Jordan is the happiest baby ever! His favorite things are being outside and anything he can eat ☺️ He is a master babbler, gives the best snuggles and loves his mama and daddy!
Vinny is an athletic love bug! He loves hockey, soccer, baseball and lacrosse. He loves to give hugs and kiss and has such a fun personality !
octavia loves shaking her rattles, painted nails, splashing in the bathtub, and looking in cameras!
Happy go lucky loveable little man❤ loves Trains and playing outside with his mom and brother👩‍👦‍👦
Jasmine is a supergirl! She loves staying active in dance, baseball and soccer, and can’t wait to try gymnastics. Jasmine is a great helper to her baby brother and is an all around amazing little girl!
India loves to look at her older sisters and smile and laugh. India loves her mama (& daddy of course) but mamas got the milk! India is our rainbow baby and she is the brightest light in our life.
Eli is the happiest boy. He is the best snuggle bug & a little chatterbox🥰
Monty is a laid back type of guy who loves hugs cuddles and paw patrol
The happiest, cutest little baby boy. On the move already and causing trouble
Hello 👋 My name is Jace Mitchell. I’m 3 months old and I already love being outside. I’d rather suck on my tasty little fingers than any pacifier my parents try to give me. I love to talk but I’m also still very shy about new people. Vote for me today, because, I mean I would😁
After of years of being told I would never have a child my fiancé and I had a chemical pregnancy and then struggled for months to conceive after, 9 months later after finally getting our positive that stuck, and induced to preclamsia @37 weeks our little boy Braxton entered the world 💙 he loves snuggles, watching ice road truckers with his dada and laying outside in the sun 🥰
Daniel is such a smart boy, wanting to do everything on his own and he knows his way to make someone smile 💙
Asher was due on Easter but made his own day on April 23rd. He is our first son after almost 4 years of trying to conceive. He is a very happy baby and loves to eat and snuggle.
She’s beautiful… the most perfect baby 💗
Hello this is my son Nasir. He’s such a happy baby! He’ll be 4 months this year He always gets happy when he sees his dad and I 🥺. Please vote for my cutie!
Nala loves water and playing with her big sisters
Draven will be 2 months on the 18th. He loves being outside. He loves his family especially daddy. Draven’s a very happy baby unless he’s not being held or he’s hungry. He smiles so much and baby talks.
Loves listening to daddy play guitar and dancing to any kinds of music a verse sweethearted baby
Scarlett is the sweetest little baby. She was born with 2 holes in her heart, and they healed and has been perfectly healthy since. She loves to jump in her jumper, and smiles anytime you say hey to her. She’s simply the happiest girl. She loves to laugh. Her favorite food are peas, and she loves her brothers, mommy, and daddy so much! She enjoys being outside and likes to stand up when you hold her hands.
World meet my rainbow baby 💙 He’s loves to smile, eat applesauce, and make his voice known in a room. He especially loves to play peek a boo with his big sister 😊
Hi, I’m Jackson (aka “booger”) and I get ALL the ladies. Im silly, sweet, ADORABLE with just a tinsy bit of my daddy’s attitude 😉 I just turned 3 months old and I love when mommy shakes my caterpillar toy in front of me. EXCEPT for when I’m trying to watch my cartoons. I have my very own kitty named Lucy and she doesn’t like me very much. I am a happy baby! Cant quite laugh yet but I giggle every chance I get. I just know voting for me would make me the happiest little booger in the world.
She loves to smile and always cracking up!
My miracle baby the doctors said not to get my hopes up that she was a viable baby but I never gave up hope in my princess 💖💖💖
Rownan just recently turned 5 this past march. He LOVES animals and loves to play outside and collect worms. He has such a big heart and love for such a small boy. His most favorite thing currently is getting up every morning and going to school ❤
Our sweet boys name is Brenden ! He loves being outside and standing up (holding something) & dancing ! He loves peanut butter & jelly ! He’ll be a year old this month !
He loves his mommy and big sister he loves to sit in his toy and alwaus has a smile on his face and laughs.
Always smiling she is the most adorable baby who just loves life ❤️
Samuel loves bath time, tummy time and loves being outside enjoying the fresh air❤️
Ryelle-Marie is a happy and fun-loving baby. You're guaranteed to get a good smile and plenty of laughs daily. She enjoys nursery rhymes, music, stroller walks, snuggles and bedtime baths.
Zane is the best big brother, the most helpful, kind hearted, Paw Patrol loving, boy. He loves to be outside, and loves monster trucks! He loves to sing songs and make up his own sometimes! He has the sweetest smile, and is so silly!
She is the most happiest girl 💛 Her smile lights up a room & her giggles are contagious. She has always been a little mini person as she has been walking since 10 months & has learned things quickly. She loves anything with adventure & her brother.
Emerson Reed. Just turned 5 and full of so much love and laughter. Youngest of 3 older brothers and big brother to a little sister. He is the lover of the family ❤️
Kai is cheerful and a loveable little boy.
This boy loves him some shrimp fried rice and corn He is the sweetest most talkative child Very smart loves to say what the heck to just about everything lol Just like his momma a busy body can’t sit still til it’s lights out Very personal he wants to know everyone’s name. Absolutely a joy to be around
Juniper Grace. The youngest of 5 with 4 older brothers. She has stolen not only her families hearts but all of those around her ❤️
Ryker is almost 4 months old! He loves to hold peoples hand and coo and he also loves to sleep.
Serenity is a calm, peaceful 2 year old who loves cocomelon, baby shark, she loves to sing and play with her older brother
Mecciah Is A Love Child Born 2/14/21 She’s literally a sweetheart so advance and smart. Mecciah likes to feed her self , open and close books , peekaboo, pat a cake & etc she love cocomelon and learns from the tv show
Walker is such a happy boy! He loves his jumper, bananas, and cuddles. His nickname is Smiley, because that’s simply all he does!! He’s such a wonderful baby, and loves his brothers and sister so much. He will melt your heart with his giggles.
My name is Marcel i love giving hugs , playing with my toy Marshal from paw patrol, like to eat theethin snacks and my favorite show is paw partol
He’s a very loving & outgoing little boy. He loves to watch tractors and work on dirt bikes with his daddy.
Nora Fallon
Nora is just an absolute blessing. She loves to be held and loves to hear her daddy sing and play guitar.
Mikaela is a happy, happy baby! She Loves to look into your eyes and give you a big smile!
Terraine Hopkins
Terraine loves to watch cartoon , crawl and be around his family. He's very active and ready to walk the world lol.
Marianna was born on Easter this year, she loves outside, and car rides. DOES NOT like being naked.