Braxton is such a great baby. He absolutely loves bath time, being outside, sitting up looking around, talking and he is a huge cuddle bug!!!! He gives snuggles all the time. He also loves his dogs. 😊
Hi im danny im a funny little boy and i love my family xx
Hi my name is Nyiko and im 4 months old. Im a happy baby as long as im being held. I love watching mickey mouse and im always smiling and talking
Vote for this spirited girl who's always in a good mood
Jurni is a happy little girl, she loves hugs, kisses, and singing. Start singing any song she will start singing with you. From rock n roll to gospel, she loves it all!
He’s very bashful, but super goofy. He loves watching the dancing fruit on YouTube. He’s only five months old but he’s already trying to crawl and go places. Very independent lil man
Aspyn is a sassy, loving, easy going little girl who's mother passed away unexpectedly when she was 18 months old. Dispite this sad event in her little life she still smiles and makes everyone's life a better one. She is a girly girl, loves makeup, nail polish and playing with her dolls. But don't let that pretty face fool you cause she's rough and tough and don't take no junk from anyone regardless if they are bigger than she is or not. She's the queen of our castle and will let you know it real quick.
Hermione is shy but funny beautiful every time we walk in the store everyone talks to her if she don’t makes sure to say hi or by to everyone She loves to color, watch all the princess movie and play with her purple plushie dogs Her favorite color is purple she loves water bath time is her favorite
Xander is 8 months old he loves playing with his toys he’s just starting to crawl and he is just an overall happy boy
Hi my name is Lara i love to crawle and get into everything, mummy has to move me back to my play on the mat. I like to bite mummys nose and pull my brothers hair.
Liem loves being outside. He loves playing with big trucks and tractors exspecially if he gets to ride in one. He is a very friendly kid and tells everyone hi when we are out in public. Liem is very energetic little boy. 😍😁❤
Ryker loves seeing his horse, going on adventures and playing.
Hello! My name is Jordan but my nickname is Monster. I love motorcycles and paw patrol. I love my brother and my daddy but I have a meltdown when my mommy walks away. Everyone always says I’m the happiest baby in the whole world and I never stop smiling… but mommy and daddy know better than that 😂
Jalissa is a 4 year old girl with 3 much older brothers. She loves outdoors and babies and baby dolls she is very loving an thoughtful. ❤️
Smart lovely respectful and independent
Dakota is the youngest of 5 children love to be the centre of attention a real little princess loves to be out doors and is terrified of anything creepy crawly
Mr Mateo is a little character! Always has the biggest smile on his face is & always into Mischief! He has the biggest little heart such a sweet caring lil babe ❤️
Joshua is twin 2 him and his sister are only one minute apart, his sister Alicia is one minute older
Alicia is a twin she is twin 1
Jamison loves licking mom and dad’s noses and practicing standing!
Olivia is only just shy of a month old, she was blrn 3.5kgs at 2 days overdue, she is started to smile and coo, and is a complete mummies girl
Rayan is 4 month old little boy, he loves to watch his favourite show the wiggles and loves to kick his legs to the songs, he is always smiling and finds anything funny to laugh out.
I'm a happy little boy ☺️
James Lee
James is very sweet and such an active little guy. He loves to play outside and go on long walks with his Gigi. His favorite foods are bananas, green beans and bean n cheese tacos. Please vote for my grandson💙
He is such a sweetheart. He loves to smile, laugh, and snuggle. He is so independent and smart! Loves to figure things out on his own. Thanks for voting for my baby boy!
That’s My Fat Boys!!!’ Lol Such A Loving Chunky Baby.
Allison And Victoria
Identical twin girls 👼🏻👼🏻 who love their family and are loved by ALL! 💗 Favorite hobbies include eating their hands, holding hands, story time, drinking lots of babas 🍼 *Cheers!*, smiling and giggling on the regular and enjoying all the snuggles. Their absolute favorite thing in the world is bath time! 🫧🧼
Haylie is 10 months old & is the happiest girl on earth, loves to scream & laugh & eat anything her hands can grab
Maiyah is 3 months old. Shes such a smart happy little girl. She laughs out loud & her smile is to die for❤️ Please vote for Maiyah!
Aun’teria love’s to dance!
He loves to smile already as you can tell!! He loves to be tickled! He is almost 3 months old. Growing like a weed 🥺
Hi I’m skylar, I like puppies and cats I’m nearly two , I like to walk n run , but I’m a little princess I’m so playful
Hi! My name is Kasper! I love music, going outside, putting EVERYTHING in my mouth and my Mama and Daddy 💚
Jax is almost 3 and wild as can be! He is a southern cutie and a simple smile will steal your heart ❤️
This delightful young lady entered the world with determination and spirit. She adores Bluey and has a special bond with her dad. Her charming personality and captivating smile are matched only by her stunning beauty.
Nova Grace Hernandez
Nova is the sweetest and have a charming way to win over anyone’s heart, she’s fiesty but very loving at the same time. She loves to watch baby shark, brushing her baby dolls hair& loves purses!
I love throwing balls and playing with cars and I love my mummy
She loves sour anything loves to giggle cuddle and watch movies
He loves mommas milk ,loves to crawl ,give kisses waves good bye and loves to play with his sissy
Everly loves to be talked to and her brother is her favorite. She’s a very happy baby and super smiley.
Collin is almost a month hold , he was born February 26th 2023 at 8:05pm . 6lbs 5oz 🥺 he is such a good baby, such a cutie to . He’s a mamas boy for sure and loves looking at his fish tank and lights . He loves falling asleep between mommy and daddy . He is my first child so everything is new to me , I would love for you to vote for my sweet baby boy
My NyNy Girl! She was born on April Fools day. She is sassy and soo goofy . She loves beach or pool time. She cares for everyone like she is their mommy . With her dimples she can make anyone smile. ❤😊
Layah is the most caring and kind hearted lottle princess. She loves helping others and cooking. She's going to be a great chef an open a wonderful restaurant one day. She's also very artistic aand creates beautiful artwork. She's a beautiful blessing.
Sweet Ava Loves To Laugh, Smile, & Give Slobbery Kisses. Ava’s Face Lights Up From Sampling All The New Foods. She Loves To Be Outside & Enjoying The Sunshine. Ava Lights Up The Room With Her Sweet Smile & Has Brought So Much Joy To Her Family. I Bet If You Take A Look At Her Pictures She Will Bring A Smile To Your Face Too!
Jericho LOVES to laugh & smile as well as have mommy time! He also loves daddy & his big brother! He is soooo outgoing and loves to be held. Jericho LOVES to roll and sit up on his own as well as play with his new toys!! Hes got long curly brown hair and BIG brown eyes.
Sweet lovable little Miss Scarlet Rose. She’s a twin to her brother Aketcheta . Her favorite thing to do is eat in between sleeping and making sure her mommy and daddy get very little sleep.