My baby girl :)
Kaiden loves going on walks and playing with his toys and likes to make everyone laugh and his favourite show is Mickey Mouse clubhouse.
She is very happy and talkative baby with her ooo's and says ma loves playing with her binky and playing peekaboo
Walker is very independent, silly, full of energy and all boy! He loves Mickey Mouse, Super Simple Songs, Ms. Rachel, sweet potatoes and Gerber puffs! He has the sweetest little smile & laugh and lights up every room! He has the biggest personality and he is his mommy & daddy’s reason for living!💙
Zachary started crawling at 5 months, has an appetite for trying all foods and is full of smiles and giggles every day.
She is sassy & not afraid to show it! She loves to smile & growl at people lol, she loves to laugh! Her favorite thing to do is play with her cousins. she love the colors red,purple,blue,orange & pink. She was a 9lb baby she loves her daddy & mommy!
He was born at 32 weeks he was in the NICU for 33 days and we finally got to go home to his brothers and sister. He is right now the most smiling little baby he loves his daddy and he loves bath time. He loves to talk. And make funny faces
Archer is always smiling and always so happy! He loves Ms.Rachel and does a happy little kicking fit for her. He’s so sweet, gentle and smart.
AJ is our 9 month old baby boy! He is the most smiliest baby I ever did see! AJ loves chewing on everything right now. Loves his momma and daddy! AJ’s favorite movie is Angry Birds 2. He was waiting for a heart transplant and had been waiting since he was a week old. Myocarditis is the virus that attacked his heart. He got his heart transplant in December.
He likes to roll over all day long, very advanced to only be 5 months, loves when daddy makes him laugh, says dada and talks really loud all day long.
Harlen is the happiest baby I have ever seen! He loves talking, standing, and drooling!
Hello my name is Elijuh! I’m 5 months old….I sit all by myself 🥰 I can hold my bottle! My favorite show to watch is Mickey Mouse clubhouse ☺️ I love teething on anything and everything 🥹 and I’m super blessed with my grandmas (RIP 🙏🏽) eyes !!❤️
Elijah is a very outgoing little boy!! He enjoys being outside and being with family❤️
Logan is a happy 2 month old baby. She loves attention and FT with her grandparents. She rolls over and is starting to baby talk.
Majesty Lynn- Thee Hawaiian, Portuguese, Filipino, African American, Caucasian, Island baby girl, with the curliest of hair, & light hazel eyes. She’s so calm, sweet, and smiley!
She is the happiest little girl in the world so sweet and heart warming 💕🫠
He is one of a kind. He was a preemie and he has came SO FAR! He loves bananas and sometimes he’s so independent that he sometimes wants to put himself to sleep. He loves to eat and he loves to play with mama!
She is a sweet and happy baby. I love her hair with the auburn/copper look!! ❤️ who wouldn't want to vote for her 😀🙂
Presley is intellectual, sits up, rolls over at three weeks, scrolls a tablet and held her head up the first week, hit her crib toys. Says Mom and very observant.
Heather is a very strong little girl since birth she had a little bit of a rough start being born at 37 weeks and at 4lb 13oz she spent the first 19 days of her life in the NICU. Since she has been home with mommy and daddy n her three (yes 3) fur siblings she has thrived. She is no longer on the preemie charts she has been bumped to the big girl charts. Mommy & daddy can not be prouder of this little girl on how strong she has been and continues to be. She loves to watch Elmo but Cookie 🍪 monster is her favorite. She loves her oatmeal and bananas, not so much her sweet potato’s. She loves to play and she loves to pet her fur siblings every chance she gets. She also loves to stand on her own two feet. Mommy and daddy are a little nervous that she is going to be walking before she even crawls 😂.
Lilliana loves to talk and love to play around
Aria was born on February 20, 2022. She is now a year old and already holds up her head almost completely without bobbing. Voting for her would mean so much to me.
Eliza loves to give big and cheesy grins.
Gracelynn always has a smile on her face. She loves doing different activities especially outside. She loves clapping her hands and all the attention. She says Mama and Dada and is always talking a away in baby talk. She is a very sweet happy baby and one of a kind. Please vote for Gracelynn! 🙏❤️😇🙂👌💕
Waverly is a super happy baby. She has a giggle and a grin for anyone she meets. She would love to be voted cutest baby girl!
I love to play and chew on everything my favorite show is Octonuts
Laine Wilder
Laine enjoys playing outside with his toys with his mommy and daddy. His favorite toy is his crayon toothbrush. Laine has a very outgoing personality, always smiling and laughing at everyone he meets.
Carter is our 2 Year old handsome Toddler .
Ky’mir loves being cuddled up and loves to lay with his stuffed bears. All he does is smile and laugh along to everything. He is the happiest and funniest baby ever. Delivery was hard as he had his heart rate drop and had to be delivered with forceps. He was 8lb 14oz.
Lucciani is a VERY happy little boy who smiles even before he opens his eyes every morning. He loves cocomelon and playing with rattles.
A’lanah loves all the attention, she loves playing with her toys and gets a kick out of making everyone laugh with her silly faces.
Freya was born on the 21st september she as in nicu for 5 days them we came home only 2months later she developed rsv and had to fight very hard to still be here. She is our warrior x
Cyrus loves mama’s boobs and smiling! You should vote for Cyrus because he’s the sweetest boy and his face lights up with every smile and melts everyones heart.
Who doesn’t love a blue eyed red head? 😍🍀
he loves dinosaurs, cars, tractors & anything to with outside!
Xander Xavier
Xander, loves his outdoors, we live in a small town and we are surrounded by golden beaches and dense forests that go on and on. Xander enjoyes rock collecting, swimming and taking walks with his family and Jack Russell "Mia ". He is outgoing and loves his family! Hes the true definition of a awsome young man!
She’s so precious I never thought I’d be a momma but the moment I met my sweet girl everything Changed she’s almost 2 months and she loves to smile and she loves cuddles so so sweet!!🤎
Jayden is a Beautiful/Handsome 6 Month old baby just like his older Brother Carter Which is a 2 Year Old Toddler
Super smiley and happy Eusebia always brightens everyone’s day.
Seren has been a spunky, sweet, sensitive, and cuddly girl from day one. She is very strong willed, incredibly perceptive and a quick learner. She loves pandas, sloths, the orangutan from The Jungle Book and stars.
Julius loves to smile and avoid naps! He is very talkative and loves to play
He loves crawling around the house. He loves playing with his big brother Sylas. He is a daddy’s boy. He has such a big smile with 6 teeth. His favorite food is applesauce.
Lyanna-Mae is the happiest little baby. She loves playing with her crinkle toys and watching Friends with mom. She loves music, dancing, and is always smiling 🥰
Zaylen loves to watch his big sister play watch our pug run around the yard has started to giggle. When we are at the shops all the ladys loves his wild hair and smiles
Kayden was born 10 days early, He is my first and only baby Who is so so spoiled and doesn’t even know it yet. He wakes up every morning smiling and giggling 🤭. Kayden is identical as his father but has my dimples 😍 . When people see my son all they can do is smile of how bright my son will make you feel. 💙
This little guy is fresh out the womb and growing before our eyes he loves tummy time on mommys chest an snuggles after his bottles