Bayleigh is a goof ball she has a cute laugh that will brighten up anyones day. She has an undeniable lovable personality. She loves to talk, see new things, and she always smiles when u compliment her. Pls vote for bayleigh Rae💕💕💕. Will Return double in advance 🥰🥰
My baby Mila just lights up the room! Her smile is contagious and she’s just the sweetest baby girl. We love her more than the world. ❤️
Ke’Lani is 23 months , birthday June 2nd. Loves to take pictures ❤️
My beautiful feisty red head daughter. She’ll light up the room with her smile. She’s a chunky adoring little baby girl.
Kaiseem who’s nickname is “Kai” or “stinky” is a very sweet, energetic boy like his brother! he loves to do anything his brother does!
Autumn has the biggest brightest smile in the world. Big brown eyes to go with chubby cheeks. She loves to be on the go and she is a mover, at 3 months old she can roll over. She is very talkative and loves when you talk to her.Brown eyed cutie.
Aunesty is a very overly active child. She loves doing her doll babies hair, running and playing with her friends and bossing her older brothers around.
Princeston who’s nickname is “P” or “monkey” is 4 years old, he’s very energetic, smart, & loving! he likes to draw, play outdoors, or even inside with his toys!
Logan is 9 months with the reddest hair & bluest eyes! 💙 loves his food, toys & to be outside! He’s very talkative and taking his first steps to walking already! He’s such a happy boy😊 He’s a curious little guy and loves his siblings!! How can you not vote for this cute face? ❤️
My name is Gifted Nathaniel I'm 3mo nd I like to sit up eat fruits and veggies,watch cartoons,go out side,play laugh and also pee on mommy 🤣I also like talking to mommy me and mommy spend a lot of time together w my kitten 🐈 Goldie you might see her in a couple of pics ☺️thanks keep voting sincerely:Gifted N
A very energetic boy who loves his cars, transformers, robots & legos! he enjoys playing Minecraft and building anything with anything. His imagination is out of this world, he loves school & learning new things everyday. He loves his brother more than anything ❤️ He’s such a smiling, happy boy. 💙
Storiee is very energetic she loves to Dance an she love Gymnastics she loving little girl she the Apple of her Daddys eye
Everleigh is such an intelligent girl! She has to be Miss Independent with everything by showing how strong she is! She loves the outdoors and her brother and sister! She is most definitely a daddy’s girl! At only two months old, she is trying to sit up already and stand with help! Her favorite chore to do is to go with daddy to check the chickens!❤️
Aurora R
Aurora is very active , she also loves tummy time. She loves talking back with someone makes conversation ❤️
Harrison was a surprise for us no more than 4 months after losing both our moms.. We're are so in love with him! He's the reason for our happiness this year..
Journee loves everyone and puppies! When she smiles her whole face lights up. She loves gymnastics and dancing!
Harmoni is the most silliest little person I’ve ever seen. Even on your worst day she can put a smile on your face.
Johanna is Minnie Mouse & Guy Fieri obsessed with the best giggle 💛
She loves to stare at the light and sleep on mom💜
An outdoorsy girl who loves to play and spend time with all her siblings, she isn’t afraid to get around in the dirt!
A fun loving bubbly girl who loves her daddy but loves food more !
Reyhna is such an independent sweet little girl. Her attitude is what makes her who she is❤️ She loves her brothers and her doggy best friend TItan!
Jovie has the sweetest smile & enjoys exploring the world around her 🤍
Bella is our little princess. She is 4 months old and already so ahead of her milestones for this age. Shes the sweetest little girl and always has a smile waiting for anyone she notices. She loves boss baby and baby shark and banana baby food very much. Enjoys most types of music and we are so very blessed to have her as our little girl.
She’s very talkative, she loves taking pictures and she’s very smart 4 year old 💓
My name is Ryker, I am fixing to be 5 years old and I am a wild, adventurous boy and will do anything I am told not to do! Haha, I love my mom and dad and being outside!
Laila is tons of fun and super smart! She loves her big brothers and of course, has to be the center of attention. She appreciates all your votes!
Kayla Burch
Kayla is an almost 1 year old little girl with lots of energy! She makes everyone in the room smile!
Sebastian is a smart 5 year old boy who loves mommy to pieces! He has autism and is non verbal for the most part but he sure does have an amazing personality!
My name is Nora Joy, I am 7 months old and sweet as a button! I enjoy eating anything I can get my hands on, and I love Cheetos! ❤️ And adore my siblings who are 19 years old than me. ☺️
She loves playing outside she loves her baby dolls she loves her bubbas
He’s 5 months, sits up on his own, can hold his own bottle. He also loves watching tv, eating, laughing, & playing🥰.
He’s very outgoing funny full of life and energy and he’s a busy body lol… He loves to watch Blippi and play basketball ge loves to sing his ABC’s and go over his number bad color
Kaiden loves bath time, & playing outside. He’s a happy baby.
Newest addition , welcome me Miss Egypt!
Hello! My name is Zayla! I just got my first two teeth 🦷 and started walking!!! Yes walking! I was born with a full head of hair and I never lost any of it! I love everyone I meet.
Willow is a wild little girl. She loves to talk, read books, and play in the dirt.
Kylar Haizlin Reece
Hi this is little miss Kylar Haizlin Reece. My wild two year old. She loves to play outside on your playground. She has always been a water baby so swimming is her favorite thing to do. She is also so smart and loves everyone.
Wilder is the sweetest little boy, he loves to smile and stick his tongue out, he also loves to rub his blanket on his cheeks to go to sleep 🥺
A’moura is full of personality,life,love & laughter she loves taking pictures listening to music & making tiktok videos 😁🥰❤️!!
Princeton is 1 years & the entertainment for us all! plus he’s super cuteeee
Kai’s the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! He always makes sure to keep a smile on his little chunky monkey face 😍😍😍😍🥰
Cole is ALWAYS smiling, he's such a happy baby. He loves his family, and loves being "superbaby" flying in the air!
Riverlynn was 9 weeks early. She is currently in the nicu. She is definitely a daddy’s girl and her mommas world. She has sass, loves to sleep but when she is awake she definitely is ready to play!
Braxton is such a HAPPY baby. he is my first little love, and I am absolutely blessed. He loves to be talked to so he can talk back, listen to music while riding in the car, and he absolutely LOVES bath time.
Ari’Ella loves to dance and listen to all genre of music. She enjoys playing with her bothers and bossing them around.
Hello my name is A’niyla Brigham and I like to eat , laugh and smile . my favorite food is fries 🍟 & I like playing with baby dolls and combing hair
My beautiful Layla is 4 months ✨😊 She loves •babbling😊 •smiling😁 •seeing herself in a mirror✨ •sucking on her hands💕 •DROOLING 24/7 ❤️