Baby Stories - 19


Maverickah John
Maverickah loves his car seat. He loves to watch finding memo and eating his vegtables, Cute little kid who wouldn't vote for him!! He loves eating healthy. He loves toys and dogs.
Brayden is the sweetest little boy you will ever meet! He’s very intelligent loves school, love dinosaurs and Minecraft and he loves his Mommy ❤️
Connorn has energy out of this world! Loves ice cream, chicken, and Teen Titan Go. He was born 11/11/19. Healthy baby at birth. He is my sunshine baby! He loves aqaurium fish, guinea pigs, and sleeps straight through the night!. Love of my life
Super energetic momma’s boy who loves his pup. He also LOVES baa baa from little baby bum, bath time, and watching videos of himself 🥰
Jamie is a very smart, outgoing little girl!! She is so independent and looks for learning new things every single day. She is a very big helper with her baby brother and also other things around the house. Just an all-around wonderful American Girl
Jasmine is a miracle child! She was attacked by a stray dog in 2014 when she was 5 years old! She has undergone a emergency carotid artery repair. She had a large stroke due to the blood loss of the dog attack half of her skull was removed and was out for a few months until they put it back in it refused to mend back together and her body rejected it therefore she had to go under for another surgery to reconstruct her skull. When she had the stroke she had to learn how to do everything all over again. But yet she is still an amazing happy vibrant beautiful little girl. I could explain the whole situation but it would take hours. If you met her she would definitely have a place in your heart
Baby Leo is only a week old, but he loves to make little faces and shown pretty much every expression. Hes a strong little boy and loves to look around everywhere. I cant wait to have many memories with my little family.
Acela was born in early October with q head of full black hair. She loves her blanket and her milk.
Makenna is a very happy baby, she loves her fruits. She loves being in her jumper. Shes going to be very active once she gets going. Shes already so independant and determined 🥰 Makenna should get voted for because Id give her the world if i could.
Zachary is a very sweet and polite little boy that enjoys trains and tractors!
Joey loves other people. He has the cutest blonde hair, So cool. He loves wearing his overalls. We got them from walmart, He loved it. He eats healthy, he is 30 or 31 pounds I forgot. he is cute, Give him a vote!!
Hi my name is Isabella, I was born 2 weeks and 2 days early. My mommy was in and out of the hospital in August because I would cause her unbearable back pain from my position I was in. She was so strong and pushed through. Now that I’m finally out in the world, my mommy and daddy protect me from everything and everyone. I’m so loved by my family!
Miss Octavia was born 9-5-2020 at 38 weeks gestation she had been trying to come at 35 weeks gestation but with many hospital visits they would stop contractions and percribed medications to make sure she wouldnt come to early , she was born with respiratory issues and spent her first five days of life in the NICU she was a feisty little one and pulled her feeding tube out a few time, had to have iv's replaced 3 times she has the will to fight, now at 11 weeks old she is a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl! She hardly ever fusses unless she is hungry or wants to be cuddles, shes a mommas girl as we are breastfeeding! With a smile that can light up a room!
Kingsley is a very energetic 11 month old. He has always been very much a ladies man. You’ll always catch him eating anything and everything. Ways he spends his spare time are having a warm bottle and laying back in his recliner watching baby sensory videos.
Markeith Jr.
He loves food, his mommy, daddy, big sister, his baby brother on the way and his nana💙
Leia likes to figure out how things work, and play with the family pets.
Jack is a very playful fun little boy. He loves to play with his toy train, loves to eat, and play with his daddy!
2’2” God First 🙏🏾 My favorite thing to do is play with daddy, Ride in my AMG 🏎 lay up with mommy🥱👩‍👦and most of all, I LOVE FOOD 🥘🤤Besides I’m amazingly Cute😁
Vincent Jett
Vincent is a very smart boy with a huge heart. With blond curls, blue eyes, and and smile that will melt your heart he knows how to get exactly what he wants.
A sweet little ladies man who loves dinosaurs and of course, his mama❤
Hi I’m Vinny! I love my mama and dada and my puppy Harley. I laugh at everything and I’m obsessed with blankies. I already give hugs and kisses! I kick/roll and never stop moving. Food is my favorite and I love all of it! I love cuddles and tickles the most❤️
Lucas is a cheeky chap who often goes by the name Lukey P, he enjoys gallons of warm milk and peppa pig. Living his best life flicking through various hairstyles, the current two favourite being a quiff or a posh boy comb over.
Willow has been smiling since she was born! She likes her paci, cuddles with mommy and her big brothers!
Journey is a happy 2 month old, who loves her big sisters ❤ She loves to eat, smile and play!
A little girl FULL of attitude! She's a girly girl who also likes to hunt and is currently working on shooting a bow and arrow!
Milo is the sweetest. He loves to laugh and be kissed all over!
Harlow was born 3 weeks early but is still has sassy and mighty as ever. Her personality continues to grow each day and I just have to share her pictures to the world!!
Our little rainbow baby!🌈 After three years of TTC I was starting to give up. We had 2 miscarriages and countless negative pregnancy tests, our dr told us we might want to look into adoption. Our little hunny bee is the greatest miracle.✨
Luka Yang
Hello everyone my name is Luka which means "Bringer of Light" not just bringer of smelly diapers. I am 2 months old now and I like playing on my play mat with my dog Hope and her dog friends. One of my favorite things to do is bath time then afterwards snuggling up with my Mommy. I have to admit it took me a while to like my toy's with light's that make animal sounds. When my grandma comes to visit she hums "You Are My Sunshine" to me, but I prefer when mommy plays MJ songs for me so I can kick up my feet. Oh come on grandma bring on the MJ instead lol. On the week days now I get to go to my great babysitters house to play. My mommy also takes me to church and we get to meet people and learn about the bible. l like everyone I have met so far especially my mommy so I smile, laugh and coo a lot. My mommy says I am a very happy baby who doesn't fuss much. I am told I am getting stronger every day. That I can even hold up my head really well now. Soon I will be yelling look out Hope here I come let's run and play! Okay maybe first my dog will let me crawl all over her, then she will keep me steady so I can learn to walk. Then look out world we will scare mommy by running all over the house screaming, laughing and playing. Hope and I have big plans for our future play time together. I have to admit though mommy has college plans for my future not just playing. My mommy and Hope are very protective of me so I guess college would be okay. Please would you help my mommy's dream of college for me come true by voting for me.Thank you all so much!
Karen is a smart beautiful baby girl she a playful with other kids
Willow loves to play and loves her mommy and daddy and sissy
Evaleen just turned 4 months old and she is growing so fast! She can roll over both ways, pull her socks off and pinch mommy while she’s eating! She is so full of personality and facial expressions!! We are so in love.
Jaxon is a very happy baby, loves to play outside, lovesss to eat food. He listens very well and is learning French and English right now.
He’s about to be 2 months & he is so advanced. He is a very happy baby & he loves music. He talks & laughs all the time I love my baby.
Alyx Haygood
Hi everyone my name is Alyx and I’m 5months old. I’m learning how to sit up and put food to my mouth. I love to babble with mom and play peek-a-boo with daddy. Smiling is my game because getting spoiled is my aim.
Shes a sweetheart 5 year old , loves to play looks like her mom
Elliott otherwise known as “Bean” is our Valentine’s baby. Born on Valentine’s Day at 4:12 am (2/14 backwards)the first half of his life he had colic and cried every hour. But as the months went by, he grew out of it and began the reputation of being the sweetest and happiest little guy around. He is half Puerto Rican even though he looks mostly like his mama and was born 9.5 lbs. His rolls are one of the many adorable things about him! His all time favorite activity is swimming in the ocean and eating bananas. He loves playing patty cake and getting tickled under his armpits.
She is a smart funny amazing 3 year old she counts to 20 says her abc dances and sings
Arthur Jonothan
He is a lovely boy and very allert for his age which i love he just had a major operation but he still smiles 😃
The most loving goofiest energized baby I couldn’t ask for better.
Willow is just this beautiful, bright-eyed baby girl who deserves nothing but love and kisses❤
Everley is almost 2 months old she is rolling from her back to her belly! Holds her head up VERY well. And is super happy! Doing this for fun❤
The most content sweetest boy!
Kylie is a quiet child but loves the outdoors,
Arielle is a daddy's girl and a bit of a party animal.