Baby Stories - 18


Leonardo Di Sebastian
My name is Leonardo Di Sebastian and I love sleeping on papa's chest and smiling at mama. I'm the cutest baby you'll ever meet. My hobies are eating, crying and sleeping. I make the messiest diapers and mama loves them. My favorite time of the day is bath time.
Huck loves to smile, eat, and be held 😊
Infectious smile
Paris is one month old. She LOVES to eat and LOVES attention.
Emiah is 7 weeks old and loves to smile, especially when her daddy gives her kisses. Shes always happy & loves her mommys cuddles.
She is a amazing little girl that loves to dance and take pictures
Andrew is such a sweet easy going baby boy. He loves Baby GooGoo from BabyFirstTV, his puppy Amos, bath time, and walks in the stroller around the neighborhood.
Chrisley Shane Beauvais
He's a little boy who likes to laugh. When he is at home everyone is happy. He sets the mood.
Elias is energetic, smart, talkative, senstive little dude. He loves his family and all his sisters. He enjoys playing outside and helping his daddy with working outside. Lets show Elias how contagious his smile is and vote for him so he can see how much of a blessing he really is!
Daniel is 3 months and is always happy!! His favorite show is scooby-doo and he loves to smile!!
My name is Price! I love my boppy and just started to get the hang of cooing!
Brylee is a wonderful young tot . Her favorite person is her Daddy. She has 5 siblings and fits right in. Brylee loves to wear her shoes on the wrong feet and dress herself. Lets show Brylee how cute she really is and vote for her❤
She is a beautiful lil girl,with a huge personality.. She is my world.. Lets give her some love people
Juan Martin
Juan Martín love smiles
Ophelia loves her mama! Enjoys laughing at her toy cow and her most favorite thing is taking a bath, she LOVES water!
The sweetest, happiest baby girl who loves anything and everyone 🤍
Za'kai likes to eat and sleep for the most part! He loves to watch dinotrux and sleep on mommys chest :)
Hailey is a very smart 3 year old , Loves to play. She will appreciate your vote ❤️
My name is Jasmine Marie Sage Melendez. I was born 2 days before my father's birthday in the middle of covid 19 pandemic. My mom had to have her fourth & last c section bringing me into the world. I haven't been able to meet my whole family due to the pandemic but it will happen soon. I love my mother, father & siblings just as much as they love me. I love my tummy time & bonding with my parents. Come on everybody I need some votes. God bless ❤️❤️❤️
Aurelia is the happiest and quirkiest 4 month old out there. She loves "singing" along to Christmas music. She also loves to dance.
Deandre is such a smart baby boy. He is almost 2 months old and he likes to talk and stand (with help) he has been advancing so fast. He is such a sweet baby!
Omari! Is the most sweetest caring little boy ! He loves to handout hugs and smiles he’s our Poppa Bear 🐻 ❤️
She likes to dance,Rap,Act,Eat,Learn and goof off
Hi my name is Joñeil. I am 3 months old. I am a rainbow baby! I love to eat, love being held, and love watching the Lorax💚 I am very curious of the world and am trying to talk. I love my daddy mommy and brothers💙
Renlee is one very brave boy!
Jemma smiles at “Hello!” She’s the happiest little baby! Downfall? She’s a terrible sleeper, wakes up 3 times a night, and hasn’t slept through the night yet! 🤣
Joñeil is 3 months old💙 He loves his brothers and his daddy very much! He lives eating, be held, and watching the Lorax😊 Hes very talkative and he is our blessing! Hes a wonderdul rainbow baby! And couldnt be more blessed to have him in our lives!
Zoé Ortiz
Zoé is the happiest baby , she will appreciate your vote ❤️
Milany just turned 11 months today and she started walking this week , she is a very loud baby 😂, loves to sleep and to watch her favorite movie Ice age
This little girl is smart cute and at times sassy and will keep you on your feet. Please vote for my cousins kid
Elizer is an adorable little 5 month old baby boy who is very cheeky and knows he can get away with everything with his charms🥰 He is a very active boy and loves jumping in his jumperoo more then anything. He is obsessed with blowing raspberrys and i personally think he would be the winner of the best raspberry blower🥰🥰
Vote for my Cancer warrior. Bryson was diagnosed with Cancer when he was just 1yr old. He has now kicked Cancers ass and is currently in remission 🙌🧡 A huge thank you to my bidiboo friends and my team for helping us out. We appreciate it all. Lets gooo Team Bryson 🙏🙌🧡 Votez pour mon guerrier Cancer. Bryson a reçu un diagnostic de cancer alors qu'il n'avait qu'un an. Il a maintenant donné un coup de pied au cul de Cancers et est actuellement en rémission 🙌🧡 Un grand merci à mes amis bidiboo et à mon équipe pour nous avoir aidés. Nous apprécions tout cela. Laisse gooo Team Bryson 🙏🙌🧡
Anthony is a very sweet boy loves his 3 yr old sister Layla and loves his Mommy and Addy!
I’m cool, funny, and I love art. I’m a painter and video gamer with grades of gold!
Conor is the happiest boy full of smiles and laughs. He's 3 months old and so smart already. He would love your vote 😉
My beautiful david loves long naps especially during the day and he loves staring at you and admiring your features hes a happy baby and always loves to smile ans giggle in his sleep
Hi, my name is Kadyn John. I love my mommy more than anything in this world. And I’m already standing and trying to walk at 3 months old. All I do is belly laugh and sit up 💙
Logan is a very energetic young man.
Miss Evelyn is a sweet little newborn who loves cuddling with her mama❤️
Kynlee bus a very out going little girl. She loves playing outside and going to her Mimi and papas house. She is a daddy's girl for sure. She loves her baby brother and her big brother. She likes to help clean and make mommy and daddy bed. Her favorite movie is nemo and she loves to sing wheels on the bus.❤️
Theo is the happiest little guy! We are so blessed to have him! We lost his brother in 2018 than became pregnant 6 months later! He brings so much light to everyone👶🏼 We appreciate any votes.
She loves animals
Kash was born little but his heart is huge, he loves everyone always smiles a smile that always lights up the room❤️
Eli is a very smart 4 year old. He love science, reading, and his ABC's in school. He loves music and to play football. He is a wonderful brother to his siblings and he loves his family very much. He has a big heart and cares for others. His favorite super hero is spider man and he said if he wins he wants to buy Christmas presents for his sister's and brother.
Willing to take advances and exchange votes... do not ask to exchange if your not going to vote. I understand people miss days and it does not bother me but dont waste my time and not be voting at all..... i put alot of time into my votes! Kason is a super happy baby thats always full of smiles. He loves to cuddle. He loves the attention of his older siblings. We have been sleeping through the night for a couple months. He LOVES water, shower time is his favorite. We love to have screaming contests. ❗❗❗ I WILL GET MY VOTES IN WHEN I CAN, I GO DOWN A GROUPED LIST FOR EACH GROUP. DONT EXCHANGE WITH ME IF YOU CANT BE PATIENT!!!
Khaliek is 12 days old he loves sleeping eating and growing he’s a great baby brother