers snuggle with me and give me kisses. Im cheeky and love to smile and laugh in my sleep
She loves our puppies and loves car rides and music🥰❤️
Tyler loves lion king and loves to bounce! He’s the happiest little boy❤️
Zander loves sitting next to daddy while he plays games and trys to grab the controller. He loves musical toys. And bouncing. Hes got a bright smile that melts your heart. 🥰🥰
Baby Ace loves tummy time and is starting to roll over , he loves bath time and starts kicking his legs splashing the water. Acein loves to laugh and such a happy baby he is getting smarter by the day.
Jaida is a loving 8 month old who loves mommy and daddy! The happiest baby ever
Calviah Zaël Dainty
Calviah is very intelligent. She loves to interact with everyone. She always has something to say. She is so sweet and loves to smile even after the seconds that follow her bad moods she gives you the most beautiful of her smiles. Calviah is a ray of sunshine.💜
Anthony loves cuddle time and kisses from his dog brothers.
She’s our sour patch baby - first she’s sour, than she’s sweet! Always full of things to say and dance moves to back it up, Eliza is sure to fill every room she walks into with the purest joy and the most contagious smile.
Our little 2 month old princess is the happiest of babies. She's always talkin to her daddy and smiling whether she's awake or in her sleep! She melts mommy and daddy heart and we know she'll melt yours too! She's already rolling over on her own and growing up to be an active little one! Just like she was in mommy's tummy. She's right at 10lbs and still grandma's little Tinkerbell.
He ain't just your average two-year-old he's full of spunk and go go go cute as a button with bright blue eyes and blonde hair it goes here and there and everywhere he loves to work on cars play out in the dirt dig holes and have a good time his favorite things are pizza and red cream soda he loves his mom very much and his little sister will be here shortly he's very good with babies and he likes to have fun
He love his toys and food
Sophia Skye
Sophia Skye loves has the brightest smile and loves smiling at everything, she loves to lay back and watch tv with momma, and she taking baths is something she loves the most.
Cooper is twelve months and is such a blessing. He took us twenty months to conceive. We are so glad he is a part of our family.
She’s 6 months a very happy baby always smiling , she loves to crawl around & watch coco melon 🍉
Kealeigh is a smart gifted little girl who loves to make people smile!
Sophia is our chubby bundle of joy. She loves talking to everyone hehe. And we’re rolling now too which is great!! Sophia is 4 months old and each day she makes her daddy and I love her even more than ever. ❤️
Please vote for my god daughter and my brothers new baby she has been such a blessing...her mother Hali was not expecting this blessing due to her seizures and being told throughout life she would never be able to have a child but god showed up as he has always have and gave us this precious baby girl..she is sassy,beautiful,loves to laugh and growl and has recently learned to roll over...this will mean the most to us if you will please give her a vote!!thank you for your time!!
Well Markco is very smart he’s very dedicated to his LEGOs... He loves school and his favorite subject is math. He loves to cuddle and lay under you at night ☺️. Very sweet and funny to.
Achilles loves attention put him down an he will pout the lip
Gabriella is 9 months old. She is a perfect baby! She doesn’t cry, sleeps 10+hours a night, and loved her puppies. Ella is our biggest blessing and it would mean the world to us for her to win, not for the money, but because she’s really is the cutest and best baby in our eyes!
Spunky loving outgoing girl. She my only girl or 4 children. she's my lil mini me and her spunk an attitude to back it up lol. She's a lover of animals and always willing to help when she can . She got a beautiful spirit .
Beautiful bubbly little girl, quiet and content, super cheeky ❤️ Her favourite thing to do is kick and splash in the Bath
Avery is a wild man. He is always into something, whether it’s pulling our Bassett hounds ears or dragging pots and pans off the shelf in his walker. He is 7 months and a little over 21 pounds. Big boy with a big smile!
I love chasing my brothers around! I love dancing,food,hugs n kisses,snuggling with mommy, if I’m not into something, I have no problem letting you know!!
Leonardo Di Sebastian
My name is Leonardo Di Sebastian and I love sleeping on papa's chest and smiling at mama. I'm the cutest baby you'll ever meet. My hobies are eating, crying and sleeping. I make the messiest diapers and mama loves them. My favorite time of the day is bath time.
Huck loves to smile, eat, and be held 😊
Infectious smile
Paris is one month old. She LOVES to eat and LOVES attention.
Emiah is 7 weeks old and loves to smile, especially when her daddy gives her kisses. Shes always happy & loves her mommys cuddles.
She is a amazing little girl that loves to dance and take pictures
Andrew is such a sweet easy going baby boy. He loves Baby GooGoo from BabyFirstTV, his puppy Amos, bath time, and walks in the stroller around the neighborhood.
Chrisley Shane Beauvais
He's a little boy who likes to laugh. When he is at home everyone is happy. He sets the mood.
Elias is energetic, smart, talkative, senstive little dude. He loves his family and all his sisters. He enjoys playing outside and helping his daddy with working outside. Lets show Elias how contagious his smile is and vote for him so he can see how much of a blessing he really is!
Daniel is 3 months and is always happy!! His favorite show is scooby-doo and he loves to smile!!
My name is Price! I love my boppy and just started to get the hang of cooing!
Brylee is a wonderful young tot . Her favorite person is her Daddy. She has 5 siblings and fits right in. Brylee loves to wear her shoes on the wrong feet and dress herself. Lets show Brylee how cute she really is and vote for her❤
She is a beautiful lil girl,with a huge personality.. She is my world.. Lets give her some love people
Juan Martin
Juan Martín love smiles
Ophelia loves her mama! Enjoys laughing at her toy cow and her most favorite thing is taking a bath, she LOVES water!
The sweetest, happiest baby girl who loves anything and everyone 🤍
Za'kai likes to eat and sleep for the most part! He loves to watch dinotrux and sleep on mommys chest :)
Hailey is a very smart 3 year old , Loves to play. She will appreciate your vote ❤️
My name is Jasmine Marie Sage Melendez. I was born 2 days before my father's birthday in the middle of covid 19 pandemic. My mom had to have her fourth & last c section bringing me into the world. I haven't been able to meet my whole family due to the pandemic but it will happen soon. I love my mother, father & siblings just as much as they love me. I love my tummy time & bonding with my parents. Come on everybody I need some votes. God bless ❤️❤️❤️
Aurelia is the happiest and quirkiest 4 month old out there. She loves "singing" along to Christmas music. She also loves to dance.