Our little pandemic baby y'all 😘
Sakai James
Sakai is the most joyful baby never stops smiling or laughing he will just turn your into joy
Hi I’m Jackson, I’m a very cheerful and smiley baby! I love to go out to eat, watch TV, go see all my friends at church and play with my toys.
Jaylen loves helping out carries groceries etc. He loves to swim he likes outdoors. Hes very outgoing he loves his family...
she brings a smile to everyones face that meets her. shes a happy baby. shes full of personality already. she loves standing even though she cant on her own yet, but loves it because then she can dance. when she pulls herself up to stand she is always on her tippytoes like a ballerina. she loves music. like mickeymouse club house theme song and sons of anarchy, when we go for a ride in the car shes always singing with the radio. as much as she stands in her tippytoes, she keeps me on mine.
Della loves to talk ! Shes a pro at fake coughing . Thinks her dad is the funniest! And loves her big sister!
Finley is almost three months old! He loves to babble, gurgle, and coo! He is always smiling! He enjoys bathtime, snuggle, and his swing.
Chandler LOVES drooling EVERYWHERE, Octonauts and sipping on her bottle.
Kyrie is 22 months! He is always trying to help with his little sister and make her laugh. He has such a big heart and a contagious laugh 🥰
Zayden was born on 01/01/2023. He was born exactly 3 weeks early. He decided he wanted to be a New Years baby. He loves being in his mama's arms and all the attention by both mom and dad. He loves jammin music videos by Ganja White Night, Zedz Dead and some others. It's funny that he gets shy of smiling and being goofy in front of the camera. Every time I try to record or capture him doing so he puts on either a serious or normal face. What a goof.
Everyone meet Ja’Cieon. Cutest, sweetest jolly little boy you will meet💙 everyone’s favorite little libra 🥰
Bralyn is my 3 month old diva princess💞 She’s always showing off her big smiles and heart of gold personality to everyone she meets 🥰 her favorite thing to do is spend time with her brother 💙💗
Joey loves to look at everything and anything. He loves people and his three dogs. He loves when daddy gets home from work and he gets to play with both of ushis smile and laugh is contagious ♡
Harper Mae is going to be two months on April 7th. She loves car rides, tubby time, and giving people funny faces. Harper is such a deserving beautiful soul at that short age of 6 weeks. Take a look at her pictures below to see her beautiful self
Shes a happy , loving baby with a beautiful smile and a cute laugh she loves snuggle time with mommy and is a daddy’s girl for sure 🥰
Hi I’m Harrison I’m 6months I love to play with my toys and give my mummy cuddles I think I’m pretty cute please vote for me
Hiiii my name is Jadiel , I’m mommy’s spoiled boy , I love my swing & I love my plushie puppy!!
Likes looking at himself in the mirror. Starting to like bath time. Loves to smile, Starting to giggle. Loves car rides.
Isabella is a miracle. After several rainbow babies, my daughter in law and son were blessed with this beautiful little girl. She loves her Da dad that she is saying all the time. Her smile and laugh will warm your heart.
Joseph loves to smile and laugh! He’s starting to get very talkative. He loves snuggles and hugs. Thank you everyone for voting for my little man!☺️
Hi, My name is Stella and I love to listen to music and like to dance. I'm very happy girl
This is my pretty girl Jahzara Ar’Veya She is 1 week old Born March 17 , 2023 she is my 4th child & my only daughter 💗💗🫶🏾
Neal is 16 pounds, he eats every baby food except for peaches and apricot, he likes to keep himself distracted, he loves anyone who picks him up and feeds him, he likes toys that lights up, he likes pulling daddy's beard, and he likes it when his cousin who's a month older play with him.
Ivy is very content although she does love a scream 😱 she always has a smile on her face and is starting to say 'iya' and 'baba'
Iris is a sweet happy baby ! She loves to watch tv , smile , and look around at the world . She’s always full of joy !
Hello I’m Ella ! I’m always so happy & so sweet I don’t fuss and cry I just smile all day and hangout . I’m only three months old and I can sit up on my own , hold my own bottle , and pick things up . I also love to mock sounds ❤️
Kylie Hope
Kylie Hope born July 15, 2021. She’s such a happy little girl!! she loves her sisters so much, she loves smiling, she loves to play with her dog Ace. She is very special and smart little girl. She is sweet and caring little girl. ❤️❤️❤️ Day by day she continue to amaze us and is a blessing to us!!!
Hi guys I’m Danni-Jane i love my toy keys and my stuffies and mostly mommy’s kisses 🤍
Harmony Grace is a sweet outgoing n loving lil girl. Harmony loves her family especially her big brother n best friend Preston. She loves playing outside exploring new adventures, she loves going to school where she gets to attend pre-K with her brother, she loves church and singing. Harmony loves playing make-up and can be very girly but dont let that girly side fool you, she is also a tomboy n will do everything a lil boy would do if not better. She is very determined and independent. Plz vote for our sweet Harmony Grace 💕 God bless all participants and their families 🙌
I am 9 months old and I’d love for me to be picked so it helps mommy❤️❤️
Kadince was born 3/3/23 She is a very happy new born who's already got her big brother wrapped around her finger. She loves her two huskies at home as they have already taken to her and love babysitting her.
Lemon Belle is a vibrant little girl, with a big personality! She loves all things animals and enjoys dancing to all her favorite tunes!
Juliana is fierce baby girl, she has an outgoing personality! Loves to eat and her favorite is pancakes! Once you meet this beautiful smart girl she will forever have a piece of your heart ❤️ 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 She deserves the entire world 😭❤️
Millie is my granddaughter and she just turned 6 months. She is such a happy baby.
She loves cuddles and loves to smile. She loves to play with her siblings and family!
Owen is 7 months old! He has a twin brother, Owen has a feeding tube in which he gets 90% of his food. He was born at 36 weeks. He loves to smile & babble. He loves his mommy , daddy ,sissy & his bubba!
Nova-Mae is a little girl who loves to smile and laugh and She loves her fair share of musicals and cartoons. Not to mention she’s just like her grandma’s and grandpa’s
Zayliana is such a happy and playful baby and loves to smile at everyone🥰
Baby Audri loves smiling and talking with mommy and daddy 💖she is a very happy and sweet baby girl!
My sweet girl is a little over a month old, she loves to sleep and cuddle up with mommy and daddy.
Celeste loves making faces with her daddy! Choosing photos is always hard because she looks so different in all of them.
Dekoda has the most beautiful caring personality. Mummys lil 5/8
Benjamin is a lot like both of his parents. He’s stubborn, but calm and collective. He rarely cries unless it’s good time and he just enjoys sight seeing. He’s getting big too fast.
Emma-Elizabeth is a happy fun loving baby! She is our rainbow baby. She loves watching tv with her brother and snuggles with mom!
Aiden is a 9 month old baby boy. He has had two open heart surgeries since birth. He loves to play and talk:)
my savior. He has saved his momma and daddy more than he could ever know.
Leif looks at every person he meets and smiles like he’s been waiting for them his whole life. He knows how to fill a heart with joy. His first word was “Hi!” and he loves to say hello to everyone.