Baby Stories - 16


My baby girl is 7 months old an can roll from stomach to back an claps and holds her head up to an likes she can rock her self to and now says dad
This is Charisma Claire . We live in the beautiful Wild and Wonderful WV ! She is a very fast crawler and loves to smile ! Her favorite time of the day is bath time! She loves to splash and make mommy laugh.
Evelyn is a happy month old baby she enjoys snuggling and staring at her daddy. She loves keeping mommy awake at night to figure out what new noises she can make. And she has a beautiful grin
She breastfeeds, and loves mommy and daddy and family
Kamden is a very happy baby. He absolutely loves to cuddle with momma. He loves to watch colorful cartoons. He also loves to smile at everything!
Paisley Rae
My sweet girl loves to play, smile, and eating is always a must! She loves her Frozen movies and spending time with her Mama
Traeton Kenneth Saxton
he is sweet and cuddly he loves his mama and dada
Kevin is just the happiest little guy around. He loves to be talked to and will talk right back. He's always very alert and loves to be apart of the group. Kevin always wakes up so smiley and happy. We are so proud of our growing little man.
Hi I’m Elijah I’m 6 weeks old and I’m a cheeky chunky monkey because I love my food! My mummy calls me Wiggle monster because I don’t stop wiggling even when asleep! Even when I was inside mummy I would wriggle and not let the sonographer check me!
He's such a happy, smiling baby all the time ❤️
Riverleigh loves to cuddle, and hear her deddy’s voice. She laughs at her big sisters when they talk to her and enjoys mommy’s milk!
Analie Bella
Analie Bella Castillo✨ Born September 10 2020. 6:24pm. 6 pounds 4 ounces🙏🏻.
Riley is 7 months old. He likes to talk alot. He likes bouncing and playing with toys. He is so content. Loving. Gives the best hugs and kisses ever. He hardly cries. Good with anyone he goes too. Couldnt ask for a better son. Riley also loves cartoons. He is a daddys boy. X
He is my happy baby smiles he loves looking at himself and pictures.
Couper is such a happy baby . He loves watching little baby bum. Couper loves for mommy and daddy too read too him he knows how to hold a book and turn the pages. This really amazes his father and I because he's only 3 months but he's such a smart happy little baby. :)
Enzo Alessandro has a very unique personality,loves to laugh especially when someone makes funny voices and silly faces,what Enzo loves that most is playing cars and watching tv .
Already an old soul! Personality for days! Huge fan of A for Adley. Makes all my days somehow feel full!
So much sass for such a sweet babygirl. Em loves to coo and stick her tongue out at you, and here lately she’s in love with the movie Brave and Angry Birds 😊
Never known a baby to smile so much! Hes just the most loving happy go lucky little boy who we love very much.
Christmas baby! She loves to open presents. Sometimes she opens her brothers present, this year is gonna be her first christmas!! She loves baby dolls and loves dogs.
Presleigh just turned 6 months old. She is thriving every day. When i was 36 weeks pregnant i fell and on that day everything changed i had broke my ankle and had to undergo emergency surgery to fix my broken ankle. After going under and my surgery i then could NOT walk for 8-12 weeks which i didn’t. I could only get around on crutches and pain was AWFUL. I ended up having to being induced with sweet girl and everything went smoothly and thank the good lord we have a beautiful healthy baby!!
Happy almost christmas! Early christmas!! Jonathan loves christmas, He loves getting presents. He always gets the best presents just like his older brother.
Dayzee is 8 months old and she is very smart. She came in this world at a very difficult time (during a pandemic) and she turned our lives upside right❤️
I am a loving little boy with a wild side. I love to play, read books, and snuggle.
Aleighana is a miracle baby, born at 25 weeks and was only 1lb 12oz she’s a strong fighter and very outgoing and loving when she wants to be.
Samson is such a joyful little guy! He loves to snuggle and steal all of the attention! He spends his time snuggling mommy, eating, & playing with big bubby!
Eliana Jane
The goodest girl, always smiling, loves her kitty cat brother, trying to sing with mommy, eating her fingers, and tummy time! Thank you for taking your time to vote 💗
Loving, Mia is such a happy baby girl, she loves to cuddle and give kisses!
Amelia is such a caring and loving little girl! She loves to be outside and loves animals! She is always smiling and laughing and she loves snacks!
My little miracle baby who brings joy to everyone around him. Giggling, and smiling at momma is his new favorite thing, and he loveeees colors, and books! He is a special little soul, and already a character. Quirky little turkey!
I’m Steven, the most perfect, spunky, precious newborn you’ve ever met! I love my mommy and daddy so much, and you’ll always catch me snuggled up with my furry sisters. I love to sleep, and I love rocking!
Hi! I'm just a little loud burst of sunshine! I love to laugh and eat. My favorite thing is when my mommy and mummum sing to me. My older brother is just but 11 months older than I so I am what most call an "Irish Twin", and boy do we loooove hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy, we'll scream bloody gerber until we have them!❤ I can't forget to mention the most fashionable person I know, and that's my big sissy Reason💃🏽.... I hope to learn a lot from her. Just started what mommy says is "my first foods" and boy whatever those apple thingys are that mommy gave me were pretty yummy. Oh! Btw, I turn over on my own and do a scoot(more like a crawl if i must say so 😌) and I am gone, pretty sure I will be walking early. Well, anyways... Thanks for stopping by! I hope you left a vote behind! Be blessed world! 😘
Khyrie was born 2 months early in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. Despite having to spend a month in the hospital with heart and breathing irregularities, Khyrie has developed quickly and meeting all her milestones on time. She’s funny, has the brightest smile and already a huge personality! Please vote for my baby girl!
Sweetest baby in the world. Can light up any room with just a smile. He loves playing with his puppies and rolling all over the floor. Has been told he is advanced for his age and if he won. All money would go to his college fund
My name is David Clayton Rogers; but you can call me Clay. My hobbies include eating “im a big boy with a big appetite”, pooping, and the occasional crying for no reason. I make my mommy and daddy the proudest parents in the world, other then that I’m the happiest baby in Pensacola 😊
Ember is my little diva. She loves shopping. She loves My Little Pony and miraculous ladybug. She obsessed with frozen and with dinosaurs. She is super sweet, yet super sassy
Zander is an amazing lil man. He loves to cuddle and sits next to his daddy always trying to grab the xbox controller. He absolutely loves his food lol .
Luciela (LuLu) is a smart sassy mean mugging princess she has hit so many milestones in her own way she loves to play with daddy. And snuggling with mommy she is currently figuring out her hands more just tasting them she loves blwoing bubles and talking mostly talk back And loves to smile constantly everything is perfect in her world i plan on keeping it that way for as long as i can❤
Zaria is the most caring lil girl youll ever meet . Cares about everyone and makes sure that they are always smiling . She so loving and her smile lights up a room .
Evangeline "Evie" Grace is such a happy girl and is super attentive & curious! She's a miracle baby and absolutely perfect. She's got the cutest cheeks and button nose that everyone notices immediately & already has a big personality in her little chunky body! Make sure to check out all of my adorable photos!
Hi! My name is Keilani, I’m a huge helper with the largest personality you’ve ever seen in a 5 year old. I love shopping & going to the bouncy house.
Brantly is 9 months old loves his food and is very smart!!
Definitely a girly girl. Loves frozen. She’s a princess❤️❤️
Emberly is starting to learn how to walk she LOVES clapping her hands, smiling, laughing with her sissy, and food ❤️❤️ She’s a very happy and outgoing baby!
Olive Elyse is a bright-eyed, sweet baby sister to FIVE older brothers whom she absolutely adores. She is equally adored by her brothers, as well as her Mommy, Daddy, her Katie-dog, Gigi, Pap, YaYa & Grumps. Olive loves stroller rides and car rides, being outside, playing with her best friends Isla and Viv, and she ESPECIALLY loves to dance with her Mama! Olive is just the sweetest and happiest little girl and brings so much joy to all those around her.