Jay’Ceons favorite movie is Finding Nemo, he likes to chew on his teddy bears and play with his big brother! His eyes brighten up the room with how big they are. He is not crawling yet but he is definitely getting around. So please vote for my baby!
Arkyn Lee Dannehl is 10 months old!! He is my first born, he loves to crawl around the house and watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse
Mason is a little wild man! He loves to play with his puppy and cuddles with his mommy! He loves food he will try anything and everything! He loves naps with his momma!
Chancy is just two weeks old. So far he likes eating 24/7, snuggles with mommy, and filling his shorts. We can’t wait to watch him grow!
Asher is funny, curious, handsome, and love to eat.
Lukas loves laughing smiling and food!!! He is very active and loves the water!!!
Baby Leesi loves to be with mama. She loves to smile and laugh and she lights up a room like no other!
Myla Marie Godden
Myla was born at 28weeks 3days. She was 12 weeks early. I had to have an emergency C - Section as she was dipping with her heart rate. She’s in TMBU ( Trevor Mann Baby Unit) soon to be discharged and home 🏡She's been through so much so i think she deserves it 🥰
Mikey was named after is grandpa Michael who passed away back in 2020. In a way I feel as though my father sent him to me and my family so we can find that joy again. Mikey is a very happy energetic baby. He makes everyone smile and brightens up everyone’s day. I mean look at that face! How could you not smile? 🥰
This sweetie will melt your heart. She loves playing with her brothers, snuggles with daddy, and making funny faces with her beaver teeth. This serious but sweet girl is a true gem.
Aiden is a fun loving kid he's not shy and loves to take photos and pose for camera and he loves his grandma
Teagan has 4 older brothers, and is the only sissy. She is the first granddaughter born on mommies side and the second granddaughter born on daddies side, the first is only 4.5mo older than little miss Teagan💗🌸
She fun love and she love out said and love to be out in the sun
Torryn is a very happy baby who loves to be talked to! With just a simple "hello" from anyone she will smile ear to ear. She lives her older sister very much and is always laughing at her antics. We get many people commenting on how cute her big cheeks are and her beautiful blue eyes.
Owen is 9 months old. He loves to eat, crawl and climb. He is the biggest sweetheart♡
Rynn is our 6 month old little ball of sass! She is such a happy baby and brings a smile to everybody she is around. She is our greatest blessing in this world and we love to show her off!
The coolest baby at 2 month’s Blu is already chatting away!
He is the happiest baby boy! Always smiling ☺️.
Laila loves cocomelon she will talk uo a storm loves to play outside
Autumn is a silly/ fun and loving girl. She loves to play with her best friend doggy “Milo”. She a huge goof just like her daddy
My angelic angel 👼
Jerome Isidor brungardt 🥰
Hi my name is Logan James and I am 10 weeks old! My daddy is in the army and was deployed to Poland when I was 6 weeks old! My mommy takes very good care of me on her own. I have 3 big doggy brothers, Samson, Jasper, and Copper, who love and protect me! I also have a kitty named Finnegan, who mommy says is a handful! I can’t wait to see my daddy when he gets home so he can see how big I’ve grown. My mommy and I love and miss him very much!
Elias wants to win so he can donate the money to Samuel, a five-year-old kid who suffer of Muscular Atrophy! Please vote for us!
The most precious baby girl. Shes just perfect. My great granddaughter Ivy Lyn ❤️
Hi I'm Liam! I love sleeping and giggling in my sleep. I snore just like my daddy also! When I'm not sleeping, I'm looking at my surroundings and trying to figure out what my dog and cats are doing.
Eden is my rainbow baby. He is one of two. He likes to talk, stand up and smile. He enjoys eating his fingers and watching movies. He is perfect
Kazama will be a month old on 5/13/22. He was born at 35 weeks and had no nicu time but has been in the hospital since for weight gain issues but he’s doing a lot better now. He loves to smile and eat
She loves paw patrol and is a mommys girl madilynn will be 2 this month
hi, my name is Kiara and i am just a ball of fun. my little personality catches everyone’s attention and makes them fall in love immediately. i love my elmo and cocomelon and especially running around the house like a cute little tornado. VOTE FOR ME! ❤️
Beauregard enjoys eating, naps, and playing with his toys. He is full of energy and personality.
Aurora has a million and 1 faces and is such a happy baby! She is the biggest snuggler and loves your attention.
Lucas is our beautiful blue eye boy. He loves his 4-legged siblings. Enjoys everything about being outside, riding on the 4wheeler, playing on equipment and absolutely love his dada. Loves bed time cuddles with mama and bedtime stories. He’s a happy smiley boy and our pride and joy!
Hi my name is koda and i love my brothers. Im always so happy. I will put a big smile on your face.
My Grandson Harvey is 8yrs old now. Harvey loves our Coco, born deformed & nearly 12 years old she has watched Harvey grow and they are best of friends. Coco had a mass tumour removed this past Monday and has been here with us all week to help take care of her. Coco has a mass cell tumour grade 2 which all could not be removed. We have precious months with our babygirl & Harveys best buddy he loves so much. Harvey also loves lego, building things, computor games, science, and learning new stuff. He is my pride and Joy and when he stays with us he first gives our dogs, Coco, Princess and Butchie and our cat Dolly cuddles. We all miss Pebbles so much and Harvey still often talks about her. Great loving, caring boy sometimes shy but Nanny loves him to the moon and back. 💙
Little miss Rae is the sweetest ,smartest and craziest baby you will ever meet ❤️ She loves her all her stuffed friends she even gives them kisses and hugs . She absolutely loves food .she is so stinkin' cute 😍💕
Just a Cheeky one year old
She is to die for she talented she talk a lot she smart as ever and as u can tell she beautiful vote for vonya you won’t regret it💗😘
Aurora loves to be cuddled and loved on. She love to sit up in your lap and just be apart of everything going on around her. She loves to play in her activity gym. She loves to smile at everyone who shows her love and attention. Shes a very loving happy babygirl 100% of the time. She is absolutely the greattest little girl.
Milani Rose
Mila is mommy’s Rainbow Baby. Her name Milani means “Miracle from Heaven”. It’s origin is Hawaiian. Hawaii is the rainbow state, hence- my rainbow baby. She loves to smile and laugh, such a cheerful silly baby who loves music you might even catch her humming at times! She is an only child so she enjoys being around other kids. A sweet loving baby girl who is curious, loves to eat, play and explore! Definitely momma’s girl 💕
Masons just started to crawl and develop his cheeky attitude he’s still a gummy bear but has a beautiful smile 💙
River Aquilla
River loves to laugh and cuddle and play with his toys hes trying to crawl hes the biggest blessings amd joy any mama could eber ask for❣
Xenovia has a smile of an angel. Her smile just melts your heart. She loves it when you talk to her. She coos at you with twinkles of love in her eyes. She is definitely heaven sent❤️
Mylen is a newborn who loves sleep and to eat 🥰