Baby Stories - 14


Gianna loves to smile! She is such a joy!
Aliyah is a very outgoing little girl, She loves watching YouTube videos, playing with her baby brother, and she enjoys going to Pre-K
Born September 12 Gio is the sweetest handsome guy of all at a birth weight of 9lbs 6oz. Chubby cheeks and so gentle.
In honor of our baby Samson Cole who passed before we had the chance to show him off to the world.
Has a lot fo Energy she loves to run around she loves to play hide and seek she likes to crawl
Everleigh is such a joy to be around, she makes everyone smile❤️ DEFINITELY the happiest baby you would ever meet!! she loves to babble, roll over, nap/cuddle with mommy, play with her toys, eat (of course!), and go to the park and on adventures:)! she’s nothing less than our little miracle ❤️
My Avayah girl is such a happy baby if you give her a little smile, some sweet talk she’ll give the most cutest laugh. She loves to stay active and give snuggles.
She loves to ride horses help take care of them, ride her bike and go four wheeling.
Khyonna is a 1 year old fun,loving, curious baby girl. She likes to spend time playing with her baby dolls and stuffed animals and she love eating Cheerios😂!
Jayceon is an adventurous, fun, outgoing, handsome boy. He loves to tell jokes, dance, and loves school. VOTE!
Such a happy baby. Great personality. He loves to explore.. loves to watch word party and learning shows. Very strong. Baby Hercules I had to start calling him.
Axiel loves eating, loves watching cartoons he enjoys car rides and he loves to smile a lot 🥰 he’s one happy loving baby that’s for sure!!
This is my little bear Braxton, he’s the most stubborn Sagittarius and his favorite place is the beach and his favorite time is bath time, definitely a water baby!
She enjoys her apples n bananas 🍌 🍎 She loves tummy time She likes watching Mickey Mouse
Kaliyah has a big personality! she has the sweetest smile & loves to listen to music. she loves to dance. any music that comes on she is dancing & happy. She loves watching doc mcstuffin. she also loves to cuddle with mommy. she’s very very playful & laughs all the time.
Pipeys loves to laugh! You can smile at her and she will laugh. She's full of love and kisses, if you make a kissy face and say muah she'll give out handfuls of "open slobberly mouth kisses" she's got the most hilarious personality and she LOVES keeping her family on their toes!
kylianni has the biggest personality for such a tiny human! She loves bathtime and playing with mom and dad❤
Londyn is 7 months old. She’s always smiling, she’s bashful, she loves to eat & play with her 2 older sisters. & enjoys music to soothe her!
She LOVES food and her daddy and anything noisy. She loves to laugh and eat pickles and jump as much as she can! This baby is a joy to be around and has never seemed to meet a stranger. She has a smile for everyone willing to give her a word ☺️
Emmett is all boy, loves being out doors, loves motorcycles and dinosaurs and adores all animals
Raelyn is such a fire cracker, who loves to laugh, watch frozen, and loves when we sing to her. 💜 WE VOTE BACK 🦋💜
My name is Avery Jade. I love gnawing on my toys to make my gums feel better. I love listening to music. Mooski “Trackstar” is my favorite song. I love when big brother plays with me. I love playtime and jumping around with my daddy. I LOVE food! My favorite food is mashed potatoes. Overall, I’m a funny loving baby who loves to laugh, smile, and play all day. 💕
Myla was born durning the middle of the pandemic although I was fearful during the time Myla has turned out to be the most fearless little girl I know. She enjoys animals but mostly birds and dogs.
Elijah is almost 2 years old! He loves fire trucks, school buses, and trucks! He loves Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh. He also loves animals! He is a very loving boy with his mamas attitude.
She is a happy baby that loves everyone. Never a dull moment with her . She only crus when she hungry or mommy is leaving
Hello my name is Vanellope Rose. I'm a spunky 5 month old. I love to eat and sleep next to my mommy.
he loves to smile and talk to mama LOVES bath time and watching mickey, he loves his jumper
He’s almost 11 months old he loves animals especially dogdogs! He just started taking steps last week and has such a fun loving unique & bossy personality!
Kassidy loves to sing
Xavier is enjoying school and playing at home with his siblings.
This is Emmy Lou! My precious little rainbow baby! She is a year old and very loving! Loves 4-wheelers and deer! Outside is her favorite place to be! Vote for my sweet little baby!
Emma is a very sweet, lovable and easy baby. She loves cuddling with her mommy and daddy every night. She also only cries when she is hungry.
Liliana is just a super happy squish baby! She lights up anywhere she goes.
Cole is a little ray of sunshine 🌞 happy little guy..
Julius is a busybody! I swear I never sleep (pray for me.) He always wants to play, he never stops going because he is growing and learning something new everyday. He truly is the sweetest boy. He makes my day, everyday.💙 he’s half Dominican and I’m Irish, he clearly got my genes w his red hair and pale skin 😭🤣
Hello everyone this is Angelica. She is 1 year old. She loves her blanky. She loves bath time. ♡ cuddling is her favorite thing to do. ♡☆ She is my little angel. My pregnancy was very high risk! Almost lost her 3times but she was a strong baby & healthy baby 👶💪
Austyn is quiet, observant and giggly. Her favorite things are Elmo and tasting everything in sight. 😊
Bailee loves talking and playing with her family. She loves eating and her favorite food is mashed potatoes. She loves her kitties and playing with blocks and has the most curious little mind.
This is little miss Anastasia she loves animals and playing outside. She very energetic, happy, and lovey❤️
Olivia is 3 months old and enjoys her spare time eating, sleeping, and giggling. Her smile is to die for ❤️
She loves Unicorns and mermaids
Kade Julius
Kade is a very friendly one always reaching for hugs from almost everybody! Kade has no problems making buddies anywhere he goes. He catches people’s eyes by his cute smile. Super busy little boy! Always active!
Joseph is 12 months old , he’s the oldest of him and his little brother , he loves playing with his drum set , and playing in the dirt , he enjoys spending time with his mommy , his favorite food is just about anything 🤣💕
Hi, I'm Stevie. I love to eat, smile and laugh. I LOVE my mom and of course my dad, and I'm the happiest baby ever!
Luna is the youngest of 4 girls. She is the sweetest little bundle of joy ever and has stolen everyone's heart!