She’s absolutely beautiful & such a hilarious character
Jaxon is 8 months old, and mostly enjoys long walks and blowing raspberries. His favourite food is broccoli, and whatever food mummy is trying to eat.😋
This is carl junior , Cj we call him he loves cuddles , has the biggest smile and loves to laugh
Grayson is my grandson he’s 21 months old , outside , he loves cars , playing with balls , he also likes watching Ms.Rachel and baby shark ! Please vote for my grandson
Brantley loves (His momma) (His jumparoo) (To say momma) (Stick his tongue out) (Smiling) (Bath time) (Sitting up) (His milk) (Baby food) (Playing with his Momma or anyone else) (Loves yelling lol)
This is Annaleia Feather, she is 6 months old and already is a cultural ambassador, singer and dancer. She lights up every room she enters. She loves to lounge back in a floatie in the pool & loves animals. Annaleia would use the money for purchasing more traditional regalia to perform in when she grows out of her current things. Her traditional names are Kashadanda in the Tagish language which means “when the sun comes up shining” and her Kaska name is Esgōma which means “mother of swans”.
Hannas big brother calls her Princess Twinkly-Eyes, she has great big smiles for everyone she meets. She loves nothing more than holding your fingers and cooing and trying to talk. She's little miss independent and will happily play on her tummy time mat attacking the toys hanging from it. She is going to be a climber as she's already rolling over and scooting herself about, she loves to stand on her legs and looks so excited and happy to be standing. And when she gets tired, she'll let you know, and just wants to be snuggled into a blanket and cuddled in facing you into the crook of your elbow and will nod straight off to sleep.
Mason is the youngest of 6 kids he’s always a happy boy and loves his family but loves his sister Madeline especially. He loves to eat never misses a meal and hates tummy time.
Madeline is the youngest of 4 older then 1 she’s sassy but she can definitely handle her own
WILLING TO DO 10 FOR 10 TRADES DAILY🙏 Hi I'm Larso'n I am 5 months born a preemie at 34 weeks staying in NICU for only a week, very active, loves music,smiles and knows how to roll over and hold my own bottle already. Miracle baby. He loves cocomelon and kan fu panda 😆
This is Liliane we call her Lily. She was born prematurely only weighing 5lbs she has red hair🥺 she's growing more and more everyday she already has such a beautiful personality and is so sassy and has so much attitude for such a little girl. She loves to make squacking sounds and this girl can not go without her bottle 😂 She's so quiet and peaceful and bring so much joy to everyone around! ❣️ She becomes more and more alert everyday staying awake and making eye contact! Shes confused on why her big brother (jay) always has to take her stuff and get mad when he's not the center of attention 🤣😅
Felicity is a bubbly 8 month old who loves to say momma as loud as she can! She loves clapping rolling around army crawling and standing up on the furniture.
Saylor is a 2 month old ball of SASS! She is obsessed with daddy and anything shiny. She loves her puppies and visiting with Nana and Papa! Our little girl is all smiles and giggles this month!
Elisabeth Loni
Miss Elisabeth is 6 months old now! Crawling, talking and has two little bottom teeth!! She loves her big brother and absolutely loves her kitty! Such a mommy and daddy’s girl.
Mason is 1 month old and loves smiling and making sounds when you talk to him! He's the sweetest and happiest baby <3
My little spit fire Nae Nae 💗🦋 she's so full of love & light !! Vote vote vote 🎉🎉
Vote for my baby she is just too cute 🥰 she is learning tummy time and rolling right now 🌸
Jack is 3 months old. He’s a super happy baby and loves everyone 🥰 He loves Hey Bear, eating his fists and his daddy 🫶🏼
Reading and math are Jack’s favorite! He loves telling jokes, being the center of attention and always gives the best hugs!
Vote for this sassy redhead! She has a smile that will light up your day!
She s the sweetest girl in the world, always asks to take a picture and love to socialise
Hazelei loves to dance and sing play peekaboo and loves dressing up she loves the outside and her big brothers
He's a super fun, adventurous and happy little boy who loves playing outside!
Eliza is a 7 month old baby girl who loves to be interacted with! She loves mama’s milk, her big sissy, mama, dada and fur brothers so much! She’s our little rainbow baby and she brings so much joy into our lives ❤️
He's a very passive sweet baby who loves cuddles.
Jaxon is the sweetest, most caring little boy in the world! Jaxon loves Spider-Man and is so silly! He loves being outside and going fishing! “His favorite people are his baby sister and his mom and his dad!” Help Jaxon by voting, liking, and sharing! *willing to exchange votes‼️! Please just leave comment on my page!*
Cyrus loves bath time, play time with mom and dad,& Ms Rachel of course. His smiles and giggles can light up any room.
Hes four months old loves to smile and laugh also playin with his rattles and teethers cuz hes teething now. Hes a very happy baby
Nagisa is a character. Shes a happy, adventurous, and playful young lady. Shes definitely a daddys girl.Shes also very protective of her baby brother and has motherly instincts already just loving on her baby brother. Shes very friendly to everyone and everything. She loves going outside and going to the park. Everydays an adventure to her.
Amaris is such a Character! He loves mickey mouse and dancing! he’s also very Photogenic😊! He has the sweetest smile and a heart filled with gold❤️VOTE FOR HIM AND WE WILL VOTE FOR YOU❤️
Elaina is a 3 month old sassy little girl , born small but mighty at 4lbs 3oz , she’s now sitting at a whopping 7lbs 3oz and she lets nothing phase her because she’s a little fighter . She has 3 brothers and is the only girl so she is definitely spoiled. She is my double rainbow baby after a miscarriage and the loss of her infant brother at 4 days old . Shes a little big girl as right now She’s learning to coo and loves her surroundings and learning all about her world around her. She also loves being held, her pink pacy , when you talk to her , Miss Rachel and her hats ! Vote for my little Pumpkin ❤️
Frankie is the sweetest girl on earth… she has an infectious personality and the cutest smile ever. She giggles at everybody and claps her hands to the sound of music. Frankie brings joy and comfort to everybody she meets.
Emory-Sue is such a love bug. Wants to give kisses and hugs to everyone! Crawls around saying Dada all day long.
Seth is a very happy, playful, young man. He is always smiling and is definitely a momas boy. He loves spending time with his family and hates being alone.
Mums first bambino, loves splashing, chocoholic and never stops chatting! Just the most amazing little bambino.
!! EXCHANGE VOTES DAILY & TAKE ADVANCE VOTES!! Kinslee was born at 37 weeks & 4lbs even. When she came out she was instantly a fighter dealing with blood sugar issues,jaundice and weight gaining problems. She had to have a feeding tube and spent almost 3 weeks in the Nicu before coming home on December 31st! Miss Kinslee was on KHQ news and in the spokesman newspaper of Spokane for Nicu babies at Deaconess. Kinslee turned two months old the day before valentines day. She is now weighing 8lbs 9.5oz and over 20 inches long!
Aniyah-rose was born at 28weeks gestation age she was not due untill may the 9th she was born due to PPROM and suspected sepsis she fought hard in the NICU She stayed there for 96days and to see how far she has come from just a 2lb baby to what she is now is phanomanal . Aniyah-rose loves lilo & stictch, in the night garden and moon baby she has got an amazing personality and is full of laughter and is just all round amazing! She truly is our little worrior girl 👧🏾 💗
Robin is a contented boy who loves to smile 😊 Robin captures the heart of every women he meets ❤️
She is finding her voice. She like to laugh at her daddy.
Jaxon is a spunky 7y/o who loves monster trucks and poptarts!
This is my baby boy Eli he’s such a sweet, smiley boy. He loves his mobile and music, momma cuddles and high contrast things. I’m a single momma and give him all the loves in the world cuz he deserves every ounce of it. He is so adorable and has the squishiest little cheeks!
Amelia is a sassy little madam from the time she was born x ❤️ she loves watching baby t.v and talking to her big brother x ❤️
Hello everyone.This is my granddaughter Dianne.aka NukNuk.loves to stick her tongue out & make funny noises.She also loves playing peekaboo with her PopPop.what makes her day is Laughing and smiling every day is a good day for baby girl because she’s always smiling. Such a happy baby she is.