This is Freya! She’s the happiest little girl, always smiling♥️
Aleighya is a funny, very intelligent girl but you can’t forget her attitude 🙄😳 She’s super curious about EVERYTHING. She’s one of the most determined and independent babies to do something she has her mind set on. She has the most infectious smile and laugh 🥰 Her energy will definitely brighten you up on your WORST day 🥺🥰💜
Caleb is a very happy 10 month old baby boy. He is always smiling, laughing, and such a loving baby. He is crawling all over. He loves everyone. He loves to bounce, eat, and take his baths. He does not like to wait on his food and he is cranky when he is sleepy.
E’Liyas is my twin A ! He loves rolling over and splashing with his legs in the bath!
E Zayvier
E’Zayvier is my twin B ! 5 months old, he loves to laugh at daddy and take long naps on mommy!
Issac is 2 years old. He is an adventurous kid. And very cute. He loves watching movies and making Dino noises! There is never a dull moment when Issac is around.
He has the sweetest smile and most adorable cheeks! He loves cocomelon and his big brothers and thinks he's just as big! He loves to help anyone out and loves kitties!
Aidan is 1 week & 3 days old 🫶🏼 He loves snuggles with mom and dad & thinks his siblings are wild 😜
Ryleigh Danielle is the youngest of 3. She loves being outside, making new friends and playing with her big sisters. She loves cocomelon and anything with the color pink. Thanks for voting for our Sugar Bear 💚
Miss Natalie loves to dance and sing and play with her baby dolls ..also loves dinosaurs and dogs and horses and cows … she also loves helping her dad build demolition derby cars and loves working on cars with her dad she’s sweet And loving !!!
She loves to dance and is always smiling and trying to help!
My princess 👑. Bethany is a talker and her favorite thing to say is RAWR and momma moo moos she loves dinosaurs and cows and her puppy Dixie and loves to give the best hugs ever !!!
Oliver LOVES listening to stories from his big bubby. The kid has great taste. Anytime he cries, he immediately stops if Gregory Porter’s “Everything You Touch is Gold” starts playing. And he is already developing a devilish sense of humor!
Ronald is the most sweet hearted baby I have ever met he loves his hugs and kisses and of course his bear. he likes watching SpongeBob with mom and dad to start his morning's, he can definitely turn a bad day into the best day you could ever have. He loves to steal your food and then laugh about it. His personality is just too big for this world to handle. Any vote is greatly appreciated
Bella Breann is 8 months old. She has a smile that lights up a room. She is full of happiness and curiosity. Bella loves to take car rides and falls asleep every time. Her laugh is beautiful and for some reason, she thinks it is hilarious when she watches someone cleaning. She is our only child and we are blessed, because I was told I had PCOS and believed for the last 5 years that I would be unable to have children.
Axel loves cars , chias , & playing outside
James is the best little boy who smiles like this about 95% of every day! He is a happy kid! He loves being outside and going on nature walks and has the BEST giggle you've ever heard!
Zander was 4 weeks early, he is our rainbow baby after we lost his big sissy at 36 weeks. He is the happiest baby & has brought so much joy back into our lives.
King is the sweetest 3 month old you'll ever meet! He loves books, singing and tummy time. He found his feet and can't wait to get them in his mouth!!
Ivan is a happy go lucky little boy he always makes someone laugh he’s super funny and has a smile that will melt your heart and he has a heart of gold
Brayden is the sweetest boy ever! He was 3 weeks early and had a stent in the NICU with a rough start but is doing good now and so happy!
Joey was born at 31 weeks at 3lbs 11 ounces. At 11 months old he is now 26 pounds and completely amazing. He loves watching his older brothers play football, crawl and EAT EAT EAT!
Coralynn is a beautiful 3 month old baby girl who wakes up smiling every morning
Liam is a Disney Baby 💙
Raelynn is 14 months with a bright and bold personality, she’s loves to take pictures. She lights up anyone’s day and loves to play and laugh!
Even tho he is my son he is the coolest and also he my is hero my best friend and I would like it be known
Kross Moore
He a mommas boy🥰 and he is a happy silly smiling baby 😘☺️
She’s lovable an sooooo happy to jus be alive an she loves ppl all ppl doesn’t like to be alone for too long she needs all the love lol neva a dull moment with my beautiful baby girl an if u vote u will be supporting a family that can use any and all support to be the functional family that we’re workin to become for our baby girl KEHLANI RAYNE ty an blessing’s to ALL🙏🏾🫶🏾
He’s a very lovable baby boy he’s always smiling even when he’s sick ! He’s so smart for his age he loves saying dada and loves watching Garfield. Bath time is his favorite he’s definitely our water baby.
Calvin is very sweet, he was a month early and was in the Nicu for a month! He was so brave and came home stronger than ever. He has such a big personality already!!
Riley Jay
My name is Riley I love watching Garfield and playing with my pets I like looking at fish swim around in the tank I love my mommy and daddy
Coltin Wright Jr
Just a normal 4 Year old that love to play in the sand outside and with his toy full of energy and love he's a very loveable baby
My name is Anneliese & I am currently 5 months old :) My mommy, daddy & siblings love me so much. I am definitely daddy's little princess. Please vote for me. 💖
Mara is a happy baby with a little flirty side. She is a daddy’s girl and loves to watch what he does. She likes to sleep with mom, tummy time, sitting up, cooking with mom, and laughing.
Isaiah loves when you talk to him his big cheeks will make you smile and make your day 😁
Jairo is a very sweet, precious and smiley baby.. He is our little angel and our bundle of joy 🥰
My names KeyVannah, i was born 3 weeks early on july 28th 2022, at 5lbs 1 oz and 18 1/2 inches long, im tiny but im mighty. I have very pretty blue eyes and magnificent lungs i test on mommy and daddy all hours of the night for absolutely no reason most the time. I have a very adorable yawn and i look so inncocent sleeping:)
He was my special baby boy the doctor said that he wouldn't make to see his 1 birthday and now he his 1years old
Smart, intelligent great personality style charisma and creative
Liam likes to hum into your shoulder. His favorite stuffy is a Dratini pokemon. Liam already can scoot from one corner of his playmat to the next. His favorite past time is sitting outdoors with mommy.
Hazel has a rare condition that will cause her to have a much much shorter life. She has spent most of her short life in the hospital. She has been working so hard to beat the odds. #MCAHS1 Follow her journey @HazelMae.Medical
Ömera is a sweet, silly, baby girl. She likes to listen to music, interact, and look at her reflection in the mirror!
He loves jumping in his jumper, farts like a grown man, snorts like a pig, and he’s a major charmer 💙
My name is Ethan, and I’m just a month old. I love to eat and sleep! Also, I enjoy looking and smiling at anyone who holds me.