Baby Stories - 18


Sage is almost 4 weeks old. She loves to eat and breast feeding is comfort! My baby is a real diva ! Lol
The cutest, sweetest, and smartest little guy! He loves monster trucks and paw patrol! He knows all his colors, most animals and their sounds, and can count to six by himself! He always says please and thankyou and has a full grown personality at only two!!
Emma Jean Martin ♥️ The most beautiful, loving, funny, weird, and wild 8 month old there is. 🥰
👑Royalty is a 2 month old baby girl 🌸, shes able to hold her head up, recognize your voice, and laugh&talk all at 9weeks 🧚🏼‍♀️. Royal loves when you play with her 🥰and also loves to sleep ALOT .. she’s so full of joy🥳 . A true blessing..✨
Avery loves books, she’s crawling, saying momma and dadda and loves to shake her head “no”.
Hazleigh loves movies and snacks:) and loves to see her “moos” (cows) as she calls it❤️ She is very energetic and talkative
Esther is a rambunctious 2 year old who loves looking pretty and always having a stuffed animal with her.
He always looks mad but he's a beautiful smiling baby ❤
Sweetest girl in the whole wide world and always funny and busy!
She is a super sweet and happy baby girl. Extremely intelligent and loves her family so much. She loves to sing and watch Baby Shark and CoCo Melon
Our handsome boy loves bananas, Cocomelon, and his kitty. All he does all day is laugh and smile. ❤️
Emma is a happy child, who loves her books and walking outside.
She’s sweet ,, she’s playful n She loves her mommy n daddy !! Xoxo from mikelina 💕
Ryder loves dinosaurs, he loves the park and his favorite thing to say is “what’s that?!”❤️
Ivyani is 1 years old she loves playing with her siblings and her dog Sunshine. She loves playing outside, she is a big fan of CocoMelon, she is very out going and of course a Lil character
Draysen loves outdoors, music and cocomelon!
My name is Francisco but my daddy calls me whiskey & grandma calls me Cisco I’m almost 4 months im growing everyday ! I love eating gerber lil biscuits they’re my favorite! & I can ride horses with my daddy @ 4 months !! I can also make everyone smile & laugh when they hold me everyone loves me . The only time I cry is when I want my moms attention . ❤️
She’s a mommies girl. She loves to read her books play with her toys and love to play in the water.
Cadence enjoys spending time with her family, singing, dancing and doing gymnastics.
Arabelle is 3 months old and is always smiling! She loves to coo and giggle, her favorite thing to do is hear her daddy talk to her! We learn something new everyday from our babygirl!
I like Cocomelon and Baby shark and love to read.
Kenna is a 11 month old baby. She loves the mommy’s kisses and smiles so so much. She was born with fluid on her head and has the condition hydrocephaly she has to get MRIs every couple of months to watch it she’s a little fighter and has overcome every obstacle that has been in her way
She has the amazing smile and so happy
Zae-Vion loves to play with his toys. He also will try and babble with anyone who walks his way! He’s super goofy and a fun baby to be around!
Hi! I'm Janiyah! I love to smile and laugh. I'm starting to roll over and love to be cuddled.
Mila is a very energetic little girl, she loves the outdoors. She loves to help out with yard work or watering our garden. Here she loves waiting on the school bus for her 4 brothers while playing and taking photos. She is 4 years old, and such a sweet little girl.
Here is my Miracle I have been waiting for for a very long time. She loves watching mummy dancing while cooking
Hi. I’m Grayson. I’m only a little more than a week old. I’m an overall happy and sleepy baby. I look like my daddy and I love snuggles.
She loves to play with her shapes and Minnie Mouse mini doll. She's currently teething from her laterals and drooling more often. She loves her high chair time to eat and grab her own puffies.
Miracle is a little bundle of joy and won’t fail to put a smile on your face 🥰 Vote for her ❤️🧿
Sophia is super sweet, laughs a lot and just a very happy child!
Hank loves Mickey and getting into things he shouldn't. He loves to laugh and be with his mama and daddy!
Kiyah is a sweet little girl with an old soul.
Hello! My name is Damian. I’m the happiest baby ever! I love baths , i love cars a lot. I love to stay outside, to play football .
Hello! My name is Amalia ,i have 9 mounts old. I am a verry sweet and funny sometimes. I like bath time and i love to playing .
Serenity loves to dance and smile .
Georgie is a very happy , energetic little girl. She will be 2 years old in May and loves the company of other children and adults, very sociable. Her favourite foods are banana, yoghurts, pasta , cheese, blueberries and Yorkshire puddings/roastie. Her favourite cartoon is “Baby Jake” and she adores Mr Tumble. She loves going to the park and new adventures to places.
Grandmas lilprincess is very lovable adorable loves Dora and minnie mouse and Barney.She loves to sing and dancing and play and watching dvds and play with her kitchen .loving and caring 4 yr old
Beautiful bundle of joy
Grace is a very happy and bubbly baby! And is always dressed like a doll 🥰
Robert was born at 4 lbs 6.9 ounces at birth. His sister was bigger and taller. His sister took off after birth and has gain tripple her weight. However robert has had a lot of issues since birth. When he came home after a week in the nicu he lost 10 ounces and went down to 3 lbs 9 ounces. He has been in and out of the hospitals with really bad acid reflux and wouldnt eat without looseing his food and then got really dehydrated. Hes is on 3 different medicine to finally get him to gain weight and might have to be on one for life. He smiles and gigles even tho his stomach is always upset. He loves to be sang to and is spoiled by everyone he meets and specially his daddy. He is big daddys boy and loves to cuddle with him. Hes finally gaining weight but is still really tiny compared to his sister.
Marci is a twin with her brother. She is first to come by a min. Older than her brother. She loves her mommy and loves to be sang to by her oma. She is also super spoiled by everyone bc her and her brother are the last grandbabies and first grandbabies on their dads side and then my side.
Hayden is the sweetest monster around. He is a huge mama’s boy♥️ Loves giving kisses, has such a big personality and the prettiest blue eyes you’ll ever see🥰
Sweet little 8 month old Jasmine loves to play and eat and loves scooting around.
Gracelyn is a princess ♥️she is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet! she loves to help and has better manners than most adults♥️