Zoey Taylor
🧩Zoey Taylor loves riding the RZR, playing in creek and her iPad!🧩
Loves his stuffed animals..... This is papa bear. Dude to great papa passed not long ago n he had give. Him this bear. He fun silly energetic sweet caring. I love him more than he'll ever realize. Blessed to have him
He loves to play with his toys, and his swing is Raidens favorite thing to be in!
She’s such a sassy little baby. Her two favorite things to do is dance and eat. if she’s not eating she’s dancing if she’s not dancing she’s eating😂🥰
Lyla Fay Engstom
This little girl is such a cuddler and loves life, always smiling or laughing. She makes this world a better place for all who encounter her just by smiling 🙏💜🙏
Reagan enjoys watching football with her daddy. Listening to nursery rhymes & playing with her toys.
Miya enjoys dancing, gymnastics & participating in local beauty walks. She has a pure heart & loves spending time with family & friends.
NeLynn was born August 9th and has 3 big sisters & 2 big brothers. She has made our family so complete 💗
Olivia is a very happy baby she always has a smile on her face. She had a brain injury at birth and had to have brain surgery at a month old.
Bubbly, blue eyed beauty!
Shes so happy loves to snuggle and always laughing
Zayden is now 1 years of age. He has been born with spina bifida , hydrocephalus , and many more conditions. Through it all , he has been the sweetest & most strong 🤍 I can’t wait to overcome it all .
Presley loves her big brothers and sticking her tongue out and smiling she babbles like crazy and is just the sweetest little princess
Henry is 7 months old and absolutely loves his cat TigerLily 🥰💙
The cutest, obedient and decent kid. He is just 6 months now and has great patience for everything. Beware of his lethal smiles though 😘Blessed to be his parent 😊
Juli is two months old. She is a preemie but she’s getting stronger. I’m her Grandma and I take care of her. She loves to listen to me read and loves to hear anyone talk
4 months old and already the most alert, clever, smiley little boy! Brightens up everyone’s day 💗
Hi im braylen rose walker I love my mom and my dad mashed potatoes are my favorite And my eyes are as blue as the sky
Bryan loves preschool , he loves playing with other children & learning!
My meaning name is Beautiful Glowing Girl.
Loves to play the drums and adds the faces with it. Kobe can talk your ears off lol
He’s so sweet & chubby he loves cuddles, he loves to laugh & he’s always smiling ❤️
Morgan is her name grandma is what we call her. Smart beyond her years. Imagine talking to a 5 year old and she gives you conversation back….such a smart, sweet little girl
Sean Anthony
Sean Anthony is my nephew he lives in Naugatuck Connecticut. Sean loves playing football that's why I chose this picture and is very good at playing it has scored several touchdowns already and is only 5yrs old. Sean Anthony has a heart of gold Sean will leaned a helping hand to anybody if it's something that Sean can help you with Sean will. One of my dreams for Sean Anthony is to play football for Noter Dame. So please vote for my very cute nephew. And Good Luck to all of the other participants
Our sour patch baby💙 he has the best lil personality but very stubborn lol he loves dinosaurs (he actually believes he is one sometimes roars and all lol) and he loves being outside 😊
Yaléna makes me very happy. She is almost 2 months old and pretty well sleeps through the night. She weighs over 10lbs and just learned she has a tounge. She is so adorable and is my sweet angel
Paisley in one word is a firecracker! She is not scared of anything and will talk to you like she’s known you for her whole life! She loves to watch YouTube and to play fortnite! She also loves to play with her two cats milo and Lilly!! She is one of the most caring and loving little girl please vote for her it would make her day!
Laia is full of life and laughter. She lights up a room with her giggles and smile!
My gorgeous daughter Renae
Oliver is a smiley happy boy and i am so proud to be his mummy 💙
Happy little boy who loves to laugh
Willow-Grace loves to chat with you, you can’t understand what she says but when you talk to her she will always babble back to you. Willow-Grace loves to have a giggle now and then and she will have you in stitches when she starts. She’s so content and loves coordinating with everyone she meets. She’s such a loving baby girl.
Isla-rose is 9 weeks old and is a really happy baby.
Myah is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.
Rivah is the most loving, happiest, smiliest beautiful baby ever, from being a tiny tiny 4.6lb baby to now a chunky little monkey, with the cutest chubby cheeks🥰 Rivah is always smiling away at everyone and always trying to learn new things, at just 9months she’s made me one proud mummy already!💗 Rivah loves watching the trolls and dancing away to moana, she loves clapping her hands and making everyone giggle with her contagious laugh🤗 she’s got the most amazing big blue eyes which everyone loves, she loves her food and will try anything!😍🤣
Lennox loves to laugh and be outside. Her favorite movies are Moana and Cocoa.
Isaac is my first born. He will be 4 in a just 2 weeks! He is the most loving and the biggest helper. He has such a kind spirit but don’t let that fool you cause he can have a big attitude at times lol
Isaiah is my wild middle child!! He is loving but crazy to say the least! He is always doing something dangerous and fighting with his big brother! He has the best personality!
Sadie Rose
Sadie rose has got the most beautiful smile and big brown eyes , She is very independent (lives up to being born on Independence Day ) clever, caring and ever so loving and is as cute as a button she is my little butterfly baby Sadie can walk,crawl and talk she says , mama,dada,hiya,bye,yes,peppa, no no She is my whole world 💖🦋
Bryon loves play time with mom and dad bath time is his absolute favorite and when mommy reads to him before bed how can you not vote for that beautiful smile or beautiful blue eyes
A very hungry and playful baby 😂❤️
Madhav is a happy go baby.. always smiling and giggling at his 3rd month.
Cody loves monkeys and spending time with his mommy and daddy, he loves watching tv with daddy and enjoys dancing to Native American music with his daddy he’s a major snuggle bug and that smile of his is contagious!
Our heart, our sonshine 👑 & the youngest of the nest KINGTAU 💙💙