Baby Stories - 19


He’s my sweet little recking ball!!! His hobbies are barging in on mommy pooping, knocking old people over with big hugs and asking strangers the most embarrassing things ever!!! He gives the best hugs and loves helping. My little threenager is gross, sweet and an irreplaceable member of my crazy little family. ❤️❤️❤️
Brycen is a three year old full of energy! He loves making new friends! He very energetic and out going. When your down he will lift you up. Unexpected hugs are always given. He a very respectful three year old and well mannered! He loves ice cream, watching football, going fishing and work vehicles !! Oh Yea, the beach is his favorite thing of all!
Shaylee is full of love and laughter !! She loves animals and her family !! She loves chocolate!
Kaia loves her 3 yr old big brother and laughs and smiles when he plays with her
Hi! I love to listen to music, dance, talk to my brother , snack on food, play in the snow and I love taking baths to play in the water.
Elyjah is the sweetest little babe. He is always smiling and LOVES to eat. He is very affectionate and loves everyone!
Ronny is a future powerlifter with the strength of an Ox, his current diet is chicken and vegetable smoothies and all votes go towards making him a junior champion lifer with aspirations of setting new deadlift records, coached by his father he will be an absolute unit with northern blood running through his veins he is the true king of the north.
She’s a very happy baby, loves milk and playing with toys! She is very energetic 🥰
Saoirse is a sweet 3 month old little girl who LOVES her dada! Her name is Irish and pronounced like "sear-sha" and is just as unique as she is! She loves her octopus toy and taking naps in mama and dada's arms. She is the sweetest girl!
Karly loves playing outside, coloring,an most of all playing with her dad
Boy whit lot of energy and love ❤️
Born at 27 weeks and is now 4 months old. He is such a fighter!! Big attitude and loves story time and playing with his toys! He loves to stare at the ceiling fan!! He deserves this position because I have never met anyone as strong as my miracle!! Starting out at 1lb 12.8 ozs and now 7 pounds 2 ozs💙he is now almost a year old and has been so tough! Help him win❤️
Charismatic fun loving intelligent “Gent” with a gigantic personality for animals, sun glasses and new things. Favorite word is HOT!! and daaaayeeeee(daddy).
My precious nephew who is always smiling. Favorite smiles though are the ones when I catch him playing outside completely covered in mud waist down. The sweet lil innocent face when he's caught doing things he clearly knows he's not supposed to be doing is just too much for me at times😂
Hes such a happy baby and adores mickey mouse everything ❤
Hope is a big sister and she loves her little brother and she also loves paw patrol, bluey and anything on disney jr
Luna Mae
My beautiful baby girl Luna is now 6 month 1/2 old and is the most content and happy baby I've ever known she smiles when we kiss her cheeks and loves to blow raspberry and 0ay in parks
Luna Mae
Luna Mae is 6 1/2 months old and loves to be outside in swing at park or just sitting on grass watching us move in wind she is a cheeky little girl who loves her food and ferrets
Ary loves food and to play outside all the time. She reps for shops an has a lot of bows!!! Ary loves an adventure and her mommy and daddy
Adley has 3 older sisters! She is very sweet and shy and full of smiles 💓
Leila is happy little girl who enjoys spend her time with other children she's friendly and joyful little one💕
Zandria is a warrior, and she has been fighting for her life in the NICU since she was born at 25 weeks. She is almost done with her journey in the NICU. She is a happy girl, unless she decides to show off her sassy side.
Colson is now 2 years old, he will be 3 in June. He can say all his ABCs, count to 15, knows all his colors, shapes and animal sounds! He loves to play outside and his favorite thing is rocks!!!! Mommy’s little blonde hair blue eyed sweet angel baby is getting all grown up on her!!!! Loves trying to help daddy too!
Carter is the happiest baby all the time, loves his feet, hates wearing clothes, his favorite movie is boss baby, his dog simba is his best friend, loves his mommy and daddy, and constantly wants attention!
Maddison rose is a month old and already is a beauty rockin bows and always hungry, she is findin her voice and making us gush everyday.. Vote for Maddie 😍🥰 she loves her snuggles 💕 She's starting to show a real personality these days, She's just like her father 😘
This little prince was born 10 weeks early and absolutely smashed all expectations of recovery! He was out and at home in just under 5 week! He's super brave and strong!
Andrew is currently working on sitting up on his own. He has dark blue eyes and tinted red hair. He’s the light in everyone’s eye. He’s always giggling, and loves jumping in his jumper. He even gives the best snuggles!
Declann is one of the sweetest little boys you will ever meet. He absolutely loves the outside!
Lilly is a very bright 2 month old. She likes to hold her head up and smile at mommy and daddy. Her favorite thing is to cuddle with her parents and hold their fingers.
He is the 4th generation of his name. Loves to play soccer, swim, and play with his puppy. Has won king, and Supreme king in multiple local pagents since he was born.
Maverick is 4 months old, he is a very happy and chill baby. He loves to eat, as you can see with his chubby ness, he is becoming more independent with grabbing things, & can almost sit up on his own!
Sierra is a happy, bubbly baby who loves life with her whole heart. She loves playing, eating veggies, and warm hugs.
Clarissa is always happy she sees life differently,she loves to make conversation. Believe me she will make you laugh in a heart beat lol
Hi, I'm Eveline and I love listening to music and hugs. I'm only two months old, I hope you like it me and give me a vote. thanks xx
Westley loves the outdoors and his two cats. Our happy boy has quite the silly personality and brings a smile to who ever he sees!
She loves to smile♥️ Loves cuddles with mommy and daddy💕 she likes to blow bubbles😋
Landyn is 5 weeks old, learning to find his fingers and he giggles and smiles. He's seriously so precious. ❤️ And a blessing our family didn't know we needed. 🤗
I’m smart,I know how to dance and have a smile that will brighten up your whole day 💚
Hi! My name is AJ. I love playing with my dinos, trying different foods & I’m learning how to walk. I’d especially love it if you voted for me. Thank you !
Full of energy-efficient lifestyle..."Give Nana your best Marilyn Monroe look".
She is a fun loving girl loves to be out side helping her papa or helping with the dishes with grandma she loves playing with her dolls and taking them for walks
Leah loves too smile,sleep,and eat. She loves her sisters and brothers too.
Elianna is a vibrant princess who loves Mickey Mouse, and smiles all the time.
Full of energy, Personality is amazing, Kind and eager to learn...I ask her to give me her Marilyn Monroe look...🥰
Giovanni my silly baby boy, loves when you sing to him and he’s definitely a morning person he’s ready to get his day started with playing with his toys & counting numbers a funny way. He loves to be outside talking walks in his stroller he is so aware of his surroundings. His new likings are all objects with food he’s loves finding out new things. He wants to do everything we do I love watching him grow.
Munari Is A Very Joyful Baby ! He Loves To Smile & Laugh . He Also Likes When You Talk With Him, Play , And Make Funny Noises. He Loves Music & Baby Shows 😍
Everlee is my granddaughter. She loves to play outside and loves water. She is such a loving little girl.
Joseph is 2 months old loves his Nanny, Papaw, Mommy, Daddy, and big brother, loves to smile, and can roll from belly to back