Baby Stories - 16


She is a cheeky, funny little girl. She loves watching peppa pig, hey duggee and mickey mouse. She loves cuddles, laughing and playing with her siblings. She loves her books and playing with coloured balls. We had a tough pregnancy and tough time bonding with mummy in the start but we are getting closer and her personality really does shine.
She is a very kind, thoughtful and caring little girl. She helped her mummy through a tough pregnancy and always tries her hardest. She is the best big sister and has been mummys best friend and rock when mummy was at her lowest. Shes an amazing little girl who deserves the world.
Counted little fingers , counted little toes , held a little hand, kissed a little nose. Kacen is 1 very smart , loves to learn his ABC’s & dance !
I’m Finley and I love to smile - and eat. I’m only a month old so sleeping is what I do best, but when I am awake I love watching Disney movies with Mom and Sissy. 🥰❤️
Emmanual Iremide, means “Goodness” He is a cheerful little angel, he loves listening to music. He is very layback during movie time. He has brought joy into our lives and we thank the all mighty God for his arrival during the toughest year of human history. He is a bundle of joy. Super cute, Smart and always smiling. Loves bouncing around. Thank you for your support and vote. 🥰
My Name Is Ja’Kenzyi 🥰 I Was Born 5 Weeks & 4 Days Early 🙏🏾 I Was A Preemie Baby Who Had To Stay In NICU For 1 Month & 4 Days Before I Was Able To Go Home With My Parents Due To Me Not Eating Enough😥 I Got Healthier And Started Eating More And Was Able To Go Home 😇 Now I Eat As Much As I Want 🤞🏾 I’m My Parents Miracle Baby 💗
The happiest lil dude
This is our sour patch kid first she sour then she is sweet. She gives sugar and spice a whole new meaning lol
Hi my name is Ryann Reign Spalasso! I love my mommy and daddy and anything that glows. Butternut Squash is my favorite food and silly noises/faces are my jam. My family thinks I have the cutest smile around if you agree vote for me!
I am A’mari and I am 6 months old. I am my mommy’s and daddy’s first baby. I am a proud independent sweet girl who is always happy to be included. Got a smile that can brighten up your day. ❤️❤️
Nyny loves her mommy. ❤ And has the prettiest smile.
Brooklyn And Austyn
Austyn & Brooklyn are fraternal twins and love being big sisters!
Kyren is finally starting to have a little personality. He loves to watch the ceiling fan and playing in his rocker. love his little smile
Jeremiah likes to sit at the computer with me and watch Mickey Mouse on one monitor while I handle matters on the other monitor.
She is the happiest baby ever. She loves to be around her brother and sisiter. She keeps herself very busy by babbling, crawling and putting everything in her mouth. She is very much loved. She will donate any prize she wins to Stefan
Hello! My name is Greville, but you can call me Baby G for short! I’m only 10 months but I have a big personality that shines like the stars! So how about it? Can I get your vote? Thank you!
Spoiled loves The intention and to be held very lovable, always Full of smiles 💙
My name is annastacia. I love being outside, unicorns, youtube, and my favorite color is purple. I love yogurt and chocolate. Sleeping in and late nights with mom.
Brooklynn is a jovial girl full of energy and great appetite for all types of food but she mostly enjoys blended fruits. She's cute, and born to shine, so please vote for her. Thanks!
She likes to pose when you hold her in your arms and keep her face serious model like unless you catch her attention then the cutest smile will pop up with a secret dimple in her cheek at times ! Her brown eyes are big and bold with hints of grey and green at the moment! She’s a diva and she knows it but it’s adorable! She likes toys that light up , lights and loves music especially singing. She’s named Melody for a reason 💖
Jackson is just starting to laugh. He and his brother watches tv together. He loved to eat 😋. Stay tuned and watch the new stuff he do.💙
She is the sweetest baby ever. She loves to snuggle with mommy. She lover her daddy. All around shes a happy baby and doesnt cry unless shes hungry or dirty. Im deffently one blessed momma
Hey, I am Mattix ! I love everything that has to do with summer and the outdoors. Sunglasses the beach & baby shark is my favorite vibe. Let’s play!
She loves outdoors and her brother and she’s super sweet and rotten :)
She loves playing outside and babies and she’s so sweet :)
He loves outdoors and he is a cutie :)
Mommas girl. She was born at 37 weeks. Weighed 4 lbs 7 oz. She is a strong little girl. We love her so much. ❣️
Elmo groupie, Heart melter, Daddy’s girl, Mommy’s world——Hobbies include: Jumping, Smiling, Screaming in excitement, Chewing on my Sophie, Partying past bedtime
Lucas loves baby toys and loves to smile a lot! Loves to cuddle as well.
She is a very smart girl and super funny she loves sing, dance and read and she is a very good and lovely sister 🥰
Such a happy, lovey little guy, who can make anyone he meets smile! We love our little dude.
Jordan love hugs , kisses andddd Cocomelon 😍
Draven is such a smiley little boy who’s always excited to see everybody! He loves chewing on his feet & looking at himself in the mirror
Future hockey player, avid swimmer, and puppy obsessed. Jaxyn is a smily, blue eyed baby boy who loves observing everything around him.
I love watching Moana! Also I can’t wait to meet my daddy who’s currently in the Air Force
Isaiah is just 2 days shy of 4 months old! He loves Mickey Mouse and his mommy & daddy ♥️ He loves to talk all day long, and scoot around the floor.
Isabella is just full of life, always chasing after her best friend (our puppy) she loves watching cocomelon, her favorite food is avocados.
3 month old, 15lb rainbow baby. Cute and full of sass. Loves cuddles and big smiles. 🥰
She loves her toys and pets and making people laugh.Loves to talk.And eat on her own.Each day she is learning new things.She has a mind of her own.She loves sesame street and Good music to dance to.
Lilyanna is a love bug and smiles galore! She loves bath time and hanging out outside. She also never turns down the opportunity to be held . Show her some love and vote for this girl❤️❤️
Amoura is 1 years old; She is the smartest most beautiful little girl with such a big personality. She’s always up for an adventure and ready to learn new things.
Michael isn’t even two months old and is so loving, a cuddle bug, loves his fur siblings, is always curious of his surroundings and oh yah....has SO much hair!
Destiny has 5 beautiful older sisters. She is very smart and has an amazing personality. Destiny LOVES her puppy Petey and the movie Frozen. She enjoys music and dancing.
He’s such a lovable, smart, handsome baby. He’s changed my life for the better.
Michael is the happiest baby, when he's not his usual smiling self it shows!! His facial expressions tell all, he has such a big personality for a little baby !