This is MacKenzii! She’ll be 3 months old and is the happiest baby ever!
Hello my name is Alivia😊 I love to push my walker around and play with all my toys. I love my big brother and get really sad when he has to go to school. I’m super smart for my age and taller than most babies my age🥰
Bartholomew is my nephew! He is a fun-loving, extremely happy baby who loves playing with his toys, crawling just about anywhere he can get to, and watching Mickey Mouse! Anybody that meets this sweet little boy knows he has a smile that lights up his whole face, and it will certainly brighten your day too!
Sawyer is such a happy baby. He has the most contagious smile out there. He loves feeding time, scooby doo, mommy and daddy. Sawyer has been in this world for a short time but has already touched so many hearts and learned so many new things
She's always full of smiles she's such a sweetheart she's a pretty lil princess.
My baby girl is 4 months old. She’s always happy and smiling. She loves to have conversations with you. I love to see her learning and growing each day. 🤍
Miracle is the perfect name for her. She practically delivered herself, at birth, because none of the doctors were in the room! Miracle is baby number 7 at home, and she adores all her siblings. She loves music, and really enjoys singing and dancing with her mommy!!
Mary loves smiling and laughing. She stops people in their tracks where ever she goes just with her bubbly and sweet personality.
Jenell is very animated, shy, goofy,and loving.She likes to play with trucks cars baby dolls. She love My Little Pony.
Jennesis Amoriah, I am. I love to run my mommy tired by never stopping. I move where ever my little heart desires. I love touching/playing with everything. The more color a room has the more I’m into it. I also love tv! Something about that big screen gets me. But while I watch tv I MUST have some snacks you know the vibes! Speaking of food, I been eating food a bit now due to my formula shortage a few months back! 😞 But Food is life! Never even mind it! Literally will stop doing whatever I’m doing to eat! & I eat anything fruits, veggies, bread, meats, etc! Ohhh but that slimy baby food, I hate it! I think it’s a texture thing but I will still eat it if there’s nothing else to eat! My mom says I’ll get chunky quick if I keep this up. I love crawling and dragging myself everywhere. I can almost stand up too and I’m already taking baby steps with help! My mommy says in a few weeks I might be able to start little steps by myself! Might even start walking she said “I’m super smart and a fast learner!” I am 8months but hooowee they have been the best just ask my big sister Jay! Which, I love to death! Although I do like messing w her! I like to pull her hair when I’m bored and sometimes I like to trick her! I like to make her think I’m going to kiss her, just to bite her or pull her lips w my sharp nails. Everyone loves those it’s my love language! I am Latina so I’m full of sass! All you gotta do is love me 💕💕 well hope this helps, just a little about me! ❤️✨ Jennesis Amoriah
Maverick loves tubby time, his puppy and long car rides.
Trinity is an energetic bundle of joy. She enjoys being outside and playing.
Eviana is a beautiful, sassy 4 year old who was a non fatal drowning in Sept 2019! She is working tirelessly on her recovery! Most of her therapies and treatments are not covered by insurance which means they are cash pay! This would help aide in her recovery journey! She is fierce and she is determined!
Issac loves to dance, he laughs and make everyone around him smile.
Kolston is 2 months old, he loves attention, Mickey mouse & tummy time
Emerie Rose
Hi my name is emerie i love to watch coco melon and sing along ☺️My favorite snack is cupcake gold fish, and i love unicorns 🦄.
Lovila Rose
Lovila has a very silly and sweet personality. She loves to play with her stuffed animals, but her favorite thing to do is have dance parties with mama. She turns on the radio whenever she's ready to have some fun!
Hello everyone I am Journey. I am 8 months old. I love playing the piano with my dad and singing with him. I enjoy being outside on the ranch watching the chickens run by. I love watching/ helping mommy cook. But most of all I love watching my fav movie before bed time, while cuddling up with mommy to sleep.
Titus is such a easygoing sweet boy. His favorite things right now are bubbles, french fries and cocomelon. Hes such a happy boy all the time
Denise is an amazing little girl. She loves to laugh, reach for her parent’s food and play with her big brother! She is super active and enjoys music.
Hi my name is Jasper, I love looking around and watching my mom and dad speak.
He loves to laugh and play and loves his mommy 🥰
He is my prince charming
EJ is a very Joyful boy. He loves fruits,ice cubes,and toy story. EJ is a very lovable boy very little people could walk by without saying hello to us his smile can change someones whole Demeanor. Just holding him you can get a shock wave of happiness & who doesn’t want that so vote for EJ!
Tj is our sweet smiley boy who is up for any adventure. He loves his new superpower (crawling and standing up) and chasing his cats and dog
He is a happy, goofy boy with an attitude. He likes Blippi and various other baby shows. He likes to randomly attempt to count by himself to 10 and says a cute little "yay" after he attempts to say 10. 🥰 He's my little sour patch kid sometimes he's "sour" then he's sweet 😅
Hello my name is Klosuri I Love watching Mickey Mouse it’s my favorite show to watch.. I also love me some food I’m not a picky eater I’m goin to eat eat.. lol…. I love crawling around having fun with me sister and friends
Emma’s birthday is October 21 and she’s loves To be around her me and daddy and she’s so much daddy little girl for sure but she’s my little princess but she’s will always make you smile if your having a bad day shes is always loving be around other people and sent time with family and love ones and she’s also loves getting her pictures done by her me and she’s loves to smile at you she’s always smiles and when you say cheese she’s smiles and she’s now says hey and hello and hi and mamma and dadda
Rowan is my son. He is 4 months old. He loves to have your attention. He loves when you talk to him and loves outdoors. He is a very active happy baby💙 He's such a character and personality is one of a kind. He seems to think he's a lot older little does he know lol!
Owen is a very charming and happy little boy. You look at him and he will give you the biggest smile that will melt your heart.
Skyla is a Blessing! She is lovable very curious and she loves to play and learn new things. She loves attention and will brighten up your day as soon as you see her and her beautiful smile💖🤗
4th of July baby 🇺🇸🎇 He is always so happy 😊 always smiling. Even in his sleep lol. Definitely a mommas boy. Loves to be snoodled up and cuddled ❤️
Srihaas is 6 months old, he loves to play in a water, he already got 2 teeth 🦷 coming out . Fun to be around with, never get tired of crawling around. 🥰
Chandler is my granson. He is so sweet and loving. He likes bluey and playing with his cousin Hayden. He has the most beautiful eyes but his sweet lil attitude is what makes him so precious
Romeo was always a strong little baby, already holding his head up high at 10 days old. He’s named after a bachata singer. He’s loves laughing at the ceiling fan and when he’s about to soil his diaper lol. He doesn’t like to sit still, he’s happiest when he’s going wherever you are <3.
Krystal is a very talented and smart girl she loves to dance sing she is full of love and laughter she is very photogenic
He's just a baby bein a baby💙
He is 2 weeks old he loves to eat an sleep
Loves to go to his grandma's and grandpa's house to play outside with his toys loves to ride for wheels loves to go trail riding loves to drive his forwheeler loves to play in mud with his brother and sister loves going to see his grandma and grandpa
Wyatt loves to go mudding he loves to go to the fair to do mud bog loves to go trail riding loves to drive his for wheel love to play outside loves to play with his sister and brother loves going to see his grandma and grandpa loves to play in mud
Loves to play outside with her brothers loves to go to her grandma and grandpas to eat she loves to eat one of her favorite things to do is eat loves to ride on the forwheelers
Tessa started her walking and climbing adventures early! She loves playing in the water at the beach and the pool and also loves the swings at the park.
She loves pictures, she smiles at everyone, and she is always in a good mood even with covid. This picture was taking during her covid days I was super sick and she was smiling.
my name is Xander I love being held by mommy and daddy and leaving lil surprises in my diapers any time daddy holds me I'm in the nicu but I will be coming home any day now (my mommy is a trooper she carried me for 37 weeks and I came out to be 11lbs and 4 oz., 22 in long)I'm a big box that's for sure :)
Kaden smiles at everyone he sees and always tries to make friends! He is very sensitive and sweet. Even if he is cry as soon as a camera is pointed in his direction he try’s to smile and pose! He is the light of every room he enters!
Killian is 3 months old and he is truly the happiest baby, his smile lights up a room. He enjoys walks, smiling, he even giggles now too 🥹 He definitely prefers nature and the outdoors, so fascinated with the world around him 😀
Reagan Crayton
When mommy was pregnant she had some complications with me, who knew I would come out and be so strong. I’m 2 months old. I can hold my own head up since birth, I am now trying to sit up by myself, and also cutting my first tooth! I am Mommy, Daddy, and bubbys best friend. I love watching anything colorful, specially power puff girls ❤️