Baby Stories - 17


Cassius loves to play with his toys and eat a lot , he’s the sweetest boy 💙
Who makes the rules? Maddox makes the rules! :) Maddox is a sassy 8 month old who loves pulling himself up on everything! He loves being outside with dad and dirt bikes. His best friends are his puppy and kitty! Althought he sometimes likes the kittys tail more :) His ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do SMILE! Kid is always cheesin and we could not be more blessed! Give this love bug a vote!
Grayson loves to watch cocomelon and baby shark ! He loves spending time with mama and dada , along with playing with his toy cars and taking bubble baths !
Hello, and thank you all for your votes 💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙!!!Bo loves to learn, following mom and dad around with his eyes. Can’t wait to start making noises! He try’s to hard already. Loves listening to music while mommy cleans some of his favorites our...piano man, highway to h*ll, somebody to love, and anything Red hot chili pepper related ❤️ He can hold his head up so big. Growing more crazy blonde hair every day, and even tho I’m only 6 weeks old my eyes are starting to look very blue. I have more gas than my mom even knew was possible! Toots and burps is what I do best!
Loves smiling and talking. Favorite thing tonhear is "I Love You"
Dahlia is a month old & full of sass ! She loves to scream at mommy, sun bathing and listening to music ! ❤️
Beckett is crawling all over the place right now. Loves food and any kind of ball. Also loves laughing at Mom and Dad.
Baby AJ is full of personality and love!! He loves salsa music and cuddles with mommy and daddy!!
She loves to be sang to and held like she still itty bitty and loves laughing and hates sleeping has to be awake for all the action
He has the deepest dimples, the most beautiful eyes and a killer smile also he loves to laugh and eat lol.
Jacob loves playing with his big sister he is now smiling and enjoyes swimming classes
Max has brown hair hazel eyes love to spend time with grandpa mama and daddy and loves to Play with toys really calm and the best boy ever
Annahveya is a smart, loveable, sassy young lady. She’ll randomly come up and hug you or kiss your cheek, but she’ll also put her hand on her hips and give you a whole lotta attitude. I would LOVE to be able to get her into modeling, and that’s what I would use any money from contests for.
sweetest babygirl who loves to coo at you all day & keep u up all night ❤️
Lucas loves being outside and playing with his toys. He likes to throw the ball and eat candy.
I am fun and energetic, i love to hang out with my brothers and go to new places. Pizza is my favorite food, I enjoy everything about school even waking up early. I have the cutest laughter, i find everything funny. And love my twin brother and 2 baby brothers & mommy and daddy
Dmani has non-stop laughter, the cutest smile, and a personality bigger than herself! She enjoys watching Minnie Mouse, the color pink, and our dog.
I have 8 teeth😁 I love ranch❤️ I love my aunt hailey and camile♥️ Go vote for my big sister Brooklynn👩‍👧‍👦
I love my two dogs milo and otis❤️ I love being a big sister 🥰 I love to color and I can name all the Beatles♥️ go vote for my baby brother Kendric too👩‍👧‍👦
Elianna is 4 months she love to talk and sit up and she loves to be outside in nature she is a young sister to her big brother Mateo they are Irish twins👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💗
Mateo is 1 year and 4 months he love to run around and talk and he loves to jump on his sisters swing he loves playing with his cousins and being outside in nature 💗
Malik is a happy three month old who loves cuddling, playing and watching Mickey Mouse. He absolutely melts the hearts of everyone he interacts with!!
Dalton is a sweet active little boy. He loves to be outside anytime of day. He loves his mommy an daddy.
Martez is very adventurous he loves Spider-Man and monster trucks .
He is an amazing little boy who loves football and monster trucks.
Juliette changed our world on June 25, 2019. She was 7lbs 2oz and 19.5 inches long. Now she is 21mo, 21.5lbs and a sweet, sassy toddler! She is very vocal, loves to eat and loves her mama, daddy and big brother♥️
Brexley loves cuddles an is such a smiley happy baby 🥰😍
He is the most sweetest child you could ever meet! He’s friendly and very active! He loves to laugh as you can tell he's a goof ball!
Everlee is always smiling and happy!
Tillianna is the happiest baby girl. Calm, gorgeous & giggly. We couldn’t be more blessed 🤍💗
Lilly loves to laugh, eat, and smile at everyone she passes by❤️
Aislynn is a sweet baby girl, she loves mommy’s voice and she loves to smile a talk a lot.
Well, the competition had been pretty fun watching the kids go back and forth between first second and third, never knowing who's going to be in what place the next day, just keep voting! I hope for the best but now all the fun is gone and doesn't seem worth the time anymore. I wanted to use this on my grandson's portfolio to get some performing gigs but now that I know it could be just purchased, it doesn't have to actually be earned doesn't seem worth the effort to put it on his resume, wouldn't mean anything. I'm sad to see it end this way but it's been fun competing for as long as we could. I can't see spending that much money to win so little LOL but who knows what people will do!! we had a good time being part of this and we wish everybody the best of luck!! VOTE FOR PHOENIX TODAY ON HIS 1ST BIRTHDAY! Today Is Mr. Phoenix Dwyane Wesley Mathews 1st birthday!! I can't believe it's already been a year since you appeared and changed everything! And I can't remember what it was like the day before you arrived. Your grandmother has so many hugs and kisses for you today and I know your great-grandfather would have given anything to have been able to be here today as well! That little boy has no idea how well loved he is going to be for the rest of his life! This is just the beginning, the 1st one of so many more! And I hope it is the greatest adventure ever! Vote today for the changes that will happen after we are gone!
Lorenzo is a happy baby, loves to eat, crawls and loves bath time. Enjoys watching mickey mouse, and does a mean sexy pose always! Hes very funny and his cute little smile brightens up everyones day.
My babygirl is very sassy, loves to play dress up, very smart. Enjoys dancing, and ocean life! Loves nature, and her voice is very delicate and comforting.
Emberlee is such a happy baby.She is loved by her whole family!She had an angel by her during birth saving her from the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice!She is truly a blessing.She can never fail to change someone’s mood to happy!
Please vote for Sakina! All money raised will go for charity! Let's do something good together! 🙏
Adriana is a daddy’s girl. She loves being around her dad and she loves to eat. Her favorite food is fries and chicken. She also likes cheese puffs and muffins
Marcelo is 6 months, and is always happy. He loves to eat and isn’t a picker eater at all.
Isabella Rose Steward
Isabella is such a sweet baby! She is all out amazing, love snuggling and kisses
Aaron is a very outgoing little boy he loves big trucks and riding his bike . hes very smart and loves to learn new things
X 'Zyer
X'zyer was born in June of 2020 he was born in the midst of a world wide epidemic with breathing issues so he is my little miracle child...
Mustafa Is The Most Happiest Baby. Always Smiling And Playing. #MummysLilSmiler 💙
For one so small you seem so strong you are perfect in every way 💙
Michael Archer
Michael Arched is our beautiful rainbow baby! He loves the out doors and being sung to! He is definitely a daddies boy! He even has the same work clothes as daddy! He’s our “little marine”.