Caleena loves getting attention and eating her hands she loves to play with her mom and dad
Brayden was born in July of this year. He’s growing so fast! He’s the sweetest and happiest baby. He loves standing up in his excersaucer and loves any music or light up toy. He loves bath time!!
Martin Damian
Martin is a Kidder he jokes around all day everyday even when times get hard he always jokes around and always a big help with a sister who's on 6 months he loves her so much and protect her .
Greyson is my 1st Grandchild and came into my life 23.59 on 31st October Just made it to celebrate Halloween My Little Pumpkin is just so Adorable and only been here 4 weeks but could not imagine life without him 💙💙💙
LOVES to jump ! Biggest smile thats able to make your ❤ smile ! Loves his toys and a BIG help when helping mommy & daddy decorate for Christmas ! Also loves meeting new people!
Teo Joseph
Teo is all smiles and all giggles. He loves to hold a baby conversation and loves snuggle time. People call him Happy baby.
KaLiyah loves to make tik toks and singing. Her favorite thing to do is play with her puppies and help her mommy cook! ❤️
Ka’Nari loves playing with her toys and being around he brother! She loves being a big sister and has a bright smile that will light up your day!
Sweet Helpful NF1 Warrior
He likes cheese burgers, video games, and coloring.
Hi, my name is Kais! ( “Kyce”) im 4 months old. I love playing with my big sister & watching Charlie’s Colorform City. I’m a big boy! 20 pounds and I love to stand, with a little support of course! My favorite toy is my Johnny jumper. I love being tickled by daddy and taking naps with my mommy!
Goofy Happy Baby
Strong willed Loving Bam-Bam
Hi, my name is Dreyson I was born during COVID-19, my mommy had me at USA children’s and women’s hospital. I am mommy and daddy’s first child. I am four months old I like to kick my little legs, roll over, and chew on my toys.
Nalani is the sweetest little girl, full with smiles and laughter ♥️
Almost 9! Turning 9 on December 8th. Easton is in 3rd grade!! He loves to draw in art class.
Sweetest kindest fortnite playing kid ever... youngest of 5 only boy ..loves sports .. karate... and most of all riding the 4 wheeler
Jaxson is my first born. He’s about to be 5 months old and is nothing but a happy baby. He’s smiling and laughing all of the time. He loves making sounds to hear himself and watching his hands and feet.
She is always happy and always smiling she loves to laugh and she is just my whole world
Hi my name is Tavi! I’m my mommy’s Miracle baby Mommy says terrible twos hit hard whatever that means.. but I have a great and wild personality. For me to be so young I love nail polish , new hairstyle, lipgloss everything dealing with the neck up mommy thinks I’ll go to school for cosmetology when I grow up. VOTE FOR ME ❤️
The happiest baby alive!!
My happy, sweet boy. Forever smiling :)
This sweet heart is new to the world, she loves sleeping and eating and smiling at mommy and daddy
Abigail is a precious little girl who loves Animals and she has Epilepsy,Cystic Fibrosis and Cerabal Palsy also is Autistic but that doesn’t stop her
Darla is such a smart 2 year old loves to dance around the house and help mommy clean 🥰
Vanessa loves to smile and talk to her mommy 🥰
Brody is such an amazing cheeky little character and is always happy go lucky I am truly bless to have such an incredible little boy
Hello everyone my name is Benjamin Nayib and I was born during COVID-19. I am 3 months old. I have only been able to meet some family. I hope to meet the rest of my family soon. I love sitting up in my boppy pillow and play with mommy I love to go outside for walks. I like playing on my play mat with my toys. Bath time is my favorite time.. I love lights. I love FaceTime with my Nana and my aunty they live in El Salvador in centro America have a big sister and 2 big brother who love me very much. My sister sings to me and my brothers gives me lots of kisses. I love to smile for my mommy and daddy. I hold my head up really well Please vote for me.
Davon Jr loves his food & his sleep. He’s always smiling until you pull a phone out to take a picture 😂❤️
Zion is 5 years old and says thank you everyone. He like to watch YouTube videos, he loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and is a great big brother.
Skyler is an outgoing kid and loves to be outside. He loves people and other kids. Very photogenic. He loves to smile and laugh. Feel free to look at his pictures and see just how cute he is😍
Ellie is a charismatic and comedic two year old. She has a creative imagination and a love for all animals.
Joseph loves his mommy💙, he loves to crawl around! and he loves eating
Moana loves her snacks, cuddles, and her daddy!
She’s A Playful, Happy Baby 💞 She Likes To Play With Toys And Watch Cartoons. She Have A Smile That Will Light Up The Room 😅
Za'Harhi is so Sassy and Smart and She Loves Taking Pics
Paizley Willow
Paizley is 18 months old! She is a brand rep for Bows & What Knots, St. Pete Customs, and Jojos Boutique! She is always in front of the camera. She is adventurous and loves to climb on everything she can. She has such a goofy personality. She is well known for the faces she makes in her pictures.
He’s 2 months & he is so advanced. He is a very happy baby & he loves music. He talks & laughs all the time I love my baby.
Little Miss KeLahni is 5 months old!! She loves chewing on anything she can get her hands on. She is sitting up and popping out a tooth!! We call her Special K because there sure is something special about her!! Never without a smile!
She’s a very happy girl❤️ Came out smiling immediately!!❤️Loves her big sister!❤️
Sweet and fun loving little girl. She adores Elmo, her fur brothers, and her Mommy and Daddy.
Mia is 6 months old and loves to sit up and spend time with mommy, daddy, and sister. She’s such a happy baby all the time☺️
Morgan is our beautiful 9 year old miracle baby. She is smart, kind, sweet and the list goes on. She is so caring and always puts others before herself. She loves spending time with her friends and family and loves to help out whenever and wherever she can. Please vote for my sweet girl.